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Hong Gil Dong: Episode 4
by | January 15, 2008 | 39 Comments

Ooh, Episode 4 was good. It was fast-paced, had romantic developments on more than one front, incorporated several action segments, and dug into the political intrigue. All that and while moving forward multiple story lines. It catapults us from what has been somewhat scattered (albeit entertaining) setup material right into the heart of the conflict. The series has begun in earnest.

It was also, as I recall from sifting through the screencaps, a very pretty episode.


Garina Project – “변했죠” (I’ve changed) [ zShare download ]

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After being pulled from the water by Gil Dong, Enok experiences a mix of gratitude for being saved and embarrassment for the unplanned “kiss.” Gil Dong, on the other hand, matter-of-factly tells her not to forget this day. She misinterprets, thinking he means the kiss, but he clarifies that this is the second time he’s saved her life. Relieved, Enok vows to repay him somehow.

Grandpa Heo ruminates over Hae Myung’s fortune-telling, wondering how such a rough-and-tumble girl like Enok could end up as royalty, and how such a lazy bum like Gil Dong could become a hero. Still, Hae Myung was right when he accurately saw that Heo was childless, even though there’s no way he could have known that Enok wasn’t his blood relation.

Meanwhile, the agitated king is determined to build his new and improved palace (now with fewer ghosts!), and village men are ruthlessly rounded up and conscripted into construction work. Lady Noh sees this as a great opportunity to sneak a spy into the palace. For some reason (and if I missed the explanation, please let me know), the civil service exam (which is a big event, as men from all over the country will descend upon the city to take the exam) is the deadline by which Chang Whe must recover the stolen sword…

… which is in Minister Hong’s keeping. The sword’s significance is that it corroborates Chang Whe’s claim to the throne as its rightful heir with an inscription of authority on the blade. Minister Hong’s theft of the sword from the original minister (whom he killed) helps the current king’s cause, because that piece of evidence has remained hidden.

His wife and son, meanwhile, are eager to rat out Gil Dong for planning to run away (which is cause for execution), but Minister Hong silences In Hyung’s tattling and tells him to worry about his own problems (namely, the upcoming exam). And worry he does. His angry wife accuses Hong of favoring Gil Dong, and they make cryptic remarks about how she had Gil Dong’s mother killed. The wife leaves, then mutters, “And I’d do it again.”

And what is her solution to her dear son’s exam woes? She proposes they bribe his way through it. Ah, the staunch faith of a loving mother. But as his father keeps a tight rein on the family funds, they’ll have to figure out a way to obtain the money and deflect blame. Who better than the family scapegoat, Gil Dong?


Gil Dong confides to Enok that when he learned the truth of his mother’s death, he realized the way of the world — that he would always be a servant, always remain low. That’s when he first met Hae Myung, who tells his side of the story to Grandpa Heo. Although we cut back and forth between both men’s retelling of the same story, there are some key differences between the lesson taught and the lesson actually learned:

Hae Myung describes making the young boy clean and sweep in order to teach him self-discipline; but Gil Dong learned instead that nothing in life is free. Hae Myung made him hang from a tree branch to teach him patience; Gil Dong fell from the branch and learned that he could trust no one in this world. Hae Myung made the boy fill a leaking barrel to teach him non-possessiveness; Gil Dong learned that when one works oneself to the bone, nothing remains (Enok: “Ah, so that’s why you’re so lazy!”). And finally, bowing in prayer supposedly taught tranquillity; Gil Dong, whose pants were torn in the backside as he knelt, learned to be shameless.

For now, Gil Dong’s priority is to quickly earn enough money to buy passage on the next boat to China, and Enok volunteers her efforts. After all, she owes him. Gil Dong takes a good look at her, then smiles: “Yeah, you’ll make a good lure.”

With her beauty? Feminine wiles?

No — as wild animal bait!

Together, they hunt a variety of animals (foxes, bears, tigers) which they sell for a nice sum. Gil Dong learns from Merchant Wang that the next boat leaves the next morning, and assures the frazzled shopkeeper he will be on it.

Talk of Gil Dong’s departure subdues Enok, though, since she’s grown fond of him. On their way through the village, they get caught in a sudden rain, and take temporary shelter under opposite roofs. Enok watches him and wonders what their relationship is, and tells herself (unconvincingly) that they’re friends. Friends who lurrrve each other! Sorry, my inner thirteen-year-old speaking there.

