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Hong Gil Dong: Episode 6
by | January 22, 2008 | 34 Comments

Now that the action has really gotten going, the silly humor has been curbed to manageable bite sizes, I think. There are still plenty of instances of the trademark Hong sisters jokiness, but it’s inserted at greater intervals and with a little more restraint.


F.T. Island – “너 올 때까지” (Until you arrive). I love the string intro on this, brief though it is.
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Gil Dong realizes that Chang Whe is the one responsible for the murders blamed on him, and the two fight it out.

Chisu corners Enok and demands to know why she’s following. She insists on her innocence, but he becomes suspicious upon hearing Enok mention Chang Whe’s stab wound. He realizes she knows more than she should — as does Lady Noh, who arrives on the scene and looks at Enok with interest.

The men grudgingly acknowledge each other’s fighting skills, and manage to injure one another (mildly) before Gil Dong disarms Chang Whe. He asks, “Why’d you kill those bandits?”

Chang Whe snarls back, “You’d better quit while you’re ahead. Those who stupidly involve themselves in my business — the government troops, your minister father, whoever — I’ll kill them all.” Therefore, he continues, Gil Dong had better run along if he doesn’t want to die.

That angers Gil Dong:

“You treat a person’s life like it’s nothing. Why are you so righteous about killing someone?”

At that point, Chisu and backup fighters arrive, and Gil Dong is forced to escape. Chang Whe tells his men not to pursue since Gil Dong doesn’t seem to know anything, but becomes alarmed to hear that Lady Noh took notice of Enok.

He has good reason for alarm — Lady Noh invites Enok to the merchants’ headquarters to find out how much she knows, which turns out to be more than she’s comfortable with. She also learns a disturbing coincidence — Enok shares the same unusual name as the girl she’s searching for. She asks if her last name is Yoo; Enok doesn’t seem to know she’s adopted, and says she’s a Heo.

With that pesky coincidence explained away, Lady Noh decides Enok must be killed. She tells Enok to help herself to the food, then has her men fill the chamber with poisonous gas.

Oblivious, Enok eats happily.

A few seconds later, the door bursts open; Chang Whe rushes to rescue Enok. Lady Noh is understandably surprised, but Chang Whe merely says, “This girl saved my life. I do not wish to kill her.”

After Enok is given an antidote, Chang Whe watches her sleep, recalling Gil Dong’s words uneasily. He wonders to Lady Noh whether it’s true that he doesn’t respect people’s lives; she answers, “In order to accomplish great things, sacrifices are necessary.” And since the sacrifices are always other people’s lives, Lady Noh doesn’t mind at all.

Gil Dong, on the other hand, is at a loss, wondering about his next move, when he remembers Yeon’s offer of assistance. He finds the appointed contact, the young Gom (gōm, which means “bear”). Gom immediately realizes this must be Gil Dong, and sets out a network of red flags to alert the group: “Now we wait.”

Gom is kind of adorable — he’s quirky, exuberant, and yes, ever so prancey. But it’s cute, and he takes to Gil Dong right away, calling him “hyung” without reserve. I’m also guessing there’s probably a lot more to him than meets the eye.

Pretty soon, the bandits convene and greet their summoner.

Yeon: “I knew you’d come. … Just say the word. We’ll help you with whatever you need.”

(After Gil Dong’s faced such cold reception from the cruel, cruel world, their unconditional support is enough to bring a tear to your eye.)

Gil Dong asks if they’re still set on going after Chang Whe’s merchant group: “Let’s do it together.”

Enok awakens with a pounding head, not knowing what happened. Chang Whe tells her she fainted without elaborating on the details, and Enok can’t believe it — she’s not the type to faint. “Fainting is for delicate ladies.” But sudden movement makes her light-headed, and she wonders (with girlish pleasure), “I’ve never fainted before. To think, I had such a delicate, gentle side to me!” Chang Whe smiles in amusement.

After eating, she tells Chang Whe she has to leave and help her friend with something. He asks if she’s talking about Gil Dong, and she assures him that all the rumors are false — Gil Dong isn’t the guilty party; he was framed. She vows to help Gil Dong bring the culprits to justice, and Chang Whe realizes to his dismay that he’s just made another unknowing enemy. (I’m just glad he HAS such an emotion as dismay. I think secretly he’s glad too, after being forced to be stoic for so long.) Chisu warns that if he lets her go freely now, she might come back later; Chang Whe says grimly, “I guess I’ll have to kill her then.”

