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Anatomy of a Scene: Tenth Cup
by | August 1, 2007 | 55 Comments

My my, Coffee Prince is turning me into a starry-eyed fangirl.

So now my comparison of Coffee Prince’s Episode 10 and Que Sera Sera’s Episode 9 takes on meta levels — if you remember, I posted a script translation of the final sequence in QSS 9 because I found it so fascinating. Well, same thing happened with Coffee Prince and I found the script moving as well, so here’s the excerpt after the jump.


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Anatomy of a Scene (or Two): Coffee Prince Episode 10

Yes, you may notice I’ve taken a few liberties with punctuation and such, which I’ve done because I find Korean and English have different cadences and speech patterns… I’d rather preserve the tone of a piece than transcribe to a perfectly literal but less-than-elegant effect.


Scene 55. Car Speeding on Road. Night.

Han Gyul broods, driving the car.

Scene 56. Inside Coffee Prince. Night.

Time lapse:

Eun Chan draws on the mural…
…a shadow falls over her face…
…unaware at first, Eun Chan suddenly starts in surprise, breath catching, stiffening at the thought that it could be a burglar…
…turning her head with determination…
…to Han Gyul, regarding Eun Chan with an expressionless face…

Eun Chan: [startled] “Why are you back…?” [then seeing the pen in her hand, flustered] “Ah… this is… the color came off…”

Han Gyul strides over without expression…
Eun Chan, in surprise, takes a step backward in reflex, her back coming into contact with the mural…
Han Gyul comes close…
Eun Chan holds her hand to block Han Gyul, scared…
Han Gyul suddenly grasps both of Eun Chan’s hands and pushes her to the wall…
In shock, she stares at him wide-eyed…
Han Gyul swoops in with a kiss…
Eun Chan stiffens in surprise… as tears form… as Han Gyul moves to draw his lips away… Eun Chan grasps his face… kisses him… her heart overflowing… the pen drops… tears flow gently from the eyes of these two, kissing…



Han Gyul: [lifting his lips, heart hurting, tears in his eyes, looking at Eun Chan]
Eun Chan: [looking at Han Gyul with aching heart, tears flowing]
Han Gyul: [trying to calm his heart with effort, speaking slowly] “I’m going to say this once, just once, so listen.”
Eun Chan: [watching him, uneasy]
Han Gyul: “I like you.”
Eun Chan: [eyes brimming with more tears]..
Han Gyul: [aching heart, with warmth] “Whether you’re a man, or an alien… I don’t care anymore.”
Eun Chan: [heart hurting, overwhelmed]
Han Gyul: “I tried to get rid of my feelings and I couldn’t… so let’s go, as far as we can go…” [watching quietly, with a small smile] “Let’s try.”

Eun Chan, heart aching… happy… lowering her head… soon overflowing with tears… worrying for the future…

Han Gyul, looking at this Eun Chan… holding Eun Chan’s lowered head carefully, protectively… his smile faltering… absorbed in his thoughts… happy but not purely so…

Eun Chan carefully takes a step closer, wrapping her arms around Han Gyul’s waist…

…wishing time could stop like this…

…for these two, holding each other.


Original script excerpt:

씬 55. 도로, 달리는 차, 밤.

한결, 고민에 차서 운전을 하고 있는,

씬 56. 커피프린스 안, 밤.

*시간 경과>>
은찬, 싸인펜 들고 벽화에 칠하고 있는,
그런 은찬의 모습 위로 그림자가 지는,
은찬, 모르고 있다가 움찔 놀라 숨 참는, 도둑인가 싶
어 굳어 있다가
작심하고 고개 돌려보는,
한결, 무표정한 얼굴로 은찬 보고 서 있는,

