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The Year in Review, Part 3: Dahee Fanel’s drama round-up
by | December 28, 2007 | 47 Comments

[And now for Dahee Fanel‘s comprehensive take on the past year! –javabeans]

First of all, I’d like to bow my head in deep gratitude to Javabeans, the highly esteemed writer of this blog, for inviting me to post a few thoughts here. I hope she won’t regret her decision after reading what I have to say, hehe.

2007 was an interesting year, at least for me, particularly when it comes to Korean dramas. I’ve watched dramas on a regular basis since I was old enough to walk and talk (I am, after all, Korean), but I’ve never undergone such a transformation in terms of how I approach dramas as I have in the past couple of years…although I suppose you could argue that it’s turned me into nothing but a picky bitch. (But weren’t you always a picky bitch, Dahee?)

Still, despite my pickiness, I managed to watch quite a handful of dramas this year, although I certainly didn’t manage to finish them all (blame school and the crappy work that some PDs and writers dish out, putting off viewers like me). In fact, I watched so many, I can’t possibly talk about them all here. So I’ll just pick a few notables and dish out some kudos, as well as one or two boos. Because boos are just as fun as kudos, if not as well-received.


Jo Kwan Woo – “천년애” (chun nyun ae), from the soundtrack of the drama The King & I. [ zShare download ]

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Sageuk (aka Historical Dramas)

My greatest transformation probably happened in this area. I have never been a sageuk fan. In fact, you could say that I’ve always avoided them like they were infested with the plague…or, at the very least, calculus, neither of which are particularly good for my health. My reasons for this? They were hard to understand, especially for someone like me, whose Korean is by no means perfect, and who struggles hard enough with daily Korean, never mind ancient speech from the Joseon period. Also, my image of them always consisted of watching old men with unfortunate facial hair kowtowing to the king and intoning “전하아아아/Jeon-haaaa” (sort of the equivalent of “Your Majesty”) with all the belly strength they could muster. So is it any surprise that a young girl like me would be uninterested in watching men congratulate each other while carefully maneuvering the twigs stuck up their behinds? I think not.

Still, I’ve managed to watch some over the years, here and there, although never in any proper kind of timeframe or even sequence (with one or two exceptions, of course). So I know all about the classics, like Sang Do and Hur Joon. I even managed to enjoy what I saw of them, even if they never interested me enough to have me plonk down in front of the TV set for god knows how many hours at a time. (Sorry, I never did like Jewel in the Palace, aka Dae Jang Geum. I am clearly in the minority when it comes to that, however.)

But this year was different, maybe because it was truly the year that sageuk got the chance to shine. The three top broadcasting stations, SBS, MBC and KBS, dished out the money like there was no tomorrow, and allowed shows like Legend, Yi San, Dae Jo Young, Yeon Gae So Mun, and The King and I, among many others, to come into being. And the viewers liked it, with many of the shows garnering, at the very least, decent ratings.

Out of these, I bothered to watch only Legend, Yi San, and The King and I. I was bored stiff with Legend (please don’t kill me), and annoyed with Yi San (sorry, Lee Seo Jin), but The King and I…Ah, now that’s a different story entirely.

Starring Oh Man Seok, Jeon Gwang Ryul, Goo Hye Sun, and Go Joo Won, just to name a few, this is easily my favourite sageuk of the year (or perhaps ever), and, in my humble opinion, one of the best dramas overall of 2007. It has an interesting premise, setting it during the events that lead up to King Yeon San (the crazy king in the 2006 film The King and the Clown) and his bloody rule, and deciding to pinpoint on the story of one particularly famous eunuch who served both Yeon San and his father, one who is often mentioned with the dubious title of Greatest Eunuch of the Joseon Period: Kim Cheo Seon. But don’t mistake it for another Dae Jang Geum or Sang Do. This is not a drama about a single man or woman, and how he/she rose to the prominence that history grants him/her. Cheo Seon’s story is merely the outline for the events that occur, a kind of human stepping stone. It takes a much broader scope than the concentration on one single character would allow. And more than anything, this is a show about various characters’ relationships, and how they interact with and react to that most domineering of figures, the king.

I think that one of the reasons I love The King and I so much is also one of the reasons it’s losing in its ratings battle with Yi San. The King and I takes things slowly, building up the climax to come with countless different events, making it inevitable for anything but what happens to happen. I’m sure many people get impatient with that, especially since it often takes the limelight away from the supposed main character, Cheo Seon, but I love it. I love that the writer isn’t afraid to take the time to really develop the characters and the story, and to ignore such trifles as ratings in order to create a very tight script. And the PD’s certainly helping things along, although in the beginning he kept making silly, slow-motion fight sequences that made me squirt milk from my nose, and generally some highly old-fashioned camerawork, like the super high-speed mega close-up on a character’s face. Still, as the episodes have passed, silly scenes like that have all but disappeared, and things are progressing in excellent fashion.

And the acting? The acting just gets better and better. I must admit that when I first saw the cast, I was worried. I mean, the veteran actors who signed on to this project are all amazing, with folks like Jeon Gwang Ryul in the mix, and a great choice for leading actor in Oh Man Seok, who’s done sageuk plenty of times before, but…There were also people like Goo Hye Sun, Go Joo Won, Lee Jin and Jeon Hye Bin. They’re all relative newbies, and sageuk is a daunting task for even the most skilled of veterans. And it’s true that in the beginning, their acting was a bit of a problem. But as the episodes went by, they improved more and more, and currently, at over thirty episodes, Go Joo Won and Goo Hye Sun are showing acting that can honestly be called “good”, and even people like Jeon Hye Bin have startled me with their improvement. Not every drama can make newbies realize the fundamentals of acting so quickly. It’s one of those telltale signs of a good drama – or a great one. I have high hopes for this show, and I’ll definitely be along for the ride as it continues on to its final episode.

Meaty Stuff

The King and I wasn’t the only drama I loved this year – there were also a couple of others that are definitely worthy of being mentioned in this post. One of them which I absolutely must mention, since I consider it to be the best drama of the year, is White Tower.

Starring Kim Myung Min and Lee Seon Kyun (whom a few pals of mine and I – are you reading this, unni? – have fondly called The Voice ever since the oh-so-lovely gem Taereung National Village), this is not the kind of drama that those who typically enjoy lighter fare would go for. It’s dark, it’s heavy, it’s psychologically complex, and even heartbreaking. Oh, and by the way? There’s almost nil romance, so for those who like to see the main leads prove the true essence of lurrrrve by sacrificing sleep and tear ducts, I suggest you look elsewhere. But for everyone else…Oh mama. This is one hell of a good drama. Especially for people like me, who tend to get more annoyed by all the lovey-dovey shenanigans than anything else.

