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Que Sera Sera: Episode 15
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(Ah, now isn’t that the shining, joyous face of a happy newlywed?)


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To be honest, I wish more had happened in this episode… But it’s not the episode’s fault that the preview completely gave away the major plot development, so I’m sure everyone who saw the preview was waiting for that moment to come all episode. I’ve also gotten used to the fast pace and sudden developments of QSS, so this episode felt a little slower than normal.

Still, we did make necessary developments… and it seems to have clinched the idea that these two couples, as they currently stand, are not meant to last. If they do last, I can’t see how they’ll make it happily…


Eun Soo and Joon Hyuk take a shortened honeymoon, going not to Japan but to a nearby locale because of Joon Hyuk’s work schedule. Eun Soo and Joon Hyuk may have feelings for each other, but watching them attempt to be romantic (especially Eun Soo) is nearly painful, because it’s so clear this couple isn’t right. Just the fact that she continues to call him “Director” is uncomfortable to watch — she tells Joon Hyuk it’s become a habit and she’ll try to change it, but in the meantime, it’s just so obviously awkward.


Eun Soo and Tae Joo work on their project together, and Tae Joo expresses hesitation at the risque fashions she’s proposed. Eun Soo says that Tae Joo is out of touch, since he hasn’t been on a subway or in the streets much, but those fashions are in vogue these days — lots of people are wearing them. She says he’s thinking too conservatively, unable to understand the tastes of young people — he has the mentality of an ajusshi (adult, usually middle-aged man), and Tae Joo smiles: “It’s been a while since I’ve heard you call me ajusshi.”

Tae Joo remarks that it’s not a good feeling to be called ajusshi, and Eun Soo asks why he never told her to stop. She feels bad for making him feel bad, calling him ajusshi for so long without knowing he disliked it. Tae Joo tells her he didn’t hate it. Well, he did at first, but he got used to it, and in the end, he liked it. So she doesn’t have to apologize.

Tae Joo gets a call from the real estate agency asking when he’ll move his belongings out of his apartment — the contract is almost over, and they’d like to rent it out. Tae Joo says he changed his mind — he’ll extend his contract and keep the apartment. (And we all say: Tae Joo, you are so doomed. Just make sure to keep all sharp objects away from Hye Rin when she finds out. Because who actually believes she won’t find out?)


President Cha meets with Joon Hyuk, expressing his “concern” that Joon Hyuk is seeming more like a stranger these days. He’s heard a lot about Joon Hyuk, how he’s meeting with certain trustees, inquiring about an overseas shopping mall. He also brings up Singapore and insinuates something’s strange about him and Tae Joo… Joon Hyuk asks, “Are you suggesting I married a woman I didn’t love, just to manipulate Kang Tae Joo?” He goes on: “You’ve never trusted me. The only reason I can think of for that is because you have something you’re hiding from me. If you want to know what I truly think, then show me first what you truly think.” He also tells the President that he shouldn’t think anything’s improper or suspicious about his marriage with Eun Soo, because he loves her.

Meanwhile, Tae Joo and Hye Rin have made no progress finding a place to live, because Hye Rin is so particular. Tae Joo and Hye Rin’s mother joke about Hye Rin’s fussy personality, and how she’s so difficult to deal with. Tae Joo says he thinks they should just stay, living with Hye Rin’s family, which is a proposition her mother likes. It’s endearing to see the two get along, joking at Hye Rin’s expense, although Hye Rin doesn’t take it personally and laughs along. Oh, this relationship is so doomed.

Tae Joo asks Hye Rin if she feels anything strange between her father and Joon Hyuk, explaining that he was asked to report on Joon Hyuk. He also finds his marriage fishy: “Do you think he really married Eun Soo because he loves her?” Unhappy to hear that name again, Hye Rin tells him he’s in no place to concern himself about their marriage. Whether they’re in love or not, they’re married now, and it’s their business.

