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Coffee Prince: Third Cup
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Apls – “Very Special Girl” Pronounced “apples,” the album is called “Sexualmetro,” which keeps making me wonder if it’s an erroneous (or purposeful) misuse of the word “metrosexual.” Either way, it’s appropriate enough, I thought. [ zShare download ]

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Han Gyul flatly rejects his grandmother’s proposition that he work alongside the slovenly Mr. Hong in running Wang Ja Coffee (which means “prince coffee”), only to have his grandmother immediately cut off support (partially). She has his car towed, and sends movers over to clear out his apartment, informing them he will be vacating right away.

He tries to sweet-talk his granny, who’s upset at Han Gyul’s mother for pampering him so much. It’s because she coddled him and never pushed him that he’s grown to this age not knowing what real work is. Han Gyul agrees to work for her if she gives him a job at the company (“A supervisor slot should be fine”) but she insists: If he doesn’t work in the cafe, he’s on his own. She gives him three months to succeed. (Han Gyul is on bad terms with his father; the two refuse to acknowledge each other for reasons that have yet to be disclosed.)

For some reason, Han Sung and Yu Ju are back together, and all is well. I thought he wanted to hurt her. Ah, men. Still, they do make a cute couple.

Han Gyul eagerly drops by to see Yu Ju, but is disappointed to see Han Sung already there. Uncomfortable at seeing the couple looking happy together, he leaves early.

On his way home, he sees Eun Chan running into trouble out in the rain. Having lost her earnings from the Taekwondo studio owner who fled without notice, Eun Chan has thrown herself into the tedious work of sewing eyes on stuffed dolls.

She bumps into a stranger in the rain, sending her dolls scattering onto the wet sidewalk, and the belligerent stranger takes offense. The man tries to pick a fight with Eun Chan and gets possessive over his girlfriend, assuming Eun Chan is male.

Han Gyul arrives to break it up, but in a rather hilarious turn of events, the girlfriend takes offense at her boyfriend’s crude treatment of her, and she turns her own anger on him. Han Gyul and Eun Chan take advantage of the distraction and run.

They go to Han Gyul’s apartment to dry off, and Eun Chan’s mother advises Eun Chan to stay at her “friend”‘s place overnight, because the rain isn’t going to let up. Eun Chan puts on a record from Han Gyul’s vinyl record collection, and tears up in nostalgia as she remembers being a kid when her father was still alive.

Initially, Han Gyul brusquely tells her to take better care of his records, since he collects them as a hobby (although if that were true, he would definitely not be stacking them flat on top of each other in careless piles). Seeing her wipe a tear away, however, he asks what’s the matter, and she says her father used to play records; this particular record was one in his collection.

They cook together, and Han Gyul asks if her father passed away (he did). That must make Eun Chan the head of the household. Han Gyul seems to feel sympathy for her predicament, but Eun Chan just changes the subject. She cheers up rather than sinking into pity, and Han Gyul looks on in amusement at Eun Chan’s huge appetite.

Han Gyul lends a hand sewing the doll eyes, and they talk while sewing side-by-side. She asks, “You seemed kind of down today. Why? Girl problems? Tell me, I’m pretty good at understanding these kinds of things.” Han Gyul merely tells her about being forced to take over a ridiculous cafe. Eun Chan asks if he still sees Yu Ju; he says he does. She seems a bit disappointed to hear it, and asks what kind of relationship they have.

He answers that it’s more like a bad habit. “Like drinking water in the morning… Can’t not see her, and even if I try not to, I end up seeing her anyway… a terrible habit.”

Hearing that the cafe in question is Wang Ja Coffee, Eun Chan tries to persuade him to do it, and hire her as well. He’s not inclined to humor her, but she persists, appealing to his weak spot and saying he should take the opportunity to show the girl he likes what he can do. If he succeeds, he’ll look cool to his grandmother and the girl.

