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Bad Couple: Episode 8
by | June 25, 2007 | 24 Comments

What a great episode. Funny but emotional, and lots of satisfying moments. Despite the tinge of sadness, it didn’t overshadow the story and didn’t drag the mood down into depressing.


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Han Young’s story continues to be entertaining and satisfying — and what a relief. It was my faith that the story would take this kind of upswing that got me through the Sturm und Drang of the first few episodes, where I just wanted to give her cheating husband a swift kick in the babymaker to prevent the proliferation of his genetic material.

It is supremely satisfying to see Young and her husband meet face-to-face in the department store. Not merely because we get to see Yoon Seok sweat in jealousy, but because Young shows her steel and actually gives Sae Yeon a piece of her mind.

They face each other wearing the same dress, and Sae Yeon bitches at Young to let go of Yoon Seok. Offended, Young squares off against her and says she has no such intention. Sae Yeon: “Are you trying to make us feel the same way as you?” Young: “I’m not stupid enough to bite a mutt just because one bit me first.” That pisses Sae Yeon off, and she shakes off Yoon Seok’s arm as he tries to take her away. Young asks, “What are you doing? Your owner’s calling. Go.”

As Sae Yeon turns to leave, in a fit of ire, Young trips her, causing her to sprawl face-flat on the ground. A little animated bird swoops across the screen to poop on her face. HA!

Seeing her husband be so concerned about Sae Yeon, Young flees, causing the cashier to call after her that she hasn’t paid for the dress she’s wearing. Joon Soo pulls out his credit card to pay, but Yoon Seok isn’t having it and insists he’ll pay: “Why would you pay for my wife’s clothes?”

Young’s shocked at her own behavior, but Joon Soo is endlessly amused. He tells her their plan is working.

Meanwhile, Dol Soon can’t believe Dang Ja was so mean in cutting off Gi Chan. She really liked Gi Chan and thought he was good for Dang Ja, and insists to her husband that she’s sure the couple still loves each other. She’s determined to find a way to bring them back together. So naturally, she spies on Gi Chan. Dol Soon is so awesome.

In the course of spying on him at school, she sees Jung Sook arrive, calling Gi Chan “oppa” and holding his arm, and grows suspicious. She imagines that Jung Sook is a nine-tailed fox (fox = vixen) and is determined to get Gi Chan away from her. While grocery shopping, Dol Soon drops items into their cart while they’re not looking — thong underwear, condoms, and porn! I love Dol Soon.

She follows Jung Sook all the way to Dang Ja’s office, which makes her curious to no end. Jung Sook is there to confirm whether Dang Ja and Gi Chan still have feelings for each other, and Dang Ja assures her she has no reason to worry. She knows she’s not suitable as his wife, and cannot marry him. Furthermore, she won’t marry, period. She admits that she did briefly like him, but they don’t have a future together. Jung Sook is relieved to hear it, and thanks Dang Ja.

Dang Ja is angered to hear Dol Soon has been following Gi Chan around. Dol Soon sees how upset she is, and leaves her to her tears.

In a hysterical bit, Dol Soon and her husband’s argument starts with him berating for her for meddling, but degenerates when he tells her if she has so much free time, she should instead help Yeon Doo study, or work on her S-line figure. Dol Soon counters that her S-line is fine enough as it is, and he clarifies, “Not a long, skinny S, more like a curvy S!”


Young and Joon Soo follow the cheating couple to a beachside hotel and continue their plan. Sae Yeon is infuriated and suspicious, wondering if they followed them, or traced him. Yoon Seok can’t believe Young would have the guts to be doing this on purpose, and insists it’s coincidence. Besides, he told Young he was going on a medical conference, so she wouldn’t even know they were there. And they can’t trace his phone without him knowing it (which is why they traced him using a separate, hidden phone).

These animated “HA HA HA”s (Young and Joon Soo’s laughter) cracked me up to no end.

Then, as Yoon Seok and Sae Yeon are dining, Young arrives with Joon Soo. Yoon Seok can’t stop sneaking glances at his wife, who appears to be having a good time, and who participates in a couple game. Finally, he can’t take it anymore when the emcee calls for the couples to kiss, and he interferes by punching Joon Soo.

The man taking the report can’t contain his laughter at hearing how the two couples are related. He asks Yoon Seok to apologize since he threw the first punch, and when Yoon Seok refuses, Joon Soo says it’s okay, he’ll forget about it anyway.

Outside, Young asks her husband to come back home and return to their family, but he responds that things are too far gone.

Joon Soo sees Young’s sad expression and apologizes. She asks why he kissed her, and he says, “I just wanted to.” Young isn’t quite sure what to make of that answer.

Dol Soon attempts one last interference by calling Gi Chan and Dang Ja together. Dang Ja tells him she knows he must have a bad impression of her — she’d lied to him and jerked him back and forth — and asks him to forget all the bad things, and only keep the good memories. Gi Chan tells her he feels like she was a storm who swept into his quiet life, and that he doesn’t want to forget the bad memories: “I want to treasure them all.”

