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Bad Couple: Episode 6
by | June 18, 2007 | 32 Comments

Wait, did I say Gi Chan was unbelievably sweet in Episode 5? And that women ought to beware? Yeah, well the Gi Chan infatuation sickness is sure to get worse in Episode 6.

What I enjoy about Bad Couple are all the surprising little goofball moments that catch me off-guard. I’d say I’m pretty drama-savvy, and fairly picky about what I find comedic as well, but somehow Bad Couple sneaks in little surprises that make me laugh out loud.


Son Dam Bi – “Start” aka “The female Rain,” who doesn’t remind me so much of Rain as she does Park Jiyoon. Which I suppose isn’t too far off, since both Park Jiyoon and Rain were with JYP, and I’ve always felt JYP’s influence was stronger than the artists’ “styles” themselves. [ zShare download ]

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I’ve been ignoring this pair because I can’t stand the cheating husband story, but I’m warming up to Young and her handsome model boy toy. Although the “fake dating” scenario is an over-used kdrama ploy, at least it’s a little different here, in that they didn’t jump right into the fake relationship even though we’re expecting it. In a lot of dramas, it’s a little hard to swallow that two complete strangers who get off on the wrong foot agree to fake-date, then happen to fall in love (Full House, My Name Is Kim Sam Soon, Dal Ja’s Spring, Witch Amusement…)

But here, at least Joon Soo turns down the offer first. He sees Young going through a hard time, helps her, even punches her dickwad husband, gives her a few words of advice, and still he declines to participate. It’s only after he gets a fairly significant understanding of Young’s character that he agrees to be her fake boyfriend.

Let’s run through the list: First, Joon Soo freaks out seeing Young floating in the pool, and in their initial conversation, she confesses she’d like to die sometimes because she’s so miserable. He sees her being maligned by The Other Woman in public, then witnesses her husband nearly hitting her despite her pleas for him to not leave her. He follows her around as she drowns her sorrows in alcohol, then as she rails at the matchmaker who “approved” her marriage ten years ago.

Joon Soo takes the brunt of Young’s anger as she imagines that he’s her cheating husband, crying and demanding to know why he pursued her and promised to be with her if wasn’t going to stick around through the end. And finally, Joon Soo gives her the drum set and tells her to vent her anger. Only at this point does he agree to go along with the arrangement.

(By the way, that scene had a lovely overlay of the background piano music with her furious drumbeats — it was really interestingly done. Maybe it’s just me, but for some reason I was struck by this scene. Here’s what I mean:)

I’d thought it was strange to separate Young from Dang Ja and Dol Soon — aren’t your best friends supposed to be there when you’re going through something like this? — but now I think it makes sense. First, Young has a lot of pride and can’t confide to them. Second, as good as their intentions are, they tend to judge her for her devotion to her marriage. Joon Soo, on the other hand, may pity her but he doesn’t judge so much as try to understand.

That’s why I find this relationship promising despite the cliche it’s embedded in. Oh, and Yoo Gun is hot.



Gi Chan isn’t perfect, exactly, and I find that enjoy him more the sillier they make him. In Episode 5, he gets his butt kicked by the burly trucker, unable to fight back properly. In this episode, there’s a moment when he makes a cool-looking leap over a low fence — and falls over. And when he waits for Dang Ja so long he grows hungry, it was hysterical to see him sneak a taste — or two — of the porridge he’d prepared for her. They’re not afraid of making Gi Chan “less manly” or “uncool” — and that makes him endearing.

Then there’s his level of devotion. Dang Ja gets into a car accident on her way to their date, and experiences abdominal pains that take her to the hospital. There, the doctor assures her the baby’s fine, but she’s under-nourished and should take care to eat enough. To prevent Gi Chan from finding out about the pregnancy, she tells him she’s working late — and there’s an “aww” moment when Dang Ja muses to Dol Soon that she must’ve been really hard on him before, because Gi Chan’s reaction to her explanation is, “Are you sure you’re really working late? You’re not dumping me again?”

Gi Chan takes food to Dang Ja’s office, where he finds out she’s not there. When Dol Soon’s husband calls to check in on her, he exclaims, “You’re at the hospital?” which prompts Gi Chan to worry. Afraid he’ll come rushing to see her, she says it’s a mere ankle sprain and she’ll be sent home soon.

Gi Chan waits all day in front of her apartment, falling asleep on the bench outside. When she finally arrives, he insists she not walk on her (fake) injured ankle, and carries her on his back, saying, “You’re lighter than I thought. We’ll have to fatten you up.” Dang Ja thinks to herself, “This is so nice. It would be so great if we could go like this forever.”

