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Bad Couple: Episode 13
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Having arrived at Gi Chan’s office to bring him dinner, Dang Ja briefly gags at the smell of food, pricking Jung Sook’s curiosity, before Gi Chan tells her that her actions are mean to Jung Sook: “If you keep popping up everywhere, what happens to me? I said this before, that I want to do my best for Jung Sook. This isn’t you.” Dang Ja gets the message. Figuring it’s over, she answers that he’s right, this isn’t her. “From now on, I won’t pop up to find you anymore.”

She leaves immediately, and Jung Sook follows her out to apologize for putting her in that position. She asks about Dang Ja gagging, and points out that Dang Ja’s been wearing flats lately. Dang Ja covers her unease and brushes her question aside.

Alone in her bedroom, Dang Ja apologizes to her baby for being unable to find its father: “I missed my chance. Your father isn’t someone to call off an engagement. Whatever happens, it looks like we’ll have to hang in there together, the two of us. I can do it — you can too, right? It might be sad, but let’s not become miserable.”


Gi Chan sees the food Dang Ja left behind and eats it with a half-rueful smile. Spending the night at Gi Chan’s place (because he’s spending the night at the office), Jung Sook can’t rest, and goes to see Dang Ja (who hurriedly rushes to remove all baby-related items from sight). This time, she asks straight out if Dang Ja’s pregnant, but Dang Ja’s prepared for the question and laughs it off. She reminds Jung Sook that Gi Chan isn’t the type to sleep with someone before marriage, and manages to convince Jung Sook.

However, just as she’s about to show her out, Dang Ja’s baby doll starts crying, alerting Jung Sook, who pushes past Dang Ja to see all the maternity paraphernalia in Dang Ja’s room.

Forced to admit the truth, Dang Ja tells Jung Sook she has no intention on using the baby to bring Gi Chan back. “My dream was to raise a daughter like myself, and live well, continuing to do my work… But then, suddenly I had this thought, that the child would need its father. That I would find him so the baby could gain happiness from its father. That’s why I came to find Gi Chan. But seeing him yesterday, I realized with certainty that I wasn�t it. You’ve already made your way into his heart. So don’t worry.”

Jung Sook: “How can I not worry?”
Dang Ja: “Because I gave up. I have to step back.”
Jung Sook: “Can you keep that promise forever?”
Dang Ja: “That’s what I’d like to ask you. I have to succeed in my work. I had a brief thought that I’d find the father for the baby’s sake, but marriage is impossible. So just make sure you don’t say anything.”
Jung Sook: “Promise me.”
Dang Ja: “I promise.”


Devastated, Jung Sook acts strangely the next time she sees Gi Chan, trying to kiss him, insisting on going into his apartment although it’s clear he’s uncomfortable having her there. She’s aggressive enough to cause him to wonder what’s the matter, and when he pushes her aside, she demands, “Why can you with Dang Ja, but not me?” Shocked, he asks what she means by that, and she says, “You ought to know better than me.”

Armed with the misconception that Dang Ja told Jung Sook they’d slept together to gloat and flaunt it in her face, Gi Chan goes to see her. Dol Soon, who leaves to give them privacy, listens in disbelief at the door as Gi Chan unfairly accuses Dang Ja: “How could you tell such a private thing to my fiancee? What were you thinking? Did you think to make Jung Sook break off the engagement and start over with me? Is that why you started appearing everywhere, interfering and causing trouble?” He doesn’t give her the opportunity to defend herself, going on: “I’m really disappointed in you.”

Dol Soon storms in to give Gi Chan a piece of her mind. Dang Ja realizes where this is going and tries to stop her, but Dol Soon firmly tells her she’s going to get everything out today. She points to Dang Ja’s stomach, asking how he can be so blind. He thought she’d put on some weight lately, and Dol Soon lays it out plainly: Dang Ja’s pregnant with his baby. Dang Ja can only glare at Dol Soon and walk off, leaving Gi Chan to deal with the shock.

Gi Chan gets drunk, to the extent that the bartender calls Jung Sook to tell him she’ll have to come get him. Putting the drunk Gi Chan to bed, Jung Sook hears him mumble, over and over, “Dang Ja, I’m sorry… I was wrong… I’m sorry…”


Over in Han Young’s story, she finally decides that her marriage is over, and signs and stamps her divorce papers. As irony would have it, just at that moment, Sae Yeon is breaking up with Yoon Seok, as she’s tired of waiting and decided to go abroad to learn/practice in the States. She coolly parts ways with Yoon Seok, who’s a bit miffed to be so easily dismissed. Sae Yeon tells Yoon Seok to swallow his pride and go back to his wife, begging for her forgiveness.

Young, on the other hand, is getting along well with Joon Soo, who is slowly introduced to Chan as his swimming instructor. Yoon Seok comes back home sheepishly, but with too much pride to admit the real reason (that his mistress left and he wants to come back to his wife). Young’s annoyed, but for the moment lets him do as he pleases.

