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Que Sera Sera: Episode 12
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M.C. the Max – “가슴아 그만해” (gaseum-ah geuman hae / ‘stop it, my heart’ as in ‘heart, that’s enough’) [ zShare download ]

So things get deeper for what I’ve started calling (in my head) our 80% Couples, mostly because I like the current pairings — they seem to work well on the outside, especially in the case of Eun Soo and Joon Hyuk — but no matter what, they’re never going to breach that point of being completely together, emotionally and mentally. They are relationships that may have worked in a world where Eun Soo and Tae Joo had never met, in the absence of something deeper and more heartfelt to contrast their current lovers against. You can make up a difference of personality or �suitability� with an abundance of love… but you can’t make up a difference of love by overcompensating with other things. Which is why Eun Soo-Joon Hyuk and Tae Joo-Hye Rin are, in my mind, 80% Couples.


Eun Soo is introduced as Joon Hyuk’s girlfriend, and she holds up pretty well. Whether or not Hye Rin is knowingly flaunting her relationship, I think she’s genuinely happy — and you know how happy people can be so annoying telling everyone how happy they are.

Noting that the foursome all traveled to Singapore together, Hye Rin’s mother says they must all be pretty close. Hye Rin: �Too close.�

The family dinner seems to be roughest on Tae Joo — aside from the shock of seeing Eun Soo arrive with Joon Hyuk, President Cha tells Tae Joo that he’d like him to move into the family house after they’re formally engaged. After all, Tae Joo’s living on his own, so it would be nice to live as one family.

Eun Soo tells Tae Joo that his relationship with Hye Rin has him looking happier these days. Feeling stifled, Tae Joo excuses himself to go to the restroom, where he tries to get a grip on himself.

After the parents leave, Hye Rin scolds Joon Hyuk for springing this on everyone so suddenly. Joon Hyuk says Eun Soo was someone he’d be introducing to the family eventually anyway, and he chose to do so while they were out (rather than bringing her to the house) to make things easier for Eun Soo.

Tae Joo can’t stand hearing the pseudo-siblings talk about Eun Soo, and edges away, finally interrupting to call Hye Rin over. As the couple drives home, Hye Rin asks if he’s okay, seeing his shaken reaction earlier, and he snaps at her to stop talking about it — he’s tired of it. Hye Rin apologizes and says she’ll do her best to hold it in: �I can handle it, as long as you don’t leave me.�


Tae Joo can’t resist checking in on Eun Soo, and asks if she would consider working somewhere else, offering to help her find a similar job. Things must be hard for her; it’s hard for Hye Rin, too. Eun Soo: “So you’re asking me to leave to make things easier on her?” She accuses him of only thinking of his own position — “You’re saying you don’t want to have to think about me, so I should get lost.”

Eun Soo basically answers “Thanks but no thanks,” telling him sarcastically how great it is that he’d bother to worry about someone so unconnected with himself. She also tells him not to use her name so familiarly. As she turns to leave, Tae Joo says sorry — whenever he talks to her, things end up complicated. “I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I’m sorry.” And he uses polite speech to say sorry one last time.

The point of switching from his customary banmal (familiar) address is that he’s adding both politeness but also distance. He goes from saying, “Mi-an-hae, Eun Soo ya” (“Sorry, Eun Soo”) to “Mi-an-hae-yo, Han Eun Soo sshi” (“I’m sorry, Ms. Han Eun Soo”).

Tae Joo’s hyung helps Eun Soo’s mother find a new apartment — a nice, three-room place that’s way beyond their means. Eun Soo’s mother hesitates to take Tae Joo’s help again, but in the end she can’t refuse, telling her daughters that her cousin heard of Ji Soo’s condition and wept with sympathy, and offered a place to stay. Ji Soo points out how weird the change of heart is — the cousin had cut off ties 10 years ago when Eun Soo’s mother ran off with debt. Eun Soo’s mother uneasily says things have been smoothed over (and tells Ji Soo, �I wish your heart could be as strong as your mouth�).