Eun Chan is grossed out when Han Gyul bursts in the bathroom while she’s brushing her teeth (he sees no problem since they’re both guys). Han Gyul comments on how small her butt is, and hits it. Enjoying her flustered reaction, he acts like it’s no big deal and dries his hands on her butt (instead of a towel).

When Han Gyul wakes in the morning, Eun Chan’s already gone, but she’s left little footprint cutouts on the ground, leading him outside. She’s left him a note (and his crookedly sewn doll), telling him to take on the cafe job. Han Gyul just smiles and says, “How cute.” But he does decide to work at the cafe, surprising even his grandmother.

(Commentary detour: Personally, I like how they’re developing Eun Chan and Han Gyul’s relationship. We’re seeing them have genuine conversation and close moments without other romantic issues getting in the way. He’ll fall for Eun Chan’s personality, regardless of her gender, and if that makes him gay, fine. If that makes him straight, fine. If this is the direction that the relationship takes, which is where it seems to be headed, then I’m all for it — it’s actually a fairly tolerant argument in acceptance of homosexuality even if the couple in question is straight. Go, progressive Korea.)

Han Gyul takes Eun Chan along while he goes to look around the neighborhood as research, and Eun Chan asks him to compensate her since he called her out (“Do you just see me as a source of money?” “Yep.”). They observe a waffle cart doing extremely well, mostly in part because it’s stationed outside a girl’s school and the guy running it is hot. (I believe he’s Tae Bong’s pretty man-friend from Dal Ja’s Spring, and if so, he’s well-cast here — given that they’re blurring the lines of Yoon Eun Hye’s femininity, it’s only appropriate to have a male counterpart.)

Han Gyul tries to offer the waffle guy a job at the cafe. The guy declines, but they tell him to drop by Wang Ja Coffee if he changes his mind. Both Eun Chan and the co-manager Mr. Hong agree that it’s a pretty smart idea to bring the waffle guy into the cafe (to attract his loyal female following). Han Gyul also wants to change the name from the plain, older-fashioned name “Wang Ja Coffee” to the hipper “Coffee Prince.”

Han Sung’s relationship with Yu Ju is going well, and when Eun Chan asks how his “friend” (Guy A) worked out his situation with Girl B, he says things are okay. Eun Chan deflates a little, disappointed that there’ll be no reason for him to ask for her opinion anymore. Perhaps to indulge her (and perhaps also because he enjoys conversing with her), Han Sung mentions there IS an issue with a Guy C (Yu Ju’s ex, DK, who is continuing to call her). “Guy A feels a little upset over Girl B and Guy C continuing to call each other. Isn’t he pathetic?”

Eun Chan disagrees, expressing her full support for Guy A: “I totally get Guy A. If she’s broken up, she’s broken up. Why keep talking to an ex-boyfriend?” She wonders if Guy A lacks confidence about Girl B: “I think Guy A’s pretty cool, so tell him to have confidence.”

As she leaves, she stops and asks Han Sung haltingly, “Um, I don’t know if we’ll meet by chance or not… so if I don’t get to see you… if I want to call you… Or-maybe-not-nevermind.”

But Han Sung is happy to give her his number, and as she bikes away, she sings his phone number, over and over, in great spirits.

Han Gyul enlists the help of his interior designer friend, who takes a keen interest in the pretty-boy Eun Chan, noticing his/her good looks and saying, “He’s totally my style.” Is he gay? Then again, he could be kidding since he knows Han Gyul was faking homosexuality to get out of his blind dates.

In any case, everyone gets to hard work tearing the place apart and renovating.

In an amusing turn of events, the dim Min Yub arrives to challenge Eun Chan, blaming her for being the reason Eun Sae won’t see him anymore. Eun Chan tells him to help her with the heavy lifting, and he asks why he should. She tells him she has to finish her work quickly if they want to get around to fighting. The guy sees her point (ha!) and does his best to move things quickly — and Han Gyul, watching the strong stranger accomplishing so much, offers him a job at the cafe.

