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Que Sera Sera: Episode 13
by | April 29, 2007 | 50 Comments

I loved this episode! It marked a turning point in the story, and I felt the balance in the character relationships shift dramatically. What comes after this is competely up in the air, but ho boy, is it going to be a doozy. I can just feel it.


Loveholic – “오 그대는 아름다운 여인” (Oh, Beautiful Lady). This song reminds me of Elliott Smith, and a little like the Beatles. Which makes sense, since Elliott Smith always reminds me of the Beatles. [ zShare download ]


After hearing Eun Soo’s news that she intends to marry Joon Hyuk, Tae Joo goes through with his own engagement ceremony with Hye Rin.

I thought Tae Joo looked reasonably comfortable getting engaged — which surprised me at first, but then I thought, he’s doing his best to convince himself he can live this 80% existence, and for what it’s worth, it’s not a horrible life that he’s chosen. Not all weeping and gnashing of teeth, that’s for sure. If he doesn’t have to confront the choice he left behind all the time (which is becoming harder and harder for him to avoid), Tae Joo just might be able to live comfortably in denial… or so we can practically hear him think to himself.


Joon Hyuk informs his parents he plans to marry Eun Soo. They don’t find her a suitable match, but he tells his father he isn’t asking for their permission, but rather merely alerting them to his intentions. President Cha takes offense, and still more when Joon Hyuk says that he isn’t his true son, so he will marry according to his own wishes.

Eun Soo tells her family of the marriage plans, to their astonishment. Aside from not even knowing who the fiance is, for once her mother is right on the mark when she tells her: “It doesn’t matter if we like him! What matters is your feelings!”

Ji Soo pries further, wondering what’s up with Eun Soo: “Why are you suddenly marrying someone you don’t even like?” Eun Soo tells her she’s wrong — she’s had feelings for Joon Hyuk for a while. Ji Soo: “So, do you love him?” Eun Soo: “I like him a lot.”

Joon Hyuk and Eun Soo talk on the phone about how their respective announcements went over with their families — and whether or not this was intentional, this juxtaposition eloquently demonstrates how Eun Soo and Joon Hyuk are equally lonely.

Eun Soo tells him she keeps feeling she’s doing something wrong, that her actions might be harmful to Joon Hyuk, but he assures her that he’s happy. She’s making him happy, so she should just think of the future.


At the office, Hye Rin invites Eun Soo to have coffee together, and they exchange pleasantries and congratulations for their upcoming marriages. I can’t get over how much I like Hye Rin these days — it’s not that she’s become a wonderful person overnight, but perhaps because her previous self was so consumed with jealousy and calculation, this is a stark, refreshing change. Also, of the foursome, Hye Rin’s acting most true to herself (probably because she’s the only one who really has what she wants). In any case, Hye Rin gives Eun Soo some friendly advice, saying Joon Hyuk’s a lonely person, and she hopes that Eun Soo can offer him some care, and make sure he doesn’t get hurt.

Tae Joo takes Eun Soo aside for another talk, where he asks — practically begs — her not to get married. She shouldn’t rush headlong into it, because it could be harmful to her. Eun Soo spits back his words at him, that he called her life one without a future. She tells him she’s going to pursue a life where she can see her future, because it’s better than the alternative.


Like Joon Hyuk used to do, Tae Joo plays chess (badoohk) with Hye Rin’s father, who tells him to look into Joon Hyuk’s affairs: “Why do you think I placed you to work under him?” Tae Joo asks why he’s checking up on someone who’s like a son to him, and the President answers that you can’t trust anyone.

Tae Joo meets with Joon Hyuk to discuss business, but hedges and asks about Eun Soo as well. Joon Hyuk says he loves her, and that’s all there is to it. Tae Joo: “Are you sure it’s not for any other motives?” If Joon Hyuk is using Eun Soo to undermine Tae Joo, then he should stop: “Leave Eun Soo alone. Even without all this, she’s had to face enough difficulties.”

Joon Hyuk: “Do you know how ridiculous it is, you worrying over Eun Soo? You’ve made your decision, and so has she. Why are you disregarding her choice? She’s a lot stronger than you think. And a lot more lovable. Don’t concern yourself with her anymore.”

In marked contrast to the antagonistic power play between these two in the past, Tae Joo seems at a distinct loss here — his pride isn’t the issue, but rather Eun Soo’s well-being. This is part of the shift I mentioned feeling, which will present itself more later…

Eun Soo’s mother runs into more trouble when the apartment she was going to move into (using Tae Joo’s money) won’t allow her to back out. The real estate firm refuses to return her deposit — either she move into the apartment, or she give up the money. That is a huge problem, as it’s Tae Joo’s money, and the whole point of not taking the apartment was so they would not be indebted to him.

