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“Please, for the love of god, lip-synch already!”
by | December 2, 2007 | 86 Comments

Super Junior


“Please just lip-synch!” … “It’s arduous listening to your songs”… “I should be able to watch these singers comfortably, but they make me nervous”… “Watching them sing makes me wonder where they’re messing up”…

What could provoke such a response?

What I like about the article below (and not just because I totally agree with most or all of the points made) is that it’s rare you see such a critical article printed in Korean press. Usually they’re cloyingly sycophantic, like they’re afraid of offending the big industry machines. But this one is surprisingly frank, and pretty accurate in its assessments, as far as I can tell.

(Btw, I youtubed a bunch of live program clips to form my own opinion, since I don’t typically watch most of the pop-music programs — and boy, does pop music suck these days. There are your exceptions, naturally, but by and large, WOW.)

And now that this is posted, I promise to do my best to avoid making mention of the Wonder Girls ever again. Oh good lordy how I’m sick of hearing about the Wonder Girls.


(Park) Hwayobi – “36.5 도” (36.5 degrees), from the pop/R&B singer noted for her strong vocals.
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Big Bang, Girls Generation


Lately, live music programs that feature live singing by performers has provoked such a rising tide of complaints that viewers have even started making requests for that chronic, much-hated evil of music programs: lip-synching.

On programs such as KBS’s Music Bank, MBC’s Music Core, and SBS’s Live Popular Music [Inki Gayo], pop singers are exposing themselves to much self-embarrassment with their out-of-tune singing, loss of rhythm, unstable high-pitched voices, annoying liberal use of falsetto, incessant voice cracks, and other problems.

With a great many pop singers these days faltering in their live singing skills, like the Wonder Girls who’ve spawned the recent “Tell Me” craze, viewers are faced more often with distaste than enjoyment at watching their performances.

Of course, the broadcast networks’ sound isn’t perfect and difficulties may sometimes arise in the live broadcast, but the reason for audience’s complaints is largely based on singing ability [or lack thereof].


Wonder Girls, Battle


There is an overabundance of pop singers who so notably lack singing skills that it’s difficult to believe they’ve undergone extensive training by talent agencies.

That is to say, these agencies have employed a short-sighted strategy of mass-producing stars with singing deficiencies in order to reap short-lived fame and quick profits, ignoring singing talent as the foundation for a pop singer.

The grumblings by some that it’s difficult to dance vigorously while singing are merely excuses made to rationalize the singers’ lack of singing ability. It’s an excuse for lack of training and effort. How can you explain that when, from [strong vocalist] Insooni to Beyonce, there have been pop singers who manage to dance and sing well at the same time?

Whether one is an entertainer or a musician, when taking the stage to sing for audiences, the viewers should enjoy the experience. Performances that only elicit uneasiness and discomfort should be done away with.

Please singers, after appearing on music programs, have a look around the viewer message boards and read their responses. And try to improve upon your weaknesses. If that doesn’t happen, viewers will continue to express their contempt, pleading, “Oh please, just lip-synch!”

Source: My Daily

Super Junior, Kara


86 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Toya

    I’ve said this about a lot of Japanese rock bands.

    The only two I saw that could preform well live were Hyde and Abingdon Boys School. (Sorry not into that much Korean music, so relating the topic to something I know of)

  2. Anonymous

    Maybe it’s not such a bad idea to lip-synch. If it’s for the better of the performance and for the fans, why not. Many pop singers/dancers from other countries do it. And just as long as the lip-synching is not so obvious to the audience then it’s all good. Because what’s the point of lip-syching if you can’t even do it right.