Kim Myung Min plays Jang Joon Hyuk, a brilliant surgeon with overwhelming ambitions. Because of those ambitions, he does some pretty nasty things, and ultimately, his actions catch up with him. This is no nice, I’m-a-perfect-prince-charming-with-perfect-hair protagonist. He’s pretty despicable at times, yet there is also evidence of real human emotion and vulnerabilities in him, which Kim Myung Min portrays marvelously in one of the best performances of the year, allowing the viewer to sympathize with him despite his many moral failings. This drama is politically charged, smart, and, well, mind-boggling. You have to actually think as you watch – the writer and PD never assume that the viewer is stupid, which is a blessing, considering how many other shows seem to make this assumption. Think Korean dramas are all romantic fluff and oceans of tears? One peep at this, and you’ll definitely change your mind…although, admittedly, this show is based on a Japanese novel by Toyoko Yamazaki.

And White Tower wasn’t the only smart, dark, psychologically intense drama this year. There were also the shows The Devil and Time of Dog and Wolf, which, although on a lesser scale than White Tower, were definitely very good.

The Devil was created by the same writer-PD duo who brought us the 2005 masterpiece that is Rebirth, which starred Uhm Tae Woong, Go Joo Won, and Han Ji Min. The Devil also stars Uhm Tae Woong, but with Joo Ji Hoon and Shin Min Ah instead. It’s another revenge drama, a la Rebirth, but this one delves into darker crimes, with a bit more shades of gray in terms of “evil” and “good”. There’s a devil inside every one of us, but the difference is the levels of control that we maintain over that devil. The main characters of The Devil are tormented by their demons, and together they play a dangerous cat and mouse game, one in which many lives are at stake, and just might eventually bring down judgment upon the sinners.

I personally don’t think that The Devil is quite the masterpiece that Rebirth was, if only because it felt a little more preachy, and the characters weren’t as fleshed out as they were in the latter. Still, this is definitely one of the top dramas of the year, with incredible writing from the ever-reliable Kim Ji Woo, and very good work from PD Park Chan Hong. Also, the acting? Great acting – although, again, not as good on a wider scale as it was in Rebirth. Uhm Tae Woong was as amazing as always, but Joo Ji Hoon? I admit I was worried when he first joined the cast, since he was such a newbie, and I admit I was not very impressed with his (wooden) turn as Prince Shin in Goong. But is life ever full of surprises, or what? Through this drama, he’s definitely shown that he has lots of talent, and a huge potential to get better and better. Watching him in that final scene in episode twenty, I could hardly believe that this was the same actor I’d rolled my eyes over in Goong. It just goes to prove that, with lots of hard work and dedication, even bad actors can become good. I seriously want to walk up to this guy and shake his hand in congratulations.

Then there was Time of Dog and Wolf. I admit I’m a big Lee Jun Ki fan, so of course I was looking forward to this, especially since I also have a soft spot for Jung Kyung Ho and Nam Sang Mi. It turned out to not be as high-quality as either The Devil or White Tower, but it was still one of the most addictive dramas of the year, with some highly commendable acting from the three leads, as well as the great supporting cast. The writing bothered me at times, by delving into the occasional cliche and easy choice, but it was definitely better than, say, the writing in last year’s horror daily drama, Dear Heaven, so all is forgiven. I loved the play of evil and good in some characters, and how things were never easy or one-dimensional. I loved the scale of human emotion, and that overall film noir quality it had. And the production values were amazing. Awesome use of mise en scene. I was really blown away by PD Kim Jin Min’s work.

Trendy Dramas

Then there were the trendy dramas. Probably the most famous of them this year was Coffee Prince, starring Yoon Eun Hye, Gong Yoo, Lee Seon Kyun, and Chae Jung Ahn. I started watching this because I adored PD Lee Yoon Jung’s work in Taereung National Village, and just the fact that she was teaming up again with Lee Seon Kyun was enough to set me drooling. And, as expected, Coffee Prince had some very capable directing, even if it had a few problems in terms of pacing here and there. The writing was okay, too, with a few highlights sprinkled in, and the acting was pretty good overall – nobody stank to the point of infesting the entire drama, anyway, which is always something to be grateful for. I didn’t adore this drama like a lot of people did, but it was fun, it had some touching moments and a beautiful atmosphere, and I liked that they were willing to tackle the subject of homosexuality, albeit in a pretty safe and standard way (I’m saying this from the viewpoint of someone who’s seen the 2006 cable drama Hyena). Yoon Eun Hye still isn’t a brilliant actress, but there’s always hope. And the character of Eun Chan suited her to a T, which definitely helped.

Another one worth mentioning is Thank You. This was writer Lee Kyung Hee’s comeback drama after the absolute mess and incredible disappointment that was A Love To Kill, and it was a very good comeback indeed. It looked like she’d completely thrown off the writer’s block that obviously hampered her in A Love To Kill, and managed to produce a heartwarming script that could turn on the waterworks, no problem. In fact, I cried watching the first episode alone, which is slightly embarrassing, but true. And okay, so the quality tended to go down as the episodes wore on, and I ended up feeling rather frustrated over the handling of certain things, especially in the script, but this is still one of those dramas that’ll leave you with a smile on your face.

And Shin Goo? Yeah, Shin Goo’s amazing. Well, duh he is, he’s one of the top veteran actors in Korea, but this year, he really showed his acting chops, by playing not only the pure-hearted grandpa with a fetish for chocopies in Thank You, but also the selfish, ambitious eunuch in The King and I. Now that’s range. And this has been a great year for Gong Hyo Jin too, what with starring in M, directed by the oh-so-great Lee Myung Se, the Heo Jin Ho film Happiness, and this little drama. That’s quite the impressive credits she’s amassed in one year. And, of course, little Seo Shin Ae is a darling, and a great little actress to boot, and Shin Sung Rok moved a little closer to TV stardom through his fascinating character. And because I know the ladies are waiting for it, Jang Hyuk does very well for himself for his first drama out of the military, even if he isn’t awe-inspiring or anything. (I’m sorry, but his pecs do nothing for me. I must be a little rattled in the head, I know.)

