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Bad Couple: Episode 11
by | July 7, 2007 | 26 Comments

Bad Couple is funny again! Let’s all rejoice. The show’s at its best when Dang Ja’s being her most outrageous, audacious self, and today we saw plenty of the ridiculous to laugh at.


Lee Minwoo – “La Noche Bonita.” I don’t have a strong opinion on Shinhwa, only that of the various members’ solo material, I prefer Lee Minwoo’s. With Kim Dong Wan also recently releasing his first solo album, it could be seen as a face-off between him and Minwoo’s newest, but to me it’s no contest (I wasn’t impressed with KDW’s). [ zShare download ]

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Gi Chan arrives to Dang Ja’s birthday dinner with fiancee Jung Sook in tow, frustrating Dang Ja’s attempt to rekindle her romance with him. Despite being quiet and ladylike, Dol Soon and Dang Ja can both tell that Jung Sook’s actually pretty wily. For instance, Gi Chan offers Dang Ja a bottle of wine as a birthday gift, and Dol Soon immediately knows that his fiancee picked it out. Gi Chan’s surprised at her perceptiveness, but Dang Ja knows Jung Sook deliberately picked out something that wouldn’t last, so Dang Ja wouldn’t be able to keep it.

Furthermore, Jung Sook takes them to a tearoom she knows, and uses the opportunity to show off her classical instrument-playing skills (a gayageum). She’s impressive, and Gi Chan seems to enjoy the performance. Dol Soon and Dang Ja get the message loud and clear — despite appearing meek, Jung Sook won’t allow herself to be walked over.

Yoon Seok, on the other hand, is more than willing to let go of his marital claim — he finds the hidden cell phone in his car that was used to track him, and confronts Young about it. Young is honest and tells him that Joon Soo was playing the fake boyfriend to help her out, and that it was all show. Yoon Seok purposely scares her by saying her actions were illegal.

Joon Soo asks why Young has so much fear, saying that it’s what prevents her from having self-confidence, or standing up for herself. He suggests driving as a useful tool — people tend to feel more independent when they know how to drive — and he takes her out to practice.

Jung Sook confronts Dang Ja to tell her she feels uncomfortable with Dang Ja being around Gi Chan. Dang Ja says she can still be friends with him, but Jung Sook doesn’t like that idea — “He loves you, and that makes me uneasy” — and tells Dang Ja to stop meeting him.

Dang Ja asks if Jung Sook believes in destiny, and what she would do if she came face to face with an unavoidable fate. Jung Sook answers if it’s unavoidable, she’d have to accept it. With that answer, Dang Ja bids her goodbye.

And despite the fact that we aren’t meant to like Jung Sook (and I don’t, not really, plus doesn’t she look remarkably old to be calling Gi Chan her oppa?), I still like the way she stood up for her relationship here. If some woman were messing around with my fiance, I sure wouldn’t like it either. Jung Sook is firm but not hostile — not friendly either, but you can’t expect that.

But this is Dang Ja’s story, so she’s not to be deterred. Yong Gu (Dol Soon’s husband) suggests that men like it when women do little gestures of affection, and although it’s not Dang Ja’s style, she gives it a try. She visits Gi Chan at work with the pretext of thanking him for coming to her birthday dinner, and he’s genuinely happy to see her. (Her pregnancy is starting to show, and he comments on how he’s glad to see her looking healthier now that she’s gained some weight. Dang Ja also keeps her hands self-consciously covering her stomach.)

Gi Chan mentions that he had a dream about her recently, and she prods him into telling her that it was about Dang Ja having a daughter. Dang Ja asks hopefully if there was someone else in the dream — him, perhaps — but he gives the safe answer that it must have been her husband.

She’s there to offer some embroidered handiworks which she’s spent lots of time making, only to see Jung Sook has beaten her to it. (I think Dang Ja’s people are drunk. HA!)

Not so easily beaten, Dang Ja takes the opportunity when Gi Chan is distracted with work to swap out Jung Sook’s needlepoint with her own. Hehe.


Still, her plan wasn’t quite successful, and Dol Soon tells her to be herself — assertive, direct. Dang Ja thinks Gi Chan will remember his feelings for her if he saw the rolls of film he’d written and sent with the Christmas tree. She needs a plan to bring him naturally to her apartment…

So of course, she hires a guy to pretend to harass her by flashing her in the street. What, isn’t that what you’d do? (OMFG.)

