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Que Sera Sera: Episode 17 (Final)
by | May 13, 2007 | 110 Comments

Although Que Sera Sera hasn’t been the most fun, or “easy” series to watch, I am reluctant to let it go… but also a bit relieved. As with all things intense and involving, when it’s time to let go, there’s a bittersweet relief. Thank you for a wonderful run, QSS!


Clazziquai – “λ‹€μ‹œ…” (Again) [ zShare download ]


Tae Joo rushes to Eun Soo, slumped on the ground in pain, but she shoves his arm away, rejecting his help. Joon Hyuk arrrives and takes her away, as Tae Joo watches them go….

(God, I love what this director does with such tiny moments like this.)

At the hospital (the miscarriage is obvious in implication, if not explicitly described), Eun Soo seems devastated at her loss — and Joon Hyuk tearfully apologizes for making things so hard on her, for putting her through so much. You get the sense he now realizes the severity of his jealousy and suspicion, and is paying dearly for the toll it took on Eun Soo.

Joon Hyuk continues to apologize and asks her to forgive him, but Eun Soo interrupts: “Give me some time. I think we rushed into this without thinking.” She thinks they need time to think things over. “For now, let’s spend some time apart.”

Joon Hyuk is summoned by President Cha, who asks what he really wants to know. Joon Hyuk answers that he wants to know what really happened between his father and the President, and the President levels with him. It’s true that he’d met his father at the construction site. They’d talked, argued, and even physically fought. But then, Joon Hyuk’s father suddenly disappeared from sight, falling to the ground — and the President saw Joon Hyuk there. He took him home and raised him, always fearing that he’d regain his memory. That’s the true reason that he opposed him marrying Hye Rin — he didn’t want to bring his daughter into a situation whereby Joon Hyuk might one day suddenly regain his memory, then turn on the family.

Joon Hyuk asks why he was so afraid of Joon Hyuk’s memory. The President answers that although he didn’t push his father off the building, there was a moment that he wonders if he could have stopped him, if he could have grabbed onto him. “I’m certain in that moment… I was only thinking selfishly.” All these years, he’s carried this guilt. And so, now, he will do whatever Joon Hyuk wants him to do.

Joon Hyuk fights back tears — if the President had only told him this from the start, he would have understood. “What makes me truly sad, Father, is that you couldn’t trust me.” The President answers that it wasn’t because he didn’t trust him, but rather because of the wrong he himself had committed: “I’m truly sorry for making you so lonely all these years.”

Hye Rin informs Tae Joo that her father is ready to hand over the department store to them. Out for drinks with his hyung, Tae Joo muses at his good luck, not sounding too particularly happy. It feels too easy. Tae Joo admits: “I feel suffocated. It’s like someone’s hands are tightening around my throat.”

On his way home, Tae Joo runs into Eun Soo in their apartment hallway. They exchange brief nods before she leaves, and Tae Joo heads to his apartment… but turns back around to chase after her, finding her waiting for the elevator.

He grabs her in a hug, begging her, “I’m truly sorry for letting you go. Let’s run away. Let’s not think of anything else, just leave everything, and run somewhere.”

After a moment in his arms, Eun Soo pulls away, and tells him to stop. “Don’t hurt others anymore. I’m tired of this. Even in ten, twenty years… even if you see me on the street… act like you don’t know me. Lets not meet ever again. Forget everything.”

In the confines of the elevator, Eun Soo cries, just as Tae Joo does, on the other side of the elevator doors……

Joon Hyuk quits his job at the company, to the displeasure of Director Choi, who demands to know what Joon Hyuk was up to. Was he just playing, this whole time? Joon Hyuk says it was more like he was using him. Just like Director Choi used his father.

Later that night, he arrives home and is both surprised and relieved to see Eun Soo there, despite her earlier appeal to spend time apart. Joon Hyuk tells her of a new job opportunity in the States, and expresses his desire to start over new with her, in a place where nobody knows them. Forget everything and begin again.

Over drinks, Hye Rin tells Joon Hyuk that although it’s not the proper thing to say, she can’t help but be relieved he’s leaving. Although she thought things would be better after Joon Hyuk and Eun Soo married, she’s still uneasy, and it’ll help knowing that Eun Soo’s far away from Tae Joo. Joon Hyuk admits it’s not easy dealing with someone who’s by your side but emotionally miles away… and Hye Rin assures him that she’s not that sentimental. She just needs Tae Joo by her side.

Joon Hyuk warns her not to make the same mistake he did. Hye Rin: “Do you regret it?” Joon Hyuk: “Even as I regret it, I don’t want to let her go.” Hye Rin tells him that over time, everything gets better. All you have to do is wait it out.