As for the currently airing drama Insoon Is Pretty…Of course I haven’t finished watching this yet, but this, too, is a disappointment in many ways. The first episode was absolutely lovely, a beautiful love letter to all those folks with low self-esteem out there, and smacked of a very indie-ish, female-centered feel. But things went a little awry as the episodes wore on, and there’s no longer that “tug” that a drama has to have in order to completely engross its viewers. Sure, there are still some redeeming qualities – Kim Hyun Joo is as gorgeous as ever, and her acting has gained a certain depth during that two year break of hers. Kim Min Joon still can’t act, but he’s very digestible here, and his character can be rather cute. In fact, pretty much all the characters are cute at one point or another – like Thank You, this drama seems to take the stance that everyone has a good side to them, even if they sometimes act otherwise. The celebrity storyline is very blah, and I wish the writer wouldn’t take such a standard approach to everything. Still, it has some really touching moments, and I fully intend on watching it to the very end…which is more than I can say for certain dramas that shall go unnamed.

Lastly, Dal Ja’s Spring was Chae Rim’s comeback drama, and Lee Min Ki’s first role as a heart-stopping, gangly Prince Charming. I really enjoyed this one, thanks largely, I think, to Lee Min Ki’s quirky charms and the witty writing. Plus, it was really cute. And okay, it devolved into some cliches in the end, but this drama still made me laugh like a loony, and had some really endearing characters. And I liked the episodic feel to it. It kept things interesting and fresh. Also, have I mentioned that it stars Lee Min Ki? It is not possible for me to have enough love for this man. So adorable.

Family Dramas

I didn’t actually watch a lot of these kinds of dramas this year, which is something of a blessing, considering how mediocre and unimaginative they usually are. But I did manage to see some of Winter Bird, Ah Hyeon Dong Madam, and My Man’s Woman (I’ve lumped this one in with the rest, due to the theme of extramarital affairs that is so damn popular amongst Friday dramas…not that My Man’s Woman was a Friday drama).

And…well…My Man’s Woman was okay, with some great actors in the mix, like Bae Jong Ok and Kim Hee Ae, but…I dunno, it was just another Kim Soo Hyun drama. She’s called the greatest writer in Korea for a reason, I suppose, but it had all the same tropes and even the same kind of ending that she always writes. And I’m sick of all those dramas about husbands cheating on their wives. And I felt that Kim Hee Ae’s character was handled in an overly femme fatale kind of way. I guess I’m just not into this genre?

As for Winter Bird…Man, I wish Park Sun Young would stop starring in family dramas, and go for some meatier roles. She has the talent; why not use it? I adored her in Oh! Pil Seung, Bong Soon Young, but haven’t seen her act a truly notable character since. And I’m sorry, but I rolled my eyes a lot at all the melodramatic, overdone shenanigans (“I’m married! But I love him! But he’s my adoptive brother!”). And Yoon Sang Hyun really, really grates on my nerves.

Ah Hyeon Dong Madam…Well, it seems to be pretty light-hearted so far, and at least it doesn’t seem to have descended to the hysterics of Dear Heaven yet, but it’s only a matter of time. This is, after all, Im Seong Han that we’re talking about. Her dramas always start off okay, and then inevitably descend into terrifying levels of hell, populated by parental disapproval and lots and lots of cancer.

Best comedy of the year? Hands down, Mixed-Up Investigative Agency, aka Evasive Inquiry Agency. Forget sitcoms like The Unstoppable High Kick, which tended to go up and down in terms of quality. MIA stars Lee Min Ki, which of course makes my heart drip into all kinds of butter, along with Ye Ji Won, Ryu Seung Soo and Lee Eun Sung. Is that not a great cast? And it’s written by Park Yeon Seon, the wonderful writer behind such gems like Alone in Love, and the hit film My Tutor Friend. And the really refreshing thing about this drama? Not only is it belly-achingly hilarious, but it doesn’t make the romance the central aspect of the show, which, like with White Tower, is nothing but all kinds of awesome. (Not that I hate romance or anything, despite what it may seem by reading everything I’ve written so far. It’s just that I hate romance just for romance’s sake…If it doesn’t do anything for your show, DON’T PUT IT IN! Who cares about ratings, anyway? Just try to write a high quality drama, and people, no matter how few, will appreciate it. Viewers know crap when they see it…it’s just that they tend to ignore that fact a lot of the time.) Thank you, Park Yeon Seon, for penning a drama that is a true comedy.

Final Thoughts…

Of course I left out a lot of different dramas that I also saw from this write-up, but that’s mostly because I don’t care to write about stuff I either didn’t really care about or nearly threw up watching, and also because this is way too long already. (Is anyone even still reading this?)

Like I said before, 2007 was an interesting year. It had a pretty wide variety of different dramas, with the immense popularity of the sageuk, the full-force return of the medical drama (Lee Beom Soo was hot in Surgeon Bong Dal-hee), and some really good, gritty dramatic dramas (I dare you to say that ten times fast). So there was lots of hope for the K-drama world, but there was also some pretty embarrassing crap which do not bear mentioning. *cough*Hello! Miss! Witch Amusement!*cough* Here’s to crossing our fingers for an even better K-drama run in 2008. I think that’s something we can all agree on.


47 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. javabeans


    (Okay, I cheated. But what’s the point in being admin if I can’t take advantage once in a while?)

    Dahee, you amaze me with not only your thorough analyses, but also the thoroughness of your coverage! Good lordy, you’ve managed to see a lot of dramas. I’m in awe at your breadth of coverage and ever so grateful at your sharing your insights with us!

    I’m much more gooey over the romancey dramas than you (and therefore more forgiving) but I think you’re right on about where they fall short. And I’m totally there with you on Insoon. It’s great people can find so much to enjoy about that one, but I don’t think finding it lacking means one is somehow deficient. It’s just not quite firing on all the cylinders that matter to me. I’m not really drawn to Surgeon Bong Dal-hee (I caught parts of it while spot translating the subs and it was all right) but I can agree that Lee Beom Soo is talented. As are Kim Myung Min and Uhm Tae Woong. Some high-quality acting chops there.

