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How was 2007 for you?
by | November 28, 2007 | 155 Comments

Wow, 2007 really flew by. I can’t believe it’s almost over. And I can’t believe I’ve been at this blog for nearly a year.

This time of year inevitably means people start busting out the year-end lists of best and worst. For instance, this poll at Naver listed the Top 11 Dramas of the past year, along with the worst 5. I’m glad to see that while the list includes some expected names (No. 3 Coffee Prince and No. 11 Thank You), it also gives recognition to lesser-watched but very good shows like Mixed-up Investigative Agency (No. 8).

The rest of the list goes: (1) White Tower, (2) Time of Dog and Wolf, (4) Que Sera Sera, (5) HIT, (6) Unstoppable High Kick, (7) Conspiracy in the Court, (9) My Man’s Woman, and (10) Devil.

The Worst Dramas, on the other hand: (1) Moon Hee, (2) Blue Fish, (3) The Person I Love, (4) Hello Miss, and (5) Witch Amusement.

Do you agree with that particular list? Which were YOUR favorite shows of the year? I’m planning to do a mondo recap of my own thoughts on the past year, but first I wanna hear your opinions. I’ll leave all the polls open for the next month, then tally every thing by year’s end. Sound good?


Did I leave out your favorite? Leave me a scathing comment below!


Other categories appearing in year-end lists include “Best Characters” (and worst), “Best Ending Scene,” “Best Occupations,” etc. (Source: My Daily)

For instance, topping Best Characters were: (1) Kim Myung Min in White Tower, (2) Lee Soon Jae in The Unstoppable High Kick, (3) Jung Yumi in Que Sera Sera, and (4) Jeon Kwang Ryul in King and I.

Worst Characters: (1) Kim Hae Sook in Moon Hee, (2) Kang Su Yeon in Moon Hee, and (3) Han Ga In in Witch Amusement.

Best and worst Ending Scenes went, respectively, to White Tower and Moon Hee. (Gee, someone really hated Moon Hee.)

And best and worst Occupations in a drama went to the four friends’ investigative agency in Mixed-up Investigative Agency (best), and Shin Eun Kyung’s fashion magazine editor in Bad Couple (worst).

And on to more polls!

(Note: I tried to be inclusive, but that means I mentioned dramas I didn’t watch or know very little about, so forgive any errors!)


Romance and Couples

We’ve all seen how the strength of a drama’s core romance can make or break a series. Often, big names draw you into the show, but if the chemistry isn’t there, there’s no use in trying to buy into the story. On the flipside, even a mediocre drama can be raised by sparkling leads and crackling chemistry. If you didn’t buy into the attraction between Samsoon and Jin Heon in My Name Is Kim Samsoon, or Yoorin and Gong Chan in My Girl, or Chaegyung and Shin in Goong, it didn’t matter how good the rest of the series was, because it would’ve fallen flat. But when they work… wowsa!


Trendy Dramas

It’s no secret this is my favorite genre. Maybe because I’m a sucker for a good romantic comedy, even if it’s cheesy and unrealistic and just fanciful daydreaming. Lots of trendy dramas remain in solid B-level territory, managing to go through the typical motions to entertain and provide you with a cute romance, but it takes a really good trendy drama to do more with the genre.


Thriller, Action Dramas

I don’t watch nearly as many thriller or action dramas in proportion to the other genres (except for historicals, of which I watch even less). And when I choose badly, boy can the experience be grating and annoying. But when one of them is purported to be exceptional, I’ll give it a shot.


Funniest Dramas

I love light-hearted, entertaining romps, and while lots of comedic dramas also fall into the trendy-drama category, they aren’t always the same thing.


Historical Dramas


Daily or Family Dramas

Daily dramas are less likely to be fansubbed so they tend to be less popular outside of Korea than other drama series, but they enjoy steady and solid ratings in Korea. Maybe it’s because the topic is relatable (if mundane), maybe it’s because it’s familiar and easily digestible viewing (nothing shocking or groundbreaking here!).


Melodramas and Soaps

I really dislike tragic series and tearjerkers, but I admit that some of them can be very good. I haven’t seen any of the series listed here (I caught a few episodes of The Person I Love), so you tell me — were any of them good? I don’t think this was a big year for the melodrama and/or the soap, but here are a few of them anyway:


Most Underrated

I’ll admit to having a soft spot for underappreciated shows, cult series, and niche genres. It’s the classic impulse to root for the underdog. The big names don’t need any more help being appreciated, but the often-ignored ones are often so tragically missed. Oh the humanity.