The problem has her distracted through the family dinner where Joon Hyuk is introduced to Eun Soo’s mother and sister. The mood is pretty chilly, as Ji Soo doesn’t feel particularly friendly and her mother’s busy being worried over the deposit.

At home, Eun Soo presents her mother with money and the news that she made an official deposit in their current apartment, so they can stay there another two years. Although Eun Soo will be married and living with Joon Hyuk, she took out an employee loan to provide a home for her mother and Ji Soo. She also cashed in her savings to pay for Ji Soo’s hospital bill, so her mother should make sure to pay back Tae Joo with the deposit from that other apartment.

Finally, Eun Soo’s mother can’t hold back any more — she likes Joon Hyuk well enough, and she knows that with all the trouble she’s caused, she has no right to demand anything of her daughter… but this marriage is wrong. Can she marry into that household? Can she live as one family with Tae Joo?

Eun Soo tells them to trust her; she has the confidence to live well and be happy.


The matter of the apartment deposit has Eun Soo’s mother on edge, and finally, she does the only thing she can think of — it’s not completely responsible, but it’s the best she can do. She calls Tae Joo to the real estate office and hands him the lease to the apartment, as well as the money she’d received from him earlier. She tells him, “There, I’ve returned everything. You have to tell Eun Soo I returned it all,” then rushes off. Tae Joo’s left with the matter of the nonrefundable deposit, but he tells the real estate officer dully that he’ll give it up. The man can’t believe he’s just going to lose that money, but Tae Joo doesn’t care.

Meanwhile, Eun Soo intercepts a phone call from the real estate office looking for her mother, and goes to take care of the problem. Of course, she arrives to run into Tae Joo, dealing with his lease.

They go to a cafe to discuss the deposit, which Eun Soo insists she’ll repay eventually. Tae Joo tells her to forget it — he started the mess, so it’s his responsibility. Eun Soo keeps insisting, despite Tae Joo’s repeated assurances that she doesn’t have to worry about it, and finally he tells her, “Fine, then pay it back.”

Tae Joo apologizes for telling her not to get married, acknowledging that he was out of line:

Tae Joo: “It’s not that I hate the idea of you marrying. More than anyone, I want you to meet a good person and live happily. A bastard like me may be as worthless as a piece of gum stuck to the ground — but I hope you’ll meet someone who truly loves you. I know Shin Joon Hyuk is a good guy. But you’re acting too hastily. Date longer, make sure your feelings are completely settled, and marry when you’ve confirmed you truly love him.”
Eun Soo: “Then, do you love her? Is that why you’re marrying her?”
Tae Joo: “You and I are different.”
Eun Soo: “There’s a lot you don’t know about me. Although it was only a short time, I learned so much from you. I loved for the first time… and learned how wonderful and sweet a thing that is. And though I’d thought love could only be a good thing, I also learned how in one moment, it could so completely rip my heart apart. Such a cruel, and horrible, and mean thing… I won’t ever do it again. I can depend on Joon Hyuk — he’s steadfast. He makes me feel safe. It’s much better than love. Isn’t it enough that I’ve found something better than love? I’m confident that I’ll be happy.”

Despite the sadness of this scene, I freaking loved it. Because this is the moment I felt Tae Joo’s transformation was complete. Before, when he felt out of control at the thought of losing Eun Soo, he spiraled into drunkenness and self-hatred. All throughout Episode 9, I felt like Tae Joo was a ticking bomb just about to explode into self-destructiveness. He may have been acting out of love — but it was jealous, angry, damaging love. It was about possession — in a word, selfish. Now, however, Tae Joo feels just as powerless and out-of-control, but can only think for the sake of Eun Soo’s happiness. Tae Joo’s finally motivated by something other than selfishness. It’s just a little heartbreaking to see him failing still… With this newfound version of Tae Joo — genuinely concerned and caring for Eun Soo, without being sidetracked by his own desires — rather than erupting into violence as before, I almost expect to see him at any moment melting down into nothingness.

A minor song note, but one that made me perk up, is the use of Gotan Project’s “Vuelvo al Sur” in this scene. I love this group, French-based but Argentina-influenced and incorporating tango into its electronic-techno-World beats. [ zShare download ]

Anyway. Tae Joo calls his hyung to drink, as he wonders, like a lost little kid, “What have I done? What the hell have I done? What have I done to Eun Soo?” Even his hyung looks discomfited at Tae Joo’s plaintive distress — like he’s uncomfortable witnessing something so private — as Tae Joo continues: “Why’s she become like this? What do I do about our Eun Soo?”

With his head resting on the tabletop, Tae Joo mumbles that he wants to go home — his home. So his hyung drags him to his old apartment, where he sleeps it off until morning (and recalls the first time he asked out Eun Soo, at the end of Episode 4).

