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Bad Couple: Episode 5
by | June 17, 2007 | 41 Comments

Oh my, Episode 5 of Bad Couple is so redonkulously cute. It’s a hazard to the health of fun-loving romantic souls everywhere. I haven’t recapped the entire episode, but highlighted some of the absurdly sweet moments between our favorite pair, Dang Ja and Gi Chan. And really, that’s all you need from this episode anyway! This show is so great in its ability to melt hearts into gooeyness, yet manages not to be too corny by undercutting all that romanticism with a lot of humor.

All I can say is, beware, married men! There’s no they’ll be able to measure up to Gi Chan after this.


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In an effort to cut things off with Gi Chan, Dang Ja tries to convince him that she’s a difficult woman and repel him with her extravagance. When he offers to buy her a gift, she takes him on a shopping spree, batting her eyes prettily and asking for ludicrously expensive clothing, jewelry, accessories. (I estimate the excursion cost Gi Chan approximately $10,000.)

But despite it, he buys them without complaint. Afterward, sitting in a restaurant, Gi Chan asks her why she’s doing this. Startled, Dang Ja tries to explain this is how she always is, but Gi Chan knows better — he knows she’s purposely spending too much money to push him away. He asks why — is she testing him? With her plan revealed, Dang Ja is honest and says no, there’s just one reason for her behavior: “I won’t ever marry. I’ve never once in my life even considered it.” Gi Chan tells her, “Then you can start thinking about it now. I’ll be your guardian.”

She turns him down again, assuring him she’ll return her purchases for refunds, and walks away. But Dol Soon practically melts (as do we all) over hearing his lovely words. She pushes Dang Ja to actually consider marriage — this guy’s special.


Gi Chan’s super-ultra-conservative father arrives to tell him he’s setting him up with a prospective bride. Gi Chan resists, but his father tells him it’s way beyond time for him to settle down and marry. He’d better get hitched this year at the latest.

That night, Gi Chan has a dream that night that he’s at the altar, wearing his most unhappy face as he faces his strange bride. Dang Ja interrupts, and Gi Chan attempts to chase her, but falls down in the aisle calling out her name. He wakes up in bed in a cold sweat yelling Dang Ja’s name.


So, Gi Chan requests one final date with Dang Ja, but while driving there, she accidentally cuts off a truck driver, who chases her to yell at her. Gi Chan, ever the chivalrous gentleman, tries to intervene… well, it’s the thought that counts, right?

While Gi Chan is, um, distracted by his attempt to defend her honor, Dang Ja finds the ring that falls out of his pocket. Meanwhile, Gi Chan keeps asking Dang Ja — who’s unhurt and untouched — if she’s okay, while he gets pounded. As long as she’s fine, he’s fine.

She hands back the ring that fell out of his pocket, and Gi Chan is disappointed to mess up his planned proposal. He had everything set up elaborately, too. Dang Ja tells him she doesn’t want to see his elaborate event: “I know you’re a good man. If I had any intention of marrying, I’d be the one grabbing hold of you. I mean it.” She gives him the clothing refund, and leaves him with: “It was only a short while, but I made a lot of memories. I won’t ever be able to forget them. I’m not just saying that, I really mean it. That’s why, if you keep contacting me, it’ll just become harder on me.”


Dang Ja arrives home to find a Christmas tree has been delivered — his big event. She opens the boxes tied to the tree to find rolls of film with writing on them. Brace yourselves —

“You’re not somebody I think I could love, you’re someone I can’t NOT love.”

“At the salsa club, I felt jealousy for the first time. I want to learn that dance and dance it with you.”

“All the flowers and plants I raise from now on, I raise for your sake. I never knew it could be so satisfying living for someone’s sake.”

“You’re like a thorn stuck in my palm. Every time I see you, you dig deeper into my skin. So, my heart aches.”

“I want to know everything about you. Whether you draw well, whether you settle agreements well, whether you can cook the kimchee stew I like, what makes you cry. I want to know it all.”

“You have a hidden pain, don’t you? Don’t hide it. I’ll hold you warmly and turn them into pearls. I’ll make you happy.”

“Do you know when you took root in my heart? At the island, when you fought with the boar and collapsed, I thought, I’d have to protect you forever.”

“The words I hate hearing the most: ‘I won’t marry.’ The words I want to say most: ‘I want to see you.'”

Dol Soon and her husband have a grand ol’ time reading the messages, giddy over how wonderful Gi Chan is, telling Dang Ja she can’t let him go. Dol Soon finds an unraveled message and reads it for her: “Don’t be afraid of marriage. I’ll clear away all the stones that lay in your path.”

