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Que Sera Sera: Episode 10
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Soulmate – “못난 남자” (literally, “Stupid man”) [ zShare download ]

Ahh, this is getting out of control! My QSS summaries are just getting longer and longer… I try to keep it to-the-point, but so much is conveyed through conversation, that I don’t want to leave things out. Aie. This is supposed to be a summary, not a transcript! (If you think this is long, you should see my versions before I cut them down.)

I’d wondered how the hell they were going to resume from last week’s ending in a way that would service everyone’s emotions believably, and they found an effective way to do it: Time.


It doesn’t seem many days have elapsed since the end of the last episode, but enough time has passed for Eun Soo and Tae Joo to be happily ensconced in their romance. In another wonderful scene rivaling the spinning scene of Episode 4, Eun Soo watches Tae Joo sleep.

Tae Joo stirs in his sleep, and one arm starts feeling around on the empty side of the mattress, searching for Eun Soo, while she watches from the bedside. It’s a subconscious gesture, and Eun Soo watches with a smile as Tae Joo feels around restlessly, touching only empty space.

After playfully keeping out of reach to watch his reaction, Eun Soo takes Tae Joo’s hand, and he finally relaxes and smiles.

Eun Soo: “Aren’t you going to get up?”
Tae Joo: “I don’t want to. I just want to stay like this.”

(This scene is an example of what I think makes QSS so wonderful. Ever hear a perfectly worded phrase that resonated completely with you, and thought that there’s no way I would have thought up those words in that particular sequence of phrasing, and yet it’s like that person spoke exactly what I was thinking? QSS does that with little moments in life — captures the little beats and exchanges. It lets us find the truth in those captured moments, rather than trumping up a huge moment and blaring a signal, “Look! Big Meaningful Life Moment Here!” I appreciate when writers and directors give us audience members credit for being intelligent enough to figure certain things out for ourselves.)

Judging from their suitcases and surroundings, it looks like Tae Joo and Eun Soo have gone on vacation for a few days, perhaps en route from Singapore?

Tae Joo and Eun Soo always eat at comfortable, homey places, which I like because it suits them. It allows them to be comfortable — ever noticed how stiff and bored Tae Joo is when he’s in fancy restaurants with Hye Rin? It could be the company, of course, but the surroundings are surely mismatched, too.

Tae Joo and Eun Soo go for a walk on the beach, where Eun Soo draws an analogy using a type of salted cabbage kimchee as the metaphor. Once the cabbage has been soaked in salt water, even if it crumbles and rots, you can’t remove the saltiness from the cabbage.

Eun Soo: “That’s how much I like you. Even if I die and rot away, I don’t think my feelings for you will ever leave me.”

Normally I wouldn’t point out Tae Joo’s change of hairstyle, but I think it really fits the mood of his character. Contrary to the downward Caesar cut he’s sported thus far, now it’s upswept and windblown (and not just in this outdoor scene, but for the rest of the episode), making his face and demeanor seem more carefree, open. I don’t think it’s coincidental, either; I’d bet it’s an intentional choice. I also love how Tae Joo’s always looking at Eun Soo, happy to have her with him.


It has also been enough time for reality to sink in for both Joon Hyuk and Hye Rin, both awash in their loneliness — and bitterness?

When Tae Joo comes back to his apartment, Hye Rin’s there waiting. He’s packing his things to move out, and intends to resign from work immediately. He’s sorry, but he has no other choice — he loves Eun Soo, and wants to settle things with Hye Rin as quickly as possible. Hye Rin doesn’t take the news kindly, telling him he’s in no position to dictate when and how their relationship ends — that’s for her to decide.

She thought he’d bear some sense of responsibility. He’s put her in an incredibly humiliating situation: “Wait some more. If you have any shred of conscience, you’ll wait until I tell you we’re done.”

Despite her demanding behavior, it appears Hye Rin really is hurt by this turn of events. Perhaps thinking it’ll be easier than trying to manipulate Tae Joo, Hye Rin visits Eun Soo to lay down the law. Disguised as false concern, she tells Eun Soo that her relationship with Tae Joo can’t last — right now, he’s blinded by passion. In the end, Eun Soo will just be hurt. But Eun Soo’s not that dumb, and tells Hye Rin sarcastically, “Wow, the cat shows concern for the mouse.”

Hye Rin asks if Eun Soo even realizes what she’s gotten herself into, and Eun Soo tells her they’re genuinely in love: “He’s my man.” Unable to accept that, Hye Rin slaps Eun Soo—

—but Eun Soo slaps Hye Rin right back, without missing a beat. Eun Soo doesn’t back down an inch and drops from formal, polite speech to banmal (which can be used when you’re on familiar terms, or if you’re the older person in the relationship, or being rude, or when angry to give the words a harsher edge. Eun Soo’s using it for the last reason.). Hye Rin has been using banmal much more readily with Eun Soo, but Eun Soo’s a polite young girl and requires more prodding to drop her sense of manners.

Eun Soo: “You’re in no position to act like this with me. All I did was like him, and he chose me in the end. What have I done that was so wrong? If you need to argue, argue it with the Kang Tae Joo who’s left you. Following me here and acting like this only makes you look miserable.”
Hye Rin: “Do you think Kang Tae Joo loves you?”
Eun Soo: “I don’t have to think it. I can just feel it.”

