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Taereung National Village / 태릉선수촌 (2005)
by | August 16, 2007 | 39 Comments

Despite the winningness of Coffee Prince, I’m starting to veer from cheery immersion into overload territory, and before that flares into full-on burnout, I thought I’d turn my attentions elsewhere to balance things out a bit. I’ve started watching some other series, dabbling in a sea of first episodes, trying to see which ones are worth sticking with.

The first to stand out as noteworthy is the short Best Theater miniseries Taereung National Village (태릉선수촌), which is a series of which I’ve heard many good things (this one’s for you, thundie!) and had been meaning to try even before realizing that its director is the same Lee Yoon Jung who is currently at the helm of Coffee Prince.


Fortune Cookie – “일요일 아침” (Sunday morning) [ zShare download ]

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MBC’s Best Theater programming is a sort of long-running anthology series where each episode (or, as in the case of Taereung National Village, a short series of episodes) is self-contained and produced by a different set of people. For this reason, it’s a great way for lesser-known or -experienced PDs and writers to get a handle on production before being given an entire drama series to manage. You’ll notice almost every current working PD and many writers have some sort of Best Theater or Drama City (KBS’s equivalent anthology series) credit to their names.

I’ve never really followed Best Theater or Drama City, partly because despite being an interesting concept, I figure the format lends itself to wildly erratic levels of quality, and I don’t have time enough to wade through it all. Except, of course, when it comes as highly recommended as Taereung National Village.


Director Lee Yoon Jung 이윤정 :: 커피프린스 1호점 (Coffee Prince Store #1), 매직 파워 알콜 (Magic Power Alcohol)
Scriptwriters Hong Jin Ah 홍진아 and Hong Ja Ram 홍자람 (another pair of drama-writing Hong sisters) :: Over the Rainbow

Original broadcast start date: October 29, 2005, MBC’s “Best Theater” series


Lee Min Ki 이민기 stars as Hong Min Ki, judo
Choi Jung Yoon 최정윤 as Bang Su Ah, archer
Lee Seon Kyun 이선균 as Lee Dong Kyung , swimmer
Kim Byul 김별 as Jung Maru, gymnast

I’ve only seen the first hour (there are eight half-hour “episodes,” but were aired in four hourlong segments), so for the moment all I can give are preliminary impressions — but already the director’s imprint is clear and distinctive in the care put into this series.

I can also merely speculate as to the direction the series will take (i.e., how much the balance will tilt between sports and romance), but I responded to two things in the first two episodes: (1) the distinctive, strongly characterized and layered personalities of the principal cast, and (2) the depiction of sports psychology.

I’m not at all (AT ALL) a fan of sports, but getting a peek inside an athlete’s psyche — the neurosis, the mentality, the pride, the self-doubt, the ego — is a refreshing change from typical television, Korean or otherwise. I’ve always felt sports movies have struggled with treating the complex mental dance of sports psychology with due justice. Many have mangled it to a point where even a sports-averse person like me feels indignant at the poor handling.

The athletes living and training at Taereung National Village, a sort of Olympics training ground for talented hopefuls, all excel in their fields of choice, but the emphasis is placed more on the fact that they’re young people growing up in a slightly unusual setting. What Taereung National Village promises, then, is a slice-of-life look at the lives of exceptional people trying to live up to their promise and struggling with the sometimes-overwhelming fear that they’re not as talented as people believe — that they’re shams, about to be exposed to the world at the first sign of weakness.

EPISODES 1 & 2 (First hour of programming)

The series is narrated by its main character, Lee Min Ki, whose character goes by the name Hong Min Ki. (Korean series sometimes use the actor’s name as his/her character name, most often in sitcoms; I don’t really know why, but just that it happens fairly frequently.) I find Min Ki fascinating in his layers — he’s willfully immature, but capable of insight. He’s a troublemaker with mild bullying tendencies, but can recognize when sympathy is in order. He’s proud but shameless. He could be annoying, with his somewhat nasal way of speech (an affectation I find particularly useful because, as I’ve seen from his role in Dal Ja’s Spring, Lee Min Ki is just as capable of being composed and cool as he is of being a whining brat here) — but he’s more like a lovable scamp.