Passing by in a man-held carriage (what do you call those things, anyway?, similar to a rickshaw) is Eun Hye. Her interest having been piqued during their last encounter, she gets out to talk to Gil Dong, who still thinks she’s a gisaeng. She tells him she’s on an errand and, preying on his sympathies, says she needs to find the apothecary, but she’s lost in the unfamiliar marketplace. If she gets back late, she’ll be in trouble.

With a reluctant sense of chivalry (Gil Dong isn’t too interested in her), Gil Dong tells Enok (curious, not jealous!) to wait for him, and ushers Eun Hye to her destination. He promptly turns back, leaving Eun Hye calling after him, “But what’s your name?” She doesn’t get her answer, but she’s determined to find out, saying wistfully, “He’s so interesting…”

On the murder mystery front, Chang Whe and Lady Noh have come up with a way to suss out which high-ranking minister has stolen their secret sword. Lady Noh is sure that the guilty party will be one of the men in attendance at a feast; they will go posing as rich merchants from China.

Chang Whe is introduced as royalty from the Ming dynastic line, which pleases Minister Seo, who’s a lover of all things Chinese. (Hence his penchant for collecting expensive Chinese items.) Chang Whe presents him with a sword that’s supposedly a gift from the Ming royals, and mentions that he’s heard there is a similarly inscribed sword in the Chosun kingdom. Minister Seo is oblivious (just happy with his new toy), but Minister Hong is suspiciously quiet, growing fidgety when Seo innocently says that if the sword exists, it was in the keeping of Hong’s close friend who died in a brutal raid many years before. Hong disavows any knowledge of the sword.

Chang Whe picks up on Hong’s suspicious behavior, as does another minister, whose curiosity had already been pricked during the king’s ramblings. I don’t know his name yet but it’s this minister here. He confides his concerns to Lady Noh and Chang Whe: “To protect the current king, he must have killed his friend and hidden the secret of the inscribed sword.”


In Hyung and his mother devise a plan to kill two birds with one stone: frame Gil Dong and steal money to bribe In Hyung’s way through the exam. They pick rogues who, if you will recall, had lost money to Gil Dong in a gambling game early in Episode 1. The leader will wear Gil Dong’s clothes and leave behind a sash, and the bandits are just happy to be given authority to thieve a rich nobleman’s home.

Over dinner, Enok casually inquires about Eun Hye — she sure was pretty. Who was she? Are they close? (Doeshelikelikeherorjustlikeher?) Gil Dong: ” I don’t know her and we’re not close.” Enok: “Then why’d you go with her?” Gil Dong: “Like you said, she’s pretty.”

That makes Enok feel bad, and Gil Dong calls her a dummy. Enok retorts, “If I’m such a dummy, why do you hang out with me?” That makes him think for a moment: “Huh. That’s true. I don’t usually hang around with anybody, why do I hang around you? Well, you were annoying at times, but it wasn’t so bad. You were sad that I left, happy that I came back, comforted me by saying, ‘Jiayou!’ You’re all right.” Spirits lifted, Enok offers to buy him a drink at the gisaeng house —

— which is hosting a special dancing show. (The flyers are hilarious: “Fantastic Indian-style belly dancing! One day only! Includes appetizer, 10 nyang, 1 percent discount for all civil service exam takers!”) If you look closely, the main belly dancer is none other than the bandit Mal Nyeo.

Spotting Gil Dong, who drinks in a private room with Enok, Mal Nyeo waits for Enok to leave before approaching.

Gil Dong: “I thought you were a thief, but you’re a gisaeng?”
Mal Nyeo: “Thieving’s the side job. Gisaeng’s the main job.”
Gil Dong: “Aren’t you busy. Are you currently doing your side job or main job?”
Mal Nyeo: “Side job. You should join us.”
Gil Dong: “No thanks. Thieves are annoying.”

Mal Nyeo suddenly lashes out in attack; Gil Dong’s quick reflexes counter, and they engage in a short hand-to-hand fight. Although Mal Nyeo is cunning, Gil Dong efficiently gains the upper hand and leaves with the line: “I’ll welcome you whenever you’re back to your main job.”