  3. La Plume

    Well they must really be awful if netizens are asking them to lip synch. I really don’t agree with the “Maybe it’s not such a bad idea to lip-synch. If it’s for the better of the performance and for the fans, why not. ” If it’s just lip synched then you just have to buy the CD an it’s all good. When the fans come to a show they want to see a live show which includes both singing and dancing not only dancing. If you come to just watch the dance than it’s way better to go a dance show where you’ll be able to see and enjoy much more in terms of performances. Their job is to produce good songs and sing well, dancing is just a bonus.
    Unfortunatly this problem is not Korean alone but I have to say that after Javabeans’ article about the Wonder Girl Tell me craze I looked on several sites to see what it was all about and honestly thought the song and the “dance” was seriously dull. Well I didn’t feel they had any sens of rythm either… Should be forbidden to give talentless person such a carreer. I’m not saying that to sound aggressive but they’ll be quickly forgotten and all they’ll be left with is deep regret.

  4. Jamie

    You know, I really agree with what the writer said a LOT. Minus DBSK, who I actually think are very talented (and actually do Lip-synch during some live performances because of moving around too much) I find that the only reason I like a lot of the groups are because of them being on Korean Verity shows, or their acting. Like Hee Chul from Super Junior. I -really- hate Super Juniors songs, all of them, but the guys themselves are actually very funny and when they are in dramas, sitcoms, or verity shows, I laugh so hard. Hee Chul is amazing acting in Bad Family and Golden Bride.

    Otherwise… I just don’t get the hype. I really -do- hope to god that some of them will lip synch for example, Baby Vox (the band that Yoon Eun Hye was in) did a remake of Lady Marmalade, and every time I watch the performance I feel embarrassed FOR them.

  5. its_trish

    Out of curiousity.. isn’t ‘Big Bang’ one of the few groups that is able to sucessfully deliver a solid, live performance?
    From the few clips I’ve seen via youtube I got the impression that those boys are really that talented..
    I agree with the article’s author about some of the other groups though. If their job is to sing and dance then sing and dance they should be able to..

  6. javabeans

    From the tone of the article, I don’t think fans are actually serious in saying singers SHOULD lip-synch. It’s more like a backhanded way of saying, “You’re so awful that I’d prefer lip-synching to your singing, although lip-synching is the refuge of the bogus and talentless.”

    Personally I agree with La Plume — lip-synching in my opinion is not a viable alternative to singing live. If you cannot sing live and REQUIRE lip-synching to put on a passable performance, you are in no way ready for a pop career. Practice more until you’re able to do what your profession requires. If you cannot achieve that level of professionalism, you’re not good enough.

    I don’t know about their reputation but I saw several clips of Big Bang and shuddered at the off-tune singing. Yowsa.

  7. Misskley

    Big Bang’s picture shouldn’t even appear here (Can’t compare a Ferrari with a Maruti 800)!!
    Those guys are beyond talented. They create and reflect their music. It’s actually the only group I’m a huge fan of.
    Kpop sucks so bad nowadays. As for the Wonder Girls, it’s painful to admit it but their song is stuck in my head. Can’t get rid of it

    • 7.1 Lise

      Yup! Thats what 6+ years of training can do for u! Granted Seungri cant exactly sing but the other 4- hats off to the boys for doing their thing and doing it to perfection!

  8. Di

    Isn’t that the problem with everything these days, though?
    Most large corporations don’t care about quality and long-term success, it’s all about quick, short-term gains.

  9. ripgal

    Good article.. it totally reflects the K pop industry now..
    They are a few exceptions tho..heheh..I’d say Big Bang falls out of that category..

  10. 10 kurage.

    I really hate lip syncing with a passion, but I understand if the stars are doing some sort of xcore dancing.
    Personally I enjoy watching Music Bank because I sort of like making fun of the groups who are totally embarrassing themselves.
    Frankly though, I don’t think KARA’s /that/ horrible live. The leader has a really strong voice(can’t really say that for one or two of the other girls…).
    But Super Junior…ah~Super Junior. Yeah they’re kinda :/ live.

    But I definitely agree, if you can’t sing live unless you have some kinda tape rolling in the back, or some sort of digital alteration in the voice, then you’re not going to get far at all.

  11. 11 hellaakon

    One word: AMEN!

    It’s about time the Korean press picked up on the OVERWHELMINGLY despicable practice of mass-produced, less than talented “pop stars.” Unfortunately, money talks and as long as there are people lined up to see these good-looking people perform (regardless of the actual quality) then this will continue undoubtedly.

