• Man to Man: Episode 10

    Man to Man: Episode 10

    Who needs the NIS when you've got the Chewing team on your side? Seol-woo continues to be the only one moving the wood carving mission along, but thankfully, he's not...

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    Tunnel: Episode 15

    What better way to gear up for the big finale than to take a journey through a murderer's mind? For someone who likes to hide in the light, his underlying...

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    Mystery Queen: Episode 14

    Although Seol-ok remains everlastingly loyal to her family, the same can't be said for her husband, who just gets shadier and shadier by the minute. Thankfully, while Seol-ok's husband has...

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    Chicago Typewriter: Episode 12

    Make sure you take a deep breath prior to watching this episode because I can attest that this hour will leave you breathless by the time you reach its cliffhanger....


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  • The Liar and His Lover: Episode 16 (Final)

    The Liar and His Lover: Episode 16 (Final)

    There is no one right way to create music, and our liars and lovers finally understand that they all have to choose their own paths to find their happiness. We...

  • Suspicious Partner: Episodes 7-8

    Suspicious Partner: Episodes 7-8

    You see that face? That is the face of a very, very happy girl. I won't spoil the fun by telling you why... suffice it to say that Bong-hee's personal...

  • Open Thread #500

    Open Thread #500

    Woo, lucky 500! How time flies. Is there a Beanie among us who's been posting in the Open Thread since its inception? Let us know! Here is your Open Thread, which...

  • Suspicious Partner: Episodes 5-6

    Suspicious Partner: Episodes 5-6

    The comedy we were promised finally kicks in in a big way, with a nice mixture of sweet and suspenseful moments to create a satisfying balance. The show seems to...