  2. Paula

    Really good reviews! I think after what you and thunderbolt both had to say about The Devil, it seems like a worthwhile drama to check out! I’ll have to check out The King and I as well, I’ve been watching Legend and Yi San, but you made The King and I sound really interesting! Thanks so much for your input, I always enjoy reading reviews before I watch dramas 🙂

  3. La Plume

    Haha ^^ Of you three this is the only post I’ve managed to finish… I guess it’s because you’re so cynical, it honestly made me laugh.
    I won’t give a try to King and I because I hate slow paced dramas… But I understand your thinking considering The Legend. Personally I found the acting to be solid, visually it was all really great, problem is: it honestly lacked concerning the plot. All that money to do great visual effects, ok right, I really liked that, I love Fantasy stories but never managed to get completely satisfied with movies and dramas (do they have enough money to pull it out?) So most of the time, I frantically look for any manga that is in the fantasy genre, this year though with The Legend I discovered, that Korea could do fantasy stories for TV… But there’s still work to be done. Better make it longer and waste less money on visual effects in order to bring a deeper plot was what I thought looking at The Legend.

    White Tower? Oh my I’ve got to watch it, problem is : no subs. I’m not Korean so it’s seriously a bother when I’ve got to watch a drama without subs but I’m like you I hate romance for the sake of romance, if it doesn’t bring anything to the plot no need to put it in, concerning that we feel the same 😀 You’re not alone.

    The Devil? Watched 4 episodes but it was SO SLOW!!!! I don’t know when I’ll have the courage to watch it but since despite your cynicism you recommended it, I’ll certainly watched it one of these days.
    TBDAW : Not a fan of Lee Jun Ki at all but this one definitely rose my interest in him. Actually I had started this one because of Nam Sang Mi who I loved in Bad Family, but I found her to be completely stiff. Main problem of TBDAW is that the first 6 episodes were simply plain boring but it certainly picked up after, I was like screaming and anticipating in front of my screen. Thank God nobody had a video camera It would have seemed like I’d gone nuts.

    Hmm Trendy drama? Well kind of disagree with you ^^ I loved Thank You from beginning to end, In Soon is Pretty? Loved it as well despite some flaws, that one is definitely among the tops of my list for this year as for Dal Jah Spring, I loved it but for a reason unknown to myself I got bored after episode 19. Too bad I had almost finished. As for Coffee Prince, loved it up to episode 12 after that It gets more and more boring but it did deserved the praises it got much more than overrated Goong that’s for sure.

    As for Mixed Up Investigative Agency… My! Javabeans talked about it a lot and I’ve got to say I didn’t read the recaps just what she thought about it. I watched the first six episodes today and My!!! Nothing to say, I think that Javabeans, Thunderbolt and You already said all that must be said on that one. A pity it got crushed because of the sageuk, but my! That silly bunch of friends has some crazy adventures I wish I could have such an exciting life 😀 And Yes I laughed! I laughed real hard! I guess the actors must have had lots of fun doing it that’s not everyday I feel that much fun watching my computer screen, it must have been hell being serious when filming 😀

    Will be happy to see your cynic analysis again on Javabeans’ blog 😀 Keep it up 😀

  4. thunderbolt

    Babe, that was one superlative roundup. You never disappoint, my little X Junior. I know I can rely on you to give the same sort of comprehensive and gritty analysis like what X used to do at twitchfilm. I’m lapping up every word and pretty much agreeing with you on everything (especially this line: “MIA stars Lee Min Ki, which of course makes my heart drip into all kinds of butter…” Plus you have the same allergy to Math. See, we are truly soulmates, hehe). You go, Dahee!!

    Like sarahbeans, I’m with you on Insoon is Pretty. The first episode was lovely, the second boring, the next two fairly gripping, the subsequent five just blah. The only thing that’s keeping me doggedly following this is Insoon’s relationship with Sang Woo, maybe because I’m just craving some romance in my dramas now. I keep waiting to get zapped because it feels like it’s supposed to be a deep and meaningful drama (the kind that normally excites me) but my blockhead just ain’t getting it. Periodically I will ask myself, “What exactly is ze point here?” *runs from Insoon fans*

  5. ss

    i cried in the first episode of thank you too! Okay im glad im not the only one.. lol. It’s because jang hyuk and choi kang hee have so much chemistry and i totally rooted for them for that one ep that she was alive -.- so when she died, i cried.

  6. My Top 10 songs of 2007

    Thanks for the great review, looks like TODAW is very popular, maybe i’ll watch (once I get over the disturbing looks of Lee Junki)

    Happy New Year to you, Javabeans!

  7. bethany

    thank you for another thorough set of reviews!

    and YES! like “plume” mentioned, it sounds like “white tower” was well-received but…. no subtitles and lots of talking/plot = so screweedddd! 🙁 hopefully some poor translator will have mercy on us and write up some subs one day.

    maybe i’ll head on over to the TODAW (humor!) or “the devil” (but it seemed slow for me tooo). thanks thank you xie xie gamsahamnida*

  8. bethany

    ooooh i have a question for ms javabeans* are you going to do (or thinking about doing) a “what to look forward to in 2008” post? i think that’d be fun too. we know which ONEEE you’re really psyched about, but any opinions on the rest of the ones to come? gourmet and bandits…and… you know 🙂

  9. Paula

    I actually did find subs for White Tower, someone posted a link in the KDrama Discussion Thread about this show: http://www.d-addicts.com/forum/viewtopic_44025_15.htm I don’t really know what the quality is like for them though…..

  10. 10 ezra

    Javabeans will definitely have you writing more! 😀 Woah. You’re Korean? KEWL!!! :))

  11. 11 F

    So Dahee and thunbolt both loved White Tower? Maybe I should check it out…

  12. 12 avonmarissa

    Yay for Sageuk, I have an old soul so I just love those historical dramas. I am watching “Yi-San” and “The King and I” right now and I am constantly left out of breath by the plot in King and I. “Yi-San” is starting to get interesting though; I almost gave up on the repetitive plotline. Is anyone here watching any of the current sageuks too”

  13. 13 merriwether

    Despite your glowing report on King and I, I think I’m still going to avoid sageuks like the plague. And I’m still iffy about MIA. It really just doesn’t capture my attention as much as it did for you, Thundie and Sarah.

    Thanks for the review of this year’s dramas. I think I remember finding your blog once but I lost the link so it’d be lovely if someone could provide the link here.

  14. 14 thunderbolt

    Here you go, merriwether:


    You can also find lots of Dahee’s comments on kdramas and movies here:
    (What are you watching now? thread, General Discussion subforum; registration required)


    (p/s: sarah, please delete this post if it’s wrong to post links to other sites here; thanks!)