    I don’t want to disparage any of these current big pop stars because I don’t know them personally and it’s likely they have worked for a long time and put in a lot of effort into where they are today. For that, they deserve recognition. But like the article’s and javabeans’ sentiments, I in no way tolerate that as an excuse to consider them real singers or worthy of musical praise.

  12. 12 Stawr

    Thank you.

    Just, thank you.

    Finally, an article that agrees about the terrible music that’s been produced these past couple of weeks. Who would’ve thought it was possible to mass-produce pop groups? Wonder Girls should just go away. You should never have to cringe or wince or feel embarrassed for the music artist when you’re listening to their songs.

  13. 13 szai

    if i am not mistaken, i guess every artist in the world is guilty of this crime in one point of their career… for some reason or another, whatever it may be.
    there is also a term called a DOTTED (am i right?) performance, it is when they play a recorded version of the song and the artist will still sing on top of it live. ms.
    spears and other Hollywood recording artist was mentioned to have done this even on a concert stage…

    KARA and BIGBANG is not bad doing a live performance… actually they are quite good! and i think they have been consistent lately.

  14. 14 rocketfuel

    If you need to lip-sync with 5-10 other people…and none of them plays an instrument, then you really shouldn’t bother singing at all. You’re just part of a puppet show since other people are pulling your strings and you’re taking their credit. But it’s Kpop music, it is what it is…the WWE of music and it’s sole purpose is to entertain….not to really impress viewers with originality or an artist’s independence.

    I’m biased though…I give certain Korean artists a pass when it comes to lip-syncing, like Boa and certain artists who are heavy on choreography, but it’s because I know they can do it live. I also cut certain artists some slack because I know they got a heavy workload and are probably exhausted from the slave labor they do. …but that’s only if it’s 1 artist or 2 all together.

  15. 15 infiniti512

    Jamie, that clip was hilarious! Thanks for making me laugh! I am so happy that Eun Hye has become an actress.
    And as for Super Junior, I definitely prefer them as tv personalities than singers. I have heard Ye Sung sing and he’s pretty good as well as Kyu Hyun but most of them can’t do much more than carry a tune. I was watching Sang Sang Plus yesterday and Hee Chul said the reason they lip synch is because it’s hard to coordinate 13 voices. Uh, so what have choirs been doing wrong for centuries?!
    When you posted about the Wonder Girls, I looked for some live performances on YT and every one I clicked on sounded horrible. The dancing was even worse, but the song still got stuck in my head!
    Most pop singers lipsynch at some point and I dont mind as long as you are giving a great performance. But, you still have to prove to me at some point that you can sing live. It is definitely hard to sing and do intricate dance steps at once, that’s why I’ve seen people like Justin Timberlake, Usher, Janet Jackson and even Shinhwa use a track on certain songs (Shinhwa during Wild Eyes while they are hopping over chairs), but that’s the reason for training your voice, so that you can do both. People with real talent can pull it off.
    Pop is full of gimmicks these days and and is no longer about singing talent. Sad.

  16. 16 heyleadinglady

    I agree to such an extent, but that’s because I believe groups like Big Bang and Girls Generation are pretty awesome in singing live. They move around and dance and jump here and there, but they’re still able to sing their part(although for GG, most of them have only a line or two AT MOST). And besides, if you don’t like a group, you’ll probably be more critical in their singing skills, so maybe you should give BB a chance 🙂

    Super Junior.. Ah I love them big time, but when they sing in fast pace songs like Dont Don.. DONT get me started, it can be so excruciating how their fans can still shout and cheer and be against that Henry guy. My goodness.
    Wonder Girls are horrible, hands down. They need more practice but I think the one thing Korean pop groups have is ALOT of practice, so I dont understand why they cannot hold a freaking tune.
    I’ve heard of a group called Sunny Hill since ages ago, and they’re still not making it big or they have no live performances at all, it’s boring. I’ve heard them live once and they’re pretty good. Wonder when they’re going to debut.

