• When opposites attract

    When opposites attract

    The concept of "opposites attract" might be a proven scientific phenomenon, but it often seems like an unwritten law of Korean dramas as well. K-dramas are famous for their romances —...

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    The Fiery Priest: Episodes 15-16

    Things are starting to change for our priest and his unwilling sidekick, though they fight the change tooth and nail. They can't escape their pasts, but sometimes a dark, painful...

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    Haechi: Episodes 21-22

    This episode goes to some very dark place, both for Yi Geum personally and for the country as a whole. The Saheonbu is out of control, the only sane people...

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    Romance is a Bonus Book: Episode 16 (Final)

    Not unlike a good book, I feel bittersweet about reaching the end of the journey with our publishing heroes. We've faced great highs and hard lows together, and I will...


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