Ji Soo reacts to news of Eun Soo’s upcoming move with hurt and anger. She can’t believe Eun Soo’s not even going to wait for her to be discharged from the hospital. Fighting back tears, Ji Soo tells her, “When I got better, I was so looking forward to spending time with you. Going places and enjoying ourselves. What is this?” Eun Soo, obviously feeling bad but attempting to hold back her own tears, tells her Ji Soo can always come visit in the States. Ji Soo’s not having it though, and says as her tears spill over, “Han Eun Soo. Why’d you even get married?” Ji Soo buries herself under her blanket while Eun Soo tries not to think too hard about that question……


Hye Rin calls Tae Joo to a board meeting, where they’ll make the announcement that they’re taking over management of the company. As Hye Rin waits, Tae Joo comes to the meeting room, hesitating for a long moment in front of the doors…

…before he makes a decision, turns around, and throws away his employee badge….


… stepping into the sunlight, walking away from the department store and all its trappings.

(And never have I been more relieved to hear the song “Moonlight” by W & Whale.)


Hye Rin makes an educated guess and arrives at Tae Joo’s apartment, demanding to know what’s up. Tae Joo tells her he just can’t go through with it:

Tae Joo: “I thought I could win over my feelings… but that won’t work. I can’t do it.”
Hye Rin: “So what are you going to do? Is Eun Soo going to come to you now? The woman who’s about to leave for the States?”
Tae Joo: “That isn’t what’s important.”
Hye Rin: “Then what is important?”
Tae Joo: “Whether you believe me or not, it won’t work because of you.”
Hye Rin: “Don’t make excuses.”
Tae Joo: “It’s not an excuse. Because I know how you feel, I can’t continue on, deceiving you.”
Hye Rin: “Do it anyway. Have I asked for anything from you? Just be by my side. What’s so hard about that? You can have the life you want. Everything you wanted has come true. Why act like this now?”
Tae Joo: “Because this isn’t the end. We have our lives ahead of us. What’s the point in acting like this is the end of the road?”
Hye Rin: “No. I can’t.”
Tae Joo: “It’s my fault for selling out my honesty, and yours for insisting honesty’s something we don’t need. Now that we’ve seen our mistakes, we should stop now. Nothing good will come of us going any further.”

Tae Joo continues: “Why does someone like you, with so much love, with so much passion, act like this is the end of the world?” He tells her that if she’d taken their relationship lightly, he could have handled it… but knowing how she feels, he can’t continue. “Let’s end this. While we can escape, let’s escape. We have to, Hye Rin.”

At the airport, Eun Soo and Joon Hyuk prepare to leave for the U.S. Eun Soo takes a moment to make a final phone call to Ji Soo, while Joon Hyuk watches her with what appears to be a mix of contemplation and sadness. When she finishes her phone call, Joon Hyuk tells her: “Thank you. For coming this far with me. Even until just a moment ago, I kept hesitating. I wondered if I should just close my eyes and take you away with me. Maybe this is for my good, or for yours, but this doesn’t feel right.”

Eun Soo asks what he’s talking about, and Joon Hyuk tamps down his emotions as he tells her:

Joon Hyuk: “I don’t have the confidence to keep living always looking at your back. That’s too damaging.”
Eun Soo: “I’ll try hard.”
Joon Hyuk: “It might’ve been different if we hadn’t known, but we both know all too well. Even if we cross the Pacific Ocean, it’ll keep us apart. You’re not leaving me, I’m leaving you, so don’t feel sorry. For coming this far with me — for leaving the sister you’ve valued so much to come here with me — I’ll be satisfied with that… Let’s not meet again. I don’t have the confidence to be able to see you again. What if I weaken my resolve and hold onto you?… So, if you see me around somewhere, act like you don’t know me.”
Eun Soo: “I’m sorry, for making you lonely. I’m so sorry for hurting you.”




Hye Rin is doing well in her job, still at World Department Store. She meets up with Joon Hyuk for drinks the night he returns to Korea. They catch up on old times and discuss what happened between him and Eun Soo, and her and Tae Joo. Hye Rin asks why he and Eun Soo split up, and Joon Hyuk replies that he got tired of living next to someone whose feelings were far away. Hye Rin expresses her curiosity to know whatever happened to Tae Joo and Eun Soo… and has called Tae Joo to meet them for that reason.

Joon Hyuk’s not pleased to hear Tae Joo will be joining them, and asks why Hye Rin waited so long to meet with him if she was so curious about his life. She answers that she wasn’t ready to face him alone, so is using this as a good opportunity to face him.

