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Hong Gil Dong: Episode 7
by | January 23, 2008 | 82 Comments

I’ll admit it. I cried.

I’m also a sap.

A cynical mofo on occasion, but also a blubbering sap.


Hong Gil Dong OST – “만약에” (If) by Tae Yeon of Girls Generation. This is the song played in the last scene. [ Download ]

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In the immediate aftermath of Gil Dong’s escape from the palace:

Chang Whe realizes he’s been made — the king recognized him. He thus turns his ire to his plan-foiler, Gil Dong. The king flips out — realizing the supposedly dead prince is alive — and orders his men to find the culprit, who must still be in the palace grounds since the gates were sealed. The guards question the test-takers, some of whom hilariously insist their innocence by saying, “I was only going to cheat! I swear I had nothing to do with the other thing!”

Enok, not knowing of Gil Dong’s activities, unsuccessfully peddles medicine with her grandfather, and suggests that since they’re not doing so well here, they might think of returning to China. Grandpa Heo asks her shrewdly if she just wants to return to China because that’s where Gil Dong is going. She denies it, then admits that she does like him.

Gil Dong puts the facts together, figuring out that Chang Whe is involved in a conspiracy against the king. He wants to make his case to his father, to which the bandits protest as a crazy idea. But he insists, and they help by distracting and pickpocketing In Hyung — who’s thrilled at having his dismal exam interrupted — to lead him straight to Gil Dong.

Gil Dong has a message for their father, wanting to prove his innocence. First scared, then angry, and then sneering, In Hyung interrupts to say, “He already knows you’re not the thief.”

Gil Dong is shocked to realize his father knows he’s innocent, but In Hyung clarifies: “Yeah, he knew and he still covered it up on my behalf. He said there was nothing that could be done for you. I’m his son! And you’re nothing.”

Enok and Su Geun overhear the conversation as In Hyung twists the knife further: “Father doesn’t care whether you’re guilty or not. He’s abandoned you.”

Numb, Gil Dong repeats, “I don’t matter… He abandoned me…” In Hyung shouts, “So stop acting senselessly and leave me alone. Get lost!” Having used up all his nerve, In Hyung runs away, scared.

Unlike Gil Dong, Su Geun isn’t paralyzed with pain; he intercepts In Hyung outside to gift him with one well-deserved slap across the face. (Despite In Hyung’s distasteful character, I really like him; I think the actor does a pretty good job ranging from sympathetic to cowardly to snobbish in one short scene. He has a tendency to cross into overacting, but I’d rather him show a wealth of range than none at all.)

Meanwhile, Enok, feeling Gil Dong’s pain, approaches. He sits huddled on the floor, trying to not care, mustering a sardonic laugh.

Enok tries to bring him out of his defeated bitterness, and holds out her hands in front of him:

“Don’t laugh — laughing makes it more painful. … I’ll make it so nobody can see. I won’t see, either. So Gil Dong, cry. It’s okay to cry.”

She cries, and so does he.

Everyone takes a break at the temple, and Yeon thanks Gil Dong for his help avenging their dead leader. Gom asks if he’s with them now, but Gil Dong says he’s leaving soon, and reverts to his familiar stance: “It has nothing to do with me. What do I care?”

Su Geun assures Gil Dong that they haven’t told Enok about their dangerous activities, and Gil Dong tells him not to; it’s better for her not to know. Su Geun teases, “Ah, so leaving your girl in the dark will keep her safe, is that it?” Gil Dong leaves; they note that he didn’t contradict them.

They take it upon themselves to find out the true state of things. Mal Nyeo rouses Enok’s jealousy by implying that she’ll be spending a hot-and-heavy night with Gil Dong (she has to “thank” him properly). Enok jumps to convince her otherwise, and ends up volunteering to drink with Mal Nyeo instead. Which was Mal Nyeo’s goal in the first place.

A drunk Enok asks Mal Nyeo if she knows what the (English) words “I love you” mean, and explains she heard a man say it once to a woman: “I think those must be really good words.”

Mal Nyeo: “Does it mean to like something?”
Enok: “It’s not just liking something. Look at this potato — it’s a really good thing. But it’s not an ‘I love you.’ That’s more than just a good thing — a much, much better thing. I think that’s what an ‘I love you’ is.
Mal Nyeo: “I think I understand.”
Enok: “But you see… I think I feel ‘I love you’ for Gil Dong.”