Dang Ja admits she felt uneasy after breaking up with him. Reading the messages, she had the thought that there are no other men in the world like him, and wonders if she can continue dating him.


Dol Soon is so incredibly curious over meeting Gi Chan that she threatens Dang Ja that she’ll go looking for himself if Dang Ja doesn’t introduce them. So they go out for drinks together, where Dol Soon asks Gi Chan what he likes about Dang Ja. He answers that she has a lot of thorns, which suggest there’s something there underneath them. At first not impressed with the answer, Dang Ja warms up as he explains that there are plants with lots of thorns, but the flesh underneath them is very tender. He can tell that she’s a tender person. He’ll take care of her from now on.

After Gi Chan is thorougly tipsy, Dol Soon notices him tending to the tree in the bar (while the song “Lemon Tree” plays overhead). She tells Dang Ja, “Hey, that guy’s talking to the tree over there, and it’s all about you. He must really have fallen for you.”

And finally, THE ROSES

When approached by a flower girl, Gi Chan buys the entire bunch of long-stemmed red roses, so naturally when he sees her home, Dang Ja assumes they’re for her. But he just drunkenly says his polite goodnight, and keeps his roses.

Dang Ja notices him stooping down in front of the grass in front of her apartment, where he sticks the roses into the soil, one by one. She watches as he talks to the roses, telling them: “I’ve never fallen from a test in my life. But what do I do if Dang Ja lets me fall? Rose, help me. I’m lacking a lot of things to her, I know that. I’ll try harder.” A thorn pricks his finger, and he says, “Do you know that Dang Ja has thorns too? Everything as beautiful as you has thorns.”

Overwhelmed, Dang Ja approaches him, and envelops him in a hug, as he promises her, “Dang Ja, I’ll do better. A lot better.”

41 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. supersumiehime

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! That was too cute! Thank you so much for this summary, I was waiting for it! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Too cute!
    (Do guys like that really exist?)

  2. sari

    ohhhhhhh my god , im melting….and im crying itss sooooo romanticcccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc…..

  3. Linh

    i love this drama so much thx for blogging this up for me!!!!thx!!!!

  4. Jessica

    OMG! I can’t wait to watch this episode!!!

  5. Suz07

    Thanks Sarah for the summaries…GC is so sweet with words. If only there was this type of man who exists? hehe sigh! LOVE IT!

  6. Jessica

    Ok, now that I’ve had time to calm down a bit πŸ™‚ I noticed that they seem to be moving at a really quick pace.

    The GC falling for her, the pregnancy, and now DJ falling for him.

    It really makes me wonder what the pacing is going to be like for the remaining 11 episodes.

    I REALLY hope they don’t drag out any parts like some kdramas do near the end. Because so far I love how things have progressed.

    (And please no “1 year later” stuff!)

  7. javabeans

    em, i was writing this totally imagining you flipping out over the scenes. πŸ˜€ haha!

    supersumihieme, i don’t actually believe men like Gi Chan exist in the world. but strangely, believing that does not hinder my enjoyment in the perfect Mr. Perfect here. he’s too adorable for words. and it’s to Shin Eun Kyung’s credit that I totally think Dang Ja deserves him, even if he’s more perfect than she is. that’s okay with me.

  8. supersumiehime

    I agree too! That picture of him looking at the roses, his expression was too cute! (melted into pool on floor)

  9. mily2

    thank you SO much sarahbeans.. luvvvvvvvvvv you.. hehee.. i’ve been dying to know what GC said.. so thank you thank you.. *smooch*

  10. 10 mily2

    omg.. sarahbeans.. i want to marry GC.. gosh.. he’s too adorable for words!!! No wonder DJ is melting.. she better grab hold of him fast.. because he’s just too amazing.. i’ll give him 110 points.. hehe.. the dream is so hilarious.. I saw the “NG” and omg… rotfl!!! The casts have a wonderful & happy time together.. filled w/ laughters.. and I can see why.. the storyline is just so fun & fresh!! Once again.. thank you so much dearest.. you rock!!!

  11. 11 lime9

    as i’ve said over at soompi i was drinking water and nearly choked/spat all over my sis’s monitor at GC’s dream. i mean the end of the dream nearly killed me since it was so spontaneously funny. i’m liking all the visual effects in this episod too

  12. 12 ginnie

    hehe…thank you for the summary~~!!!