He adds that she was his first love. “You say that you’re not suitable for me, but I don’t think that. I think I’m not suitable for you, because I’m so lacking. I’m not polished, or sensitive, or self-confident.” Dang Ja protests, saying that’s not true. He asks why such a warm person became so cold: “It’s the truth that I’m not polished, or sensitive, or confident, but the fact that you say I am means you’re warm-hearted.”

Gi Chan goes on, “Forgive your father. I feel like you’re confined by your father. You say you won’t marry because of your work, but I think—” Hitting the nail on the head, Dang Ja’s teary smile immediately disappears, and she sharply tells him to stop. He apologizes for crossing the line, but Dang Ja quickly excuses herself to leave. As she does, he tells her that he’s getting engaged.

Angered to hear Gi Chan’s getting engaged so quickly, Dol Soon goes to give him a piece of her mind, telling him Dang Ja’s really a tender-hearted person. She’s put those thorns up to protect herself because she’s afraid of getting hurt. She tells him, “I thought you’d change Dang Ja.” She tells him to go and grab onto her, but Gi Chan tells her he’s deliberated a lot about it.

He came to the conclusion that if he persisted, Dang Ja might become hurt because of him. Knowing how she’d try to work to please his parents, it would only make things difficult on her. And, when she asked if he could leave behind his parents, he couldn’t answer. “If living on her own is truly the life she wants, I want to let her.”


With that, Gi Chan proceeds with his engagement plans.

Dang Ja continues going to prenatal yoga, where her doctor takes her aside to advise her to go to the larger hospital to get a full checkup. She assures Dang Ja nothing’s wrong, but her blood work came back a little off, and she wants to make sure everything’s fine.

So while Gi Chan attends his engagement ceremony, Dang Ja’s stomach pains grow stronger, causing her to collapse amid muted cries for help.

24 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. ginnie


    That scene totally killed me with pain for Dang Ja. I wished somebody (Gi Chan!!!) will open her office doors and be there for her!!! That capture of her so pained with her eyes wide open, helpless on the ground is so graphic for me.

    I agree Javabeans—this episode was funny but emotional. It is quite unusual for me to tear up so early on in a series but somehow the last scene did it.

    Dang Ja has to realize on her own that being alone is not something that she wants for the rest of her life. She would want to share all of her happiness, sadness and baby with Gi Chan.

    The dillema is I don’t know if she could (should?) risk everything for that companionship and love? This is so tough. What is the solution? The baby? Gi Chan’s mother? The fiancee?

    Even if she eventually forgives her father for abandoning her mother and her, will she be able to trust marriages? Trust Gi Chan enough to let go of her life she pursued so far?

    The happier moments are ridiculously funny. I love the animated Ha Ha as well. I love Park’s expression when the HA HA reached his ears. So fulfilling to see him uneasy. =) and the vixen animation is just as hilarious especially when she was “howling” and grew whiskers!!! hahaahaa…oh boy. K-dramas are filled with animations these days, isn’t it? hee…

  2. Ubo


    Ah, so it was just an engagement ceremony after all. I was a little worried, I must admit. Although I know things will finally work out well for everyone (maybe not for that cheating husband and the seductress), the twists and turns in this drama is keeping me on the edge of my seat.

  3. tsunamiblues

    Okay seriously it is not right for her to not tell him about the kid, I mean I cannot agree with that. If I was a guy I’d be super pissed to have a kid out there, and wasn’t told. That is my only thing against her. Omo, I hope she doesn’t lose the baby.

  4. blueseeker

    I really hope she does not lose the baby, but instead he goes to the hospital the moment he hears about it and finds out about the baby!

  5. Linh

    omg i love this drama to no end…first a love the relationship that young has with joon soo its so cute..how at first joon soo doesn’t want to help her and now he is falling for her awwww how cute…next i love ci chan and dang ja together but not when they try to seperate like this ..and well some one needs to come to dang ja’s resuce now..ahem(cough) she is lying on the ground in pain!!!!!
    love your post javabeans ….keep on posting…

  6. supersumiehime

    Hey, I’m the first one! Thanks for your summaries they’re always funny, entertaining, and to the point!

    I hope they’re not entering the cliche where male lead (Gi Chan) leaves in the middle of the engagement ceremony to the side of the female lead (DJ). But I have faith in the script, so far it’s entertained me and avoided all the typical cliches that are found in most romantic comedies.

    Thanks again for all the work, can’t wait for the next episode!

  7. supersumiehime

    Take that back only fourth, dang it!

    I’ll make sure I’m first next time!

  8. Philippa

    Thank you so much! I hope that Gi Chan would open the door except it’s not possible because he’s getting engaged. What do you think what’s going to happen next to Dal Ja? She’s like pregnant and stuff.
    Thanks a lot for writing the summary!