The bandits are tickled to learn that Gil Dong shares grievances against their enemy. Gil Dong asks if they’ve already formulated a plan, and Su Geun declares proudly, “Of course!” Behind him, Mal Nyeo and Yeon roll their eyes, as Su Geun reveals his foolproof strategy — to win over the heart of surely-lonely Lady Noh! Mal Nyeo cuts in: “Nope, we have nothing.”

Gil Dong sighs, “I wasn’t expecting anything, but still I’m disappointed. Is that any way to seek revenge on an enemy?”

Gil Dong, on the other hand, is intent on bringing down the entire group. The group that, at the moment, is finalizing their plot to infiltrate the palace. With one day left before the civil service exam, they’ve arranged to have soldiers and weapons smuggled into the construction site. The bandits watch Chang Whe’s men and the location where the explosives are stashed, devising a plan to sneak into the storehouse.

Meanwhile, Minister Hong is uneasy about the stolen sword and of being found out for his old crimes. Now, some more pieces fall into place — the man he killed was part of the royal family, who had the nearest claim to the succession after the (supposed) death of Chang Whe. The man’s daughter, Yoo Enok, had disappeared when his household was attacked and was presumed dead (which explains Hae Myung’s prediction that Enok is/will be royal). With no other royal descendants available, the illegitimate Kwang Whe was able to assume the crown, and anyone who knew about the existence of the sword was killed.

For now, Kwang Whe laughs off Minister Hong’s worries as paranoia over one little burglar and won’t heed his precautions to delay the civil service exam under such uncertain conditions.

Worried about Gil Dong, Enok asks Merchant Wang if he’s seen him (he hasn’t), and curiously notes the arrival of Eun Hye, who asks Merchant Wang the same thing. At the mention of Gil Dong, Eun Hye invites Enok home and asks her to pass along a message:

“Please tell him that I’m sorry I could not go with him that day. I couldn’t under the circumstances. It was only a short while, but the time I spent with him… I enjoyed it.”

Enok goes home and mopes, bothered by the implication that Gil Dong had asked Eun Hye to go with him somewhere. Grandpa Heo doesn’t make things any better, speculating that Gil Dong must’ve tried to convince Eun Hye to run away with him as lovers; scared, the lady must have resisted.

Feeling unfeminine in comparison to the noble Eun Hye, Enok primps by the waterside, attempting to look more ladylike. She’s interrupted by Gil Dong’s arrival, and gives him a warm welcome. Enok passes along Eun Hye’s message and hesitantly asks where he wanted to take Eun Hye:

Enok: “If there’s somewhere you need to go… I could go with you.”
Gil Dong: “If I really asked you to come with me, would you?”
[Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! Uh, excuse the knee-jerk response. Some things can’t be controlled.]

Gil Dong warns, “What if it’s scary and dangerous?” Enok reminds him that she hunted tigers with him; she’s not afraid. Gil Dong turns serious: “You don’t have to come with me, and don’t look for me either,” which causes Enok’s face to fall in disappointment. But her spirits lift when he adds, “Just wait for me. When I settle everything, I’ll come and find you.”

After eating, Enok nods off to sleep; Gil Dong wakes her and tells her to go back to the temple. She mumbles sleepily, “Don’t go. Talk with me a little more.” He moves to sit next to her and resumes warning her not to interfere with his plans tomorrow, but she nods off again, resting her head on his shoulder.

He tells the sleeping Enok:

“If you come with me, you’ll be in danger. I don’t want that for you, so I can’t ask you to come with me right now. But… if things improve… there are tigers in China too. Should we go catch them together? …Want to go with me then?”


Then, it’s the big day: the day of the civil service exam, the day Chang Whe sets his attack plan in motion, the day Gil Dong and the bandits embark on their revenge plan.

Chang Whe’s plan involves several parts: first, Minister Choi is given the sword and will await his post within the palace. Chang Whe himself will pose as an exam-taker. And his second-in-command will bring the explosives to the palace construction site, where a flare will be sent up — green smoke if things are progressing smoothly, red smoke if there are problems.


The bandits, meanwhile, are unaware of Chang Whe’s plan and move to infiltrate their weapons store. Mal Nyeo sabotages their wagon while Gil Dong hides in the false bottom of another wagon.

