Dramabeans exclusive interview with Kim Yoo-jung


  • Abyss: Episode 5

    Abyss: Episode 5

    Tragedy strikes, and our heroine is left on her own to try and put things back to rights -- or at least, as much as she's able. Luckily, she's a...

  • 12

    My Fellow Citizens: Episodes 29-30

    With her plans to infiltrate to National Assembly gone awry, mob boss Hoo-ja resorts to more threats and bribes to achieve her goals. Unfortunately for her, our hero Jung-gook is...

  • 4

    A Beautiful World: Episode 13

    Hate is a strong emotion that can fuel people to make choices they might regret, but because of its intensity, it can also be an attractive feeling that some people...

  • 32

    My Absolute Boyfriend: Episodes 3-4

    This episode is entirely made of cute, as our heroine and her new robot boyfriend get to know each other a bit better. As with any new relationship, it's not...


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