Tae Joo looks good, and is glad to see them. Nobody has kept in touch very much over the past two years. Tae Joo’s working for an event planning firm, and although his company works closely with World Department Store, he and Hye Rin have never met. But the mood is light and casual — time really does heal.

Hye Rin asks about Eun Soo, and Tae Joo admits he doesn’t know. He heard vaguely that she’s running some kind of Internet shopping business in Seoul, but doesn’t know much more — that much he learned from his hyung, who still keeps in contact with Ji Soo. Hye Rin says half-jokingly that it makes her feel better knowing they didn’t end up together, but asks why he never tried to contact Eun Soo. Tae Joo answers: “Because she said she didn’t want to see me. She asked me not to even recognize her if we passed each other in the street, so I figured I should at least observe her last request.”

After Hye Rin leaves, the men stay behind for another round. Joon Hyuk asks why Tae Joo broke up with Hye Rin, and Tae Joo answers: “Because I felt it was wrong to her. She needs a good person who’ll love her. And being a chaebol [tycoon]… On the outside, it seems impressive and grand, but being on the inside, I found it wasn’t my style. It’s a headache. I hate complicated things.”

Joon Hyuk admits that he and Eun Soo didn’t work out because he realized you can’t force fate. But he’d always thought Eun Soo and Tae Joo would get back together.

Tae Joo: “It seems love depends on timing. Eun Soo and I let our chance go.”
Joon Hyuk: “Why?”
Tae Joo: “Because I was foolish.”
Joon Hyuk: “Yeah, you’re a foolish guy. Did you really believe her when she asked for you not to recognize her even if you crossed paths? That’s her asking you to recognize her, whenever and whenever you meet again, you idiot.”

Joon Hyuk speaks from his own experience, having made that same request of Eun Soo two years ago, and the realization dawns on Tae Joo that Joon Hyuk’s right.

That night, on his way home, Tae Joo thinks he sees Eun Soo in the neighborhood, and pursues her. Running through the neighborhood, he eventually loses sight of her, only to turn around and find her standing right in front of him. (Unfortunately, she’s wearing perhaps the most ill-conceived set of hair extensions since Britney shaved hers off in a fit of insanity. Jung Yoo Mi is actually quite a beautiful young woman, but her awful hair looks like a middle-aged woman’s mullet. You couldn’t just give her a wig?)

They exchange brief pleasantries and catch up, happy to have run into each other. Ji Soo’s healthy and studying to enter university in the next year, and her mother’s well, working in a neighborhood beauty salon. Tae Joo’s still living in the same apartment — he’s comfortable there.

After a brief pause, he asks if she’s dating anyone these days. She’s not exactly dating someone, but there’s a guy who keeps asking her out. Tae Joo asks if he’s good-looking. Eun Soo: “He’s not as good-looking as you, but he’s all right.” Tae Joo: “It’s not easy finding someone as good-looking as me, you know.” She asks if he’s dating anyone, and he replies that he’s as popular as ever, but he’s getting tired of it these days — he must really be turning in to an ajusshi.

Tae Joo: “I wanted to meet up with you one of these days. Now that I have, I’m satisfied.” As her bus pulls up and she turns to go, he stops her with: “Thanks. It was the first time for me. I think that’s why I was so confused and awkward. Really, thanks. I wanted to tell you that.”

Although their short conversation has been pleasant and friendly, after Eun Soo leaves, Tae Joo’s walk back home is flooded with old memories… of her tearfully confessing her feelings for him, of their first date, of their round-and-round twirling… Eun Soo, likewise, is caught up in the sudden onslaught of old feelings.

Down-spirited, Tae Joo makes his way back to his own apartment, only to see Eun Soo awaiting his return just outside his doorway. Just like the day they first met.


And they’re back at the start… only without all the foolish mistakes they’ve made in the past, because of the lessons they’ve now learned…


…and maybe this time, they’ll make it.

Final Thoughts:

To be honest, as the episode drew to a close, I started to worry that the ending would be unsatisfying, or even — gasp! — boring. But the ending scene, and the circular, same-but-not-same sequence at Tae Joo’s apartment, was unexpectedly touching.

No matter how you see these people — however you may dislike the choices they’ve made and the pain they’ve inflicted from their selfishness — each person eventually chose to take the better path. Tae Joo chose not to take Hye Rin’s wealth, not for his own sake but for hers. Joon Hyuk let Eun Soo go, and did not pursue the path of blackmail and coercion of his adopted father. I loved that each couple chose to break up NOT because of feelings for other people, but because of the inherent failings of the relationships. Tae Joo and Hye Rin were going to fail regardless of whatever happened with Joon Hyuk and Eun Soo, and likewise for the other couple. I’m relieved that Tae Joo’s liberation from his job — and the chokehold of promised riches (at the price of his personal dignity) — came of his own volition, and was a choice independent of his feelings for Eun Soo.