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Han Gyul asks Yu Ju (an artist) to paint a mural for his cafe, and watches adoringly as she spends all night doing her work as “Back for Good” by Take That plays (ah, brings me back to my youth. I feel old). I find Yu Ju terribly annoying — she’s like the girl who feigns helplessness to get manly men to do her bidding, which irritates me. It’s the fake-coy-cute act. (What, she can’t tie her own hair?)

Determined to do a good job acting the part of a boy, Eun Chan goes to work, excited to see that Han Gyul’s already there. She’s decidedly less excited to see Yu Ju there as well (I can only imagine how she’ll react knowing that Yu Ju is also Girl B).

Han Gyul doesn’t get into the particulars of his acquaintance with Eun Chan (“It’s a long story”) and interferes with their introductions. He takes Yu Ju out for breakfast, leaving Eun Chan behind to kick in frustration at Yu Ju’s half-painted wall. I’m there with ya, sister. Or brother.

A mistake occurs with an order, and 20kg coffee beans sacks are delivered instead of 2kg bags. Eun Chan admits she mistakenly ordered the wrong amount (it’s likely Min Yub made the mistake; she’s taking responsibility). Han Gyul takes her aside and rips into her for being irresponsible. This is probably exacerbated by the fact that his grandmother is putting him on a tight budget and expecting him to increase profits, and he’s feeling the stress of being unable to return the large order for a refund. Still, he’s way over the line, snapping at Mr. Hong for defending her, feeling no remorse seeing Eun Chan wiping away a few tears. He says he mistook her (for being decent) and yells that if she’s not going to take her job seriously, she’d better quit immediately.


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  1. Bamidele

    Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You rock, thanks for the summary.

    I freaking think Yoo Ju is so plastic, if you’ve seen Taste Swee Love she reminds me of the girl in that one. I hope she learns a very big and painful lesson when this drama ends. Seriously, girls like that get away with too much crap, and the girls who see her for who she is, guys say we are jealous.

    HG is going to piss me off if he gets with her, and he better apologize to EC very quickly, I mean he went overboard.

    Thanks for the summary, Mr. Sexy voice needs to break up with her ASAP!!

  2. Anonymous

    dang you’re fast. i was just about finished dowloading the episode and your summary’s already up!!

    thanks javabeans! YEH is adorableee! That Girl B is so freakin annoying. I cant stand it. But dang she’s unbelieavably pretty.

    And I believe that waffle cart guy IS Lee Min Ki’s friend from DalJa’s.
    All my favorite side characters are here. Plain awesome!

  3. Samantha

    Great summary.. I do agree about the whole yu jin thing she is one of those girls that u can’t help but hate becaus they always play the princess in distress… while others are ignored because guys are so naive to think that she isn’t what she seems! Anyways this cup had a great aroma to it, i think i’ll have another… in other words this was a great episode i cant wait for the next one!!

    Dont know if that makes sense …. oh welll THANKS 😀

  4. merriwether

    Omg the pretty man-friend! It’s not normal, not normal… For a man to be that pretty and feminine looking…

    Okay back to the actual drama. I like how this is so light-hearted. My little heart can’t take much more tragedy after watching War of Money and Snow in August. I love the caricatures of people in this, especially that idiot MinYub. He’s just so… stupid. It’s hilarious to see him be tricked into doing all that work.

    The way YEH acts in this drama reminds me of ChaeGyung’s character in Goong. I see a few similarities. I don’t think this was the drama that YEH would have chosen if she was looking to expand her acting horizons.

    Thanks as always for the speedy summary. If only Emily had told you to do BC 12 haha… (hint hint)

  5. docmitasha

    “”Shes like the girl you cant explain hating because itll label you as a jealous shrew, bitter that her only crime is being pretty, so you cant openly express that you dislike her, but at the same time she just seems so fake. But all the guys tell you, Lighten up, shes really cool. And you just sit there and stew, knowing youve been unjustly accused of being catty Oh wait, is that just me?””

    No, its not just you 😉 I totally get your comparison, that was my first reaction to Yu Ju. I’m disappointed they got back together that fast…I mean she left him, came back, they slept together and all’s happy (despite his big words). Yeah, but I know what you mean, the character irritates me (or the way the actress plays the character).

