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Air City: Episode 7
by | June 10, 2007 | 25 Comments

So, the bad news: Air City is starting to bore me.

The good news: The men are seriously hot. Particulars:

1. Lee Jung Jae pissed off and all hot and bothered.
2. Lee Jung Jae punching douchebags
3. Lee Jung Jae in aviator shades and leather jacket
4. Lee Jung Jae
5. Lee Jin Wook pissed off and all hot and bothered
6. Lee Jin Wook punching douchebags
7. Lee Jin Wook with battle scars
8. Lee Jin Wook with five o’clock shadow
9. Lee Jin Wook
10. Guy who plays Min Wook
11. Guy who plays Ji Sung’s agent friend in Hong Kong
12. Guy who plays Jung Min, even if he’s the asshole who gets Do Kyung in trouble
13. Hot guys packing heat in bulletproof vests


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Ji Sung and Ha Joon both race to the holding cell where Do Kyung’s been accused of smuggling drugs after being set up by her “friend,” Jung Min. Both men express their frustration in different ways. Ha Joon provides the supportive, caring “I love you even if you may or may not be dating the drug-smuggling bastard, and may or may not be involved with Ji Sung, and offer you my shoulder in support as a friend even though I hate that you don’t see me romantically.” Ji Sung, on the other hand, reacts more harshly, as though to say, “I mean this in no misogynistic way because in reality I totally dig you, but, Seriously, woman?! How could you be that naive? I know you’re not stupid, but Seriously, are you stupid?!

Like I said, they react in different ways.

Do Kyung is taken into custody, and news of her arrest spreads quickly. Her office and home are upended by the drug team agents, and the airport employees are left wondering what is going on.

Yi Kyung visits her sister, and here’s where I think they dropped the ball reconciling the two sisters so early. By already having restored them on good terms, Yi Kyung’s reaction now (worried, upset, blah blah blah) is predictable and boring. But imagine if they’d left them on shaky ground — this incident could have been the catalyst showing Yi Kyung that she still loves her sister. She could’ve initiated the reunion by coming to Do Kyung’s support when she most needs it. I would’ve found that much more interesting.


Ji Sung knows Do Kyung’s situation is not good but is equally unable to do anything about it. Agent Min Wook is ordered to Hong Kong to find smuggler Jung Min, but Ji Sung is ordered to stay behind. The NIS is exceedingly tight-lipped about the case, which frustrates Ha Joon most of all, who’s aggravated at being kept in the dark and unable to help. He goes to Ye Won (Agent Im) for information, but she refuses. Perhaps if he hadn’t burned her by getting her into trouble the last time she told him something confidential, she’d be more inclined to help.

The drug department people treat Do Kyung like the criminal they think she is, and talk down to her, putting the uppity suspect in her place. Ji Sung arrives just as one such dickwad is giving Do Kyung a hard time, and Ji Sung loses his temper and punches him. The supervisor walks in, infuriated at Ji Sung, who yells at him to conduct their work properly. The supervisor, naturally, doesn’t like being told how to do his work and reports Ji Sung to his bureau chief, who suspends Ji Sung from duty.

Since nobody will give him any information, Ha Joon takes it upon himself to play Do Kyung’s white knight and finds an old classmate of Do Kyung’s who also knew Jung Min. He goes to Hong Kong to meet the friend, sporting some sexy stubble. (I wish they’d dressed him in something other than a suit while they were at it.) The friend hears Jung Min’s name and visibly stiffens. She provides the name of a bar he frequents, as well as the name he uses in Hong Kong, Alan Kim, and warns Ha Joon that he’s very dangerous.

While supervisor Min undergoes a checkup with Myung Woo, Manager Noh shares the news that Ji Sung got into trouble raising a ruckus over Do Kyung’s case. They wonder at his behavior, and Manager Noh says it’s obvious why, since Ji Sung likes Do Kyung. Myung Woo’s startled to hear it.

She calls out Ji Sung and assures him that she won’t tell Do Kyung about their former relationship. Ji Sung surprises her by saying he’s already told Do Kyung everything. Despite caring nothing about Lady Doctor, I like that this demonstrates nicely why their relationship broke up — Ji Sung’s reaction is to lay out the truth in plain sight, while Lady Doctor’s is to hide it.

She’s a very pretty woman, but she just grates on my nerves. It’s a combination of the character and the flat, unresponsive acting, which is only cast into starker relief next to Lee Jung Jae’s intensity (and Choi Ji Woo’s sophistication). Somehow I see her as a kindly neighborhood matron rather than an attractive doctor in a fast-paced environment. I think she got stuck in the wrong drama. She’d probably do much better in ajumma dramas like My Man’s Woman, Rude Women, or daily series (which are all shows I won’t watch). Anyway. If she continues being so placid (more like flaccid) and docile, I’m going to be adding adjectives to Lady Doctor, and they’re bound to be more colorful than “pretty.”