    People still love Kpop though, and I strongly doubt this live-lipsynch thing will fade and these groups will improve anytime soon unless they’re aware of what’s going on. Props to the writer, and I hope someone from Korea’s brave enough to alert the country. Koreans have a bad habit of hiding the bad stuffs and pretending everything’s okay.

  17. 17 yeli


    i couldnt agree more with that article. Honestly, i am not very familiar with Kpop but i have seen my share of different performances on Youtube out of curiosity and the only singers that have managed to impress me as having a lot or SOME talent are BoA, Fly to the Sky, Epik High, DBSK and recently the kids from FT Island (except although i know the lead singer can sing live, i am not sure if the band members also play live)…

    i dont want to hate on the guys from Super Junior, but come on! yes i am sure they work hard and practice hard…they are overworked etc….but at the end of the day can they really sing??? i have only seen two of them (one of them sang with the Filipino girl on Star King) sing live and sound pretty good…but the rest are more like backup dancers. Yeah they are great on game shows because they crack me up ….but we are talking about singers not MCs…Although DBSK is NOT my style, i can at least acknowledge that they can sing well when they actually sing live (from the clips i have seen)

    oh well, whatever…i am sure there are still some great talented people in Kpop that i am not aware of……any suggestions???? ^___^

  18. 18 anonymous

    I think that being fans of real music makes most of us cringe when seeing these pop stars perform with those painful to ears out-of-tune singing.

    But in my very humble opinion, I think that we are being a tad bit too critical of these pop stars, they are after all pop. Pop is meant to be fun. I think these young Korean stars outshine many countries’ pop singers – in that they can sing and dance and some even write their own songs – and best of all hold a presence on stage. I mean relatively comparing them to the other countries’ pop singers – like Taiwanese pop groups, American and British boy bands – I think Korean pop bands should be given some credit for being good in their own genre. Its not to say that pop should not have talented people but its just a way of looking at how pop is – and the expectations of the singers whom are doing the pop genre should not be similar to the expectations of those singers with powerful vocals.

    I won’t say that every Korean pop group is good but after listening to a certain very famous taiwanese group perform – I am all for the slight outoftune singing of Big Bang!

  19. 19 Amy

    Gonna speak from a DBSK fan’s point of view and comment on them going over to Japan–I think in Japan in general, fans are MUCH more unforgving on lipsynching, which is why none of DBSK’s performances in Japan are done with lip-synch, whereas once they come back to Korea, everything’s back to lip-synch.

    DBSK’s not mentioned in this entry but just thought I’d throw that in there. Not gonna be blindsided by the fact that I enjoy their music, but I think they’re one of the few groups who can sing live very well, so I’m really disappointed when they perform in Korea and they lip-synch.

  20. 20 bjham

    Try watching a few of Jang Nara live concerts on youtube.
    Singing live is not easy and you need to have either a pure strong voice to begin with or very skilled at your trade.
    [Also I note that often the sound quality ie feed back and what not is often very poor in korean live shows]

  21. 21 curious girl

    Man this article makes me sad. If they are just using them for quick profits, i hope they better save up their earnings right now because with this article it seems that its a great predisposition that this kids will be out of business soon.. Well goodluck to them! I hope they continue their school or better find a back up plan!

  22. 22 Nani

    well… I agree with some points of this article and just don’t with the rest, why? because being a performer and going though a preforming arts school myself.. just because you can sing doesn’t mean you can dance and sing AT THE SAME TIME. Allot of these artists ARE good it’s just that doing it all at once (which allot of Long time performers cannot even do thank you very much) WG, BB, DBSK, SUJU ( I don’t like their music so much, but they have talent), are good singers.. good performers… but no two should be done at once.. =-= your huffing and puffing while dancings and trying to sing a song when also trying to remember the moves… that is some hard crap… even having done a routine a million times cannot help it.. have you seen people like beyonce in concert? O.o she’s good but you can hear her nearly GAGING during some parts.. and you wonder why sometimes they just DON”T MOVE.