Inside the palace, Chang Whe stakes out his position amid the mad rush as test-takers fight for their spots. In Hyung — who has no backup plan since he was unable to hire his replacement test-taker — has been vacillating between taking the test honestly and trying to find a last-ditch cheating plan. He takes up a spot intending on looking over someone else’s shoulder.

Kwang Whe arrives to preside over the exam, and the citizens all bow. Chang Whe also bows, but in a nice added touch, he remains fairly upright — as though it’s demeaning for himself, the rightful king, to have to bow before his usurper.

Thanks to the bandits’ tampering, the cart bearing the hidden explosives breaks down in the forest. Gom “happens” to come by with another cart (where Gil Dong hides). Chang Whe’s men buy the wagon hurriedly, intent on completing their plan, and thus Gil Dong is brought right into the palace.

The bandits watch worriedly and wonder why the merchant group is smuggling weapons into the palace. They hadn’t anticipated this move. Unfortunately, they have no way inside and can only watch from a distance.

Thus Gil Dong finds himself delivered into the midst of the hornet’s nest when he emerges from the wagon’s false bottom.

Almost immediately, he’s recognized by the palace guards. Vastly outnumbered, he does his best to hold them at bay, and the ensuing fight results in an incendiary combination — warming fires are spilled, crates are broken, explosives roll right into the flames.

The explosions follow in quick succession. Chang Whe can tell from the source of the booms that something’s wrong. Test-takers panic. Gil Dong runs from both the explosions and the guards. Watching from outside the palace, Lady Noh sees the red flare and knows their plot has failed.

Amid the panicking test participants, Chang Whe’s faction stands conspicuously still, and Kwang Whe notices the man glaring so furiously at him. It doesn’t seem that he recognizes Chang Whe as the face haunting his nightmares, but he DOES know that this man is responsible for the mayhem, and he orders his men to capture the infidels.

That, of course, is a daunting prospect, given that locking in panicking masses only heightens the ensuing pandemonium. The palace gates are closed, and guards attempt to keep everyone locked inside.

By chance, Gil Dong comes face to face with Chang Whe; both know that the other is responsible for the mess they’re in. They glare. Eyes narrow. Fists clench. Tumbleweed rolls by. (Okay, three out of four.)

And then, Gil Dong is spurred into motion again, chased by more guards. Gom shouts to him from the wall; he’s prepared an escape route. Gil Dong flees over the wall and onto the cart driven by Su Geun, and they speed away from the palace…

Additional thoughts:

A kdrama wouldn’t be a kdrama without some kind of convoluted love-relationship geometry. The standard is the love rectangle — two triangles, really, centered around the main couple. I think kdrama fans are so benumbed to the familiar dynamics of that structure that it’s a welcome change to find something, anything, different in the relationship chart. Sometimes the result is a hopelessly convoluted mess (ahem, Witch Amusement), where multiple love lines muck up the dynamics.

Here, at least the main foursome aren’t all in love with each other. Enok, Gil Dong, Chang Whe = fairly typical love triangle. Gil Dong, Enok, Eun Hye = again, comfortably familiar dynamics.

But in Enok’s triangle, she’s coming to care for Gil Dong as a person, but Chang Whe’s really just flattering her vanity. Furthermore, she and Chang Whe are now taking sides on opposite sides as enemies (although she doesn’t know that yet — I wonder if Gil Dong will enlighten her, or if he’ll sacrifice that knowledge to let her pursue supposed happiness with Chang Whe). And yet, because of Enok’s royal lineage, she and Chang Whe also become united in their fight against Kwang Whe. Interestingly, that sets up a choice for Enok — will she align her loyalties and loves according to her current identity, or her birthright?

And Eun Hye brings the added complication of In Hyung — surely the weak-willed In Hyung will not be happy to realize that Gil Dong has won his fair lady’s heart. I’m a sucker for romantic storylines, but I like them all the more when they’re wrought with deeper significance, and here the multiple political intrigues enhance the love entanglements.

At this point, if you’re not hooked by now, you probably won’t be; if you are, hopefully we’re all in it for the long haul.


34 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Sevenses

    Yay! First to comment! I’m really interested in the show now, but the cliffhangers are going to drive me to an early grave.