The airport employees all ponder Do Kyung’s situation, and come up with one solution that would clear her name: If the guy who’d swallowed drugs in the last episode woke up, he could confirm that Do Kyung isn’t part of his organization. Yay!

So, of course, he dies. Suicide. In the very next scene.

Seriously, writers? It’s called “foreshadowing,” not “fore-hitting-you-over-the-head- with-hints-that-give-away-the-ending.”


Ji Sung, now kicked temporarily out of the airport, hears the bad news from Ye Won with chagrin. Ha Joon wanders the streets of Hong Kong asking random strangers if they know Jung Min. And Do Kyung sits in jail to remind us that although Choi Ji Woo barely has any lines in this episode, she is still one of the main characters. She does receive a sweater from her sister, which again would’ve been such a great gesture if they hadn’t reconciled so early. But since they did, the scene just reads as, “Oh, she’s cold. Sweater. Huh.”


Forced to turn in his badge and passport to the agency, Ji Sung uses a fake passport to go to Hong Kong. Agents Ye Won and Min Wook are already there to track down Wang Wei’s (evil heart-patient guy from Episode 1) organization, and meet with their correspondents there, who are upset that they were sent instead of Ji Sung. They trust Ji Sung and would rather work with him.

Ha Joon sees Jung Min in the bar and follows him around, doing a pretty poor job at being secretive. Wang Wei, meanwhile, is impatient to capture Jung Min. I don’t speak Chinese, but even I can tell that neither does he. It sounds like really fucked-up Korean more than anything.

The agents prepare to raid Wang Wei’s organization, first stopping by to pick up Ji Sung, who’s arrived on his own. The HK agent welcomes Ji Sung’s presence, although Ye Won and Min Wook are alarmed (further still to hear Ha Joon’s also in town).

Ye Won gets a phone call from the chief, who’s heard Ji Sung’s disappeared and asks her if she’s seen him. Ye Won covers her eyes as she answers, “Uh, no, I really didn’t see him.”

Ha Joon manages to catch Jung Min, telling him he was sent on behalf of Do Kyung. In light of the bigger picture (drugs, guns, organized crime), Ha Joon’s misplaced chivalry seems laughable, but I think it’s supposed to be. Or I hope it is. But the encounter is interrupted when Wang Wei’s thugs arrive en masse to beat the hell out of Jung Min. Ha Joon attempts to defend Jung Min (I’m going to explain this by thinking he wanted more info from him, and had to help him if he wanted to get it), but instead draws their attention to himself while Jung Min escapes. Oh, Ha Joon.

By the time Ji Sung and the agents infiltrate Wang Wei’s headquarters, they find it empty and abandoned, except for one lone figure hanging from the rafters, strung up by his hands, upside-down: Ha Joon.

He’s injured but not severely, and Ji Sung angrily berates him for interfering blindly with their affairs, acting the foolish hero. Because of his hastiness, he ruined their operation, which they’d been planning for ages. Ha Joon has enough energy to take offense at the implication that he fucked up their sting, which, honey, you kinda did.


Ji Sung’s agent comrade tells him they’ll have to give up on Wang Wei now, since all their work ended in failure. But Ji Sung won’t give up — he’d rather start over and get him eventually.

When Ha Joon hears the full(er) story, he’s angered to hear Ji Sung and the agents are there to catch Wang Wei and not to help Do Kyung. I get that he cares for her so much that he’s single-minded in his quest to save her, but it’s kind of a stupid sentiment. You’re really going to get mad at the national security agents for doing their job and trying to capture large-scale international criminals instead of disobeying orders to act on personal motivation? I know you’re pretty, but don’t be stupid.

Do Kyung is released, as they haven’t found anything linking her to the drug smuggling. At the same time, Ji Sung traces his steps from the night his friend died in Hong Kong, remembering the events leading to his death.

25 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. ayc_zach007

    This is my 1st time posting here, but I’ve been checking out your blogs every week for updates! And I gotta say your funny insights and detailed descriptions of every episodes is very very good indeed! Thank you!

  2. erms

    i love you. please note that =P

  3. ay_link

    Thank you sarahbeans dear 🙂
    I thought ep 7 was much better structured than the previous eppies, but then again, I’m probably still very much bias coz I just

  4. ay_link

    Thank you sarahbeans dear 🙂
    I thought ep 7 was much better structured than the previous eppies, but then again, I’m probably still very much bias coz this series is very dear to me kekeke…

    One thing bothers the heck out of me though… did you realize just how many friggin scenes our Ji Sung wears that white shirt (the one with the squares on it)? Seriously, at least make him wear something else after all those bloody stains in ep 8… but no~~ after he washed up and we can assume he ‘changed’ what he wore, he came out of the bathroom with THE SAME SHIRT again. Ughhhhhhh…. LOL. I began to wonder just how many of the same shirts they have in filming ep 6-8.. O____O
    But I’m happy to see the preview of ep 8… coz he FINALLY wears something else for a change! hahaha… hmph~

  5. javabeans

    Hehe shenny, honestly I didn’t notice LJJ’s shirt — I’m generally too busy staring at his face. LOL. But you’re right, they could have changed it.