Biggest Letdown

On the opposite end of the spectrum from the underdogs, there are those shows that for whatever reason incite lots of excitement prior to their airing. Maybe it’s a particularly exciting story premise, maybe it’s a certain star. Maybe it’s a combination of factors. But then the drama airs amid lots of fanfare, and then… meh.


Dramas I missed

Well, it’s been a busy year for me. Inevitably, I didn’t have time to watch some things I wanted to watch, and ended up watching some things I really could’ve done without. I know I missed a few big ones, and I intend to go back and watch them when I can. But how to decide??

Any other year-end thoughts about the past year in dramas?

Do you have any favorite characters, favorite endings, favorite settings, favorite actors, favorite sidekicks, favorite storylines, favorite all-around ensemble casts?

What about least favorites?

(NOTE: I’m putting up a link to this post in the sidebar for easy navigation until polls close. Voting will be open from now throughout the month of December. Let me know what you think!)


155 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Yisei

    Time of dog and wolf! Nam Sang Mi is so pretty.

    • 1.1 Moko

      true yisei, Nam Sang Mi was pretty in 2007, is pretty in 2013 and will be pretty…that woman is born to be pretty I swear.

  2. thunderbolt

    Top spot was easy. Definitely White Tower by a mile.

    For No. 2, I struggled a bit (okay, for 3 seconds) between Time of Dog and Wolf and Mixed-up Investigative Agency. TODAW was awesome and so addictive but the first few episodes were iffy and the script wasn’t as tight as I liked. But overall an unforgettable drama with solid acting. MIA is pure love and everything about it has been perfect so far. Even though I’ve not watched the ending, I’m confident I will love it. So my vote for second spot? Mixed-up Investigative Agency.^^

  3. LYNda

    I hate GOONG S with a passion. I was really excited when it aired, but after watching the second episode, I just couldn’t take it anymore. It bore and annoyed the living heck out of me. Se7en’s acting was just hmmm….horrible.

    This year I watched a lot of Korean dramas and I also stopped midway in nearly 2/3 of the dramas I watched. After around the 8 or 10 episode, korean dramas become a little mundane. I lose interest very quickly.

  4. javabeans

    psst, thundie, i’m sure you’ll find your faith in Mixed-up Agency well-founded by its conclusion. the last two episodes really stepped it up and i loved the ending. πŸ˜‰

  5. Amyable

    Wish you would have had “Bottom of the 9th with 2 Outs” as a choice for Favorite Drama. I just learned that it aired the same time as Coffee Prince. At that time, I watched Coffee Prince instead due to all the noise level surrounding that drama and didn’t even know that Bottom of 9th existed. Just finished Bottom of 9th and it was so much better than CP. Much much better!

  6. deeta

    Truth is, I don’t watch the Daily, Thriller, or Historical dramas at all. I only picked the ones I caught one or two times.

    I’ve got a lot of favorite dramas for 2007. Coffee Prince, duh. Thank You. Que Sera Sera (thanks to your extensive coverage, I got curious). Flowers. Dal Ja. Mixed Up, of course.

    Biggest disappointment would be Witch Yoo Hee and Hello Miss. Goong S was better than I expected, mostly because the leads have awesome chemistry.

    Best Couple, hmm, I so wanna pick CP’s EC/HG, but I dunno, it just didn’t sit very well. I still love GY with Kim Sun Ah and YEH with JJH better. And despite the fact that I love love TY, I still think JH and Jeon Ji Hyun looks better (I’m way too picky for my own good). Therefore, Best Couple goes to Eric and JYM. Runner up would be CR/LMK and LSG/CJA.

    Funniest, hands down Mixed Up. Underrated, Flowers and Mixed Up.

  7. namaste

    i truly enjoyed every episode of Conspiracy in the Court, such a wonderfully done drama, the ending was just heart breaking though.
    I don’t know the viewers reactions to it but it was really a great and beautiful drama.
    I’m still not liking Golden Era of Daughter In Law, the lead actress has such an annoying voice and well it doesn’t help that every time she acts I find her annoying with her whiny voice and over the top “wannabe-cuteness”

  8. merriwether

    Some of my favourites this year were Thank You, The Devil, Surgeon Bong Dal Hee and Dal Ja’s Spring. Those three were pretty entertaining and well made. I liked Coffee Prince but I wouldn’t say I was crazy about it but it is rather adorable.