은 찬 : (놀라) 왜, 다시..(하다가 손에 싸인펜 보고, 당황한) 아, 아
니 그게요,
이게…물감이 벗겨져서…

한결, 무표정하게 성큼 다가오는,
은찬, 놀라서 반사적으로 뒷걸음질 치는, 벽화에 등이
한결, 바싹 가까이 다가드는,
은찬, 놀라서 손으로 한결 막는, 두려운,
한결, 덥석 은찬의 양손을 잡고 벽에 밀어 붙이는,
은찬, 놀라서 눈 커져 한결 보면,
한결, 그대로 덮치듯 키스하는,
은찬, 놀라서 굳어 있다가, 눈물이 나는, 한결이 입술
을 떼려하면, 은찬 한결의 얼굴을 잡고, 키스를 하는, 마음
이 벅찬,
툭 떨어지는 사인펜,
키쓰하는 두 사람의 눈에 눈물이 고이는,

한 결 : (입술 떼고, 맘아프게, 눈물 그렁해, 은찬을 보는)
은 찬 : (맘아프게 한결을 보는, 눈물흐르는)
한 결 : (맘을 가라앉히려 애쓰며, 천천히 말하는) 한 번만, 딱 한
번만 말할 거니까 잘들어.
은 찬 : (보는, 불안한)
한 결 : 너 좋아해.
은 찬 : (눈물이 더눅 차오르는) ..
한 결 : (맘아픈, 따뜻하게) 니가 남자건, 외계인이건, 이제 상관
안 해.
은 찬 : (맘아프게 보는, 벅찬)
한 결 : 정리하는 거 힘들어 못해먹겠으니까, 가보자, 갈 때까지…
(가만히 보 는, 엷은 미소로) 한번..가보자.

은찬, 맘아프고, 행복한, 고개 푹 숙이는, 이내 눈물 그
렁해지는, 앞으로의 일이 걱정되는,
한결, 그런 은찬 가만히 바라보는, 이내 은찬의 머리
조심스럽게 감싸안는, 미소 점점 잦아들고, 생각에 잠기
는, 좋지만은 않은,
은찬, 조심스럽게 한 발짝 다가가 한결의 허리를 감싸
안는, 이대로
시간이 멈췄으면 좋겠는,
그렇게 마주 안고 있는 두 사람


55 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Eunice :D

    your awesome!!
    i love the fact that your reviews are very thorough which helps me understand this
    drama/novel so much better
    your musics are great too, keep the good work up!!

    THANK YOU!! ^0^

  2. Gigi

    I like this site, and your style of writing very much. I’m another Coffee Prince reqruit, and because of your recaps I’ve also watch Que Sera Sera(which was lovely). Have you ever considered getting more writers together, so you could recap more shows? I think it would be cool if there was an Asian version of TWoP.

  3. bobo

    the script is even more wonderful thank you for sharing the details….i want to go back and watch that part again

  4. Sozzy

    My goodness! My heart flutters so.

  5. rainey

    ^^Ah, an asian version of TWOP, that would be sensational. Although, as much as I love javabeans’ summaries the true gem of TWOP is the snark. A little cynicism and bite really makes for a great review.

  6. sarahbelle

    Glad to see it’s not just me who is obsessing over this awesome scene. I remember the first time I watched it, I was trying to imagine how much of it was written in the script, so this is very enlightening! Thanks for posting this, it is really beautifully written.

  7. jinkzzmec

    thank you for taking the time to even translate the script . it is really awesome to read the scene being described frame by frame. Gives one a better understanding of how such a beautiful scenario came into being…ahhh…i love coffee prince more and more….You’re not the only one who’s turning into a starry – eyed fangirl…It may be embarrassing for a 30+ year old woman like me to admit but watching CP has turned me into a love sick teenager…because of Cp, i can’t even finish watching spring waltz because i have to check on CP and watch episodes after episodes over and over again…This coming from someone who used to pull an all nighter to finish a whole kdrama…It has been 4 days now since i started watching Spring Waltz and i haven’t finished it yet…just glad that my husband hasn’t complained or said anything…hehehe….thank you again.