Hye Rin apologizes to Eun Soo for her strong words earlier, and expresses her desire to be on good terms. Eun Soo answers with some relief that she’s happy to hear that — she wants the same thing. I really like this scene — it shows that women aren’t all shrill harpies who hate each other. Granted, Hye Rin can be truly awful when she feels threatened, but at least it’s not her natural state. Her generous spirit might be tinged with a sense of superiority, but hey, she’s trying to be nice.


Hye Rin’s mother is immediately suspicious seeing Joon Hyuk with Mr. (Director?) Choi, aka That Creepy Bald Guy. She asks Joon Hyuk why he hangs around him, knowing that he has a rocky relationship with President Cha. Joon Hyuk asks her why she’s always disliked him. “Is the fact that my father committed suicide such a horrible thought for you?”

She informs her husband of the encounter, and President Cha asks if Joon Hyuk has possibly recovered his memory, but she doesn’t think so. Based on her reaction (“Does he think we hid it from him on purpose? We didn’t tell him to spare him the shock”), I think it’s safe to guess that she doesn’t know the whole story (whatever that is), although she knows enough to be suspicious that Dir. Choi might have told Joon Hyuk something weird.


Hye Rin shows Tae Joo his new room — he’ll move into the house next week. He isn’t particularly disturbed to hear it’s Joon Hyuk’s old room, and Hye Rin tells him she likes how he’s not difficult about things like that. That’s why her mother likes him, too — and why she didn’t like Joon Hyuk, who’s a lot more fussy.

Tae Joo: “Do you still have feelings for him?”
Hye Rin: “Are you jealous? It feels nice, you being jealous.”


When Joon Hyuk asks Eun Soo if there’s anything particular she wants to do, she tells him she wants to ride the tour boats on the Han River. On the boat, she recalls how Tae Joo had told her they’re no fun; she tells Joon Hyuk: “It would’ve been so unfair, if I’d believed those words and never ridden these boats.”

Joon Hyuk expresses how he’s never felt a sense of real family, living in the Cha household. That’s why he grew up looking forward to building his own family and household: “Eun Soo, I want to become a family with you.” She resists when he takes her hand, saying she’s not ready, but he tells her not to worry — he’s not proposing. “I can do this much for my girlfriend. I’m just telling you that that’s how I feel.”

Joon Hyuk: “How difficult it’s been, to come this far. I love you.”


The President asks Joon Hyuk how he felt, learning of his father’s death. He wanted Joon Hyuk to never find out, as there’s nothing good that would have come from telling him. He prods, wondering if Dir. Choi told him anything else, but doesn’t press further to avoid rousing Joon Hyuk’s suspicions. He asks, “Can I trust you?” Joon Hyuk answers, “Do you think I could betray you? I’m your son, as you’ve always said.”

But all is not well. President Cha takes Tae Joo to dinner, under the guise of a friendly father-son meal, but tells him to keep an eye on Joon Hyuk…

…and Tae Joo understands that the President intends to use him as his spy for Joon Hyuk. He may be sensing he’s gotten himself into something deep without even realizing it.

At home with Hye Rin, Tae Joo casually asks about Joon Hyuk. Hye Rin answers that her father has always doted on him, to such an extent that she and her mother felt jealous. Tae Joo asks why he didn’t approve of him as a son-in-law, then, and Hye Rin answers that it didn’t fit his political intentions. He wanted to marry them off in matches that would be advantageous to the business, so there was no point to having them marry each other.


Eun Soo gets a call from the hospital saying they received a double payment for Ji Soo’s expenses, and will refund one of the charges. She sees the receipt, signed with Tae Joo’s name…

…and confronts her contrite mother, who apologizes but felt she had no choice in such a desperate situation: “I didn’t want to either. But what could I do? I would even sit in the street and beg — what’s the point in pride?”

Eun Soo: “If I’d been your blood daughter, would you have acted differently? No matter how hard you made things for me, I’ve only ever had you and Ji Soo. I’ve never thought you weren’t my mom. So I beg you, please stop doing this. Don’t make me sad anymore. I’m so embarrassed and miserable, I really think I’m going crazy.�

(I’d thought they were half-sisters by their mother, but it appears from this conversation that they’re half-sisters by their deceased father.)