Joon Hyuk comes home after his tense meeting with his father, and hugs Eun Soo, telling her he thought about why he loves her; he appreciates that she’s never looked at him with distrust. He’s been surrounded by suspicion all his life and therefore he finds it difficult to trust others. Eun Soo tells him he shouldn’t be that way.

Joon Hyuk watches her working on her brand proposal, asking if she enjoys it. She says yes, and Joon Hyuk smiles at her fondly, until she goes on to say that working with Supervisor Kang is turning out well, that he’s doing a good job, managing issues she’d never even considered.

Joon Hyuk’s smile fades: “That name again. Do you know how upsetting it is to hear it?”

Joon Hyuk is equally unsettled to see the two next to each other at a meeting, and due to his jealousy, cuts into Eun Soo and her idea while she’s presenting it. The words make sense, but he’s pretty harsh as he tells her that the idea won’t fly — he cancels the entire project, to Eun Soo’s hurt dismay.

Tae Joo and Hye Rin are both surprised at Joon Hyuk’s strong reaction, although Hye Rin is actually glad — he did the right thing; she’s relieved the two won’t have to continue working together anymore.

On their way home, Joon Hyuk asks if Eun Soo’s angry at him, and she says no. He was right, there were weaknesses in her proposal, and she admits it. But she can’t deny she was disappointed. She’s his wife — he knew how hard she was working. Joon Hyuk tells her he’d warned her working there would be hard on her. He tells her to keep her work separate from her personal life and not get emotional.

Joon Hyuk has someone to meet, so Eun Soo goes to visit her sister and mother for the night while Joon Hyuk meets with a trustee, Director Park. He’s drawn up a contract proposal for the department store in China, to which Dir. Park wonders, how will Joon Hyuk go against the President? Joon Hyuk tells him that’s what he needs him for — he has Director Choi’s backing, which isn’t enough by itself, but if Director Park supports him, he’ll make him head of the overseas branch. Working together, not even the President will be able to oppose them.


Eun Soo agrees to make Ji Soo’s favorite meal, and steps out to shop for ingredients. When Joon Hyuk calls, she ignores it and removes her phone battery. At the same time, Tae Joo goes back to his apartment for the evening to relax, telling Hye Rin he’ll out late that night. Going out to grab some food, he runs into Eun Soo, who’s sitting in the restaurant alone.

Both are surprised to see each other. Tae Joo says he decided to keep his apartment, because it’s nice to have a place of his own — but Hye Rin would flip out if she knew (you THINK?), so he asks Eun Soo to keep it a secret.

He asks if she’s upset about what happened at the meeting, and Eun Soo replies honestly this time, admitting that although she told Joon Hyuk she wasn’t angry, in truth she really is. She knows he wasn’t wrong, but it still feels bad. Tae Joo notes that she’s still calling her husband “director,” and she says it’s hard fixing an old habit. Tae Joo points to himself as an example — he changed the way he talks to her, using formal speech (joen-dae mal), and says if she decides firmly, she can do it. He advises her to understand Joon Hyuk: “I think he must’ve disliked that we were working together. Understand him — I would’ve been the same way.”

Tae Joo: “I said it would be difficult. It’s not like you didn’t know it would be, so you have to manage… I’m glad to see it looks like you’re living happily.”

Eun Soo can’t stand the smell of the food, and rushes out, where she nearly vomits. Worried, Tae Joo takes her home and wonders if she needs to go to the hospital, but Eun Soo says no, she’s sure it was just some bad food from earlier. At that moment, Joon Hyuk, who’s been trying to get ahold of Eun Soo all night, arrives at the apartment:

He takes Eun Soo home immediately, ignoring Tae Joo’s caution that she’s ill. Driving home, Joon Hyuk asks why she ignored his phone calls all night. Eun Soo: “I didn’t feel good, so I wanted to be by myself.” Joon Hyuk: “It wasn’t that you wanted to be alone, but you didn’t want to be with me, isn’t that it?”