Gi Chan surprises her by echoing, “It would be so great if I could walk on carrying you like this forever.” And she imagines him walking her up to the moon:

Dang Ja worries over her stomach pain, remembering the doctor’s orders to eat well. She tries to think of anything she’s craving, and mumbles aloud: “Crab.” Gi Chan perks up, asking if she wants to eat crab, and when she says yes, he lights up, insisting she stay put while he runs out to get it.

And the next scenes had me laughing crazily out loud for about five minutes straight:

Gi Chan isn’t trying to look good or anything selfish like that — he’s genuinely excited that there’s something he can do to make her feel better. And once he’s fixed upon his goal, he sticks with it until he gets it.

The next morning, Dang Ja awakes to find the crabs steaming and Gi Chan tired but pleased to have accomplished his goal. Dang Ja remembers her sickness from Episode 1, when everyone ignored her or avoided reasons to help her, and tears up as she appreciates how much Gi Chan is willing to go through for her sake (even if his devotion is causing her a headache trying to keep up with him). She also notices happily that her stomach pain is gone.

For those who worry over the future of their relationship, I think things are about to take a turn, so I’m personally not worried that they’ll run out of story. For the first six episodes, Dang Ja has generally appreciated Gi Chan, but she’s looked at him from a selfish angle (since she wasn’t intending to stay with him anyway). In Episode 6, when Dol Soon tells her, “Dang Ja, you’re my friend and all, but I think Gi Chan’s too good for you,” Dang Ja agrees that she thinks so, too. And based on the previews for next week, it looks like Gi Chan’s family will become another obstacle, as well as the girl they’re insisting he marry. At one point, a pained Dang Ja tells Gi Chan that she’s not good enough for him, and that ought to take their relationship into a new phase. Can’t wait to see it.

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  1. mily2

    sarahbeans.. yay.. i’m the first to say thank you.. hehe.. will take some time to fully digest the sweetness of the scenes and be back to comment more.. thank you dearest !!!

  2. Philippa

    Thanks a lot! I love this drama so MUCH! They mesh together! lol.



  4. Suz07

    Sarah…love it… love it… love it…thank you so much. Now I can watch over and over again. How sweet is GC.

  5. jamyuen

    Thank you!

  6. Luv

    Thank you so much javabeans. You’re the best.
    I love Bad Couple… it’s my favorite “fun” drama at the moment…hehe…

    Wow…you have to see the Bad Couple Special…it’s hilarious.
    Behind the scene…the cast had so much fun.
    Ryu Soo Young & Shin Eun Gyeong are laughing non-stop.

    I’ll try to take some pictures & post them at soompi.

  7. lyn

    No it’s not just you, I get into the background music as much as the drama. If the music doesn’t compliment the scene, I get really annoyed. The music conveys the emotion of the moment.

    Thanks for the music, I already downloaded it and converted it to MP3 file. Oh yea!

  8. Jacqueline Tan

    I cannot believe that the cheating couple did not even bother to stop their lovemaking when Young called the mistress. That is really hitting it low in the belly. She has to listen to all the ‘noises’ her husband is making.

    He deserve whatever is due to him later. Young should make him SUFFER!!!

  9. Marzy

    sarahhhh!! muacks!! thanks!! 😀 love this eppie. i love Gi Chan here! too sweet for words. i hope Dang Ja can fight for this special guy. Luv, what Bad couple special? i didnt see that. hehehe

  10. 10 luckione

    wowwww you’re a doll! i love reading your inputs to the storyline and summary. as always CG makes my heart smiles 🙂

  11. 11 ginnie

    Thanks Sarah.

    Ryu Soo Young’s character is really too sweet for words. No matter how I see it, he just seems too good to be true. He is goofy and all….but that just adds more points to his already down-to-earth and sweet character. If he wasn’t goofy and smiley like he is, he probably will be a very studious bore. hmm…

    I can’t stop myself but appreciate his sincerity towards Dang Ja though. He does all these sweet things effortlessly. ah….If he was consciously trying to win Dang Ja’s heart and showing it, I think he would appear cheesy but somehow he isn’t…how is that possible? hmm…

    Ryu Soo Young and Shin Eun Gyeong…these two are great. I think they are so natural with their comedic actions that it just comes out of them. I have a feeling that a lot of their actions are improv…=)

    p.s. Yoo Gun is great looking. =)

  12. 12 Anonymous

    Thanks… but damn that guy looks so hot in that profile. With the shadow across half of his face… damn! I can’t wait for the subs.

