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Witch’s Romance: Episode 2
by | April 20, 2014 | 25 Comments
The show finds its footing in this episode, as it settles into a breezy and enjoyable rom-com, with a pair of leads that sizzle with intense chemistry. Things heat up for Ji-yeon as she deals with the aftermath of her exposé news article, her mother’s desperate desire to see her... More »

Drama Casting & News
Age of Feeling (and others) still struggling to pay actor salaries
by | April 20, 2014 | 49 Comments
Good gravy, the behind-the-scenes troubles just won’t quit for Age of Feeling, which wrapped several weeks ago but is still attracting criticism for failing to pay all its actors and staff. This is a problem that the show had encountered mid-run, and at the time the production had hastened to... More »

Drama Reactions & Reviews
Name That Drama: Junky cars and floorboards
by | April 20, 2014 | 25 Comments
  As always, feel free to email us your questions and requests for future Name That Drama installments.   Sephora only has one scene to go on, but it’s pretty specific: Hello, I was wondering if you can help me with this drama. It’s a K-drama and all I can... More »

Chungmuro/Film News
Kang Haneul, Jin Gu join cast of C’est Si Bon
by | April 20, 2014 | 20 Comments
The details are falling into place for C’est Si Bon, the highly anticipated retro film based on the rise of Korean folk music in the ‘70s, which will mix fiction and reality and hone in specifically on the iconic folk group Twin Folio. C’est Si Bon is the name of... More »

Drama Reactions & Reviews
Kolorful Palette: Serenade [God's Gift – 14 Days]
by | April 19, 2014 | 24 Comments
Last time I drew God’s Gift a commenter (Divyrus) requested that I draw this scene, and how could I not? A rough-around-the-edges wounded ex-detective singing to a little girl who wants to marry him is pretty much the most adorable thing ever. I love the relationship between these two, and... More »

Drama Casting & News
Stills from the courtroom (and wedding hall) in A New Leaf
by | April 19, 2014 | 34 Comments
Here’s a whole big batch of stills for A New Leaf, the upcoming human-legal drama that takes one icily proficient star lawyer (Kim Myung-min), strikes him down with amnesia, and turns his life upside-down as a whole other side of his personality emerges after the accident. And while the stills... More »

Drama Casting & News
Eric offered lead in rom-com drama Trot Lovers
by | April 19, 2014 | 64 Comments
Eric — old-school boy-band idol and 4-D Shinhwa leader Eric — is currently considering the lead role in the upcoming KBS drama Trot Lovers, and the image clash is just too strange not to be perfect. I want this. I want this now. Okay, granted Trot Lovers is about a... More »

Odds and Ends: Sick days in dramaland
by | April 18, 2014 | 58 Comments
girlfriday: So how was your week? javabeans: Pretty much the same as any other week, except a little more painful since I’m sick. What’s interesting, though, is that dramas don’t quite have the same punch when you’re not feeling well, because then you’re watching it through this haze. Oh, so... More »

Drama Casting & News
Dae Jang Geum watch: Director procured, never mind, no he’s not
by | April 18, 2014 | 17 Comments
So the Dae Jang Geum 2 saga continues. In case you missed all the dramz about this sequel, refer to this timeline of events chronicling the drama’s production starts and stops (mostly stops). This time it’s news about the director, which surprised me because the reports that came out on... More »

Giveaway winners: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before
by | April 18, 2014 | 26 Comments
Thanks to everyone who entered our giveaway for Jenny Han’s YA novel To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before! It was great to see so much interested in the novel about a Korean-American teenager and her romantic foibles, with a cute use of the contract dating trope. We’ve picked winners... More »

Open Thread
Open Thread #339
by | April 18, 2014 | 286 Comments
  Hong Dae-gwang – “고마워 내사랑” (Thank you my love) [ Download ] Open Thread #338 Open Thread #337 Open Thread #336 Open Thread #335 No tags for this post.... More »