  15. 15 Pickles

    Taereung National Village is such a gem. I loved that show! Lee Min Ki was so goofy in that and in MIA. Yet, he could be so charming and charismatic in Dal Ja’s Spring. Kang Tae Bong is like the man of every woman’s dream. (At least for me) Haha. All these three shows which he starred in were great but, much as I love Lee Min Ki, I feel that there is room for improvement in terms of his acting.

    With such strong recommendations from you and Thunderbolt, I really want to watch White Tower. Plus, there’s Mr Nice Voice starring in it. 🙂 If only I could understand korean. Sigh.

    Sageuk dramas were never my cup of tea. The only one I watched (but didn’t finish the entire series) was Dae Jang Geum and I wasn’t very impressed. It was an OK show but Jang Geum, the lead character, was way too perfect. She had like zero flaws, which of course is impossible. I prefer to see a more three-dimensional character. Maybe, one day, if I ever find the time, I would try watching The King and I.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading all three of your reviews. Very opinionated, insightful and humourous as well. Thank you so much for your kind efforts. Let’s hope 2008 would be another great year for Korean Dramas! 🙂

  16. 16 hellaakon

    Another review read from start to end ;D

    Appreciate the insight once again!

  17. 17 gail

    man, my drama tastes are really different from you guys’. out of all you mentioned, i saw only “coffee prince” and “dal ja spring.” i truly enjoyed “dal ja spring” while i was watching it, but i barely remember the plot now. still, i enjoyed reading the comprehensive coverage of 2008 dramas provided by the lovely trio. 😀 thanks.

    dahee_fanel, i thoroughly agree with what you said: “Man, I wish Park Sun Young would stop starring in family dramas, and go for some meatier roles. She has the talent; why not use it? I adored her in Oh! Pil Seung, Bong Soon Young, but haven’t seen her act a truly notable character since.” i even checked out 18 vs. 29 to catch her in a lead role. for 2008, i wish for a better and meatier project for Ms. Park, and plenty of great, knock-our-socks-off dramas and comedies.

  18. 18 vrosemarie

    I really really loved reading that review! I agree with you completely about Dal Ja’s Spring… I enjoyed that run and Coffee Prince… I only caught a few episodes of Pretty Insoon and they were okay-ish, enough to keep me watching, just not as addictive as Coffee Prince… Min Ki was absolutely drool-worthy in Dal Ja’s Spring and outrageously quirky in MIA!!! He made me burst out laughing a lot in front of the TV to the disdain of my sisters… They can never understand why I love k-dramas because they’re too absorbed in their Japanese anime… I suppose I should get on with watching the Devil because of its glowing reviews… I love the opening theme but the first couple of episodes not so much… I don’t watch sageuk at all.. (is Hwang Jin Yi counted?)

  19. 19 La Plume

    Yay Paula! You made my day! Thanks a bunch for the link for the subs of White Tower. Seems they’re synched for the MQ ver but it’s easy to resynch them so it’s all OK. Got to erase some stuffs on my HD to watch it but I simply LOVE complicated plots… HAHA Thanks a lot!!!

  20. 20 deeta

    Dahee, this was such a huge fun to read. I read every single word up till the end. I’m also amazed that you managed to watch that many K-Dramas, the ones worth mentioning, and the ones not worth even thinking about (yes, HM and WYH absolutely!)

    And now I’m completely intrigued by White Tower as it’s been rained with rave reviews all year, now I have to catch it one of these days. As for TODAW, argh, even my love for JKH and NSM couldn’t make me watch this as Junki really really does nothing for me and what good would it do if you don’t even like the main character? In the case of Insoon, I actually made a lot of effort to watch 4 episodes, but it doesn’t hold my interest at all, and as much as I want to see KHJ and Lee Wan, I think I’m gonna pass. Thank You, definitely one of the dramas I enjoyed this year. Now that the afterglow has worn off, I can see it more objectively, and while I wouldn’t give it a 10, I’d still categorize it as the ‘good’. Coffee Prince, I loved it a lot. It’s one of those dramas where nothing big really happens except for character development and plot flow or whatever. And it really helps that I have such a sweet spot for Gong Yoo. And Dal Ja, ahhh that was such a good time. Kang Tae Bong will forever be remembered. Lastly, let me join you in gushing over MIA/EIA. I’m a sucker for romance, which is why I didn’t expect anything. But dude, it was the most fun, hilarious and actually meaningful dramas in a while (the last one I could remember which had a similar feel to it was Bad Family, which was also awesome).

    Anyways, long winded as I am, thank you for the great reading. It’s 3 am now, but this has energized me a lot.

  21. 21 ripgal

    Thank you for sharing Dahee!
    All 3 of you, Beans and Thundie managed to cover different ranges of the dramas aired in 2007. And surprisingly, all you have chosen different dramas as personal favs! hehehehe…

    Anywayz, I didn’t watch any of the Saeguks you mentioned, except for Legend. I guess I’ll have to disagree with you on that drama cos I found it amazingly good and not boring at all. It was different from other historical dramas, and yes, tho it was wayyyyy unrealistic, it gave me a chance to wander into the realm of fantasy, despite the background set in a war. I know a lot might not like BYJ, but I found him truly convincing as the young King Dam Deok, and it’s really interesting to see how he manages his empire and troops, how he plans to subdue his subordinates and citizens, to make them entrust everything in him. That’s what I truly liked about the drama, it wasn’t so much about romance or action, the essence was just about teamwork and how trust in somebody can truly affect other ppl. And of course, it introduced me to Lee Ji Ah, whom I thought is a wonderful and excellent actress (for a newbie of course).

    Again, on to Thank You, I agree with you that the script kinda became draggy and worn out towards the ending. But you know what, I still LOVED it. Because it still managed to capture my heart and attention with their so meaningful and subtle gestures and actions. I didn’t delve into the depth and transformations of the characters that much because I was too involved with the story of Bom. I’m a very big fan of the writer, hence I loved all of her previous dramas (except IJUKSA). But Thank You was her best IMO, and I liked it even more than MISA (which used to be my fav drama of all time).

    Last but not least, thanx again for sharing your time with us.
    It was an interesting read ^___^

  22. 22 TRIPEK

    Hey thanks for typing a good review.
    Haha i agree alot of dramas…i never finished either this year.
    There wasn’t many that were great to watch.

