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Air City: Episode 4
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Air City OST – “Learning to Fly” The song that Ha Joon plays for Do Kyung, which is her sister’s ringtone. Not credited on the OST but apparently sung by someone (not an established singer) named Song Ji Eun. [ zShare download ]

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Ji Sung helicopters back to Incheon from Busan, upset to hear that they weren’t able to detain the Mystery Passenger (David McInnis). Ji Sung takes out his frustration on Do Kyung and Ha Joon, who explain that the guy already checked out of his hotel and disappeared. Ha Joon gets upset back at Ji Sung, saying they did everything they could to help.

Ji Sung apologizes for being sensitive, but Do Kyung tells him she understands. After Ji Sung leaves, Ha Joon asks why she was so easy on him, but she responds that she likes Ji Sung’s gaze. “When he first came to the airport, he asked me, a complete stranger, for help. It was a ridiculous request, but I think I agreed because I liked his stare. Losing a suspect from right in front of his eyes, and feeling wronged, and now feeling half-crazed… It’s a little cold and rude, but isn’t it a good thing to be so consumed in your work?”

Ha Joon asks how his look is, then, and Do Kyung answers that it’s tired and dull. So Ha Joon puts on his best intense stare…

Do Kyung tells him not to try so hard. She thinks she remembers liking him when they were younger because of his kind eyes. Ha Joon smiles to hear that.

The Mysterious Passenger is identified as Charlie Wie, and the entire airport is on alert to stop him. Do Kyung runs into him as he’s checking in, hiding her alarm with friendly conversation. As soon as she’s out of sight, she runs and calls the situation room, but doesn’t have time to get into detail as she’s apprehended by Charlie, who drops the nice act. Security recognizes him on the surveillance monitors, and they keep a close watch on their movements.

Ji Sung and the NIS agents mobilize to intercept them, and Ji Sung catches up to them in the underground parking lot. He shouts for Charlie to release the hostage, but fearing for Do Kyung’s safety, he lowers his gun as she’s forced into a car. As they drive off, Ji Sung fires off shots and manages to blow out the car’s tires, causing it to crash. After checking to see Do Kyung’s unhurt, Ji Sung takes off after Charlie, who runs off on foot.

Fight scenes are hard to screencap, so suffice to say that initially Ji Sung has the upper hand, and then he doesn’t. While everyone watches tensely from the situation room, Ji Sung gets quite the pummeling, holding out as long as he can before he collapses in exhaustion. Luckily, he manages to hold out long enough for armed backup to arrive and apprehend Charlie.


Ji Sung is taken to the airport emergency room, where he’s attended to by Dr. Seo, his former girlfriend. Half-unconscious, he grabs her hand and mumbles her name, “Myung Woo.” But we can infer from his later reaction that this gesture is a subconscious impulse.

Do Kyung drops by to check on Ji Sung, and Myung Woo does that female thing where she instinctively sizes her up, despite probably not wanting to. Do Kyung’s relieved to hear that Ji Sung’s injuries aren’t serious.

Ji Sung awakens to see Myung Woo, shocked and angry that she transferred to the airport hospital knowing he was there. She says she thought they could be friends after three years, but he accuses her of being as cruel as ever. They were never friends.

Do Kyung, leaving dinner with her co-workers early to bring Ji Sung some food, runs into him as he storms out of the hospital, sending the food flying. He apologizes, but Do Kyung tells him to go on, and he does. She rejoins her co-workers for drinks, while Ji Sung runs into the maintenance worker (the uncle to Manager Jang) and asks him to have a drink together.

Hearing that Ji Sung hasn’t found a place to stay yet, the man (whose name I have to figure out) invites Ji Sung to stay with them. They have a nice house with lots of room — he’d spent his life working to build a magnificent home because his wife wanted it, but then she died. Such is life.


A drunken Do Kyung, meanwhile, gets escorted along by Ha Joon, who asks if she’s managed to talk to her sister Yi Kyung yet. Do Kyung calls her, but only gets her ringtone — the song “Learning to Fly” posted above. Ha Joon asks why Do Kyung and her sister separated, and she answers that once she tells him, he’ll probably dislike her.

