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Coffee Prince Chapter 19: “That Day”
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Alex & Jisun – “너무 아픈 이말…” (these painful words…). If you’re a fan of either Clazziquai or Loveholic, you probably already know this song, which was a collaboration between the lead singers of both groups. [ Download ]

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Can you FEEL the anticipation in the air?? (This chapter’s super-short, probably the shortest in the book.)

CHAPTER 19: “That Day”

We start Chapter 19 by going back to the events of that fateful day:

That day, after hearing the news that he was a third-generation chaebol, Eun Chan had cried till her eyes were puffy. At that moment, she realized just how much she cared for him. It had happened little by little as they worked together, squabbling and arguing with each other. The way he spoke, the way he laughed, the way he walked… how precise and clear he was, how fun, how handsome… She’d learned of his past and his family, and started to understand him. Without realizing it herself, she started acting similarly, and helping him, and leaning on him. Like the colors suffusing the sky at sunset, love had spread in her heart.

Eun Chan’s reaction is so intense because, just at the same time that she realizes her feelings for him, she’s made aware how lofty his position is, how impossible. The sense of loss is keen and painful.

That day, Min Yub once again arrives to challenge Eun Chan to a fight — for once and for all. But at the arrival of the other guys looking for Sun Ki, Min Yub brashly yells at them to wait their turn to fight, and makes things worse. Finally, Eun Chan can’t hold back anymore, feeling indignant at their nerve for busting into someone’s business to create trouble. In retrospect, perhaps she wouldn’t have been hurt if she’d acted a bit more rationally, or at least not injured quite so badly.


Eun Chan undergoes surgery and comes out successfully. Afterward, as she recovers, she waits for Han Gyul to come by, but he never does. Finally, she works up the nerve to call him. The moment she hears his voice, she trembles in nervousness and fear, and holds back the question, “Why haven’t you come to see me?” Han Gyul speaks coldly, asking why she’s calling, and she tries to explain that she’d meant to tell him the truth. She didn’t mean to keep deceiving him. But Han Gyul responds:

“If you’re talking about hiding the fact that you’re a girl, forget it. I’m not your boss anymore. Mr. Hong’s going to be the one to decide if he’ll keep you on or not, so it has nothing to do with me. If you’ve got to explain yourself, do it to him. Then, take care of your health.”

Like that, he hangs up. And afterward, he won’t even answer her phone calls.

Those words were like punishment to her — the ones that seemed to say, “I’m finished with you!”

Eun Chan gets more information when Han Sung visits her to tell her that he’d seen Han Gyul the night before, and he’d drunk himself practically unconscious. Han Gyul had said he felt like he’d been played with, hustled: “He said he’d faced someone with his true self for the first time in his life, and the girl had ended up playing him.”

Wiping tears away furiously, Eun Chan feels betrayed at those words, knowing she’d never played around with his feelings.

“I… I tried to tell him. I saw the chance, so I was going to say so… It was my fault for not being able to say it, but it seemed like I’d be kicked out of the cafe if I did. I knew this is how angry he would be, so I couldn’t tell him… I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to see him anymore…”

Han Sung knows Han Gyul well enough to understand his coldness, his ability to cut himself off and act distantly. He’s also still got a bit of childishness in him, and like a child, he won’t listen to anyone because he’s angry.

“I knew he’d be like that……”

When Eun Chan had found out Han Gyul was a third-generation chaebol, she’d cried from the sadness and waste of all those feelings she’d been building up. She had felt the blow of realizing that he was too far away. She’d been afraid knowing he’d leave eventually, crying because someday, she wouldn’t be able to see him anymore. But now, that had become reality. She felt desolate. This was what it felt like to have everything in front of her turn black, and the sky come crumbling down.

/end Chapter 19.

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  1. asian-buzz.com

    wow! Am I really the first one to leave a comment today?? 🙂
    Thanks for the summary! Can’t wait to read the next chapter! 🙂

  2. panda

    how many chapter left? 😉

  3. gail

    i see what you mean by short. ahhh. i can’t wait to be back from work later. thanks, again.

  4. kisha

    how sad…
    now, i can’t wait to see the next chapter!!

  5. lollipop2000

    Wow super short review but so eager for more more more eps. Thanks so much Javabeans. Wonder whether the drama will have similar storyline at this stage.

  6. blueseeker

    Oh boy am getting all misty, what a treat you have given us with these two last chapters. Thank you!

  7. mokinukes


  8. glo

    oh poor eun chan. i guess that was the expected reaction for han gyul. poor han gyull too.
    i can’t wait for the last bit. thanks again as always

  9. jb

    Javabeans what have u done 🙂 creating such a frenzy in cyberspace. I am up to my neck in work…yet somehow find myself reading your blog for your FABULOUS updates…Thanks to your linguistic talents, you have allowed many others to enjoy what you are enjoying 🙂 This chapter is interesting…is the drama going to follow this storyline, is that how Han Gyul is going to find out about Eun Chan’s gender?