Mal Nyeo smiles knowingly, and mentions that Gil Dong’s leaving for China soon. Enok sighs; that’s the problem — “I even asked him not to go, but he’s still going.” Mal Nyeo tells her to go with him, and Enok wails, “But I can’t go with him unless he asks me to!” Mal Nyeo tells her she’ll regret it if she lets him go without talking about it, and encourages her to do so.

So, Enok goes to talk to Gil Dong, but in her embarrassment she has a hard time saying anything. Gil Dong gives her his sunglasses and tells her, “It’s less embarrassing when everything’s darker.”

She asks if he’s going hunting again, and he answers, “Yeah. Wanna come with me?” Enok immediately agrees, and Gil Dong asks, “Even if we have to catch two tigers?” Enok insists, “I still want to go with you.”

Awkwardly (but pleased!), Gil Dong answers, “Then, let’s catch tigers and go to China together… Come to China with me.” Happy, Enok agrees, but assures him he doesn’t need tigers; she’s already saved money for them to go. She trots off, then comes back to say, blushing and in English, “I… I love you.” He asks what that means, and she promises to tell him when they get to China.


Lady Noh has devised a plan to pin everything on Gil Dong, since the king won’t rest easy until the sword — his most dangerously kept secret — is back in his possession. Lady Noh’s plan has the added benefit of making the rapidly unraveling king even crazier.

To this end, she talks to Minister Hong under the guise of sharing information. Her men were in the palace at the time of the explosions, and saw the man responsible — Hong Gil Dong. (The revelation shocks Minister Hong, who’s convinced his son is innocent.)

News of Gil Dong’s involvement also spreads to the villagers, but they have a decidedly different interpretation — they assume Gil Dong was acting out yet more bravery. One speculates that Gil Dong heard of the king conscripting citizens to work on his palace and blew up the construction site in rebellion against the tyranny. Another thinks that Gil Dong, being illegitimate, was decrying the nobility’s maltreatment of the lower classes. The villagers feel shame for having so misjudged the hero.

In preparation for going abroad, Enok pays her respects to Gil Dong’s mother’s grave, assuring her, “I’ll be with him always.” She packs away some of the dirt so he can feel close to his mother from afar.

Meanwhile, Hae Myung talks to Gil Dong about his predicament, figuring he means to run away, as there’s little else he can do. But what about the people who will suffer when he runs away? Gil Dong answers, “How is that my responsibility? I’m not to blame for the conspiracy plot.” Hae Myung adds that Gil Dong’s father will face difficulty as well: “Your father may have abandoned you, but can you do the same?” (“Hell, yeah!” says I.)

Hae Myung’s prediction is correct, as the king has heard of Gil Dong’s complicity. Minister Hong defends his son, saying that someone else stole the sword — Gil Dong just got caught up in the mess. He entreats the king to be patient so they can find who’s really behind the plot.

The king responds: “I want to trust you. You betrayed friends and the queen and killed everyone on my behalf. You won’t have betrayed me. This time, kill your son and I’ll show you my trust.” Dun dun dun! It’s like Sophie’s choice, if one child were innocent and the other your crazy dictator boss.

Eun Hye is also convinced of Gil Dong’s innocence, and pleads to her father to intervene on his behalf. Minister Seo guesses that Eun Hye has feelings for him, but advises her to get over them.

Meanwhile, Enok (wearing sunglasses because she’s embarrassed) gives Gil Dong her pouch of grave dirt, which is actually much more romantic than it sounds. He’s touched by her thoughtfulness, and when she stumbles because of the dark glasses, he holds her hand, then her shoulder, as they walk back to the temple together. He also tells her not to come looking for him tomorrow, since he’s got something important to do.

Lady Noh’s next step in framing Gil Dong involves the dissemination of the message inscribed on the royal sword, which (literally) makes Kwang Whe’s eyes cross in rage.

The message alludes (in a poetic, cryptic sort of way) to the rightful king being the legitimate prince (Chang Whe, supposedly killed in the fire). Copies of the message are plastered all over the village, and Kwang Whe’s paranoia starts cracking his already unhinged exterior. He orders all the men in his construction crew to be tortured for information — which, of course, they don’t have. Minister Seo confers with Minister Hong to find a way to stop things before they get out of hand. First, the civil service exam takers are released.

Unfortunately, the same fortune is not awarded the construction workers — who had practically already been indentured into their service anyway — and they are tortured and sentenced to execution. Minister Hong’s way of “stopping things before they get out of hand” is to eliminate them all, hoping to restore the king’s sanity. Something tells me that’s a losing battle.