    And I also like the progressive idea behind it, and the way they’re orchestrating it. I was watching episode 2 and I enjoy the interaction and how natural it is, but you can also see that Han Gyul is building an affection–whatever kind it may be–and I like the way its been shown. My kudos to a progressive Korea too 🙂 Now if only a couple other countries would move a little forward with their stories….

    And another thing I’m enjoying is that Han Gyul isn’t a complete jerk as sometimes the rich, lazy heir is. I mean there’s a lot of that in him, but he has these obvious moments that show he’s also concerned, kind, and realizes when he’s been an idiot (I like the part when he looks at the schedule in Ep 2 and thinks about what his grandma tells him). And these don’t exist several layers deep only to be shown several episodes later, which is often the case in such stories. So despite a lot of k-drama cliches, it still feels refreshing.

    Btw, I admire you for continuing Air City. I’m glad I never started watching it (for a short while I thought I might!) and I’m sorry it turned out this way. I read all your earlier summaries because they were all so funny and the way the story went in some of the episodes reminded me a lot of several Bollywood movie/Indian drama story bits which are just too painful to watch because they’re made disastrous by ridiculous design, and a perfectly good start can meet with a “whaatt was that?” kind of ending (reason I switched to korean film and drama industry ;))! But its generous of you to keep going for the people who are still watching it. Go Javabeans!

  6. mily2

    thank you sarahbeans.. urgggggggg.. HG better apologize to our dear “brother” soon.. ehhe.. i’m sure he will.. i am still finding it strange for HG to think that EC is a boy time after time.. she might look boyish.. but her voice.. i thought she still very much sounds like a girl.. ehhe.. I mean.. i find that strange since they have spend alot of time together.. I thought he would have realized or at least suspect that by now.. Once again.. thank you for a wonderful summary.. sarahbeans rock!!!

  7. Anonymous

    Thanks for the summary :] And by the way, I heard that this was already a manhwa before so that’s probaly why this is different from the other k-dramas despite the cliches XD

  8. Anonymous

    Oh yeah, and does he find out that she’s a girl? In the preview it has her shouting that she’s a girl : /

  9. doozy

    thank you for the summary, sarah!

    i agree too that yu ju is annoying… totally not liking those “damsel in distress” type characters..
    about her and mr. velvet voice, it was probably the power of the back hug and Han Sung is a man, ergo, he’s a weakling when it comes to the pretty face + back hug formula. for some reason, i have a feeling that she’s gonna leave him and break his heart again 🙁

    I like the way the story is developing and wonder how much longer it will be until HG realizes that EC is a girl.

  10. 10 Marzy

    aahhhh thanks for this sarah!! 😀 i dont like Girl B. well sure the actress is pretty and all. but well.. i dont know if she;s acting to be a B***** she’s got it down pat. hahhaa im in love with the uberr cute doggie on Han Sung. as much as i pity, Han Gyul he’s in for a long haul. i dont like how he ripped into Eun Chan like that too. i wouldve acted more cooly and try to troubleshoot as much rather than blame the person. but that’s just me. Im really loving this drama. ^^

  11. 11 Eve

    Oh I love this show…and I totally agree about Yoo Ju – just seeing her annoys me now…is she toying with them both? I don’t get it, it was obvious from the first two episodes that she didn’t really feel for Han Gyul as she did for the older cousin so why keep leading him on? the woman is gorgeous though – i watch it with my brother and he just sits there starring at her…once in awhile saying ,” Man, she’s cute.”

    Truthfully – I skipped all of their alone parts together (hangyul & yoo ju) haha….

  12. 12 ay_link

    Thank you sarahbeans! muah! ^^ I find it also strange why HK can’t tell that she’s clearly a girl… lol.. o well. Does it mean YEH’s acting isn’t convincing enough? lol.. errr… I think she’s doing a great job so far….