The next day, Joon Hyuk sees she’s still sick and takes her to the hospital. On the way there, he apologizes for his behavior the night before, for reacting without considering the circumstances. And Eun Soo gets alarming news from the doctor that she needs more tests — she might be pregnant. Alone at home, she contemplates her situation…

She calls Joon Hyuk at work to give him the news that YES, indeed, SHE IS PREGNANT. Joon Hyuk is speechless and flustered, but pleased to hear it. “Are you okay? Should I do something? What should I do?” His happy reaction, while sweet, is just that much more awful to witness given how WRONG this relationship is! Please, won’t somebody intervene??

Joon Hyuk asks if she told her mother the news yet, which she hasn’t — it’s still early, and the doctor told her to be extremely careful during this stage. She asks him to keep it quiet until they’re past the initial phase, when it’s safe. They both express how weird it feels to suddenly realize they’re going to be parents — that it feels like an out-of-body experience.

Joon Hyuk: “I thought all day of what I should say. Should I say congratulations? Or that I love you? But no matter what I thought, I could only think this: Thank you. For making a family with me.”


They invite Hye Rin and Tae Joo over for a meal, where everyone compliments Eun Soo’s cooking. Hye Rin notes that Eun Soo’s not eating, and asks why. Joon Hyuk says Eun Soo’s appetite isn’t so good these days, because of her body…

…and Tae Joo catches on immediately, looking on in dread as Hye Rin asks Joon Hyuk to explain. Eun Soo tries to stop him, saying they’d agreed not to announce it, but Joon Hyuk is too proud, and says this is the best time to say the news. Eun Soo’s going to have his baby.

Tae Joo drops his glass, shocked. Trying to hold himself together, he blindly gathers up the broken pieces, mindless of the fact that he’s cutting up his hands.

Eun Soo tries to tend to his injury, but Tae Joo just looks at her, stunned.


Additional thoughts:

I’m sure the burning question on everyone’s minds is: Who’s the baby daddy?

I have no idea. I’m going to bet most people want it to be Tae Joo’s, but I don’t know… I feel like the conventional, “easy” answer would be to make it Tae Joo’s. And I kind of want that to be true, too. After all, it’s a little on the early side for it to be Joon Hyuk’s, though I’m sure it’s not impossible. There’s also the question of whether Tae Joo and Eun Soo even slept together, because if they didn’t, all this speculation is moot. They never explicitly said yes or no, but I think they probably did (on their trip coming home from Singapore). Eun Soo strikes me as someone who’d go all-in to a relationship with someone she so completely loved — she used to believe if you loved someone, there was no shame in expressing it. If she’s slept with Joon Hyuk, with whom she displays so little physical affection, I have no problem believing she’d slept with Tae Joo.

But we will all know the answers in a week. Only two more episodes left! The end is nigh.

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32 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. ginnie

    Thanks Sarah..

    I am so curious about the doctor’s words….”might be pregnant”

    can this all be a fluke?

  2. yeli

    i bet it’s TJ….
    It has to be….
    otherwise how are ES and TJ going to end up together? Right???
    that is the ONLY way now that ES is married….

    OMFG this drama is so good…

    2 more episodes! i dont want it to end!!!!

  3. Kandi

    Wow. Thanks for the summary! Hehe my fellow qss’ers on soompi are coming up with a 3rd man for the daddy. ROFL

  4. qlam

    omgomg.. i have 2 finals on weds.. and i can’ t take my mine off of this…ahhhhh waht to do

  5. o.O

    …this was an intresting…

    like javabeans said, ES is the type of person that believes in true love. BUT, after episode 9, ES lost her spirit to gain TJ’s love. TJ took that for granted and thats why ES was never herself again. Maybe thats why there is a possibility that it might be JH’s baby. Like she said, she didnt believe in love anymore.

    I mean come on, who would hate to be the wife of a man like JH?

    TJ’s reaction was expected, but how come Javabeans describe the reaction of HR? She’s not stupid. Anyone can tell that there is a possibility that TJ is the father.