When her parents divorced, her father moved with his new wife to France, and she and Yi Kyung endured a horrible year — the worst in her life — with their mother, who descended into drunkenness. She prayed daily for a way to escape, and one day, her father called. Without hesitation, Do Kyung accepted the offer to live with him. But when he sent the ticket, there was only one — their stepmother hated the crybaby Yi Kyung, so Do Kyung ran away alone, leaving her behind. She hasn’t had any contact or news about Yi Kyung since. She doesn’t know if she has the right to see her sister now, but Ha Joon assures her that she was young, and it was understandable.


In the morning, Manager (Nal Young?) Jang and her uncle are alarmed to see Ji Sung in their home. The uncle doesn’t remember inviting Ji Sung, and instead scolds her for bringing a man home while drunk. She can’t remember meeting Ji Sung (uncle’s response: “Yeah, right! Stop acting!”). Ji Sung just watches the confusion with amusement.


Ha Joon brings Do Kyung the CD of the song on Yi Kyung’s phone, telling her to listen to the song more carefully. And they listen:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

마르지 않는
마르지 않는 그리움
나보고 어떻게 참고 살란 말인지

산과 산을 넘고
바다와 바다 건너
얼마나 너에게 가고 싶었는데

너무 보고싶어서
너무나 가고 싶어서
나 혼자 날아오르는 법을 배워
이제 슬프지 않고
이제는 화나지 않고
아무도 원망하지 않아
난 자유롭거든
난 자유롭거든

I’m flying high
I’m flying high
across the sky
to touch the wind
to be free again

I’ve gotta fly away
I’ve gotta fly away
across the sky
to touch the wind
to be free again
free again

It doesn’t stop
This ceaseless yearning
How am I supposed to live enduring this?

Climbing mountain after mountain
Crossing sea after sea
I wanted to go to you so much

I missed you so much
I wanted to go to you so much
I learned to soar on my own
Now I’m not sad anymore
I’m not mad anymore
I’m not bitter anymore
Because I’m free
I’m free

I’m flying high
I’m flying high
across the sky
to touch the wind
to be free again

I’ve gotta fly away
I’ve gotta fly away
across the sky
to touch the wind
to be free again
free again

Do Kyung worries over what her sister is doing, what she’s like now. Ha Joon assures she must’ve turned out wonderfully, and goes to Agent Im (the spunky female agent) to ask for more information. She refuses at first, because he promised to take her out last time and didn’t. He offers to take her out now, and she says: “Then buy me dinner, and drinks, and let’s stay out till dawn.” Otherwise, he’s outta luck.

With that promise, he finds out that Yi Kyung’s become a pilot, newly arrived at Incheon, which explains (rather conveniently) why neither Do Kyung nor Ha Joon are aware of her. Ha Joon wants to take Do Kyung to meet her sister immediately, but Do Kyung makes excuses — she’s not ready yet. Ha Joon backs off, saying they have plenty of time to meet her later.

Also facing a turbulent past is Ji Sung, who burns his old photos of his happy past with Myung Woo, with whom he apparently used to live.

He’s unaware that Myung Woo is talking to her friend, who advises her to tell “the truth” about why they broke up. Myung Woo coldly cut off their relationship without warning or reason three years ago, and didn’t tell Ji Sung she was suffering from a life-threatening illness. She has no right to go back to him, doesn’t want to hurt him more. (And let’s all groan together. Seriously? The ol’ terminal-illness-that-was-miraculously-cured line? The self-sacrificing “I couldn’t bear to tie him down to me so I let him go, and now he’s angry because I never bothered to explain I was DYING?” line? Except, of course, that she didn’t die anyway? Please. It was tolerable in Samsoon, but seems superfluous here. It doesn’t help that I don’t care about Lady Doctor at all, so I’m not inclined to cut her any slack.)


