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Bad Couple: Episode 12


Kim Dong Wan – “My Love” featuring Eric (and written by Minwoo, I believe?). I mentioned previously that I wasn’t that impressed with Kim Dong Wan’s solo album. There were a few tracks I thought were all right, like this one, which doesn’t take itself too seriously, which is my general critique of the rest of the album. [ zShare download ]

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Gi Chan is called away, feeling sorry and uncomfortable at having Jung Sook and Dang Ja meet unexpectedly like this. Jung Sook tells her she doesn’t want to fight, and Dang Ja says she doesn’t either — but sometimes in life, things turn life-or-death. Jung Sook asks if that’s the fate Dang Ja referred to previously, and Dang Ja says yes:

Dang Ja: “I didn’t know it would come to this either. But fate grabbed me by the foot.”
Jung Sook: “You’re his past. I’m his present, and the future—”
Dang Ja: “—and the future, no one knows.”

Gi Chan explains that Dang Ja was only there looking after her friend’s daughter, but Jung Sook isn’t buying it. Furthermore, she sees her embroidered crafts have been replaced with Dang Ja’s. Gi Chan hasn’t noticed the switch, and Jung Sook clears them out saying she’ll wash them and bring them back.


After being rejected by Han Young, Joon Soo sits outside her apartment with the intention of staying there until Young accepts his feelings. Although she worries over his condition, staying out all day and night, she’s not ready to advance their relationship, and stays inside. Even Yoon Seok tells her to accept they guy — now that their relationship is obviously over, he’d like her to move on with her life and be happy.

Although she still hasn’t signed the divorce papers, Yoon Seok figures the time has come to end the farce and move out, and he packs and goes to Sae Yeon’s, expecting a happy welcome. Instead, she tells him if he doesn’t have the divorce papers, she won’t take him in — she’s serious about not being strung along anymore. With no other place to go, he sleeps in his office at the hospital.

All the while, Joon Soo keeps waiting. Young worries that he’ll get sick, and brings him some food, but he says if she doesn’t accept him, he won’t eat it. Frustrated, Young heads back inside, and Joon Soo keeps waiting.

Finally, it starts raining, and Young looks out to see that not only is Joon Soo still outside, getting wet, he’s barely even moved a muscle. She can’t take it anymore, and runs out with an umbrella. Sensing her change of heart, Joon Soo smiles in relief.


Dang Ja receives a package from Jung Sook, and finds all her needlework inside with a note: “Although I came to know you because of oppa, I’d thought you were an impressive woman. But you switched these without him knowing? I didn’t think you’d stoop to these cheap tactics. I was disappointed. I know that although I’m his fiancee, his heart isn’t fully with me. However, he won’t go over to you easily either. He’d never call off an engagement. You said you’d never marry; I don�t understand why you changed your mind. If that’s fate, as you said, I’ll accept it. But I hope you can remain an impressive woman through the end.”

Dang Ja feels pangs of guilt, agreeing with the charge, and tries to figure out how to play fairly. She hits upon the idea to send him a designer suit sent to the magazine, and drops it off. While at his office, she sees a notice for a class field trip, and decides to tag along.

Arriving on the bus before Gi Chan arrives, she addresses the students — she’s a “friend” of their professor and would like to go on the field trip, but he won’t let her. So she asks them to help her and let her come along, and they’re happy to oblige.

Soon enough, though, Gi Chan recognizes Dang Ja, and she merely says she’s interested in the plants. Stopping for a brief break, Gi Chan and Dang Ja have fun spraying each other with water. He asks how she really came to be there, and Dang Ja replies: “I was dropped here from the sky. I wanted to see you so much, the heavens dropped me off here. Does it sound like a lie? If you truly, earnestly want something, everything helps you along.” She asks him if there’s anything he’s truly, sincerely ever wanted, and he pauses… and is saved from answering when his students drive off in the bus.