He’d taken the day off work to go on a weekend trip with Hye Rin, but when he arrives home (Hye Rin’s parents’ house), she’s annoyed and doesn’t want to go anymore. Instead, she goes into work, where she drops by to give Joon Hyuk some advice. Things are rocky with him and her parents, but he should put in an effort to smooth things over before they’re messed up beyond repair. She advises Joon Hyuk to start by bringing Eun Soo by to make a formal introduction.

So later that evening, Eun Soo and Joon Hyuk arrive to pay their respects, with Joon Hyuk making sure to prepare her well in advance that the occasion could turn very unpleasant. No matter what she may think on the inside, Hye Rin’s mother does treat Eun Soo nicely, asking her questions politely. The President is still upset, and merely tells Joon Hyuk to do whatever he wants; he doesn’t care.

Tae Joo awakes from his day-long nap and stumbles in, surprised to see Joon Hyuk and Eun Soo there. He joins them but stays stubbornly silent, while Hye Rin does her best to act as peacemaker, assuring Eun Soo that President Cha won’t stay upset forever. She offers to take care of Eun Soo’s wedding dress, since she knows of a good design shop, and offers Tae Joo’s event-planning skills to find them a good location. Tae Joo resists, curtly saying he doesn’t have the event-planning connections anymore, and Hye Rin tries to persuade him as he just stares ahead.


Hye Rin helps the couple look for a wedding dress, while Tae Joo evades the outing by working late at the office. Hye Rin gets upset, telling Tae Joo it looks bad — like he’s deliberately using work as an excuse to avoid participating. Everyone else is trying to get along, but he’s making this awkward by being stubborn. She tells him to come out and join them…

…and Tae Joo arrives at the shop in time to see Eun Soo happily trying on her dress, and Joon Hyuk telling her how beautiful she looks in it.

The four of them go to dinner, where Hye Rin comments that going to Japan seems kind of odd for a honeymoon. On the contrary, Eun Soo thinks it would be romantic — elegant and intimate. Mostly silent throughout the meal, Tae Joo only speaks up to say he feels the same way as Eun Soo — he understands how she feels (implying the others don’t).

Tae Joo goes back to the office after dinner, but can’t focus on work, thinking instead of Eun Soo in her bridal gown, so goes to Eun Soo’s apartment building. Waiting until she arrives home, he asks her, “What should I do? What do you want me to do?” And then: “Don’t marry that guy. Don’t.”

He grabs her by the arm to take her to the rooftop, for this final scene that I LOVED for giving me the chills—

Tae Joo calls Eun Soo out for something I’d wondered about — that Eun Soo’s enjoying seeing Tae Joo squirm, that she’s deliberately throwing her relationship with Joon Hyuk in his face to give him a hard time. He demands: “Is it that fun, seeing my face while being by his side? Do you enjoy it? You and I… why the heck are we doing this to each other?”

Tae Joo: “Can you look clearly at my face, from another man’s arms?”
Eun Soo: “Yes. I can see your face properly, whenever I want. Because I want to see. I want to see with my own eyes how wonderfully your future unfolds. I’ll see for myself how happily, how well you live your life.”
Tae Joo: “Han Eun Soo. You’ll only ruin yourself.”
Eun Soo: “I’m not afraid. There’s nothing left to ruin anyway.”
Tae Joo: “So you’ll take this to the very end?”
Eun Soo: “I’m saying I’ll take the path I’ve chosen — no matter what you say, no matter if you die from the pain.”

Tae Joo sneers… and then firms with resolve:

Tae Joo: “Fine. Let’s go. Let’s take this all the way. Let’s check for ourselves what lies at that end. I won’t be like this anymore, either. Because I’ve suddenly become very curious…. to know how you’ll do this, in what manner you’ll live out this decision. I’ll wait and see clearly for myself.”

And all of a sudden I have goosebumps from the awesomeness — and ominousness — of this last scene! I don’t buy into the whole What Happened In Bali comparison, but all the same, I’m suddenly afraid of what lies ahead… but really, really looking forward to it.


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  1. qlam


  2. qlam

    ohhhh this doesn’t look good… aiya…

  3. Marzy

    oh man! what a killer episode. but ur right it throws everything up in the air. i didnt expect what happened in the last scene.. anything can happen now.. anything. it seems so unlikely at this point they will ever get back together. i see a moving forward from this, they have apparently done it awedge in between. scary. aaahhh hidding in the qss ward till next week.

  4. COCOA

    i just hope they end up together in the end…

  5. bang2

    thanks for another great summary javabeans. can’t wait to see how this all ends.