He’s a classic case of arrested development — and yet, had he been unleashed upon the real world, with no genuine home to speak of, and no sport disciplining his unruly character, one gets the sense Min Ki would have been doomed to a much less savory existence.


Bang Su Ah is pretty much Min Ki’s opposite — upbeat and optimistic, she was designated something of an archery prodigy and has already won the gold medal. She’s a bit older (not clear how much) and one of Taereung’s more well-known, experienced athletes, and yet her personality is childlike in its innocence and cheer.

It’s her gold medal that brings the two together, when Min Ki finds it on the ground and takes it for himself. Su Ah hears that he took it, and goes to reclaim it. Naturally, Min Ki disavows all knowledge (despite the fact that Su Ah cites an eyewitness who saw him).

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Extra points for the usage of Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” (best use ever: Shaun of the Dead!) as Su Ah chases Min Ki all through Taereung for the medal.


Min Ki insists that he wasn’t going to steal the medal; he just wanted to borrow it, because he’s cursed with horrible luck, and thought some of hers might help him out. In fact, his luck is so awful that it just might cut short his career before it begins — before every important match, he’s been afflicted with severe illnesses (so severe that he can’t be accused of faking them, or imagining them), or getting into an accident, etc.

Taking pity, Su Ah lends him her medal for luck in his next match. This one is truly important, because his coaches are getting tired of his constant last-minute withdrawals from competitions — he’s been training for three years, and they recognize his skills, but that means squat if he can’t actully compete.

And of course, this time, he again falls ill. But he’s determined to compete, and to win — he promises his coach, who’s on the verge of kicking him out of Taereung, that he will not fall sick. He will fight. And win. And make it to the Olympic team.


Radiohead – “The National Anthem” ::

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What follows is a look into the chaos running through an athlete’s mind as he winds up for battle. It’s not an original concept, for sure, but the execution is quite nicely done, as we feel Min Ki’s panic, nerves, and fear as he steps inside the ring, feeling sick both in mind and body.

He takes an early beating, but about halfway through his match, he recalls Su Ah’s cheerful answer to his question of how she can concentrate when it’s game time. Essentially, she says when it’s time to go, you go. That’s what competition is about. Min Ki gathers his senses and rallies back to nearly win. But just barely doesn’t.

Prepared to leave Taereung, Min Ki is astonished, but grateful, when his coach tells him to stay. As far as he’s concerned, he’s proven himself. After that, Min Ki’s next match goes off without a hitch, and he says:

“That day, I didn’t feel sick at all, and my condition was good. Who knows, maybe I’d brought that bad luck on myself before, too. But that luck doesn’t just disappear. It may have left me, only to travel elsewhere.”

At the same time, that “elsewhere” is with Su Ah, the day she competes to make it to the trials. She has one of those days all athletes fear — the kind where little things go wrong and unnerve you. Back at Taereung, when Min Ki bounds over excitedly to tell her he’s made the national team, she tells him with a sad smile that she got cut.


Min Ki feels horrible, but Su Ah leaves Taereung with an admirably positive attitude. And to be sure, she’s not left out in the cold too long, because one of the team members gets into an accident and she’s called back.

Su Ah’s boyfriend, a swimmer played by Lee Seon Kyun aka Mr. Voice, tells her the good news. And Min Ki, ever the immature scamp, welcomes her back to Taereung by returning her medal atop a tower of snack foods. They’ve reached a level of familiarity with each other, although it’s tinged with childish curiosity more than romantic interest.

Sensing Min Ki’s interest in Su Ah almost immediately is Min Ki’s girlfriend, the cocky gymnast Maru (played by Kim Byul of Dasepo Naughty Girls and Clazziquai’s adorably cute “Sweety” music video — also starring Lee Junki). Maru’s a real character — she believes with matter-of-fact certainty that she’s a gymnastics prodigy. But she is, so it’s not too conceited.


