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Que Sera Sera: Episode 14
by | May 5, 2007 | 42 Comments

Though last week left us hanging with the feeling of doom and portent, this episode is, in my mind, best described as bittersweet. As Eun Soo finalizes wedding plans with Joon Hyuk, Hye Rin and Tae Joo are becoming more like a genuine couple, which is really nice to see, except for the knowledge that it can’t last. Or can it? I can’t predict what’s going to happen anymore with this drama, and I won’t try.


Monni (몽니) – “너” (You). The group reminds me of Nell. As far as I can tell, they’ve only released one album, in 2005. [ zShare download ]

Monni – “소나기” (sonagi / sudden rain). [ zShare download ]


With Joon Hyuk so insistent on marrying Eun Soo, Hye Rin’s parents give in and cease their opposition, and the plans carry forward. The parents don’t love the idea — Eun Soo’s so ordinary — but there’s no point in continuing to disapprove.

Tae Joo likes an idea for a new brand from the MD team and asks for the person in charge — who turns out to be Eun Soo. Uncomfortable to be working together, Tae Joo maintains a strict professional demeanor and keeps his distance. World Department Store is planning to introduce a brand to keep up with the popularity of street and casualwear, which fits with Eun Soo’s proposal. He puts her in charge of finding appropriate products and lines.


Eun Soo’s mother bemoans her cheap and tacky wardrobe (so she IS aware!), saying she has nothing to wear to the formal introduction dinner between Joon Hyuk and Eun Soo’s families. Ji Soo doesn’t care about making a good impression — it’s Eun Soo who has to fit in with that family, not them — but her mother doesn’t want any cause to feel embarrassment when she meets them. Joon Hyuk, however, has already thought of that and invites her to shop at the department store (for free, under his name).

She gratefully accepts the offer, and happens to be shopping in the Chat Chat store (Hye Rin’s line) when she runs into Hye Rin and Tae Joo, and they say their brief hellos. Hye Rin offers to help her shop, but Eun Soo’s mom makes an excuse to quickly leave, waiting to catch Tae Joo on his own, without Hye Rin.

Eun Soo’s mom brings up the deposit issue, but Tae Joo cuts her off and says he’s settled it with Eun Soo. She’s uncomfortable with the whole situation — Tae Joo and Eun Soo marrying into the same family — but Tae Joo stops her and says it’s all in the past. He and Eun Soo have ended things, and both fiancees are aware and fine with the resolution.


At the family meeting, the parents hold up fairly well, complimenting each other for raising such fine children. A brief hiccup arises when Hye Rin’s mother asks if Ji Soo’s still a student, and they explain that she couldn’t finish school because of some personal matters. Ji Soo answers it’s because she was an outcast, which Tae Joo remembers and laughs, filling in the blanks — “Because you’re tall, pretty, and what was the last one? Thin?” Hye Rin’s parents are surprised to realize everyone already knows everyone, and Eun Soo explains they used to be neighbors.

Tae Joo pointedly asks if the elevator in the building still gets stuck, and Ji Soo answers, glaring all the while, that it does, though less than before. But it’s fine. Not a problem.

Despite the circumstances that brought them this far, I’ve started feeling like Hye Rin and Tae Joo have begun to be a genuine couple… Maybe not completely, but perhaps they’ve upgraded closer to 90% Coupledom. Hye Rin and Tae Joo mention how Tae Joo, oddly enough, wants to find a house with a yard on the outskirts of the city, even if that’ll make their commutes more difficult. The parents agree a house with a yard is better for raising children, and Tae Joo jokes that he’d be better raising kids than Hye Rin, with her temper and all. Their exchange shows that Tae Joo and Hye Rin have talked on their own about their future and their plans, like a normal couple would. In contrast, when Joon Hyuk is asked about Eun Soo’s plans to move in, he doesn’t know — they haven’t really discussed it.

Afterward, Eun Soo’s mother worries that Joon Hyuk is upset over the meeting and how it was obvious Tae Joo and Eun Soo knew each other well. But Eun Soo asks her to let it go and give her some peace; Joon Hyuk understands that she has a past, and it’s not like people marry these days without having prior relationships.

