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Which 2007 dramas were the most watched?
by | December 31, 2007 | 22 Comments


I put up my list of top dramas without regard to their overall popularity or ratings, and I feel safe saying that my guest bloggers did so as well. But in case you’re curious to know which dramas topped the ratings charts in 2007, here are all the big ones, drawing in viewerships in the whopping 50% range.

(Are you sick of all this year-end review stuff? Don’t worry; this is the last of it! Tomorrow we ring in 2008. Happy new year, everyone!)

Pure 19

According to the research compiled by AGB Nielsen Media, the highest-watched program in Korea was the KBS Sports broadcast of the July 22 Asia Cup soccer game between Korea and Iran. That topped out at 59.2%. Second place was also soccer, from July 25’s Asia Cup game between Korea and Iraq with a 58.9% viewership rating.

But starting in 3rd place, we have our dramas. And as the drama with the highest recorded viewership in 2007, we have Jumong‘s March 6 episode (55.9%), averaging a 45.5% for its entire monster run.

As Much As Heaven and Earth

Fourth place was KBS’s daily/family drama starring Gu Hye Sun, Pure 19 (January 2 broadcast: 52%).

Fifth place once again went to soccer (July 28, 49.8%, Korea versus Japan), but 6th through 10th places all went to hit drama series:

Tie for 6th: My Man’s Woman, (SBS, June 19), and War of Money (SBS, July 5), both at 46.2%.

8th: Daily drama Ugly or Beautiful [Mi-u-na, go-u-na] (KBS, December 25), 45.9%

9th: Weekend drama Golden Age of Daughters-in-Law (KBS2, December 16), 42.9%

10th: Daily drama As Much As Heaven and Earth (KBS, August 20), 41.6%

A number of these are daily dramas; my theory for their overwhelming numbers is that aside from being generally entertaining and easy to digest (they have to be decently good to rake in those numbers), they’re also staples — easily turned on and left on at the same time every day. They’re also aired earlier than the prime-time dramas, which mostly go on closer to 10pm. Daily dramas and sitcoms generally air in the 8pm hour.

My Man’s Woman, Golden Age of Daughters-in-Law

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22 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. orange

    I haven’t seen any of these πŸ˜›

  2. Zyre

    Don’t worry ’cause we love all your posts and i’m considering to watch them now specially The Golden Age of Daughters in Law… and i wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR too… with more dramas, news and songs… i wish the best for you and all your readers… xoxo… \(^.^)/

  3. Paula

    Why am I not surprised that soccer would top the list? lol πŸ™‚ I used to teach English in Korea and I lived about a stone’s throw away from the World Cup Stadium in Daejon. I was a year late for the World Cup, but I did manage to get to a couple of games for Korean teams. It was actually more entertaining watching the fans lol, they had noise makers galore, and they had their faces painted and were waving banners with their team colours and chanting victory cheers throughout!!! They really take their soccer seriously over there! Both games that I went to though, the final score was 0-0 TT__TT I also remember that in my classes that I taught at the English Hogwan, all the little boys claimed that they wanted to be professional soccer players when they grew up. πŸ™‚

    However, after reading your review, it makes me wish that more Daily Dramas were subbed. Unstoppable Marriage is being subbed right now, and I am enjoying that one, and I’ve read about a few others, but no English subtitles πŸ™

  4. hellaakon

    I figured as much. Rating-wise, it’s a totally different story for overseas audience obviously. πŸ™‚

  5. all4movies

    I tried watching Jumong but found it really long and convoluted, so I gave up. Any fans out there want to try to persuade me otherwise? As for the others, I wasn’t really interested in War of Money but I checked it out because I like the main actor.

    I just discovered Yi San is available up to ep. 24 on mysoju.com and I’m having a ball trying to get caught up on all 24 episodes by the new year. I know this will be on my to buy list for 2008.

  6. robbo4

    This is something that the first post would do well to rectify. Goo/Ku Hye-Sun’s portrayal of the long-suffering, ever forward-moving, and “angel sent to Earth”, Yang Gukwha in Pure in Heart is the very reason that the KDrama addiction has taken root of my soul. In this plucky, young, country girl, the very essence of life, love, and renewal become personified. In the capable hands of the ethereal Goo Hye-sun, we treated to the portrayal of the kind of character that, in all of our early lives, we were surely groomed to become. She is internally sweety, kind, foregiving, nurturing, and, of course, beautiful.

    In the actress Goo Hye-Sun, we get a living example of the “Star is born” combined with the Horatio Alger myth. Yes, she’s seriously attractive and talented, but, as not nearly an aside; She delivers the goods. Do you love this character? Does she gain your support and alligience? Do you shake your fist at the screen when she’s become hurt and cheated? Do you cry along with her her in her pain and rejoice with her as she overcomes her dispair? Can you identify and relate to her situation and gentle nature regardless of your gender or background? (I’m a guy, by the way, so intially I was taken in by Miss Goo before becoming quickly overtaken by her character.) The answer, for me, is an unqualified “Yes!!”

    Being a foreigner (I’m an American) and a complete outsider to the Asian culture, I am, of course, intrigued with the difference, but I’m also encouraged at the sameness within each stripe of humanity. While watching these works, I am constantly reaffirmed at the eternal likeness of being that exists within the hearts and souls of humanity of persons the world over. In America, we have a great oppurtunity to enjoy diversity, and, for the most part, we , as a nation, embrace it. As Yang Gukwha, Goo Hye-Sun is representitive of all immigrants, the world over, the majority of which are hard-working, committed to success, often misunderstood, but usually individually charming and engaging. Can you imagine what it must be like to be “alone” in the world and yet being able to venture on while “damning the torpedos?!!”