    What’s interesting is that something Hong Gil Dong says in the heat of battle provokes so much though in Chang Hwe. CH doesn’t strike me as the type of person to be easily swayed, and as it stands, he’s on the far side of ‘really coldhearted’. Maybe it will foreshadow some sort of relationship where HGD is responsible for a change in CH – he’s acting quite like his hated half-brother, whether he realizes it or not. (Also, he now has three expressions in his repertoire. Congrats!)

    Great job, as usual!

  2. rocketfuel

    so, does this drama kind of feel like an anime series, considering the bright colors? I haven’t watched it yet….sooo, I was just wondering.

  3. godzillaicecream

    I wonder when Chang Whe will find out when Enok is royalty. Then the love triangle will be really interesting! Woo-hoo! So much good stuff in this drama! Love the scene where Hong Gil Dong tells her when she is sleeping if she still would like to hunt tigers with him in the future, it’s so cute! Ah! I’m in love again with a series!

  4. hellaakon

    lol…i haven’t watched it either rocketfuel…but your comment made me smile. 😀

  5. eyna

    im hooked!! i’m hooked with your review as always! hehehe..

  6. Miki

    Nice. It seems it’s getting fairly serious, though by no means overly-dramatic. I like the balance.

    I pity Chang Whe at this point. If you think about it, he is bounded by his birthright. So many people are pining on him, he can’t walk away like Enok can. And at least feeling uneasy about Gil-Dong’s comment shows he has a heart. Maybe it’ll be a tougher triangle than just straight Gil-Dong–Enok kind of thing. And what he’s setting out to do is difficult, as there’s no right choice. You just sort of have to do something, hoping it causes the least damage. Though Lady Noh seems really ruthless….

    The triangles to me are really interesting….It’s common, but I like it because of the characters within the triangle (both ones). Enok is a character I’m getting to really like. Her stance is really intriguing. To me, I don’t think she’s leaning either way. The political aspect of it also intriguing There’s not one definite path for her this way either. I mean, technically speaking, Chang Whe isn’t doing the WRONG thing. Harsh, but not wrong. Can she just stand by Gil Dong?

    Can’t wait for more!! And also, I just want to say, your summary is the greatest. Half-serious shows like these are perfect. Your writing really shines in these types of series. You can show some wit and also dole out criticism in spades. I’m actually reading the summary for enjoyment!

  7. yaoyao

    yay! another great summary and great epi from HGD. Thank you javabeans, now I can go back to watch it again with understanding from your summary before re-watching it with WITHS2 subs. I must say that the story develops nicely and though I’m not sure what will happen I already set my mind to be a Dongnoker.

  8. candi

    wow! this drama is becoming more and more interesting. Its sad, why can’t we all be friends…but then there would be no drama!!LOL
    neways, I can’t wait for the next episode! Thanks for the recaps!!!
    btw i love the screen pics you have with the summary, they are so perfect bc pictures speak a thousand words~
    i also like the FT Island song too ^^

  9. Baobao

    Loving your reviews they give such awesome insight and i can’t wait to see everything unfurl itself =D like sevenses said the cliffhangers are driving me nuts!! @_@ thanks again dramabeans =D

  10. 10 Linda

    i’m definitely hooked.

  11. 11 tealeaf

    It’s funny how Gil Dong’s reluctant accidental hero is the total opposite of Chang Whe’s resolute hell-bent-on-a-mission prince … though I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up as allies instead of foes.

    I’m with you on the lovers’ psychoanalysis. Besides being flattered by Chang Whe’s attention, Enok is actually enamored with the notion of romantic love. The bond with Gil Dong is more tangible. Complicated by fate and history, but so much deeper and sweeter. I envy her having to choose between a prince and a hero. Poor girl! Lover angst with this kind of political chess game background? No wonder I’m hooked.

    Chang Whe’s obviously a young man forced into adulthood way too soon. He’s been groomed for greatness – to avenge and fulfill his duties since childhood. All of which he has no control of. His journey into adulthood is no less interesting than Gil Dong’s. I’m intrigued by this character. Gil Dong is a wonderful character but this guy could really be something else…

    Minister Hong is a puzzle to me. I mean the man has done unspeakable horrific acts to many. He makes it his life’s mission to prevent anyone from taking over the throne. Yet we clearly see his disapprovals of the reigning Kwang Whe. Could it be that… drum rolls please… he’s Kwang Whe’s birth father? LOL.