    Goong S was a huge disappointment for me. It flopped magnificently and I could see why. There wasn’t the same spark that the first series had.

    Mixed-Up is pretty good but it wasn’t something I was crazy about. I can see the value there but I didn’t give it enough time to really pull me in. I need to go back to it I think.

  9. ryza

    I realy disappointed with Goong S after successfull Princess Hour drama, i realy not understand how come this drama plot bocame so flat anad i didi’t find any chemistry from the player. The most mysterious drama that i ever saw was Devil. The player character was awesome and crashed me…a lot… . But the most is Coffe Prince…, no one can beat it…The chemistri between YEH and GY was amazing. Thank you javabeans.

  10. 10 KTK

    After discovering this site during the CP craze, I have to thank you for the past months, Java! I’m a relative newbie to K-dramas, but with your suggestions and comments from others, I discovered some truly entertaining shows. I watched Flowers for My Life, and am currently watching MIA. Thanks for the insights, fresh views, humor, and great tunes. Flowers was definitely underrated, and dare I say, underwatched?! Such a great balance between earnesty and humor! Loved it!

  11. 11 sincere reader

    I thoroughly enjoyed 9 ends 2 outs, even though I’m a guy. That show extensively examined the potential relationship that could develop between a guy and a girl being best friends. It’s somewhat relevant to many people’s lives. I hope you can include it as one of the favorite dramas of the year, as that definitely is the one in my list.

  12. 12 Toya

    The only one I truly couldn’t vote on was Thriller, Action Dramas, because I want to put HIT, but the goddamn series wasn’t subbed far enough for me to make that kind of decision.

    At least I didn’t find anyone that subbed it all the way.

  13. 13 hyunibunny

    While I haven’t seen all of the dramas on your list, my top three for 2007 are Bottom of the 9th with 2 Outs, Coffee Prince, and Meri, Daegu’s Attack Defense Battle. I thought Hello Miss was pretty cute too.

  14. 14 ginnie

    Hi Javabeans,
    Whoa…are we at that time of the year when we recap the year with the best and the worst polls?!!

    Que Sera, Sera…yes…This is certainly one of my top series for the year. The performance was excellent. Do you remember the sizzling chemistry and out of the world shocks in the plot? Definitely one of the best out there this year for me.
    Isn’t it a melodrama? I wish I could vote for QSS in the melodrama category but unfortunately it wasn’t listed as a choice.

    For some reason, Witch Amusement also left a positive impression and it has nothing to do with the show but this BLOG. I remember fondly that I was laughing so hard at the ridiculous plotlines here at javabean’s blog. The show itself without this blog was nothing but a show….the show + comments from this blog = major entertainment.

  15. 15 Brigette

    Coffee Prince was the best most adorable series for me this year. And this is also the series that led me to your wonderful recaps.
    Hello Miss was terrible. I couldn’t even finish the first episode.

  16. 16 gail

    lots of pictures! can’t believe 2007 went by so quickly. i hope 2008 brings a lot more great dramas.

  17. 17 hmm

    Brigette, I watched the whole series in hopes of it getting better… and it didn’t. lol I was truly disappointed.

    Also, are there English subs for White Tower floating around the internet?

  18. 18 yeli

    wow…i couldnt agree more with ginnie! ^___^
    I became a fan of your blog during the QSS days. I remember what a roller-coaster ride that drama was…every twist and turn in the plot was amazing. I loved the way it was shot too…it had the feeling of an independent film. I have been watching k-dramas for about a year now and have seen MANY but QSS is definitely one of my top favorites. I still remember the torture of waiting for the subtitles. it was the first drama to do that to me because it was also the first one i saw while it was still airing…

    Goong S and With Yoo Hee were the biggest disappointments. I was excited about Goong S because i had enjoyed the first one (except for the last few episodes that dragged)…but omg was Goong S BORING! i tried so hard to stick with it but i just couldnt take it anymore…the plot and the acting was so FLAT…And what can I say about witch yoo hee? i stopped watching about half way through and just kept reading your summaries. I remember laughing my butt off at your comments on the crazy plot..it was really fun!

