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Bad Couple: Episode 12
by | July 11, 2007 | 21 Comments


Kim Dong Wan – “My Love” featuring Eric (and written by Minwoo, I believe?). I mentioned previously that I wasn’t that impressed with Kim Dong Wan’s solo album. There were a few tracks I thought were all right, like this one, which doesn’t take itself too seriously, which is my general critique of the rest of the album. [ zShare download ]

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Gi Chan is called away, feeling sorry and uncomfortable at having Jung Sook and Dang Ja meet unexpectedly like this. Jung Sook tells her she doesn’t want to fight, and Dang Ja says she doesn’t either — but sometimes in life, things turn life-or-death. Jung Sook asks if that’s the fate Dang Ja referred to previously, and Dang Ja says yes:

Dang Ja: “I didn’t know it would come to this either. But fate grabbed me by the foot.”
Jung Sook: “You’re his past. I’m his present, and the future—”
Dang Ja: “—and the future, no one knows.”

Gi Chan explains that Dang Ja was only there looking after her friend’s daughter, but Jung Sook isn’t buying it. Furthermore, she sees her embroidered crafts have been replaced with Dang Ja’s. Gi Chan hasn’t noticed the switch, and Jung Sook clears them out saying she’ll wash them and bring them back.


After being rejected by Han Young, Joon Soo sits outside her apartment with the intention of staying there until Young accepts his feelings. Although she worries over his condition, staying out all day and night, she’s not ready to advance their relationship, and stays inside. Even Yoon Seok tells her to accept they guy — now that their relationship is obviously over, he’d like her to move on with her life and be happy.

Although she still hasn’t signed the divorce papers, Yoon Seok figures the time has come to end the farce and move out, and he packs and goes to Sae Yeon’s, expecting a happy welcome. Instead, she tells him if he doesn’t have the divorce papers, she won’t take him in — she’s serious about not being strung along anymore. With no other place to go, he sleeps in his office at the hospital.

All the while, Joon Soo keeps waiting. Young worries that he’ll get sick, and brings him some food, but he says if she doesn’t accept him, he won’t eat it. Frustrated, Young heads back inside, and Joon Soo keeps waiting.

Finally, it starts raining, and Young looks out to see that not only is Joon Soo still outside, getting wet, he’s barely even moved a muscle. She can’t take it anymore, and runs out with an umbrella. Sensing her change of heart, Joon Soo smiles in relief.


Dang Ja receives a package from Jung Sook, and finds all her needlework inside with a note: “Although I came to know you because of oppa, I’d thought you were an impressive woman. But you switched these without him knowing? I didn’t think you’d stoop to these cheap tactics. I was disappointed. I know that although I’m his fiancee, his heart isn’t fully with me. However, he won’t go over to you easily either. He’d never call off an engagement. You said you’d never marry; I don�t understand why you changed your mind. If that’s fate, as you said, I’ll accept it. But I hope you can remain an impressive woman through the end.”

Dang Ja feels pangs of guilt, agreeing with the charge, and tries to figure out how to play fairly. She hits upon the idea to send him a designer suit sent to the magazine, and drops it off. While at his office, she sees a notice for a class field trip, and decides to tag along.

Arriving on the bus before Gi Chan arrives, she addresses the students — she’s a “friend” of their professor and would like to go on the field trip, but he won’t let her. So she asks them to help her and let her come along, and they’re happy to oblige.

Soon enough, though, Gi Chan recognizes Dang Ja, and she merely says she’s interested in the plants. Stopping for a brief break, Gi Chan and Dang Ja have fun spraying each other with water. He asks how she really came to be there, and Dang Ja replies: “I was dropped here from the sky. I wanted to see you so much, the heavens dropped me off here. Does it sound like a lie? If you truly, earnestly want something, everything helps you along.” She asks him if there’s anything he’s truly, sincerely ever wanted, and he pauses… and is saved from answering when his students drive off in the bus.

