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Feelings / Neukkim / 느낌 (1994)
by | May 29, 2007 | 37 Comments

With the start of MBC’s new drama Air City, my somewhat dormant crush on Lee Jung-jae woke up in full force and slapped me in the face. Sure, I’d seen (and enjoyed) some of his movies, like 2001’s Il Mare with Jeon Ji-hyun, but I’m a drama series freak at heart, and it’s been nine whole years since his last one.

It made me nostalgic for Lee Jung-jae’s first series — one of the first dramas I’d seen growing up and one of the first of the “trendy dramas” — KBS2’s 1994 Feelings (느낌 / Neukkim). I’ve always had fond memories of Feelings, but since it’s so old, I had a hard time locating it. But thanks to purpletiger and the WithS2 fansubbing crew, we were able to track down all the episodes.


Left: Feelings (1994). Right: Air City (2007).

Look at that. Thirteen years and barely any change. Now that’s good genetics.

Our team has decided to take on Feelings/Neukkim as a special side project, and will be releasing subtitles so you can all enjoy old-school drama goodness! (I suspect the team’s rampant Lee Jung-jae love has a little something to do with it too. Oh, right. The story’s not so bad either.)

Yes, it’s a little cheesy watching the show now through the contemporary lens, but it’s a little like watching old episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 — awesome just for that reason. Rewatching this series for the first time in thirteen years (ouch, feeling old), there’s the initial jarring effect of looking at the awesomely bad ’90s fashion (the hair’s not SO bad, overall), but I was happy to see that the dated-ness of the drama doesn’t get in the way too much after you’ve seen a couple episodes. Plus, the story holds up better than I thought it would (I was afraid I was remembering it as something much different than it actually was).


Neukkim OST – “Feelings” (느낌) by Hong Jae Sun [ Download ]

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


Since this is an old series, only medium-quality files are available. The upside of that is that file sizes are small enough to upload to direct-download sites. The links to the files are posted in the appropriate soompi thread, as well as on d-addicts, which is also where the subtitles are being released.


Director: Yoon Seok-ho
Scriptwriters: Kim Young-chan, Oh Su-yeon

Broadcast station: KBS2
No. of episodes: 16


The story’s pretty simple: Three brothers Bin, Hyun, and Joon (Sohn Ji-chang, Kim Min-jong, Lee Jung-jae) in college experience troubles in their relationships with one another with the arrival of a family friend, the very pretty and sweet Yuri (Woo Hee-jin). Yuri arrives from France to live with them for the summer while attending classes at their university, causing each brother to be drawn to her in a different way. Complications ensue.

Sounds rather dramatic, but Neukkim was the funniest drama I’d seen at the time, and it’s just as much about family and the brotherly relationship as it is about romance.


Prior to the advent of trendy dramas in the early ’90s, most popular dramas were long-running family dramas and historical series, which didn’t particularly appeal to the youth set. Early trendy dramas like Jealousy (질투 / jiltu) and Neukkim were different in that they featured mainly young casts with youthful storylines, and they caught on.

Sohn Ji-chang: Despite my overemphasis on Lee Jung-jae (yes, I am aware of it), the big name at the time was Sohn Ji-chang, who was coming off much success from another early trendy drama, The Last Match (마지막 승부 / majimak seungbu), the basketball romance drama also starring a very early-career Jang Dong-gun and Shim Eun-ha. He also had a side career as a singer, back when many singers didn’t have to spend all their time learning dance choreography and going out on variety and live-music shows to promote their songs.

Kim Min-jong: He was the early version of the now-ubiquitous idol-turned actor, and had put out an album or two at the time Neukkim came on. He formed a duo with Sohn Ji-chang called The Blue, but ultimately went on to a more successful solo career.

Lee Jung-jae: Many sites list the hugely popular 1995 drama Sandglass (모래시계 / moraeshigye) as his TV debut, but it was actually Neukkim a year before, although the oversight is understandable given the high caliber of Sandglass and the notice he attracted playing the brooding, loyal bodyguard to Go Hyun-jung.

Ryu Shi-won: Another face that debuted here and has hardly changed over the years.