  10. 10 Acey

    Oh noes. Actually the beginning of this chapter reminds me of Mulan (the Disney movie, not the folktale it was based on) when the captain finds out she was a girl. Err I just realised my comments on the last three chapters have been this reminds me of… -.-

  11. 11 david

    Waaa!!! TOooo tense

  12. 12 yakatoo

    ooooohhhhh boy, can’t wait. this is just really too intense. i really enjoy the fact that the story is much different from the tv series but still carries some similarities. amazing, it’s like a kind of parallel universe and i am enjoying both stories immensely! thanks as always for the summaries. looking forward (and dreading) to see the final chapter. 😀

  13. 13 yakatoo

    but just a question guys (i know i’ve been watching and reading for a while now) but is Eun Chan a name that can be used for both a guy and a girl? sorry strange that i’m only asking now but, hmmm, been wondering…

  14. 14 miraigal

    The behaviour of Han Kyul in this chapter coincides with the behaviour exhibited in today’s episode (11). The last paragraph explains it perfectly “his coldness, his ability to cut himself off and act distantly. He’s also still got a bit of childishness in him, and like a child, he won’t listen to anyone because he’s angry.”
    I totally agreed with that. Arggggh…he makes me angry.

  15. 15 Yopoyop

    wow .. so sad … poor Eun Chan …
    thank you Javabeans, thank you so much for your hardwork

  16. 16 obivia

    I kinda like that in the novel, Han Kyul also hid something from Eun Chan. Han Kyul is less of the victim here.

    Thanks for the summary, Javabeans. Thanks even more for the song–two of my favorites–Clazziquai and Loveholic. You’re the best!

  17. 17 tatskie

    Tks a lot. You’re really fast.

  18. 18 fritz

    this is totally not related to the current chapter, it’s just that I noticed just now…. Javabeans…Coffee Prince…. coincidence or fate….LOL… too bad it was changed to drama beans…

  19. 19 Vickstar*

    Wow – you were right! Super-short. Awwwww – poor EC!! *sniffles* Baka HG!! Can’t wait to find out what happens next. ^-^
    Thanks a bundle!!

  20. 20 wandergirl

    Short and intense! I can’t wait to see read what happens next in the novel 😀

    Btw I just noticed that for each chapter from the novel, the post includes a different photo of coffee art! Brilliant.

  21. 21 jinkzzmec

    whoa…you’re on blog overdrive….i just finished reading chapter 18 and i swear that i didn’t see chapter 19 before i started on chapter 18….3 chapters (17th to 19th) in a row? that’s really great…i havent read chapter 19th yet but i just have to post a comment before i do…hat’s off to you , javabeans , for all your hard work…you spoil us, your readers, rotten..thanks a lot…waiting for 11th cup narration later.

    your sitemeter shows 105 visitors right now….im sure that will double or triple by tonight…hahaha

  22. 22 Anonymous

    Wow, one more chapter left. The drama is definately more developed and explored than the novel. I like both, though.

    Thank you very much! gracias, kamsamida, shukriya!!!

  23. 23 wizie

    oh wow, totally different way of finding the truth from the tv drama.. wow, thanks for this. We’re all i guess waiting if you can give us an early post of EP 11. =)

  24. 24 tooizzy

    Wow! Now we know what kind of jerk he is going to be in the drama. Aigoo!! Wow can’t wait for tonight! hehehehe 🙂

  25. 25 MinMey

    yes, very short but very intense!! … han gyul is not a jerk. he acts like one [ even in the drama :).. one more to go??????? awww how will this end !

  26. 26 APPLE


  27. 27 secret admirer

    Well-expected reactions from Han Gyul… although he has not professed his attraction for Eun Chan in the novel. Can you imagine how much more devastated the drama Han Gyul would be? After all, he acted on his feelings (after so much internal struggles) to be blind-sided later on by a sense of betrayal. Love is never simple, heh?

  28. 28 teokong

    Yes, that was a short summary and a cliffhanger. Can’t wait for the final chapter. Thank you….thank you… Javabeans. Bless you!!!!

  29. 29 Tuesdhei

    now i’m more nervous as to how it will be in the drama… will they do the same like eun-chan getting into a fight or maybe an accident… oh yeah let me answer my own question ha ha i forgot i already saw the preview, UGH! thanks again javabeans! but i’m still nervous!

  30. 30 Deedlith

    Of all the book, this is the worst cliffhanger ever -_-
    Final chapter seems so so soo far away….

  31. 31 Tuesdhei


  32. 32 Samantha

    thanks for the summary, great like usual… i really liked the song you chose for this chapter’s summary. Along with the meaning of the song and this chapter ireally felt the heartbreak in both….. thanks

  33. 33 Nicholas

    Now I wonder if they’re also going to have some sort of fight like this in the drama…hm. x3

    Thanks for the summary!

  34. 34 henz

    i’m so sad when HG tells EC “I’m not your boss anymore”, poor EC…!!! HG makes me angry. thats why EC never wanna tell him the true. thanks javabeans!!! can’t wait the last chapter….!!!

  35. 35 kcrazy

    How can I download the song of the day?

  36. 36 Roudy

    thanx alot for everything.. I just wanted to ask you javabeans can you transelate the song of the day “painful words” I loved so much but I don’t know what the words mean..
    really thankful to you..

  37. 37 a chinese girl

    This is the first time I read this novel. Although my Engligh is not very well, but I still can understand the most content of the story.
    I watch the soap opera which called the Coffee Prince . It is very wonderful as well as the the novel you transelated.
    Thanks for the summary!

  38. 38 greenteacrepes

    Alex & Jisun – These painful words

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