Next, Eun Soo confronts Tae Joo, saying she understands that he wanted to help someone in need, but she can’t bring herself to accept. He says he couldn’t just pass by seeing her in such distress, and she asks, �Are we beggars? Who are we, that you find it difficult to pass by without helping?”

Eun Soo: “Because you didn’t want to see me suffer… because you wanted me to live in comfort… Since you couldn’t do that using your own capabilities, did you think to use your fiancee’s money to help me?”

He tells her not to speak so lightly, but she counters that he treats her life lightly; she’s entitled to a few words.

Eun Soo: “I knew you were selfish, but I didn’t know you were this bad. How could you only think of yourself, your status, your feelings? You don’t even think of how your actions affect others — how heartbreaking it is for them.”
Tae Joo: “I know your feelings must be hurt, but think about this coolly. Think of how to save your sister’s life first — that’s not something you can solve by being stubborn. Can you fix that by your strength alone?”
Eun Soo: “That’s my business. It has nothing to do with you. We don’t mean anything to each other anymore!”
Tae Joo: “How can that be? How can you mean nothing to me? That’s not true. I can’t do that. I can’t act like you don’t mean anything to me. So Eun Soo, please just once, let this go.”
Eun Soo: “How can you be such a coward?”

Tae Joo’s hyung gives him the old �I told you so� as they drink together. With Eun Soo’s words still ringing in his ears, he asks if his actions were that bad — he can understand her being upset, but was it really so bad, enough to break someone’s heart?

He’s always thought he understood women well, but Eun Soo’s different — every time, he manages to get it wrong with her. With a smile, Tae Joo remembers how it was like that from the very start, how she always surprised his expectations.


Eun Soo sits in the dark (don’t freak out, ginnie!) as she cries and remembers how Tae Joo said she doesn’t mean nothing to him it’s not true that she means nothing to him.

Ji Soo interrupts her crying and the ensuing conversation is really cute. I love the sisterly affection between them, like the fact that Eun Soo feels close enough to jokingly say she wishes Ji Soo weren’t sick (Ji Soo: “Is that something you can say to the one who’s sick?”). Ji Soo asks if Eun Soo wants her to follow Tae Joo and beat him up. Or maybe it’s better to go after Hye Rin and tell her not to marry such a rotten guy, using the excuse that they’re telling her for her own good.


Eun Soo asks Joon Hyuk to dinner, where she brings up the topic of family. Joon Hyuk had said he’d longed for family, but she says that having one doesn’t only entail good things. Sometimes they can be too much to handle, and although it’s wrong to think so, sometimes she can’t help feeling that way about hers. Joon Hyuk says that’s what families are like — and it’s still better than not having one.

Eun Soo: “If I were to become your family… mine would be the difficult-to-handle type. Would you be okay with that?”
Joon Hyuk: “If it were yours, it doesn’t matter how difficult they are.”
Eun Soo: “I might not be able to provide much support for you.”
Joon Hyuk: “Just being by my side gives me strength.”
Eun Soo: “I could hurt you, too.”
Joon Hyuk: “I can take it.”
Eun Soo: “I thought I could stick it out. If I closed my eyes and clenched my teeth, I thought I could endure it all. But I keep faltering. If I collapse like this, I’m afraid I’ll fall into a deeper hell. I’m scared to death… Please hold onto me. Please take that person away from me.”


