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Air City: Episode 13
by | July 3, 2007 | 18 Comments


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After Myung Woo collapses, Do Kyung accompanies her to the hospital. Myung Woo tells her it’s nothing serious, although we know she must be lying, and asks her to keep it quiet from the airport employees, particularly Ji Sung (citing embarrassment at being a doctor and falling ill — because you know doctors never get sick. They’re lean, mean, medicine-administering cyborgs, they are).

Do Kyung and her boss, supervisor Min, are told by the airport director and the NIS bureau chief that they are expecting a VIP visitor, the vice president of a (fictional) airport from America. He’ll be taking a look at the operations and administration of Incheon Airport. They’re having the discussion in the context of national pride and being an airport on a world-class level, so it’s very important to make a good impression.


The director entrusts Do Kyung to take charge of the matter, which is a slight felt keenly by the supervisor. His pride is hurt at being passed over for such an important task, and he vents to Ha Joon. Ha Joon does some subtle intervening by calling Do Kyung to the scene and advising her to soothe his ego. Do Kyung asks for his help, saying the task is too much for her to handle. That does the trick.


Over the next several days, the operations team works hard to prepare for the VP’s arrival… and their plans are rendered useless when they receive word that he’s completely changed schedule at the last minute and basically disregards their preparations.
The NIS are on the lookout for an émigré who’s on his way back to Korea from the U.S. and is suspected to be organizing some mob with his Korean-American gang contacts, having already formed LA’s biggest Korean gang. (Let me just say, they’re encroaching on home turf here, and if they continue along these lines — which is an overemphasis on the the power of Korean-American gang activity — I can’t take this storyline seriously.)

Coincidentally, Ji Sung’s and Do Kyung’s objects of interest are sitting next to each other on the plane. The guy on the left is detained at customs and disallowed entry into Korea; the guy on the right is Michael Jang, whom Do Kyung greets and shows around the airport.

Apparently, the shifty-looking gang guy had guys (his little hoodlums in training) awaiting his arrival, and when he’s detained, the punks kick up a fuss in the terminal. They breakdance, crash carts into each other, and generally act belligerent. When airport personnel attempt to calm the disturbance, the young guys just say, “What am I doing that’s so wrong?” and refuse to leave.

Ohhhh boy. I’ve been in an aiport. I’m guessing most people have been in an airport. And it’s a little bit outrageous to believe these kids are allowed to make such a huge ruckus for so long before they are subdued. You pull that crap in the States and your ass is toast. In this post-9/11 world, nobody gets away with acting like that at an airport, in America or elsewhere.

Apparently Mike Jang agrees, as he looks on with mild disapproval. Then backup police are called to take the guys away, in a clear measure of overkill, which Mike Jang also notes.


Do Kyung asks Ji Sung to do something about it, and he takes the opportunity to assure he he will, and flirt with her. Lee Jung Jae’s so cute when he’s acting silly. Ji Sung takes care of the problem (kids sent off with police) and he asks Do Kyung, “Didn’t I do a good job?” like a kid asking for a pat on the head. He gets a pat on the butt instead, and in reaction, Ji Sung grabs her hand and leads her away.

She asks where he’s going, and he leans in to say, “Some place where there are no cameras” and takes her up to the roof. I admit it’s a little sexy, especially since Do Kyung really looks like she thought he was going to kiss her. I think it’s sexier that he didn’t kiss her, actually.


Yi Kyung tells supervisor Min that she’s going away on a business trip — for four months. It’s a rare opportunity for her, and she asks if he’s dating anyone (he says no), and if he’d wait for four months. She says if he’s not seeing someone when she gets back, they should go on a date. He’s thrilled and can barely contain his giddiness. (I’m going to be shallow and say that although their age difference doesn’t really bother me, what does is their height difference. She’s so tall!)

I don’t have much to say about this other than I guess they’re just really giving up on having anything interesting going on with Yi Kyung if they’re sending her off now. Please kidnap her or hold her hostage or something, instead of letting her fade back into pointlessness.


Ha Joon, meanwhile, can’t stand just watching Do Kyung and Ji Sung progress with their flirty ways while staying silent, and decides to confess his feelings for her. He buys her an expensive necklace and basically tells her he’s tired of pretending he doesn’t like her, of feeling upset and disliking Ji Sung for no reason. He tells her bluntly that she knows how he feels, and it’s up to her to decide what to do now. There’s something (nice) to be said about admissions that lack grace and poetry but are straightforward and honest. Too bad Ha Joon has no shot.

Mike Jang is proving to be a more difficult guest than anticipated, refusing to look at their presentation (trusting his own feelings more) and being hard-to-please. He and Do Kyung witness a patient who collapses from being overheated, and is rushed to the emergency room, where Myung Woo diagnoses her with complications with cancer and pneumonia. Unfortunately, she’s just gotten word from her own doctor about the severity of her own condition — some sort of respiratory-esophageal issue, if I read the placard right. Basically chest issues.

