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Witch Amusement: Episode 13
by | May 4, 2007 | 47 Comments

This episode was both fun and all sorts of ridiculous. It was also genuinely and unintentionally funny. And ridiculous.

On the distinctive plus-side, Jae Hee and Dennis Oh both looked particularly hot, to be shamefully superficial for a moment. You’ve gotta hand it to these producers — they know their audience. On the down-side, the acting was… wow, really some awful stuff here, all across the board. At least it was funny-bad, and not just painful-bad. And have I mentioned it was ridiculous?


Lyn – “Kissing U” [ zShare download ]

As much as I enjoy this silly, frothy series — and I’m actually kind of reluctant to critique it too harshly (and I mean serious critique; the mocking’s always in good-natured(ish) fun) — I must point out some serious fatal flaws.

It relies on a few common devices that we kdrama lovers have probably come to expect, or at least tolerate, in all of our series. They may be cliches, but they come with the territory, so I tend to let them slide. But Witch Amusement overuses a couple to such an egregious extent that they become glaring, obstructive crutches.

  1. Music cues. I do not need to tell you how much I love music, and the OST is pretty fun and listenable. I’ve gotten used to the kdrama practice of using a particular song multiple times throughout the series — I actually like it, because it allows the music to become a part of the series backdrop, like an emotional score. But you’ve got to be careful using the music as emotional manipulator — because that’s what it is, telling you how to feel and when — and Witch Amusement overdoes it. I’ve noticed for a while that one song ends just as the next begins, and it’s wall-to-wall music. Half the time it’s not even thoughtfully used, as they do in Que Sera Sera, where each song adds something to the scene.
  2. Drunkenness. Drunkenness is an easy device in kdramas because it allows the characters to achieve a level of honesty that they’re usually covering up when sober. But dude. How many scenes of soju-propelled truth-seeking do we need in this series? Koreans may like their likker, but Witch Amusement has relied on the drunken card way too much instead of thinking of clever ways to tell story.
  3. Phone calls. Again, phone calls are necessary and a pretty common aspect of any kind of modern storytelling… But have you noticed how many times the phone has been used as a plot driver? Bad, bad, bad.

Anyway. Onward.


Yoo Hee stops Joon Ha from placing the ring on her finger, saying she’s not sure she should accept. Joon Ha tells her to accept it for now, and return it later if she changes her mind.

In another restaurant, Mu-ryong finally mans up and tells Seung Mi that he doesn’t think he can marry her. And it’s not because he’s not in the right place in his life to take care of her — he admits that’s an excuse. “Seung Mi, honestly, I really like you a lot. But I don’t know if it’s enough to marry you.” Seung Mi deliberately misses the point, telling him she didn’t know he’d felt so burdened, and they can pretend the topic of marriage never came up in the first place.

Yoo Hee goes home and looks at her pretty new diamond ring, but thinks instead of the plastic toy ring Mu-ryong gave her, which she’s kept all this while in her nightstand drawer — where, you’ll remember, she previously kept her picture of Joon Ha. She puts on the plastic ring instead and smiles, remembering Mu-ryong’s confession that he’d missed her.

I hadn’t realized Witch Amusement hadn’t given us the obligatory Han River scene until now (an example of a kdrama convention I can live with).

While Mu-ryong’s briefly away, he gets a call from Yoo Hee, which Seung Mi answers. She tells Yoo Hee firmly to stop calling Mu-ryong, adding: “We’re marrying soon. Mu-ryong feels uncomfortable too—” just as Mu-ryong arrives to snatch the phone away and ask what’s wrong with her.

Seung Mi asks if this is all because of Yoo Hee — she yells at him to say why he’s acting like this. “You’re a real jerk!” Mu-ryong agrees: “Yeah, I am. You’re right. I’m sorry.”

Soaking in the news of Mu-ryong’s supposed marriage, Yoo Hee throws off the toy ring. And Mu-ryong deletes Yoo Hee’s number from his phone. ‘Bout freaking time someone made a definitive decision, even if it’s one that isn’t likely to last long.

Mari actually speaks up for Mu-ryong, admitting to Johnny that it may have been because of her that Mu-ryong didn’t see the notice of the guest’s allergy. Johnny tells her it’s still Mu-ryong’s mistake, not hers.

Sara arrives unannounced, and the two ladies fight it out to stake their claim on Johnny. Johnny finally can’t take it anymore, and lies that he has a girlfriend. In New York. So they should stop. Heh.