    In the preview, looks like EC’s mom is calling her ‘daughter’ huahaha.. can’t wait to see that. But perhaps HK is deaf, or somewhere else when that happens. Blah~ too early for him to know the truth.

    And about YJ, hehe.. am I the only one who think she’s alrite? I mean, she’s not bitchy or anything like that, and they make such a beautiful couple together with HS. hehe. and plus HS seems to be so in happy with her. I dunno, I kinda like her, as an actress and as Yoo Ju. But I have a feeling she’ll break HS’s heart once again…sigh…

    • 12.1 sel

      A totally irrelevant comment years later, but I totally agree with you on YJ! She might have a problem with relationships, but she’s overall pretty likable for me. I don’t see Damsel in Distress all that much, tho I guess she starts that way with the thief and all. And for sure, YJ and HS are so cute when they’re working well!

      The heartbreak does seem eminent though!! D: -fingers crossed-

  13. 13 ginnie

    That Latte Art portion of today’s episode was very cool but it was unfortunately so brief in this episode. It was sooooo pretty, I never knew how they did the drawings and now I do! Wish one day I can try to make one of my own Latte Art! *dreaming* LOL.

    Another cool thing was the concept of “Coffee Prince”. I thought that is a pretty neat marketing idea because imagine those male idols in the k-pop world today serving coffee, I bet the school girls will automatically be attracted to their princes there. And this is also why Eun Chan has to continue being a “prince” in order to work Han Kyul’s coffee place.

    With that being said, after watching three episodes (one of them LIVE), I really don’t think I want to watch the show anymore, I’d rather “read” the show here. There are so many predictables and I can’t stand Ms. Second Lead who apparently can’t even tie her hair. And it is not because Han Kyul is Vidal Sassoon either! He was struggling how to twist her hair…I wish he would twist something else. ….LOL.

    Why oh Why did the Voice get back with Yu Ju? What happened to the plot in episode 2? I don’t understand that portion when they were suddently cuddling together on the bed and she was doing the oddest things to him/on him.

    I think the script in the future will continue to make Yu Ju as hateable as possible, Han Sung as naive and lovesick as possible, Han Kyul as careless and mean without knowing it as possible, and Eun Chan as pitiful as possible. In this episode alone, there are two instances that makes us sympathize with her i.e. her memories of her father causing her to tear up and also Han Kyul scolding Eun Chan. hheee….ah…I hope I am wrong.

    Perhaps they will one day use this line in this series later….”instead of drinking water (Yu Ju) , why don’t you drink coffee (Eun Chan) as a habit instead?”

  14. 14 javabeans

    LOL you guys are too funny. shenny, she’s calling Eun Chan “son” (ah deul) because she’s hip to the plan and agrees to go along with it. I do think Yu Ju’s a “nice” character but she still rubs me the wrong way — like Jung Sook in Bad Couple, who’s quiet on the surface but really a wily old fox.

    ginnie, hahaha, yes, drink coffee instead indeed! only Yu Ju won’t be water, she’ll be wine cuz she’s a big ol’ wino. (first he takes wine to her apartment and she asks, “You don’t even drink, how did you know i’d want wine?” and later when she’s painting, he says, “How can Yu Ju work without her wine?” or something like that). i do agree the script is laden with cliches but they’ve done a decent job not getting bogged down so far (famous last words), so i still have hope.

    then again, i ALWAYS have hope, and many times it’s crushed. isn’t it sad witnessing my hopes come crashing down in flames in real time as chronicled here? and yet i don’t learn.