The patient dies and Myung Woo cries. Not for the patient, but for herself.


When Do Kyung returns from handling the case with the now-dead patient, Mike Jang is dissatisfied as usual and criticizes her for not knowing what her job is. She gives him a firm reply, telling him she knows what her job is, but doesn’t know what his deal is. He’s an airport specialist, but he refused to look at her carefully prepared presentation. He agrees to hear the presentation the next day.

But, he doesn’t realize that speaking in Chinese and English in Ji Sung’s presence is not the best idea, as he talks to his associate about receiving the presentation tomorrow and preparing to divulge necessary information. I have no idea what the point is of them switching back and forth between Chinese and English other than for me to be irritated that they aren’t great at either. Not bad, but one language really would have sufficed.

Overhearing this news bothers Ji Sung, who goes on to meet with his chief at a bar. The chief is preoccupied with news that someone he knows is coming to Korea. When he was younger, he was stationed in the States, where he met a nice lady with a 10-year-old son and fell for her. He only knew her for a year, but has often thought of them over the years — the son, now around 30, is arriving tomorrow. (He talks like it’s some great life’s lament, but it’s not like he was stationed as a soldier in wartime. It’s New York, it’s hardly tragic.) The guy is coming to Korea after having gotten into some trouble in the States (those pesky Korean-American gangs again).

This is the guy, a good-looking but cold-hearted bastard, who’s detained upon entry. He’s uncooperative, but is soon released after interrogation. And as he’s leaving the holding area, he assaults the officer and aims the gun at Ji Sung. Sigh. I’m not sure why. I hope we find out.

Additional thoughts

One of the sources of dissatisfaction for me, other than the plot (given up on that) is that the characters don’t seem to be very deep; they’re not operating beyond surface level. I don’t see any real emotion or drive pushing them along anymore — they’re just going about their daily lives now. Initially, Ji Sung had that great intensity as a man on a mission, which he’s since lost. Do Kyung’s never really had any intensity or emotional motivation, come to think of it. And Myung Woo’s so passive that I can’t even feel sorry for her illness.

In the scene where the patient died, and Myung Woo cried afterward, I felt nothing. As much as I mock, I’m a sucker for these emotionally manipulative moments, and I was just blank. I didn’t care about them because they didn’t seem to care about themselves. Contrast Myung Woo with Cha Tae Hyun’s character in Flowers For My Life — he’s a man desperate to live, to spend every single moment valuably while he can, to make as many happy memories before he dies. Myung Woo? She… feels sad for herself.

Three more episodes! Come on Air City, prove me wrong. Make me eat my words.

18 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. ay_link

    Thank you Sarah! *muah* =) =) I love this eppie! hahaa… lots of JS-DK moments, and the way he flirts… OMG… *_____* hee…

  2. ripgal

    Sarah, thank you for the summary. I’m desperately in need of your summary to translate this ep. hehehe..I’m still confused over the Neo thingy and the youngster being detained and stuff.. thanx a lot once again! ^^

  3. Anonymous

    true, the plot isn’t very good and the characters have lost drive. ironically the only thing i find believable is the lady doctor’s very typical depressive symptoms. she’s isolated herself (also typical) and has a very fatalistic attitude. the only thing she hasn’t done is refer to herself as unlucky. this of course isn’t very interesting plot-wise, but as a whole, i don’t expect much ’cause the plot hasn’t been all that cohesive. it really reminds me of an american style tv show more than a korean one.

  4. soonjap

    Anonymous, I’m with you. I actually like MW. I know Dramabeans isn’t crazy about her but amidst the whole lot of characters, she’s the one character whom I sympathize. And of course, the writers are manipulating her character to create some kind of tension between JS and DK but of course, there aren’t any. I mean, I can’t find any any real tension between JS and DK either so…what’s left? HJ? I think this character is to be pitied more than MW. What a waste of talent. I feel for MW, and I think there could have been a real chance for the viewers to feel real sympathy for her if the writing had…oh forget it, we’ve done beaten that horse, haven’t we?
    Can’t wait until your review of the 14th!

  5. Marzy

    thanks sarah.. 😀 i felt bad for HJ here but ahhh… im not so sure why either but i cant sympathize with lady doctor as i usually do with those types. even with KSS i sympathized for JRW’s character even if she left HB. ohhhh.. LJW is much better than this such a waste. LJJ’s flirting was cute. hahaha i didnt expect it. question, what is an migr btw? immigrant?

  6. ktv

    Thanks a lot. I love the moment between Ji Sung and Do Kyung. I agree with you that it was uselless when Myung Woo cried and felt sorry for herself. If she was a strong person and regretted for everything happened, she would chase Ji Sung ( if she really really loves him) and try to spend the rest of her life with him as the most memorable moment she could to never feel regrettable. Anyway, it’s kinda cute between the boss and Yi Kyung. ha ha. Look at him. He ‘s a thirty something year old guy but stull feels shy in front of a girl. I understand now why he cannot date anyone. ha ha …… Thanks for your summary again. Looking forward to reading your next blog about this drama.