  23. 23 Sarang1985

    I loved Coffee Prince =D…

  24. 24 Kristen

    Ah! I found your reviews post so interesting. I love “long-winded” stuff like this. It wasn’t filled with pointlessly descriptive descriptions and overly opinionated opinions. Everything was smart and amusing and I loved reading it. It’s also helpful to me, because I was really wondering about some of these (The King and I, Time of Dog and Wolf, and Thank You especially), so it’s good to hear some firmly supported opinions/thoughts.

  25. 25 BigS

    what does PD stand for?

  26. 26 Candenzo

    I really enjoy reading your reviews and will watch all of your top picks! Great job!

  27. 27 Ter

    Hi, thank you for the lovely and comprehensive review!!! It certainly gave me a few things to check out :). Enjoyed reading it very much.

  28. 28 marzy

    hi dahee, thanks for this throughly written review. ^^ i appreciate all the insight. hehhee should check out ur blog more too. thanks to all three of you who have written such nice year end wrap ups.

    i can say that i agree with most of you choices here (EIA, Mawang, DJS etc). except say one i guess. hehhee ^^ i havent seen WT (but i will, thanks to Paula’s link!)
    but ive seen parts and stuff it looked powerful and well written.

    as for the saeguk’s, ive seen legend to the finish that’s another difference. i actually liked it but maybe not as much as others but i enjoyed watching it.
    i started Yi San and King and I, but like few episodes in ep12 for king and i and ep20 for yi san i got lost and gave in. though i plan to watch yi san for later on too out of curiosity.
    sad to say im part of DJG majority.. i enjoyed it. i liked the story plus cause it had to with my fave food. hehehe

    this is the one drama though i have a difference in opinion and that would be Insoon is pretty. though i can understand why some might give up after the second eppie. i thought it got better after that. i watched and supported it till the end. i really thought the story is a beautiful one, plus the OST is so nice. i didnt find it dragging rather i felt it had lots of emotion and depth to it. i think KIm MIn Joon did a good job here than his previous stuff this one of his more notable ones acting wise. He was able to make his character a charismatic guy. in the ending, i feel that not all things were resolved i do believe they still did justice to the story.

    lastly, white bird. was watching it. oh god im tryng to get over the hump now. esp since the MIL grates on me just like her son (YSH). plus i like PSY too so i wished she do other stuff i liked her in OPS and GS as well.

    it was a good year. will watch out for more of what you guys hafta say.
    let’s wish for more great stuff ahead. i know i cant wait. hehehe ^^ happy new kdrama year!

  29. 29 Dahee Fanel

    Ahh, thanks for all the comments, everyone! *wub* I am deeply grateful.

    Here are some overdue replies…

    1. Javabeans – I blame the huge number of shows I’ve seen (huge especially when comparing it to my schedule, which was really not very kind this year) on my parents. I can never resist when a drama is playing on the TV screen, and my parents are constantly watching dramas. So I’ll often avoid doing more important things, like homework, and plop down and watch with them. I am a bad student, I know. And Surgeon Bong Dal Hee was pretty entertaining, in its own way, even if what I saw (no, I never did watch this properly) was a little too heavy on the romance for my taste (I swear I didn’t watch what I DID see because I was waiting for Oh Man Seok’s cameo). And I PROMISE you that Lee Beom Soo is hot in it. He showed some really, really charismatic acting in that show.

    2. Paula – YES, watch Devil and King and I! They’re both really addictive and exciting…or, at least, they are to me. Enjoy!

    3. La Plume – Hehe, I guess my cynicism shone through, huh? And here I thought that I had toned it down a bit here. ^^; King and I is slow in terms of reaching its climax and showing viewers the “force” behind the characters (since that “force” needs to be developed over time), but in terms of singular events and palace intrigue, it’s really quite fast-paced and exciting. And I love fantasy too, but Legend just left a bad taste in my mouth (maybe from all the air that got in due to all the yawning I did). And yay, someone else who isn’t a fan of silly romance! I’m not alone!! *high-fives*

    4. thunderrrrrrrr – LOL, X Junior? Haha! What would X say if he knew you called me that? LOL. And I really need to finish IIP, but I feel absolutely zero desire to. Instead, I’m rewatching Hyena over and over again like a crazy person. I need help, I know.

    5. ss – Oh, I know! Jang Hyuk and Choi Kang Hee were the best couple in Thank You, I thought. I actually believed that he could never love Gong Hyo Jin’s character as much as he did Choi Kang Hee’s. And so when they got together, I admit I was a bit annoyed. (I actually think it would totally have worked for the Jang Hyuk-Gong Hyo Jin couple to have had a purely family-like relationship, without any kind of sexual feelings involved.)

    6. My Top 10 Songs of 2007 – I promise you that TODAW is worth it. And Lee Jun Ki is really good in it. He’s very manly and not at all disturbing, I swear! And my word on it can be counted as double because I’ve actually seen him in real life. After seeing him like that, I really can’t understand why people think he’s “feminine”. It just doesn’t mesh with the man I saw standing just a few feet away from me…

    8. bethany and 10. ezra – THANK YOU!

    11. F – YES, check it out! This show really needs more loving.

    12. avonmarissa – Oh yay, you’re watching KAI! I always feel breathless after watching it, too. ^^ Is Yi San really getting more interesting? I saw one of the more recent episodes, and I actually ended up laughing a lot, because it all just felt so…silly. I must just not be a fan of this type of show. *runs from Yi San fans*

    13. merriwether – Hey, keep in mind that I was allergic to sageuk, too. But it was KAI that completely changed my mind. Because of this show, a deep prejudice against sageuk that I’ve been nurturing nearly my entire life has completely disappeared. So…won’t you watch it? Pleeease? (Or, you don’t need to if you really don’t want to, hehe. No pressure!)

    15. Pickles – Wow, you saw TNV?? YAY!! So few people have, and it’s always great to find someone who has – and who loved it, no less! It’s just such a beautiful little drama, isn’t it? So utterly underappreciated, too. And yes, Lee Min Ki can definitely improve in his acting. He’s still relatively new at it, after all. But considering how young he is, and how new at this he is, I think he’s making some very good progress. I have high hopes for him in the future. And I know what you mean about Jang Geum being far too perfect. She grated on my nerves, to be honest. I never really got what all the hype was about over that show. And yes, watch KAI! The characters are far less perfect in it, I promise you.

    16. hellaakon – Thanks!

    17. gail – Oh, I know. Park Sun Young totally needs to get her act together, and pick a role that’ll really elevate her skills. It kills me to see all that talent get wasted. 18 vs 29 was just a waste for someone of her calibre.