The students shout out for the couple to enjoy themselves, leaving them without money or any means of getting back.

They attempt to hitchhike, but that doesn’t get them anywhere. They stumble across a pear orchard and are caught trying to steal some pears (which aren’t edible yet anyway) by the owners, who are unsympathetic until Dang Ja takes the woman aside and admits that she’s pregnant and hungry. She asks her not to tell Gi Chan since he doesn’t know yet, and the farmers feed them and help them get to the bus station.

When they arrive at Dang Ja’s apartment, she tells him she had fun. He says he did too, but: “I shouldn’t be having fun with you. I don’t know why you’re suddenly coming around so frequently, but please don’t anymore. I have nothing to say to Jung Sook, I just feel guilty. I’m glad to see you healthy, but the circumstances have changed now. I want to do my best for Jung Sook.” With tears in her eyes, Dang Ja accepts this, telling him, “Then please do that. You do your best, and I’ll do mine.”

Still, to herself (and her baby), she says, “I can’t give up.”



Meanwhile, Dol Soon’s doing her best to convince an acquaintance to leave her children’s clothing shop to her for the year that she’ll be in the States with her kids. She competes with a fellow housewife to prove which one’s more competent, and at first finds herself doing worse than her competitor.

However, with some ingenuity and the help of her family, Dol Soon has Yong Gu shoot promo pictures with Yeon Doo and Chan, and distributes flyers in the neighborhood advertising a sale. She introduces herself to everyone, and the business pours in as customers arrive with the flyers asking for Na Dol Soon. She kicks major butt and the other housewife is left in her dust, fuming.

In what I thought was a very interesting conversation, Yoon Seok checks up on Dang Ja’s condition and tells her the size of the tumor hasn’t changed. The danger is that there’s no telling when it’ll burst and spread the cancer.

“You’ve heard of the saying to regard cancer as a friend, haven’t you? The more you hate it, you only get more stress, and you know how harmful stress can be. Unlike other patients, you can’t take medication or undergo radiation therapy, so all you can do is think of the cancer as your friend and hope for a miracle. Think of the cancer and your baby as twins you’re carrying. If you give both love equally, I’m sure your miracle will arise.”

I was more than happy to hate Yoon Seok the Cheating Bastard, but like I mentioned before, I do like him as the competent doctor who actually provides Dang Ja with some guidance — she’s so headstrong and capable that nobody else has been in the position of knowing more than her. Therefore her interaction with Yoon Seok shows her in the unusual position of being uncertain, vulnerable, hopeful.


With their feelings out in the open, Young and Joon Soo enjoy the beginning stages of their romance. She admits she’s afraid, and he assures her: “You have nothing to be afraid of. Whatever you’re going through, remember I’m here by your side. I’ll protect you.”

When Gi Chan thanks Jung Sook for the nice suit, she realizes it’s Dang Ja’s doing, and grows angry. Gi Chan asks her to prepare some food for him that evening, as he has to spend the night working, and Jung Sook decides this will provide an opportunity for a fair challenge with Dang Ja. They’ll see whose food Gi Chan prefers.


Dang Ja recruits Young to help her, and I’m relieved to see these two interacting for once, and in a close, friendly way. I can see the friendships on both sides involving Dol Soon, but Dang Ja and Young haven’t had much occasion to show their friendship, and it’s good to see them together.

With her food all prepared, Dang Ja meets Jung Sook at Gi Chan’s school to decide the victor.

However, as Gi Chan had requested that Dang Ja stop dropping by, he’s surprised — and dismayed — to see her there. As both women unveil their food, Dang Ja catches a whiff of hers, which triggers a brief nauseous reaction. She covers quickly, but Jung Sook seems to have realized what it could be (perhaps remembering Dang Ja’s allusions to fate). And Gi Chan asks, with disappointment toward Dang Ja: “Why are you doing this? Don’t you even feel sorry to Jung Sook?”