  8. sunnygirl

    10th cup is very wicked. I thought I am the only one that was left like a jelly, weak in the knees and breathless. my world is still in a stand still. my best friend thought i have gone crazy because that is all i can think and talked about. thanks for your incessant ardor to give the synopsis. i am relying on your blogs to understand the series as the subs are not yet out. you rock!

  9. mangoicy

    I must say that this scene belongs to Gong Yoo. He took the script and made the words his own. The script on its own doesn’t give me the same indescribable feeling as watching it transformed into a brilliant performance on the screen. Props to him on this one. and to you for your brilliant analysis. As always, it’s a pleasure to read!

  10. 10 moe

    you are doing a great job, thank you for taking your time. i love your work! can’t wait for more!!

  11. 11 wizie

    Argh, i know it makes me breathless too. My heart goes out to the both of them…. funny that im soo affected. It makes you wish that some how its your story too. You just don’t know how many times i read your summary and watched ep 10. Again this will make my whole week… can’t help smiling whenever i remember this episode.

  12. 12 icechocolate

    Thanks, Javabeans. I don’t expect that I will find new thing today. Just want to read the comment of tenth cup (yes, reading comment is interesting too), but voila.. a new one today.
    I feel little awkward in the last scene. If they hug each other like that, Han Gyul will find that Eun Chan is not a man immediately. There’s a lot of differences betwen male and female body. It’s ok if they don’t have a body contact (let’s assume that Han Gyul first hug is not close enough to think that way), but in this episode, well, they really really hug.
    I think the book is good enough to portray Han Gyul’s suspicion of Eun Chan gender. But in this drama, Han Gyul is like never experienced with woman. I don’t know. Or maybe just because love is blind.

  13. 13 Acey

    Thanks for this! May I know where you get the scripts from? I’ve never seen TV scripts like this before and I think it’s really enlightening. Thank you so much for your hard work, and for sharing this with us!

  14. 14 zyggy

    Hi javabeans! THANKS so much for your summaries. this is my first post but i cant describe how much i love your blog. i do love these series, cant wait for the next episodes. this has made my week. keep it up! thanks again for all the effort you put in to keep us updated about coffee prince (both the drama and novel).

  15. 15 javabeans

    Ah, TWoP. Frankly I was looking for something like that, and soompi was the closest thing. That’s part of the reason i started my blog, to write about things in detail on Twoppy levels without (hopefully) the requisite pretension level that tends to plague that site. And I do get in the snark a bit for some shows, but i figure i’d rather spend time watching a show that i like better, and therefore something i’d snark less on.

    Acey, there are Korean cafes and forums where some users post up various different scripts. icechocolate, in Han Gyul’s defense, i’m guessing he doesn’t have much experience hugging guys that closely either, so it probably doesn’t occur to him to “compare” the experience… and honestly (some might disagree), even though I know Eun Chan’s a girl, sometimes even I forget, so if it never occurred to you, it’s that much harder to see her as a girl. plus, now that everyone around him knows, they’re actively helping to keep the truth from him by continuing the act.

  16. 16 Bunde

    I enjoyed this episode very much. Some series has some great episodes but also weak episodes here and there. However, all the episodes of Coffee Prince has been enjoyable. Eun Hye has been adorable in this drama and such a great fake guy!

    I can’t compare this to QSS episode #9, however. The QSS scene in #9 was on another level, just a mind-blowing scene… a scene that left me and my friends saying “wooooowwww, did you see that?!!!!!!!!” and talking about it for days. The tension had built up and no one knew how it was going to resolve… but then to release like that was unbelievable.