Hye Rin figures out that there’s no point talking to Eun Soo (seeing that she can’t push her around), and leaves.


Tae Joo submits his resignation, as does Eun Soo. Eun Soo explains to Joon Hyuk: “That man says he loves me. The moment I heard those words, I lost all other thought. So I can’t accept your proposal.” She’ll be quitting her part-time work for him, and her job at the company too. Joon Hyuk bitterly wonders how she could end her feelings for him in one moment, and calls her irresponsible for quitting her job. Can she quit so easily? Is her job a joke?

Eun Soo says it’s uncomfortable seeing him around, and Joon Hyuk responds, with an edge: “Is it that painful to see my face? Then I’ll have to work to see you more often, to make it more painful. It’s cowardly of you to find ways to only make yourself feel better. I don’t want to see you around either, but I hate being influenced by my personal feelings more.” He goes on to tell her that no matter her personal affairs, she should work hard — she still has responsibilities. It’s not hard to see how Joon Hyuk has risen to his position and has been so successful in business with his work ethic.

He leaves her with the lovely sentiment: “I hope you’ll be unhappy. I hope you’ll fall to the ground, beating your own chest in regret.”

I don’t know if I like him more for being so baldly honest, or less for feeling that way. But he’s earned it, hasn’t he? I like that Joon Hyuk has asserted himself, even though in the end I think he’ll only bring himself suffering from being so cold and hard.


But those bitter Bettys aren’t enough to dampen the spirits of the happy couple, who are practically glowing, giddy over their intentions to marry. Naturally, Ji Soo and her mother are confused — not long ago, weren’t they barely speaking and such?

Tae Joo just smiles and says, “I love Eun Soo. I really love your daughter a lot.” They’re aware of how it must look, but they don’t care. Tae Joo assures them he’ll take good care of them and asks for permission to marry. Eun Soo says that if her mother doesn’t consent, she might just run off with him. Ji Soo says: “Mom, just accept it. They say they’re in love. Look at them! They’re crazy about each other. How can you stop that?”


Hye Rin confronts Tae Joo about his decision to move on and move out. Notice how Tae Joo consciously avoids Hye Rin’s gaze (in contrast to how he’s always looking at Eun Soo), as he tells her, “You and I were wrong from the start. Let’s at least come to our senses now, and return to our rightful places.” Hye Rin cries, asking if he doesn’t feel sorry for her at all, for making her a laughingstock and reducing her to this state. He tells her that she’s always thought of him as someone lower, someone who didn’t meet her status. So they should end things now, and she can meet a man she finds suitable, someone she won’t be embarrassed about.


Tae Joo and Eun Soo go shopping for furnishings like bedding and housewares — they really are moving fast, but it’s fitting, since they’re both decisive people. On their way home, Eun Soo asks about meeting with Hye Rin earlier that day, and Tae Joo says they had some things to settle. He assures her that he has a “clean” personality, meaning that he deals with things and ends them cleanly, with no lingering attachments. Eun Soo says that’s a good thing — “But don’t be that way with me. For some reason, that makes me feel sad, and I don’t like it.” So Tae Joo teases, “Fine, I’ll be messy with you. Happy?”

Tae Joo asks if she feels regretful of quitting her job (her intern status is over at the end of the week, and she’s not applying for full-time status), since she enjoyed the work. But Eun Soo doesn’t regret it at all.

Eun Soo: “If you try to have everything and do everything you want, you could lose the thing you like best, and that makes me uneasy.” Eun Soo touches Tae Joo on the arm, and continues: “I’ll be satisfied with this one thing.”

It’s Hye Rin’s turn to watch, pained, from a nearby car, as Tae Joo kisses Eun Soo, and the two walk into their apartment building together.


Tae Joo’s friend (who will be moving out by the weekend) is shocked to see the state of his relationship with Eun Soo, and asks if Tae Joo’s gone crazy.

Friend: “It’s just hard to believe.”
Tae Joo: “Do you know what love is? It’s a mental disease. It makes you crazy.”
Friend: “So are you crazy?”
Tae Joo: “Probably.”

Joon Hyuk’s unhappy to see Eun Soo hasn’t applied to be a full-time employee, and calls her in: “Love and romance is all good, but take care of yourself first. Nobody lives your life for you.”

Eun Soo tells him that she’s not ambitious about everything — she’s satisfied doing a good job with whatever work she comes upon. Even if others condemn her for it, she has nothing to say; it’s just the way she is. He tells her to stop being stubborn, and continue to work for the coompany. But Eun Soo admits it’s because of him that she can’t continue. Seeing him pains her, and it’s hard for her to endure.

Eun Soo: “Do you know what I hate the most? It’s you worrying about me. Please don’t. To me, that feels like torture.”


Hye Rin visits Tae Joo and asks him, rather directly, to marry her. Ignoring his disbelief, she lays it out calmly: “You wouldn’t just be playing around with a chaebol’s [corporation owner/tycoon] daughter, you’d become a real chaebol.” Her father has no intention of handing the company to Joon Hyuk; he’d hand it over to Hye Rin’s husband, and he doesn’t hate Tae Joo. “If you marry me, World Department Store becomes yours.”