Hye Rin also asks Tae Joo why he was so up-front about knowing the family, and Tae Joo says he can’t ignore people and pretend he doesn’t know them. Hye Rin cautions him, that the more he does this, the more he’s actually hurting Eun Soo. She’ll get the brunt of ill will, whether it’s from her parents or Joon Hyuk, and Hye Rin figures he’s not doing this with the intention of hurting Eun Soo. So he should be careful and think of others, instead of just himself.


Hye Rin calls Joon Hyuk out to tea, and mentions Eun Soo and Tae Joo working together. She knows it’s for work so she can deal with it, but she doesn’t love the idea. Joon Hyuk says he’s fine, but Hye Rin asks, “Surely you haven’t forgotten what happened in Singapore? I won’t ever forget.”

Hye Rin gets to her point, saying she’s going to treat Eun Soo well and be nice to her. She advises Joon Hyuk do the same — don’t take Eun Soo for granted and be happy. She wants things to go well: “After all, we can’t take being betrayed twice.”

Let me take a moment to note how pretty Hye Rin has been looking the past few episodes. It was partly Hye Rin’s controlling character, and partly her hair and fashion choices early on, but initally, she looked rather bleh. I thought she was an attractive woman, but not very appealing. But now that she’s softened and become more sympathetic, Yoon Ji Hye is looking very pretty.

Joon Hyuk makes the suggestion to Eun Soo that she quit working after they’re married. For the meantime, they’ve been able to keep their relationship quiet, but after their marriage is announced, Eun Soo will have a hard time at work. Eun Soo understands his concerns, but she tells him she wants to work. She has to work. She needs to take care of her family, and even though Joon Hyuk has offered to take care of that, Eun Soo turns down his offer. She says it may seem like she’s being needlessly stubborn, but she needs to prove that she can do that with her own strength. Plus, she hasn’t had time to build her career history enough to move to a different company — once she does, and once she’s risen to a place where she can do things on her own strength, then she’ll quit and look for a job elsewhere. Joon Hyuk says he understands, but his expression shows he doesn’t like that answer.

With Tae Joo working late all the time, Hye Rin’s mother complains that he seems distant and disrespectful. Hye Rin defends him, saying he’s trying very hard — he’s used to a different life, and it’s hard on him. He needs time to adjust. Tae Joo walks in to hear the discussion, and Hye Rin’s mother is chastened to be caught bad-mouthing him mid-sentence.

When they’re alone, Tae Joo tells Hye Rin that when her mother’s bad-mouthing him, let her. If Hye Rin keeps defending him so strongly, her mother will just hate him more. Tae Joo also shows Hye Rin some brochures and asks her to look at model apartments together. She’s surprised, since he wanted to live outside the city, but Tae Joo says, “You said you liked apartments. I thought it was probably best to leave matters of the household to you.” Hye Rin asks when he had the time to look into this, and Tae Joo replies that if they’re getting married, they should figure this stuff out soon. He also tells her he’ll try harder to avoid doing anything to make her mother bad-mouth him.

Hye Rin’s impressed, and Tae Joo seems glad to see her happy.

I really like this exchange, which is honest and playful as both people try to do well for the sake of the other. The fact that Tae Joo seems to care about Hye Rin enough to think and do all this indicates to me that his choice isn’t all about materialism and selfishness. At least not now. He does sincerely seem to care for her. I do almost wish, for the sake of THIS relationship, that Tae Joo had never met Eun Soo, because these two kids coulda had something nice. Nice and boring, maybe, but drama isn’t always a good thing.

President Cha asks Tae Joo about Joon Hyuk’s goings-on, and Tae Joo reports that he saw him with Director Choi once. The President also sends Tae Joo on an errand, to drop off a birthday gift for an old friend, saying it’s a good opportunity to kill two birds with one stone — delivering the gift while introducing his future son-in-law.

On his way to drop off the gift, Tae Joo sees Joon Hyuk with Director Choi — and I wonder if President Cha sent him on the errand knowing that would happen, or if it was truly coincidence.