    18. vrosemarie – Hehe, my sister’s always going on about how Japanese anime is so much better than Korean dramas, too. 😛 I like anime, but I really prefer dramas. And yes, Hwang Jin Yi definitely counts. 😉 (Which version? Film or drama?)

    20. deeta – Hi! Long time no see! 🙂 Please watch TODAW. I think it’ll definitely change your opinion of Lee Jun Ki, at least somewhat. Once you get over that rather terrible first episode (and, in many people’s eyes, those first seven episodes), it really starts to pick up, and is really, REALLY exciting and addictive.

    21. ripgal – Hullo. ^_^ Ah, yes, Thank You should totally be commended for tackling the problem of AIDS. But you know, I don’t think it really tackled it in any way that was truly memorable…I know that I personally had almost completely forgotten that part of the story, lol. Still, it was a very sweet drama, even if it ended up disappointing me in many ways.

    22. TRIPEK – I hope 2008 will prove more satisfying for you. It sucks when you can’t find any dramas you really like. Trust me, I know the feeling.

    23. Sarang1985 – Hehe, you and the rest of the K-drama world. 😛 It was a nice show, yeah.

    24. Kristen – *blush* Thank you!

    25. BigS – Um, it’s like, Konglish, so I think it stands for…Producer? LOL, I’ve never thought about it before! But it refers to the director of the drama. Yes. -_-

    26. Candenzo and 27. Ter – Thanks! ^^

    28. marzy – Ahhh, you gave up on KAI just when it starts to get really interesting! You should really keep at it, it’ll definitely be worth your time. Insoon did have some lovely insights and emotions in it, but I felt that it wasn’t properly executed? I’m not quite sure what went wrong with this show for me. It just didn’t have that “pull” factor, I guess. Oh my goodness, the MIL and the son in Winter Bird are mega-annoying. (Although the actress who plays the MIL sometimes makes me laugh because she’s just so good at acting ridiculous!) Like I said before, Park Sun Young really needs to find herself some better projects.

    Whoo, okay, I’m done! I shall now vamoose. *zing*

  30. 30 Ariel

    Just bought Mixed Up Investigative Agency, comes very highly recommended.

  31. 31 BigS

    Dahee Fanel… you’re really dedicated by replying to every single comment in this post. well done with this post!

    hope dramabeans is reading this and will invite you back to write often. =) or maybe Dahee Fanel, do you have your own blog site or ID at soompi?

  32. 32 o-cha

    Thanks Dahee Fanel…I enjoy reading your 2007 drama reviews.
    I think it’s great that all 3 of you have different favorite drama of the year..just shows the wide range of K-dramas this year.

    Am I the minority here for not gushing over Dalja’s Spring? I really want to love this drama but can’t get myself to continue watching it. It seems to be missing something for me.

    The 3 of you have totally and utterly convinced me to watch White Tower now.
    I absolutely adore Thank You so I guess I must’ve missed its flaws. I still think the cast is excellent there..not a single weak link..but then again I’m a Thank You homer…I admit it…lol.

  33. 33 tealeaf

    Wow. Thank you for a most comprehensive review. I think all i need to jump start my interest in sageuk is perhaps a crash course in Sageuk-for-Dummies. Sounds like you’re maybe the best person to do that. Part of my lack of interest in this genre is the lack of knowledge in Korean history. I find that some sageuks are exceptionally and beautifully produced. Thanks for shedding the spotlight on an oft-overlooked genre.

    Glad to hear that Lee Junki is not as effeminate as i remembered. Whew. Maybe i will find the time for TODAW… someday. Same thoughts about Joo Ji Hoon in The Devil. I love Gong Hyo Jin. I like her range and acting choices. Couldn’t agree more with you on Mixed Up Investigative Agency. Yup, it’s technically a comedy that worked on several levels. It’s subtly profound and more meaningfully layered than the usual run-of-the-mill comedies. Great writing.

  34. 34 hjk

    Thanks for the reviews, Dahee. I love reading insights, even long-winded ones, into kdramas – that’s what makes it so much more fun. I heard about the lurrve for Yisan, but the King and I sounds very interesting. I take it you liked Hyena? I’ve been wanting to watch it, especially after preferring Shin Sung Rok in Thank You (Kim Min Jong was also my first kdrama crush many, many years ago), but hadn’t heard much about it.

    Thunderbolt, I won’t throw any rocks at you for not liking Insoon Is Pretty (though it’s a shame – to each, her own, I guess), since we agree on Thank You. 🙂

  35. 35 Kiongna

    My goodness Dahee dongseng, I actually accidentally stumbled to read this today, I thought I wanted to do an experiment and type on Google your name Dahee Fanel just for the fun of it and voila, this post was RIGHT on top! SURE I clicked it right away and what a galore you have dished out for us!

    Of cause I have read you raving about The King and I with Oh Man Seok, but unfortunately have not even watched one ep. of it. Coming from you, I know it must be a MUST watch, I hope to get the chance, I don’t even know whether it is being subbed! Hyena too, remember I wanted to buy it but it had bad subs, so I’ve obstained aisahhhhh !

    I’ve caught Mixed up Investigative Agency here and there on KBSWorld and it was an entertaining delight! Don’t think I mentioned it before *chuckles* and whatever episodes I missed I ran over here to read on Javabean’s summaries!!! At the last episode I think there was one part they showed a playback of all of them clowning around and Minki’s character Farting, and my girls and I BURST out laughing like MAD and they insisted I act it out for them *slaps on head* – NO I’m not going to say whether I did ! LOL LOL LOL

    SAGUEK – OH I’m sure you know I’m partial to them! I can’t wait for King Sejong coming up on KBSWorld now that Dae Jo Young is ending this week (another awesome drama! My fav. character was Prince Geom!

    I will be continuing with MAWANG – got stuck at Ep. 10 due to technical matters LOL but JJH earlier known *coughs* as “Wooden Prince Shin” really surprised me and I’m not alone in this eh *winks* – Even his first entrance in the drama had such a lasting feeling to it, he glided in so calmly yet mysteriously, his elegant gazes….and I felt my heart constrict some woooo he sure shocked me with his new acting range – KUDOS to him!

    THANK YOU – ah yes, what a gem. Surgeon Bong Dal Hee, you know I’m so partial to this one, WHITE TOWER – have it and WILL watch it soon – has my Kim Myung Min.