    I’m actually quite cynical when it comes to overly perfect guys. =P
    But surprisingly I find this enjoyable, if I try not to think about finding where this guy is in reality..haahah… And I think this perfect, dirtless botanist character write up is used up very well to counter Ms. Dang Ja so that she has no other reasons to resist!

    I look forward to new episodes! Not sure what else is up their sleeve!
    hehe..hopefully they don’t over-do the perfect stunts for our Gi Chan. I like some dirt on guys. hahahaa…

  13. 13 luckione

    emily just gave me the link to your blog (i knew it before) … and it’s the bestest thing that made my weekend! :::saved link as my new favorite:::

    omooo, THANK YOU sooo much for the beautifully written summary, sarah! i love it! i’ve been dying to know what our sweet GC wrote on those film strips. my goodness, i think they got to be the SWEETEST thing ever. *swoon*

    i’ll come to your blog as my hourly ritual from now!

  14. 14 jamyuen

    thank you for the summary. keep up the good work

  15. 15 Jacqueline Tan

    I will fall for Gi Chan myself too. What a speech of commitment. Great chemistry between the two stars.

  16. 16 Bwitched

    oh thanks. And I somehow think RSY fits this character better than LDW if he ever took the role in the first place. RSY have the innocent n stupid looking but a sweet guy nevertheless

  17. 17 Marzy

    sarah!!! awww….. i love it. thanks for the summary/highlights. sigh, so romantic. as i echo, everyone and say is there a Gi Chan out there? man, this episode will turn you into mush. as much as i wanna say something cynical i cant. its just aww.. i hope the writers can carry this through the entire drama. πŸ™‚

  18. 18 amareally

    Can’t say anything but THANK YOU javabeans !!

  19. 19 ay_link

    Thank you, thank you! MUAH!!
    I’ve been wanting to know what all those camera rolls notes say hehe.. even though I kinda knew, all those notes will be super sweet sigh~~ =) =)
    Gi Chan rocks!!

    oh and episode 6… our cute Yeon Doo is finally back! with some lines too!
    hee hee… I love her cute lil dresses heheh.. and in episode 6 when she said she wants to be like DJ,… doesn’t wanna marry etc.. haha.. so adorable =) I want more of her^^ Dol Soon is a cool mom too, I like their happy family potrayal…

  20. 20 Philippa

    OMG I LOVE, I LOVe, I LOVE this drama! AHHHHHHH! It’s so adorable! It’s so cute! I LOVE HIM! I LOVe YOU TOO! lol. thanks a lot!

  21. 21 tsunamiblues

    WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW, I think that is the most romantic and creative proposal ever, seriously I am jealous, this is what happens, we watch these dramas and expect guys in real life to be this wonderful, and then we find out that this is called entertainment for a reason.

    This show seems pretty fantastic.

  22. 22 Bunde

    I am enjoying this drama so much. Thanks for the summary. It helps to fill the gaps where I don’t understand all the Korean.

    So funny that GC is so old fashioned, is head over heels for this woman and is such a good demure guy (no, not some hot shot corporate exec). She is now pursued but in a good way!

  23. 23 kiwee

    God, please let men like gi chan rule the world. even if with cheesy events.

  24. 24 ginnie


    We can’t afford to have Gi Chan rule the world! He’ll make the world full of diabetic women with his high “sugar” content.

  25. 25 merriwether

    Thank you for your summary. You’re great!

    Gosh I loved this episode. Gi Chan was BEYOND ADORABLE. It was times like that I wish I could read Chinese because I was watching the Chinese subbed version. Bunde, I have to agree with you there about the Gi Chan being a good demure guy. If only such men like that existed. I melted every time Gi Chan did something sweet. And his smile! And when he said he liked her smile. Big AWWWW from me there.

    I’m sure what he did this episode would’ve given the guys a few ideas. Bad Couple is definitely the drama I’m anticipating every week.

  26. 26 blueseeker

    Wow that scene with the christmas tree was just great, thank you for putting the exact quotes i was melting as i was reading it. Like you i do not believe man like him really exist but is nice to hope that perhaps one day we will see a miracle. Thank you for making these summaries, am one of those who loves to watch the episodes in raw just to know what is going on so am glad you can help us out a bit.