While driving home, Gi Chan sees Dang Ja being accosted by the flasher on the sidewalk and rushes out to help her. Dang Ja feigns fright and clings to him.

He drives her home, and it’s nice to see them obviously feeling affection for each other. Dang Ja can sense that she’s close to rekindling his feelings, and when he drops her off, she reminisces on their happier moments together. They laugh together, and when Dang Ja says she thinks of him every time she walks along her front walkway (when he planted the roses, waited on the bench, and carried her on his back), Gi Chan asks with hopeful uncertainty, “You… think about me?”

But when Dang Ja tries to invite him in, Gi Chan maintains a careful distance. She pretends she’s afraid to be alone (because of the flasher) to keep him with her, so he calls Dol Soon to come keep her company, allowing Gi Chan to leave. Thus Dang Ja’s plan is foiled.


Now that Yoon Seok knows Young’s relationship was fake, he suggests they go ahead and divorce. Her fake boyfriend must really be in love with her to help her along like that, and he really does want her to be happy. Although Young doesn’t believe Joon Soo loves her, Yoon Seok tells her there’s no other reason to go along with her plan. She’s surprised to hear Joon Soo’s a diplomat’s son, who went to medical school abroad and even made it to his internship before quitting. He also owns the sports club where she goes to swim.

Young asks Joon Soo if it’s true, upset because she feels he lied by not mentioning it. He’s surprised she knows, but he never lied; she never asked, either, but if she had, he would have told her the truth. Now that there’s not reason to pretend anymore, Young calls an end to their fake dating. Joon Soo’s obviously disappointed, but doesn�t protest, and she gives him back the couple ring he’d bought her.

Joon Soo spends some time brooding over the end of their relationship, and when she won’t answer his calls, sends her a text message: “You haven’t forgotten about promising to answer whatever wish I had, have you? Tomorrow’s the 100th day anniversary of our first meeting. Please call me. I have some final words to tell you.”

His wish is to have dinner with her, and he gets up to serenade her with a love song (lyrics go, “You’ve taken my heart… Is it okay if I love you?”) as she watches, both touched and uncomfortable. After he finishes his song, Joon Soo puts the couple ring back on her finger and admits to Young that he’s fallen for her, and wants to stop fake-dating and start their relationship for real. “I love you… please accept me.”

Young doesn’t know how to react, and runs off. Thinking over his words, she’s obviously moved but unable to bring herself to make any sort of decision. She ignores his calls, and he drowns his sorrows.

(I have to profess an unpopular opinion, one that I’d been holding back because I didn’t actually want to think this… You may all disagree — in fact, I kind of rather you did disagree — but I have to mention that I don’t quite buy this relationship between Han Young and Joon Soo. And unfortunately, I think it has to do with Yoo Gun.

I was thinking earlier that Joon Soo says some very romantic lines, but I don�t really believe them — whereas Gi Chan says some unbelievably romantic lines (borderline cheesy) and yet it sounds so earnest coming from Ryu Soo Young. Yoo Gun’s not a bad actor, but I think he’s got a long way to go, and he hasn�t yet been able to get into his character to make us believe his emotions. It’s a kdrama, so of course our heroes aren’t exactly realistic — but they have to be believable within the context of the drama. While Ryu Soo Young has done a wonderful job inhabiting Gi Chan’s character (honestly, it’s not easy to pull off some of the downright corny lines he has sometimes, and yet they sound so sweet coming from him), Yoo Gun’s delivery of Joon Soo’s lines still feel practiced and recited. But it’s okay. He’s still a young actor.)


Lucky for Dang Ja, Yeon Doo’s class is scheduled to visit the arboretum on a field trip, and Dol Soon is asked to go as a chaperone. Seeing an opportunity, they agree that Dang Ja will go in her place in the hopes of seeing Gi Chan there.


Yeon Doo, following in Dang Ja’s footsteps, is drawn to eating the fruit labeled as poisonous. The teacher stops her, but Dang Ja says the note isn’t real, and tells Yeon Doo it’s safe. Yeon Doo eats it, but unfortunately, she collapses from a bad reaction.