Tae Joo turns her down, saying he’s got enough, but she challenges him — Wasn’t he the one who’s always traded his pride to enjoy luxury? He can’t last with such a lowly, unskilled person as Eun Soo. “I’m not kidding, and this isn’t a joke. This isn’t something that’ll change at any moment. I’m doing this because I really love you. You said you liked women with everything. I’ll give you everything.” (She’s referring to the conversation in an early episode when she asked if he’d fall for a woman who’d given up everything to be with him, and he glibly replied, “No. I like women who have everything, not those who throw away everything.”)

Hye Rin tells him to think it over carefully, and leaves him to ponder her proposal. And he is shaken by her carrot-dangling, because as happy as he is with Eun Soo, Hye Rin has just appealed to Tae Joo’s basest, most ingrained psychology. I see Eun Soo as bringing out the person Tae Joo wants to be, but with Hye Rin, Tae Joo’s often overwhelmed with his sense of inferiority — his belief that he himself is a bastard, someone who can’t aspire to the same happiness as others.


But despite Hye Rin’s confidence with Tae Joo, she’s really not very certain at all, and even begs for her father’s intervention. She announces her intention to marry Tae Joo, but honestly admits that he’s reluctant. So she asks her father to meet Tae Joo and talk to him. Her father doesn’t seem particularly inclined, especially after hearing her say that she likes him much more than he likes her, but Hye Rin drops to her knees and begs him, crying:

Hye Rin: “You’re right, I’m a fool. But what can I do? I like him so much. Dad, I don’t want to lose him, but I’m scared to death that I will.”
Dad: “So how do you think you’ll win his heart?”
Hye Rin: “Dad, meet with him, and give him assurance. Make him believe he’ll be your successor. I’ll do whatever you want. I’ll get rid of my store and work for you. Isn’t that what you wanted?… Dad, I beg you. Please help me.”
Dad: “How did you become like this?”
Hye Rin: “I lost Joon Hyuk. I can’t lose him too. I feel like I’ll die without him. Please help me.”

I suppose there are two ways to look at Hye Rin’s behavior. One one hand, she’s being pretty pathetic, resorting to begging someone else to exert his power when hers is insufficient, to get what she wants. But on the other hand, when people find themselves sinking, they’ll do anything in their means to stay alive — whether that’s fighting dirty, pulling hair, using anything as leverage to stay afloat. And Hye Rin is sinking — who am I to judge her for the methods she employs? She was brought up a princess and a brat, so it’s only natural that she’s not very well-equipped for this kind of situation, and she’s doing anything and everything that occurs to her privileged, entitled mind. I don’t mean to equate losing love with losing life — but love is crippling, and to someone who’s just figured that out for the first time, the feeling’s a lot like drowning.


Ji Soo’s heart condition takes a turn for the worse, and she’s hospitalized, where the doctor confirms that she’s in a grave situation. Her heart is so damaged, it’s irreparable — their only hope now is for a heart transplant.

Aware of the tremendous costs and the difficulty of finding a donor, Eun Soo and her mother worry over what to do. And because Eun Soo’s mother is a silly, senseless woman, she goes to Tae Joo, wondering if he has any money saved up. She really hates to ask him (suuure, she does), and asks him to keep her request from Eun Soo, but she doesn’t know what they’ll do about Ji Soo’s medical bills. Tae Joo looks uncertain, but assures her he’ll do what he can.


Eun Soo has also come to the same realization about Ji Soo’s bills, but takes a far different approach, meeting with Joon Hyuk. She’s tried to look for other work, but can see that the department store is by far her best bet. She asks Joon Hyuk if he can help her get her job back, since she’s already lost the opportunity to apply for full-time status. Joon Hyuk asks if something’s happened to change her mind, seeing that she’s uncomfortable asking for the favor, and she admits that her sister’s very ill.


Over another quiet, homey dinner, and Eun Soo tells Tae Joo she’ll have to go back to the department store. Tae Joo, listening to Eun Soo describe her youth, having run her household from the time she was in grade school, asks, “Don’t you find your life difficult?” She responds, “No. Just as long as Ji Soo’s fine, I’m fine.”

Their cozy dinner is interrupted when Tae Joo’s summoned by Hye Rin’s father:

President Cha asks why Hye Rin said they’d marry when Tae Joo never gave that assurance, and why he has to get involved. What happened between the two of them? Did he find another woman? Has he fallen prey to passion? Her father doesn’t understand the situation, and tells Tae Joo, “All a man needs is power. If he has that, everything else follows, whether that’s pleasure, or love. You can make that happen according to your desires.”

When Tae Joo asks why he’s been summoned, President Cha answers that he doesn’t like him, “But my daughter’s hurting. I don’t want to see her ruining herself any further.” He tells Tae Joo to marry Hye Rin.

Going to see Hye Rin, she guesses he’s met with her father.

Tae Joo: “Can you forget? Can you forget everything that’s happened till now?”
Hye Rin: “If you want, I can. If you come back, I can do anything.”

Taking that as his assent, Hye Rin hugs him…

….and Tae Joo goes for a drive.

He drives to the same pier as before, and I particularly like this shot, because there’s a nice ironic imagery to his pose — the car’s stopped, but Tae Joo’s still locked in driving position, staring grimly at the end of the pier. He thinks back to Hye Rin telling him she can give him anything, and the President telling him a man can make his own happiness with power.


He returns that night to see Eun Soo asleep, but in decided contrast to their happy pose at the top of the episode, Tae Joo’s lost in his dilemma.