Furthermore, everyone went on to live relatively fulfilling lives, even after they’d all lost their respective loves. Because life goes on, and you deal, and if you’re very, very lucky, you get a second chance.

This was a mature, thoughtful, challenging drama, which caught me completely off-guard and won me over with its insights, its emotion, its realism, and its understated, naturalistic but powerful acting. Que Sera Sera will not suit everyone’s taste — but for those of us who fell in love, I’m confident it has left a lasting impression.


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  1. Bunde

    This last episode was very nicely done. Shows could end for the sake of just ending them. But, this one tied things up nicely together. Even to the very end, I thought TJ and ES would not be together and say ‘que sera, sera’.

    The last scene was fantastic! Yes, and the cirular ending was great.

  2. hanna

    What the deuce. i felt like i went on a super roller coaster like askdfjaieaadkfjad1234123 times. i like the ending. keeps me in suspense. now, if this were a japanese drama, there’d be a Que Sera sera II, where tae joo and eun soo get married, blah blah. i think i’m driving myself to insanity, it’s 12:17 and i should go to sleep………..

  3. princess

    wow! this is really the best episode and it was a good drama series…. tnx 4 posting!

  4. gail

    wow. i haven’t even seen the drama (i stopped watching half-way into the first episode), but this ending really caught me. i loved loved how each couple broke up because of the inherent issues in the relationship. And that 2-year gap is used very very wisely.

    and of course, i loved the return-to-the-first-meeting kind of ending. this last episode, even if only through your summary, really touched me.

    maybe i will watch QSS in the future. maybe i won’t. but it has left an impression on me. i feel like i’ve watched the series all along. πŸ™‚

  5. Ericku

    Phew … I’m glad .. I have been worry for QSS ending and now I smile and have a little happy tears knowing TJ and ES back together ..

    Thanks Javabeans and all QSS-ers for your support to this drama … everyone AJA AJA FIGHTING!!!!! ^^

  6. jo

    Erm the ending it’s quite disapointing cos there’s not too much suspens in it..But anyway i do enjoy the drama.. i think eric has impoved a lot in acting… Thanks javabeans i think you can become a great writer cos you can write drama summary pretty good!!!!

  7. kas

    It was amazing. :]
    Ahhh the ending. Thank you!

  8. Anonymous

    Hi Javabeans,

    Was checking your blog to read your summary cos the one I watched was not subbed.

    Although I am glad that they had a second chance, but somehow I feel that it could have ended better. Is it just me or did I miss something? Why Eun Soon was able to arrive at his apartment before he did when she was up in the bus, and went quite a distance, while Tae Joo was just downstairs his apartment. How could she have gotten to his apartment without passing him by?? Just a thought.

    Another thing is, I assume that Eun Soon moved out of that apartment? Don’t remember seeing or hearing that part of the conversation in previous episodes. Was it when Eun Soon paid for their apartment rental for 2 years? But was meant for a new apartment, not the old one?

    Overall, it was a great drama with fantastic acting from all the leads, especially Eric. We feel for each and everyone of the protagonists. There was drama, character development, and the emotional arc of the characters were great. We could all identify with temptations and choices that we have to make in life.

    Thanks for your awesome summaries and insights. I am gonna miss this drama. Every week I waited in anticipation of the new episodes.

  9. javabeans

    Anon #8, Tae Joo took his time getting back to his apartment — they show him standing still for quite a while in the street, as he remembers how he and Eun Soo formerly walked that path happily on their first date. I presume he lingered so long on his way home that he took his time returning.

    Yes, Eun Soo did move out of her apartment, but she knew Tae Joo was still living in the same unit, because he mentioned it in their brief conversation. So, she knew where to find him.

    Hope that clears up some of the logic points for you.

  10. 10 TB

    Javabeans, I love love love your screen-caps, always make sense. Pictures speak more than words, and on top of that your words speak more than what anyone can express about this drama, so thanks, zillion times.

    (Uri Jisoo, in your cap, is as beautiful as ever, even when she cries, just adorable, can you please send me the pic pix of it?)

  11. 11 wandergirl

    I’ve been waiting for this!

    QSS has certainly been a treat to watch. Satisfying and realistic ending, I must say. Simple ending perhaps? But I agree, very touching.

  12. 12 its_trish

    That was quick! Thank you for your summary ^^
    I am very glad that both men made the right decision of letting their respective others go.. This drama is very touching. The ending was inspired.

  13. 13 Sally

    Thanks for all the recaps Javabeans!!