    Gil Dong: “If I really asked you to come with me, would you?”
    [Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! Uh, excuse the knee-jerk response. Some things can’t be controlled.]
    Uh, get in line, please? LOL. As always, thanks for the recap javabeans. I love the high noon part!

  12. 12 teokong

    Thanks for your wonderful summary. As usual, it’s always filled with wits and criticism. Very interesting love-relationship geometry – 2 triangles! That’s cool.

  13. 13 canyayasis

    Completely HOOKED.
    watched ep. 5 and 6 with subs today at work with hidden ear buds under my phone headset – laughing out loud – to odd looks from coworkers…..

  14. 14 yeli

    i am really loving this drama and as always, i enjoy your summaries…thanks javabeans!

    you know, i’ve been wondering how much into the drama the opening of the first episode is supposed to represent…Enok was obviously part of the group of thieves with Gil Dong, but i am wondering if that is before or after she finds out she is royalty..hhmm…i love the story line! the political aspect makes the romantic one even more interesting..

  15. 15 Stawr

    I’m addicted. That’s all I can really say…

  16. 16 jinkzzmec

    completely hooked with this drama…cant wait for the next episodes….thanks for the recap javabeans

  17. 17 Y Nhi

    I think Enok joined the bandits after she finds about her real identity because I remember seeing “Several Years Earlier” instead of “Months Earlier” in episode 1 after the opening scene. At the pace the show is going, I don’t think they’re going to drag out the family lineage reveal for much longer.

  18. 18 alynizzle

    Gah! That whole scene by the lake got me all giggly and jittery. Just think – reading it was has me excited, what will happen when I get to watching?

    You’re totally right about the romance dynamics, too. All the mucked up political intrigue and social class confusion is sure to make the relationships more interesting than your typical drama. (And when I say social class confusion, I’m not talking chaebol/poor girl type of stuff that we’re used to.)

  19. 19 hjk

    “They glare. Eyes narrow. Fists clench. Tumbleweed rolls by. (Okay, three out of four.)” LOL!!
    Thanks for another great recap! As I had conjectured, Enok and Chang Whe are indeed related! I hadn’t caught the part about Minister Yoo being part of the royal family – I had guessed maybe they were related through the Queen Dowager. But doesn’t this mean that Enok is also related to Kwang Whe?

    I love how the love geometry is not stereotypical kdrama. The Hong sisters have made each pairing believable – though I’m still rooting for Gil Dong & Enok. 😀 They may have obstacles ahead of them, class differences & history between their fathers, but they’ll get there eventually (I hope). I’m glad it’s gradual, giving us more time to savour the romance.

    tealeaf, I’ll gladly join in the line. I call shotgun! (on the boat, that is)

    One thing I noticed about this episode, was the vast improvement in music. From the appropriately cheesy melody when Grandpa Heo does impressions of the star-crossed lovers attempting to run away, to the comic opera sequence of the test-takers in a mad rush to find the best exam spot, to the beautiful song between Gil Dong and Enok (what is it btw??). It’s much better than what was in the earlier episodes. Any news on the OST?

    Ah, eight more hours and counting…

  20. 20 javabeans

    I’m not clear yet on the royal family relationships… I think Chang Whe and Enok might not be related — Kwang Whe refers to Enok’s father as “the one who was going to claim the throne instead of me” which doesn’t necessarily mean he was a direct relative to Chang Whe. There may have been some convoluted secession path after the direct heirs all died.

  21. 21 hjk

    Thanks, Sarah. Maybe then, Enok and Chang Whe were betrothed (gasp!). Well, Lady Noh’s still looking for Yoo Enok, and this is after they had retreived the sword, so there must be some story there. We’ll just have to wait and see. I’m so tempted to wake up early tomorrow to watch the live stream…

    Found part of the OST over at soompi – just a couple hours away, and I’m already out of the loop! 😉

  22. 22 bethany

    no doubt, i’m hooked. the first couple were oookayyy but considering there are going to be 24 episodes, i realize now that it couldnt have been all action and fast plot. yet, still developments every episode.

    eeekkkkk i’m excited. and withs2 is being amazing with subs 😀

  23. 23 nomad

    another interesting summary, thanks for the recap javabeans!

    hjk, i was thinking the same thing about Enok and Chang Whe that they were bethrothed. oh no, what will happen to Hong Gil Dong?! 🙂 if that’s the case, Enok might have a difficulty in choosing between HGD and CW.

    like tealeaf, minister hong is probably the most mysterious character for me right now. his actions are contradicting and confusing at the same time. he opposes the king yet he protects him. he cares for HGD yet he abandons him. ‘can’t seem to figure him out.