While it’s fun to see Yoon Seok brought low after his cheating (and watching him wait up for Young while she goes out with her handsome young boyfriend), I wonder what they’re doing with this relationship… Are they going to put the married couple back together? Is that why they’ve been humanizing Yoon Seok recently as Dang Ja’s doctor? Frankly, since I don’t quite buy Joon Soo as the boyfriend, I wouldn’t mind this twist, because maybe he was useful in teaching Young how to stand on her own feet and command her life — but I don’t get the sense she’s necessarily in love with him.

Gi Chan’s father arrives to ask why Jung Sook returned home and called off their engagement. He asks if it has something to do with that other woman, and Gi Chan responds that he loves Dang Ja, that he must protect and cherish her. Seeing his son kneeling and apologizing, his father asks if he’s done something “requiring him to take responsibility” (yes) and if she’s pregnant (yes). He leaves in an angry huff, and tells his wife that Dang Ja absolutely won’t do.

Gi Chan goes to see Dang Ja, this time in remorse, bringing along a crab and asking if there’s anything else she’d like to eat. Dang Ja notes his complete change, and sadly asks him to leave. “I knew you’d break off your engagement simply because of my pregnancy. Without knowing my feelings, without caring for your own, you came here solely because I’m pregnant. What did you say before? That your situation has changed, that you wanted to do your best for Jung Sook, that I should stop appearing in front of you. That person made a 180 degree turn because of the baby. If I’d wanted to bring you back with the baby as an excuse, I would have already done it.”

Gi Chan leaves. (Don’t get too upset at Dang Ja, because things change soon enough!)

Jung Sook tells Gi Chan she’s leaving to Egypt for her work (with the museum, I think). Back to being friendly, she tells him she thinks she made the right choice breaking up with him. With her first love out of the way, she’ll go on to have her second, third, fourth… Despite Dang Ja’s insistence on loving work, she could see that Dang Ja longs for family. She also realized that Dang Ja understands and loves him more than she did. “She needs you.”

Gi Chan appeals to his father to let him marry Dang Ja, saying he shouldn’t hate Dang Ja merely because she’s pregnant, because that’s Gi Chan’s fault and responsibility. He reminds him that the baby is their grandchild, and if it’s a son, will be the inheriting son of the estate. His angry father is firmly opposed, but Gi Chan stands up to him: “If you can’t accept her, then cast me out too. I love that woman more than anyone in the world. I have to protect her.”

Gi Chan bows respectfully and leaves, but his mother chases him out to give him her support. She gives him her ring to give to Dang Ja, and says she’ll convince his father to come around.

Meanwhile, Dol Soon’s knocking some sense into Dang Ja, telling her that Gi Chan didn’t come back to her only for the baby, that the entire world knows he loves her. Reinforcing that stance is Jung Sook, who calls Dang Ja to tell her she’s leaving, and that Dang Ja’s the only one Gi Chan loves: “Please don’t give him a hard time, because that’ll just make things harder on you.” Dang Ja thanks her and hangs up, wondering why the world is full of good people, and she seems to be the only messed-up one. Dol Soon agrees, and tells Dang Ja to go find Gi Chan.

So, while Gi Chan rushes to Dang Ja’s, Dang Ja waits for him outside his apartment. Meeting happily this time, Gi Chan puts the ring on her finger, telling her it’s from his mother. At that sign of approval, the happy couple embraces.

Additional thoughts:

So many turns occurred in this episode, that it felt like more than one episode. Actually, it occurred to me that this episode was structured like a stereotypical drama’s ending — the angst keeping the fated lovers apart finally wanes, the interfering people step aside, consent is granted, and the couple reunites in happiness. While that kind of familiar ending would have been sorely disappointing for a final episode, I kind of like it here — because I’m curious to see what they’ve got in store for us now.

The only caution I have now is, with the romantic reunion in place… I can only presume the illness will come to the fore. (To which I say: Noooo!) But since this couple is much better together than apart, for now I’m just glad for that. I’m expecting lots of cuteness to follow.

17 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. hannah

    thanks very much for this summary cant wait to watch this episode…thanks a million, means alot for non korean speaker who lives no where near korea like myself.

  2. blueseeker

    So far it seems he knows about her pregnancy but not her illness, i wonder if he will find out on the next episode and if he will do something for her. Am like sitting waiting for tomorrow to come so that i can know what happened on tonight’s episode. Thank you so much, i watched the video of this episode from kassuma and was dying to know what they were saying.