Alone at home, Tae Joo is surprised (but glad) to get a call from Eun Soo, who has come to his apartment to talk to him. She starts by apologizing for getting angry at him before, to his relief, making him think she’s accepting his offer. But she cuts him off—

Eun Soo: “I think we would’ve been better off if we’d never met. They say some people’s fates are like that.”
Tae Joo: “What are you saying?”
Eun Soo: “Let’s act as though we’d never met. So you don’t have to know about my situation, worry about me, or feel guilty toward me.”
Tae Joo: “Eun Soo…”
Eun Soo: “I’m getting married. I’m marrying Joon Hyuk.”
Tae Joo: “What?”
Eun Soo: “I’m going to erase the life I’ve lived so far and start over. So Supervisor Kang, cut ties with me too. That’s what I came to say.”
Tae Joo: “You’re joking, right?”
Eun Soo: “I’m for real. You knew we were dating. Why are you so surprised?”
Tae Joo: “I can’t believe it. How could you—”
Eun Soo: “Did you think I couldn’t get married? I have to live my life too. So don’t involve yourself in my life anymore.”

And just as the song sings out, “Don’t go…” … Eun Soo goes.

34 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. javabeans

    angel2nyt, i agree that this episode was less eventful than some recent eps have been… but I’m considering it a necessary calm before the storm. i notice sunday episodes tend to rip my heart out more than the saturday ones, which are paced to have some sweet, quieter moments. now, if episode 13 is likewise quiet, i may have to revise my opinion, but i’m trusting it won’t be boring!

  2. doremi02

    Thanks so much, Javabeans. I love reading your blog.

  3. mangoicy

    This episode is by far the most heartwrenching, in my opinion. I was just so frustrated, watching two people who clearly cannot live without each other, but keep on denying and hurting one another and that makes me maddd to a point where I just want to cry, in fact I did. The worst part is that they are tied in a situation where it’s too late now to undo things and they have no other choice but to continue their journey into the unknown. Lord knows what HyeRin’s dad is up to. I’m too scared just thinking about it. Let’s hope it won’t cost someone’s life in the end. I don’t know if my poor heart can take any more heartache..

  4. juliesean

    Thank goodness for your summary! Watched the episode without any subs, and had to make wild guesses. And my guesses seems to come off right.

    After watching the trailer for ep 13, Tae Joo still went ahead with the engagement. Guess money is a greater motivator than love. So they are all gonna be related by marriage. In fact Eun Soon is getting married first rather than Tae Joo since he is getting engaged first.

    It is interesting to see how things will pan out.

  5. bang2

    Thanks for the summary javabeans. Go ES! Hurt TJ back for what he did to you!!!

  6. angel2nyt

    thank you so mcuh for this.
    this drama has the one of the best musical directors ever and osts of course
    i dont want to post in soompi hahaha
    for me this episode is dragging.. it just continues that idea of them(ES and TJ) not being together but there is still hope
    and the idea of ES and JH marrying was already in everybody’s mind
    ES and TJ are so rough with each

    oh well
    i still go for a TJ-ES ending..

  7. javabeans

    Anon — I have the caps up. Are you not displaying them? They’re fine on my end.

  8. angel2nyt

    yes you do have a point there..
    the last episodes have been too much for my poor heart(but i still can handle it.. ive watched more heart-wrenching drama and que sera sera is just like the tip of the iceberg)
    after this episode i actually am praying that ES is pregnant..
    i have no idea why…
    i guess im TOO desperate for TJ and ES
    but as long as they dont cut off their communication
    the idea is still likely

    did you know that jung yoo mi is already considering a new movie after this.. her and Han Jung Woo(the guy in HIT)

  9. javabeans

    CapsAnon — ah, how weird! Usually my pics show up in IE but I don’t trust IE to be totally glitch-free. That’s why I’m a strictly-Firefox kinda person.

    That’s why everyone should be using FIREFOX!! Lol. I hear Safari is a little glitchy with WordPress too, so Mozilla’s the way to go.

  10. 10 Anonymous

    Thanks for the write up. Are you going to be adding caps? Thanks.

  11. 11 junebug

    hi javabeans! 🙂
    just wanted to say thank you soo much for all the summaries you’ve been doing. although i’m korean i tend to miss little things that are said here and there throughout the episode so your summaries are super helpful!

    ahh i have yet to see the 2nd half of this episode but i really hope eun soo doesn’t lose her previous innocence and just her overall vitality–she was so cute like that. i guess it’s just a matter of time until we get to see TJ and ES together!