Although she seems a bit territorial over Min Ki, she’s not jealous in an insecure way — she’s way too talented for insecurity. But to keep tabs on Su Ah, she maneuvers her way into being her roommate, even if Su Ah’s nearly ten years her senior. But, Su Ah’s no pushover either, and Maru’s little attempts to unsettle her don’t even make a dent.


At least, not outwardly. Inside, she’s feeling insecure, and Min Ki tells her how Edison had said genius is 99% hard work and 1% inspiration. Su Ah replies that Edison only said that because he was a true genius and wanted to offer the non-geniuses out there some comfort. But, she goes on good-naturedly, what else can she do but to keep doing it? She’s got to keep going anyway.


One day, an archer far junior to Su Ah steals the spotlight by outshining her, and grabs everyone’s attention. When asked by a reporter how she feels, Su Ah just says she’s proud of her junior and only says glowing things.

Min Ki calls bullshit on Su Ah’s façade of generosity, and insists that she express how she really feels. Being overshadowed by your junior has got to sting; how can she just smile and say canned answers about how great it is? He tells her she has to let out her tension and anger somehow, and tries to take her out to drink. She resists, but Min Ki pokes and prods at Su Ah, telling her to cry if she feels like it:

“If you fall, fall all the way and hit the ground, so you can decide whether to get back up or not.”

Finally, she breaks down. But he gets a little more than he was counting on when she sobs out her fears — and we can be fairly certain she’s never been able to say these words aloud before.

Beth Orton – “Feel to Believe” ::

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“If I try and still can’t make it, what am I supposed to do?! Ah, that jerk! What the hell is that 99 percent?… I’m going to keep falling. Eight points, seven points, six points… In the end, I’ll be down to just one!”

Min Ki tries to tell her she’s going overboard but Su Ah keeps sobbing: “I’m going to be kicked out of here.” Everyone will look at her and think, “That sucks to be her. She’s done. She’s over!”

Su Ah turns to Min Ki and asks, plaintively:

“Is this really the end of me? What do I do?”

Min Ki, at a loss for words, borrows Su Ah’s from before:

“You just… have to keep doing it. You keep going.”


The next day, Su Ah goes out to practice. Min Ki’s voiceover tells us:

“With her eyes swollen from crying, she shot her arrows. Because she had to keep going. Because that road was the only one.”


Min Ki finds Su Ah later that evening and grabs her attention in true little-boy Min Ki style — by throwing chocolates at her. (Hey, if he’s going to do something sweet, he might as well mix in a little annoyance there too.)

Morcheeba – “Fear and Love” ::

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Su Ah: “Why are you so nice to me? With the chocolates, and when I was crying. Why are you treating me so well?”
Min Ki: “Just ’cause.”
Su Ah: “‘Cause why?”
Min Ki: “Because… it felt weird.”
Su Ah: “What did?”
Min Ki’s voiceover: “I wanted to know that myself. But looking at her eyes, I knew. It’s the reason I didn’t give her medal back, why I picked a fight with her, and why I made her cry. Because I like her.”


39 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Tuesdhei

    finally you made a decision on “which” of the kdramas you’ll set your eyes on aside from coffee prince ei… i’ve been doing the same for the last couple of days now — checkin out first episodes of each drama — or else i’ll go def’nitely crazy while waiting for cp’s next cup. i’ve watched it over and over again from the beginning to the latest. anyway, i saw “taereung’s” first episode last week but wasn’t able to continue it yet coz during that time i started watching “hardtack teacher (aka biscuit teacher)” as well, one of GY’s drama and got caught up and watched it instead. I plan to continue watching Taereung once i finish updating or at least add 5 more films at my site. i’ve been reading reviews and from what i’ve gathered “taereung” is a very nice and well directed film… i used to just follow actors and actresses when choosing dramas and movies but as my knowledge in the korean film widen it seems like i’ll be considering directors and writers now as well but of course with your reviews, it will be a much greater help not just for me but for other viewers too. I’ve been checkin’ out “soulmate” and “one fine day” but still haven’t decided which one i’ll watch first — what would you suggest? again and again and i will never get tired saying this — “THANK YOU JAVABEANS for all your hardwork!” oh and by the way, with your reviews (of course aside from the self study that i’ve been doing myself) my knowledge in the korean language is improving, bit by bit i am learning and beginning to understand even without translation and thanks for that, you’re really a big help you know!