Tae Joo calls Joon Hyuk for drinks, though Joon Hyuk is not particularly glad for the company. Tae Joo acknowledges they’re on bad terms, but says he might’ve liked Joon Hyuk if they’d met under different circumstances. Joon Hyuk merely says, “I would’ve disliked you either way.” Tae Joo tells him he wants to get along on better terms.

Tae Joo asks about Joon Hyuk’s relationship with the President — Hye Rin has described it as close and affectionate, but it doesn’t seem so to him. Joon Hyuk asks if he’s been instructed to report on him, and Tae Joo answers yes, he’s currently looking into it. However, he doesn’t care to get involved in someone else’s fight. He’s a pacifist (to which Joon Hyuk — and I — half-laugh in disbelief). He also has no intentions of trying to usurp Joon Hyuk’s position, so he can stop worrying.

Joon Hyuk answers that he has no reason to believe Tae Joo — he’s the guy who dropped the woman he loved the instant he heard he could become the heir to World Department Store.

In somewhat a roundabout manner, Tae Joo keeps his gaze averted as he casually brings up the issue of Joon Hyuk’s wedding location. Tae Joo had already found a traditional hall to hold the ceremony, but now suggests a wedding on a boat — specifically, the tourist boats on the Han River. Not revealing the source of that idea, Tae Joo says he’s always thought those boats weren’t fun, but for the wedding it could be romantic.

Joon Hyuk remembers being with Eun Soo on the boat, and how she mentioned that someone had once told her they were no fun. Making the connection, he realizes what is driving Tae Joo’s suggestion, while Tae Joo continues to act like it’s just a random idea, with no particular significance, just: “Eun Soo would like it too. She’d probably enjoy riding the boats.”

Joon Hyuk’s rattled at the realization, and says abruptly they’ve already ridden it, and he prefers to keep the wedding ordinary — they’ll stick to the wedding hall.

The President assigns Tae Joo and Joon Hyuk to work on a project together, which unsettles both men. More particularly, it alarms Director Choi. He argues against it; he doesn’t see the need for making them equal partners. But President Cha just tells them to do as he says.


Tae Joo and Hye Rin go looking at model apartments, while Joon Hyuk and Eun Soo take their pre-wedding photos. Upon arriving home, Tae Joo sits Hye Rin down for a talk, and begins to ask for a favor… But Hye Rin cuts him off, already guessing. He wants to be excused from going to Eun Soo’s wedding. Hye Rin says okay, she’ll explain it nicely to her parents; they’ll say he went on a business trip. At her easy acceptance, Tae Joo thanks Hye Rin.


Working with Eun Soo on their brand selection project, Tae Joo finally breaks his silence on personal issues when he brings up her wedding this weekend.

Tae Joo largely avoids looking at her as he tells her he won’t be able to make it because of business. He congratulates her, and when Eun Soo turns to exit, he fixes his eyes firmly on his documents, looking straight down as he tells her: “Be happy.”


Perhaps expecting Tae Joo to continue being cold and formal forever, Eun Soo is shaken by his words, and looks completely bewildered.

And yet she proceeds with the wedding.

Hye Rin drops by before the ceremony as the couple take pictures, and calls Tae Joo, wondering what he’s doing.


Hye Rin arrives at the rooftop where Tae Joo’s keeping himself busy playing basketball, and tells him the wedding went through without any problems. (Call me naive, but I was surprised they actually went through with it! Eek. Que Sera Sera sure has some cojones.)

Tae Joo: “Why do you like me?”
Hye Rin: “Why ask an embarrassing question like that so suddenly?”
Tae Joo: “I used to think that women liking me was an obvious conclusion.”
Hye Rin: “Why would it be obvious?”
Tae Joo: “I figured they liked me because I was good-looking.”
Hye Rin: “You’re funny. Well, your awful Prince Complex can be charming.”
Tae Joo: “Do you know how to play basketball? Want to play?”
Hye Rin: “Your inconsiderateness in asking a woman wearing high heels to play basketball is pretty bad too, but it can be cute sometimes.”