  17. 17 canyayasis

    i think (hope) you know you have my full support. this post – it’s what i kept scanning soompi in search of….thank you – i know you have your “technical” hands full – so the the gently touch of this scene translations – makes that one scene worth looping – in an effort to see it from all possible sides. thank you! canyayasis (candy)

  18. 18 its_trish

    wwwaaahhhhh *amazed and shocked eyes*
    THANK YOU again Javabeans! Sarah you honestly just rock my kdrama world!
    This scene.. man those guys can act!
    I gotta say that I love Coffee Prince – not only for its all star cast but the storyline too ^^
    and of course.. Sarah’s endorsement 😀

  19. 19 Gigi

    No worries, Javabeans, you don’t come off in any way as pretentious. You do an excellent job at making these dramas very accessable, and enjoyable to read about, without pulling punches on things you find lacking. I’d like to know if there are any drama newbies reading your blog, as I’d bet they’d enjoy it just as much as someone who is fluent in the ways of Asian dramas. I also love some of the little insights into Korean TV and culture that you sometimes throw. Congrats on a very awesome blog!

  20. 20 gail

    regarding snark. The addition of snark will not enhance your CP summaries, in my humble opinion. But I remember a tiny bit regarding Yoo Joo at the beginning. That was fun before I got to like her better. aiieeee.
    but maybe in other series, it wouldn’t hurt to be very snarky. but even with witch amusement, it was all in great fun.

    keep up the awesome work (awesome used with its dictionary meaning firmly in mind), javabeans. we really really appreciate it.

  21. 21 sarahbelle

    Hee, I love reading everyone’s comments and how much it affected them. Me too! I wonder if Korean fans are saying the same thing?

  22. 22 Anonymous

    somebody “snarked” about this series being oh-so-gay… that’s odd, but I never find anything offensive about being gay in all of the 10 eps. yes, HanGyul is struggling with the gay issue, but his case is pretty much isolated and I wouldn’t even call it detrimental to the gay community. I think the theme as a whole is more universal: love/trust/friendship.

    I’m more worried about the possibility of this drama to extend to 2 more eps. no matter how much I would love to see more of them, is there a need to extend it without ruining the context? so far the 10th episode is one hell of a major climax, but how many climax or cliffhangers can we take before the series borders to ridiculousness? does the novel allows such probability?

    please enlighten us dear Javabeans. you are our only hope. 😉

  23. 23 Tuesdhei

    like what i noted in my comment at the tenth cup recap — this particular scene? “it sure is a one roller coaster ride!”

  24. 24 Sandra

    Thank you Javabens for the translation. Have you ever considered becoming a writer? Seriously…. you have a great talent.

  25. 25 skyeler

    Javabeans, thank you for your wonderful summaries and insights. Ok, now this, is it true that CP has been extended to 18 eps? cause I’ve noticed from veoh that most of the uploaders had changed the numbers of eps fr 16 to 18. If true…. AWESOME…………

  26. 26 fishsoup

    thank you for the translation of the script of this scene, it really makes things clearer and allows us readers/audience to have a fuller grasp of the meaning of that scene. 🙂

    one thing though, i’m kinda puzzled about the scene at han gyul’s car between eun chan and han gyul after the delivery. that was quite an intense scene as well, and if it’s not too much trouble for you, could you elaborate more on that scene? you have a great way of making things clearer and i’m sure i’ll understand that scene better if you explained more about it. 🙂

  27. 27 teokong

    Javabeans, your blog is awesome!! I’am very…very…glad to have found you. I love the way you summarise and analysis the drama. Thank you…for writing and sharing. Enjoy your work very much. Cheers!!!!

  28. 28 beng

    Shucks! makes me want to learn Hangul. You’re there is always something lost in the translations.

  29. 29 secret admirer

    **smile** That was sweet! Amazing script. Nice delivery by the actors. Thank you for sharing, javabeans. Ahh, the power of the mighty pen…. uhh, in this case, the wireless Microsoft computer keyboard.

    But, for laugh, here’s my twilight-zone version of Episode 10’s ending:

    “Eun Chan carefully takes a step closer, wrapping her arms around Han Gyul’s waist…

    …wishing time could stop like this…

    …for these two, holding each other.”

    Camera pulls back. The light flickered above, fighting off the darkness that threatened to envelop the two intertwining figures. For a moment, silence is their only witness.