21 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. ay_link

    omona! you featured this song! hehehehe what a surprise! yes yes, minu composed this song for wannie and eric, of course, wrote the rap. I’m so addicted to this song… totally looooove it to bits and pieces! hee hee..
    I only listen to this track and ignore the rest of the album keke..
    Eric’s rap is very sexy and the lyrics… OMG. lol =D
    Thanks for the summary as always , sarahbeans dear =) Jung Suk annoys the heck out of me… heh~

  2. JulieSean

    Thank you. Have been waiting for your summary for days……
    I just don’t understand why she doesn’t come right out to tell him that she is pregnant and has a tumour and that her days are numbered. So just want to spend as much time with him and possible. Why all the orchestrations?? I am sure Gi Chan will choose her.

    On the other hand, why start on the relationship again when they only have a short time together? Presuming she can’t make it. He will be the one on the receiving end cos he will have to pick up the pieces, and take over the baby. How long can she deny her pregnancy since it is getting bigger and bigger?

  3. firebreath

    She probably wants to restart the relationship now that she has the “seize the day” attitude and misses Gi Chan a lot. But in response to JulieSean, wouldn’t it be better for Gi Chan if he spent whatever time Dang Ja has left with her, because later on if he found out what really happened to her he would regret it for the rest of his life.
    Dang Ja’s position in the story is usually the girl that I don’t like in other dramas, but she is an exception.
    Thanks for your summary, I was waiting for days!

  4. concun

    her situation is complicated. If i were her, i would do the same. I would not bring up myself to tell him about the pregnancy and tumor either. She has so much pride, she doesn’t want him to feel pity for her. She wants to make sure that he still has feeling for her and loves her for who she is, not come back to her because of her dying. Love is selfish. Love is blind. Love is to fight for what you want. If he still has feeling for her, it would be best for all 3 of them that he ends up w/ DJ eventhough she won’t be w/ him for long. If i were his fiance, i don’t want to cling onto a guy who doesn’t love me, and worse, who has a child w/ someone he dearly loves. But if he is determined to leave the past behind, then no matter what DJ does, he will stick w/ his decision of marrying his fiance. I am kinda disappointed in him getting engaged so quick. I know he wants to please his parents, but he is irresponsible to his fiance. This drama can be a real life situation, I am learning from it alot too.
    Thanks for the summary. I watched the eps but guessing most of the time, your summary helps me ’cause i don’t know a word of korean.

  5. javabeans

    JulieSean, my take is that Dang Ja knows she lost her chance with Gi Chan, and isn’t completely sure he still has feelings for her, so she’s testing the waters by showing up and seeing how he reacts to her. He used to be so open with his declarations, and now he’s much more difficult to read — she knows he’s engaged, but also understands he may not love Jung Sook.

    I think in “normal” circumstances with the average person, the common-sense approach is to be honest and spend her time together happily… but the two of them are so extreme in their traits. Gi Chan is incredibly loyal and honorable, while Dang Ja is fiercely proud — she knows if she were to tell him about her pregnancy (and/or cancer), that’s a surefire way to win him over, but for all the wrong reasons. She wants to know first that he loves her, and if not, she won’t burden him with responsibility. We may see that Gi Chan would choose Dang Ja, but she can’t — and she’s burned him too many times to have that assurance.

  6. Philippa

    Thank you so much! I can’t wait to read your next summary! OMG!!!!! I love this drama sooo much!

  7. kathkath

    thank you thank you thank you for the summary… have been faithfully logging in to catch wats going to happen next! am totally addicted to this series!