    Thanks Javabeans! i look forward to another year of your great comments and insights ^___^

  19. 19 honey

    i really liked the drama “hello! miss”. it’s in my ‘all-time favorite asian dramas’ list…
    i really enjoyed watching it. oh well, to each his own…

  20. 20 hmm

    “A likes B. C likes B. D likes A, and then C. A likes D. C starts liking D. Is C gay?!”

    lol you’re so funny, javabeans!!

  21. 21 clover

    awww.. i feel kinda bad voting since i didn’t watch all of them. i only watched like a few of the above mentioned. =[

  22. 22 yeohweping

    The only 2 dramas that I have really completed watching this year are coffee prince and thank you. Auction House is the only k-drama that I’m still watching right now and the later eps are getting better (I know it’s really under-rated but it has it’s “hidden value”).

  23. 23 crazy driver

    kudos javabeans for a great poll. the comments made it a lot more fun to vote and all the pretty pictures.

    its okay that you haven’t watched Capital Scandal, Kang Ji Hwan fan that you are. save the best for last is what they always say. just be ready for days and nights going over CS again and again and again and again and again…im surprised that this wasn’t in the underrated category. i truly believe it deserves so much more attention.

    fashion editor as worst occupation? isnt it supposed to be glamorous and exciting? id imagine being a bum would be the worst occupation…well not an occupation since a bum isnt exactly employed…its an odd category IMO.

  24. 24 tealeaf

    Best K-drama-related moment: reading javabeans’ WA episode 15 summary. That gotta be your best snark fest.
    Best music compilation: Coffee Prince.
    Most adorable ensemble: the accidental MIA treasure-hunting posse.
    Best character-actor this year: Lee Minki, he’s in 2 of the top 10 best dramas of the year. Totally different roles and looks.
    Most pleasantly surprised by a series: Mixed-Up Investigative Agency.
    Best ending skits since Delightful Girl Chun Hyang: MIA.
    Best K-drama PD/writer combo: Lee Yong Jung and Lee Jung Ah.
    Best breakthrough performance by an actor before he leaves for military duty: Gong Yoo (saving the best for last i guess).
    Most what-a-waste-of-a-talent role: Jae Hee as Mu-ryong.
    Most incredible blog entries: javabeans’ CP the series reviews and CP the novel summaries. That was awesome and memorable (especially during the site crashes).

    Really enjoyed these this year: Dal Ja’s Spring, QSS, Thank You, Mixed-Up Investigative Agency. Liked CP a lot, but i’m surprised that it’s #3 on the Naver poll. It was nice to see the high quality and variety of shows.

    Missed, but hope to watch in the near future: Capital Scandal, White Tower and Flowers for My Life. Hope that 2008 be as great as this year.

  25. 25 lani

    I’m a sucker for the comedy romance genre and thus limited my viewing to dramas of that type. Though there were several, I only loved Dalja’s Spring and Coffee Prince. Like you said, it was probably the chemistry between the leads that became the main attraction. Based on the results of the polls, most of the voters agree on this point. I also liked Flowers but was generally turned off by the terminal illness theme. Could you also take a poll on the favorite line i.e. “I like you even if you’re a man…”
    My appreciation for kdramas was an offshoot of your blog and for this, my eternal gratitude!

  26. 26 erma

    This is the greatest entry ever! It gets so nostalgic as I scrolled down and recalled the past dramas you have reviewed this year. I’m so grateful I found dramabeans, I must have wasted like one month of my year dedicating to k-dramas, haha… Oh god the comments are awesome too, I kept saying “Exactly!”, “Oh, it’s so true!”… hesh. Even simple word like “meh” also got me laughed my heart out. It clicks right away with what I was thinking.

    Thank you. Truly thank you.

    “A likes B. C likes B.” Oh my god, I admire your talent javabeans!

    I hope to see my Jae hee in 2008, since he did not have any drama this year. He did not, RIGHT? hehe…

    Best kissing scene? Coffee Prince hands down!!

    It may not be the best line, but I just cannot get it out of my head. “I don’t care if you’re a man, or an alien… Just lets go how far that we can..”
    Oh, am I unbelievable. Haha.