…And the moment I see him take her to a nice restaurant for dinner, I get a feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach. Granted, the episode has been heading in this direction and this isn’t a surprise, but the imagery of them eating steak in a fancy place makes it that much more decided.

Tae Joo tells Eun Soo he hates seeing her suffer — taking care of her family, running the house. Eun Soo says it’s okay, she’s used to it, and Tae Joo cuts her off: “I hate that you’re used to it even more.” Furthermore, he doesn’t like living that way, either.

Tae Joo: “I suppose people can live life just going to work every day, figuring out how to manage their salary, living day by day. But living like that means you can’t see what’s in front of you.”
Eun Soo: “Why couldn’t you? Everyone lives like that.”
Tae Joo: “That’s what they do when they have no choice.”
Eun Soo (joking): “And you do?”

And, without needing his response, Eun Soo slowly loses her smile, realizing what this conversation is about.

Eun Soo: “Is this about Cha Hye Rin?”
Tae Joo: “I can’t take it, just standing by, not able to help you. I don’t have the confidence.”
Eun Soo: “Don’t play with words. Give me a straight answer.”
Tae Joo: “So instead of taking on something I can’t handle, I think it’s better to end here. I’m going to marry Hye Rin. I think I’ll have to marry Hye Rin.”

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  1. ay_link

    Yayyy QSS 10! *muah* LOVE the beginning of the eppie… heheh.. this series is quite amazing ;]

  2. docmitasha

    Read it as soon as you put it out Javabeans! hmmm…I guess time lets everything blow over, huh, they got out of this one pretty neatly ;)!
    Interesting how its going, and the TJ/ES scenes seem realistically sweet, and like u said, simple and truthful. Its intriguing where its going…will he be honest to ES about why he’s marrying Hye Rin?…. “I’ll have to marry Hye Rin”….and I’m a little confused though not very disappointed at his character development…he was never completely cold or mean (though he acted it) but then he was never so benevolent and loving, as in marrying for the sake of helping Ji Soo. But I guess, like he tells his friend, love makes people crazy.
    The storyline is moving very fast….every week its like another ride and something is constantly happening. Thats a good thing because i hate when the same sluggish/repetitive thing keeps happening, like back and forth spats between lovers or does he/she doesn’t he/she or should I keep my family/or him/or that other guy who loved me happy….Its not dragging whats coming and being very direct with the audience….just like MNIKSS was, I think. The storytelling is really good.
    Anyway, thank you soo much, as always, I really appreciate all your work 🙂 I’ll have to let all this sink in….can’t wait for Ep 11 tomorrow!

  3. Eve

    Oh my I LOVE your summaries! It’s like I don’t even have to watch it haha ~ plus my hard drive is pretty full from all my other dramas. Thanks so much! I’m kind of sad their ‘happy’ time ended so fast though. Hyerin annoys the crap out of me haha.

  4. Kandi

    As always, I love reading your summaries Javabeans. I been a silent reader for awhile now, and haven’t comment on any of your summaries.

    OMG, one episode of happiness takes a turn for the worse. Is TJ marrying HR just to help pay JS’s medical bill? Or is it the lust for power?

    TJ became a character that I can’t even predict anymore. One moment he signs a contract with HR, next moment he almost “rape” ES, then next he confesses his feelings for ES, then both announce to get married, then all of a sudden TJ breaks it off with ES to marry HR.

    The more I think of it, the more I get a headache. I’ll just rewatch Episode 10 over and over again before I get a broken heart watching Episode 11.

    Thanks for your summaries Javabeans, much appreciated!

  5. Jo

    I just dont like Eric in here. I do not know why but I have the tendency to go for the second guys. NOOOO. I realy dont like Eric!! Wah

  6. tidanarok

    Thank so much for your summary. i can’t breathe can’t say anything


  7. dreamequus

    I guess TJ is going to marry to HR for money, sacrifice himself to save JS and ES.
    I have to prepare more tissue boxes for next few episodes.
    And more tissue needs for the last episode. I will cry for ES/TJ’s happy ending!
    Thank you, javabeans!

  8. COCOA

    this series is absolutley amazing…
    no other words can compare…
    it just gets better n better..
    looking forward for tomorrows!
    thnx java beans

    favorite quotes from epi:
    “i just want to stay like this” … so SWEET and romantic

    “If you try to have everything and do everything you want, you could lose the thing you like best, and that makes me uneasy…I’ll be satisfied with this one thing”…. gave me goosebumps because it was just the perfect line

    �So instead of taking on something I can’t handle, I think it’s better to end here. I’m going to marry Hye Rin. I think I’ll have to marry Hye Rin.�… just made my heart sink..you could feel the pain when he said these words… made me wanna cry 🙁

    “its a mental disease.it makes you crazy”…very true..and really funny to hear out of tae jo who never believed in love 🙂

  9. yeli

    awww…this episode was so bittersweet…
    Thanks for the summary…

    That damn TJ, what is he doing?????

    I think his reasoning might be one of two things:
    1. He decides to take HR’s proposal because once he has the money/power he can help ES. especially now that her sister is in need of a heart transplant..


    2. He is bailing out on ES and taking the easy road because on the one hand is ES who now comes with the package that is her sick sister and he doesn’t have the confidence to deal with that (coward!)…and on the other hand is HR who is basically offering him the world.