  8. Anonymous

    It is so disappointing to see the demise of a characters morality and principle as is the case with Dang Ja. She realised that she was the one unable to compromise her standing in her career or to give up her way of life to suit Gi Chan’s. Not only that but she clearly ended the relationship despite his many efforts to convince her otherwise. Yet her scheming now to get him back when he has promised marriage to someone else is so morally wrong that I can’t help but lose the sympathy that i felt for her and even the admiration of being a strong willful woman. She’s turned into a temptress that is selfish and inconsiderate of hurting those around her through her lies and deception, as long as she gets what she wants she doesn’t care. What started out as a cute and sweet drama has turned sour.

  9. Linh

    AWWWWW the two kids are so cute!!!!!! and onto the next note..i hope the ending doesn’t end up ending like flowers for my life…don’t get me wrong i love that series but it had a sad ending….and im all for a happy ever after ending even if it doesn’t happen in real life it should at least happen in these dramas….but ne ways thx alot for bloging it…

  10. 10 ginnie

    Thank you for the summary!

    Dang Ja’s actions are difficult to agree with. She’s in such an awful circumstance and now she’s spending her numbered days like that. Somehow though, I can still believe that a person like Dang Ja CAN do such things because she’s never been too conventional/normal to begin with. So it does not matter to me that she’s morally wrong or whatever…I want to know how the writer can conclude her story.

    I am really curious about the ending of this story. An extreme girl meeting another extreme guy. What makes it work? I hope it is a compromise on both sides. OR will there be an extreme conclusion?

    I think Dang Ja’s story should not end in only her compromising her current lifestyle. She’s an extreme character and for her to change 180 degrees due to a terminal illness…is so unbelievable to me. It is much more believable if there was a compromise from Gi Chan’s party as well. Gi Chan is another extreme and his family background is unusually traditional. Will it be believable for the storyline if Dang Ja’s extreme character is completely changed in the end (stay at home, care for her children, move from the cities, change her lifestyle)?….actually she’ll turn into a Jung Sook?

    I’ve once read that if you have a glass jar and you can fill these with pebbles, rocks and sands. If you fill them in with rocks first…They’ll fill up the jar quickly and you can then put in pebbles and sands to fill up the gaps between the rocks. If you put in the pebbles or sand first, you can’t put in as much rocks in there. You’ll fill up many more smaller pebbles and/or sand than rocks in the jar. The jar is like our life. Rocks – Important things in life such as family, friends, health. Pebbles – our job, car, house. Sand – whether we get a haircut today or tomorrow etc. They are all part of our life but which ones are supposed to be taking up the most space in our lives is the balance we need to pick.

    Can Dang Ja rearrange her rocks, sands, pebbles in the jar?
    Can Gi Chan and his family also make the same compromise?

    The other couple’s story is so cliche. Predictable lover waiting in the rain scene…LOL. Their story has too much predictables and I still don’t feel the chemistry between the couple.

    This is a long comment…hah…but I have to say I enjoy the song you put on today. What do you mean “doesn’t take itself too seriously”? hehe..I am curious about your opinions on albums too.

  11. 11 Jessica

    I love how the writers made Gi Chan stick with his integrity. Even though he has feelings for Dang Ja, because he is already engaged, he chooses not to hurt Jung Sook… at least not yet…


    As for Young and Joon Soo, I don’t want to be one of those “Please think of the children…” people, but I don’t think Young should be starting a relationship so soon.

    It’s obvious the bastard father doesn’t care so Young needs to be there for her son.

    I’m not saying she has to stop her social life, but that she should at least make sure her son is well-adjusted enough before she starts dating again.

  12. 12 javabeans

    I’m with ginnie… Honestly, I don’t tend to enjoy when drama discussions take on moralistic overtones… Not that we shouldn’t consider our ideas of what’s right and wrong, but arguing over a character’s morality saps the fun out of the experience for me. If you have a problem with Dang Ja’s choices, you’re definitely not alone — but I don’t think the drama is selling her position as “right,” anyway. She’s clearly made lots of mistakes and is trying to do what she can given her limited options. Personally, I can completely understand Dang Ja’s position although I can see that some might not. By the way, understanding doesn’t mean condoning. But something’s going to change, we can be sure — it ain’t a drama if there isn’t change.