Woo Hee-jin: I believe she’s still around, as she was very young when she played Yuri. (Seriously, these Korean stars age incredibly well.)

Lee Bon: Something of an It Girl back in the day, I don’t think she’s around much anymore.



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37 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. gail

    a special project for WITH S2 just so yummy Lee Jung Jae goodness can be shared? that team is just awesome! thanks. :)

  2. kiwee

    well they do say asian men age well.

  3. javabeans

    gail, anything to spread the Lee Jung Jae love! 😉 we’re nothing if not dedicated. lol

  4. TB

    omg Omg OMg OMG!!! Love you Sarah! Can’t wait!

  5. mauwy

    wow~ lee jung jae old drama? i must watch ^^ thank youuu withs2!! i dont mind 90s drama, ive seen some and i loved it, it maybe too cheesy but drams back then were simple but really has something “special” about it, thanks again 😀

  6. Mia

    May I ask? Do you have WordPress paid account?
    I try to create a blog using the same theme, but default font is bigger. How do you change yours and make it small everytime?

    Thank you. I enjoy reading your summary

  7. ripgal

    Sarah I love you!!!
    If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have known of Lee Jung Jae’s amazing charm.
    And if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have discovered such a funny and lighthearted drama.

    I’ve seen the 1st ep and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Every single scene was soooo entertaining, from Bin’s quirkiness to Hyun’s adorkableness to Jun’s playful antiques. They all made me laugh so much (I’m glad I watched the ep, gotta de-stress from all the exam revisions)..I can’t recall how many times I’ve bursted out in laughter watching the ep…

    Once again, thank you so much for tracking down the files. And also a great big HUG to WITHS2 for taking up this project.

  8. javabeans

    Mia, i have the CSS upgrade, which allows me to tweak a few of the features on the theme.

    Jo, so glad you’re enjoying the series! It’s kind of weird seeing LJJ being so serious and dashing these days when I first saw him being so goofy and adorable here… I love the brotherly relationship too. Hope you keep watching along! We’re making pretty good time with the subs so far. :)

  9. crazymuka

    OMG, I love Feelings!!! It was one of the very first Kdramas I’ve ever watched and it left me such great impressions. I’d say, it was the drama that started my love for Kdramas. I remember developing a crush for both JJ’s and Ji Chang’s characters after watching this one. And I love the theme song!!! Feelings is such a sweet and cute little drama about first loves and youth and brotherly love. It’s awesome that WithS2 is releasing the subs for this because I CAN’T wait to rewatch it. It brings back so much memories.

  10. 10 AudHepFan

    Is there a specific clubbox with the episodes of ??? I remember watching this with my mom on the videos rented from the local korean video store back in the mid 90s. I even bought the soundtrack on cassette tape. I still have it somewhere.

  11. 11 AudHepFan

    whoops. I should have looked at the soompi forum.
    stoopid me

  12. 12 Peggy

    Lee Jong Jae is a marvellous actor. Loved him in ‘An Affair’ Also much earlier film called ‘A Young Man’ that was a tour de force for him. You must have seen it. If not please look for it. You will be very impressed. Looking forward to seeing
    ‘Feelings’ and also the new drama he is doing.
    ?name? Don’t yet know that.


  13. 13 Philippa

    Cool, lyptika is currently uploading this! It’s awesome, I wanna know what the ending is.

  14. 14 JungHyun

    Wow. I actually remember this drama. Wowww.

    I was maybe only 8 or so while this was showing, but I still remember watching it every now and then with my family. One of my aunts and an unnie used to always argue over who was the more suave one, Jichang or Jungjae.

    This totally brings back memories (though they’re slightly blurry haha). I’m shocked you guys managed to find all the episodes! I’ll be taking those sometime soon, thanks~

  15. 15 ktv

    I still find it funny everytime I think about this drama. It reminds me alot about my happy time. I love it. Thanks for mentioning this drama again. It makes me feel old right now. ~__~

  16. 16 ktv

    Hey Javabeans, do you have another popular song in Neukkim? That song usually appears at Song Ji Chan and Lee Bon’s scenes. I don’t know Korean title. Would you like to send it to me if you had it? Thank you very much.