    Scene 57: Outside coffee shop

    Han Sung slowly steps out of the shadows formed by the magnolia branches falling on the windows. He turns and kneels down to calm the restless dog. Han Sung scratches behind its ears, tugs on the leash and motions the animal to stand. A bittersweet smile breaks out across his face.

    He gingerly makes his way accross the deserted patio and onto the sidewalk, being careful to not disturb the two figures in the coffee shop. Dog follows, tail wagging. Their shadows lengthened under the pale street lights.

    He whistles softly ** “Heart and Soul”**

    Camera follows them to the intersection where both master and dog turns.

    Scene fades to black.


    Cheesy , hah… but can’t help it (it’s the fanfic writer in me)! 🙂

  30. 30 rtj

    this really is a lovely drama. and yes, it is because eun hye was so convincing in his portrayal of eun chan. and though in qss, i kept thinking that eun soo would have been more effective (and the ratings would have soared) if played by eun hye, i have no complaints about gong yoo’s role in cp. they are good together!

    what’s amazing about cp is how it subtly presents, emphasizes (well dramatize actually!) the emotional aspect among those involved in relationships with the same sex. admittedly, with regards to the relationship of both gay and lesbian, my mind would always jump to the physical aspect. thinking that it’s about lust alone. as i watch cp, i start thinking about the feelings involved. that said though. . . i am still really really glad that eun chan is actually a girl. because i am just so elated at the intensity of han gyul’s feelings for eun chan though he “knows” he is a guy. it seems to hint about some kind of “magnetic force” or chemistry that is inexplicable yet so strong. that we see han gyul in agony, battling with himself and finally giving in. same as everyone else here, i was at the edge of my seat,was holding my breath and clutching whatever i was holding at their scenes together in this episode. whew! can’t wait for the remaining episodes.

  31. 31 wannie

    hey! I saw that! Their expressions were flawless.

    But liking her doesn’t mean he’s gay. I mean, he’s still attracted to women and En Chan, the boy her. It just means he loves En Chan, doesn’t it? Even if they break up or something, he’d go back to women… isn’t it?

  32. 32 aquamarine

    Thanks for writing such good stuff… I really love your writing style and your summaries are the only resources for me to understand Coffee Prince and Que Sera Sera before the subtitles are out.

  33. 33 NG

    Javabeans, you are one heck of a writer! I appreciate the series more after discovering you— you have a way of opening up new angles by which to see the scenes and the K-drama as a whole. The Coffee Prince is a whole world and the actors and writers were able to create such dynamic characters which just kind of leaps off the screen and takes a hold of our guts— it’s funny, it’s light, it’s delicate and profound at the same time without being overbearing. It is honest and what is great is that it is not at all predictable. It makes the viewers face also issues—friendship, loyalty, love, relationships, family, homosexuality– and anyone can look at it depending on what glasses are worn–
    YOU, provide us with a rich summary and shall I say an insightful treasure of posts that allow us to see so much more. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

  34. 34 tooizzy

    Oh man!! I’m doing countdowns and trying to keep myself busy so that I don’t go bananas waiting for the other episodes. I REALLY don’t want them to extend to 18 episodes. I think they might lose some of the intensity that we have experienced in the last 10. It might get old after a while. *Sigh* Why couldn’t they end with a nice number of 16.

  35. 35 Nadine

    AaaaaaH! my heart stops for a second! Javabeans, you write it like no other!

  36. 36 hua

    Where did you find the script? I’ve never seen a drama script and I didn’t realize that they have notes in it for how the actors are supposed to act. WOW! *swoons* away – just reading the script made **my** heart ache!

  37. 37 kathkath

    graphic! totally graphic! u made my heart beat stop a moment… when i read thru the script…
    u’ve done awesome work..

  38. 38 veronica

    i really liked this episode.
    but one thing i LOVED about it was that when han gyul comes back and he’s like we need to change the menu and he kinda studders, i dunno if it was in the script im sure it wasnt but he studders and the director decided to keep it in, it made the whole thing so believable. everyone in this drama is so good.but i think gong yoo has really stepped it up in his acting and well as yoon eun hae.