Gil Dong witnesses the horrors with heavy heart, recalling Hae Myung’s warnings, and barges into the merchants’ headquarters to talk to Lady Noh and find out what she wants.

Gil Dong tells her innocent men are being killed; Lady Noh doesn’t care, saying it’s Minister Hong’s doing. He counters that it was their conspiracy in the first place that set this off, and demands to know what the deal is with the sword:

“Tell me clearly, so I can either cover it up or die knowing the details. If I go into this knowing nothing, they and I — all of us — will just die.”

He’s under the misconception that he can reason with Lady Noh. She coldly answers, “That’s what I want.” Lady Noh has decided who must die, and the hell with the rest.

And so, the men are executed, one after another, in waves of blood. Gil Dong rushes to the gallows, burdened with guilt and sorrow. A ways away, he spies Chang Whe, also observing, but with an expression that’s a lot less clear. My other complaints with Chang Whe in this episode are purely character-related and have nothing to do with the actor. But in this scene I’m actively frustrated by Jang Geun Seok’s woodenness.

I say this with genuine confusion, because I really WANT to know what Chang Whe is feeling. Gil Dong’s pain and guilt are clear, but Chang Whe… Am I supposed to feel his pain for his oppressed people? Guilt at not doing anything about it? Anger at Kwang Whe? All snark aside, I really want to know — but I don’t, because Jang Geun Seok gives me diddlysquat.

Just look at the glares here — Kang Ji Hwan and Jang Geun Seok are essentially giving the same look (challenging, angry), and yet, there’s such a clear disparity of emotional expression. (Unconvinced? Clicky to enlarge.)

In any case, Gil Dong has had enough. He wants an end to this, once and for all:

“Let’s finish this with my death. You know how to end this.”

To the protests of Lady Noh, Chang Whe takes the sword and gives it to Gil Dong. If he admits to the conspiracy and shows the sword as proof, the king’s ire will be appeased and the bloodshed will stop.

Chang Whe: “Take the sword, save their lives, and you — you’ll die for them.”

Gil Dong visits his father, who is sure of his son’s innocence, but it’s a day late and a buck short for that. Gil Dong confesses to the entirety of the crimes, though Minister Hong won’t believe it — he knows Gil Dong must be covering for someone — but Gil Dong says, “I acted alone.”

Gil Dong says he has the sword, and once the condemned men are released, he will reveal its location. At that point, he will turn himself over to his father to await his fate, because that’s the only way for his father to escape suspicion in the matter. He adds a caveat — if the killings do not stop after Gil Dong is killed, the true secret of the sword will be revealed.

Minister Hong pleads for the identities of the real culprits:

“Why are you doing this? Who are they? You must tell me! You’re MY SON!”

Gil Dong maintains his stance:

“I’m not truly your son. If I’m caught, I can say nothing. So do not catch me alive.”

(Again, here’s “If” by Tae Yeon)

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Enok overhears the bandits talking about Gil Dong’s circumstances and realizes what’s about to happen. She races to warn him of danger, and finds him at “their” location — by the mountain pond, where he’s quietly awaiting his death, saying, “If it happens here, it won’t be so bad.”

Panicked, Enok pleads with him to run away — she’ll distract the soldiers, and he can flee. Enok’s sudden appearance upsets Gil Dong, since he doesn’t want to endanger her. Seeing that she isn’t likely to leave him willingly, he pokes her in a pressure point to knock her unconscious, and says, “Heo Enok. I’m sorry I couldn’t go with you.”

When the soldiers arrive, Gil Dong runs in a different direction to put as much distance between him and Enok as possible.

That leads him to a cliff’s edge, where he’s cornered.

Just moments later, Enok awakens, sees she’s alone, and races to find Gil Dong, sobbing.

Gil Dong tosses the sword to the soldiers.

An arrow is shot — and it stands still in the air for a moment —

…and holy OMGWTFBBQ, they actually do it.

Gil Dong is shot in the heart, and NOT in a lovey-dovey metaphorical way.

Gil Dong looks down at the arrow in his chest, his eyes roll back in his head, and he starts to fall backward over the cliff……

Additional thoughts:

Note: Please excuse the following if you are one of the people who prefers to read commentary without excessive swearing, or ranting, or hatemongering toward fictional characters. You may want to skip it.