Dang Ja and Gi Chan rush her to the hospital, where they’re assured it’s just an allergy. The doctor assumes they’re Yeon Doo’s parents and comments on how the pretty child takes after her good-looking parents, and Dang Ja and Gi Chan joke over how Yeon Doo resembles them.

After Dol Soon arrives, Dang Ja’s stomach pains come back, and she collapses suddenly, to Gi Chan’s concern. Alarmed that he’ll find out about her condition, Dol Soon helps her cover the issue up.

As Gi Chan drives them back to the arboretum, he asks her if she really only came to the arboretum because of Yeon Doo. Dang Ja answers, with meaning, that she sometimes feels the wish to visit, particularly when she’s going through a hard time.


As they walk along the bridge where they first met, Dang Ja asks Gi Chan, vulnerably: “Do you maybe… aside from work reasons… ever feel like coming here?” He looks at her, but before he answers, he looks up to see:


26 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. kiwee

    i loved the wave that hit dang ja and her friends when gi chan’s fiancee played the instrument haha and how he was all into it. HAHA!

  2. djes

    ” Ryu Soo Young has done a wonderful job inhabiting Gi Chans character (honestly, its not easy to pull off some of the downright corny lines he has sometimes, and yet they sound so sweet coming from him) ” so agree w/ u! I am still on episode 7, but I can’t wait to know what happen next, so I read your summary. Yes, undoubtedly that RSY does a great job, and I can’t imagine if this role taken by Lee Dong Wook like the original plan. No offence, but LDW is too young and not as mature as RSY. So, I guess it just meant to be!
    I love Yeon Doo! Oh, Korea really has so many talented child actors!

  3. coollady

    i so agree with you that Ryu Soo Young has done an excellent job in portraying his character. i’m watching this drama with subs (only on ep.6) and the lines he has to say are overly cheesy and sappy…they sometimes make my skin crawl cause they’re sooo lovey-dovey and childish, but RSY definitely makes it convincing that his character really mean those unbearably hard-to-handle love lines. props to him. honestly, the things he say really make me squint my face and eyes and question if anyone ever says those lines anymore. haha. thanks for the summary…you’re pretty quick today huh? thank you.
    oh and i know this sounds totally random, but the editing ability on this comment-making process is really cool.

  4. ay_link

    OMG Sarah! Hahaha.. okay, at first I didn’t get it,… this part: (I think Dang Jas people are drunk. HA!) But then, LOL! I looked at the picture, and DING! I crack up in the middle of the night like this, hahaha… so true. You paid attention to this much detail.. *clap clap* XD
    Oh, and I officially hate Jung Suk now… she’s so… blah. Hopefully they’ll erase her soon! lol.

  5. merriwether

    Aww man, they always pull that one out as a cliff hanger. I’m glad to see this show has gotten its funny bone back. RSY is so earnest, you can’t help falling for what he has to say. He has this element of sincerity that allows him to pull off those cheesy lines. I agree with djes about the Korean child actors. They’re so frapping adorable!

    Thank you for the summary, I loveeeee this blog.

  6. si

    Thanks for your lovely summary javabeans :). Always read them, even when I’m not watching the drama.


    Anyways, I just finished watching Soulmate on your recommendation, and I have returned to rave about it XD. First of all, I think Soulmate had some of the best scenes I’ve ever watched in TV ever. One immediately comes to mind: when Su-Gyeong frantically dials a random number after her break up with phil, and ends up calling Dong Wook on the second try by chance. That scene was so incredibly well done, and if the song “C’mon through” was good before, the scene made it golden. Perfect. There are other scenes that I absolutely loved…but the one I just mentioned immediately comes to mind. On top of that, I liked how the drama played with time… very original, and very skillfully done.

    I was also impressed by how the writers/producers dealt with Min-Ae’s character. They didn’t turn her into a monster, but at the same time they didn’t make excuses for her. I never felt like the writers were trying to force me to demonize her for her questionable actions or asking me to symapthize with her when these actions come back to haunt her later (which reminds me of another incredibly well done scene at the dinner table, where Su-Gyeong and Min-Ae come face-to-face, and Su Gyeong tells her there’s no need to feel sorry for her).

