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Coffee Prince Chapter 6: “Would You Like Some Bubble Wrap?”
by | July 25, 2007 | 22 Comments

(Not-Completely Random) SONG OF THE DAY

Postino – “감기가 싫어” or “I Hate Colds” (as in the flu). This song always reminds of the Of Montreal song below. [ zShare download ]

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Of Montreal – “Tim I Wish You Were Born a Girl” — which is strangely appropriate for Coffee Prince, actually. And look, I didn’t even do this intentionally when I thought of posting a Postino song today. Huh. Good going, subconscious. (This song cracks me up; the lyrics are so funny.) [ zShare download ]

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As I suspected, the novel leaves us hanging after the surprise tongue-kiss between Han Gyul and Eun Chan and moves over to Han Sung. (Although I enjoyed reading about Han Sung, Yu Ju, and Eun Chan this chapter, I couldn’t help trying to hurry through it to get to the next one.)

CHAPTER 6: “Would You Like Some Bubble Wrap?”

Han Sung still harbors antipathy toward Yu Ju for the way she left him three years ago — she broke things off while they were engaged. When she calls to ask him to meet, she merely says, “I have something to say to you. Let’s meet there.” Han Sung’s bitter reaction to that:

Han Sung hated the fact that the “there” she spoke of still existed. Even if it was still there, Han Sung had had to erase it from his memory. But that “there” still existed, like it always had. Just as he remembered.

He doesn’t want to, but goes to the bar anyway; Yu Ju’s news is that she’s been offered a position working at the Dong Yi Group’s art gallery by Han Sung’s grandmother — Dong Yi Group being his family’s company. Han Sung finds himself growing angry at her just being there, and treats her coldly and harshly. (Not that she doesn’t deserve it.)

For instance, she tries to maintain a civil conversation, but he cuts it short, saying rather carelessly, “If you’re done talking, you can leave.” She asks if he has plans, and he says he does. She says, getting up to leave:

“You could ask me once how I’ve been.”

Han Sung looked up at the now-standing Yu Ju.

“However angry you are, however much you’re disappointed or hate me, you could think of the time we spent together and ask me that.”

“I could. But I don’t want to.”

“Why not?”

“It’s a waste of time.”

Hurt and disappointed, Yu Ju’s words grow heated as she tells him she thought that when she left, he’d at least call to ask why, and where, she was going. She knows he must’ve been angry that she jilted him (you think?), and she didn’t expect him to hold onto her, to hold her back, but she thought he’d say something. But he never once called, he never once came looking for her. (It’s called dignity, honey. Even when you’ve tried to do your best to trample on it.)

Despite Yu Ju’s tears, Han Sung looks at her without any expression and says:

“I went to the airport. Nobody was pushing you to go. You walked with your own legs and left. And how easily they did.”


After Yu Ju leaves, Han Sung meets with one of the company’s trustees, and we get the skinny on the family situation. Han Sung’s father inherited the company from Han Sung’s grandfather, being his eldest son, making Han Sung the next successor. However, when his father died, his younger brother (Han Gyul’s father, Han Sung’s uncle) stirred up dissent among the corporate board, and in the end the company was handed over to Han Gyul’s father. Now, Han Sung runs one branch of the company, heading their manufacturing, while Han Gyul’s mother and older brother oversee the vast majority of the enterprise, which is in the food service industry. Han Sung feels this is unfair, and has been biding his time, observing and lining up his ducks in a row. He’s got something up his sleeve.


After the trustee leaves, Han Sung downs his Chivas Regal, drinking more than usual because of his agitation over seeing Yu Ju. He notices an employee carrying out a drunken male patron on her back, breathing heavily from the exertion of holding up someone twice her own weight. He likens it to a fox carrying a bear, and finds it amusing.

Getting his bill, he leaves, but finds on his way out that the ground isn’t as level as he’d thought. Or rather, he’s drunker than he thought. The employee offers her assistance, holding his arm as he walks out. Han Sung notes her appearance, and wonders if it’s because he’s drunk that she looks like a (good-looking) boy.