    Once again, thank you everyone for making my 2007 life brighter with your writings!

  27. 27 Auntie Mame

    Gee, I thought that “Someday” would have shown up in some poll. The acting by the young guy, who rode the motorcycle, was really good. The issue of psychological affect in the story was interesting too.

  28. 28 onigiri

    Time of dog and wolf was really a great drama. and so were Capital Scandal, Thank You and Surgeon BDH and so much more. the year has passed by so fast and there’s so many more great dramas that will air soon.

    thank you for dramabeans πŸ™‚ i always look forward to reading your posts.

  29. 29 Gramps

    I’m disenfranchised here, because although it’s not yet over my list would be

    #1 Insoon is Pretty
    #2 Insoon is Pretty
    #3 Insoon is Pretty
    #4 Insoon is Pretty
    #5 Insoon is Pretty
    etc. I think I might just slot in Coffee Prince at #10, if only because it set the bar for subsequent dramas so much higher.

    Slightly more seriously. Beware the voting robots. Polls like this, once a couple of robot voters are set loose on them, have brought down servers massively more powerful than the House of Dramabeans. May not happen, but do keep a close eye on your logs and your response times

  30. 30 Sarah

    Capital Scandal Forever! ^__^

  31. 31 Apple

    Wow! Coffee Prince is taking the lead in the polls it’s listed in. It just proves that it’s loved by many. Including me. But I’m surprised it’s only #3 on the Top 11 dramas. But I guess it’s better than not being included on that list. So, is White Tower that good? If it is, I’d like to watch that. Oh and the poll “Favorite Line in Top k-dramas” is a great idea. I’d definitely vote on that. I already forsee the winner–Hangyul: “I don’t care if you’re a man or an alien…” ( the “alien” part is pretty funny =) )
    Thanks Javabeans for all your hardwork! Hope to read more fun stuff.

  32. 32 djes

    Whoa..yes, 2007 will end soon. I saw too many dramas this year, but just few of them really impressed me…
    I took your pool, but I missed the historical ones, since I don’t watch any of them..
    My favorites this year so far will be : ( not in particular order )
    – Coffee Prince, worth the hype
    – Capital Scandal, YOU MUST SEE IT, dear. Kang! Ji! Hwan! πŸ˜›
    – Thank You, the girl is awesome, Jang Hyuk is damn hot..
    – Que Sera Sera, and this thanks to you.. I finally finished it because I got intrigued by your summaries.
    – Bottom of The 9th with 2 out, I LOVE their chemistry..wish I have my own Byung Tae..

    I currently watching White Tower, and The Devil. I like White Tower, but I need to find better subs, because the ones I have are terrible..and The Devil, I accidentally read the ending spoiler at soompi ( usually I don’t mind read any spoilers, mostly I even look forward it ) but this one really ruined my expectation of this drama! Sigh.

    I have episodes of Flowers of My Life, and my friend already recommended me to watch it, so I might watch it next time soon..

    About 75% of the titles you’ve mentioned above I’ve already seen them. Should I ashamed by the fact? πŸ˜€ Because my friends keep telling me to get a ( real ) life!! hehe.

    OH. My recommendation for you to catch up, Capital Scandal, for sure. And if you still have time, Thank You will be another good choice.

  33. 33 CP_addict

    I think my ID has already given it away, lol.
    My fave for 2007 is Coffee Prince.
    CP had 99% perfect for me.
    The missing 1% is because there was no wedding πŸ™
    But i absolutely loved the YEH and GY couple.. the chemistry coming out of these 2 nearly blew up my screen!
    I was also mesmerized by YEH’s acting! I still cant believe that this young lady has only been acting for 2 years! Natural born talent I say!!
    Props to MBC for recognising such talent and nominating her for the Best Actress Award!!

    Apart from CP, I also enjoyed watching HIT – very different from the normal K-drama genres, and Ko Hyun Jung’s acting was superb along with all the supporting actors!!

  34. 34 thunderbolt

    Thank you for that heads up, sarahbeans. I’m so glad MIA was good to the very end. I still have four more episodes to go and don’t really want it to end. *sob*

    #24 tealeaf, for mentioning MIA and Lee Minki multiple times in your comments, I like you already, lol!

    #29 Gramps, do I get a prize for knowing you were going to write exactly what you did?^^ (Ok, I cheated; I read what you wrote in the Insoon thread at soompi, hehe.)