Tae Joo brings out a pair of sneakers he’s bought for her, and puts them on her.

Hye Rin: “At first, I liked all your different ‘acts.’ Acting so great, acting stylish, acting cool, you did them all.”
Tae Joo: “If we’re talking about acts, you’ve done plenty yourself.”
Hye Rin: “You’re right. I might’ve become interested in you because we were similar. Freely turning your back to rumors, being selfish. It was refreshing.”
Tae Joo: “Your tastes are dangerous.”
Hye Rin: “And somehow I just fell for you. For a while, I kept hurting because of Joon Hyuk, but at some point, I realized it was because of you.”
Tae Joo: “So, have you completely forgotten Shin Joon Hyuk?”
Hye Rin: “Rather than that, it’s more like it’s been covered, used up. Because of you, it’s been bearable. It eased from my memory slowly, and became fainter. And then, there was only you left. So you do the same. I’m speaking from experience — it really does get better….. You know you’ve done lots of awful things to me, right?”
Tae Joo: “That’s why I’m giving you presents like this. I don’t normally do this for anyone.”

Hye Rin: “Let’s really start fresh now. We can’t turn back anymore. We can only look ahead. Come to our senses, and let’s really start anew.”

42 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. yeli

    this drama is truly unpredictable….she actually got married….wow

    Now what?

    how are the writers going to bring TJ and ES back together? are they????
    I bet she’s pregnant o.O

  2. ginnie

    I really love the last scene at the rooftop. It is not the couple that I root for but somehow it just makes me feeling soft for this couple and wish that they could work out too. They are working hard to make their relationship work and I think that is what is needed in a successful marriage. They have that ingredient but………..how can it work? How is it possible? If Eun Soo is not married into the family, it might be easier for Tae Joo to forget and work at his heart, try to love Hyerin deeper. But Eun Soo is like a friendly reminder everyday….of who he truly loves.

    I like how Hyerin described why she fell for him. And how she now thinks Tae Joo can also forget about Eun Soo and love her because she did it , why couldn’t he? She managed to forget Joon Hyuk and love a new man. Memories became faint and new memories should form between Hyerin and Tae Joo. It should be a new start..Point of no return right?

    Is Marriage really that guarantee that your love is permanent and stable? I think not. Somehow all of us has this notion that with that piece of legal paper, things are sealed. But Que Sera Sera will tell us that even with marriage, love is still selfish and not stable.

    You are right. QSS does have some nerves. I never ever thought that Eun Soo would marry Joon Hyuk. Not for a second. It still didn’t sink in until the episode ended and one poster at soompi reminded me that…yes they did have the wedding already. oh my. Did I just ignore that piece of information willingly?

    Now what? Seriously..now what?

  3. COCOA

    its either joon hyuk dies or like yeli sed..
    eun soos pregnant

  4. Kandi

    Thanks for the summary javabeans!

    Man, they got married…..I’m speechless

  5. gerryg

    Why does JH have to die? What about JS; what if JS dies? Then how strong will ES and TJ be holding on to their partners?????

  6. kas

    ummm shocked!
    Wow I am really speechless.
    I think I’m going to go drown myself in the bathtub now. Hah.
    Uhhh just wow.

  7. lime9

    wow…….this turn in events is shocking. now i really can’t wait to know how the writers and director is going to wrap up this drama.

  8. CW

    I actually want HR and TJ to end up together.

    But from the preview, it looks like ES might be pregnant. If I were the writer, of course, TJ will be beat up about it, wondering if it’s his kid and all that but since it’s “Que Sera Sera,” he’ll end up deciding that because he does love ES, he wouldn’t rock the boat and will let her raise the kid with JH regardless of its paternity.

    TJ and HR won’t get married. TJ will say that he’d always been prepared to go through with the marriage but he never realized he’d like HR so much. But because he does, he wants her to go out and find someone who’d really love her the way that she deserves to be loved. He wants her to be happy in the way she deserves.