    And another interesting thing i have to mention. I seriously enjoyed the irony of Su-Gyeong’s situations … Min-Ae stole Su Gyeong’s man, and after going through the pain of losing her lover, Su Gyeong found herself putting Yu Jin in the same position. It just added an extra layer of complexity and irony to the whole thing.

    Anyways, haha, sorry… after finishing soulmate, I just HAD to talk about it with (or at XD) someone and get my thoughts out. Thanks for the recommendation! Now…on to find a drama just as entertaining….

  7. Ubo

    Is this the fastest review you’ve ever done? I mean this episode was only shown less than 24 hours ago. Thanks once again for helping non-korean speakers like me catch up with what’s happening with our favourite kdramas. Edit: Gee I like that timer countdown showing the time left for changes to be made to comments.

  8. Marzy

    Sarah, Thanks!! That was fast 😀 I dont necessarily agree, buti can understand what ur saying about Joon Soo played by Yoo Gun. But I feel that its maybe the character that’s why it may seem that way and maybe the way it may come off that he has fallen and gotten cheesy that fast. I think. I really like Yoo Gun, especially after his performance in Hello God. 😀 He shows there he’s not that amateur since he is particularly new and quite young. I find him talented. Though, I wont disagree that RSY is totally embodying Gi Chan and he has got it down to a pat too. RSY is just perfect for the part, I couldnt imagine LDW playing him like I said before ( I love LDW hehehe :P) Somehow, I think in dramas, there are those characters who are just so believable and there are some no matter who the actor is I just cant believe the words that are coming out of their mouth. Does it make sense? Just my share my thoughts too, not trying to argue or what just how I feel. Btw, who’s the image of a girl they saw? Or im completely lost here.

    Ps. I love Minwoo, and Ill agree with you. My fave Shinhwa member, I think his album will be one of the better ones from all three. Im so impressed by his stuff. Love his new album and cant wait for my copy. 😀 ( DUCKS flying objects)

  9. blueseeker

    I’m sorry but that woman annoys me, i just wished she would go away and leave my adorable couple be. I feel that they have enough troubles coming up when he finds out she is pregnant and all the scheming things she has done….not to mention that she herself is going through a tough time. Like you am a little hesistant about Young and that model, they will probably end up together but their chemistry is not like Dan Ja and Gi Chan’s.

  10. 10 Marzy

    Btw, Just wanna add. One of the songs I like the most is this one for your song of the day ( Im happy you put it, Lol) and Boyfriend. Oh and btw, I think it was the transistion from the fake boyfriend to the fallen for you deep that was a bit iffy for the Young – Joon soo thing. Normally, you like the leads right? But after that whole debacle GC and DJ being all serious Im sorta started liking the other. I cant explain it. But somehow, for me its cute.

  11. 11 sabine

    are you the javabeans whose name we see when credits roll out at the end of each episode with subtitles? HOnestly, your blogs are quite addictive to the point that it has become my habit to check your web page several times within the same day.. hahaha. i also love the songs you have selected.. would it be too much to know from you the title of that song which has been played in this drama from episode 5 until episode 10 ( i think it had a phrase like “nam maria”?).. its just that that song quite grew on me… thanks

  12. 12 obivia

    You are the BEST, Javabeans. I think it was you who recommended Dal Ja’s Spring and I definitely do not regret following your lead. It was sooooooooo GOOD. You know what that means, though. Now I have to see Soulmate. (sigh) Thanks!!!

    P.S. I snorted out loud at the recap part of Dang Ja getting flashed–those screencaps are awesome!

  13. 13 Philippa

    OMG!!! Thank you so much! I love this episode! Darn it the fiance saw them together!!!!!! Darn, that’s going to be awkard!!!!
    That was so sweet when the guy played the piano and say I love you and stuff…….
    Also, when she went to the Auditorium! I can’t wait for the next episode!!! Also I can’t wait to watch the video, I’m still in Manhattan so I can’t watch the videos…. Well, starting on tuesday I’ll be able to watch the videos when I go back to Toronto!!!!!!! lol.
    Thanks a lot again! I love YOUUUUUUU! You’re the best! And I’m not gay,,, lol. I just appreciate what you’re doing… writing the summary!!!! Thanks again! Bye!!!!!!!!!