    Alrighty, here’s how I voted:

    Favorite kdrama of 2007: White Tower, Mixed-up Investigative Agency (my two loves, Kim Myung Kim and Lee Min Ki; case closed)
    Favorite romantic pairing: Chae Rim and Lee Minki, Dal Ja’s Spring (actually I don’t care who our spare tire Kang Tae Bong gets paired with; he’s yummy enough to eat on his own!)
    Favorite trendy drama: Dal Ja’s Spring (yup, I’m one of the weirdos here NOT voting for Coffee Prince but that’s because I’ve only watched up to Ep 6 of CP whereas I loved DJS to its deliciously giddy end)
    Favorite thriller/action drama: Time of Dog and Wolf (jaw-dropping fist-in-my-mouth cliffhangers; a perfect OST; thrilling and heartbreaking at the same time; great stuff!)
    Funniest drama: Mixed-up Investigative Agency (the wittiest, funniest lines; lovable characters; perfect in every way)
    Favorite historical drama: King and I (even though I have not watched it! but my pal Dahee Fanel says it’s the bestest and since she and I generally have the same taste, I take her word for it, lol)
    Most underrated: Mixed-up Investigative Agency (I cry when I see the number of downloads for the MIA subs compared to some other overhyped drama)

    And finally, I voted that you watch Conspiracy in the Court, sarah. Two reasons:
    1) I heard it’s really good.
    2) It’ll probably never get subbed so at least I get to read your recaps and know what it’s all about.

    Thanks for the polls!! *muah*

  35. 35 Anonymous

    I really enjoyed “9 ends 2 outs” (also called Bottom of The 9th with 2 out).

  36. 36 Zellyjhaze

    Wanted to vote for best drama, but seriously….can’t pick just 2 from Coffee Prince, Thank You, Flowers for My Life and Que Sera Sera πŸ™‚

  37. 37 thunderbolt

    #34 Can’t believe I misspelled Kim Myung MIN’s name. Arrgghh! I really must stop posting comments just before I need to scoot off somewhere fast.

    Some people were asking about White Tower subs. As far as I know, no fansub group has taken on this drama. But YA Entertainment is releasing an English-subbed DVD version soon. Innoform Media (based in Singapore) has already released its licensed version and the English subs are excellent.

    Btw, sarah, Thank You is REALLY not that sad (Truuust me.^^) And woman, how can you call yourself a Kang Ji Hwan fan and not watch Capital Scandal?! Tsk tsk… (Although I confess I’ve yet to watch Episodes 14-16 of CS myself; stopped at Ep 13 months ago and somehow lost the momentum and desire to continue, oopsie.) Surgeon Bong Dal Hee is pretty light fare compared to White Tower; Lee Bum Soo is wonderful in SBDH and I liked the drama a lot but WT is way better (if you ask me, hehe). Resurrection/Rebirth is one of my all-time faves so Devil is a must-watch for me. Just need a push to get started. (Still deciding if I should pick up CP again, or start on either Flowers for My Life or Devil. Ah, decisions, decisions!) Have you decided to drop Insoon is Pretty? I’ve watched four episodes and it’s getting to be very good. (Am I officially in your good books for saying that, Gramps?^^)

  38. 38 ripgal

    I knew Coffee Prince would lead in every single poll it’s categorised in. Why am I not surprised? hehehe..
    Well it’s not because I think CP deserved it (I thought it was good, but not excellent). But I guess I just wasn’t into the mainstream and popular dramas out there..

    I chose Capital Scandal and Thank You as my TOP 2 choices. I was looking for 9 ends 2 outs but I couldn’t find it..I thought 9e2o was the best drama I’ve seen this year. Yes, it’s pretty dull in the first 3 eps, but it just got soooo much better towards the middle and the end. A simple drama without any exaggeration at all.. Just my fav cup of tea..hehehe.. I had a hard time choosing between CS, TY and DJS tho..they’re also my favs this year. Watching all those dramas just brought out so many meaningful things, and surprises from the actors as well. (*hints Kang Ji Hwan from CS, Jang Hyuk from TY and Lee Min Ki from DJS.. all 3 leads were AMAZING in their respective roles..