  39. 39 Gramps

    I realise this is a blog, not a forum, so it’s bad manners of me to talk to other posters behind javabean’s back, but I hope on this occasion I’ll be excused. Sandra wrote: “Have you ever considered becoming a writer? Seriously…. you have a great talent.” I know this means becoming a professional writer, probably in print media, and earning a living from it. And who could deny that javabeans writes better than most of the professionals in this field? If I were a publisher or an agent, I’d certainly be trying to recruit her… But hold on a moment. Thanks to the wonders of blogging, javabeans already *is* a writer with a large, appreciative and ever-growing public. And I doubt if that public would be very happy if her talents were shackled. or at least channelled, by a commercial contract with a print (or on-line) publisher that meant she could no longer blog for us as she does now, to her heart’s content and our heart’s daily delight. What that public also doesn’t want, though, is for these great writings to become a serious drain on javabean’s bank account, as well as on her time. I’m not sure everyone has noticed (I certainly didn’t at first) but this site now has, below the familiar “Donate to WITH fansubs” button, a “Donate to javabeans” button as well. If even a fraction of those who enjoy her writing let their mouse wander over to that button with their credit card to hand, I suspect that at least the hosting costs could be taken largely off her so capable hands and we could give back to her a little of what she every day so generously gives to us.

  40. 40 secret admirer

    Pardon me, javabeans, if i may (and i don’t want this to turn into a forum or sound ostentatious)…. but i would like to add to the above ^ by Gramps. BTW, Gramps, i find it so endearing how protective you are of javabeans 🙂
    Blogging celebrates the art of independent writing and offers a creative outlet for personal expression. It is a medium that thrives on the spirit of individualism and the author’s unhindered/uncompromised work. It unites and promotes passionate conversations among its netizens. In this case, javabeans, the online community may have gathered here initially due to their love (or addiction) to K-dramas. But for the many who have continued to overwhelm your portal site, their addiction has now turned into an appreciation and adoration of your amazing writing skills. Never mind the perplexed looks from spouses or significant others, they continue to log onto this site daily (i think some actually “live” here!). They come here to appreciate something quite special. It’s the beauty of the written words in its purest form, untouched by commercialism and by someone whose talents obviously did not go unnoticed. Hooray for the power of the internet!
    It is understandable that many readers are protective of this blog and of its author. However, in reality, it does take resources (time, money, etc..) to maintain this site. So i salute you for your commitment to this blog and feel more that right to support it by just clicking on the button to the right (as Gramps mentioned). For now, i consider it a priviledge to be able to read another post at dramabeans.com. Thank You and blog on, javabeans!

  41. 41 javabeans

    Everyone, thank you so much for your continued support!! Honestly, I’m amazed. I’m honestly and truly grateful for everyone’s interest, appreciation, comments, and participation here — it makes keeping up this site so much fun, and worthwhile.

    To everyone who’s donated, a HUGE THANKS!! I’m really touched by how quickly you’ve jumped to help me out in keeping this place going. And since it’s always a little weird soliciting donations, thank you Gramps and secret admirer for doing it for me. 😉 I can’t stress my thanks to everyone enough. And since I feel words aren’t quite enough, I’ve got one more feature up my sleeve that I’ll be rolling out soon… 기대하세요!

  42. 42 Gramps

    Let me guess. You’re going to have a direct two-way line between your blog and the top-secret supercomputer, jointly funded by KBS, MBC and SBS, that generates the storyboards for KDramas. Of course, real and very talented people then convert those storyboards into screenplays and performances, but the supercomputer sets the basic scenarios and plotlines, accounting for their strange predictability and occasional absurdity. It’s actually cunningly hidden at Incheon, a secret almost revealed in Air City, where it made an appearance thinly disguised as the NIS operations room. The computer itself, watching Ep 1 of Air City, had the artificial intelligence needed to realise the cat was almost out of the bag, and so it adjusted the plot to ruin the storyline in the hope of stopping anyone watching further episodes and viewing more of its lair. But that attempt misfired in a big way when javabeans made a fascinating, new-viewer-attracting topic out of just what was wrong with Air City. Then the computer read javabeans’ wonderful list of Kdrama cliches and realised she had an intuitive grasp of some of the deepest secrets in its internal software. Faced with such a formidable adversary, I’m not surpised the computer decided to recruit javabeans as an ally, though obviously she isn’t allowed to tell us. But with the Kdrama plot generator hot-plugged into javabean’s blog, what’s been called the Korean Wave will turn out to have been a mere ripple up to now.