  2. thunderbolt

    I love you!! *builds a tower of snack foods for sarahbeans*

    I’ve watched Classiquai’s Sweety MV numerous times but never realized until you pointed it out that it’s our Maru in the MV. As TNV progressed, I just fell more and more in love with Maru. X wrote in his TNV review that Maru’s his favorite character. She’s so feisty, impish and transparent; she and Minki are like two puppies together. And I love the way she says ‘wife’ (“Su Ah is Dong Kyung’s WIFE!!”) with a strong stress on the ‘f’.

    You just made my day, sarah. *muah!!*

  3. Mics

    Oh I’ve heard so much about this too! And there’s Coffee Prince Han Seong!

  4. gail

    ah, the voice. i see the enticement…

  5. kotatsulove

    hah! a Shaun of the Dead reference! whenever i hear that song i think of that movie.

    and i’m beginning to agree with you on the Coffee Prince thing you mentioned in the beginning. too much cheerful bliss can be…boring? too much? overload? definitely. i’m hoping that doesn’t happen any further. i really like Coffee Prince so far, and i’d be really disappointed.

    this drama sounds really good. i’m assuming no english subs, but your summaries are just as good.

  6. rainey

    I love this review if only because you mentioned Shaun of the Dead.
    I have heard of this drama but wasn’t too convinced. Maybe, after I’ve read all your insightful summaries I’ll make a decision.

    Like you, I’ve had to branch out to other dramas (mainly cause I ain’t got no subs) and I finally got around to watching Karei Naru Ichizoku which has been on my HD since it aired earlier this year. Amazing. I would strongly recommend it to you, but I don’t think you do j-dramas.

    I have a question if you don’t mind answering, who are your top 3 k-drama heroes? Top 3 k-drama heroines too.

  7. thunderbolt

    Hi kotatsulove

    English subs for Taereung National Village are here:

  8. gail

    oh, i like rainey’s question. yeah, who are your top 3s?

  9. keab

    That explains the Tearliner and indie music connection for Coffee Prince. I praise the director’s auditory taste!

  10. 10 CW

    kotatsulove, there are English subs for the first 6 of the 8 episodes and the seventh is coming out soon.

    As much as I love melodrama, what I love about this show is that it’s so very realistic and doesn’t sugarcoat things. It’s not about a deep monumental romance, nor is it angsty about love… not really (not so far). It’s angsty about the fears of both success and failure and has a very natural and even atmosphere.

    I wonder if CP fans will like this because it’s very different from that show but for someone like me, I absolutely adore it because it’s this little gem that shows a lot without showing much (if that makes sense). Very subtle in its approach while remaining interesting.

    It’ll be interesting to read your thoughts on the rest of the show. I’m not a Min Ki fan by any means and I only found this drama by randomly clicking on threads and seeing the link in his at soompi.

    Oh, Maru… that girl started off as such a brat – the jealous, annoying girl in love with her Oppa who hates seeing him interested in other women. Well, that’s what I pegged her as when the show first started and while it’s true in some ways, as the show progressed, I loved that they delved deeper into her character.

    lol… I had the same thoughts initially – that Su Ah was older than Min Ki but according to their character profiles, they are the same age… 25. lol, yep, 25.

    Ah, you didn’t mention that he had ‘Best Hong’ written on his Judo uniform. I believe that’s quite significant in this series.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy the show!