    Well aside from that, I have been disappointed by several dramas as well. Witch Yoo Hee, Hello Miss and Goong S were TOTAL disappointments. And yes, a total waste of talent (LDH and Jae Hee)..Just wished they had been given better scripts..

  39. 39 PixieJewel

    Thank you Javabean for your extensive report through this year. It has been fun and educating sometime to come to your site. Bless you and pray that you will continue your good work in the future.
    I watched some series that you have recomended and I must agreed that Flower and Mixed Up were underrated. I truly enjoy both series.
    For me Coffee Prince was my favorite series this year. Followed by Thank You, Time of Dog and Wolf, Bottom of the 9th with 2 Out. Disappointed with Hello Miss and Witch Amusement (felt like I have wasted my time watching them).
    I love Dal Ja Spring and the chemistry between the leading actor and actress, however I guess the drama emphasis too much of being single in their 30s. I mean what’s wrong being single in my 30s (my own opinion only).

  40. 40 nileey

    I didn’t watch Moon Hee, but I thought Witch Amusement should have the worst ever ending!

    I personally rate Coffee Prince the best drama this year (and possibly one of my all-time favourites too) but I think I should start watching Thank You as well coz my friends who watched this said it’s an extremely good drama.

  41. 41 emma

    i love your blog! i check it compulsively throughout the day =)

    9 end 2 outs!!! The amazing character/relationship development, the hilarity, the storyline.. i loved it almost as much or as much as i enjoyed coffee prince (gasp)

  42. 42 Rong

    For me this year and going back til the day i started watching kdramas in early 2006, my favourite got to be


    The reason being it being really a drama that touches me really deeply. The love and hurt. The pain and dislike. The actors and actresses are terrific. From the main characters to the villagers who appeared not more than 1 min per scene. Everyone touched my heart and made me feel their pain. The story is tight enough without feeling too sorrowful. It even cracked jokes at the most appropriate time.

    For those who haven’t watch it, please give it a try, not just because the drama is really good (which is the truth) but because watching it will renew your faith in korean scriptwriters. Believe in them and i think we’ll see winners in the near future.

  43. 43 djes

    I want to add my comment, so I come back..:D
    Worst character : the girl who took Kim Dong Wan at ‘The Person I Love’. I really want to stab her!
    Worst ending : hmmm..maybe Witch Amusement..but..I never made it..I stopped watching it about 20 minutes before the ending..because I fell asleep.
    Worst Drama : Mackerel Run. Did anybody here even watch it? I made the mistake.
    Best occupation : Detective ( Go Hyun Jung’s character on HIT )
    Best couple : Soo Ae and Lee Jung Jin of Bottoms of the 9th and 2 out..it’s a tie for me with GY and YEH.
    Best soap : The Person I Love. I admire Kim Dong Wan’s acting, and I fell for Jo Dong Hyuk here.
    Best Action : HIT!! I like Time between Dog and Wolf, but I love HIT more.
    Underrated drama : I haven’t see Flowers of My Life..so I chose How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor. Quite funny, and thanks God they didn’t make the lead actress ended with….. ( Uh, I shouldn’t mention it here, rite? It can consider as spoiler, rite? )

    From all the titles you mentioned, I really don’t want to watch Goong S. I lost interest at very beginning. Never watch a single full episode ( catch some because it was aired on our local television ), and never ever want to see more.

    And once again,………Kang! Ji! Hwan! πŸ˜›
    ( If you finally decide to watch Capital Scandal, please..please..blog about it. I really want to hear your take about it. )

  44. 44 thua

    I’m a little disappointed that Golden Bride didn’t appear in any of the polls, but maybe you’re only posting up the dramas that have already finished airing. Although, I DO see a thumbnail of it at the end of the post, lol. It seems as though it’s not popular compared to other dramas because its length probably makes everyone run scared. Not to mention that they are also planning on extending it, but I just thought Golden Bride would be a series worth mentioning.
    Just wondering, are you watching Golden Bride?
    I imagined Golden Bride to be a drama you’d have summaries for because I like to hear your comments on dramas while I’m watching it too (heck, I’m sure everybody does).