    Though I liked the happy ending, I really dislike those “2 years later” type deals. It feels… somewhat of a cop-out or I guess it just seems to ruin the flow. I think anything over 3 months is too much.

    Because in 2 years, so much can happen and change. And it always makes me wonder what they are doing in those 2 years. I mean, just work in introspection? Seems so unlikely.

    Anyway, overall I’m glad it ended on a happy note, but I totally agree it’s bittersweet. Wish they had more lovey-dovey scenes πŸ™‚

  14. 14 Joey

    The airport scene where JH was letting out all his emotions was incredible! I loved how he played out those feelings. And how up until the very end ES still wanted to stay by his side given what he’d put her through. ES knew it in her heart as well that it’d be too painful to go on with their relationship. It was so touching and sad to hear the truth from him, it shows that we must really follow our hearts in the end.

    As for the ending was satisfying..but I thought it could have been better. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the part where he poked her and all, but I was thinking they could have met in the elevator and it’d be jammed again and they’d share another kiss hehe just like the first kiss they had. But hey, that’s just me in my own little world..haha

    Anyhow, thank you all this time for your time and effort in never disappointing us in your summaries and thoughts. Very much appreciated!! πŸ˜‰ Absolutely LOVED this drama, haven’t seen anything like this in a while. Now I’ve got to find and grow to love another drama haha!

    THANKS again Javabeans!

  15. 15 Sally

    Quick question, but how long are these dramas when they are aired on TV? For example, Hello Miss’s run time is about 1 hours and a few minutes. So what’s the air time + commercials on TV? Is it 2 hours (that would mean 1 hours of commercials!).

    And is prime time in Korean also 8 to 10 PM?

  16. 16 wintergal

    Even though I didn’t watch QSS, but I’ve been following the episode summaries for it since ep7. Very interesting storyline and fresh, too. I might, one day, watch this drama. Thanks for the summaries!

  17. 17 @Mayday@

    If there were some kiss in the elevator???
    Hmm…. it would be so sweet but also weird too..
    Because I still belive that they still have a little shame for what they’ve done
    to each other…. It’s too weird to do such a sexual thing like that….
    This ending is very Satisfied me ^^…..

  18. 18 Ghalia

    I’m glad it ended well πŸ˜€
    Thank you sooo much javabeans for your summaries, they made me love QSS even more!
    Haha I wasn’t even watching all episodes, reading your summaries were just like watching them, if not more enjoyable XD!

  19. 19 Mics

    bravo QSS!!! And thank you so much Javabeans =D I loved this drama from beginning to end!

  20. 20 lollipop2000

    Oh My! Very pleased with the way everything ties together in the end. I am so looking forward to buying the dvds and enjoy the whole series again. Thanks Javabeans for the wonderful recaps and being so fast with them. Will definitely keep an eye on future blogs. Wonder what’s next for you to recap on.

  21. 21 docmitasha

    And so they overcome what is worst in them and show the true human spirit by reaching for the good. Bravo! πŸ™‚
    Thank you QSS!
    And thank you Javabeans….

  22. 22 ginnie

    Hi Sarah,

    I started just crying reading your summary….can’t articulate anything…

    but wanted to say Thank you for everything you did for Que Sera, Sera and for your time and honesty.

    I’ll come back later to post….

    Just like the last episode is about “letting go”……
    It is hard for me to let go…of their story and pain.


  23. 23 Gin

    They really tied the whole thing up beautifully. I love the ending. It was very refreshing and it marked a whole new fresh start for both Eun Soo and Tae Joo. After so much that had happened, we know now that they would finally be able to start a true and honest relationship with each other. And boy, have they grown from that childish, foolish people they once were. It really surprises me because there were several issues in their relationships which I found myself being able to relate to and understand. Loved your summaries, loved QSS! Thanks javabeans!

  24. 24 Jean D

    Im so happy of the ending. Good Tae Jo realized that money is not everything. After all they are victims of Hatred.

    Thank You Javabeans without your summaries we did not enjoy this much…

  25. 25 Grace

    all back to where they started….so sweet eventhough I havent watch the last episode, just by reading your summary i can feel the bittersweet feeling! lol Thanks for taking some time to do this. By the way I love Clazziquai- Again. Do you know where can i download it? Thanks!