Yoo Hee accepts Joon Ha’s proposal, and they hug it out in the most unromantic engagement gesture ever. Seriously, these two are like a Textbook Couple — all frilly “romantic” gestures but nary a true romantic emotion in sight. I understand Yoo Hee’s motivation, but this coupling is such a waste of space.

The couple arrives at Johnny’s restaurant for lunch, where he spies the ring on Yoo Hee’s finger. He also overhears Joon Ha on an unpleasant phone call (the guy is such a pill — they’re not even trying to make Joon Ha the least bit likable), and suspects him of being up to something shady.

Johnny’s also visited by someone from his New York restaurant named Allison, whom Mari and Sara automatically assume is his girlfriend. Johnny, however, reacts to Allison’s arrival with decided non-enthusiasm.

That reaction could be because even an inexperienced actor like Dennis knows that acting opposite a deadweight like Jennifer Bae (I believe that’s her name?) is sure to sink his own precarious skills. Oh man, is this next scene painful.

If you’re reading this, you don’t need me to translate the sequence and can probably understand for yourself just how shamefully horrid the acting in this scene is. I’ve made fun of bad acting before, but these two sink to new lows. I was actually starting to think Dennis Oh was getting better, but seeing him opposite someone even worse than him just highlights how bad both are. You’d think they’d both be fairly comfortable acting in their native English, but weirdly, they’re both affecting some strange hybrid accent. It’s like when I tutored Korean students in English, I’d find my own English becoming poorer. I don’t know whose daughter-sister-friend-relative Jennifer Bae is, but either she’s rocking some family connection or she’s holding some serious dirt over someone’s head at SBS.

Anyway. Allison is there to persuade Johnny to return to New York because he’s needed back there. End of scene. Jennifer Bae’s relevance to this series is something that could have been conveyed through one line of dialogue or a phone call. I officially resent SBS for making me sit through that scene for such a measly plot point.

But as with all things awkward and embarrassing, there is a silver lining, and that is seeing Sara and Mari go to town on Allison, assuming she’s the girlfriend. I love Sara. And you all can stop hating the actress now since she’s apparently not dating Hyun Bin anymore.

Johnny arrives at Mu-ryong’s family restaurant. The reaction to his presence is rather telling of the fascination in Korean society at large to all peoples Western and beautiful. The family fawns over Johnny, complimenting him and seeking his good graces as though he were someone much more important than he is.

Escaping from that ridiculousness, the two lovely men escape to their own romantic dinner. Er, man-date. Er, manly discussion over wine in a dimly lit setting. (I’m totally joking with the suggestion of homoeroticism, but really, these two buddies have tons more chemistry — pseudo-romantic or not — than the bland Textbook Couple, who barely seem to even like each other as people, much less enough to get married. Is Yoo Hee trying to replicate her parents’ loveless marriage?)

Adding to that ridiculousness is another scene that probably requires no translation from me — when Johnny mournfully recalls the instance where he nearly killed a patron with a dish, having neglected to remember his food allergy. Johnny was So! Traumatized! that he nearly gave up cooking. Forever! Oh, the heartbreak.

It’s ridiculous. I couldn’t stop laughing. I don’t think it’s supposed to be funny.

Johnny explains that it’s because of Yoo Hee that he started cooking again. Perhaps it’s a too-little-too-late attempt to make sense of the nonsense of earlier episodes (what some refer to as “retcon” or “retroactive continuity,” trying to fix continuity errors after they’ve happened with shoddy after-explanations), but Johnny explains that because of that, his feelings “wavered” toward Yoo Hee — implying that he confused his gratefulness for deeper feelings. Or something. I’m assuming. Honestly, it’s not easy making sense out of ridiculousness.

Johnny gives Mu-ryong another shot at the French cooking competition. He also says that he thinks Mu-ryong was right about Joon Ha — there’s something fishy about the guy. So naturally, they spy.

Clearly Mu-ryong thinks the best way to go unnoticed is to disguise himself as a gay gigolo wearing a trim women’s suit with ajumma sunglasses, traveling alongside his dorky tourist buddy in vacation-going casualwear.

They overhear the President telling Joon Ha and Yoo Hee to settle their wedding plans quickly. Yoo Hee attempts to stall, saying they haven’t even paid respects to Joon Ha’s mother yet, but Joon Ha assures her that’s not going to be a problem. They’ll meet her soon; there’s no reason to put off the marriage.

Mu-ryong and Johnny react to the news by getting drunk. Or rather, Mu-ryong gets wasted while Johnny looks at the emotional wreckage in front of him and guesses that Mu-ryong’s in love with Yoo Hee.