  6. HotelScarlet

    Hi there, let me identify myself first. I am the one who introduced your blog to Korean DCinside.com site. While I was googling QSS, I found your blog quite interesting. Please keep up your awesome postings! I’m also amazed by your music selection along the episode recaps. And you LOVE Gotan Project! I am also a fan of Gotan Project. Oh, at the dinner, they mentioned about ‘Ryokan’ from Japanese novel. It is thought that it must be Nobel award winner, Kawabata Yasunarii’s ‘Snow Country’. It is one beautiful but tragic story. Too sad that there are only 4 episodes left although I really look forward to them!!!

  7. kas

    I am completely tensed up.
    I hope the roads won’t be so rocky for them at the end.
    I am so curious.

  8. javabeans

    @marzy, it does seem they’ve driven the two apart — but i’m still holding out for a happy ending! seriously, you do NOT want to read the post i will have to whip up if i’m not given a happy ending. given how smoothly these qss writers/producers are able to turn situations around completely, i don’t think it’s impossible… although personally i have no idea how they can do that.

    @HotelScarlet, welcome and thank you!! i read some english-speaking fans wishing we could show the korean fans how much the drama was loved overseas, so thank you for sharing the link! and another fan of gotan project and kawabata (or jpn literature in general) is automatically cool in my book.

    @oceannie, i have the same sense, that sinking feeling that joon hyuk expects eun soo to leave him. he doesn’t seem to believe he truly merits happiness, or at least, that he will get it in this lifetime. all i know is, the last scene has me bracing myself for a turn for the dark(er)…

  9. doremi02

    Thanks Javabeans, the summary is AWESOME. I do agree with you that TJ’character is changing a lot,grow up in a good way. I’m glad to see him like this and hope it will lead him until the end of QSS.
    ES, uhm.., speechless, want to see more to judge her, still love her and feel the pain that she got through.

  10. 10 ~oceannie~

    Sheesh, the last scene seems very eerie….
    I haven’t watched the whole episode yet, but I’m on track with your summary, javabeans… (Thanks SO much, btw 🙂 I really love your detailed accounts… helps us non-Korean speakers to understand the drama more)

    Now that Taejoo has turned the table around on Eunsoo, I wonder how she can pick up herself from here.
    I mean, with Eunsoo kept pushing the idea that Joonhyuk is a better “option” for her, I’ve always thought it was only to challenge Taejoo.
    So, now that Taejoo is challenging her back, there’s no more fun in clinging to Joonhyuk’s shoulders and playing happy in front of Taejoo.

    Hyerin’s growing very mild in these last few episodes, but I love (in a cynical sense) the way Hyerin’s playing nice and becoming middleman between Joonhyuk and her parents, and Taejoo too. It gives her back the power, instead of being lost like in the past episodes. She’s truly a highness…..

    I think the most pitiful person will be Joonhyuk, who, I’m sure deep down inside, expects that Eunsoo will soon or later, leave him for Taejoo. Poor Joonhyuk….

    This episode is leaving me speechless. The QSS writers have done it again…
    I didn’t expect this turnaround of Taejoo.
    Can’t wait for the next episode 🙂

  11. 11 Kandi

    Wow, another speechless summary…..

    But I do have to say, Tae Joo finishes his transformation but yet, ES is beginning her own transformation. She is becoming someone I’m getting the chills about.

    Awesome summary Javabeans, thanks a lot!

  12. 12 huneunyoung

    nooo.. i hope they end up together though.. 🙁

  13. 13 huneunyoung

    oh & eric is sooooo hot.

  14. 14 huneunyoung

    awesome summaries too!

  15. 15 Marzy

    lol, i await that post sarah. kidding! im rooting for them, but still im having im having doubts about the new ES.. the TJ now is different too. i need to see how far that TJ will go. i hope he can get back our old ES. hehehe i hope the writers do a good job here. its not like the other dramas so im keeping my fingers crossed for a good ending.

  16. 16 doozy

    as always, a great read!

    from yesterday’s summary, you did speculate right, that sunday’s episode will be more riveting than saturday’s. heehee.

    like most people here, i, too, am very curious as to how the writers will write that happy ending (hopefully, there is one!). wonder if they’re gonna “steal time” like they did in the previous episode.

    btw, elliott smith music is awesome.

  17. 17 doremi02

    Tae Joo: “It’s not that I hate the idea of you marrying. More than anyone, I want you to meet a good person and live happily. A bastard like me may be as worthless as a piece of gum stuck to the ground — but I hope you’ll meet someone who truly loves you. I know Shin Joon Hyuk is a good guy. But you’re acting too hastily. Date longer, make sure your feelings are completely settled, and marry when you’ve confirmed you truly love him.”

    I love the way you translate this conversation. Really feel that TJ cares so much for ES now.