    All of this was represented to me in the lead character of Pure in Heart. The fact that this story and these characters touched so many others as well, is music to my soul. 2007 was a great year in that it was my initial foray into the wonderful world of KDrama. Perhaps, as the years go by, I’ll become more discerning and jaded regarding the actors, stories, and series, but, as of yet, I enjoy and anticipate all new venture in this genre.

    My only compaint is the lack of time to catch up with all that I have missed out on!!

  7. marcel

    thanks for the great reviews…happy new year!! *_*

  8. Mel

    Hey JB!!
    I am not surprised that the top viewing has to do with sport! don’t mind me I am a Soccer Fan (or Futbol as they call it here in Dominican Republic)…. it is weird that none of our beloved dramas did not top the viewings in Korea.. any how…. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008! ALL THE HAPPINESS AND GOOD BLESSINGS 4 U!

  9. blue4u

    I wish you a Happy New Year! Here’s hoping that 2008 will be most promising. Thank you for all the reviews you’ve made, certainly it was my pleasure knowing it from your point of view!

  10. 10 Marzy

    oh yeah!! cool stuff!! i loved AMAHAE and Pure 19 too. hehhehe i liked the sitcoms as well.. like Kimchi Cheese Smile.. funny stuff!! πŸ™‚

  11. 11 o-cha

    Jumong is such a great drama…not surprising that it is watched by that many people. Pure 19 is so sweet and addicting too…probably my favorite K-daily drama ever.

    thanks for all your hard work blogging and reviewing K-dramas javabeans! And ohh Happy New Year to you.

  12. 12 shro

    i’ve seen all the KBS dramas, but By Land and Sky was super boring and really repetitive. i don’t know why i watched all of it.

  13. 13 Di

    I’m digging Rossy Punky Perfume. Where can I get more?

  14. 14 Funkster316

    Happy New Year! Only thing I watched was JUMONG and I enjoyed Song Il Gook a ton! I was psyched when it was broadcasted here in Boston earlier in 2007! Yes it is long but worth it but still shorter that King Dae Jo Young which I could not get into.

  15. 15 dae

    I have not watched a single thing on those dramas at all. but I’m curious about “Pure 19”. My uncle got hooked on Jumong though. After DJG, I considered resting awhile on period series. It’s just tooooooo long.

  16. 16 robbo4

    Please find a way to watch Pure In Heart, dae! You will love these people and, as long as the series is, you may find yourself wishing it was longer.

  17. 17 musica

    You forgot Coffee Prince! The best k-drama for 2007.

  18. 18 toya

    happy new year javabeans /dramabeans (hmm, what should i call you? javabeans sounds better than dramabeans though…)…
    hope that the new year will be another great year ahead..
    i personally have not watched many modern day drama since sometimes, i can’t handle the very “sad, emotional” storyline… BUT with that said, sageuk dramas are going that way a little, (damn), but i still prefer that since i like to see the korean tradition and learn more of the “unknown” stuff….. Jumong? hmmm.. episode 1-20 was alright, but when it came to the constant repeatition of the war-and-winning, i skipped the in-betweens to the last three episodes.. didn’t like the ending much, (didn’t like the good one leaving) .. but for them to hit 1/2% , that’s undeniable work….
    will set my mind on coffee prince (but first have to remove my prejudism for Gong yoo)

  19. 19 Fixy

    I love Pure 19. The couples are very interesting. At first I loved seeing how Gukwha’s relationship progressing with the rich guy. Later on, I became enchanted with the relationship between Gukwha’s ‘cousin’ and the very spoiled and good for nothing sister’s of the rich guy who was her beau.

    The interactions between this second couple are very cute due to their sharp differences in characters and personalities. It’s a good drama to watch albeit a bit too long.

    Regarding, Jumong…..I loved the first episodes, but as it continued, my interests were waning. I watched it with the intention to see that one of the most famous couples in Korean history were having the greatest love story of all, which unfortunately was not the case.

    Jumong’s love for his lady was not that great after all. Not only he married someone else, the movie failed considerably in conveying that he still loved ‘his supposed soulmate’ regardless.

    I still haven’t finished watching it hearing the ending was rather disappointing. I think Jumong failed big time in love department, I like potato boy much better. The plots were good enough. But seeing potato boy first I couldn’t help comparing the two together and found Jumong somehow lacking something.

    Another series which I think was good enough and worth your time to watch is Thank You. Not only it’s good it’s theme song Kumapsumida (Thank You) was definitely awesome.

  20. 20 Kjesin,Beauty & Ahleinmartoe

    Hi,Song Il Gook!
    We all love you.You are our HERO!!!!!!!!!!!We want to meet you outside.
    And Han Hye Jin,
    You are so beautiful in JUMONG.We love you,too!!!!!!!!!!
    BYE BYE!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. 21 cathy

    Jumong is the best K historical drama so far ., all casts are acting excellent , plots are intrigued , deep meanings , a lot of thing you can learn from . I specificaly like Queen Seono character , intelligent Queen . I find chinese feel insulted bc they portrait Han as bad people , even i’m chinese but i had to admitt that i like k drama than chinese drama . By history , most of chinese Dynasties were always tyranic , rude , poor morality . they like to invade to threaten their neighbours , like Tibet recently .
    I ‘m not surprised regarding Jumong ‘rating , very good drama , it ‘s worth to watch , just my opinion.

  22. 22 zehan saweol


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