That said, I get that this is the way the story must go. That we need this to happen for certain things to surely follow in its wake — we can now explore the reaches of Minister Hong’s affection for his son, as well as the extent of Gil Dong’s hidden heroic nature, which he’s so long suppressed. It is probably even necessary in bringing about a change in Chang Whe since he so royally (ha, pun) screwed Gil Dong here. And Chang Whe did give up the sword, one of his trump cards, to help Gil Dong end the violence.

But rather than considering that line of reasoning, here’s instead what was going through my mind during the last ten minutes, only with lots more four-letter words and less coherence:

Fuck you, Chang Whe. Fuck you and your weak, cowardly, dependent ass. I was on your side in this whole royal upheaval mess by sheer dint of the fact that the story was constructed for me to root for you, and because your antagonist in this setup is a crazy, sadistic, selfish king with no ounce of discipline or actual ability to rule, even if he does act you under the table. I could feel for your stolen youth, and your sacrificed mother, and the need to take back what is rightfully yours. I could even kinda see where you were coming from with your infuriatingly superior attitude of needing to sacrifice the lives of little “nothings” to further your royal coup, even if Mr. Raskolnikov could sure learn ya some valuable lessons about the erroneousness in thinking one is above the law — not just societal law but natural law. Hint: it’s not a happy ending.

But you fucked with my Gil Dong, and for that you are dead to me. D-E-A-D. As dead as I know I am supposed to believe Gil Dong is at this moment — and the fact that obviously he cannot truly have died as this is merely episode 7 of a 24-episode series does nothing to mitigate just how wretchedly weak you are at this moment. Just as it does nothing to alleviate the fact that you are a craven wuss who, if you truly had the slightest hint of being the worthy ruler you are supposed to be, could not stand by and let an innocent person — whom you first FRAMED — willingly die to save the lives of other innocents. He knows you’re setting him up, and yet he is willingly giving up his life anyway because he loves the very people YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO LOVE, if you’re such awesome king material. And if you don’t love them, if you’re NOT a benevolent ruler, how are you any better than Kwang Whe, except for the “legitimacy” of your birth? And as this is a story of Hong Gil Dong, we all know legitimacy bears no weight in the discussion of one’s intrinsic merit.

As to your coup d’état: It’s one thing for someone to ruin your carefully laid plans; it’s another to send him to be crucified for YOUR crimes — regardless of whether your crimes are justified — and you don’t even NEED to sacrifice him. You could man up and face the king fair and square — the sheer fact that you are the legal and rightful heir, not this man who wasn’t even next in the succession line, should be considerable grounds in your fight to reclaim the throne. Not to mention the fact that your usurper is guilty of numerous illegal acts and is widely regarded by the citizenry to be loony up the wazoo.

So fuck you, Chang Whe, and your ratty wig and your wooden emotionless void of a heart and your copious guyliner. May Enok trample you as SHE claims the throne, with a healthy and worthy Gil Dong at her side.

Hey, I can hope.


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  1. all4movies

    Wow Javabeans,
    That was some rant. You’re so crazy, but I love you. You’re so right though … Chang Whe, that yellow livered coward, should NOT have messed with Gil Dong. He better realize the foolishness of his ways before it’s too late for him. Tada.

  2. Susie Q

    Crap that was fast! Great review! I haven’t seen the episode yet, but I’m already depressed. I know that our beloved Gil Dong isn’t really dead and he and our other beloved Enok are going to get together at the end (they BETTER, grr), but now I can feel the onslaught of angst. And I’m totally with you on your rant. I was totally in Chang Whe’s corner to reclaim the throne, but that was a pretty dick move he pulled. Way to show your leadership potential . . .

    I’m always chuckling while reading your recaps, but this took the cake: “Gil Dong’s pain and guilt are clear, but Chang Whe… Am I supposed to feel his pain for his oppressed people? Guilt at not doing anything about it? Anger at Kwang Whe? All snark aside, I really want to know — but I don’t, because Jang Geun Seok gives me diddlysquat.”

    Thank you! ^_^

  3. Pully

    Wow, that was fast. LOL, you’re crazy but I love it !!! Can’t wait to watch this episode myself.

  4. nomad

    lol @ javabeans! i can’t stop laughing while reading your rants. i was so moved reading your summaries until it became a comedy towards your “additional thoughts”. i am with you on everything about Chang Whe and how Hong Gil Dong had to sacrifice his life for a worthless king. i was already affected without having watched the episode yet. but, i guess this only shows that Hong Gil Dong promises a brighter future than Robbers in terms of storyline 🙂 thank you javabeans and bless your heart!