  18. 18 Ivory

    I think it’s really heart breaking how Eun Soo still loves Tae Joo so much and is willing to follow him to the ends of the earth…meaning she’s willing to marry Joon Hyuk to throw her relationship in his face and at the same time, to be near him. If she was really wanting to get over Tae Joo, she would try as hard as she could to put some real distance between her and Tae Joo, not marry into the same family that he is. And even though I want to hate Tae Joo for being the bastard that he is, I think he’s always been honest from the beginning with Eun Soo. For example, he told her on their first pseudo date that if she liked him, he wouldn’t be nice to her or be with her for very long…he would just hurt her and leave her. Thus, everything in their relationship has in some way happened exactly the way Tae Joo said it would. But human emotions are tricky, and they rarely behave in ways that we truly want them to…because if they did, Tae Joo wouldn’t feel so much for Eun Soo, a girl he’d rather not get involved with but ends up loving more than anything else on this earth. *sighs* Along with all the romantics out there, I truly hope Tae Joo and Eun Soo end up together even though all they’ve really done through out 13 episodes is hurt one another. I REALLY want Tae Joo to redeem himself and Eun Soo to gain back some of her happy spirit. People shouldn’t be so cynical about life that they would settle for Javabean’s 80% theory in life. That would be too scary…even though some of us may be doing it without knowing it.

  19. 19 Joey

    Absooolutely loved your song selection in this episode! Especially the random song of the day, even though I don’t understand it, it’s very soothing.

    As for this week’s episode, it is interesting to see how the qqs writers have turned the weight from Tae Joo and placed it onto Eun Soo. I like how whenever Tae Joo and Eun Soo are alone together talking, Eun Soo always ends up walking away first, leaving the guilt and pain for Tae Joo. But now it’s completely reversed in the last scene where Tae Joo walks out on Eun Soo…dun dun dun….

    It sucks how they never have previews for the next episodes on sundays…booo!

    Anywhooo, loved this weeks summaries as always. Keep up with the AWESOME work!! 😀

  20. 20 Jesw_21

    Firstly, i wanna thanks Javabeans for the wonderful and detailed summary for every episode, which helped me a lot in understanding the characters’ feelings/ actions and plot of the drama.

    Just some of my thoughts after watching till ep 13…

    i have started to hate Hyerin since ep.8 after she got too overbearing and did whatever possible things to get her ways….till now i still cant bring myself to like her ‘new’ character in ep.13 as in being so ‘nice’ to everyone especially EunSoo and playing the peacemaker for everyone…..it seems so ‘fake’ to me (sorry if i sound too biased …hee….)

    As for TaeJoo and EunSoo, i’m quite sad that things have to come to such state for them….they cant be together due to the many factors they cant have control of…. although they really love each other so much. and i can understand that TaeJoo feel really helpless that he cant help EunSoo much at all if they are together .
    that why he rather sacrificed himself for EunSoo’s good. TaeJoo has become the the real nice guy who really think and plans for his loved one.

    EunSoo i feel is definitely marrying JoonHyuk to spite TaeJoo and to make him to stop doing things for her family. But of cos she do like JoonHyuk (not love though) to be able to accept JoonHyuk again…..But i don’t approve of EunSoo’s actions as she is going to hurt(soon) JoonHyuk again with her rash decision to marry(and i can forsee another breakup for them again in coming episodes). But quite curious to see what she will do in the last few episodes…

    JoonHyuk… a nice and lonely guy. feel sad for him that although how much he love to have EunSoo by his side, he knows in his heart that EunSoo will never forget TaeJoo…and yet he said he is happy….. sad sad sad…

    my heart is getting heavier and sadder with ep. 12 & 13 and coming episodes….

    Hope the writer don’t torture us with more heart-breaking scenes than we can endure/hope for….

    One thing i can say is that the acting of the 4 leads have impressed me!!!

  21. 21 cutiepad

    oh no…. why does it seem like they’re being very “enemy-like”..

  22. 22 collect2you

    Oh NO! can’t imagine if these 2 couples will end up same as What happened in Bali at all. I personally expect to see them turn out to their should-be couples at the end.

  23. 23 Harriet

    Thanks JV for ur uploads…i don’t have to watch the series. All the same am i the only one that thinks that the Joon chap is eerie and silently on a mission using Euan Soo as bait. Don’t get me wrong the guy is cute and all but i just don’t get the fascination he has for ES…which has spiralled overnight . At least we all know Tea joo and Hye Rin’s stance.

    Well probably i’m on my own on this one as a result of my over analization. But honestly, am i getting bored or what??? The right couples should hook up fast and get it over with and cut short my weekly mental agony.

    PS: How many more episodes are left?