    Don’t worry, I can point out flaws and still enjoy AC for what it is. And between LJJ and LJW, there’s plenty of reason to stick around. 🙂

  6. Philippa

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!! I love this drama! This episode is not so great, but it’s the writer’s fault! lol. They shouldn’t have reconciled so early… K thanks again! Can you please post the lyrics of Learning to Fly in english? I love that song! Thanks again!

  7. javabeans

    Philippa, check out Episode 4’s summary for the lyrics ~

  8. Jessica

    Wasn’t Air City supposed to be 60 episodes before?

    Perhaps because they had to shrink it, a lot of the script had to be rewritten?

  9. javabeans

    Jessica, as I understand it, the preliminary plan was to have it be 60 episodes, but broken into 3 sections (or seasons), with each section being 20 episodes. The main stars would have only signed on for their respective seasons, so essentially, nothing has changed much from what they were intending to do and what they’re currently doing. Since they decided not to do the 60 eps, I don’t want to necessarily cut them that much slack in terms of rewriting the story.

  10. 10 wrblee

    Dear javabeans,

    You are start get boring of Air city? Such a bad news…coz I’m addicted to your summary. It helps me alot for understanding what’s going on….

    PLS…PLS…Keep summarizing this episode til the end of it…

    LJJ and LJW and other guys are so hot to stick around ^^

    I love this drama…and love your summary!!

  11. 11 Anni

    Yeah !!! So sad to hear that you start to bore Air City…coz for me It’s still so excite !!! and I love it very much. Anyway I hope you continue to make the summary ( if possible ) coz your review really help so many Non-Korean….to understand the story. We’re very aprrechiate your work….

  12. 12 joyce

    i watched the first two episodes of air city
    and after that i was bored..

    because it reminds me of a lot soap operas in my country (and a lot of 90s action films) which was more interesting(or rather unintereting) to watch

    in short im tired of stories like this

  13. 13 hanihash

    I can sense your frustrations javabeans because you obviously have watched a lot of K-dramas to know what you like or don;t like. I find that if I read your synopsis before and during my own viewing of the episodes, I get to understand things better. Your comments never fail to make me think and to take a closer look. But, I gotta admit I am not a fan of action dramas, Alias included, and am an incurable romantic who falls for a mushy love story anytime. Especially one with a cast as good looking as this. Lee Jung Jae is fast unseating all others in my “hunks I’d love to grab” wishlist. Despite the shortcomings of the scripting and the story flow, I do hope you will not give up writing your synopsis javabeans. I for one am counting on you. I do hope these k-drama producers will take a few hints from your comments and maybe polish up their act so they can make even better ones in future for us to enjoy. Thanks!

  14. 14 julier

    LOL javabeans…your header is too funny! I was thinking the same thing. The drama isn’t the greatest, but dang the guys are hot. There is Ji Sung of course, but I’m totally in love with Ha Joon. He’s the nice guy, with the right amount of cockiness. Re the lady dr, I agree with you completely. She had the exact same effect on me in Alone In Love- it is almost painful for me to watch her. There is something about her voice that is too perfect for me. I’m a fan of the daily dramas, but I don’t think I would like her any better there. Thanks javabeans!

  15. 15 ginnie

    I feel that they could’ve just made this all in Korea……

    Why bother to include other nationalities i.e Singapore, Hong Kong, China….when all we have are “international baddies”? Am I supposed to believe that because the location is the airport, the criminals are all from “other” countries? Everybody from the airport/korea is heavenly and righteous? It just seems to me that the point of including other countries is just to show the main characters in a more glamorous criminal-busting plot rather than serving the plot.

  16. 16 jj

    hi javabeans. 1st time writing to u.
    i’m a romantic gal at heart, so action movies/dramas are def not for me.
    but i’ve been faithfully following air city cos i adore JW ever since Mr Duke.
    lets just say..i’m biased when it comes to her…hehe
    THANK U SO MUCH for your summary, that i understand the show better…and can now say i take interest in LJJ & LJW other works…am checking up on their prev projects.
    the thing that bothers me most is…its already epi 7…where’s the romance, PD?!

    tks again for the wonderful job, javabeans!