Yoo Hee suffers increasing stomach pains, first calling Joon Ha, then Mu-ryong, for help. Hearing how much pain she’s in, Mu-ryong miraculously recovers from his drunken fog and rushes to her side. Joon Ha returns her call, hears her in pain, and also rushes over. Mu-ryong arrives first, but runs into Joon Ha on his way in, who exhibits his characteristic care and consideration for Yoo Hee’s welfare by getting angry at Mu-ryong for his interference.

I’m pretty sure we’re meant to see the difference in the two men’s reaction, as if we didn’t already know who cares more.

Joon Ha takes her to the hospital, where her mystery ailment is not disclosed. I’m guessing it was stress over her relationship woes, because it doesn’t seem very serious.

As Yoo Hee first awakes, she imagines seeing Mu-ryong there by her side rather than Joon Ha. As if we didn’t already know whom she really loves. But I forgive them for this cliche because of how hot Jae Hee is here. (I’m sorry that the main lesson to be taken from my response to Witch Amusement is that hotness buys many favors. But come on, like that’s news. And it’s not just any hotness. It’s Jae Hee!)


On their way to formally greet Joon Ha’s mother, Yoo Hee finally speaks up and tells Joon Ha she can’t marry him. She doesn’t think it’s the right decision, and tries to return his ring. But Joon Ha tells her they’re on their way to greet the elders — they’ll deal with that later, but for the moment, they’ll proceed as planned. It’s clear appearances are more important than the truth. But we knew that.

I think Kim Jung Hoon’s a decent actor, but he’s pretty off in this scene. Or maybe this series. I don’t think he’s been given a lot to work with, to be fair, but for whatever reason, Joon Ha’s so horribly flat. It’s like they just didn’t bother with his character.

Meeting his mother, it’s interesting that she seems a nice, lovely lady. Joon Ha told Yoo Hee she doesn’t have to worry about meeting his mother; she’s from the countryside and it’s not like they’ll be seeing much of her anyway once they’re married. Then, in this scene, the mother seems meek and humble, like one who knows her place is of lower status than the others. So I think Joon Ha’s incredible hardness and ambition stems from some kind of severe inferiority complex, coming from the countryside and possibly suffering what he sees as indignities of a low social upbringing. He left the country, succeeded on his skills, and doesn’t intend to keep in touch with his roots. Meeting his mother for this brief moment does a lot to show us into Joon Ha — but it’s too bad they didn’t bother showing that to us in any compelling way.


Yoo Hee’s visited by a man claiming to be Paran’s uncle — specifically, the older brother to Paran’s father. Yoo Hee confronts her father and asks if it’s true — is Paran really not his son? Is Paran her mother’s son? She’d always thought Paran was her father’s son born of an affair, but now she’s crushed to learn it’s the reverse.

In yet another ridiculous flashback, President Ma recalls how he heard of Paran’s existence, when his ex-wife died — in a car crash, not from an illness as Yoo Hee has always believed.

Baby Paran is awesomely cute. Look at those babycheeks!

President Ma orders Yoo Hee not to speak of this to anyone. Unfortunately, Paran has already overheard, and runs away from home.


Joon Ha’s visited by his bitter ex, asking if it’s true that he’s going to replace her father, and if that’s why he’s marrying a woman he doesn’t even love. Joon Ha sneers, “Love? What’s that? I don’t know what that is.” He tells her not to get too upset — it’s not revenge, he’s just returning what was given him.


Yoo Hee calls Mu-ryong for help looking for Paran, and the two scour all the places they think he could be, like the arcade and the park. Although, for people who are so alarmed at having lost a family member, they move pretty slowly. It looks more like they’re on a bad date than a search-and-rescue mission.

But all that worry is short-lived, as they find Paran in the park. Or rather, Paran literally walks right up to Yoo Hee and presents himself. Man, those two are the worst investigators ever.

Paran asks if it’s true that Yoo Hee’s not his real sister — he overheard her talking to the President. Yoo Hee tells him of course she’s his sister. She was just mistaken.