    I think #2 is more accurate….or perhaps it’s a combination of both

    Looking forward to your summary for ep 11….Haha…i feel like i dont even have to watch the drama because you are great at summarizing the most important points 😀

    THANK U!!!

  10. 10 Stephanie

    I was looking forward to your new entry all day! You’re awesome.

    I can’t believe this is happening…. *sigh.

  11. 11 Mics

    Wah why would he do that >_

  12. 12 mily2

    sarah.. thank you.. i’ve been visiting your blog quite frequently today as this episode has me on the edge of my seat the whole time.. It doesn’t help that I read the spoilers & watched the preview.. so I knew what was coming from the spoilers.. and that is a huge distraction as I couldn’t “digest” their romantic moments fully.. knowing what will come at the end of the episode.. I will have to say that as much as i like TJ and fully enjoyed their lovey-dovey moments.. i am getting so frustrated at his decision of picking wealth & power over true love. I understand fully his personality and know where he is coming from- so realistically.. i am not surprised at his actions at all. With that said.. I’m irked that he is abandoning ES again. If they didn’t spoil us with all those tender moments throughout the whole episode.. i guess I will be able to accept his decision with less frustations.

    I think this drama is so wonderful because it is so real.. it doesn’t go out of its way to cover up a character’s flaws -it brings to our attention that yes.. in reality.. a person can be weak ..and it is not uncommon for one to pick wealth & power over love.. since some people still tend to believe that money can get you pretty much everything you want.. well.. in some extent.. yes.. it can get you ALOT of things.. hehe

    If TJ picks power & wealth over ES.. and it seems like he will do so- I’m sure we will see more of TJ’s miserable moments – silently hating himself for being weak & drowning himself in alcohol when he sees JH comforting the hurting ES.. etc.. but that’s the choice he made.. so I’m anticipating the consequences.. after all.. he will be reaping what he has sown.

    Whether ES can forgive him again in the future.. that will be hard to say.. as she did mentioned that she will always love him.. * beautiful metaphor btw”.. but there’s obviously a limit to one’s tolerance.. as the more you love a person.. the deeper the scar will be.. Personally.. I feel that ES gave him numerous chances.. at least to me.. after the last incident.. he should fully know the consequences of losing her.. I feel that if TJ actually moves forward with marrying HR.. that alone will be the point of no return for ES & TJ.. with that said.. it will be interesting to see how the writer will spin this.

    I found this drama very fascinating and very thought-provoking.. I guess you get attached to a drama more when you can connect and relate to it.. and I guess this drama was able to accomplish all that and more.

  13. 13 Mics

    Oops my previous got cut out because of that emoticon XD Anyway does Tae Joo intend to use the money he’ll get from Hye Rin to help Eun Soo? If that’s so then I don’t think Eun Soo will accept that! Argh this is such a nice episode at the beginning but it all had to be ruined at the end. Btw I’ve
    read a lot of Japanese manga and the story of QSS is very much in the same tone unlike most Korean dramas that are light.

    Thanks Javabeans for the summaries!

  14. 14 babymarzy07

    sarah!! thanks for the wonderful summary! really appreciate it, it was made fast. wow this is an episode. i cant put the words into to it. but to me HR is such a pathetic person and i cant believe TJ goes that low. i know he has justifications or what but that just kills me. i love ES and JH in this ep to me their emotions feel real.. their sentiments i can understand. i can get ES feelings, but to me TJ is just weird now.. sigh.. i love the first half of this ep.. im going mad!!! ep11 is a killer!

  15. 15 doremi02

    Thanks Javabeans..Thanks so much for the summary..I am not sure about TJ’s thought now..Man, will he marry HR because of money power? or because he want to save his love’s sister??still confused..
    Whatever he does, he hurts ES, a lot..a lot..
    I just want to shout that why it’s so hard for them to be together. Love isn’t easy but that’s too much for a girl like ES. Love her.

  16. 16 Lam

    yeah second.. i hope…. omgTJ is sooooo stupid… they could have stuck it through together.. cuz honestly.. if he screws up this time.. he will lose ES forever….

  17. 17 Lam

    damn, number 16.. argh….TJ is pissing me off.. argh.. who does he think he is.. trying to be the savour of ES by marrying HR to get money for her sister.. argh.. sooo angry his intentions are sooo sweet but the way he carries it out is sooo stupid.. PLEASE why can’t they just end up together now and live happily ever after????

  18. 18 yeli


    Lam, they can’t get together now and live happily ever after because then the drama would be over and there are still 7 more episodes to go 😀

  19. 19 mily2

    I want to point out the different choices that TJ & ES made.. ES doesn’t regret her decision of quitting her job- even though she can go so far in that field.. as she knows what’s the most important thing for her..

    Eun Soo: �If you try to have everything and do everything you want, you could lose the thing you like best, and that makes me uneasy.� Eun Soo touches Tae Joo on the arm, and continues: �I’ll be satisfied with this one thing.� – from sarah’s translations

    but it seems to me that TJ is still being greedy.. obviously he doesn’t share her simple satisfaction.. but that’s just how angelic and wonderful ES is.. ES is definitely my favorite character thus far in this drama

  20. 20 lime9

    i think i’m the only one who didn’t go gaga over TJ and ES “Happy” time together. i don’t know why but this episode really left me with a p.o. feeling. from your summary and from the beginning of the episode, i’m liking JH’s character more and more. his actions are the only one that i can understand while the rest of the other characters leaves me with a “what the heck is going on!?!?!?!?” feeling. at this point i’m watching purely for the “i started it i have to finish it” mentality. also about people’s theory that TJ is marrying HR so he can give money for ES’s sister, will she even take it? i mean she’s going to have no qualms about taking money from the guy who’s abused her, given her tremendous happiness only to then yank it away for money and then to offer her some of it?