    I sence an interrigation comin on ^.^”

  6. Emma

    Wowza…this is soooo good. As always, thanks for summarizing this episode. I’ve been checking your site constantly for updates. I can’t help it. I’ve been cheating. I just read all your recaps instead of watching it. I’m still waiting for subs to come out for episode 7. I want to thank you for all your wonderful summaries and insights! Keep up the great work;)

  7. doremi02

    gosh, what’s about the doctor’s words “might be pregnant”??
    If she really doesn’t get pregnant, hehehe….no funny at all.
    If she does get pregnant, I just want that baby is ES’s child.

  8. doremi02

    oops, I mean daddy TJ.

  9. etsy

    i really don’t think she’s pregnant. i feel like she’s making this up to get back at tae joo since she said she would go through with the whole thing even if he dies from the pain. or if she is pregnant, then i really think it’s joon hyuk’s and she didn’ t take contraceptives on purpose all for the revenge thing

  10. 10 JulieSean

    Oh my god! Although it is not a surprise that the writers came up with this, it is still kinda cliche. I am sure it is TJ’s, why else would he have dropped the glass he was holding? Cos the first thing that came to him would be how could she be pregnant that quickly when she has just gotten married to JH.

    And I am sure once the initial happiness is over, JH will eventually question it too.

    TJ could get on with life after he has made his decision to choose money over the love of his life, but this bomb is something that he may not be able to overcome. That his “son” will become his “nephew”. And if ES refuses to tell him the truth, there will always be that doubt in his mind.

    Can’t wait for the next 2 episodes! It is still questionable the kind of ending it will have. Sad or tragic? Happy? It is too unpredictable to even guess.

  11. 11 ~oceannie~

    Aigoo… this episode was painful to watch…, even starting from the first scene!

    In the honeymoon morning, JoonHyuk was also looking for EunSoo, just like when Taejoo was looking for EunSoo on the bed in Jeju island.
    But unlike Taejoo, JoonHyuk couldn’t find her near him, and again, JoonHyuk had to search for her first, instead of her coming to him.
    This scene is just too painful to see =X
    Especially as I was rewinding Taejoo’s bed scene in my mind….

    Nevertheless, I love how Director Kim shows the contradiction between the two scenes.
    Taejoo’s scene warmed the heart and made you go “Awww….”
    While JoonHyuk’s scene made me go…. “Gosh, poor guy…”

    After episode 9 (the “explosive” Singapore episode), the pace of the story became very slow.
    And I had a bit of hard time getting used to the very little screentime given for the “Wrong” wedding of JoonHyuk and EunSoo, and how much QSS just skips time on these events.

    I mean, Taejoo and Hyerin’s engagement party probably had 5 times more screentime than the wedding.
    I guess this is just a way of the writers to show how little the significance of her wedding, to EunSoo herself.
    Furthermore, Taejoo did not attend the wedding as well…. So there was no need to elaborate on these events. Heh.

    Alas, the important question of the weekend remains: “Who is the baby’s daddy?”

    Pardon my bias, but in my opinion, if the writers are making the baby, Taejoo’s, then it’s a very easy way out for QSS.

    However, as for the past 14 episodes, we have seen that QSS writers always managed to surprise us with an unexpected twist, and stunned us more when they managed to get them done smoothly.
    If the baby is indeed Taejoo’s, I just hope that the writers can wriggle their story away from the cliche’d Korean drama endings.

    On another note, as we know that QSS can now go incredibly fast-paced (e.g.: Singapore episode), and solemnly slow (e.g.: Wedding preparation episode), I just hope that the writers don’t rush the ending too much….

    Thanks again Javabeans, for the episode 15 summary!

  12. 12 Ter

    I’m sorry, but right now, Eun Soo has got to be the character I actually really dislike. Right now, Joon Hyuk strikes me as the character most deserving of pity, and I can forgive Hye Rin’s and Tae Joo’s character flaws (except for when he decided he was going to marry Hye Rin after all — just selfish and unreasonable… his “im gonna help Eun Soo” excuse is so flawed that i can’t believe it). But Eun Soo. First, she forgives Tae Joo for that “assault,” so I can’t exactly feel sorry for her when Tae Joo decides to dump her for Hye Rin. .Then she goes around leading on Joon Hyuk… Atleast Hye Rin and Joon Hyuk, whatever their faults and DELUSIONS, seem to be really looking for genuine love… Tae Joo and Eun Soo, on the other hand, seem more selfishly motivated…and they seem to be playing the role of tragic gold-diggers who feel the need to mope in the hell they made for themselves… I just cant bring myself to feel any sympathy

  13. 13 itsnever4u

    Just stumbled across your blog the other day. Very awesome.