  5. yeli

    OMG! i can’t believe it! i saw the episode without subs before reading your summaries, and my thoughts EXACTLY..i have no more sympathy for Chang Whe and his cause…what a weak little #$#$%%@@#!!!!

    i cried when his brother told him his father knew about his innocence…even though i could not understand what they were saying, Gil Dong’s reaction was enough for me to figure it out…SO SAD!! T_T

    I love this drama!
    can’t wait for the next episode…i wonder how he is going to be saved..

  6. deb

    gosh! just watched it…i cried too! was waiting for your additional thoughts though 🙂

  7. bethany


    thankfully you are right, this is only ep7. but im almost tremoring… scared and sad and worried and tense. AHHHH -_- sigh. i have the episode downloaded and waiting patiently for subs, but you beat withs2 to the punch… i wonder if all the episodes are going to be this intense and amazing.

    if i could, i’d beg the hong sisters for forgiveness for doubting their writing! but again, only episode 7. hmm… what twists and turns will be revealed now?

  8. T

    wow. I love your crazy rants at the end. hahaha.

  9. ocean

    omg…. javabeans…. you’ve crossed over to the dark side….

  10. 10 Bobbie

    I cried too! The emotion in that scene was just so raw. Wanted to give Gil Dong a big hug.

    With regards to Chang Whe, Jang Geun Seok’s woodeness works for me (though I’m sure it’s not deliberate) because Chang Whe’s emotionally crippled and he doesn’t know what he’s suppose to feeling. Most probably due to Lady Noh’s ‘guidance’.

    Anyway, great ep, even the previews made me cry.

  11. 11 glo

    that last letter was beautiful. it may just have a brought another tear to my eye. hahahaha. 🙂

  12. 12 teokong

    One hell of a rant!, Javabeans. I’m totally agreed with you. Oh, that bloody moron Chang Whe, he should be struck with lightning a thousand times. Super summary, thank you.

  13. 13 jolee

    ok….so I didn’t even watch the episode yet, but I cried anyways reading your summary and listening to ‘If.’ I’m totally hooked even though I’m only on episode 3 and reading your summaries. Totally started a sob fest when In Hyung was ranting on how his father didn’t love Gil Dong. I know….I’m a sucker for angst…hopefully they won’t torture Gil Dong too much!

  14. 14 gail

    ohmygodwhatthef***ingbarbeque?! my thoughts exactly.

  15. 15 tealeaf

    Those were the two loveliest sounds that I’ve “heard”: Tae Yeon’ s poetic rendering and your rant, javabeans. You go girl! That was just totally insane. I think you’ve scared 99.9% of the JGS’s fan club away with this post.

    We all expect things to get dark before they are better … but WAHHHHH, this episode is just so heart-breaking. I’m gonna need to brace myself when the download is complete. You’re absolutely right. This needs to happen. It’s the defining moment for everyone. The sacrificial lamb has been slaughtered … may the real heroes and villains please step forward.

  16. 16 canyayasis

    I keep thinking of T.S. Eliot – “the end is a beginning and the beginning is an end.”
    a paraphrase …… but worth noting because of the endings and beginnings of today’s episode.

    and so we’ve arrived to the folklore of Hong Gil Dong.
    fasten your seatbelts – looks like we’re just getting started.

  17. 17 alynizzle

    *is dead*

    No literally, I think my heart stopped.

    GAHHHHH! Enok and Gil Dong are so fucking awesome! OMGWTFFORREALZZ Chang Whe totally sucked balls in this episode! The only way he can redeem himself is if he shows up and makes sure Gil Dong DOESN’T die. I’d like to think the two of them might have secretly plotted together to fake Gil Dong’s death, but that’s just wishful thinking.

    Episode sounds totally awesome – CAN’T WAIT TO WATCH! Love the review by the way; you are teh awesomest Javabeans.

  18. 18 Baobao

    OmO lol javabeans awesome review as always and LOL at your rant! I can’t wait till Enok and Gil dong get together then its “IN YOUR FACE CHANG WHE!”

  19. 19 Stawr

    i’m so angry and speechless right now.



    edit:: okay. so…maybe I overreacted earlier, but anyways…

    Yes, I definitely cried too. There’s no way you cannot cry. I was a little bored with the storyline from Ep. 1-4 because the plot seemed to just drag on and on but then by Ep. 5, things started picking up which I was quite pleased with. However, it seems like it’s just going to get better and I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that there will be more improvements in the next…17 more episodes? (Aren’t there going to be 24 in total?)