  17. 17 Ilona

    Sorry, do you have full OST of Feelings? I’m saw this kdrama when I’m was child, and it so memorable for me. I cried, when I’m heared main song of Ne Kim… I’m desperatly search this OST for years :(. Please, wrote me on my e-mail: iola77786@mail.ru

  18. 18 Gramps

    #17 Ilona
    The OST can be heard on-line http://lovetamaki.tistory.com/378 It’s a flash jukebox, and will play all the numbers in sequence, but you can drop down the playlist and select choices at random.
    People who share music this way generally don’t want to make it available as downloads. In view of the troubles javabeans has had with hotlinkers, I respect that choice, so I won’t tell you that with a bit of understanding of how these things work, it is indeed possible to download the mp3s from that site… If you don’t know how, ask your friends…

  19. 19 Rita

    Ooh… I remember watching this! It was definitely the most sensational drama at the time. Thanks for recognizing it and for the song! Brings back good memories. =)

  20. 20 dae

    I think I’ll wait for future posts. I am interested to learn about past Ryu Shi Won and Kim Min Jong. The latter I had fun watching in the guardian angel. I kinda like the character he played brusque and a bit funny. Yes I can bare with all that shouting he did in the series too. Also, I find his eyes attractive but I don’t know why most often I find it distracting in many of his scenes in the series (not in an attractive sense though). He seemed to have aged so much too in the last movie I have happened to see him on. I forgot the title, it’s somekind of an ill fated romance. Him being an art or industrial design lecturer and son to a bus tycoon and the female lead character a daughter of a drifter, orphaned and left in the care of her grandmother. I’m pretty mixed up with the stories of films I’ve watched so far i really can’t remember the title. I’d love to see Ryu Shi Won more too. I like him playing the role of a diplomat trapped in a bethrotal (was it a bethrotal?) he didn’t initially like. That series’ – ‘The Wedding’ – made me feel there’s really hope for sweet love in a married life. Comparing it when I saw him in ‘Beautiful Days’ (is the title correct?), seemed he got good genes, he looked as young as before, even with the seemingly buffed appearance and kinda salt and pepper hair look in the series.

  21. 21 teddybear

    OMG!!!! this is such a blow 4 me. Didnt know it is subbed! Gosh! I need to run n download. One of my very 1st Kdrama 😡 n I lv it!!!

    Thank u for bring it back. And thank the subbing team as well

  22. 22 Peggy

    Dear everyone of kdramas…
    I have been away…for some time…(NOT incarcerated!!!) Now I have to ask for help because I really want to d/l FEELINGS and would also like to find and d/l HYENA.
    Have been unable to find these. If they are in d-addicts I will search but there may be no seeds. If they are in clubbox I can only use if I don’t have to ‘join’ and if it is not all in Korea.
    Any help most gratefully received. Peg

    Recently onTV here in California I have been able to watch several old Asian movies. Last one was Jang Dong Won and another known present day actor in ‘NO PLACE TO HIDE. It also had Ms. CHOI already screaming and wailing. It was a dark and gritty police story. Lots of chases through dark alleys. JDW was not the lead exactly but the actor who was is now still playing quite good roles. I do not know his name but will look out for this.


  23. 23 Peggy

    ew Lee Jung Jae,

    Today once again I watched the film ‘TYPHOON’ with LJJ and Jang Dong Jun. this film is constantly being run on our cable channels and I watch it every time. something about that couple that makes me stop and watch. It has the best storm scenes on a ship at sea and the fight between these two men is mesmerising. Highly recommend this film especially for LJJ and JDG.


  24. 24 Liz

    Hi again :) I saw you tracked down Feelings and was wondering if you ever watched the SBS drama titled Model with Kim Nam Joo and Jang Dong Gun. It came out around the same time as Propose with Kim Hee Sun. I absolutely love that drama and was wondering through what means I should search for something like that. How did you find Feelings?

  25. 25 joo

    Hi dramabeans, I have a question since you are the k drama expert .. I am looking for an old drama that i (think) had Woo Hee Jin in it … It might even be this drama, Feelings. But I remember one scene where her legs were hurting so she made an oppa massage it for her …. they were sitting on a bench outside at night … I know its not a lot to go on, but i really want to see that drama again!