  21. 21 babymarzy07

    im going mad in anticipation! this drama makes you think but also the emotions are more raw.

  22. 22 javabeans

    I actually don’t think TJ is taking his route to be purely selfless. Perhaps helping Eun Soo and Ji Soo — eventually? — may be one of his motivators, but for the moment, I don’t buy it. TJ’s way too honest with himself to not be aware that Hye Rin’s appealing to his ambition. She pushed just the right buttons — and on some level, I think she and Tae Joo suit each other. They’re both very realistic, but wanting to believe they’ve found love.

    I don’t for a second think that Tae Joo is being self-sacrificing. I may be proved wrong, or perhaps there’s a HINT of self-sacrifice mixed in amongst the selfishness (or would that negate the hint of self-sacrifice? lol) but Tae Joo’s inner conflict seemed to point toward choosing between two different paths, rather than choosing one path to save the other.

    I’m bummed that TJ and ES weren’t able to be happy together, but I actually dig this turn of events. I’ll probably explain more in Ep 11’s post — unless I’m proven totally wrong! Heh.

  23. 23 thepepoy

    maybe at one point i can understand TJ. if you are to choose between to evils, you would probably choose the lesser evil, right. Same thing goes with his situation. Two opportunities were presented to his hands at the same time.

    1. life with Eun Soo – love of his life, where his mask won’t anymore be needed. But with consequences as huge as the Himalayas;

    2. life with Hye Rin – who can give him the life he has longing for, who can make his dreams into a reality (ginnie or genie??? lol)… But the only consequence is to part with the love of his life.

    if TJ would choose #1, in his current state of mind, all he can give to ES is only moral support. His salary might be good but not good enough to support the needs of ES considering ES is still a contractual employee with a meager wage. And we all know ES’s priority need right now, JS.

    now TJ chose #2, he’ll marry HR. He’ll be the successor of WD. With that kind status, he can now give a financial support to ES. Making ES life better financially even if he’s using HR’s money. From Eric’s interviews, he said the TJ will do anything to protect his love. He can protect ES more if he has some power in his hands. Pride and love can be set aside when your battling against the realities of life. Love alone can’t put food in the table, much more a heart transplant. If later he still wish to pursue or rekindle his love with ES, he can have a divorce. TJ knew since the beginning that HR’s been using him and maybe he thought that this will be his time to use HR for his benefits.

    if ever anyone wants to throw me something, please don’t throw toxic waste or bombs. i still want to finish this series. please…

    thanks javabeans for everything… and i mean EVERYTHING…

    • 23.1 MELODY

      wow! well said. I like the way you put the two and two together and your final assessment.

  24. 24 doozy

    wow, i love reading this summary and all the analyses!

    It might be true that TJ’s accepting Hye Rin’s proposal, in part, to help Ji Soo but like someone has mentioned before, ES most likely would not accept his help. However, I’m more towards TJ wanting to marry Hye Rin because he realizes that life with Eun Soo will be difficult financially, and as a man who does not have the means to provide for his loved ones, it could have hurt his pride.

    You gotta give it to Hye Rin, though, for tempting TJ with such a huge payoff; the successor to World Department Stores. The girl really thinks money can buy anything. Does she really love TJ or is her desire for him fueled by our human nature of wanting what we can’t have?

    Looking forward to ep. 11! 🙂

  25. 25 ginnie

    Hi Sarah,

    I did not think that Tae Joo was being self-sacrificing either. Think the writer wanted him to realize all of his consequences living with Eun Soo. I love the small little scene shopping and when Tae Joo checked out the price tag of the vase of flower.
    He never used to need to pay for all of his outings with his other women, and now he is forking the bill here. It is a nice touch to let us know..money is on his mind and who is paying for everything now. He really can’t handle this change especially this kind of monetary burden.

    And things just goes downhill from there onwards. Hyerin’s manipulative but so psychologically spot-on carrot that he could not ignore and then Mr. Cha giving him the green lights..the carrot seem all the more attractive now.

    It is all about him…the fast-car, the words that kept on coming back to him from Hyerin and Mr. Cha…just reminded him that life could be rosy with money and status. He really thinks that way and it is sad for me to see him that way. Somehow I am quite worried what he is losing this time around.

    Eun Soo and Tae Joo has so much more to lose now than ever.

  26. 26 totalhead

    this show has become one of my favorites. Its interesting and full of so many surprises. I dont think TJ is self sacrificing ether. I see its all about his ideal life of having power and money. and HR really pushed the right buttons, more enough for him to think money is better than love. If he leaves her now for this I personally feel he doesnt deserve her.

  27. 27 Joey

    Wow, this episode was took a quick turn for the worst….but then again thats how dramas are! I just feel sorry for JH, he’s such a decently kind person. And I didn’t like how ES ended their relationship just like that…it was rather harsh I found.