    I think that they should lip-sync when they do dancing etc… but honestly.. if there wasn’t so much whining about how people don’t sing live (and now everyone and their mama sings live these day… it’s horrible) You can’t really complain about it being bad.. well you asked for it.

  23. 23 Mics

    Agreed. What pisses me off so much is how the tell me craze even started because whenever I see a live performance of Wondergirls and the cute girl Sohee would sing, she’d remind me of squealing pig which makes me want to hit my head with the nearest hard object I could reach. So I’ve decided to just not watch so I can still preserve my life and sanity at the same time.

  24. 24 Kristen

    I’ve seen a few that aren’t too bad at singing live, but some are downright scary. Still, I have this thing about lip-syncing. It’s yucky 🙁 lol. What’s even the point of seeing them live? So, I guess the solution really is: get better at singing live!

  25. 25 Jo

    YES YES YES!!! Wonder Girls is HORRIBLE! These people who hire these “singers” must think that they can get away with looks, but sometimes even that cant make up for it.

  26. 26 E

    Well the people are young and they rarely get sleep – if the entertainment companies actually let the kids rest maybe they’ve be able to do things to their full abilities…I don’t think that they are talentless (for the most part anyways) ~ they push them too much….

    Because they don’t sing live well doesn’t mean they can’t sing. I do hate that the criticism always falls on Super Junior – truthfully I think that a lot of them can sing (NOT all of them) but they’re not allowed to show it. A lot of them write songs and play instruments but it’s not really known because the member isn’t too good looking or popular. Of the most popular members – almost all of them aren’t too talented in the musical area.

    Big Bang is amazingly talented and popular but they go off tune when singing live too – I don’t mind that if they’re dancing around and stuff – but I HATE it when they lipsynch ballads – I mean, you’re not moving why would you not sing?

    And also the stereotpying of groups. There are vocals that are stronger than some of Big Bang’s members in Super Junior and vice versa but because of the reputation of the group as a WHOLE they’re really criticized. I mean sure Ye Eun and Sun Ye in Wonder Girls are great but can SoHee even sing? O.o but people just criticize by group ~ and that really bothers me. Because people think of Super Junior and see Kim HeeChul and automatically assume that they all can’t sing or dance etc…(but he’s really good at acting, and truthfully he’s not a bad singer – he just acts too stupid on shows).

    I’m rambling now…

  27. 27 lazybum

    finally!! an article that speaks the mind of the masses! seriously, i’m so embarrassed FOR some of the singers. WG fans think their band is so high and mighty because they ‘never’ lipsynch, but seriously, they sound TERRIBLE live. especially the recent ones. SoHee should never have sung in the first place. even on the CD version, she sounds terrible.
    i think BB and GG are pretty good live. i think Super Junior actually got WORSE with live singing. must be because they’re so used to lipsynching. SungMin used to be able to sing decently, but now he’s terrible as well. only decent singers in SuJu are KRY, but they’re obviously overshadowed by the other, no-talented ones.
    i don’t like lipsynching. but sometimes it’s just less painful to watch them lipsynch. but a lot of these peole should not have been labeled ‘singers’ to begin with. -_-

  28. 28 shannon

    Why does everyone keep saying the Wonder Girls sound terrible (even my Korean friend mentioned it)?? They sound fine in my opinion. They sing POP songs for goodness sake, they don’t need to sound like 5 little Mariah Careys. Their voices are perfect for their genre. How great do you need to sound just to sing the words “ Tell Me, Tell Me, t-t-t Tell Me” for 3 mins? Heck I can do it.

    I want Bae Seul Ki to go back to lip-synching, especially now that she’s performing one of my favorite songs off her new album. I can really tell the difference between her performances where she lip-synchs and sings live.

    But then I agree with the article. Maybe instead of rolling out all these groups every week, record companies need to train these groups so they can sing and dance at the same time.

    BTW Park HwaYobi needs more love. Best female R&B singer in Korean,imo.

  29. 29 Carina

    Nobody is asking the Wondergirls to sound like 5 Mariah Careys.