  26. 26 Jae Young

    oh man, kdrama ~*~nostalgia~*~ I don’t know if I’ve watched these ones, but I remember Ryu Shi Won back in the day. My mom claims that my little brother and RSW have a similiar 분위기/느낌 ^_^

    You wouldn’t happen to have any other old recs lying around, would you? God, I miss the days of crappy production and less plasticity.

  27. 27 gbox

    omg, neukkim was the 2nd drama i ever watched, after jiltoo! good times, good times. i still sing the songs from the ost at norebang. park jin young’s ‘behind you’ (not as romantic translated) is still one of my favorite songs. think i’ll re-watch, thanks for this!!

  28. 28 Thuy

    Such old and good memories… *sigh*

    It’s been over 10 years since it first aired in my country -Vietnam.
    And it was the first korean drama I ever watched (the third in my city as far as I know)

    Tks for sharing the info and for loving it (LJJ is my sister’s favorite, and the second brother is my fav character in this)

  29. 29 h

    thank you so much for this. brings back memories. do you think by any chance you could fix the broken link on the mega upload on d-addicts for ep. 9? so sad to miss an episode.

  30. 30 h

    got on soompi :) thanks again!

  31. 31 Jomo

    Ah! Thanks thank thanks for subbing this and posting on soompi.

    My first impression of the show was that it felt like I had gone into the attic and pulled out a box of memories. It felt very familiar. But they were someone else’s memories, so it also felt fresh.

    If you strip away the OST, the hair, the wardrobe, the core story and its execution felt current.

    I loved the fact that unfolding the mystery did not solve anyone’s problems. I loved the fact that there wasn’t any heavy handed foreshadowing, either. We watched each interaction between the girl and the brothers carefully, and attentively for clues, but that didn’t get in the way of watching their stories unfold.

    By the way, LJJ’s adorable reaction to hearing “Oppa” for the first time from Yuri illustrated the sheer power of that word like I had never seen! It wasn’t just the word, but WHO says it that mattered to him. Although, I have to say, I felt that pair displayed more of a noona-dongsang vibe between them. She had to show patience and understanding t him, more than he ever protected her

    The director paced the episodes very well. We had thoughtful pauses, but there was no unnecessary dwelling on things. The brothers’ distinct personalities and interactions were the highlight. It really felt like they were part of a real family, especially the Joon teasing back and forth. I have four brothers – that is how they are!

    Before I stop, I cannot leave out the star of the show: Lighting!
    Lights Camera LIGHTS!
    It embarrassed me to watch the most pitiful attempt to impress your girl in a drama ever.
    “How did you do that?” she asks breathlessly.
    “I flipped on the switches.”

    I was embarrassed for her, for the lights, and mostly for him. Poor LJJ — I hope they had a good laugh over that.

    I am watching First Love next.

  32. 32 Joohyun

    Is there any way you guys can repost subbed episodes to download again? I really, really, really want to watch this drama but since megaupload stopped working, the download links have too :(

  33. 33 Rir

    Lee Jung Jae looks too hot at 40. He doesn’t seem like his 40 at all. Is it wrong to be happy that he’s still single? At least, me, as a fan girl still has hopes. Lol. Watching all his movies right now and I’m quite nervous with The Housemaid. I’m not sure if I’m gonna burn myself because his too hot or I’m gonna freeze because I’m smitten. I have a lot of emotions :)

  34. 34 Pearl~ai88

    I’m so sad! I only got to watch about 6 episodes of this when it was randomly up on youtube. Just enough to get completely hooked, and then I had to give up on seeing the rest of it. Just got a hankering to try to find it again, but the links here are still broken and it just doesn’t appear to exist anywhere else. :( GAH, WHAT HAPPENS?! Please help me javabeans! Pretty please?

    • 34.1 Pearl~ai88

      Yay, I found it! Sorry for the mini freakout :)

      • 34.1.1 maddragonqueen

        Where did you find it, and is it still available?

  35. 35 maddragonqueen

    I am gonna cry =( All the download links are still broken, but I found the episodes uploaded and you tube and had just made it halfway through the series when the user took all the videos down. Agh! My heart hurts.

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