  26. 26 IceBerg

    Absolutely love the ending. It’s nearly perfect for me.
    QSS will always last in my memory.
    I think KTJ is really really lucky. He gets a THIRD chance already.
    Don’t blow it this time, man. Otherwise, I’m the one who gonna kick your ass.
    I don’t know if only I feel this way or not but during the last 5-6 episodes,
    I have the same feeling like the time when I watched Alone In Love.
    It’s so similar in many things. Mature, thoughtful, intense but I can’t stop
    watching it. Maybe I’m starting to get old now that I like these kinds of drama πŸ˜›
    Anyway, thank you very much for the summary. I can’t understand this drama
    without you since I don’t understand Korean. You make my day.
    Really really thank you again πŸ™‚

  27. 27 jade

    thanks again for the summary!
    QSS will go down in history as one of my most-loved K-dramas. πŸ™‚

  28. 28 Nihao

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !! I wanted Joon Hyuk and Hye Rin to get back toghether !!!!!!!

    The ending whould have be perfect !!! (“>o

  29. 29 Nihao

    Well, I can’t be that sad as Tae Joo is back with Eun Soo !! ^^

    Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu so much for this summary !!! You’re the best !! Luv ya !!! (O’3’O)

  30. 30 addicted

    How perfectly fitting that they ended right where they started. Sigh. My heart grows heavy knowing that I’ll be quite lonely on the weekends now without the pining for QSS. It was simply an incredible kdrama to follow.
    Thank you Javabeans for this blog! You’re now officially my Kdrama guru and will follow all your kdrama picks. I just finished Soulmate and what a mindblowing series it was. SO ridiculously PERFECT. By far surpasses ALL Kdramas that are out there, I even dare say QSS. What a shame there’s NO english subbed DVD versions out for a non-Korean speaking addict like myself. If anyone knows of one, PLEASE let me know immeditately.
    Thank YOU again for everything.

  31. 31 javabeans

    Ty – ?????, ? ??? ?????… ?? ???? ?? ?????…

    How interesting!

    According to the excerpted script that Ty has posted from the last scene, apparently the writers and the PD intended to leave us with a more open-ended moment between Tae Joo and Eun Soo. They have said that it’s right to interpret that scene as wondering whether Tae Joo has really seen Eun Soo sleeping in his doorway, or if it’s part of his imagination.

    The final part of the script describes the scene mostly as we have seen it, up until Tae Joo pokes at Eun Soo with his finger, and she awakes. A smile lights up his face, and onscreen, only Tae Joo’s face is seen. Whether this Eun Soo is the real Eun Soo, or the one from his memories, cannot be known.

    (I must admit I prefer the way I originally saw the scene! That’ll be the way I remember it. πŸ˜‰ )

  32. 32 knuts

    I wonder what Ty in post 30 is saying. Is there an angel around to translate that for us? Many thanks in advance.

  33. 33 Ty

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    ?? ??? ? ????, ??? ?? ???. ??? ??? ??????, ?????οΏ½οΏ½????? ??? ?? ? ???? ?????? ????οΏ½??? ??? ????? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ????? ??? ??? ????? ???? ?? ?????? ???οΏ½.??? ??? ??? ?? ???? ???? ????? ??? ???? ???..???? ??? ???? ???????. ??? ?? ???οΏ½? ?????~

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    ???? ??? ??? ???.
    ? ??? ??? ??? ?? ?? ???? ??? ????? ? ?? ??.

  34. 34 ginnie

    Hi Sarah,

    I read that from Chinese forum too. That this might be all his imagination. =)
    and I am also with you…I prefer to remember this the way I saw it live.

    It is way too cruel to have Tae Joo imagined all this and realized he really imagined all this. That realization would have been heartbreaking…But I think that’s why Eric told a fan that the ending is a “sad ending”…

    But we all interpret it differently I guess. We want a happy ending so badly!

  35. 35 Anonymous

    Miscarriage? What a horribly obvious and convienient plot device >

  36. 36 XENA...

    I have been purposely avoiding posting here. Perhaps I have been timidly selfish enough to presume that if I delayed posting I would delay the closure of, in away having to bid farewell to ‘que sera sera’. Irrational, I’m aware.

    And if I were to be brutally honest, I just can’t seem to gather how I feel about the last couple of episodes.

    It’s preposterous to proclaim, but it broke my heart and left me in a funk. Furthermore I cannot seem to be able to articulate or pin-point exactly why. So, I shall not go there!!!

    Performance-wise Han Eun Soo, Kang Tae Joo and Shin Joon Hyuk excelled in this finale. The scene with Joon Hyuk and his father was long overdue! I kicked myself for not acknowledging his loneliness, sooner. The scene with a broken, tortured Tae Joo and Eun Soo, simultaneously screeching for all they were and are, left me in a state of numbness… He cried, she cried, I cried. He screamed, she screamed, I screamed. You get the picture. At one point I simply could not swallow, without difficulty. The release they guarded themselves from was much demanded, for them as well as for me, it seemed. The scene with Joon Hyuk and Eun Soo at the airport; ‘he thought she loved him, he was wrong, life goes on’… You silly misguided fools! (Man, aren’t we all?)