    What I and a lot of other people are asking is, though, that they at least sound pleasant. So-Hee’s voice does not. It is the single worst-sounding voice I have ever heard that was labelled as that of a singer (I think part of that has to do with her age). I can sing better than her, and I have never once met a Korean with a worse voice than me in real life.

  30. 30 rach

    it’s like the korean pop music is stuck in the form of hollywood in the 90’s
    so generic!

  31. 31 KC

    I have to kind of agree…There are an abundance of singers especially in groups that, who can’t really sing. And yea, dancing doesn’t give them a right to sing bad. They’re singers not dancers…

    I won’t say who I think is bad or good cause there’s definitely gonna be differing opinions.

  32. 32 jaime

    oh man. its sucks for me to admit it. but i too become stressed. i really adore Wonder Girls and i love to watch them on these shows but man i become anxious while watching them. because there have been many many times when one of the girls’ voice cracks(?) or croaks. i want to watch them without worrying or being embarrassed for them because i really think they are cute. but then again..

    i think Big Bang dont need to do this. they are good! unless they have been lip-syncing all along. , which i highly doubt. ^^

  33. 33 minjoo

    IMO, KARA has good vocals. (Well Sung-hee the most… but Gyu-ri and Nicole’s still has room for improvement.)

    And I think it’s just that fact that it’s they’re rookie year. Like I said before, they need to stop feeling nervous while performing… (esp. KARA’s Gyu-ri). I hope to see more improvement from them in the near future.

    As for WG, I did hear a lot of complaints about their voice cracking lives. As for SuJu… what did I expect? (o.o) xD

  34. 34 kimini

    @amy….this is partially because korea is about what it looks like on the outside instead of what it is…they want perfect performances all the time. the other part has to do with the fact that dbsk has notoriously hard hitting dance routines. Anyone would be hard pressed to sing 3 lines dancing the way they do with all the stomps, sliding, jumping and bending. it’s crazy.

    but yes…japan does not care for lip-syncing at all….the toho choreography for dance songs there is lighter as well enabling them to sing at the same time. in korea…big difference. its what the people want and it keeps them from passing out on stage ^___^ i’d like to add that it’s only their dance songs in korea that are lip-synced.

    ah well…maybe korea will start demanding real talent instead of wanting more and more pretty faces. -__- thank you suju for helping us all out.

  35. 35 Musicisourhigh

    Sadly I must admit that some of the few live performances I viewed were ear cringing and the “show” wasn’t spectacular enough to make up for the extremely poor vocals

    Cuteness/Looks does not always equal talent

    Also I don’t mind if a performance isn’t perfect but some of them just sound BAD (and that isn’t Bad in a good way)

  36. 36 Orangehaji

    I prefer my favs SHINHWA and Kangta LIVE …(felt closer and human) =P

  37. 37 Skangrrl

    Re the Lady Marmalade vid … Good Lord! *Falls off chair laffin’*

    It’s like that very old Kit Kat ad … You can’t sing, you can’t dance, you look terrible … You’ve got a great future ahead of you!

  38. 38 ny2seattle

    Can I just say I heart you? Your blog is intelligent and you touch on interesting issues…about Korean culture. There needs to be more blogs like Dramabeans or maybe you can just write more. XD

    Am I the only person in the kpop loving community that can’t be distracted from mediocore singing with revealing outfits, hotness, fireworks, gyrating and so forth?!

    Maybe my standards are too high but I can only listen to songs with good-great singing. If it’s not, there better be something in the song that distracts me but I still notice! I think some people care more about their idols talents than others. I myself cannot ignore “average, decent, not-bad, passable, okay” singing. I don’t care if they have a great personality (Hyori), are talented dancers (Bin when she was Bin, Rain…I guess), charismatic (Shinhwa), or good looking (DBSK). Shinhwa and DBSK have member(s) that are true singers and others…well, they entertain and they have fans who are crazy about them and of course, they work hard.