    A few years later, ES and TJ, who’s still a bachelor, will meet at a store/on the road/wherever. ES and TJ will stop for a cup of coffee while her son plays nearby. TJ will look at him and notice how much the kid looks like he did at that age. He’d clear the throat and say that he’d always wondered and he just wants to know if that’s his son. He’ll tell her that her answer wouldn’t change anything about their current situation but he’d just like to set his mind at ease.

    ES will look at her child lovingly then look back at TJ. Her expression will be unclear however, when it looks like she’s about to say yes, she’d just say that JH is his father. She’d smile point out that the child is a spitting image of his father. The audience and TJ will be left wondering if she was being honest or just lying out of her love for him.

  9. Harriet

    OMG….The rooftop scene was kinda romantic. TJ knows he’s lost ES and doesn’t want to lose HR as well. Now I’m falling in love with TJ and HR…can u imagine? QSS is really unpredictable. Just last week, i labelled it boring but now I’m loving every moment

  10. 10 ginnie

    Nobody dies…..please

    but somehow if somebody really has to die, please make it that I won’t hate any of the characters after this.

    What do people think if this was the LAST episode? I wanted a bittersweet ending and this episode was somewhat that way…we know who they all love but because their fate ended, they now try their best to live with their decisions. not bitter, not sweet…

    I want to take back my words..bittersweet like this does not work for me…hahaha..
    I realized I want something more meaningful…that their love is worth the journey. Somebody fight for your ideals.

    Where is the clear blue sky?

  11. 11 qlam

    omg omg.. i actually want TJ and ES to be together. but from what i am seeing.. i can’t really see how it might happen… this drama is really really unpredictable.. especially now that ES is married to JH.. i dunno how the writer is going to pull it off… i fear, fear what might be coming our way… and the ending would be on the lines of TJ and HR lives happily ever after.. ES and JH is living not sooo happily ever after.. cuz the kid belongs to eric and ES can’t stand the sight of ERic living soo happily ever after with HR (sing wong) WAHAHAHA (inside joke with my sister)

  12. 12 qlam

    sorrie i mean “SIng hAO”

  13. 13 lala

    when i was watching, i seriously didnt think they would go so far as actually get married. cause dramas usually are sensitive about marriage, especially if they will break it up later because they arent the main couple. (or will they even break it up?) weird.

  14. 14 kiki

    Woo, this has got to be interesting. Once again, Javabeans thanks for the thorough episode summaries ^^ ..

    But i really hope it’s not one of the dramas that will use “XX years later” to resolve the issue of ES and TJ being together or not. I think in that instance it would be a little bit weak, given how strong the previous episodes were.

    ES pregnant? Hmmmm there’s an interesting thought. But again, I’m not sure whether i’d like for that to happen as in some sense it’ll make the drama appear cliche.
    Nvrtheless I’m all up for what QSS has got to throw at us, the audience.

    Looking 4ward to subsequent episodes ^^


  15. 15 sea

    besides the love story, it will be interesting between president cha and JH. the evil plot is slowly laying grounds and building up. will there be 2 couples at the end?

  16. 16 docmitasha

    CW, your story sounds pretty interesting too, very k-drama-like! it would be funny if it did turn out like that!

    I’m just seeing where this is all going….its definitely a very twisty-turny series….you never know whats lying on the next corner…I still love that nothing is getting dragged out, ya know? Like ofcourse its shocking that they did get married, but decisive turns like that are really making this story something completely different.

    Thanks Javabeans!

  17. 17 jade

    How about HR’s Dad has JH killed (just like what he probably did with JH’s Dad) and ES becomes a widow. And TJ finds out about the evil plot. And when HR finds out about it she feels bad and lets TJ go so he and ES can live happily ever after??