  27. 27 thuha

    Hey guys, you don’t believe in fantasy and there is a guy like DG? I do ’cause my hubby is like him. Well, not as romantic as GC, but closed in his own way. Like last nite I was tired from watching our hyperactive boy, and he only went to work for like 1/2 day, I asked him to go home early, he said he can’t… but 1 hr later he got home to surprise me, and he took care of the son ever since so that I can take a nap… I guess when you found someone that love you like they love themseves, they show sweet sides that you never know… and of course this drama is written by a few authors, and probably with the audience’s ideas too, so it collects all the sweetest things women can ever dream in a man. I guarantee that you can see your dearest one has at least one of them, if not, kick him out πŸ™‚

  28. 28 mily2

    sarahbeans.. i can’t help but go back and read the summaries.. yes.. I’m THAT into them & this series.. ahah.. kdrama is definitely a world of fantasy.. where perfect men like GC actually exists.. he’s so different from all those “players”.. so it makes those sweet scenes extra special since you know that he does it with sincerity.. and yes.. like everyone else.. i was melting away at his sweetness.. and he has that dorky & adorable child-like quality of an “inexperienced” man who is falling in love for the first time.. sooo cute!!!
    falling in love w/ DJ totally changes him.. his life is now exciting and he can experience the process of falling in love * with thorns and all*.. i love his comparison of roses and DJ.. and I totally rotfl when DJ imagined GC kicking her off the bed and hugging his tree instead of her.. ahahah.. at least she only has to worry about him loving his trees and not other women * like that meanie HY’s cheating hubby* tsk tsk!! gosh.. i better stop now.. i try not get too drawn into this world of fantasy too much.. hehe.. i think it’s a mode of escapism.. hahaha.. i don’t want to stay in dreamland 24/7 because i am afraid that i will be too drawn to it and ignore the life that i should live.. ehhe.. gotta get back to reality.. but thank you again sarahbeans.. your recaps brighten up my weekend.. honestly!!! * sending sarahbeans lots of love & hugs*

  29. 29 Anonymous

    I was wondering if you are a professional writer?? from what I can tell you sure have the skills!! your narrated the drama flawlessly that, even if I didn’t watch it, I’d feel emotion. You sure are clever with words… keep up the good work:)
    BTW, if there are men watching/reading this drama… do take notes!!!

  30. 30 samantha

    At first when you started to summarize this drama i thought it was kind of boring but i was bored today and i decided to read this summary. And i must admitt that i think i’lll try reading the rest and watching this drama because the tree scene made me feel like crying this is sooooo cute…. great job keep it up.

  31. 31 mianaw

    i watched this drama after seeing how wonderful flowers for my life was after i read your summaries for that and i knew your word could be trusted and i really did melt at those words and got a bit glassy eyed by how sweet gi chan is in this episode and i find that this drama should come with a warning label too, because is there anyway we can find any soul out there as wonderful as GI Chan or i’ll be happy to have Dal Ja’s Tae Bong but sadly, i am sure its next to impossible in real life. In any case, thanks so much, for all your summaries and all you do…very much grateful and appreciate the time you put in

  32. 32 javabeans

    em, you’re right about the escapism! i think what endears Gi Chan is not just the things he says or does, but the fact that you get the sense he wouldn’t be like that with anyone BUT Dang Ja… it’s easy to attach the label of “sincerity” to a character in a drama, but it’s that quality about him that makes me think Gi Chan really IS being sincere… because we saw how he was before, and we can witness that Dang Ja is bringing out his sweetness. it’s like thuha says about her own husband — certain traits are brought out when a person’s with someone they love. *ahh*

    and thanks for the compliment, anon #29 (and everyone!). it makes all this worth writing to read such lovely comments. πŸ˜‰

  33. 33 Anonymous

    thank you

  34. 34 michi

    wwwaaaahhhhh!!! i want to my gi chan too!

  35. 35 SarangCandee

    i’m amazingly so loving this series so far…

  36. 36 catinmyfridge

    I’m still wondering how Lee Dong Wook thought this script sucked?

  37. 37 varms

    OMG, how can i not comment after an episode summary like that?!^^I love what he wrote on the film, i totally teared up at that part and golly, where do i find a guy like that??? I haven’t even watched it yet but i’m dying to watch it now… Thank you, javabeans for the summary! You’re the best! The main guy is really good in this series… I was surprised… He’s so sweet in this episode! πŸ™‚

  38. 38 lovenelle

    wow!i love shin eunkyung!she’s d best!love u love u..ur my life

  39. 39 maggie

    totally loving Bad Couple!

  40. 40 raica

    i’ve fallen in love with this drama..
    dang ja and gi chan are perfect!!
    plus i love ryu su young’s acting on this series..
    now, i totally think he’s hot..
    so hot and handsome that i wanna marry him!!lol!!
    i wish he’d give me that christmas tree..isn’t it sweet??ΓΌ

  41. 41 tura

    Awwwww GC is so sweet. I want me a GC

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