    Anyway to the episode, as is the norm with kdramas, I’m pretty sure the kid is going to be Tae Joo’s. Seriously, how long have Eun Soo and Joon Hyuk actually been married? I’m not sure they slept together before either. Joon Hyuk’s going to get over his elation pretty soon and do the math, or work out that Tae Joo’s reaction probably already did it for him.

  14. 14 Rgal (Stephanie)

    2 more eps n this preggie ting comes in the way… wonder how the show gonna end….

    This drama just keep all of us on the toes, thinkin wat does this mean, are they for real…

    Thanks Sarah for the quick summary…

  15. 15 silentmeteor

    thkx for the summary!!!
    2 eps to go…*sigh*
    for me, the ending MAYBE (or not coz the storyline keep changing)will be either:

    1. There’ll be a conflict that will separate both ES+JH and TJ+HL>> TJ is the father.
    2. TJ accepts that he has no future with ES>>> JH is the father

    Hoping for the best!!!

  16. 16 kas

    wow. uhhh hooray just two more episodes left and everything will be out in the open. well, at least i hope i would be.

    Thank you!

  17. 17 lala

    no the doctor said she might be pregnant when she went to go check up because she thought she had a cold and the doctor referred her to a baby doctor (?), and after that (they didnt really show that scene), she told JH she was pregnant.

  18. 18 Marzy

    thanks for the summary here :) im confused why the doctor said might? but im assuming that’s why he has other tests planned? hehehe this like an episode of Springer, Maury or Dr Phil waiting to happen. who’s the father of the baby? accdg to the DNA test results he is the father your baby. geeezzz… oh a tough two episodes ahead. no idea how they’ll end this on a good note now. if its even possible to be a pleasant ending.

  19. 19 ginnie

    Looks like we are all anticipating the ending and have our own predictions/hopes for the ending…I have a feeling though that with such diverse opinions, not one ending could make everyone pleased. So, Que Sera Sera…will hopefully see an ending that will make MOST of us glad.

    About the whole pregnancy deal, it was odd for the preview to divulge such an important plot development. I suppose they wanted to catch people’s attention? However, it does not match QSS’s style so far. They’ve always revealed some not-so-important episode content in this series or just a minor part of the series to give us a complete banjun, entirely different feel on the episode from the previews.

    Could it be that Eun Soo is infertile? It is that important for Joon Hyuk to have a family with her. He seems to base his happiness on the fact that they could start a brand new family together. He yearns for a family of his own because he never had one in his childhood. Furthermore, he loves Eun Soo so much that I feel that to have their own baby seems to make him more secure about having her for the rest of his life. I think it would be complete blow to him if she can’t bear his child and maybe cause him to erupt from his usual calm, monotonous character.

    Having a baby just isn’t right no matter if it will be Joon Hyuk’s or Tae Joo’s. If the baby is Tae Joo’s, we know that it will involve the mightily jealous Hyerin and she’s not nice when she’s challenged. And what about Joon Hyuk’s feelings? Can Joon Hyuk really raise somebody else’s child especially someone he dislikes so much? What if Joon Hyuk can’t get over this obstacle and becomes totally distrusting of Eun Soo? If the baby is Joon Hyuk’s, we know that Eun Soo is forever doomed in this relationship…Can Joon Hyuk really believe that the child is his? DNA test later? No matter what it is not a good childhood for the child.