Han Sung suddenly feels ill, and vomits on the ground. Eun Chan fetches him some water and they sit while he collects himself. They chat, and Eun Chan talks freely about herself — how it’s only her second day on the job, but she’d broken so many dishes and plates that she was told not to come back anymore. She sighs that nothing seems to be going right these days. Her mother lost a ring, her sister’s getting into trouble at school to get money to enroll in singing classes, her Taekwondo classes have been losing students, and even her bike won’t cooperate when she goes on her early-morning milk deliveries.

She’s been politely calling him “Sir” (more literally, “guest” or “patron”), but when he offers her a cigarette, she says, “No thanks, but ajusshi, go ahead if you like.” Han Sung thinks:

She switches from “sir” to “ajusshi” naturally, she grumbles about her troubles unreservedly to a stranger. What an interesting girl.

Eun Chan also grumbles on about someone to whom she does not attribute a name, calling him “the worst kind of perverted caterpillar-like punk.” Han Sung wonders what she’s talking about, and she goes off on her rant:

“Ajusshi, have you ever seen a caterpillar? I saw one once when I was a kid, while digging up cabbages in the garden in front of our house. I wasn’t too startled, but it was really disgusting. But that guy — he was just like that caterpillar. And he was a total pervert. Crazy bastard. Agh! Pain in the ass!”

She makes a spitting noise. As she talks, she holds some kind of plastic in her hands. “Whenever she swore, it made a loud, pop! pop! snapping sound.”

Han Sung looks at it, curious:

“Is that fun?”

“Hm? Oh, the bubble wrap?”

“Bubble wrap?”

“Yes. Do you want to try it with me? This is the best for relieving stress.”

/end Chapter 6.

22 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. krnzzang05

    interesting that they used that bubble wrap scene in one of the episodes too…haha

  2. ktv

    I cannot wait for the next chapter. The story is getting interesting. I think the book actually describes carefully the situation of each character. Anyway, it’s good to read your summary again. I’m looking forward to reading the next chapt and the next episode too…..why doesn’t time fasten a little bit *__*

  3. Anonymous

    yeah “the bubble wrap”… chapter six seems very short — ha ha can’t wait for the next one…

    this is so exciting actually reading both summaries — the novel and the drama — i’m already addicted as it is with the other k-drama — and i’m getting more deeper and deeper ha ha ha… but really for all your effort in sharing all these — THANKS AGAIN Javabeans!

  4. tuesdhei

    yeah the bubble wrap chapter six seems very short ha ha cant wait for the next one

    this is so exciting actually reading both summaries the novel and the drama im already addicted as it is with the other k-drama and im getting more deeper and deeper ha ha ha but really for all your effort in sharing all these THANKS AGAIN Javabeans!

    (ooops… i forgot….)

  5. patty g

    thanks javabeans. i’ve been following your coffee prince updates and i loved every bit of it especially your personal comments.

    DAGHAN SALAMAT! ( that’s thank you very much in Filipino).

    until next time…

  6. apple

    LOL, the bubble wrap was mentioned in the book ^^
    I just thought they added that into the drama -sort of like a trend thing… cause they were even selling bubble wrap imitations for key chains in Japan just like a while back.

    thank you for the summaries, and I’m kind of compelled to find out if they’ll add the whole Han Sung planning to over throw the company power, etc. thing on the drama/ even though I doubt it, since it doesn’t look like Lee Sun Gyun is portraying that kind of guy in the drama.

  7. Samantha

    Eun Chan is so cute here, and I love the way how in the book Han Sung is able to stand up to Yu Ju unlike in the drama and not taking her back so easily.. she totally deserves it… thanks for the summary you’re much faster than the person translating the book on xanga…

  8. hua

    Wow, three updates in one day! Amazing Javabeans! I was looking up info on Coffee Prince and found that you were quoted on another blog… ^__^ You’re quite famous! They even have a link-back icon for you in their side bar. Their post included some cute comic-style images of Coffee Prince that was seen in forums.

  9. Iranian Espresso

    Dear Javabeans
    8:17 from Iran, Good Morning !!!.
    Thank You for this summary.
    This is my first breakfast !.
    Thank you.

  10. 10 Jessica


    That song Tim I Wish You Were Born a Girl is the funniest thing I’ve heard in awhile! How do you have time to work, write these summaries and STILL find these songs!!