Ji Sung is ready to move on, though, and apologizes to Do Kyung for being rude the night before, then asks if the food was for him (she lies and says no). He tells her she owes him a meal (for saving her life, I assume), so she grudgingly tells him to meet her in the cafeteria in 10 minutes — acting like it’s an annoyance, but taking the time to primp in the bathroom, applying makeup and checking out her appearance. HEE.

In the cafeteria, Ji Sung takes Do Kyung by the arm and leads her out, saying he’d rather go out. “Let’s go on a date.” Do Kyung takes her arm out of his grasp, but smiles and goes along, unaware that Ha Joon has seen them leaving.

Unbeknownst to them, a woman is found bleeding and unconscious in a restroom stall — and from appearances it seems she cut her own wrist with a broken mirror shard.

And so, their date is cut short as both Do Kyung and Ji Sung are called to deal with the emergency.


28 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. ay_link

    Thank you so much for the song! I haven’t checked the OST yet, hehehe didn’t know this song is in it.
    hehe.. sarahbeans, you don’t know how long I’ve been ‘camping’ in your blog today…lolz..

    AC is getting better and better each week… LOVE IT!

  2. mily2

    sarahbeans.. THANK YOU so much dearest.. I was dying to know everything about this episode.. ehhe.. many many hugs.. gosh.. I think it’s getting pretty HOT in there.. we have secrets.. love triangles..no.. make it quadruple.. wait.. nevermind.. triangle..since i don’t like the lady doctor to begin w/.. and w/ the burning of pix & memories.. I think she is not going to be a BIG factor at all.. ahah.. so biased.. your summary is amazing.. sarahbeans rock!!!

  3. ay_link

    OK now that I’ve read the whole summary twice (hee hee) just needed to say, OHMYGOSH. Seriously??? illness? argh. So I take this as some kind of foreshadowing of what JS and her may have in the future… a chance to rekindle whatever it is they have left? Sigh~. Really hope JS won’t follow samshiki’s footstep and just do some improvement on that or twist it a bit around or something… lol.. Air City is just too good to have some ‘ah so cliche!’ moment stuck in the middle.

    Oh, and the doctor lady, the x factor, hmph. Moon Jung Hee is not exactly on my ‘hate’ list yet, but it’s been really difficult to like her ever since Alone In Love and Singles.

  4. Dayan

    So Choi Ji Woo and the Ha Joon guy are supposed to be ex-classmates? same age? You’re not serious….*groans*

  5. Marzy

    ‘Seriously? The ol’ terminal-illness-that-was-miraculously-cured line? The self-sacrificing I couldn’t bear to tie him down to me so I let him go, and now he’s angry because I never bothered to explain I was DYING? line? Except, of course, that she didn’t die anyway?’

    LOL!! that line was just so hilarious how many times have we heard that! hahhaa im liking this drama a LOT. and no i never thought i would as much, i thought id like LJJ hotness factor but that’s it. hey, surprise me. thanks sarah!! love ur summaries, so witty and through.

  6. Luv

    Thank you so much javabeans.

    I’m neutral with Moon Jung Hee…I actually I feel bad for her character in Alone In Love…hehe…
    But this new character…the terminal illness thing is a big shock…can’t believe they’re using that again…You made me laugh so much with the comments on that topic…hehe…

    I’m excited about JS & DK’s upcoming dates…hehe…

  7. JaneSc

    Hi Javabeans,

    I have been reading and eagerly waiting for your summaries each week. It’s juz as great as watching the drama reading your descriptions. With your summaries, I now know which drama I like and then will wait for it to be available in the shops before getting them.
    Juz wanted to say Hello and Thank you so much for your updates despite your BZ schedules.

  8. ginnie

    Thank you Sarah…

    Why is Ji Sung being called when there is an emergency like the lady commiting suicide in one of the bathroom stalls? That has nothing to do with his cause at the airport if I remember correctly. Anyways..maybe they’ll reveal more and determine that the “lady” might have something to do with his friend’s murder case too? teehee…..