  11. 11 Marzy

    i love this one! aside from yes, Lee Min Ki is lead and LSG is in it. the story is really nice. i watched with and without subs and i like it a lot. im glad you reviewed it, sarah. glad to see ur nice response to it. i hope more people watch it. coz it isnt as popular as others coz its short and best theatre isnt as popular. i watch drama city sometimes depending on the cast, the stories are poignant and the written nicely, shot good too. this one no different, it makes you appreciate those little gem dramas more. i really wanted more but im happy with it overall. i rewatched it with subs and its even better, im sure last eps will be even better. i totally recommend it. the cast did a great job too.

  12. 12 mangoicy

    AH! Goody! Actually, this drama has been sitting tightly in my queue for quite some time (ever since Shirley mentioned that PD Lee Yoon Jung was directing this drama – and may I just repeat it for the millionth time how awesome that I think she is), and now the more reason for me to start watching! Thank you, Javabeans.. and I shall catch up pretty soon!

  13. 13 teokong

    OK! TNV it would be since there is so much recommendation on it. I want to keep continuing my internet affairs with Javabeans. Komapsumnida for all your hard work. Have a good weekend everybody. Cheers!!!

  14. 14 La Plume

    Your review as always was pretty interesting. Reading it, I understand why people would give it a try ^^ I watched the first two episodes myself but though It was well done I just couldn’t get in the mood…
    I’m putting it aside, will watch it someday if I’ve got the time.

  15. 15 Gramps

    Fantastic! Though I’m a great admirer of AiL and would love to read your insights on it some day, I’m especially pleased you opted for TNV because I only discovered it myself, and promptly got hooked, via a posting in this selfsame blog as recently as last week. And now, hey presto, the usual, but still astonishing javabeans effect:though I thought it was good, I didn’t realise how good and why until you turned your amazing wide-vision-plus-deep-insight optics on it.
    And Tuesdhei That makes at least three of us Korean learners who are making massive strides in our comprehension thanks to javabeans, and enjoying it all as well. Three who shout up about it, that is. I wonder how many other people there are who are learning a whole lot of Korean in a very effective way through this blog but who haven’t yet said so?

  16. 16 kisha

    this series seems nice… i want to watch it…

  17. 17 hua

    Is Bang Su Ah played by the actress who played DG’s friend whose husband cheated on her in Bad Couple? Or are my eyes playing tricks on me?

  18. 18 Ima

    Clever way of weaning us out of coffee prince. Having the same PD and Mr. Nice Voice in this old short series. 🙂 I never really gave TNV that much thought…but since our dear Javabeans already started flexing her literary muscles on this one, I said why not? I trust your taste…a whole lot of us does anyway. 😉

    Lee Min Ki was annoying in Really Really Like You, but he redeemed himself in Dal Ja’s Spring. So I wonder how he fared on this one?

    To answer Gramps, yes there are a good number of us out here who are seriously thinking of learning the language, at one point or another. After watching numerous kdramas, and I only started this addiction 3rd quarter of last year, I never thought I would be interested enough to learn Korean – just for the sake of following more kdramas and korean films (do I sound shallow?). Japanese and Mandarin were always at the top of my list. But funny thing is, learning Korean was an accident. Truth be told, here in the Philippines I rarely watch those kdramas dubbed in Filipino (I think it’s appalling… sorry). And since there’s a massive influx of Korean tourists lately, I find myself understanding (a teeny bit) of their conversations thrown here and there. Not that I’m in a habit of eavesdropping, I’m just surprised that I’m getting more and more familiar with their language, that’s all. Hey, it’s a start right? I wonder if Koreans are proud of this phenomenon, or is that a topic for debate?
    (I’m also thankful that this blog includes some glossary. kamsahamnida! komawoyo!)

  19. 19 tooizzy


    If your looking for dramas I suggest you look at this link. This lady has over 400 dramas listed with summaries and links on where to view it.