    Anyway my point is, these entertainers are billed as singers and SINGING is what they must be good at. Isn’t that what counts most? Not their dancing, not their gorgeous appearances, not their outfits, etc. Those are just pluses. That’s how it SHOULD be but audiences have forgotten. Or maybe they don’t care. Either way, the bigwigs/”singers” must be deliriously happy. Now’s the perfect time to milk undiscriminating/blind fans dry.

  39. 39 Yang

    Interesting saying”Can’t compare a Ferrari with a Maruti 800″ Big Bang vs Super Junior
    Actually, I agree with javabeans.
    If they want to do professional performance, they have to practice more. All people want to value their money, right? They pay the money to listen the live, not the CD or poor voice.

  40. 40 verité

    for the most part, yes, korea is experiencing mass production of these “idol groups.” But really, Big Bang is wrongly lumped into the group of “please just lip-sync” If one did their research carefully, one will find alot of articles from producers and singers well known for their true singing abilities praising Big Bang for their ability to sing live amazingly and at the same time present a “broadcast personality.” Plus, you can tell from the many live concert clips on youtube despite the not-so-great sound broadcasting

  41. 41 mawee

    kpop these days are soo blahhh~ seriously! boy groups and girl groups are sooo
    7 years ago ㅡㅡ;;
    but oh well :/

    • 41.1 JRoseLacroix

      Lmfao, reading this post in 2013 is hilarious considering that most of these boy/groups are still in existence today. Thankfully the performance of these groups has improved over the years.

  42. 42 dead...

    hm….big bang always sound great. I think they did get put into the
    wrong category…my boys are too talented for this type of category

    Wondergirls….I think they are not justified with this song.
    to all the naysayers have you guys checked out their other covers of different songs? Sohee is not the best singer but she sounds okay in different songs. This song was intended to be catchy folks not be the next celion dion type song!

    They can sing well. And the one that cracks is not always SOHEE.
    They perform all lot….and to perform so much and always having it live is death kill. At least they do live and give it their all for the fans and such. PLus if the fans don’t mind then it shouldn’t matter what any antis say.

    At least they can sing and dance and have charisma….I can’t say the same for the other pop groups out today. There is one group who always sings live now that I seriously wish would just lipsync because it defeats the purpose of their performance.

  43. 43 marzy

    there are just too many boy bands and girl groups sprouting everywhere.
    not all are even with potential or just carbon copies and so forth..
    but from the groups mentioned.. i think that BB shouldnt be there. i feel they are really talented too. i like them. kara is decent also not bad, they could improve. ive heard WG do other stuff, it personally doesnt crack up. but really i think the tell me song is supposed to sound that way?
    Suju, used to be better for me. I can count by finger those who are really good singers from them. But personality wise all of them are hilarious and fun to watch.
    GG ehhh.. cant say much about them. they are too just perfectly made up for me. too much there.
    i do think lip synching is needed sometimes, especially in those live gigs with all the moving around it’ll be hard to clearly say the words, dance and all that. i can pass it off, i know they pull it off. but its hard if ur new to it.
    article is very real. the industry should look at what they market sometimes.

  44. 44 synn

    I guess the korean music industry is really becoming more and more saturated with less-than-competent singers nowadays. actually I’m more considering them as entertainers than actual singers, because that’s what most groups do best-entertain. suju may not neccessarily produce the greatest tracks, but they’re hella funny on shows and many can act or host pretty well, and they’re good guys. they’re called singers in name, but actually most of the idols out there on the scene are just there to entertain us on shows and make us laugh. (who can do without the star king/ya shim man man/sang sang plus/herorine 6 etc shows with all the guest stars to be funny about?) wonder girls’ popularity is also not a result of their ability to sing, but more because “tell me” is a song that sticks infuriatingly in your head (it has done that to me) and created a phenomenon over korea. and in a way, doesn’t it sort of help the nation to bond?

    speaking from a biased-fan-point-of-view, i think dong bang shin ki has ability : D i think its mostly because of their reputation as an acapella group, and going to japan which emphasizes heavily on live singing no doubt has helped them to improve their vocals by leaps and bounds. from recent performances, you can see that yunho has DEFINITELY improved a lot and his singing is actually quite good nowadays.