  9. Dais

    Sarahbeans, “I just wanted to give her cheating husband a swift kick in the babymaker to prevent the proliferation of his genetic material.” I nearly fall out of my chair laughing!!! What a great, great drama, I’m loving every minute of it. Thank you for your excellent summaries.

  10. 10 Marzy

    thanks sarah!! ^^ aside from Gi Chan, im loving Joon Soo so much. Yoo Gun is so good at playing his role this time around. yeahhh!! i wanted to cheer along. that husband is nuts. i mean really why punch him when you dont want anything to do why Young you just dont want anyone else to have someone who’s good. i agree with Luv, i dont think DJ is ready for it. but as much, as id like her to achieve that goal of hers working mom and mommy i think Gi Chan will need to play a part in this. looks like the typical cut your hair after a relationship or a breakup is also seen here, maybe it also shows a change from DJ. cant wait for next week. dang!

  11. 11 Luv

    Javabeans…why goodbye and not hello Luv j/k 🙂

    Thank you so much for another wonderful entry.
    I really like the picture you picked to represent episode 8.
    I love how everyone takes turn being in funny/sad situations.

    It’s such a big dilemma for DJ now…
    I hope she won’t be too stressed out…luckily she still has DS.

    I’m worrying about her baby…maybe 3rd time will be a charm.
    I want DJ to take her time…being in a normal relationship without the baby factor.
    Right now she’s not ready for marriage and it’s just too much too soon.

  12. 12 slatch

    Great ! there is a new twist in the drama …..

  13. 13 Ubo

    I was wondering on average how long does it take you to do an episode review like this one and also how do you normally go about doing a review; what are the various things you would do along the way. I’m not sure if this has been asked before but I’m sure some of the readers of your blog (me included, of course) would be interested.

  14. 14 Alisha

    Thank you for the full summary on what was going on since I do not understand the Korean language. Do you know what is going to happen next week by the chance? I like the cheating husband revenge scheme thingie better than the baby one. It just cracks me up. Thank you once again.

  15. 15 javabeans

    Ubo, the time it takes to write up a summary really varies (a lot) depending on the drama, but I generally watch the show while taking screencaps, then pick out the screencaps I want to post, upload them, then write the summary.

    For a show like Bad Couple, I zip through them pretty quickly and it doesn’t take much time at all. On the other hand, Que Sera Sera took me hours and hours because (1) it had complicated dialogue, and I felt I couldn’t leave out things because things wouldn’t make sense without them, (2) I wanted to give the show the proper attention I thought it deserved, so I took my time, and (3) it was thought-provoking and sapped a lot of brain power to think about. I’d say QSS easily took double the time than Bad Couple or Witch Amusement. So anywhere from an hour (not including watching them) upward. Actually, the writing part is probably the easiest/fastest — the time-consuming part is uploading and formatting the text/links/pics.

  16. 16 kathy

    Hey I really enjoy your recaps for bad couple I love the story line and its really funny !! I was wondering if you were going to be recapping the 1st coffee prince coming out July 2 ? I would really be grateful if you did.

  17. 17 lili

    LOVE your summary as usual! Can’t wait until I have time to download and watch the episodes this weekend. But maybe I’ll wait and watch epi 7-10 all together.

    Can’t thank you enough Javabeans for your AWESOME summary, even better commentaries and glorious screencaps. THANK YOU!

  18. 18 javabeans

    kathy i’m not sure yet what i’ll watch next — i usually decide if i’ll write about it after i’ve seen an episode or two. i do plan to check coffee prince out though.

  19. 19 ayi

    I wonder what causes the pain in Dang Ja. I read somewhere it is a fatal illness. I hope it is not.

  20. 20 oly

    o men, i hate this….
    this is so korean drama…. ussually i like this kind of scene but only when the lover was beside her and this is not….hope she’s not losing the baby or i will quit reading your summaries… hahahahaha….just kidding…thank you javabeans.AJA.

  21. 21 lili

    Finally got around to watching this episode – thanks for the summary again Javabeans – it’s a lifesaver to tide me over during the week when I don’t have time to sit down & watch an hour-long drama. I love how at the end of the episode, they did the recap of Gi Chan and Dang Ja’s relationship from their “accidental” meeting to the talk at the cafe in Episode 8. But there was no preview of episode 9! WAAAH! Now I can’t wait ’til episode 9. T_T

  22. 22 amareally

    OMG !! I’m so attracted to Han Young-Yoon Seok-Joon Soo-Sae Yon’s storry even more and more..not that I’m not interested in Dang Ja-Gi Chan relationship anymore, but It’s so nice to have a Couple B story that holds the same interest rate as couple A (Dang Ja – Gi Chan). Go Han Young !! GO !! Aja Aja !

  23. 23 arika

    thanks u u r a life saver I usually watch subed episodes but then a part was missing so I had to watch it raw and didnt understand anything so thank u very much now i get it but i wonder were can I see the summary for episode 9 and hey great job keep it up 😀

  24. 24 Kelly Gothra

    What is the song that Han young and joon soo dance to in episode 8 of bad couple in the couples game… Name and artist please?

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