  18. 18 Anon

    WOW! im still in complete denial about eun soo’s wedding! who would have thought there actually would be one. But , i do have to say that this drama is quite quirky and different from the others, but either way im loving it! =) Thanks Javabeans for the summary, i look forward to them all week and do enjoy them a lot. =)

  19. 19 Anonymous

    I cant believe it. A wedding! and the groom is not TJ!!
    The main couple didnt strive for thier love??!!
    That was so not Kdrama’s style~
    but, as for me, it suits the title, que sera sera

    I liked it though. I labelled this ep as sincere-honest-sacrifice-hurt.
    The originality of its storyline keep exite me. No fairytale love,etc..
    For the first time, I couldnt figure what will happen in the next episode.
    Not every true love has the chance to bloom. That’s reality! Love it.
    Sometimes, true love means letting go and start a new chapter~

    I wonder how the PD will conclude the story with 3 eps to go(Am i right?).
    The last scene really make me burst into tears…
    Will not miss tonight’s ep. Javabeans, keep up the good work!

  20. 20 Marzy

    Ahhhhh!! this episodes is so so undescribeable for me. i cant believe they pushed through with the wedding. i didnt think it would come. i thought it was possible but a far of one. also, the 90% couple are also ok really. i just dont know. i want to see ES happy.. i want to see her be happy. sigh.. this episode was fully of contradictions and also many new ideas have been brought up.. i hope there were more sweet scenes in the past now..

    i agree with ginnie; Is Marriage really that guarantee that your love is permanent and stable? I think not. Somehow all of us has this notion that with that piece of legal paper, things are sealed. But Que Sera Sera will tell us that even with marriage, love is still selfish and not stable. that’s something ive been seeing in many dramas lately and i think its true.

    also i get the feeling what CW said about the ending and also yeli’s ending is a very very plausible one. but i wouldnt begin to imagine. QSS writers are so unpredictable. i cant really even secon guess them. argghh.. scary thoughts… i dont know how they can turn this around..

  21. 21 knuts

    javabeans, thanks for your summary
    CW, interesting plot you have there

  22. 22 Eve

    Wow ~ I am a bit surprised that she got married too. I would’ve expected him to run through the doors or something typical. I wonder if out of nowhere Joon Hyuk and Hye Rin will run away together…I keep thinking that will happen but…we’ll see i guess. Thanks for the great summary!

  23. 23 Jelly

    Ahh What to do What to do…I don’t know whether I should support Eun Soo and Tae Joo or Hye Rin and Tae Joo…T_T…they both seem like such good couples. I originally thought Tae Joo would be better off with Eun Soo but truthfully, marraiges with love don’t always last. Hye Rin and Tae Joo have this whole simple relationship and seem to interact and care for each other. But then Eun Soo and Tae Joo probably still like each other.

    And now Eun Soo and Joon Hyuk are married adding another dimension to this love square. I wonder what’s going to happen now and what will be the next big climax 😀

  24. 24 Jessica

    Haha! I’m like everyone else, I can’t believe they went through with the wedding.

    We should start a betting pool on what’s going to happen next.

    – Death?
    – Cancer?
    – Hit by a car?
    – Amnesia?

    Somehow I feel they are going to surprise us. Joon Hyuk’s father’s storyline is still in progress.

    So here’s my theory. Joon Hyuk finds out the real reason why his father died and vows to take revenge on President Cha. He become so obsessed with it that he uses Eun Soo to blackmail Tae Joo into helping him.

    In the end Joon Hyuk does something really bad (murder?) and ends up going to jail.

    Hye Rin is devastated about what happens to her family and leaves Korea.

    Eun Soo is also hurt and decides to avoid Tae Joo. While Tae Joo has too much pride to do anything and just let’s it be.

    Two years later Eun Soo is at the hospital because Ji Soo is getting a final checkup and while there she accidentally bumps in Tae Joo. They have a small chat and fall back in love…

    Haha… ok, I’m really bored right now but they BETTER have a happy ending!

  25. 25 kiwee

    haha Jessica, sounds like you are a kdrama expert; it seems like something that would actually happen.