  12. 12 CapRequestingAnon

    Thanks, Javabeans. For some reason, I couldn’t view them on IE but I’ve switched to Mozilla Firefox and now I can see them. Thanks a lot and thanks for this great blog. 🙂

  13. 13 doozy

    Eun Soo said that quote but Tae Joo counters that with “that’s not true. i can’t do that.”

    So, ES is crying because she knows that he still cares for her and yet…

  14. 14 javabeans

    Anon — the confusion might be because of the double negative I’ve used (on purpose), which you may be reading as its opposite. She cries because Tae Joo told her she does NOT mean NOTHING, i.e., she means something. Sorry, I realize that can be easily mis-read as “she cries because Tae Joo said she doesn’t mean ANYTHING” which isn’t what I mean. Hm, maybe I’ll revise the post

  15. 15 Anonymous

    I’m a little confuzzled here,

    Eun Soo: “That’s my business. It has nothing to do with you. We don’t mean anything to each other anymore!”

    Eun Soo sits in the dark, as she cries and remembers how Tae Joo said she doesn’t mean nothing to him.

    But I thought it was Eun Soo who said they don’t mean anything to each other not Tae Joo??…so is she crying because she had said those words to him then??

    Anyhow, you’re always on time with putting up the summaries!! Thanks a lot!! 😀

  16. 16 trendy

    TJ looks so tired…he even got bags under his eyes in the last cap, kinda feel bad for him, but he bought it upon himself so what can he say, but just watching him just makes me sad. Thanks for the summary, great as usual.

  17. 17 qlam


  18. 18 qlam

    omg!!! you know there is this one song that really fits the occasison. JT’s, “what does around comes round”.. OH yeah.. and i’m rooting for ESall the way… seems like the power has just shifted back to ES… hoho.. can’t wait for next episode.. and i hope JH doesn’t get hurt this time.. *fingers crossed*

  19. 19 Marzy

    thanks sarah!! a bit late to read.. just finished downloading.. i totally agree with the [b]80% couple [/b] you mentioned in the first half. i thought about it.. some people seem to go towards an 80% couple in reality.. as opposed to nothing at all.. the 20% didnt seem so significant. and the part where you grow to love that person in your own way scenario. i dont think the 80% can work for me. but some live with it. this was a sad eppie, even if it uneventful.. the pacing slow and deliberate plays on you. i felt so sad for ES at some point.. especially, the part of the blood daughter.. i didnt expect that she wasnt. all this while she was so close to them i and had so many things she did for them.. sigh.. its gonna be a stormy sunday night so to speak.

  20. 20 cutiepad

    i trusted the scriptwriter!!! ah!~!~!~

  21. 21 Fushcia Pink

    javabeans, i didnt have the time to dl the epis with subs. Though reading through your summaries, i feel sad and happy at the same time for eun-soo. sad, knowing that she really wants tae joo, yet happy for her courage in deciding to move on. there may also be the possibility that she is going to be happier with joon hyuk and taking the chances of cutting the ties with tae joo. im thinking that eun soo is in a very hard decision of choosing between the one she loves and the one who loves her. I just hate tae joo so much. eun soo is so right of calling him a coward. im so excited for tomorrow. i can’t wait for your summary on the next epi. thanks again! you’re blog keeps entertaining me. =)

  22. 22 Jelly

    I love reading your blog especially Que Sera Sera. Since I never really have the paitence to watch dramas (I’ve never finished any kind of drama except TVB and I’ve started alot), I find reading your summaries more interesting than actually watching the series. You seem to bring the story to life and it’s so interesting 😀

    But yea back to this ep that you’ve written about. I know it’s pretty obvious but I still wanna point out that Tae Joo is slowly becoming such a more considerate person. He isn’t that a-hole playboy he was before. And Eun Soo’s becoming a tougher and less pushable character. (They’re my fave characters…I don’t like Hye Rin and Joon Hyuk that much…) I really really wanna know what’s gonna happen next in their story.