The students shout out for the couple to enjoy themselves, leaving them without money or any means of getting back.

They attempt to hitchhike, but that doesn’t get them anywhere. They stumble across a pear orchard and are caught trying to steal some pears (which aren’t edible yet anyway) by the owners, who are unsympathetic until Dang Ja takes the woman aside and admits that she’s pregnant and hungry. She asks her not to tell Gi Chan since he doesn’t know yet, and the farmers feed them and help them get to the bus station.

When they arrive at Dang Ja’s apartment, she tells him she had fun. He says he did too, but: “I shouldn’t be having fun with you. I don’t know why you’re suddenly coming around so frequently, but please don’t anymore. I have nothing to say to Jung Sook, I just feel guilty. I’m glad to see you healthy, but the circumstances have changed now. I want to do my best for Jung Sook.” With tears in her eyes, Dang Ja accepts this, telling him, “Then please do that. You do your best, and I’ll do mine.”

Still, to herself (and her baby), she says, “I can’t give up.”



Meanwhile, Dol Soon’s doing her best to convince an acquaintance to leave her children’s clothing shop to her for the year that she’ll be in the States with her kids. She competes with a fellow housewife to prove which one’s more competent, and at first finds herself doing worse than her competitor.

However, with some ingenuity and the help of her family, Dol Soon has Yong Gu shoot promo pictures with Yeon Doo and Chan, and distributes flyers in the neighborhood advertising a sale. She introduces herself to everyone, and the business pours in as customers arrive with the flyers asking for Na Dol Soon. She kicks major butt and the other housewife is left in her dust, fuming.

In what I thought was a very interesting conversation, Yoon Seok checks up on Dang Ja’s condition and tells her the size of the tumor hasn’t changed. The danger is that there’s no telling when it’ll burst and spread the cancer.

“You’ve heard of the saying to regard cancer as a friend, haven’t you? The more you hate it, you only get more stress, and you know how harmful stress can be. Unlike other patients, you can’t take medication or undergo radiation therapy, so all you can do is think of the cancer as your friend and hope for a miracle. Think of the cancer and your baby as twins you’re carrying. If you give both love equally, I’m sure your miracle will arise.”

I was more than happy to hate Yoon Seok the Cheating Bastard, but like I mentioned before, I do like him as the competent doctor who actually provides Dang Ja with some guidance — she’s so headstrong and capable that nobody else has been in the position of knowing more than her. Therefore her interaction with Yoon Seok shows her in the unusual position of being uncertain, vulnerable, hopeful.


With their feelings out in the open, Young and Joon Soo enjoy the beginning stages of their romance. She admits she’s afraid, and he assures her: “You have nothing to be afraid of. Whatever you’re going through, remember I’m here by your side. I’ll protect you.”

When Gi Chan thanks Jung Sook for the nice suit, she realizes it’s Dang Ja’s doing, and grows angry. Gi Chan asks her to prepare some food for him that evening, as he has to spend the night working, and Jung Sook decides this will provide an opportunity for a fair challenge with Dang Ja. They’ll see whose food Gi Chan prefers.


Dang Ja recruits Young to help her, and I’m relieved to see these two interacting for once, and in a close, friendly way. I can see the friendships on both sides involving Dol Soon, but Dang Ja and Young haven’t had much occasion to show their friendship, and it’s good to see them together.

With her food all prepared, Dang Ja meets Jung Sook at Gi Chan’s school to decide the victor.

However, as Gi Chan had requested that Dang Ja stop dropping by, he’s surprised — and dismayed — to see her there. As both women unveil their food, Dang Ja catches a whiff of hers, which triggers a brief nauseous reaction. She covers quickly, but Jung Sook seems to have realized what it could be (perhaps remembering Dang Ja’s allusions to fate). And Gi Chan asks, with disappointment toward Dang Ja: “Why are you doing this? Don’t you even feel sorry to Jung Sook?”

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