They take Paran home to Yoo Hee’s for the night, where Yoo Hee thanks Mu-ryong for his help. He congratulates her on her marriage news, and she doesn’t contradict him, thinking he’s getting married too. She congratulates him on his own marriage plans, and Mu-ryong likewise doesn’t contradict her…

…at first. But then he speaks up, and tells her: “I’m not getting married.” Seung Mi wasn’t telling the truth. As he leaves, Yoo Hee can only stare after him…

47 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. jo

    thanks a lot.if i am right there is 3 more episodes to go right

  2. wandergirl

    Frankly, I didn’t like the episode too much there were numerous cliches: miscommunication – so the leads hear untrue things that they believe
    female lead gets into trouble, calls all men involved and they all show up
    (it always makes me wonder why female leads never call a family member first. of course not– the competing male leads need more screen time!)
    drunken confession or spiel – i agree, that there has to be other ways for characters to reveal their true emotions other than always relying on alcohol. it’s an easy way out.
    secret conversation overheard by the person involved – Paran. Of course he has to hear, otherwise it wouldn’t matter.

    Cliches aside, I’ve learned to anticipate and expect them in k-dramas.
    In the end however, all my frustrations melt away because I think of Jae Hee. I can’t not look at him and not feel unforgiving for everything that’s happened in the story so far.

    Like you I’ve grown to love the Mu-ryong/Johnny relationship–er friendship, so the two of them acting like spies and their man-date made me enjoy the episode.

  3. Marzy

    aahHH!! FIRST! been waiting for this all day. hahaha this was a believe it or not funny episode for me. ur commentary just kept me laughing at the computer screen you wouldnt believe. people here at the ofc are staring. made my day. to tell the truth, i like the Sera actress despite the Hyun Bin thing. She’s ok. id rather her or mari instead of the fake johnny GF. ARGH. hilarious is JH’s outfit when they spy. the shades man. but no doubt JaeHee wins in the hotness department. i totally dont like Joon Ha here, i dont know why. KJH’s acting is getting to me. its either he’s a bad villain or the character just bugs the heck out of me. hahha so many cliches here your right. impossible to miss.

  4. Marzy

    erase that.. haha anyway really excited for the next eps.. at least somethings happening despite the bad cliches.. that just go on and on and on. hahahha at least we are getting some story development right now. at least that’s worth it.

  5. yeli

    you’re right…..the plot is just getting ridiculous…..i stopped watching this a long time ago and keep reading your posts hoping that the plot would get more interesting, but I am disappointed.

    Reading your post cracked me up though! haha 😀

  6. Angelina

    LOL I am so laughing out loud now!! I dun really like this episode because YH-MR scenes are so little!! But ur summary change the impression of it! Great episode haha…and yes Jae Hee is so hot that I was sweating while watching this…can’t wait for 14’s summary!

  7. Lovewls

    Your post cracked me up. Too many things to put into an episode. I’d rather they explore bit and pieces in earlier episodes. Now it’s like the PD just reliaze – oooh we got only 2 more episodes to go and yaiks.. we haven’t covered this and that. *rolls eyes*

    Johnny + Allison. mannn i thought that scene was really unnecessary..

  8. nhetski

    thank u javabeans! i always look forward to your summary.. and yes, the script may sometimes be silly but everything’s worth it because of Jae Hee. He’s such an amazing actor (and manly HOT!). Til next ep 🙂

  9. Diana

    I read your summary on the previous episodes and you were right. It did get very draggy after awhile that I began to lose interest. Thank goodness you summarises the episodes each time. I’ll probably continue watching episode 9 and the rest soon (i simply have no interest in watching the drama after episode 8 but because i’m a fan of jae hee, i have to try and finish watching him…i mean, this drama :p)

    in the mean time, I’ll stick to reading your posts. your post cracks me up big time.

  10. 10 Bwitched

    I agree with all the 3 points that u mentioned right before u touch on the preview itself..I had the same sentiments too. I’mso so so sorry for seeing this drama as a failure. The only things that saves everything is Jae Hee n Ga In’s love story. And yes, Paran is a plus.

  11. 11 wintergal

    Been waiting for the summary for so long! Haha. XD Anyway, I haven’t seen this episode yet but reading your summary, it made me laugh. The MR-J scenes are so nice to watch!

  12. 12 Mics

    I really like your summaries javabeans thank you! I find it better to read your summary before watching the episode because you are just that good! But even if you’re that good I’m still disappointed with this drama and I’m actually considering not downloading to watch and just continue to read your summaries. It’s sad because Jae Hee is one of my idols not because of his looks but because I really think he’s a great actor. I hope they made the story better or atleast put much more effort in thinking of the story. It could’ve been better =/ Thanks again!

  13. 13 hershey

    thanks for the summary!!! jae Hee’s soooooo cute in this episode!!! so glad he’s changing somehow his hairstyle…LOVE HIM!!!LOVE HIM!!!