  15. 15 Acey

    I really appreciate how HG is not freaking out over people thinking he might be gay (okay, he was exploiting it) but he really seems quite comfortable with his more-than-dongsaeng relationship with EC…
    Looking at the plot, I can totally see how this began as a manhwa/chick-lit type of book, but I love the way they’ve translated into something enjoyable on screen, while Goong may have lacked a little something.. I thought it was kind of selfconscious but I’m really enjoying this series (so far). In fact I don’t even mind the predictability because I find the dramatic irony very exciting! I can’t wait til HG finds out, I hope that when he does he doesn’t flip out or change dramatically, in the meantime I hope their growing relationship isn’t freaking him out.
    That said, I’m really glad you’re recapping this series! I really enjoy reading them, especially because I’m so bogged down with work these days I can’t watch the episodes until much, much later

  16. 16 Noemi

    quoting you :

    Shes like the girl you cant explain hating because itll label you as a jealous shrew, bitter that her only crime is being pretty, so you cant openly express that you dislike her, but at the same time she just seems so fake. But all the guys tell you, Lighten up, shes really cool. And you just sit there and stew, knowing youve been unjustly accused of being catty Oh wait, is that just me?”

    …. my words exactly!!! Yu Ju is really getting in to my nerves…

    i use to wish it was the weekend for Ques Sera Sera.. and your summaries.. now i love Mon and Tuesday!!
    you’re great storytelling with side comments helps us non-koreans to love the drama more!!
    keep it up!

    my comment for the drama… i just hope it wouldn’t go to the cliche love square…
    please have Hang Yul wake up early …………
    Yu ju is exactly is a bad habit!!!

  17. 17 javabeans

    Acey, I’m there with you on liking Han Gyul’s reaction (or nonreaction) to Eun Chan. True, he’s faking being gay, but at the same time he’s not at all squeamish about it, which I like. A lot of homophobic guys can’t even muster the thought of being perceived as gay, much less actually acting gay. I’m thinking the stumbling block will be that Eun Chan lied to him, and won’t really have to do with sexuality at all.

    I agree with you on Goong’s self-consciousness — great way to describe it. In fact, that’s probably my sticking point with YEH’s acting as Chaekyung — she was very self-consciously cute. I think she still has a long way to go to be a truly wonderful actor, but she’s improved a lot here, and I like that her Eun Chan is un-self-conscious. Most gender-bending, cross-dressing roles go too far into campy territory by being overly conscious of the gimmick, which I dislike. Eun Chan isn’t pretending to be a boy (initially) so her boyishness isn’t calculated — it’s supposed to be natural. For that, I think YEH’s done a good job of discarding her girlishness.

    It ties into shenny’s point about Han Gyul not being able to recognize that she’s a girl. He does repeatedly remark at what a pretty face she’s got for a guy, and he asks her in this ep why she doesn’t have facial hair (she mumbles that it’s b/c she hasn’t eaten well enough, which he laughs at in disbelief). I actually don’t have a problem buying this part of the story. Aside from the voice — which could be seen as kinda boyish — Eun Chan really acts like a boy. The way she moves, sits, swaggers, walks in large, gangly swoopy motions rather than with feminine grace. I’m sure he’ll become suspicious at some point in the near future, but for now he has no reason not to believe his first impression is right.

  18. 18 Jessica

    Heehee! I totally agree about your feelings towards Yu Ju. She’s the type of the girl that makes us all look bad. I do feel though that if she wasn’t as pretty, I wouldn’t dislike her as much…

    Also, I don’t blame Han Gyul too much for yelling at Eun Chan. I feel that if HG knew she was a girl he wouldn’t have yelled at her. But because he thinks she’s a guy, he felt it was OK.

    Thanks for the recaps!

  19. 19 Auntie Mame

    Hi JavaBean, Pls. pardon my ignorance. But, what’s TMI? I think Coffee Prince is so funny and so well acted. They really have comedic talent. If their timing is not perfect, the gag/joke will not work. And, I love reading your summaries on all the shows, regardless of whether the show is good or bad. You are so right on about Air City. I was so annoyed with how the different stories didn’t smoothly lead from one to the next that I was screaming at the screen. This is the only show that has ever made me talk, like a lunatic, to myself. UGH!! (Of course, it also doesn’t help that I have knowledge about airport operations.) So far, the stories have covered issues about the baggage system, janitorial & cleanliness standards, waste treatment and reclamation system, fake passports, contra-band smuggling, aviary problem, IT system security breach and illegal immigration. All of which are real issues at all airports. But, I’m surprised that they haven’t had a story about not being able to land planes until they did emergency paving of a runway to focus on the facilities and maintenance group. Or, have a passenger with a deadly and contagious illness to focus on the medical clinic. They could also have an emergency situation with tainted food being served on board and in the terminals. And, they could have really shown off by conducting disaster drills. Oh, forget it … now, I’m sleepy and just rambling …
    Thanks again for sharing this blog with us.