    Hope you didn’t puke too much with my earlier comments on BAD LOVE, ha ha yeah I tend to also love watching cliche dramas that focus on the “LURVEEEEEE” connection – hopeless romantic that I am. And INSOON IS PRETTY, is choppy in some parts and draggy in others but I’m still sticking to it as I enjoy INSOON with Sangwu alot – Kim Min Joon can’t act? For me he is ok *chuckles* I totally forgot he was in DAMO the other day for he was a class act there compared to his many other roles undertaken after that – cycling on the roof with balloons notwithstanding! OMO

    Hey dongseng, don’t ever ever stop writing and being who you are…. What I admire most about you – you say what you mean and you mean what you say, no half way house syndrome – takes alot of guts and gumption as well as a solid backbone and personality..and OMO how you say it many times makes me smile and cracks me up!

  36. 36 thunderbolt

    #35 hjk, I really want to like Insoon is Pretty. It feels like the sort of drama that I normally go potty over but somehow it just isn’t working for me. Is it my Devil/Mawang hangover that’s to blame? When I’m addicted to a drama and think the world of it, that makes me just more critical of the next drama that comes along. But like Dahee, I’m determined to watch this to the end because there are parts I like (Insoon and Sangwoo’s relationship as well as unexpected moments of humor and pathos). I still have seven episodes to watch so stay tuned. *wink*

    Btw, since we agree on Thank You, hehe, may I recommend Hyena? The guy that we were both rooting for in Thank You is in Hyena and I didn’t realize how much I missed him until I saw Ep 1 of Hyena last night. Shin Sung Rok! *swoon* Hyena reminds me of Soulmate (smart and witty) but it’s very raunchy. I thoroughly enjoyed Ep 1. WITH S2 is subbing this and Dahee’s one of the translators.

  37. 37 all4movies

    What a yawner Legend was. I kept waiting for some romance to happen between BJW and Sujini and it never happened. I must’ve missed it when I blinked. Anyways, I am an ardent fan of DJG but could not for the life of me get into Jumong no matter how hard I tried. I am currently watching Yi San which I really like because there are a lot of similarities in cinematography and characters to DJG. Love the director!
    Another sageuk I want to check out is the new one with Kang Ji Hwan. I’ll watch pretty much anything he’s in.
    I’m kind of watching In-Soon Is Pretty but it sure is dragging a lot. Not much happens other than the same old sad “poor me” I’m so misunderstood story. Sigh.

  38. 38 Kriyn

    Oh goodness, is this Dahee Fanel from fanfiction.net? Never thought I bumped into you here. Actually I don’t watch that many Korean dramas or dramas in general although Coffee Prince was good fun! It’s cool to have stumbled across this if only to discover that you have a blog! And I never knew you were (1) Korean (2) didn’t like romance?! I remember reading an Escaflowne fic you wrote about a blind hitomi? That was quite beautiful writing 🙂 Anyway glad to bump into you!

  39. 39 vicki

    Hello! Thanks much for your review, it was fun to read. I was introduced to Korean dramas by total boredom. I wasn’t finding much in the way of american tv that I thought was worth watching. The thing I really like about the dramas that I have watched was that they had FEELING. HUMAN FEELING and a story to them. They keep me interested. You can pour all the money and special effects you want into a movie and it will be one giant flop if you don’t have a good story to go with that movie. And I hope that doesn’t happen to my Korean dramas. I am seeing signs of it. I guess there are only so many stories to tell, but the Koreans are sooo good at it, and I hope it lasts. Its great to see Korea get recognition for their dramas. I love watching Korean period pieces. Its fascinating to me. Although I can see why Korean people might not be as excited about their history as an outsider would.

  40. 40 McJayJay

    omg we agree so much! i loved thank you, time between dog and wolf and HATE hello! miss and witch amusement XD

  41. 41 Drama Queen

    That’s a good review of THe Devil though although I think Ji Hoon’s acting irritating throughout the show; it was atrocious until the mid of the series. The ending scene blew me away though – so I concede that MAYBE he has some acting talent. 😉

    Thanks for the list of other dramas! I will definitely try some out.

  42. 42 nycgrl

    I would like to start off by commending you on your taste. I can’t believe I only read this now. You and I have the same taste in kdramas. Like you I tend to not like romance unless its really well done or it happens to be supporting the story line.

    I have to say I thought 2007 was a good years for Kdramas. Not only did we get White Tower which is my pick as the best drama of the year in terms of story line and acting but we also got the Devil with the very surprising performance from Joo Ji Hoon. I was very dubious about his acting chops and he seemed to be struggling a little bit in the beginning with all the veteran actors as a contrast but his acting just kept on improving as he got more comfortable and got to know the character better.

    My 3rd pick for this year has to be Thank You.The chemistry between Jang Hyuk and his Dr gf was so intense I am not afraid to say I cried as well in the first episode. The acting all around was amazing especially from the grandfather, bom and Gong Hyo Jin.

    Sadly nothing as exciting in 2008.

  43. 43 MinT

    I’m just starting to backread some of the post and liked your name “Dahee Fanel” so decided to read this. Glad that I did cuz I also love Thank You. Can’t tell you how many times I have watched TY. It does make you eyes rain but leave you with a smile so true.

    My husband and I are still pretty new to kdrama. We both are loving it. He prefer to watching sageuk while I rather watch romantic comedy. He love to read about the history of all the characters. After watching Yi San he started to read up on its history which lead him to The King and I and how good it is and have been trying to track it down to watch it but unfortunely unable to find. I think he knows more about korean dynasty history than some korean I think hehehe. Right now he’s loving Queen Seon Deok.

    If someone happen to read this and know where I can tell him to watch The King and I please send me an email at one more pls @ g mail dot com. Thank you so very much.

    Now I will go watch Devil cuz I have been looking to see what to watch next but nothing look interesting enough. hehehe. Here I come Devil……

  44. 44 charlie

    Hi Dahee! I watched Thank You recently and was reading through the review bit and on JH… “(I’m sorry, but his pecs do nothing for me. I must be a little rattled in the head, I know.)” LOL!!! I agree with you (Chuno is a different story lol)! In “Thank You” though whenever those scenes came up I was like “COME ON! NEXT SCENE!” My beef with JH’s character didn’t subside even with his pecs.

  45. 45 rooraa

    Do you think you coul fix the download link for 천년애?

  46. 46 for your

    I’ll complain which you have copied materials from yet another source

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