    Anyways, I actually enjoy how your summaries are getting longer and longer. I also like how you have incorporated short dialogs inbetween here and there. It just makes it so much better! So keep on writing….haha…. I’m always looking forward to reading your summaries as the episodes are not out yet with subs…

    Keep up with the awesome work! 🙂

  28. 28 Anon

    Oh drama drama! HR’s character is really getting on my nerves, plus the actress herself too. However, Im really enjoying the innocent relationship between TJ and ES. They cuddle, they kiss, but not to that “level” yet despite TJ’s “professionalism” with girls, which is why I really like it. The greed, money and power theme of this series reminds me of “What Happened in Bali” but it’s a lighter version of that. I’m loving Eric in this series!

  29. 29 Little Pinrcess

    I’m an administrator of Ubiquitouseric of Korea. Our site is for Eric as an actor and singer of Shinhwa.

    I’m so fascinated by your beautiful blog. How could you understand this drama
    so well? Did you use English subtitle? Wow wonderful~~

    If you would agree, I would like to post your review on drama Que Sera Sera in our site.

    Let me be confirmed by return.

  30. 30 Acey

    That screencap when tae-joo and eun-soo were asking for her mother’s blessings is so amazing. I mean, yeah it’s a drama so none of it is real and all but the look on their faces is so amazing it just makes you stop dead and scroll up so you can stare at it awhile more while your vocabulary degenerates. It may be just me, I may be exaggerating, but I’m really really taken aback by how happy they look. It’s such a pity it’s all acted, but then again, what a testament to great acting! And extremely timely screencaps =)

  31. 31 bm05om

    sarah..thanks for yet another enlightening entry.and loved the new look for the blog,btw. 😉 Ubiquitouseric is also interested with your work,this is great! 🙂

  32. 32 pank

    thank you very much for your summary
    i’m falling in love with eric.
    this drama makes me crazy >.

  33. 33 XENA...

    A personal note; I absolutely will not adhere to you writing shorter summaries. Yes, I am drawn to this blog for an understanding of the episodes I sit through without knowledge of the dialogue, but that’s not the only reason, you have an intelligence, wit, romanticism embedded throughout your write-ups. They touch a pulse and are always interesting to read. Please do not restrict your writing by worrying about a frivolous thing such as the length of your posts. :]

    We all have an interpretation and a personal opinion to voice pertaining to ‘que sera sera’ and perhaps I’m reaching in trying to grasp out to other individuals whom share a passion that I can relate to, be it in drama’s/movies, music or literature (my ultimate weaknesses) on to contrary to whether or not it is similar to my own, it’s fulfilling to read nonetheless.

    The opening sequence was beautifully shot and again a trophy moment of what I may or may not remember of QSS in the months to come. Forget comparisons of Jung Yoo Mi to Am?(c)lie (portrayed by Audrey Tautou). For me, she emotes, the same magical, innocent yet deep woman-child exuberance as Bj�rk. And that was ever so evident in this scene. She looked beautiful, in the most tangible and natural way. The tone of spring colors within that white room, the lighting all communicated a sense of being reborn no?

    I was apprehensive and annoyed because QSS’s writers/directors had chosen for the first time in this serial to ‘steal time’ from us, the viewers. It did not continue where episode 9 had left off and I was tortured as a result of missing out, if you will on those moments of atonement between Tae Joo and Eun Soo. As well as their moments of connection!

    The convention that this is total bull-shit was flirting in the sidelines from the on-set of this episode. Tae Joo is a bastard, a misogynist, a philanderer, it’s who he is. I greedily cover my ears to soppy justification as to why he is like that, for I do not care. I’m content with filling in my own blanks. The dimensions of such a character rebelling who he is, is what makes him so dangerously and seductively intriguing. It’s what makes his encounters and exchanges with someone like Eun Soo so damn addictive. A woman whom would have forgiven the apocalypse, were she to hear the words “I love you”, uttered from Tae Joo’s lips! Has he seen the light and turned over a new leaf, hmm I don’t know and forgive me for smirking at the implication.

    The trademark sound; (“Moonlight” ~ W & Whale) that echoed throughout the scene when Tae Joo was trying to decide what he wanted sadistically gave me goose-bumps. The man had ‘a choice’ and he made it and I cannot wait to watch the anguish that will inevitably result as the consequences of that choice of his…

    Thank-you again

  34. 34 kas

    Oh my god, this is definitely one of my favorites.
    Oh and by the way, I love your new layout.

    The sweet scene in the beginning of the episode captivated me and made me squeal with joy. It’s something that I think everyone can relate to (Laying beside your most loved one and wanting to stay like that). I knew the happiness wouldn’t last since there are more episodes left until their happy ending. I hope there is a happy ending like in most k-dramas. But being able to view the opening scene satisfied me to the pit of my stomach. Because for certain they do love each other.

    Ahhh I can’t wait for the next episode. Anticipating it though still with a smile on my face.
    Thank you so much for the lovely summary and for taking up most of your leisure time to do this. It’s greatly appreciated.

  35. 35 kas

    On another note, I can’t help but read it a few more times because it’s just too sweet in the beginning. Sighs. Smiles. I can’t help it, I’m a hopeless romantic.