    You are so hilarious with the Lady Doctor’s illness plot. I hope they don’t use this plot ..maybe just skim through it, jump around it, forward it? Somehow I have a feeling they will have Ji Sung discover her illness, feel bad about it and then maybe pity her? And that would be the reason he cannot be with his current love?

    Ha Joon’s intense stare was hilarious too. =)

  9. Anni

    Once Again Many Thanks…Sarah…..I’m so enjoy reading your summary.It really make me understand the whole episode. Every time finished reading….I’ve a smile coz JS and DG relationship is more and more advance…..I like it very much.

    Keep your excellent job !!!!!!!!

    Best Regards

    Air City Fighting…..

  10. 10 flinghead

    Hey Sarah 🙂
    I love your blogs – you’re really talented, and I understand the dramas a lot better because of your help.
    But I was wondering if you could put up summaries on other kdramas, such as Hello! Miss, or Mawang/Devil.
    Pretty please? 😀

  11. 11 Philippa

    Thanks a lot!!!! I love the song!!! Thanks for posting it twice.. It stopped exactly where you posted it and then I played it again… What if that girl in the washroom her sister? Thanks a lot again for the summary!!!!

  12. 12 lollipop2000

    Thanks Javabeans. Your caps are so funny and I always LOL a lot in the office. I am seriously obsessed with checking for your caps. I badly need to watch the series cos of Ji Sung he’s seriously hot and looks so good for an older guy that he gives the younger actors a run for their money. Your caps appeased the need somehow. And the idea of the actress dying of a terminal disease and break up with a guy is so over used and lame, can we petition to stop that from being used for future Kdramas. Hahahaha!!!

  13. 13 Jenny C

    Thanks Javabeans..i just can’t do without checking out your blog for your latest translation of each episode after watching it live online without understanding every weekends….You are definitely our saviour!!!!

  14. 14 ripgal

    The terminal disease thingy is annoying some ppl it seems. I was also surprised when I read about it in Soompi. I thought the ex-GF left him to get married or something..but the writers just had to add in this emotional turmoil..make Ji Sung pity her and go back to her blah blah..aiks. If he knew, I bet he’d go back to her just like what Hyun Bin did in MNIKSS. Lucky tho the drama has the espionage affair to take care of as well, or else it’d be like any other drama focusing on main leads’ struggles not to fall for each other.

  15. 15 Rosepetal


    I also enjoyed reading your summary and appreciate your interpretation and comments, it’s pretty funny….You are a talented writer!^^
    Since I translate from written preview summary without seeing the show first, your complete summary after watching the show really makes a big difference!

    Ya, I read somewhere that Ji-Sung’s ex. GF broke up w/him and got married to someone else (due to her family’s opposition) but later got divorced.

    Like you said, the newspaper article is so inaccurate sometimes or the synopsis is changed by a scriptwriter or PD for whatever the reason…I think.

  16. 16 Dais

    As usual, I’m enjoying your summaries, javabeans. Come to think of it, I’m enjoying the responses also. You really have a great thing going here. Thank you for starting the site and also thank you to you all faithful readers who have been giving fun responses. Bravo! What fun crowd!!

  17. 17 ellabel

    Again, thanks for the detailed summary, javabeans. It was an easy and enjoyable read. 🙂
    Slowly, we are getting into relationships, connections and complications. It’s quite bothersome that the writer cant think of another believable reason why SMW and KJS broke up. Very- Sam soonish but I love the way you put it. lol
    Holding the ex-gf hand and calling her name tho subconsciously just proved that JS still has feelings for the ex. But, burning all their memento meant that he’s now ready to move on and looks like toward HDG who from the looks of it already has a “thing” with JS. lol

  18. 18 dramalover

    Thanks a lot again javabeans…you are a saviour to all non-korean speaking
    fans…Watching this drama at 2:40am in my country is very hard without
    english subs..Keep up the good work ..

  19. 19 curios2k

    Thanks for all the detailed summaries of all the Air City Eps. It was a great source of information for me when watching A.C. I really appreciate your effort in doing this for all the fans who are non-Korean speakers. I am not Korean but I am an Asian…and I am also a fan of CJW ever since I watched Winter Sonata in Dec 2006. I love her role in this drama which is so different from any other dramas that she has acted in. What a refreshing change !
    Looking forward to your updates on the upcoming episodes of Air City!