  26. 26 Zara

    I still can not accept Tae Joo and Hye Rin as a couple. Yes, they try hard but it is all forced and futile. I agree that in the next episode Eun Soo would turn out to be pregnant and Tae Joo would be devastated. He would probably be the father of the kid. He can not escape what was meant to be. It is interesting how it would all end though. There must be a casualty. -) I like the drama because it is more credible and real, unlike other predictable series. I have been thinking for some time how the director uses a simple thing as clothing the characters to give us hints for how the story would go. Remember the rain scene and the staircase scene. When talking at the staircase Tae Joo and Eun Soo were dressed in matching clothes as if the director wanted to suggest that they belong to each other, even the paper sheets were matching. While at the rain scene although Tae Joo declared his love for Eun Soo he was dressed to match Hye Rin as if his relationship with Eun Soo was doomed and would not last long. The clothes were used deliberately to pair the characters. It is a silly detail but I can not help thinking how it was done deliberately to give us a hint about the plot. Anyway, thanks for the summary javabeans, it makes the watching much more enjoyable.

  27. 27 Zara

    Oh , I forgot, thanks Jessica for making me laugh!

  28. 28 doremi02

    thanks for kindly spent times doing such great think, javabeans. I don’t like this epi. So sad, so sad.

  29. 29 brinda88

    Thank you, javabeans, for your wonderful summaries of this kdrama. I am on the edge of my seat with this episode. I really want TJ and ES to end up together, but how is it going to be possible now? I love everyone else ideas of what is going to happen. 🙂

  30. 30 Ter

    Thank you for letting me sample Monni’s “You.” I’d heard “Sonagi” before and really enjoyed it, but I don’t like buying albums based on only one track. But after hearing You, I am so getting Monni’s CD!!!!!!!!!!

  31. 31 berkeleygal

    Thanks for writing this great summary. Keep up the great work!!! We love ya.

    I’m thinking that there might be something wrong with Eun Soo. Remember, she was hit on the head with something earlier on in the drama. She even went to the hosptial, but we didn’t see the results. maybe, i’m thinking too hard..but
    someone probably gets sick.

  32. 32 Anonymous

    how would ES be pregnant when TJ they haven’t even slept together…omg i can’t believe she went through the wedding…i’m mad.

  33. 33 Bev

    I seriously don’t think that ES is pregnant. Her relationship with TJ is very innocent but deep. They didn’t sleep together did they?

  34. 34 Joey

    hmm…well ES and HJ could always get a divorce?? So I can get my happy ending of ES and TJ! keke But then ES seems too impulsive and silly when she married HJ so fast! But then again, who knows if she’d fall in love with HJ…..

    Anyhow, thanks for the summary and can’t wait for the next episode!!

    Still wanting it to be a happy ending with ES and TJ together! yay!

  35. 35 lala

    TJ and ES did sleep together. singapore, remember? and yes, she is pregnant. with JH’s kid. (or at least thats what happened in ep 15)

  36. 36 princess

    i think eun soo will run from her marriage and hide for somewhat 2 years then tae joo will follow her hehehe…. let’s see what happens but i wish eun soo and tae joo ends up together

  37. 37 koreancollegian

    Just wanted to say HI AND I LOVE KDRAMA TOO. 🙂

  38. 38 blueisgold

    i just saw ep 12, and i used to think joon hyuk was the most level-headed of the four and possibly less naive, but i take it all back.

    why is he trying to push this relationship so quickly? eun soo is after being saved, but i really can’t see why this wedding is in his best interests. it’s obvious that eun soo’s relationship with tae joo was a passionate one — they argued a lot, a real emotional rollercoaster. call me crazy, but i just can’t see how marriage or having lots of face time with her ex is a good idea.

    i’d like to hear more of the backstory on joon hyuk’s relationship with hae rin and why he left her.

  39. 39 Dais

    Wow Javabeans, great summary always as expected! And look!!! What followers you have……(hey, I’m merely just one of them and enjoying every minute of it ^_^). Have a great day, my friend, and many thanks.

  40. 40 samantha

    i’d love to see what happens next.

  41. 41 p3rk3le

    you seriously have no idea how much i thank you. the translator sucks when it comes to serious conversations and misses all the key points so I’m glad to read your translations, I finally understand what’s going on… thanks!!

  42. 42 linna

    I’m loving that this drama went against the norm and a wedding actually took place! I like how that was handled to…it just happened, and it’s done. I’m loving TJ and HR’s relationship growing. It really is unpredictable at this point though but I’d be disappointed if these 2 don’t end up together.

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