  14. 14 winterscent

    I love your witty remarks about the cliches the drama seems to have dug itself under. I think I’d be laughing my butt off at the Johnny oh-so-traumatised scene ince I always laugh at totally inappropiate moments. Thanks for the summary

  15. 15 amoet

    Thank you for the summary…I already watch it until the 8th episodes, looking forward for the next.

    By the way, Kim Jung Hoon has a lot of improvement than his last performance on Goong. Well, actually in the beginning of the series we’re still imagining he’s Lee Yul but as the story goes on, it replaced with cold Joon Ha.
    I agree with you that they didn’t develop Joon Ha character more deeper, ’cause I think the story would be more interesting if there’s one or two scenes focus on Joon Ha.

    Looking forward for your next summary 🙂

  16. 16 ginnie

    Yes. You’ve mentioned ridiculous.

    haha..I am not watching this series but can’t help reading the summaries…because you are too funny! =) Your sense of humor for something that went wrong is just too good…sort of like if we are stuck in an elevator, you might be the first one to start joking about our unfortunate situation to ease the tension. =P

  17. 17 nileey

    thanks for the summary, as always.

    I just love Jae Hee 🙂

    How was the ratings been for this episode?

  18. 18 pzsvkb

    I love Jae hee…….I love the drama so much….thank you so much…

  19. 19 aida

    I haven’t had the chance to watch epi 13 – thank you for the entertaining summary.

    My heart goes to Seung Mi and really wish the PD will find time to finally pair her up with Johnny-we’ve only got 2 epis left!

  20. 20 Kabumpo

    Love the series. But I think there’s many redundant details in this episode while it’s so hard a chance for meeting between Mu-ryong and Yoo Hee. I wish they let more time for contact scenes between the two main characters (even if it’s quarrel, not just romance).

    Thank you, Javabeans, for the summary! Without you I don’t know how to keep in pace with “Witch Yoo Hee”. The fact is that I don’t know korean and while waiting for fan subs, it’s great for us to have an excellent story teller like You.

  21. 21 IceBerg

    Thank you very much for the summary.
    You make this episode looks funnier than I originally thought.
    It’s so true that this drama is full of “ridiculous” (scenes, actings, scripts, blah blah blah).
    I didn’t download this drama anymore since I lost interest a while ago.
    But I will continue reading your summary as always. Keep up the good work.

  22. 22 rageprufrock

    “(I’m totally joking with the suggestion of homoeroticism, but really, these two buddies have tons more chemistry — pseudo-romantic or not — than the bland Textbook Couple, who barely seem to even like each other as people, much less enough to get married. Is Yoo Hee trying to replicate her parents’ loveless marriage?)”

    God, stop fronting! You know that out of all the couples on this stupid slash amazing show, Johnny and Moo Ryong have the MOST chemistry. It’s HORRIBLE. I keep wanting to root for one of the heterosexual couples and I JUST CANNOT DO IT.

  23. 23 javabeans

    ^^ Lol, they really do. I just can’t quite make the leap because something in my brain will not allow me to slash kdramas. I keep going between thinking, “Wow, I can’t believe a korean show is playing around with homoerotic suggestiveness” and “No way, it has to be accidental, they can’t have done that knowingly.” They just can’t. But… they’re so pretty together.

  24. 24 javabeans

    oh, by the way, rageprufrock has an excellently funny post on the Mu-ryong/Johnny love that says everything i was thinking but couldn’t bring myself to believe. hope you don’t mind the link

  25. 25 CJ

    Go here:

    The rating have been steadily decreasing although it seemed to peak at epi 4.


  26. 26 Anonymous

    I have been waiting for this summary since they started showing the 13th episode. I am just too excited to know exactly what they were talking about, but sometimes even if you don’t understand, you can read between the lines. Thank’s javabeans for the excellent summary. I like KJH very much that’s why I watched this show.

  27. 27 simi

    thanks javabeans for such an awesome summary….as always!! I’ve been waiting and waiting for this. too bad it’s not such a great episode. but your wisecracks and witty observations make it worthwhile. Yep, Johnny and Mu-ryong are the REAL love story in this k-drama. and I just want to say….THANK GOD THEY FINALLY DID SOMETHING ABOUT JAE HEE’S HAIR!!!! the series has been a let down but I keep watching because of him.