    The thing good about this drama is that it’s not the usual comedy full of laughs or the sad depressing love stories or the chick drama but a more realistic kind of drama that views certain aspects of life…Maybe not in that serious a tone though 😀 But yea, I can’t wait until you post up the next summary to Que Sera Sera 😀

  23. 23 jiji

    am i the only person who cries everytime there’s something heart-breaking in QSS such as this episode?? cuz mann…

  24. 24 huneunyoung

    thanks for your awesome summaries!! i love reading them. 🙂

  25. 25 Bwitched

    ‘They are relationships that may have worked in a world where Eun Soo and Tae Joo had never met, in the absence of something deeper and more heartfelt to contrast their current lovers against. You can make up a difference of personality or suitability with an abundance of love but you can’t make up a difference of love by overcompensating with other things. Which is why Eun Soo-Joon Hyuk and Tae Joo-Hye Rin are, in my mind, 80% Couples’

    Wow!!..I was taken aback by how you described the relationships. I’ve never seen it that way but 150% agree with it when I read that. The french said..I say CHAPEAU for you. It’s a french expression to describe I salut u…

  26. 26 Kandi

    I’m just speechless….

    Thanks agin for your summaries!

  27. 27 javabeans

    kiki, do you clubbox? 12 (and 13) are up in withs2’s box, as well as creidesca, moviesamo, daheefanel…

  28. 28 kiki

    just wondering, where do you all watch these so fast? i can’t find this one anywhere…

  29. 29 kiki

    i try, but it takes hours to download 1%.
    thanks anyways.

  30. 30 ginnie

    Hi Sarah!

    Finally I get to post! Been away but always glad to be reminded of how good home is. Can’t help but miss home when I was overseas.

    When will our couples get to feel how good it feels to be home? In the presence of their truly loved ones? I wish they will be reminded of how good that feels too. How can they be happy with being 80% all the time? I think that is sad but maybe that’s how we are in our lives too..nothing’s perfect? nothing’s 100%? Maybe now I am influenced to think that there is nothing like 100% couples. What is our other half? Our other 50%?

    hehe..this time around I didn’t freak out as much as I did the last episode when Eun Soo cried. I think now I am much calmer and can see the cynic Eun Soo is now. What has our Eun Soo gone to? I don’t know this Eun Soo. I feel so sad missing dear Eun Soo…why does a decision that Tae Joo made impact Eun Soo so much but not the decision-maker himself? Or maybe Tae Joo has not seen the rest of what he’s done yet?

    This episode was necessary to show us how Tae Joo wish Eun Soo not to choose the path he has chosen as well. He was genuinely concerned for Eun Soo even after the break up and confessed that to Eun Soo. Knowing that, Eun Soo is hurt even deeper. I somehow think the contrast in chemistry on the boat or awkwardness between Eun Soo and Joon Hyuk is used to shown to the viewers…asking us..can you imagine them as a happy couple? Where is Eun Soo’s heart in all this?

    80% existence is sad………….

    thanks for the summary sarah!

  31. 31 samantha

    the writers and the directors id such a great job with this series its like poetry being portrayed on the screen. the more i read the more i want to read its almost addictive… &heart; =}

  32. 32 jolee

    Ive always felt that the relationship between ES and her counterparts reminded me of the trite saying “dont marry someone you can live with, marry someone you can’t live without.” JH being the person she can bear to live with and TJ being the one she can’t live without. Funny how everyone in the storyline are doing the opposite of the saying and attempting to believe that 80% is just enough. I love your opening paragraph because it seems so true…

    I found it striking in the ferry scene that although ES was supposedly on a date with JH all she could think (and talk) about was TJ. Im not sure if it was only me but when JH put on the bracelet it reminded me symbolically as handcuffs (especially the way it snapped onto her wrist).

    Its always fun to read the review and everyone’s comments. Im trying really hard to stick with watching the show with subs first before reading! I find that everytime I finish an episode I have to come on and read everyone else’s comments!

  33. 33 gelay

    this drama is giving me a roller coaster ride…

    but then again. i love this drama.

    thank you for the recap!

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