  17. 17 happysis

    Thanks JavaBeans for the translations. I’m sorry hearing that you’re getting bore with AC. I just think that the directors are trying to show different cases/stories that could happen at the airport and a continuation of JS old case. It’s like in FBI, things take time for getting the clue. I just believe that people tend to like to see things happens with beginning and end quickly within a short time frame. I personally like intrigue stories but do agree with you that in some episodes I wasn’t able to understand the story. Again, since I’m not Korean, and this is the 1st time I follow the drama this way coz I usually wait and buy the DVD with English translation and watch it. It is hard to watch first without able to understand the language.

    Anyway hope you would still hanging on with this drama for us, the Non-Korean people. Thanks!

  18. 18 Philippa

    Thanks javabeans!

  19. 19 Marzy

    hey sarah!! well its a decent episode to say the most. but i couldnt help laugh out loud after those semi-sarcastic comments about the sweater and HJ messing up the opeartion. thanks for this! 🙂 i know why you arent so keen on continuing at times, im a huge alias fan and im sad it ended too. so i know where you are going, plus i think they are a bit underutilizing CJW and LJJ in some parts.

  20. 20 Tee

    Thank you JavaBeans, it’s interesting read you, I most say am gettin bore too, for some reason I cant quite fall for the series, i find myseld palying fast forward not because am too exited to see what’s next but just in the hope to see something else, the airport employes are gettin anoying and they look like bad actors, i find very unreal that Mr agent could go out that easy to honk kong when we have been shown nothig scapes the cameras of incheon, I dunno…. I really like Ji Woo, but this drama just like Rondo is not makeing the cut.
    thank for your work.

  21. 21 Nordelm

    Ha Joon is not stupid, he’s just very much in love with Do Kyung, that’s why he’s doing or saying stupid things. I love his character very much. Air City is not boring to me. I think it’s very exciting, interesting & intriguing. I watched the episodes with English subtitles quite a few times because I like the storyline & the exciting scenes. I think it’s a great drama, quite different from the ones I watched before. I’m very eager to see the next episodes with English subtitles.

  22. 22 jolee

    i feel the same way as you do about the lady doctor. she seems very matronly and more like a housewife. i totally agree that she is in the wrong show and would completely fit into a daily drama. when i saw her treating patients, while she did have a calm and understanding quality a lot of doctors have, she just doesnt seem like a doctor to work in a fast pace enviornment. i always picture her as one of those doctors who would be better off treating elderly patients and taking the care and time to talk to them and get to know them, not a doctor working in the ER. she doesnt carry a strong decisive air at all which would be needed for someone who needs to command the ER and make quick decisions.

    i think shes a very bad miscast. at first i was expecting her to be like Dong Gyu’s aunt in Hello Miss because she seemed to look alike at first glance. the actress in HM brought her limited character to life with her strong and lively personality. however, this actress seems to mix the personal aspects of her character with the professional. even when shes supposedly doing her work, her focus is not on the task at hand but on Ji Sung and how to mend the relationship. the same long face she carries in every scene gets dull and shows a lack of range. with everyone else in the cast, even those in minor roles like all the janitors, playing their roles extremely well, she only serves as a reminder of how does not fit in and how much improvement needs to be done on her acting. i cant say she should take all the blame because her character seems to be poorly written, with the “im dying but im not telling you for your own good” cliche as her story, but i think with good acting skills one can turn even the most limited of roles into one the viewers can empathized or sympathize with.

  23. 23 Nora from CA, USA

    I love Air City & had watched it in the internet quite a few times. The ending of Air City is not real bad at all because Do Kyung had a very good attitude about the whole situation, a very strong woman who continue to live happily inspite of any adversity. After all, she had the support of Ha Joon who gave her strength & friendship. I really kinda like for Do Kyung & Ha Joon to end up together. Choi Ji Woo & Lee Jin Wook look great together. Choi Ji Woo, Lee Jung Jae & Lee Jin Wook were really good in this drama. I rate this 10 out of 10, completely different from the other Korean drama I watched before.

  24. 24 Midori

    I have just found out this website.
    Love all the hard work you guyz put in.
    Keep it up.
    I plan to be a permanent fixture here
    and check out all the stories posted

  25. 25 Jomo 143∞

    It is very strange what you wrote at the top, in the middle and then that last part about each hot guy – it is as if you were reading my mind.

    A very cute, dimply Lee Sang Yoon, with glasses *sigh*

    We get to see a little peek at LJW’s – Ryu’s later hotness with the stubble.

    But who are all the HK guys? I have to do that click on every name thing in Dwiki and Hancinema to get their names….

    And whatever CJW has – not sure yet – a stillness, a lonely sweetness – she is compelling. It happened fast, but I totally see her character with LJJ’s. But no snow, for God’s sakes and no ski resorts!!!

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