He and Enok (happily oblivious to his interlude with Mal Nyeo) leave, only to be stopped short by Su Geun, who’s all worked up over finding their leader’s killer. (Su Geun makes me giggle. He’s so amusingly impetuous.)

He’s quickly joined by the cooler-headed Yeon and Mal Nyeo, who want to know where leader is buried.

Watching the trio pay their respects, Gil Dong wonders at their devotion. He tells them it’s pointless to go after revenge — their quarry (Chang Whe’s faction) is too powerful: “Are you going to risk your lives for a dead man?” Yeon tells him solemnly: “Our leader was a man worth risking our lives for.” He also tells Gil Dong to contact them if he ever needs help.

The guy playing Kwang Whe shows us some more of his enjoyably volatile acting as the king enjoys himself in the arms of a gisaeng, who assures him that she will bear him a royal son. Unexpectedly, Kwang Whe flies into a fury, throwing her to the ground for her insolence. He accuses her of aiming too high, revealing his own inferiority complex over having been born illegitimate to a concubine. He orders the gisaeng to be executed: “There’s one more ghost to haunt me.”

Lady Noh plays flattering tribute to Minister Seo with a bribe for his cooperation, because she’s planting one of her men as part of the palace construction crew: Chisu (imo, one of the more intriguing characters and a much better actor than the wooden Jang Geun Seok, sorry to say. Broody silence? Check. Fierce loyalty? Check. Hot martial arts skills? Check. Hot in general? Check-check-check.).


While Gil Dong observes the boat leaving for China, Enok voices lame reasons (she’s fresh out of good ones) why he shouldn’t go.

Enok: “The boat’s too small. It’ll probably flip right over. You shouldn’t take boats like that.”
Gil Dong: “It looks bigger than the last one.”
Enok: “If you go to China now, it’ll be cold. You’ll probably freeze to death.”
Gil Dong: “I won’t die.”
Enok: “Doesn’t it look like typhoon weather?”
Gil Dong: “Would you like it if a typhoon came and the boat couldn’t leave?”
Enok: “…yeah.”
Gil Dong: “Why?”
Enok: “What if you don’t go? … I just… well… I’d rather you didn’t go to China and stayed here. Gil Dong, can’t you stay?”

Gil Dong stares at her strangely for a moment before answering that he’s leaving. But her words give him pause, and he wonders if he should stay.

Eun Hye visits the gisaeng house to ask about Gil Dong, giving her nanny yet more heart palpitations. The head gisaeng, Mae Hyang, isn’t inclined to be helpful to the pretty, uppity young thing, but Eun Hye dangles a purse of money and orders: “Tell me about him.”

And now, for the main action:

Acting under In Hyung and his mother’s instructions, the trio of hired thieves steal into Minister Hong’s quarters. (They must act tonight, because Gil Dong is leaving the next day.) Hong’s wife has prepared everything — the servants are kept occupied with a special treat of liquor; the minister is diverted toward warmer rooms for the night; and Gil Dong is summoned.

The thieves follow their orders, and grab a few additional items while they’re at it. The head thief drops Gil Dong’s sash, then spies the inscribed sword and decides to take it.

Unfortunately, another group of thieves has also chosen this night for their raid:

Chang Whe, Chisu, and company arrive to steal back the sword, catching the first thieves mid-raid. Chang Whe is taken by surprise and stabbed; one of the hired thieves is killed; and the other two escape with the sword.

Chang Whe orders Chisu to give chase and recover the sword, while he staggers out on his own, injured.

Therefore, Gil Dong is alone when he arrives at the ransacked room, and recognizes the dead thief. In Hyung barges in with reinforcements, ready to gleefully arrest Gil Dong, but even he’s caught in the horror of the moment. Things have rapidly spun out of his control.

Gil Dong sees that he’ll be blamed, and runs away while the household sounds the alarm. In Hyung tells his mother that Gil Dong wasn’t holding a sword. Although he was happy to frame Gil Dong for minor thievery, it appears the man does have a conscience, and this is pushing his boundaries. His mother insists they know nothing, that Gil Dong is responsible for everything.

In the village, a bleeding Chang Whe grabs Enok, asks for her help, then passes out.

Back at thief headquarters, the leader believes he was set up by In Hyung, and orders his men to flee. But they’re caught unawares by Chisu, who fights them all and takes back the sword.