    The In Hyung character is rather pathetic. Although he’s the legitimate son, his father appears to regard him as inadequate. he’s a weakling which could be the result of his mother’s pampering. does this sound typical? I wonder how his character will develop. He seems harmless now but will he become an ally or remain a foe? so many things are happening with the story and characters but not scattered which makes this drama exciting. i’m curious as to how everything will unfolds and falls into place.

  24. 24 vrosemarie

    Thanks for the summaries!!! I tried avoiding it before getting the subs but i couldn’t resist, so i skimmed it the summary… And it looks pretty good! I’ll be waiting to see what happens next! Enok is from royal lineage? That little Gom is adorable! The cliffhangers really get to me…

  25. 25 F

    oOh, so it’s getting good, eh? I hope so; I haven’t seen any episodes yet but I’m really excited to start it. I always love reading your additional comments at the bottom.

  26. 26 cecelia

    thank you so much for your summaries. I look forward to reading them each week. Your summaries were the reason why i wanted to download Hong Gil Dong and now I’m hooked!!!:)

  27. 27 Skangrrl

    Brilliant summary and the drama just gets better and better.

    I am not sure why there is such an anti-HGD sentiment going on over at soompi right now after Ep 6. I still think JGS’ acting was not up to par especially during the staring contests. When the King and him stared each other down at the civil examination hall, the King won hands down, manic twitch and all. When HGD and Change We bumped into each other during the escape, KJH did not even have to twitch to win that battle. Hopefully JGS will improve. How many episodes is HGD again? 25?

    But what I did like was the clever directing. The similarities between how HGD & Chang We are both starting to fall for Enok. Every time she is asleep, one of them starts pondering their feelings and relationship with her, while staring wistfully at her sleeping visage. Note to Enok: Stay awake more.

  28. 28 Nicole

    I am definitely hooked…can’t wait for more. =]

  29. 29 giddygirl108

    Love your summaries! I haven’t watched it yet but I’m already hooked by your writing about it!

  30. 30 Iya

    thanks for the review! this series is awesome, can’t wait for the next episode!!!

  31. 31 crazy driver

    count me hooked! just watched it with the fantastic subs by the fantastic withS2 team.
    IMO, the action scenes could be shot better. the sequences are not too fluid. especially during the fight part. but the cliffhangers at the end are great.
    “Gom is kind of adorable — he’s quirky, exuberant, and yes, ever so prancey” so funny and so true! prancey! hahaha! also perky and cheery!
    HGD looks really stressed out. i hope its the makeup and costume and not KJH himself. he is shining as usual. he acts down to his toes.
    the king is excellent! any actor could have gotten over the top and made the character comical and one-dimensional. props to Jo Hee Bong for creeping me out. his staring down scene with Chang Whe was dramatic.
    thanks again for the summaries!

  32. 32 cimi

    the romantic scenes in this ep were really cute.
    def. agree about JGS’s acting or lack thereof.
    one of the things that i like about the gang of thieves is that contrary to the norm the good-looking guy is the one who offers most of the comic relief usually it would have fallen on the fat guy to play clumsy fool.

  33. 33 Sephia

    I haven’t finished this episode yet – but can someone explain why “the sophisticated lady” sits with one leg half-raised (arm resting on her knee)? When Enok met Eun Hye, I can’t help noticing they sit differently. Enok never sits like that, and I noticed Eun Hye sat like that too in previous episode.

  34. 34 A-M

    Just started watching this show because I liked Jang Ji Hwan in ‘Lie to Me,’ and I saw that Jang Geun Suk was in this. So glad you have these recaps, gives me an audience to watch these with–even if it is a 4 year old audience.

    Totally agree with what was said a few eps back–this is very Shakespearean. Convoluted revenge plot, struggle for power, hidden parentage…pulling from legendary source material. I think the bard would have enjoyed this tale–plus it is a good mix of high drama and slapstick, which he always did.

    Maybe it is because I am not expecting much from the character, but I am not really missing anything in JGS performance thus far. I acknowledge it probably could be stronger and more layered. Knowing how great he can be, now, it will be interesting (For me) to see if there is growth as an actor thru the rest of this series.

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