  45. 45 robbo4

    I have to concur with all of the sentiments expressed by Rong in entry 42. In a year that featured many strong contenders, I’d have to rate Thank You as the finest KDrama that these eyes have yet seen. The acting, the story, the message it conveys….and the irresistable talents of little Seo Shin-Ae as “Lee Bom.” I’ve viewed it in it’s entirety three times and each times found myself moved to tears of compassion, sadness, exasperation, and joy, and have also experienced elation beyond words. Taken as a whole, Thank You is truly a miracle of storytelling and presentation and affects me deeply with it’s warmth and understanding of a much more than difficult human tragedy.

    I also voted for Coffee Prince for many of the reasons discussed by so many viewers fortunate to have been caught up in the tsunami that this magnetic series has produced. I could go on and on about the myriad of reasons why I find myself drawn to this drama but none can override the real attraction for me. Simply stated, Yoon Eun-Hye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A better young talent, actress, person….you could not find that deserves to reap the rewards of her labors. I am impressed by everything that this woman does and eagerly await her next project. She’s kind of like the Beatles of KDrama. There’s all of those other talent out there…and then there’s YEH. We love her yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah…..

  46. 46 Jo

    My father is a big fan of historical, so I watch it alot. But the only one that really satisfied me was Dae Jang Geum and Immortal Yi Soon Shin. All the rest was BLAH.
    Oh yeah, Javabeans, do you listen to Death Cab for Cutie?

  47. 47 ripgal

    Wanted to add another post – 4 mah favs in other categories. πŸ˜›

    Fav Leading Character – Seon Woo Wan (KJH) in Capital Scandal
    Fav Ending – 9 end 2 outs and HIT
    Fav OST – 9 end 2 outs
    Fav Couple – Kang Tae Bong and Dal Ja in DJS
    Fav Supporting Character – Cha Song Joo (Han Go Eun) in CS
    Best Soap – The Person I Love (Kim Dong Wan was superb)
    Worst character – Hwang Jung Eum in The Person In Love
    Worst Ending – Witch You Hee
    Funniest Drama – Capital Scandal
    Most Meaningful drama – Thank You, Flowers for my Life and 9e2o
    Most underrated – Flowers for my life
    Best breakthru – KJH in CS, YEH in CP, JH in TY and LMK in DJS

  48. 48 Kristen

    Wow, I have just realized that I haven’t seen very many ’07 dramas! I started recently, so I’m trying to see the classics right now. I did see Hello!Miss though, and I don’t see why it would be labeled one of the worst. I don’t think it was very exciting, but the story was touching and cute (even if it was a little slow and repetitive at times). *Shrug*

  49. 49 mawee

    well~~ all I can say is, some of the best of this year is~

    Dalja’s Spring! Bad Couple! Capital Scandal! Meri Vs Daegu Battle! As Much As Heaven & Earth! KimchiCheeseSmile! The Devil! Flowers for my Life! (:

    and just a sidenote… best character was Lee Soonjae of Highkick??? You;ve gotta be kidding me… I mean,, that granpa’s character is.. ehhh. He bullies his wife and son and he’s always moody in the sitcom γ…‘γ…‘; I’d rather have Yunho (Jung Ilwoo) as the best character… kk!

    & I hope Capital Scandal will be the next drama javabeans got to see ^^
    it’s not just a period drama… its comedy,suspense and drama.. LOL!

  50. 50 javabeans

    LoL, I’m not too surprised to see Coffee Prince leading most of the polls. (To be honest, that’s the only reason I made the first poll for “favorite drama of 2007” open to more than 1 choice, because I wanted to see what dramas OTHER than CP were enjoyed.)

    Sorry if I left out your favorite shows! Some just slipped my mind (Someday should probably be in there somewhere, even though I think very few people watched it oops, was technically 2006, airing its last ep on Dec 29) and some, I didn’t realize were so loved (Bottom of the 9th). I disliked Bottom of the 9th having seen its first episode, but maybe I’ll have to go back to it.

    I def agree with the person (thundie?) who said that Lee Minki had a fabulous year portraying two wildly different characters in two great dramas. If you saw Dal Ja and Mixed-up back to back, you would’ve thought he must have a twin brother.

    Your comments give me tons to think about as I review the past year… (Btw, can I just say how much I LOVE the comments you guys write on this blog? They’re a total cut above the comments most blogs get, ja?) Let me know if you think of interesting categories to consider. I particularly like the “best quotes” one. Now I have to go back and compile a list. πŸ˜€

    Keep the thoughts rolling!

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