    By the end of the episode I hated them all. But don’t misunderstand my self-reasoning; I hated them because I truly adored them. I myself am prone to heightened levels of melodrama, you know!!!

    So a very emotional adieu QSS πŸ™‚

    And thank-you JavaBeans, without you and the promptness of your gorgeous, detailed, scrumptious summaries I would never even have attempted to sit through QSS. The knowledge of this blog left me with the security that I was not venturing into it completely alone or clueless for that matter, lol.

    PS oh what, are you trying to drive me insane with such a sadistic implication that for some reason Kang Tae Joo has manifested his reconciliation with Han Eun Soo?

    My eyes, my eyes!!! I did not just read that…

    Was that intention ‘kept’ or scrapped?

  37. 37 javabeans

    Xena and ginnie, in my mind that intention is merely an intention. If it didn’t make itself apparent when I watched the scene, it isn’t a part of MY interpretation of the ending.

    So in short, I will keep myself in denial. Tae Joo and Eun Soo MAY not live happily ever after — I’m satisfied leaving that question unanswered — but they do get another chance to try.

  38. 38 Ter

    ^Up there, that was me. Anyways, I like the circular way it ended. It’s touching and creative. But overall this drama gets a “meh” from me. The characters were pretty unlikeable (which would have been FINE if it wasn’t obvious that the writers were trying to arouse sympathy for Eun Soo when it really wasn’t merited). I could see the miscarriage coming from a mile away, and while people seem to see it as a symbol or representation of how wrong their relationships were and how it wouldn’t work out, I really see it as a conveinient plot device. Throw in a baby to make things more complicated and interesting… and then throw it out when you realize its not going to make your little everyone-washes-their-hands-of-their-wrong-relationship ending work with a baby in the equation.

  39. 39 XENA...

    Javabeans, I’m petrified because that uneasy crappy feeling of the perfect utopia didn’t sit well with me at all. I hate to admit it but I also pondered whilst watching that moment as to whether or not it wasn’t all just a figment of his imagination. But I dismissed it as too perverse to fathom.

    Reading a repetition of that doubt now has truly rattled me. πŸ™

  40. 40 javabeans

    Ter, normally i’d hate the miscarriage plot contrivance, but I was actually okay with it here, because it wasn’t an excuse for any of the plot resolutions. The baby wasn’t the reason JH and ES couldn’t work, or that ES couldn’t be with TJ, because she refused him even after she’d lost the baby. And they didn’t run back to each other the instant they broke up with their respective partners either, which is another reason I actually liked the “two years later” time skip here, although i usually dislike that device. I think everyone needed to get on with their lives before they (namely Eun Soo and Tae Joo) could even attempt to try again. But you’re free to hate it, of course.

    Xena, the reason I’m okay believing Eun Soo’s really there is because even so, the ending is bittersweet enough. It’s not a perfect happy ending — even if she came back and they got back together, there are no guarantees. So to have it be imaginary is too much.

    Also, I don’t believe the PD/writers are saying that it definitely IS Tae Joo’s imagination. I think what they’re saying is, it’s definitely possible to read it either way.

  41. 41 XENA...

    javabeans, you’re right!

    I also want to believe that Eun Soo was there because I felt it was an ending befitting with the drama. If I were to entertain the latter ending/interpretation I feel I would be reaching and admitting that Tae Joo has ‘lost his marbles’ and I seriously do not want to undermine the character in such away!

  42. 42 javabeans

    oh, and to TB and Grace regarding downloading images or songs — all you have to do is right-click on the picture/song title and select “save as”/”save image as.”

  43. 43 mangoicy

    oh.my.lord. did i just read that?

    *erasing my memory*

    Yes, I will believe what I want to believe. Who the heck prefers the stupid alternate interpretation anyway? *stomps scripwriter’s left foot!*

    ~excuse my language, i’m just fuming with anger right now~

    Now let me go back to my sweet dream and forget what I just read.

  44. 44 ginnie

    Xena and Mangoicy,

    There are people who prefer to have the alternate ending.

    They prefer to have Eun Soo suffer from the consequences of her action marrying Joon Hyuk and have Tae Joo “lose his marbles” because he started this chain reaction of pains involving all four lives. Some claim that both of them are too lucky if they were given another chance.

    These are usually the people who pity Joon Hyuk and Hyerin mostly. Plus, they do not like Tae Joo and/or Eun Soo.

    I’ve also read similar criticism about “pregnancy” plot being too easily used in this storyline by the writer. To have Eun Soo pregnant and lose the baby too easily.