  7. ktv

    Thanks a lot. I love the moment between Ji Sung and Do Kyung. I agree with you that it was uselless when Myung Woo cried and felt sorry for herself. If she was a strong person and regretted for everything happened, she would chase Ji Sung ( if she really really loves him) and try to spend the rest of her life with him as the most memorable moment she could to never feel regretted. Anyway, it’s kinda cute between the boss and Yi Kyung. ha ha. Look at him. He ‘s a thirty something year old guy but stull feels shy in front of a girl. I understand now why he cannot date anyone. ha ha …… Thanks for your summary again. Looking forward to reading your next blog about this drama.

  8. Philippa

    I went to Korean town (in NY) and it was awesome! The foods were great! I love this drama!!!!!

  9. jb

    That scene of Ji Sung and Do Kyung at the stairs epitomises the charisma of LJJ. He is really not a drop dead gorgeous guy, if anything, Ha Joon is a lot better looking BUT LJJ is a veteran movie actor and his presence always adds a little manliness to the screen (I like!) For those who are drawn to LJJ, watched the movies ‘An Affair’ or ‘Typhoon’, especially ‘An Affair’…he is very appealing…enuf said. Thanks Dramabeans for the updates!

  10. 10 Philippa

    Thank you so much! I know she’s sooo tall! And that’s a good thing. I think that for me their age gap is weirder than their height. lol.

  11. 11 Peggy

    I have to comment on JB post. Lee Jung Jae..in ‘An Affair’… appealing is not the right word….Magnetic..charismatic…ultra sexy and altogether irrisistible… Pick one or all and you have Lee Jung Jae with Lee Mi Sook in that torrid film.Someone should write a drama just to put them together again. she is still a beautiful woman and the best actress who can work so well with him.

    Just been watching ‘Typhoon’ again which is being shown on cable TV in California. I do admire that man.

  12. 12 blue_rose

    Yes, I definitely second Peggy on ‘An Affair’. I never thought a guy with that kind of hair style can be appealing……..but LJJ proved me wrong :D.

    Ok, going back to AC, this episode is not bad……but I am still confuse about that difficult guess & his golfing buddy and what about the scruffy looking guy who got detained.
    I hope everything will be cleared up in the next ep.
    Anyhoo, JS being playful and flirty is very seductive……..reminding me of his antic in City of the Rising Sun with Jung Woo Sung. I don’t need them to kiss in that stairwell, that whisper is HOT enough to melt a the girl.

    Thanks a million Sarah (I hope it’s ok for me to call you Sarah :D), As always I enjoy reading your take on things. I look forward to your summary of 14. Two more to go, I hope it will go out with a BANG!!

  13. 13 jb

    Haha. Thanks Peggy for writing out what I really thought of LJJ in the movie ‘An Affair’… 😉

  14. 14 JT

    I just starting watching AC and Do Kyung is pretty even with just a pony tail
    I also think LJJ’s feature matched his character – the determination and serious in his work.
    When Ha Joon was driving, there was a song playing. I really like it but not part of the OST 🙁
    Does anyone know what is this song? Thanks!

  15. 15 jxbeaucp

    how many eps. does air city have????

  16. 16 Nordelm

    Most of the Korean dramas I watched, the sick leading ladies such as Choi Ji Woo’s character in Stairway to Heaven, Song Hye Gyo’s character in Autumn Love (not sure of the title) & many others were all passive like Myung Woo in this drama. Chae Tae Hyun’s character in Flowers For My Life was different because he’s a man. Women mostly are very sacrificial because they don’t want to make their true love suffer. I enjoyed this episode because Ha Joon finally told Dong Kyung his true feeling. I’m pretty sure they’ll end up with each other because Ji Sung (LJJ) is not sure who he loves most. He still has strong feeling for his ex-girlfriend everytime he meet her. Honestly, I like Ha Joon better because he sacrifices for Dong Kyung trying to persuade Ji Sung to choose one woman & not confused Dong Kyung. He also went to Hongkong to find the guy who framed Dong Kyung eventhough he doesn’t have any detective experience (what a guy). He’s very nice looking, too. I love this drama very much. I hope there’ll be more episodes to come. I don’t understand if 16 is the last one because there’s the word “finale” by it. Please clarify. I thouight it’s 20 episodes. Thanks.

  17. 17 Janelle

    Hi Sarah, Do u know the song that play at the part where Ha Joon confess his feeling to Do Kyung.? Find the song quite nice any idea who sing this song and the title of the song.

  18. 18 Jomo 143∞

    You guys from the past have totally ruined my attempts at finish this! Rather than watching the next episode, I downloaded An Affair and Typhoon.
    Now I am stuck watching al of LLJs films on my hard drive…

    OK, really, I will watch ep 14 right after Il Mare…yaksokeh past dbean posters!

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