  45. 45 Philippa

    Super Juniors are the guys from the show right? I LOVE that show! It’s so funny!
    The cute guy from Golden Bride is in it right? I’ve never heard them sing, like together.
    And on one of the girl band or something,,, Like the one that has a gazzillion girls in it,, in the middle, that the “author” from 9 Ends 13 outs or something,, right???
    I’m kind of sick of the bands,,, at first it was so cool,,, like F4 from Meteor Garden, then other people followed them until now! Like 4 band members,,, or more… I’m just so sick of it… lol.
    They should think about something better.

  46. 46 Cat

    I watched some of Big Bang’s music videos on Youtube and they’re pretty good. I like their dancing but not really their songs. They’re like the korean version of B2K. And there’s this one guy who looks like Omarion. He really does. It’s kind of funny. I also watched the Wonder Girls’ MV and they’re good too. The lead singer is really good, especially whenever she sings english songs like Hero by Mariah Carey. Overall, I didn’t see those two pop groups lip-synching and even if they did it wasn’t obvious. But of course, live performance is still better than a fake one. Man there’s a lot of korean girl/boy bands everywhere. I think those who actually have talents should go solo. That’s how the entertainment works nowadays.

    • 46.1 Lise

      Just realized this was in ’07- wasnt even a kpop fan back then! Yes ‘Omarion’ had an identity crisis for a while there but now hes pretty comfortable with his mohawk and doing his own thing… internationally too dare i say!

  47. 47 mai

    It seems that they can all sing. Most of the bands, just can’t sing well ‘live’. I’ve seen a bunch of SJ and WG stuff. And yeah some of them are bad, but when you minus all the dancing, and movement, they can actually hold a tone.

    Maybe the media is too critical, but it might be for the best sometimes. The bands need to know the truth of what many fans think so they can improve for the better. Let’s just say that maybe live performances are not what they should be compared to many artists that don’t get praised enough.

    I am not a particular fan of Kpop, I tend to lean more towards Any singer of any language who sings well and has a natural talent for it. I like strong vocals. So i hardly lean towards some bands.

  48. 48 Anna

    I don’t know about the other pop groups, but I definitely think Big Bang shouldn’t be clumped in with other pop singers/groups that should lip sing. Ok, I realize there are quite a few.. (more like a lot of) groups that definitely need to do .. something, anything about their performances, but Big Bang should be an exception. They are actually very good live.

    But yes, for the most part, kpop needs to be overhauled (just a tad).

  49. 49 christina :)

    haha i agree with many of the people that ranted above me. haha. it’s true that the quality of mainstream kpop is slowly starting to degrade, but… isn’t that like in many other countries?
    *hint: Great old America and their gangster rap that has no serious meaning to it other then corny references to sex, drugs, etc etc but it’s still considered mainstream music?*

    but… i also read a couple saying how these stars are being taken advantage and how its sad and all.
    what’s sad to me- is how desperate people are for just that tad bit of fame. they are so desperate for the little bit of “for five minutes everyone knows me” that they will do anything… even being involved in a talentless group whose only talent is looking pretty/ handsome.
    ah well. of course again, this doesn’t apply to all kpop – just… a large majority of them.
    ah well.

    there’s always underground k-music 😉

  50. 50 Tokgabi

    I concur completely, but the number of members in Super Junior and their insanely intense smiles that sometimes look fake during performances, are the only factors that put off listeners who actually want talent. I think Cho Kyu-Hyun and Han Gen have real talent. Kyu-Hyun doesn’t stuff his mouth with the mic, in fact, he holds it away because the volume of his voice makes the freq crackle by overload. And his duet with Charice Pempengco on “Star King” was very good. And Han Gen, well, everyone should know his story, and he’s someone real. As for Kim Ki-Bum and Hee-Chul . . . just not all too sure. Cute faces will sell more almost anywhere. Can’t help that.

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