  11. 11 hua

    Brief update on supplement OST compilation for CP (not sure where to post this…). I was able to identify another song from the ZHBBS version:
    Kirots – ???? (Cleaning) http://youtube.com/watch?v=xD-F5BpHRBk (it’s sounds Japanese to me, and I don’t remember hearing this during the CP episodes O_o)
    Based on what others are listing, there was ??? (EZ Hyoung) – “Hello My Barista” in episode 4 from the album Coffee & Tea – Barista Muzic Vol.1
    Fanny Fink instead of “Fanny Pink”‘s “November” (from Mr. Romance album 2007)

  12. 12 Deedlith

    Fun Chapter ^^ Thanks ^^
    So here it shows that though Han Kyul is not unterested in the compagny, He’s still in an awkward situation with his cousin. Han Seong doesn’t seem to be the kind and innocent man they put in the drama ^^ I find that really fun actually ^^ Like him better this way, you can’t hate entirely Yu Ju when you have such a strong man in front, whereas in the drama Han Seong appeared mainly as a victim.
    Still, awaiting for next chapter’s review with impatience ^^ What is Han Kyul thinking at the same time? I’m dying of curiosity!

  13. 13 ANNIE797


    I love this chapter 6, thank you for the summary, I cannot wait for chapter 7.
    what is ajusshi mean in english? thank you again.

  14. 14 kitipan

    Just happen to search and found your web – interesting and very informative.

  15. 15 Iranian Espresso

    ajusshi = Mister

  16. 16 ANNIE797

    Iranian Espresso
    thank you Iranian Expresso for translate for me. I thought it was brother. how funny LOL.

  17. 17 Fiona

    han sung is not all innocent o_O

    can ajusshi also mean like not uncle necessarily but there’s no english translation! but when i watch kdramas in chinese, ajusshi is translated into “da shu” which is what you call someone like the age of your dad, someone who is old enough to be your uncle, or someone who is old enough to be a dad/uncle.

  18. 18 Bamidele

    I wish that Han Sung’s meeting with Yu Ju had gone the way it did in the book, way better in my opinion. Serves her right!!!

  19. 19 ay_link

    sarahbeans, does HS have a dog in the original novel? hehe.. just curious if the drama added Ssulja/Terry to make it more ‘cuter’ on TV, or if the dog does exist from the original. ^^

    and you’re right, I can’t wait to read the next one too, after reading this one. It just seems a bit too… short? keke.. gotta make some time to start reading the xanga’s translation XD

  20. 20 Bamidele

    I’m listening to the OF Montreal song and wow is it accurate for this drama, it is cracking me up!!!

  21. 21 javabeans

    I can’t say Han Sung’s coldness toward Yu Ju bothered me at all, heh. I’m guessing he must warm to her again, but for now, he didn’t give her an easy time and good for him.

    Shenny, I haven’t seen a Sseulja yet, but there hasn’t been too much Han Sung yet, so it doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist.

    And the Of Montreal song cracks me up to no end too. I giggle every time when he says, “But it’s not the same, because you’re a man, and so am I.”

  22. 22 secret admirer

    Thank you for the summary, Javabeans. OMG, Of Montreal lyrics are so unreal!
    I actually read 0CoffeePrince0’s translations of this chapter first then came here to read your synopsis.

    It’s no surprise that Yu Ju totally deserved all that was coming to her and **hign five** to Han Sung for letting off steam. I like this scene in the novel more than the drama. I was like “huh?” when they got back together so quickly in the series – where is the logic? Where’s the drama? Where’s the “I’ll make you pay for making me suffered all these year, ****!”? (sorry, got too excited there!)

    From the novel, I didn’t get a sense that HS was actually in love with YJ. He was definitely hurt, but was that his pride or his heart? If we consider this, then it would explain why Han Sung eventually and slowly find himself drawn toward EC. They totally connect (and it’s on a much higher level, from the waist up if you know what i mean).

    What is interesting now is that the table has turned. It is now Han Sung who is at fault. I wonder how Yu Ju will react?

    Looking forward to more of your unbelievable posts, javabeans. Till then, happy blogging!

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