  20. 20 javabeans

    Yeah, it looks like I’m not the only one who’s underwhelmed with the lady doctor’s illness-as-breakup-mechanism storyline Normally I don’t think directors/writers should deviate from their original plans to bow to fan demands, but in this case, I hope they can make an exception.

    Especially seeing as how the doctor’s backstory was changed from that marriage-divorce storyline to the illness (perhaps to engender more sympathy for the character? well that worked out swell, didn’t it?), that shows they’re not too sure of what to do with her either. Is it too late to recast the part? It’ll be like in General Hospital or Young & the Restless, where they run through multiple actors for one character and just pretend like it’s the same person all along. I promise I won’t complain.

    Or maybe it’s not too late to throw in a twist. The deathbed illness was merely a cover story because lady doctor is REALLY an enemy spy! Infiltrating NIS three years ago by romancing their agent! Once she was through using him, she was supposed to get rid of him but she fell in love and decided just to leave and now she’s been reassigned to get back into his good graces and has to pretend like she’s still in love with him to get him to trust her so she invents the illness storyline so he’ll forgive her so she can complete her mission dun dun DUN!

  21. 21 Bwitched

    I also love the spunky inspector Im. At first I thought it was she who will play the second lead actress. But nope, it’s the dying girl!!!!..Hopefully I won’t hate, but based on what I’ve read and watched so far, she’s not likeable.

  22. 22 mauwy

    wow, Choi Jiwoo and Lee Jaejung looks better after all~! [at first i didnt thnk they’d have the chemistry] but ev en after ep1 thier chemistry is just sizzling to me, heehee!!! I cant wait for the next episodes. .this is the next best drama after Daljas Spring, I wish its weekend already.. and yes thanks javabeans and withs2, as always ^^*

  23. 23 ripgal

    “Or maybe it’s not too late to throw in a twist. The deathbed illness was merely a cover story� because lady doctor is REALLY an enemy spy! Infiltrating NIS three years ago by romancing their agent! Once she was through using him, she was supposed to get rid of him� but she fell in love and decided just to leave� and now she’s been reassigned to get back into his good graces and has to pretend like she’s still in love with him to get him to trust her� so she invents the illness storyline so he’ll forgive her so she can complete her mission� dun dun DUN!”


    Man Sarah your last para made me laugh like crazy! Actually I’d prefer if such a twist was incorporated into the drama, it’s so gona make the viewers go @_@.

  24. 24 jane

    OMG!! im really getting into air city, just like i got into H.I.T!! Also, the OST is pretty good as well. I love that song–Learning to Fly,,I can’t wait until the next episode. However, this episode really pissed me off in some parts…especially that bit with the previously terminally ill doctor…urgh!! Seriously?! dont writers ever get tired of that story line?? I think the next episode is going to be really good though,,,Do kyung will finally meet her sister,,,another thing that annoyed me was the whole budding love triangle thing (actually isn’t it love rectangle lol?!) but i guess thats to be expected from ALL korean dramas…i wish there would be a really good korean drama without that whole rectangle thing loL,,getting so tiring…anyway! Thanks for your episode summaries they are really great !

  25. 25 amareally

    Hiy javabeans….My friend linked me your blog cause she was sooo crazy about Que Sera-Sera and just wanna say “LOVE THE BLOG!!” hihihi and i’m currently watching Air City too, but my K channel doesn’t have subs, so thanks for the preview of each and every episode. Lee Jung Jae is HOT! … I think this is a good drama, looking forward to see it more and more

  26. 26 tsunamiblues

    I do not find Ha Joon to be good looking, wonderful summary as usual, I like the new banner, since Shin Dong Wook and Rain look so yummy in it!!!

  27. 27 Philippa

    Thanks again for the lyrics! Thanks again for taking the time tor write the summaries for us, for us non-korean…. lol.

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