    기대하세요! indeed. Or, for those of you who speak another wonderful Asian language: abangan! Everybody else: get learning those languages. It really is a whole new world.

  43. 43 Kiongna

    Javabeans…. you are priceless …. more then a gem .. always have loved your writings and posts here and at Soompi and when I see your name on the subbing titles that flies past when I watch with the WITHS2 subtitiles, I smile also when I see other names I recognise…… I don’t know how you all find the time but know that it is so appreciated and I will translate this soon to $ whatever little I can afford to help … I so couldn’t help myself to sneak over here and read on Coffee prince, eventhough I have not watched an episode yet but will thanks to a pal I will soon … heard so much ravings by cyber pals (especially those earlier allergic to Yoon lady from Goong *chuckles* and now finding themselves really liking her LOL) …. and I’m one who so can’t help myself but read spoilers…so useless, no patience to wait … LOL AJA All My Very Best, E

  44. 44 ariel

    God, you guys are the best where do you get the energy to do all these… and thank you, thank you very much for doing it. My friends and I are thinking of going to South Korea next year and we hope to get the grand tour of all the scenery in all the Korean dramas that we love. So if ever you are scheduled to go to S. Korea next year drop us an email or if you have any suggestions on places to see that will be greatly appreciated.

  45. 45 Gramps

    There’s only one javabeans, even though its a plural noun. How on earth she does so much, so fast and so well, beats me and I suspect all the many others who follow this blog. As for your travel plans, a good start might be

  46. 46 Linda

    Whee! Thanks javabeans for this postie! ^^ I oh-so loved this part. My friend and I were spazzing over it, wanting to see scenes like this more and more from them. 😉 I like the song that you put for this post. I keep playing it over and over again.

  47. 47 Ima

    currently, coffee prince is hogging Javabeans blogs (oh what an understatement!) and what’s interesting is the number of fans this site has generated. and I’m not talking about flightly people gushing “I-totally-love-this-blog!!” or “Han Gyul and Eun Chan…fighting!” only.
    I’m talking about the insightful, witty, collective pool of (dare I say?) intellectual people sharing their thoughts about our favorite Kdrama of the moment (and our favorite CP reviewer, highly regarded ms. Javabeans.)
    never, in my cyber-cosmic experience have I ever been this intrigued and hooked not only by the drama itself but also by Javabeans’ recaps and her league of opinionated fans (and I mean that in a good way). to borrow Gramps’ term: “abangan” (wait and see), indeed this whole thing is “kaabang-abang nga.” (now how do I say that in english? highly worth waiting for?)
    Ms. Javabeans, you are beyond any doubt a fine writer and compelling storyteller. You are already a celebrity in your own rights. Much thanks and hope to see more of your works even after coffee prince. 🙂

  48. 48 CanDance

    what a great episode! With your recaps, I can actually feel the pains they both are going thru….I still understand why can’t Eue Chan tells Han Gyul? I feel so bad for Han Gyul for going thru this emotional rollercoasterss…

  49. 49 CanDance

    what a great episode! With your recaps, I can actually feel the pains they both are going thru….I still understand why can’t Eue Chan tells Han Gyul? I feel so bad for Han Gyul for going thru this emotional rollercoasters.

  50. 50 snow_drop*

    Hmmm based on what I see the script and the scene is a bit different. The scene seems to be smoother, in a way. However, GY really did that part well his facial reactions totally made me understand how he felt.

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