  20. 20 tooizzy

    I’m starting Korean language classes this fall. 🙂 And hoping to get my ESL certification so that I can teach English anywhere in the world. 🙂

  21. 21 twreckx

    Hey Javabeans, glad you made your choice, looks like a solid series to watch, it would be lovely to see some of the earliest work of the current crop of K drama directors. I look forward to your commentary on this series.

    NB Love Morcheeba by the way, not as big as they were in the 90’s but a solid group nonetheless.

    NNB In all my postings never did say thanks for the quality of your writing(I do have to say I am EXTREMELY jealous you express yourself and each series so coherently :D)

  22. 22 keab

    Lee Min Ki’s – as well as Han Hye Jin’s and Kang Ji Hwan’s – best roles are for the daily show Be Strong Geum Soon. I loved, loved this show and became really fond of the characters, and was totally absorbed in their lives. But the series is more than 160 episodes long (about 35 minutes each episode) and I don’t beleive it’s airing anywhere with English subs.

  23. 23 yeli

    this looks interesting. I have heard of this before but i was just never in the mood to try it. Min Ki was great in Dal Ja’s Spring and he is incredibly hilarious in Really Really Like You…so i was curious to watch it, but now that i have a glimpse of what it is about, it has given me the little push i needed…


  24. 24 invisibelle

    Lee Min Ki and Lee Seon Kyun, eh? That’s all I needed to know! haha. *goes off to see if it’s subbed* 😉

  25. 25 Rokku Ramu

    Hi! Since I am having kdrama withdrawal syndrome from lack of Coffee Prince, I too checked out some new dramas. If you are still looking for new dramas to watch, I strongly recommend 9 End 2 Outs. It’s currently airing as well and the story is very funny. It’s mainly about addressing the problem of being 30 and not having anything accomplished may that be love, jobwise, or income. Funny thing is the accompanying baseball innuendos. So please check it out!

  26. 26 tuesdhei

    18 IMA:
    Same here… i ran into some Koreans in the grocery a few months back and I just found my self laughing because I understood bit by bit what they were talking about and it was really funny and exciting for me. At least my k-addiction is paying off!

    By the way, I’m from the PH too… c”,)

  27. 27 jindarae

    thanks! I love Lee MinKi after I watched I Really Really Like You… He is a good actor! Good you found a good drama.

  28. 28 thunderbolt

    keab, Be Strong Geum Soon just finished airing in Singapore with English subs. I caught a few episodes here and there; was usually not home in time to catch it fully. Maybe the stars aligned themselves for me so the parts I managed to see had Lee Min Ki, yay! (can you tell I’m his fan? Haha…)

    Having seen most of his work (except Rainbow Romance and Hello Sarah), I can honestly say his role in BSGS is not as memorable as what he did in Taereung National Village. That’s his best role by far and sarahbeans described him perfectly (all the contradictory layers in his character). I really loved his Kang Tae-bong in Dal Ja’s Spring too and agree that he was hilarious (and sometimes downright annoying) in Really Really Like You. Minki was also excellent in My Older Brother (one-episode Drama City with English subs) which fans of Thank You should check out for its similar themes of dementia and single parenthood. It’s written by the same writer of Thank You (Lee Kyung-hee) and also has a smart-as-a-whip kid. And, a major draw for me, the always amazing veteran actress Yoon Yeo Jeong is in it as well. I also loved Minki in another one-episode Drama City serving: Booyong of Mt Kyeryong (also available in d-addicts with English subs and starring veteran actor Byun Hee-bong).

    Sarah, you know by now how loony I am/can be, hehe. I can’t get enough of your TNV Ep 1-2 recap and have read it at least 4 times. Can’t wait to read more of your thoughts on the principal characters. I’ve asked Dahee Fanel (the TNV translator) to hurry over here (she nearly cracked a rib reading your last two Witch Amusement recaps). Will also ask X to come check out your TNV review. His review was what got me interested in TNV in the first place. He mentioned in his review that if he had the time he would translate TNV. When I told him that finally a fansubbing group (BON Funsubs) was taking this on, he was pretty pleased.