    I am glad that the last episode is done in the following sequence:

    Miscarriage –> Eun Soo rejecting Tae Joo —> Tae Joo rejecting Hyerin –> Joon Hyuk rejecting Eun Soo

    This sequence means that the miscarriage did not unite TJ/ES, TaeJoo’s Letting Go wasn’t motivated by Eun Soo, Eun Soo leaving with Joon Hyuk isn’t motivated by a baby and Tae Joo.

    Would the plot have worked though if the baby wasn’t included in the first place?
    Why include a baby in the plot?

  45. 45 mangoicy


    I can only think of one reason of why they even included a baby in the plot, and that is solely to mislead the viewers. Oh yes, the young and the naivetes.. And we never learned from our mistakes, did we? We kept wishing that the baby was TaeJoo’s.

    Other than that, I don’t see the significance of her short-pregnancy. TaeJoo’s shocked reaction didn’t last long enough to mean anything other than.. well, shocked. JoongHyuk’s uplifting spirit only amounted to not-very-much before his jealousy came back and haunted him… and ironically killed the baby.

    So yeah, the answer is in the mind of the manipulative writer.

  46. 46 javabeans

    To be slightly less cynical, although I can see how this argument may seem apologist, I think the pregnancy did have a purpose. Its loss caused Joon Hyuk to realize how much his own selfishness to possess Eun Soo had harmed her. And it surely played a part in convincing him he had to let her go, for both of their sakes.

  47. 47 ginnie

    Tae Joo: “Fine. Let’s go. Let’s take this all the way. Let’s check for ourselves what lies at that end. I won’t be like this anymore, either. Because I’ve suddenly become very curious…. to know how you’ll do this, in what manner you’ll live out this decision. I’ll wait and see clearly for myself.”


    I kept thinking about Tae Joo line in episodes before (quoted above).

    Could it be this reason for the baby plot?

    He was challenging Eun Soo to go as far as she could. He wanted to know in what manner she’ll live out her decision. And she proved to him that she’ll go FAR, even to have a baby with the man she does not love.

    That’s why Tae Joo was shocked. He never believed she loves Joon Hyuk and never thought that she’ll really go that far to hurt herself….which in the end hurts Joon Hyuk, Tae Joo and Hyerin as well. Ahh..another chain reaction of events.

    I can see why Xena hates them all for their silly mistakes. I think the PD / writers/ Actors were really bold to take up this project about really flawed characters and really bad decisions made especially Eric and Yoo Mi. They are not very likable relative to the usual main leads in other K-dramas. However, I can tell that Lee Kyu Han’s character is the most perfect of them all. He has the least flaws and even chose to let go generously in the end.

  48. 48 Bunde

    One note is that miscarriage happens so much in the first trimester. Some couples wait to announce for that reason. I sometimes wondered whether JH should have made it so public and felt so certain. I suppose some people can’t wait to celebrate in open while some do.

  49. 49 simi

    Reading everyone’s comments just shows how much QSS has captured our minds and hearts. I never expected to become enraptured by a drama that’s both real and unflinching in it’s portrayal. It’s messy and frustrating just like life, and if we’re really, really lucky…we might get our second chance too. And all this just from reading Javabeans blog!!! Thank you so much for your wonderful summaries!!!

  50. 50 Ter

    On the topic of the miscarriage– no matter the reason for the break-ups in the relationships, the fresh-start ending would still make the baby awfully conveinient. And while Joon Hyuk and Eun Soo didn’t break up because of the miscarraige (I’m sure the writers saw that would have been beyond amature), it still made the break ups heck of a lot easier and much less consequential than it would have been with a baby in the picture.

    Haha, I’m starting to feel like a troll, but, honestly, I perfer the alternate ending. But its not because I dislike Eun Soo or Tae Joo (although, just in case it wasn’t obvious, I do); its because if its his imagination, it makes for a much more poignant and realistic ending. I love its tone. It would almost make up for the convienient miscarraige, because the alternate ending itself is not convienient or happy or particularly clean; at the same time, its not cynical or defeatist. It’s bittersweet; it’s not perfect like a fresh-new-start, but its still infused with hope and good-will without throwing away the weight of their painful history nor exculding the POSSIBILITY of a new start. Oh, and I don’t think it would mean Tae Joo’s gone insane either; the camera would be showing what Tae Joo was imagining, and Tae Joo would be smiling at the memory, not because he believe she’s actually there.

    Hmm…how odd that my feelings for Eun Soo have changed so much… I used to like her a lot, and sympathize with her the most (and I certianly liked her infintely better than Tae Joo). Now its the other way around. I think its because the writers made it abundantly clear that Tae Joo was NO ONE’S victim but his own, and this made me sympathize with him more (as well as Hye Rin and Joon Hyuk).

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