  24. 24 Bunde

    I also considered that Joon could be using Eun Soo as bait. We could call it crazy world of K-drama as the reasons for getting smitten so quickly and so firmly to Eun Soo. Sure, he is a lonely guy. But, if QSS writers do it right, they could have next episodes reveal that Joon is indeed calculating and really want to get to Hye Rin afterall – or so he discovers for himself. Or, like the two lead characters, he is in a rush to get over his feelings to Hye Rin.

    My wife thought ep 13 was boring. She’s just like that b/c she doesn’t like the pacing of this drama and don’t get the emotional agony here. I understand where she’s coming from but I found this drama so very unique, dialog interesting, understated and music cool. I am addicted. I hope the remaining 4 episodes finish off with a flurry.

  25. 25 ay_link

    With the rate we’re going here, I really REALLY wanna know how they’ll end this “Que Sera Sera…”. Will it be, whatever will be, will be? So both confused couples will stay with their 80% couples themselves and we’ll be leave at that? Oh geez~ but Sarah, as always, without your blog, I’d be completely lost and perhaps would be ‘forced’ to give this drama up a long long time ago. *grins*

  26. 26 Philippa

    Thank you so much for writing this summary! When I saw the picture, I thought they were already married that’s why I watched 1-6 and read the summary for episode 7-13… lol. I want the president’s daughter to end up with the director dude. And that poor girl with the manager or something…. So there won’t be any conflict anymore… lol. I’m that kind of person.. Like in Witch Yoo Hee, I want her to end up with Johnny! lol.
    Thanks a lot again!

  27. 27 ginnie

    Hi Sarah,

    What is a happy ending to you? I guess all of us are thinking about the ending now..and wish that it will be happy…some sort of happy at least for me.

    Happily ever after seems so distant…but is not out of line to wish for a hopeful and realistic ending, leaving us viewers feeling that their love is not regretable, their love is meant to be.

    I feel that episode 12 showed us Tae Joo’s concern for Eun Soo and for him to realize what Eun Soo is planning to do with her life as well. At the same time we see how both Hyerin and Joon Hyuk try to hold on, oopps, no..more accurately “chain” their respectful half (or 40%) to themselves.

    In episode 13, Tae Joo grows impatient with Eun Soo and during the scene when Eun Soo was trying out the wedding dress, I think that’s when Tae Joo realized…hey..Is Eun Soo doing this to spite me/make me jealous? Is she in this as a game to see how he would react to her relationship with Joon Hyuk? I think Eun Soo knows Tae Joo’s reaction very well..she saw his reaction in QSS Version 1.0 when he reacted harshly and jealously. Now in Version 2.0, Tae Joo’s more matured and is trying to move on with his decision. But Eun Soo won’t let him have it so easily without pain. She wants to try this method again. hmm..Is Eun Soo so calculative? I am not sure who she is anymore.

    Plus, she misses Tae Joo and want to see him so much, so she thought she could marry Joon Hyuk..more chance to see Tae Joo? Now, if this is true, is Eun Soo totally out of her mind?

  28. 28 obivia

    Man alive! Reading your summaries is better than watching the actual episodes! Thanks so much!

  29. 29 Marzy

    going back to ginnie’s comment.. im starting to think ES is trying to play a game too. it seems ES is not in her right mind. would she really do that, marry JH to get a rise out of TJ? to be near to TJ no matter what? ES is one intriguing character, im not sure i get her anymore. i used to think she is different.. i used to think she is someone who will not act like this. but i aslo feel she has so sort of feelings for JH, maybe not deep maybe not love but i think as a safety blanket too at some point.

  30. 30 javabeans

    ginnie, interesting question. for me, a happy ending doesn’t necessitate a happily ever after. far from it, actually. some of my favorite endings have been the more open-ended ones, like samsoon, what’s up fox, dal ja… they all leave you with the hope of future happiness, but they don’t lock you into the mentality that love –> marriage –> children –> family –> conventional ideals of happiness.

    I have nothing against definitive happy endings — choon hyang’s one of my favorites and that’s pretty decided, but that fit the tone of that drama. for QSS, i’d love to have an angst-free resolution that gives us the hope of future happiness… heck, at this point i’d be ecstatic if they just didn’t kill anyone off. that would suck.

    and to both ginnie & marzy, it did cross my mind that eun soo is being manipulative herself — especially when you see that semi-guilty look cross her face when tae joo accuses her of enjoying his misery. but i don’t think she’s someone who had it in her to PLAN to use joon hyuk to stay near tae joo, to witness TJ’s self-made hell from up close and personal. i think the circumstances just worked out that way…

  31. 31 Gin

    From the comments above, I don’t really think that ES’s the manipulative type. I think the main reason for her to go back to JH isn’t about wanting to spite TJ but more like she’s comforting herself by being with JH because he can provide her a shelter from all the hurt and pain that TJ’s caused her to feel.