    So I hope there is no child. The child is only a plot device to make everyone re-think their current situation and make things more transparent instead of all this pretending that everything is going well when it is so NOT right. Firstly, Tae Joo’s reaction wil be the most obvious to all of them. He’s baring his emotions for the first time after holding them all this time. Wishing Eun Soo happiness and all that…he is only lying to himself. So hopefully this child can turn things around…but let us not bring an innocent life to this world in this kind of situation…QSS writer..please now…

  20. 20 Dais

    “Maybe pregnant” and tried to get a twist out of this? Now, now, this is too easy to determine nowadays with OTC early pregnancy test, you know? I wish they just said that she’s pregnant. Then we can have more fun poking around on who the daddy is….

    Thanks, javabeans for your great summaries, as always!!

  21. 21 addicted

    I agree with most on yes, she did marry in haste, but weather it was out of spite or desperation or countless of other reasons doesn’t really matter because the one true thing she wanted is no longer available; marrying Tae Joo. As she said during their (TJ & ES) breakup dinner ” I’ve learned that my life is one without a future. So I’ll find a future”. I truly believe this is what she is trying to do and it just happens to be with Joon Hyuk, cultivating a future even if it’s for all the wrong reasons.

    Sigh, QSS so owns me.

    Thank YOU for the quick, insightful summaries as usaual. I’d be a mess without them.

  22. 22 Nihao

    O MY GOD !!!!

    Well let me guess… It’s a drama isn’t it ? And it looks like we will have a happy ending sooo : if baby there is, Tae Joo is the father !!!

    It must be ! It’s too sudden !!!

    Otherwise maybe she’s not pregnant or maybe (I know I’m about to be shout at) she’ll loose the baby… (Sorry !!!)

    Anyway, thanks for the summary !!!

  23. 23 Philippa

    Thanks a lot!

  24. 24 huneunyoung

    it’s got to be tae joo’s baby. no way would eun soo go get pregnant with joon hyuk after tae joo broke up with her.. would she?

  25. 25 Eve

    Could the baby be TaeJoo’s? That would be awesome haha….

  26. 26 ponyong

    Can’t wait for the last 2 episodes. Thanks!

  27. 27 Jean D

    I feel sorry for both Tae Joo’s and Eun So, we know they love each other. Especially now that Eun So is pregnant…I hope they will end together at the end. Please…Mr Writer make it happen or a lot of us will be BROKEN HEARTED…whey,,,

    Anyways I am so so glad WHEN I found your website JAVABEANS. I want to thanks that person who give us your address on the QSS directory…More Power to All!

  28. 28 Bunde

    No way that it’s TJ’s baby. Eunsoo would not be so carefree and certain if she had sex with TJ. Oh… but this is tv. Maybe she forgot that they spent at least a night after Singapore together.

    TJ’s fumbling the broken glass like a crazy person to me was a little bit over acted. My wife agreed and said “saeng show”, translating to English as’large show’.

    I guess he thought in back of his mind that she will come back to him? How does having a baby change that – vis-a-vis getting married?

    I am glad that they developed the reason why JH likes ES so much and that his love for her is real instead of the some strange plot vehicle. It’s better than taking it for granted as ‘yeah JH loves her because she’s a nice girl.’

  29. 29 Jenny

    I think the baby is TJ’s.
    I think they most likely spent the night together in Singapore after all they both loved each other.
    The way Eun Soo acts when she finds out, she knows it is not Joon Hyuks baby.

  30. 30 Jo

    it is so Tae Joos baby! though I dont want it to be, I just know it is so. WAAAH

  31. 31 laurie

    just came across your site…i’m watching this series online and just saw ep. 15…i just finished watching Nana 2 so i can’t help but think Eun Soo’s baby is Tae Joo’s..poor Tae Joo will have to wonder if it’s his or not! oh geez..

  32. 32 shannon

    Why does everyone think it’s TJ’s baby??? If EunSoo didn’t sleep with Joon Hyuk on their wedding night…well that’s just crazy!! I mean as much as I want it to be TJ’s baby I don’t think it is. The last scene=Kdrama gold!! My neighboors must be so mad at me, I was yelling for the entire episode!

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