Now that Gil Dong knows the thieves involved, he heads for their lair, but arrives too late — Chisu has already fled.

And Gil Dong once again finds himself caught in an incriminating position by the magistrate’s men.

Awwww, crap.


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  1. avonmarissa

    “man-held carriage (what do you call those things, anyway?, similar to a rickshaw)”- If I’m not mistaken, it’s a palanquin. In my home country, kings and queens ride in it on festive days

  2. Di

    I wonder how Gil Dong is gonna get out of this one…
    Maybe the gang of thieves barge in and save him? >.>
    Or maybe he uses magic to disappear? XD

  3. javabeans

    ooh, that’s right! i knew it was something like that! thanks, otherwise i would’ve had to just call it a “rich-people carriage” or summat

  4. Miki

    WOW. Looks like a pretty interesting episode. Very exciting, with some romantic and funny parts thrown in for good measure. I’ve realized by now that Jang Geun Suk isn’t that great of an actor (he’s better in Hwang Jini, I personally think, so I KNOW he can do better) Furthermore, Chisu is a bit old (?) for me. And look at the Joo Ji Hoon. He was incredibly wooden in Goong but improved A LOT in Devil. But I prefer Jang Geun Suk, and like I’ve said, I’ve already seen better acting from him. Perhaps he’s overdoing the character’s coldness. I think I’ll give him some time to do better. but he’s so cute I’m willing to ignore everything anyway…I like pretty boysXD

    lol. I can’t wait. I know not one word of Korean, so I’m making myself feel better reading your summaries. But they’re amazing.

    “Friends who lurrrve each other! Sorry, my inner thirteen-year-old speaking there”
    Ha! ^^

  5. La Plume

    “Friends who lurrrve each other! ”

    That one made me roll on the floor!!!! I didn’t see it coming 😀

    “Chisu (imo, one of the more intriguing characters and a much better actor than the wooden Jang Geun Seok, sorry to say. Broody silence? Check. Fierce loyalty? Check. Hot martial arts skills? Check. Hot in general? Check-check-check.).”

    Though It annoys me to admit it… I can only agree. Like Miki, I thin Jang Geun Seok was way better in Hwang Jin Yi… I just can’t feel him here. I mean though he looks all arrogant in here, we’re still supposed to feel some kind of sympathy for him since his father and mother were both killed, plus he had to live away from his homeland. But It’s just like watching cold ice, I just can’t feel anything, in the scenes were he cried, I found myself thinking ” Ok finish your crying so that we can see what happens” and his arrogance is really over the top.. Or is it because he’s just bad I don’t know.
    When I think about me being more worried about Sung Yuri seriously… I really hope he’s gonna get better because as we move on in the story, he’s bound to get more important and if he still sucks NOW this is gonna be a problem for me. Overall, I really like this show, the costumes, colors, humor and the cartoon like acting as well but JGS is definitely the biggest flow for me. And I don’t like his face so I can hardly forgive anything. Sigh…

  6. ripgal

    ^ Ya know what? I didn’t think you guys would have the same thoughts about Jang Geun Seuk. I thought I was the only one who was feeling this way.. I think he’s trying to carve out a different kind of cool and icy character.. but so far I can’t feel anything from him yet. His eyes does not emote and there isn’t much for me to empathise with..(esp when he’s reminiscing his plight), given his always emotionless and starry expression.. I need some EMOTION, no matter how icy and cold you are.. (erm did he cry btw? I must have missed some scenes.) He’s definitely done better in Hwangjini..

    Ep 4 was indeed better than the previous eps.. Once and for all, it didn’t make me yawn or skip scenes. I think I was tempted to do so in the past 3 eps..
    Finally I was able to see a STORY, and also some chemistry between KJH and the rest of the cast, be it SYR, his mentor, the mysterious Eun Hye and others..