  3. justine

    i enjoy reading your summaries and sometimes, i prefer reading it than actually watching the show on veoh…. thanks for your hard work…. your writing is impressive

  4. lili

    It’s interesting that the reasons for their last break up (they broke up so many times I lost count … >_>;;) are diminished bit by bit – DJ becoming more domestically-orientated (embroidery, cooking – may explain bonding better with Young who’s becoming more independent), and GC standing up/almost defying his parents (“cast me out too!”). *gushes* I look forward to this drama giving its faithful viewers a satisfactory ending! Too bad for Lee Dong Wook for giving up on this drama! *bleh*
    I respect Jung Sook a lot for being able to give up on her first love the way she did – she’s the most dignified “other women” in a drama I’ve seen! ^_^

  5. ginnie

    hehe…I expect the other story with the triangle relationship to have the “third” party backing out voluntarily too. Who is the “third” party here is kind of up to people’s interpretation of the current relationship. For me, the third party is still Joon Soo. HY and JS just seems like a fling to me, not deep. HY is perfectly clear of her emotions…she’s a different woman now. She’s got to choose between the men and this time around, she’s better choosing a man she wants to be with and not because of sustaining the happiness of another man or her child.

    I like Gi Chan’s mother. She’s got that aura- elegant woman. You feel you can talk to her and she’ll be a reasonable person. Am not sure if she’ll be Dang Ja’s mother-in-law but I think she’ll get along very well with Dang Ja if it happens in the future.

    More cute scenes prior to the ending just gives me concerns. They usually do that so that we will feel sad thinking of their loving moments together while they face the illness and….death (!?!?)together. Nevertheless, I am really glad to see Dang Ja happy again.

  6. Samantha

    Great episode, but when the sadness comes its going to be even harder to handle especially for Gi Chan because he is totally in darkness of Dang Ja and his baby’s situation… i can’t wait for the next episode… and of course a great summary like usual 😀

  7. rong

    hi javabeans, i just want to say thank you for posting noblesse’s song for this post. i really like them. once again, thanks so much! =)

  8. Philippa

    Thank you so much! I’m glad that they’re back together. But it’s a surprise that Jung Sook gave up easily because in other dramas the girl won’t care if she’s dying (until the last second..). But I guess she’s different, since she’s traditional and understanding in a way. I thought they would have more conflict than that.
    I wonder if Dang Ja’s going to try to push him away later since she might die on the operation or something… Thanks again!

  9. Marzy

    I feel differently about the JS and HY relationship, i feel that on JS part its real and he has deep feelings for HY. While its me who thinks yes HY will turn around. But I hope she’d realize how JS help change her life and wants to be part of that new turned around life. 😀
    THat’s just me. Maybe for HY it might be the fling she needed but i think JS wants a permanent life style now. Who knows. But Im not one to condone the husband cheating thing, no matter the family thing at times. I feel if you can do it once you can do it again. I think that if her husband is sorry and all that, its gonna be a while. He should realize his faults really.
    Hmmmm.. the Dj-GC turned around was a bit faster than expected but im happy for them. But wow Jungsook was turned around to conceded faster. Hmmm.. cuteness ahead I dont mind. After all that turbulence id like some sweet and cute. heheheh

  10. 10 javabeans

    Marzy, I don’t disagree with you — I can understand the character of Joon Soo… but Yoo Gun isn’t quite making it believable. So I can’t buy that relationship, despite seeing clearly that I’m supposed to. Whereas even in light of Yoon Seok’s general suckiness, I think the actor Park Sang Min is doing a great job being layered despite being given a hateful background to work with.

  11. 11 rupisima

    Thanks for an impressive job of writing each episode. I must join the rest of the comments who cannot express enough gratitude for being able to keep up with the episodes thanks to your writing. I think I may have to stop reading up to this episode; the future promises to be grim, yet I cannot resist the need to find out more about the development of the story and the next twist with which they are going to assault us. I too can barely wait for the next episodes and have resorted to reading your blog which is PERFECT! So much to learn from you!
    You RocK!

    Regarding the incredible turns of events in this episode, it is suddenly moving too fast for us to actually savor DJ & GC’s time together. This episode ends well, but it seems we were on quite a ride just in this episode to get there. And soon will come the health revelations. Which I predict will not be easy to watch!

  12. 12 oly

    thank you javabeans, you know watching this episode or reading (to me) it’s like something is ticking…waiting to blasts, this so suspicious…i wonder what’s going to be next cause this is only ep.13 so 3 episode to come…hmmm very suspicious…happy ending, sad ending or bitter sweet

  13. 13 michi

    omo…i like this epi! so glad that GC chose to be with DJ 🙂

    thanks, Sarah!

  14. 14 cazzia

    Many thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. You are so fast with the summaries and pictures. I really look forward to reading your blogs. You are amazing! The characters in Bad Couple have been portrayed to seem so real – with their strengths and flaws. We also see how the characters have developed/changed – like DJ, who appeared so capable and confident at first, and now seen to be unsure and needing others’ advice/help. I love the chemistry between the 2 leads too. A great drama!

  15. 15 babyelephant

    this is the best website ever!! your writing is impressive. Thanks for taking your time writing such a wonderful synopsis…It seems that I don’t bother to watch kdrama anymore. I enjoy reading your blog more than anything!!! hehehe…Thanks a million!!!! muah..muah…l

  16. 16 michi

    i’m so glad that JS let go of GC…i admire her for that….

  17. 17 amareally

    Awww… This is sooo cute FINALY !! but as most K-drama plots …. this is the point where the whole world will come tumbling down for out two love birds

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