    It surprises me to know that she’s chosen to walk the path to self-destruction. She knows very well that being with JH might cause her to hurt even more, but she’s still doing it anyway. =/

    I sure hope QSS will end well. *keeps fingers crossed*! 3 more episodes to go!

  32. 32 ginnie

    Sarah, yes…angst-free ending will work for me. Some light at the end of the tunnel will be good. I like how you put it…hope for future happiness. We do need to be able to have faith that no matter how bad things could go, that there is still something or someone we can lean on when everything seem bleak and hopeless. For goodness sakes, I need that from Que Sera, Sera! Some fans of Que Sera, Sera have semi-complained that QSS offered us to few happy moments thus far. You know, the moments that we could look back and cherish as “happy-sweet-moments” are too few relative to the darker moments. For example, we saw some happy scenes in the beginning of QSS when ES and TJ briefly went out but this was quickly halted by TJ to be in the contract relationship with HR. Then, in episode 10, we saw glimpse of happiness and even some marriage preparations for a little bit…before the entire episode ended with a break-up. Episodes 11 and 12 were all bitter/sad/cynical scenes between ES and TJ……I wonder if these were deliberately done by the writers/producers? I personally was not bothered by the amount of “happy scenes” or didn’t compare happy vs. sad scenes but have to agree that we do have very few happier scenes in QSS….Now, if the ending is also non-happy, I think I will be more bothered!

  33. 33 doozy

    now that you mentioned it, there ARE too few happy moments. I started to watch this show, thinking that it was a romantic comedy because I’m a sucker for those but now, romantic comedy no more. I miss those light-hearted moments in the beginning.

  34. 34 ginnie

    hehe..actually..I initially thought that these drama writers always plan for lots of sweet moments so that they can pull your heartstrings later on..more happiness to build momentum on the sadness later on…but it seems thought that QSS has made me sad just with these few in between happy scenes. Maybe the technique that this writer used is add more sadness, angst in the scenes now so that we can feel the drastic difference when they eventually reach the end of their journey and could be happy finally. What’s the point of these sad scenes if there is no difference later on..there must be some major plot twist that brings us up again.

  35. 35 javabeans

    That’s so interesting, I never thought of QSS in terms of how few happy moments it’s had, although when you think about it, it’s hard to refute. Usually I stay away from sad or serious dramas because I don’t need to feel any sadder about the state of the world, thank you very much! But I don’t see QSS in those terms — or rather, I’m enjoying it thoroughly even if it’s not a cheerful-funny drama. Maybe because it’s so thought-provoking and understated, it doesn’t even register that it’s “sad.” And the very few happy moments there are seem that much more powerful — my favorite episode so far is 4. And 5. Okay, those are two episodes, but I can’t separate the circular-wandering scene (I read the Korean fans call ES-TJ the ???? ??, or ‘Round-and-Round Couple,’ which I found really sweet) and the brief happy date they went on.

  36. 36 ginnie

    =) I am surprised Sarah….to know that your favorite episode is from 4 and 5 and you specifically chose those two episodes because they contained happy scenes for the couple. I can’t pick out my favorite episode…but I think it might be those happier moments in 4/5 or 10 too. Isn’t it odd? Our favorites are those scenes that occur the least in QSS..Could it be that they are so powerful because less is more?

  37. 37 rokris88

    WOW! you’ve made QSS really nicely intriguing. i too never thought it would be one of my fave dramas, coz episode 1 made me uninterested to watch succeeding episodes. But got hooked on it on the second episode till now. no dull moments surprisingly even if there were few happy, giddy moments.

    Just would like also to comment on how the story now feels. it feels ordinary but strikingly real i think. because this is how we fall in love, weakly strong and confusingly stable. this story delves on the parts where what will happen if we do the what ifs in our love, what will happen if we remove are defenses and go to the extremes. what if we push through eyes wide open knowing full well of people we can hurt, opportunities we can miss, things we can lose but express love as we have never expressed before (episode 9-10). then break off and pursue to put things back into place, as in take back the hurts, bring back the opportunities and bring back things lost but lose the one love that brought you life, the one that made you forget all the years you have lived before.

    most dramas are too good to be true. this one is to true to be good.

  38. 38 Margaret

    wow! im still waiting for ep 7 wid subs.. but after reading all of these summaries uve written.. it feels like ive seen everything till ep 13~ hehe thanx

  39. 39 Harriet

    Happy moments or not , guys, QSS rocks. Though its a tad bit boring now. Matter of fact ,nah, I don’t think ES is the manipulative type. Although , i guess, hooking up with JH was kind of passing a message to TJ but unfortunately she’s way in over her head in this one and obviously just a pawn in the beautiful game of QSS.