    The best thing about HGD..still of course was HGD himself. hehehehe..XD

  7. hjk

    I don’t think JGS is doing that badly (yes, he was better in Hwang Jini), but… “Chisu (imo, one of the more intriguing characters and a much better actor than the wooden Jang Geun Seok, sorry to say. Broody silence? Check. Fierce loyalty? Check. Hot martial arts skills? Check. Hot in general? Check-check-check.)” *nods* Uh-huh, I hear ya girlfriend! 😀

    “Ooh, Episode 4 was good. It was fast-paced, had romantic developments on more than one front, incorporated several action segments, and dug into the political intrigue. All that and while moving forward multiple story lines. It catapults us from what has been somewhat scattered (albeit entertaining) setup material right into the heart of the conflict. The series has begun in earnest.”
    I loved this episode! And the chemistry between HGD & Enok is starting to sizzle…

    The minister is Secretary (or Minister) Choi. He’s part of Chang Whe’s faction and scared Minister Seo by suggesting/joking that Chang Whe could still be alive.

    The part with Minister Seo and In Hyung’s mother oogling the Chinese golf clubs was hilarious!

  8. jolee

    Episode 4 definitely looks intriguing!

    After your rave about Kang Ji Hwan (he has a gorgeous voice), I looked up some of his other series to catch his style and range in acting since I have nothing to compare his portrayal in Hong Gil Dong to. I decided on Exhibition of Fireworks and sadly I think a lot of his talents were wasted on a very poor script and some bad directing and musical choices. What I found hilarious was that there was a line where the main female lead said to him “who do you think you are, Hong Gil Dong who can’t say father?” AHAHAHAH Oh the irony!

    I agree with JGS and his terrible acting. I completely skipped his entire storyline in Hwang Jini because it just seemed so pedophile. Ha Ji Won looked at least a decade older than he was and his costume made him look even younger than his actual age. I think what annoys me the most is not necessarily his acting, but how he tries so hard to be a man when he looks like a little boy. Seriously, I think puberty needs to happen before he takes on roles that require him to look over 17. I just can’t take him seriously in his roles because I’m so preoccupied thinking that he’s playing grownup. It also doesn’t help when one conjures up images of him in drag or in heavy eyeliner. -__-

  9. bamidele

    You seriously crack me up. I love your witty side comments, reading your blog is one if the fun parts of my day. This episode seems like a lot of fun, and I wonder when we will get to see more of Gil Dong’s magic stuff.

    Thanks for the recap Javabeans

  10. 10 yukumushio

    Thanks for the recap java, helped out a lot, I finally understand what was said at the gisaeng scene and bribing scene~

  11. 11 Berz

    Ooooo this is getting better! Love the pace… Can’t wait for ep.5!!!! Wonder what would happen when Gil Dong is in that kinda of situation. Thanks a lot javabeans!

  12. 12 ocean

    Bleah…. As much as I like seeing his pretty face, I think Jang Geun Suk sucks a little in the first few episodes.
    Kind of disappointed =_=
    Had so much hope for him….. and yet…..
    But this series is starting to grow on me. I really love the photography. They’re all so pretty!
    And the Thieves’ Graveyard is just such a romantic set! Haha.
    Thanks javabeans for recapping! ^_^

  13. 13 Anonymous

    urk.. i’m not quite sure i got that…so is chisu on chang whe’s side or does he have ulterior motives?

  14. 14 godzillaicecream

    IT’S GOOD NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. 15 bethany

    JGS is really, really pretty. and 20. ridiculous!

    haha, i enjoyed this episode a lot even w/o subs, but looking forward to catching more intricacies of wit and the subtleties…… thanks for another fun post. 24 episodes! YAY. 20 more!

  16. 16 NotKyoot

    Man, you should advertise dramas. ANd be paid. *drools* Moneeeeeeeey~ I liked Jang Geun Suk in Nonstop 4, but his character was totally different, so that could be why. Give him a chance! Hopefully his character will be less angsty and we can dance with joy of a possibly-not-angsty-hot-character! Huzzah!

  17. 17 Marzy

    Definitely I agree with the JGS comments. I liked him better in Hwang Jini. Ill give it to him that he is good looking. Ughhhh the other part of me feels like he is lifeless in this one. I think he takes on roles that arent suited for him. Well.. but yeah hoping for improvement.. Sung Yuri is growing on me somehow..

    Im definitely enjoying HGD more now. KJH is just priceless. hehehe

  18. 18 huh?

    I love your recaps =P
    Sung Yuri is really cute as Enok. Like most people, I was very weary. Her acting was much improved in Snow Queen but I seriously didnt think she could pull off something from this genre. I must say, if this continues, I will be eating my own words.
    So, how are you feeling about Robbers/Bandits?