  20. 20 Hang

    Javabeans, thank you for all of your summaries, recaps, the articles, and the random songs. I feel bad because I’m a major silent reader and lazy to post. But I just had to get over my laziness to tell you how much I appreciate you!! Thank you so much for making k-dramas so much more interesting!!

  21. 21 javabeans

    Auntie Mame, TMI = too much information. Do you watch The Office? (You should really watch The Office.) The term TMI’s been around a lot longer than that show, but Steve Carell does a great version of it…

  22. 22 Hang

    Oops forgot to say something. But once in awhile I get the Error 500 message. When you just move to the domain I got it twice and just earlier. But your website was loading slow..so maybe only when there’s traffic? But this is the message:

    Error 500 – Internal server error

    An internal server error has occured!
    Please try again later.

  23. 23 ayi

    Yes, ever since the website was switched to dramabeans.com, I always received 3 “security alert” prompts for every page I visited in Dramabeans.

    Anyway, I really appreciate your effort to write all these recaps. And I really marvel at how well you managed to grasp the details of the story.

    Good job!

  24. 24 javabeans

    sigh, those server errors must be the pain in the ass that comes with self-hosting. i’ve been in contact with the host and it’s apparently a “known issue” that they are “currently working hard to resolve” and they will “keep me updated.” i hope those quotes become unnecessary and the problem is actually resolved. sorry folks! i get the error page too sometimes and it makes me -_- it’s definitely not bandwidth issues as i’ve got plenty for now.

  25. 25 Deedlith

    I really like your summaries ^^ I’m on holidays abroad so i can only watch the LQ release without subtitles so it helps me check the part i’ve not understood well

    I completely agree with your comment on Yu Ju, one of my friend used to be like that, but truly speaking it took me a while to see she was faking… Well I distanced myself bit by bit to avoid conflict…

    Anyway, I think you should have said that actually it’s Min Yub who made the mistake for the order but Eun Chan took “willingly” the blame instead. He’s such a coward and it’s the second time too [see first episode when he stole Yu Ju’s bag and Han Gyul thought Eun Chan was working with him]!!!

  26. 26 javabeans

    Deedlith, it’s wasn’t explicitly shown that Eun Chan took the blame for Min Yub… there’s a moment where she looks at him and I wondered if it really was his mistake, but they didn’t take it any further. Maybe we’ll find out in Episode 4.

  27. 27 ginnie

    Javabeans, you are really not helping with Ms. Yu Ju’s like-o-meter!!! I agree she’s no water but Han Kyul does not know what he is drinking anyways, that’s why he’s manipulated by this gal so much. He’s intoxicated alright. hahaha….

    I hope this isn’t going to be one of those that come “crashing down in flames”. In any case, I’ll be ready with a fire extinguisher and lots of sarcasm!!!! LOL. If they put in more scenes that deal about the homophobic, sexuality and gender-related issues, I think the series is still worth the cliches. If it chooses to highlight taboo topics in a lighthearted manner, then it will be alright. We don’t need to have new things all the time…my fear is that this series will have more slapstick comedy and plot will not challenge any of these taboo topics but instead runs away from it to be more of a teen/chick flick in the end.

    Looking forward to your next summary!!!
    Thank you!

  28. 28 Ann

    Thank u soo much for the summary!! I’m always impacient and can’t wait for the subs so this is soo great!

    I must say i am with u on the progress of Korea+homosexuality, I think that the whole concept that the novel and the drama is based around is fun and opening to the new new..

  29. 29 ay_link

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