    But then again, who’s to say ES is not the main player and only uses and innocence and naivety as a weapon. Well, we’ll just have to wait and find out.

  40. 40 cp

    you do such a good job writing the summaries for QSS. thank you so much!! i got hooked to this when we had a stop over-sat night to sun afternoon, in korea, i couldn’t sleep and didn’t have the money to buy CUUUUUTE things from the stores outside the hotel so i was stuck flipping thru the channels. and even though i couldn’t understand a word they were saying… but i wanted to watch more. haha. but thank you so much. do you know any websites that has subtitles or dubbed versions of QSS?

  41. 41 cp

    sorry. i just looked at the top of the page and found out that you have a whole page for the sites where we can watch! sorry

  42. 42 lam

    Previews are out for epi 14 and 15 at the imbc page… it seems that ES is pregnant in epi 15.. she is puking up crap.. this might be a turn point..

  43. 44 djes

    i’m catching up this,after neglected it for a while..
    I regret it,but well,at least I’ve made good decision to continue it..
    I read above about comparison between QSS n What Happened in Bali~which is one my all time favorite~ and,for me,QSS haven’t come to the point wrecking my heart as strong as WHIB. Still, i really enjoy this rollercoaster of emotion here, and probably it sounds weird,somehow i completely understand Eun Soo’s decision to choose Joon Hyuk.
    i’m the type that would look for safety feeling in a man,instead love which makes me head over heels.
    Tae Joo probably is the real love,but the pain in the relationship is something you don’t want to face in ur lifetime..

    Contrary with you,Javabeans, i like spoilers. I’ve read your summaries way before I started watching QSS, and still I want to see it to the end.

    Thank you for detailing all scenes, it gives me new prespective while watching it by myself..

    and read these comments, really add the excitement and enjoyment for me..to hear ( or read ) others’ people points of view..

    I’m glad I found you! 😀

  44. 45 Erica

    gosh… i’ve just started watching this series because of your recaps.. damn… the last scene on this episode gave the chills too …. i am sooo addicted to this series…

  45. 46 Startulle

    anybody still remembers which music was playing when TJ was at office thinking about ES and JH when they were trying the wedding outfits??? Please….

  46. 47 zaida

    Hi javabeans!!! I’m from venezuela, i speak spanish, so you must excuse my english.
    i begin in this korean madness (or addiction?) early this year with MNIKSS, I love it, then I watch a few dramas until they aired on TV Coffee Prince! It was love at first sight!!! and….the beginning of this madness. When I was watching Boys before flowers, I got so hooked in that I began looking for recaps and I found your page. And I must say: I can’t live without it!! I check it every day for news. I read the recaps of the dramas I’m watching (after watching, first I used to read before watching, cause I like spoilers, but sometimes they actually spoil wonderful moments)
    I read your comments and opinions and general thoughts and ranking of dramas from you and your guests. Then I made a must see list of dramas (31: from 2007 to 2009, including a few from before). I have watched only a few (like 4) but Thanks to you I discover and enjoy Soulmate (it mades my heart bumps!!!! I love the ending so much), and You’re Beautiful (it made me a fan of JGS and it shacked my love for coffee prince-my top one drama)
    Right now, I’m watching Que sera, sera (I’m in ep 13) and I’m even reading the comments (i never did it before), I just love it, I can’t help but thinking of it, it made me question the characters’ morals and mine, I enjoy the discussion you all made and it opened my minds to another paths. My favorite novel ever is Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights: the characters are so twisted, and selfish, they’re no good, they give up love because of money, connections…but there’s so much passion (the lowest ones) in this book, and I couldn’t help but love Catherine and Heathcliff, they made their own misery, they deserve it, but I pitied them. Then I found similarities between the book and Que sera, sera, spite all Tae Joo flaws, I can’t help but love him, and hope for a happy ending with Eun Soo, I’m so afraid it won’t be a happy ending, but I wish for the best. I guess I will watch this drama soon again, so I can watch their lovely moments (the circling ES-TJ scene and the two hands scene), their sad ones wich made me cry, the thrilling ones, and the happy end (hope so).
    Well I’m afraid it was too long, but I have a lot to say
    Thank you again and again I really love you’re insights…. And sorry for my English hope you’ll understand what I’m saying

  47. 48 che

    what is the title of the song when Tae Joo goes back to the office after dinner, but can’t focus on work, thinking instead of Eun Soo in her bridal gown. i search for it but couldnt find it. can you tell me??

    • 48.1 Startulle

      @che…. I went crazy too!
      “Mask” by Yi Sung Yol featuring Jisun

    • 48.2 Startulle

      “Mask” by Yi Sung Yol featuring Jisun
      @Che I love this song till today !

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