  19. 19 teokong

    Thanks for your summary of episode 4. The producer should take someone older for the role JGS is acting. I agreed with some of the fans that JGS acting is ‘wooden’. Nevertheless, I enjoy watching this fusion saguk drama. Cooooooool

  20. 20 tealeaf

    (Doeshelikelikeherorjustlikeher?) – haha. Is this a run-on sentence? You totally brought back my high school memories. Uhh, BTW, how do you text SMS that?

    Who said there’s no chemistry between the leads? LOL. They’re so adorably dorky together. Yay, episode four is great. Whew, I’m so glad i’ve continued with the series. Gotta have faith. I mean it would be a waste not to tap into that talent called KJH. Only a few writers can beat the Hong sisters’ storytelling. Their humor may not be subtle, but can they entertain us or what? Presently, I’m enjoying the fun and wackiness of the show cause i know fully well that the betrayal, hurt, and star-crossed lovers angst will come soon.

    Ha. We’re so hard on poor JGS. It IS difficult to feel for his character when all i see is a teenager sulking and glaring in almost every scene. Granted that he’s cute and all. We want multi-layered broodingly stoic, not single-layered wooden. He makes Chisu look as animated as a five-year old on his first trip to Disneyland. I’m not too fond of Chang Whe’s hair either. But you know what, he might just surprise us in a few weeks. After all, it took the series a couple of episodes to warm up. But yes, he’s the only one not in character yet. Or maybe he is, so that’s even worse.

    Speaking of KJH, i couldn’t imagine Gil Dong being played any other way. He’s really good at physical comedies. A character actor trapped in a leading man’s body. And what a body, ladies. Thank you, Hallyu god!

    Thank you for the summary, javabeans. It’s getting good!

    P.S. @ ripgal and hjk: thanks for your great insights and translations over at soompi. Glad that the HGD thread is more active and positive these days.

  21. 21 Jo

    Im so glad Enok didnt get jealous when gil dong went over to the other girl. I dont know why….little things like that make me feel better.Because it shows that she is not shallow … and I just hate it when love progresses to fast (or too slow)

  22. 22 Kiongna

    Think I will be able to watch this soon..coming on after Pretty In Soon….enjoyed reading your post….only thing is, I tend to get satisfied to know the story just by reading your summaries, and absorbing the atmostphere, characters.. and can forego watching it on TV… in this lies my dilemma because I am missing out on alot of nuances of real life performance – Aigoooo…. what to do you are very good dear Javabeans..

    But very likely….I would drool on Kang Ji Hwan moving real life then still pictures.. bring it on!

    Tealeaf *chuckles* quote ” They are so adorably dorky together ” bulls eye description of the lead couple…had me LOL

  23. 23 maltesers

    thanks so much javabeans…

    now….i am so tempted to start watching this series….

    but it’s such a pain to wait…waahhh….

  24. 24 Annie

    I haven’t seen any episodes of the drama yet but I’m already excited reading your summary. I don’t know whether or not Jang Geun Suk is wooden in Hong Gil Dong, he’s super talented in Hwang Jin Yi. His acting blew me out of the water.

  25. 25 nk

    I think you’re right about a lot of things. I think this episode sealed the deal for me. I’ll keep watching. The 70 minutes flew by whereas the previous episodes were setting up who all the players were and what their role is in the show (I think I have a bit of TV ADD or maybe I’m just impatient. ;op) All the chess pieces have lined up and we’re going to see where they will fall. And I do think Chisu is so much hotter than Chang Whe. I feel like I’ve seen him before and I just don’t know where or his face just reminds me of another korean actor. I just can’t place my finger on it. Is it Jang Dong Gun? Maybe it’s the hair in the face and the facial hair that’s pointing me in that direction.

  26. 26 mireenae

    Actually, Gil Dong and his mother are more like bond slaves than servants.
    During the Joseon Era, there were strict divisions between the different social levels. Gil Dong’s father belongs to the yangban (noble/aristocrat) class, which is basically the highest there is exept for the royals. His mother is one of the lowest…a slave.