  13. 13 merriwether

    I think the drums scene is a great representation of all her frustration and her emotions. The piano music could symbolise her sadness and despair over the failure of her marriage and the drums just really show how much she had pent up in her.

    Thanks for the summaries again!

  14. 14 Jessica

    Thanks for the recaps!


    I totally agree that Ryu Soo Young does a GREAT job!

    I think it’s good that Lee Dong Wook dropped off because I don’t think he can pull of that good and nice guy approach. He’s more of a bad boy-type 🙂

  15. 15 Bwitched

    oh thank you thank you

  16. 16 Anonymous

    ugun is cute
    i’m fan of u gun

  17. 17 samantha

    this was great

  18. 18 blueseeker

    Boy i wish i had a super man like that, with all of his flaws he is still so adorable that i want him for myself. Of course it does not hurt that he is so good looking!

  19. 19 Apple

    Javebeans, once again THANK YOU for doing such a great job summerizing these episodes!

    I started watching because I thought DANG JA and GI CHAN was such interesting couple. The thought of an independent woman wanting a baby without a man is so refreshing. To throw in a twist she starts to like (or fall in love w/) him. They both are funny and the chemistry between them is just right. I can’t wait to see more!! Gosh, the Christmas tree was to die for. Lucky Dang Ja!!!!

    Then, in eposide 5 & 6 I also turned to like the story line between YOUNG and JOON SOO. My heart really aches for Young. When will she realize that she is so much more worthy & too good for the f#####g a##h### husband of hers. When will she start to laugh and show us all what she was like before she was drained from all her happiness. I hope she finds the courage and strength to move on with her life. What can I say about Joon Soo? His voice…LOVE IT!!!

    By the way, did you gals see in episode 4 where Young walked in on her husband and son and the home wrecker! He pushed his son aside to go after that ‘thing’ instead of comforting his wife & son. Con Suck really does suck! What a jerk!!!!!!

    The two kids are super cute!!!!!

  20. 20 its_trish

    Thank you
    Very cute!

  21. 21 Linh

    omg java i agree with you yoo gun is sooooo hooootttttt!!!!!!! dang!!!! and i love jhow they make almost every scene in here comical!!!!! countinue posting plzzzz thanks!!!!

  22. 22 amy

    thanks so much for posting up ur summaries!!! i can’t wait for the subs to be out so i can watch this sweet episode!!! ^^ ummm, question: how can i download the great music that u post on ur site? would love to hav it on my ipod to listen to… i’ve added so much korean music recently and i don’t even understand it all, lol 😛

  23. 23 Jenny

    Even if I’ve only seen two episodes of this drama, I love it.
    I have been laughing so hard I’ve nearly fallen from my chair ^^
    Your summaries are the greatest, thank you so much!!
    Joon Soo is attractive

  24. 24 javabeans

    amy, right-click the link and “save as” (or “save target as”)

  25. 25 Witchtwitch

    Chanced upon your blog on Bad Family… Crazy over the show at this moment and thought that you did a really FANTASTIC summary of the episode! I think all the cast played their roles really well.. it’s a great show. Will continue to be here to savour the sweet moments of the show again… 🙂

    P.S.: Really sympathize with Young, we gals need to be more independent! Hope that Young can fall for Joon Soo soon… hehe..

  26. 26 amy

    thanks javabeans for the tip =]

  27. 27 Maryuan

    That’s got to be the BEST fence-jump ever! I love reading your summaries after watching each episode! I like the fact that Dang Ja cut her hair before visiting Gi Chang’s family because it really shows a character shift, which is going to be interesting as she tries to get accepted into his uuber-conservative family. This is a side-note, but I LOVE Dang Ja’s shoes!

  28. 28 oly

    hi javabeans, i really like your summaries since i can’t watch the drama, i’m from Jakarta, Indonesia and the drama is available here after the broadcasting is over or maybe halfway and this blog is surely help me choosing the drama i want to watch, like this one it’s really sound interesting and because this is only the summaries i guess i will find or still there is a surprise when i see the whole drama later right. thank you javabeans, btw how about ‘snow in august’? it’s sound interesting or not? can you make the summaries….LOL

  29. 29 eyna

    i love, love gi chan!! he’s so sweet.. you can’t help but be envious to dang ja.. is there any guy out there that’s like gi chan?? haha..

    thanks for the summary! 😀

  30. 30 raica

    this drama never failed me..
    form beginning to end..haha..

  31. 31 Cazine

    Ahh! You’re not saying hardly anything about Han Young and her boy toy. Come on! He’s so hot, you have to comment on it.

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