  13. 13 Ron

    Finally, I think Dang Ja is finally doing something that’s right. All thru the serie I think Dang Ja have been in fantasy land really. How can a workaholic working 12+ hours a day plan to take care of a baby? She doesn’t have any family to help her out. No parents to help babysit, no husband to share the responsibility. Altho Dol Soon is a great friend, it’s just not the same as real family.

    For people that doesn’t think she should give up her job for family and love. What do you think would happen when the baby it born? think she can stay up with the baby all night long and still be able to put in the hours at work til the baby learn to sleep thru the nite? I don’t have any opionion either way about her giving up her work for love really. Would like to see her have everything but I don’t think her doing it by herself is realistic.

    Lastly, I hope she have a boy. Since Gi Chan is from a traditional family and is the inheritor, a boy would be much better for him. Especially since this is the only child Dang Ja is likely to have.

    Oh yea, she should also factor in that she might not live long too. Wouldn’t it be better if the baby and Gi Chan know each other in case of the unthinkable happened.

  14. 14 lili

    Congrats on being caught up on BC & CP, Javabeans! I thought it was very nice to see Dang Ja and Young’s friendship and interaction with each other in this episode as well!
    With regard to the discussion about Dang Ja – we already see her changing since learning about her cancer. Though it’s debatable how “right” she is or is not about trying to get GC back – we see how the way she acts towards him is different. Before, she was VERY scheming trying to get him into bed, now she genuinely wants to see him and spend time with him. Before she was all about work and her lifestyle, now she’s adopting many domestic touches (learning how to do embroidery, cooking, etc.) I look forward to more of the story – only 4 episodes left to go!!!

  15. 15 blueseeker

    God when will he realize that she is pregnant?! Am waiting in pins and needles, because i know he will have a change of heart immediatly, of course, he will also be angry….hehe. But am sure once he finds about her condition and how she has been able to care for their baby everything will be alright.

  16. 16 Philippa

    Just one question.. How many times a week do this drama air on tv? Thanks again for your hard work!

  17. 17 Auntie Mame

    For your consideration: Is it possible that DJ knows that she can’t get back with GC and that’s not her intent? Perhaps, her real goal is to create happy moments with him, in order to boost her own mental state, which can be felt by the baby. Remember, the doctor confirmed to her that the baby can feel when she’s happy and sad.
    This is a wonderful drama, with excellent acting. And, thanks so much for this blog.

  18. 18 joan_qt2004

    As they say…all is fair in love and war. Many say that what Dang Ja is doing is morally wrong since she is clinging and going after a man who is already engaged. But mind you, he is only engaged..not married. He is still fair game especially since Dang Ja and Gi Chan both know that they love each other so much. Also, given her current state I understand why she would have a sudden change of heart and turn from being this super career woman to wanting to have a life with Gi Chan. The knowledge that your time on this Earth might be coming to a close can definitely jolt a person to her/his senses especially on Dang Ja’s part because even if she had been maintaining this facade of being strong-willed and not wanting to be loved by a man…the truth is she really wants to have a family of her own and a man who will protect and cherish her. She’s just afraid to reach out but now because of the circumstances she finally admitted to herself what she has always wanted.

  19. 19 Beaubelle

    Dear Dramabeans thank you so much for blogging the episodes of Bad Couple – I love every one of them! The producers have captured both the elements of comedy and tragedy without overdoing them and I can’t wait to see how the producers will end this drama. I must say that I have enjoyed reading the commentaries posted here as well. Thank you Dramabeans for being passionate in blogging this and keep up the good work !

  20. 20 Leigh

    Komoyo for the summary!

  21. 21 halima

    hiya really need your help just wanted to ask who sings the song and what is it called in the drama bad couple were goo yoo is sitting in the rain

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