  27. 27 hnil

    thanks. nice summary. this was my favorite episode so far. i loved how enok was copying gil dong’s movements, and the hunting animals scene. also i’m enjoying the love square that seems to be developing even though it seems one sided right now. i loved KJH in capital scandal, and this role seems to fit him well. i liked SYR in snow queen, but i love her in this role, she is so funny. also i like the rest of the cast too, like JSG, i’ve never heard of him, but he and his character seem pretty interesting. i can’t wait for the next episode summary.

  28. 28 hnil

    sorry JGS.

  29. 29 Auntie Mame

    Since I didn’t downloaded the soft subs until this evening, I just finished episodes 3 & 4. Episode 3 is absolutely priceless! I swear the three thieves were channeling Moe, Larry & Curly when they were debating how to escape from the soldiers. Then, in the street market scene where Gil Dong returned as everyone was celebrating his departure, the image of Dennis The Menace yelling “Mr. Wisonnnnn!” came to mind, as Gil Dong yelled out “Master Wang!”. Parts of these two episodes had me laughing so hard that I got light-headed from a lack of oxygen!
    By the way, did anyone catch the chorus girls line dancing in the background when Seo Eun was seeking information on Gil Dong?

  30. 30 Skangrrl

    I love the Friends who luuurve each other part too … too funny.

    And yes, the other suspicious minister is called Secretary Choi. Also, besides being called palanquin, in China, they are loosely translated as sedan chairs. Not sure why.

    And I agree too that Chisu is much more impressive than JGS. I find myself cringing in sympathy for him when he’s on … at 1st for pissing his hairstylist off so badly … then for pissing off his acting teacher so badly.

  31. 31 estelle

    Thank you so much for your recap, Javabeans! Ep 4 has been exciting indeed! And more so with your wonderfully detailed summary! =)

  32. 32 Cat

    Jang Geun Seok is so wooden cuz he has to wear that stupid wig. I laughed out loud when they braided it.

  33. 33 Cat

    I love the guy who plays Minister Seo. He cracks me up.

  34. 34 Nonbirira

    Unless he speaks, JGS brings to mind a sulky 13-year-old with bad hair extensions! Didn’t even realize it was the same person as in Hwang Jin Yi – and I LOVED that drama!

    SYR is a surprising delight here and KJH has quickly growing on me! Wasn’t quite sure what all the excitement was about at first (didn’t do that much for me in Capital Scandal-sorry!) but now?! YOWZAA! Really enjoying all this silliness (and dorky-ness, as others have mentioned). All a refreshing break from the melodrama antics of “Bad Love” and the slimy, underhanded trickery of “Robbers.”

  35. 35 cimi

    I just started watching this series, and although the subs are complete i still enjoy reading your additional thoughts. the action really started to get going in this ep!

    also i keep feeling like sung yuri is channeling eun hye’s chae gyung from goong. I thinks its a mixture of her voice and cute clumsy unladylike moments.

  36. 36 Rovi

    I’ve noticed, isn’t a gisaeng house similar to a “gyobang”?

  37. 37 Marjj

    Arww, I like Lady Noh – she’s like a badass nanny. It was sad on the flashback where she got beaten up whilst she trying to just get little Chang Whe some food. Still, she’s fiercly loyal which is pretty cool.

    I agree with you in liking this episode as it showed ‘romantic development’. I knew there was gonna be something between Gil Dong and Enok, but the scene where she was trying to tell him awkwardly to stay was sweet.
    However, I HATE Eun Hye for some reason. I really don’t like her character at all. Grrr, she best not get in the way of Gil Dong and Enok (though she most probably will *sigh*) Stupid love triangles and such.
    On that note though, even though I want Gil Dong and Enok to end up together, I also want something to go on between Enok and Chang Whe… Hahaa, terrible or what? I mean, they look sweet together, and the way he’s pushing her away ,though he definately thinks about her, is cute.

  38. 38 Kat

    Chisu = sexy beast, so I am also in agreement. I am not so fond of Chang Whe. I think he looks too much like a twelve year old and I haven’t really been impressed with his acting thus far. Love Gil Dong of course. As for the girls, Eun Hye creeeeeeeeeeps me out, though, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I wish Enok weren’t quite the bumbling eedjot (cause she was so very cool in the opener) but I do like her so hopefully she’ll have some good character development.

  39. 39 blabla100

    Where can i watch this online? I’ve tried different sites, but some episodes are missing TT

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