  14. 14 javabeans

    sabine, (yes that’s me in the subtitles) the song’s “사랑한단 말이야” (sarang han dan mal i ya) which means “i’m saying i love you” or “it means i love you”

    marzy, the girl at the end is Jung Sook the fiancee.

    and si, i’m glad you liked soulmate. it’s awesome.

  15. 15 Turtlegirl21

    I am so scared to find out how this will all end. It ca go either way.

  16. 16 Jessica

    I totally agree with your feelings on Han Young and Joon Soo’s “relationship.”

    Maybe it also has something to do with how young Yoo Gun looks–I mean, he looks REALLY young… almost like a high school kid 🙂 So I guess that’s why it feels a bit awkward to me.

    And likewise, I’m glad they went with Ryu Soo Young instead of Lee Dong Wook because LDW looks really young as well. Oh, and RSY is SUCH a great actor. In 18v29 he was convincingly arrogant and in Save the Last Dance For Me he was convincingly bad.

    Im so surprised he was able to pull off this character! Much props to him!

  17. 17 Marzy

    Why is it that when they Jung Sook at the bridge she looked so different to me? LOL going nuts. Hmmm.. everyone shares the same idea that Joon Soo and Young isnt believable it seems? Ive seen real life scenarios that younger guys like older women, like in other popular dramas of the same nature. Its like Demi and Ashton to me. But just wanna say I really like their relatioship. I find it oddly believable. Maybe its just Yoo Gun’s such a fresh face. He is quite young really.

  18. 18 michi

    gosh, i dont like gi chan’s fiancee at all! she’s like a wolf in sheep’s clothing! i hope they kill off her character soon!

    am so looking forward to the subs so i can watch everything! for now, i am happy to be updated through ur blog! thanks so much!

    oh yes, Ryu Su Young really rocks! he’s such a great actor…for me, he IS Gi Chan 🙂

    btw, there’s not much discussion in Bad Couple’s soompi thread coz everyone’s here…hope people will also visit that thread….somehow it is indicative of how the drama is faring, right?

    thanks for ur efforts, sarah!

  19. 19 lili

    AHHH! I was just watching this episode and realized that Yeon Doo and her classmates were singing the “Three Bear” song from “Full House” on their field trip! SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad to see Bad Couple getting lighter in mood! ^_^

  20. 20 Stepd

    I think we’re opposites here. I’m actually watching for the secondary relationship. I buy Han Young and Joon Soo more than I do Dang Ja and Gi Chan. Maybe it’s becuse I’m not familar with the leading actress and I don’t really care for her acting. Yoo Gun does look really young, but with me it doesn’t take away from his performance because he plays his charcater mature. I’m glad to see that the humor is back as well because those last too eps were a doozy.

  21. 21 Anonymous

    Dol Soon’s imagination is always wild! hahaha…I love her!

  22. 22 Jacqueline Tan

    Yoon Gun did a complete rendition of Park Shin Yang’s piano playing and singing scene from ‘Lovers in Paris’ including the pre-singing of a children song to the phrase refering to the pink girl not to leave. And of course the same song that Park Shin Yang is so famous for singing in that drama. Yoon Gun however sang it in his own style.

    Could anyone tell who were the original singers as I got the orginal version of the song and detect it is sung by a group?

    This is my first time commenting but I must say many thanks for all the hardwork you have put in. Greatly appreciated. You are one of my favourite webiste. Never fail to check on it everyday.


  23. 23 wasabi29

    Yup, Yoo Gun’s serenade was so Lovers in Paris from A-Z except that Park Shin Yang’s voice was far better of course. Anyways, answering Angeline’s question the title of the song is Can I love You? and is sung by Yurisangja or to translate it, Glassbox if I’m not mistaken. This song and the scene is classic.

  24. 25 k

    anybody knows what is the english song , from episode 11 , Bad couple. During the time when jun xu & his friend was chatting at the bar. Time : 39:32

  25. 26 Katie

    I LOVE reading your reviews for all my favorite shows, but especially this one! You do an incredible job of summarizing the story. I love this show, but I only have one problem with it. Why doesn’t Dang Ja have a baby bump? I don’t know why, but it drives me crazy that she is five months pregnant and isn’t showing at all. Now, I am no expert on having children, but I think that by then you can tell, right? Other then that, I love the show. It’s witty, cute, and at times, sad but I’m hooked. Thanks again for your great recaps!

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