  36. 36 Grace

    yes pls… the longer and more detailed the better!
    Thank you.

    almost fainted at the ending of this episode…

  37. 37 javabeans

    Little Princess / Ubiquitouseric, of course I’d be happy to have you link or post to my summaries!

    Xena, I have to agree with your mentality toward Tae Joo — I don’t really need to defend his behavior, to keep him a “likable” character. He can be a real tool sometimes, and he can be sweet sometimes, and I don’t necessarily want to cherry-pick his best qualities and ignore the bad. He’s in-your-face and unapologetic, so I don’t need to apologize for him!

  38. 38 Lam

    omg i constantly checking back.. in hopes there is somethign more juicy to read about… even though i know the next epi is tonite at 9ish… omg everybody is hype up about this drama.. i even force my sister into reading epi 9’s summary and ever since then she is hooked on.. we both fell asleep infront of my laptop waiting for last nights summary… and i doubt that tonite will be any different..

  39. 39 yonheet

    man, sometimes what taejoo does really annoys me… (i realized that this is a drama and totally imaginary) you’d think he’d have more courage and stand up for himself. he is being entirely selfish trying to leave eun soo. ahhhh!! but it can’t be a kdrama without the couples constantly changing! ^^

    thanks for the recap javabeans!!

  40. 40 ty

    ???? ?????
    ??? ?? ???? ???? ??? ??? ?????. ?????? ???? ??? ??? ???? ????. ????? ?????? ??? ??????. ?? ?? ???!! ????? ??? ?? ????!! ????? ?? ????.
    ?? ?? ???? ??? ???, 9? ??? ? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???? (?? ??? ? ?????? ?????..) ?? ???? ???? ?? ??? ??? ???? ???. ??? ???? ???? ??? ????? ? ??? ??????? ???? ??, ?????? ?? 3? ??? ????? ??? ?? ?? ?????? ?????. (??? ????? 3??? ??? ?? ???? ?????.) ???? ???? ????, ??? ????? ??? ??? ?? ????? ??? ????? ?????. ?? ?? ??? ???? ?? ??? ????? ???? ????. ??? ????? ??? ??? ????? ??? ??? ???. ^^

  41. 41 XENA...

    Absolutely javabeans~~~

    I shall toast to that!


  42. 42 javabeans

    Thank you for your comment! Is it okay if I reply in English? I can understand your reply, but I’m much more comfortable writing back in English.

    You confirm my thoughts on the timeline of Episode 9 and 10 (Ty has written that judging from Hye Rin’s comment to Tae Joo upon his return, he’s taken his full vacation leave, so you can infer that he and Eun Soo have spent about 3 days on their own mini-trip on their way back from Singapore. You can also tell from the suitcases still in their rooms that they’ve just come back from Singapore.). I got the sense that a few days had passed — enough time for Joon Hyuk and Hye Rin to realize they’d lost their partners, but still short enough that things were still new.

    Ty, thanks so much for coming to this site and commenting! And thank you for clarifying the time issue, too. I hope you’ll keep reading. 🙂

    (my first comment in korean! that’s exciting. ^^)

  43. 43 chasty

    Big thanks for your quick update. I think i’m addicted to both the serie itself and your illustrated summary. As the subs hasnt came out yet, your summary makes the serie much more enjoyable for me. Thanks again and can’t wait for the your next one.

  44. 44 ty

    ?? ??? ????? ??? ??? ?? ?? ??? ??? ????? ???. ^^ ?????. ??? ???? ??? ???? ???? ??? ?? ???. ???? ?? ?????. thanks!

  45. 45 lt5

    Though QSS is one of the smarter series out there, I have a feeling that the writers will make it so TJ is marrying HR purely to help out ES. Perhaps in real life TJ might have mixed emotions, but it seems like in most TV series (Korean or otherwise) this would be the most likely case.

    That way the viewers are truely drawn in and really like the main actors.

    Of course I hope I’m wrong and I hope they make it more interesting… (however, even though I like plot twists and surprises I really do want to see TJ and ES together!)

  46. 46 lyca

    loved ur summary, javabeans. ur summary very brief and detailed and it’s helpfull for people like me who doesn’t know or speak korean.

    by any chance can u post the link for the song of the day, soulmate. i loved that song even from the 1st time i hear it.

    thanks a lot.

  47. 47 javabeans

    lyca, you should be able to right-click on the song title and “save as.” all my songs should be downloadable!

  48. 48 DingDing

    I simply love reading your summaries. You really have a talent for writing them 🙂 I can almost visualize everything that’s going on and feel the emotions of the actors as the drama progresses. It’s almost as good as watching it on TV. Alas, I’m a bit behind on watching them as I’m always eagerly awaiting english subtitles, so I’m reading them from your site instead. I hope you will continue with this blog until the last episode.
    I feel that QSS just keeps getting better and better at intriguing the viewer’s interest as each episode goes on. I liked the fact that you’d point out all the subtle changes on KTJ ( eg : hairstyle, kissing with eyes closed-vs-open). Interjecting the episode summary with those thoughts of yours makes reading it a pure pleasure and I’ll be looking forward to your next blog 🙂

  49. 49 lyca

    thanks javabeans for the instructions.

  50. 50 doremi02

    Everyday I try to come here to re-read your summary while listening to your music. It’s like a habit now.^^I love your blog and wish that I could do s.th like you. Thanks so much for your great efforts to let us understand deeply the drama.

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