  29. 29 ziziebrown

    I like this!!! I watched this mainly because of Lee Seon Kyun…. while waiting to see more of him in CP, I chose Taereung Village, just to see him!!!

    I just love Lee Seon Kyun in here….His sweet understanding smile… his patience… his love for Bong Sung Ah…. ahhhh… so sweet!!! But strangely… I didn’t fall for his voice…!!!

    Thumbs up javabeans!!! Excellent choice!! I’ll do a rewatch and see what I had missed during my first round since it’s only 8 episodes in total..!!! Anyhow.. I have only gone up to episode 6…

  30. 30 Sachi4jay

    awesome. i havent seen lee min ki in a while. good to see him back!! cant wait to watch it! the main girl, i think ive seen her before, ahhh, i just remembered, is she the friend of the girl from bad couple! the one whose husband had the affair?? anyway, looking forward to the rest of the series!! aja aja fighting xx

  31. 31 thunderbolt

    Choi Jung Yoon (who plays Bang Su Ah) was also in Attic Cat as the second female lead.^^

    TNV Ep 7 subs released today. Ep 8 subs should be released shortly as well. For people waiting for complete subs before they start on the drama, the wait will be over very soon. Thank you for initiating the project, BON Funsubs. *muah!!* It was a labor of love from start to finish.

  32. 32 sinopciones

    at your recomendation, i saw this series over the weekend and am really please, It was sweet in a very realistic way, didnt over do with drama over the sports but went deeper in the feelings and struggles of the characters, thanks a lot you certanly have a great eye.
    btw it’s compleat on veoh, if anyone wants to see it.

  33. 33 blue4u

    Thanks Javabeans, Taereung National Village is more than i expected after all. Indeed it was refreshing to watch this kind of kdrama, wherein personality struggle is characterized by each athlete here…to be the best for the self and country.

  34. 34 YellowK

    I think three days ago I’d visited your blog looking for a good drama recomendation. I read the “Hello Francesca” and planned to watch it but I couldn’t find it subbed and posted online. By chance I saw this summary beneath it- read it was like, “hmmmm”. Next thing I know I start watching and I really really liked it! (watched 6 eps straight^.^) I’ve seenquite a few good drama the past couple of months but I’d been fighting a desire for depth. The ‘bubble gum’ dramas made me smile- but sometimes of just desire…more. Even though I like them I’ve seen a lot of generically happy love stories where they struggle and, without missing a beat, they’re predictably triumpant. I know Taereung National Village didn’t something as indepth as universal truth but…it was a nice change. Down to earth enjoyable. Reminded me of the ‘different’ dramas like ROYOW.

    I hit the end and I’m so satisfied,not just by the ending but by the experience of watching it- I felt like hugging each main charcter!

    Thanks soo much for posting this mini show-its going down as one of my favorites!

  35. 35 Kiongna

    TNV – pure delight, yeah MARU turned out really interesting, because I had not expected her character to take on so many angles/layers it made the watch all the more fulfilling….awaiting the remaining subs! (Don’t boink me Thundie, but I’ve not even downloaded a sub before *chuckles* TNV might prove to be my inaugral d/l of a sub title.)

    Thanks dear Javabeans.

  36. 36 thunderbolt

    E (Kiongna), TNV is fully subbed now. You can get the complete subs at d-addicts. Wait till you see Maru in the second last episode. *wink*

    YellowK, I too wanted to hug each main character. I felt lost when the drama ended because I so want to continue this journey with them.

  37. 37 heejung

    hi! sorry to be a bother, but i heard about taerung and i really wanted to watch it… but the eps were removed from bon’s clubbox and nobody’s seeding the torrents. T^T does anyone know how i can download them… ? please email me at [email protected] and lots of thanks in advance 🙂

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