  28. 28 melissa

    Did Episode 14 air yet, thursday??
    Because i have been searching everywhere loking for the episode to watch because im dying of suspense with the preview of episode 14, and i was wondering if anyone knew where i can find it to watch or download(but not torrents like d-addicts)???

    plz and thanks

    also, I love ur summaries so much, without you i would not know half of whats going on because of my lack of knowlege when it comes to the korean language..lol..just started learning..lol


  29. 29 melissa

    Never mind my last comment, ive finnally found it….


  30. 30 Risuku Takarai

    I hope this ending of Korean Drama : Happy Ending with Joon Ha and Yoo Hee Married and Lived Happily ever after

  31. 31 DanieliansPiper aka Yieng

    It’s out of my expectation…yucks..
    This episode is good..
    I watched this kdrama coz of Dennis Oppa..
    If there’s no Dennis i don’t feel like watching this…
    Sweet Spy is the best!

  32. 32 javabeans

    keke, it’s so funny to see how different fans are watching for different reasons. (when all you need is ONE! obviously, Jae Hee. lol) as for me, i couldn’t care less about Kim Jung Hoon’s character but I admit he got short-changed in the story department. and I didn’t start out liking Dennis at ALL, but now at least i appreciate that he’s trying, and he’s certainly bringing the pretty. his korean doesn’t even bother me anymore, because i can at least understand him now.

  33. 33 DanieliansPiper aka Yieng

    Javabeans!I’ve to admit that u are doing this wonderfully!
    Awesome summary!I appreciate your comments although it seems harsh to my ears sometimes when u says bout Dennis.
    Keep working,i love ur summary most!

  34. 35 Philippa

    Thanks a lot! YAY! 3 more episodes!

  35. 36 Anonymous

    thx thx thx !!!!!!!!

  36. 37 Elizabeth L.

    LOL, I just have to agree with your comments regarding Johnny and Mu-ryong …what would make me think that they’re a couple…could it be Mu-ryong’s MAN purse??? lol

  37. 38 allie_cat

    enjoyed reading your summaries as always…

    �Mu-ryong thinks the best way to go unnoticed is to disguise himself as a gay gigolo wearing a trim women’s suit with ajumma sunglasses�

    When I saw that scene, I thought, oh man jae hee� why oh why did you let yourself go on cam in that?!?! No matter how hot you can get, Javabeans surely won’t let that go unnoticed! What’s more bizarre is that he struts like he’s wearing the most normal things in the world! Can’t he just wear a simple buttoned-down shirt? No, not jae hee, he has got to make a statement. Oh drats, love is sure blind.

    �But I forgive them for this clich?(c) because of how hot Jae Hee is here. (I’m sorry that the main lesson to be taken from my response to Witch Amusement is that hotness buys many favors. But come on, like that’s news. And it’s not just any hotness. It’s Jae Hee!)�

    His old hairstyle, weird clothes, man-purse and high tops exasperate me to no end, but he makes up for all of it when he turns on his smoldering stare or when he acts like he’s trying to suppress his tears by controlling his tear ducts to just puddle in his eyes and not actually fall down his cheeks.

  38. 39 Bebe

    i was wondering where did u get this song from? i’ve looked everywhere! help please!

  39. 40 nikki

    Clearly Mu-ryong thinks the best way to go unnoticed is to disguise himself as a gay gigolo wearing a trim women�s suit with ajumma sunglasses, traveling alongside his dorky tourist buddy in vacation-going casualwear.

    I just have to say that this bit made me laugh for a long while. Love your re-caps. I was thinking of watching the show, but I think I’ll just read your re-caps instead – they may just be better than the actual show.

  40. 41 NikkiBell

    Love the review

    That was by far the best line of the review! I love it.

  41. 42 Sophie

    So did Yoo Hee like Joon Ha or Mu-ryong in the end?
    I kind of hoped she was with Joon Ha because he looks better haha

  42. 43 none

    can u please tell me what is the phone model that is uesd in ep 13 when yoo hee had a stomatch ache??thanks.its nt the sky phone dat is used in previous eps though.

  43. 44 bip

    guys.. does anybody know a korean drama about two competing restaurant thing.. one owned by a rich guy and another one poor.. the son and daughter of the owners fall in love i think.. the name of the drama please

  44. 45 Relena Chung

    I totally agree with you. Joon Ha’s acting… is totally off. I really don’t like this actor for some reason because just like in Goong and in this drama… he has the same offish look on his face.

    But on a lighter note, Dennis Oh and Jae Hee is what made me watch and finish off this series!

  45. 46 Paran

    I really need to put a copyright on my name

    The funny thing is I am not Korean, but my wife is

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