  20. 20 hjk

    “blubbering sap” – right here, that was me watching the episode today. This was such a moving episode!

    “…and holy OMGWTFBBQ, they actually do it.” and then your rant – ROFLMAO!!! (so loud that I think I woke up the hubby in the next room). I love you!!! and you’re sooo fast! Thanks a million!!

  21. 21 yaoyao

    Wow, this is fast and awesome summary! I did feel Gil Dong’s pain last night and cried too though the kbs live was jerky. I must say your rant is definitely the highlight of this summary, the first sentence itself keep me laughing for 5 minutes before I can continue with the rest. I just hope that Gil Dong will not keep Enok in the dark for too long with his “death”. It was heartbreaking to see Enok crying while calling Gil Dong with him looking from a distance. ARGH! very intense and made me wish everyday is Gil Dong’s time.

  22. 22 hellaakon

    LOL. i think i’ll refrain from watching this drama and just let YOU do the talking for it. good stuff good stuff. 🙂

    on a random sidenote, tae yeon has a solo? inteeeresting…

  23. 23 Anonymous

    I think we’re supposed to feel disgusted by Chang Whe – the fact that you hate him so intensely means that the scriptwriters led your emotions exactly to where they wanted to lead you. You’re right about Chang Whe being just as morally bad as Kwang Whe at this point; I think that Chang Whe will have some kind of “transformation” and reform in the coming episodes.

    If Enok is supposed to become a princess (didn’t the monk person make that prediction?), then doesn’t that mean that she might end up marrying Chang Whe? Even if they use the cliche “my woman has reformed me!” storyline and make Chang Whe into a better person, I don’t see Chang Whe and Enok making a good couple. He seems like a really grumpy sort of person.

    And yeah! I also might stop watching the drama and just read the summaries…I like the summaries more than the actual drama. I just don’t feel that spark when I watch it.

  24. 24 smiley6yrl

    i told myself not to read your review for ep 7 until i finish watching it with subs, but i can’t help myself but to sneak a peek…. and wow, im speechless with all the caps… i can’t wait to watch it… this drama is sooo addicting n wonderful in so many different level.. and i totally love the ost! Im glad that you+ other members are still enjoying this drama.. Two thumbs up for the Hongs sisters!

  25. 25 Skangrrl

    Hell yeah! You tell ’em, Javabeans! I totally agree with you!

    Actually, to be honest, I started tearing already at Ep 6 when I felt so sorry for poor HGD and when he realised Enok was the only one who believed in him. Have not watched this episode yet but I am ready with my Kleenex.

    Chang We totally sucked in this episode. Bloody cravenly coward without an ounce of true leadership. Truly, short of a heroic and bloody death (preferably stabbed by a hundred blunt swords, torn apart by a dozen horses with poor sense direction & group dynamics, burnt by acid & gnawed to death by a thousand fleas in his wig), nothing can redeem him now. But then again, he was nowhere to be seen in Ep 1 future scene … hmmm … there is hope then …

  26. 26 Angela

    lol, whao. You must have felt strongly about this episode to review it so fast!!

    I’m totally with you on your opinion of Chang Whe… right now, I’m having trouble rooting for him… he really does seem no better than Kwang Whe… only slightly less crazy. And the acting is so wooden and bland, that I have trouble looking past the fact that he’s an actor, just playing a role. The only thing giving me strength is knowing that there are quite a few episodes left, and hopefully (he freakin’ better!) redeem himself. Or in the least, develop some emotions.

    If not, I’m all for Enok being queen instead!! Plus, it would be a beautiful slap to the face for Gil Dong’s father, should his illegitimate son take the throne! Yes, I too can hope! ^_^

  27. 27 jules

    Wow, you’re fast! Thanks for another great review! Totally loving this cast, especially Sung Yuri! Can’t wait for the next episode!!!

  28. 28 Serena

    i think the criticism here on Jang Geun Seok is a bit too harash. it is fair to say that his acting skills cannot be comparable to Kang Ji Hwan. JGS is only a 20 yr old guy….

  29. 29 jb

    Woah! That’s alot of expletives within one rant. But the important thing is…do you feel better now? I totally relate to those expletives filled moments. Hahaha, except most of time it’s in my head. It must be quite a relief to let it out. I havent started on Hong Gil Dong because I have been busy and so burnt out from the feverish following of Coffee Prince….hahaha. The power of yr blogging :p but with this rant…I just might. Thanks anyway! Have a good week ok!

  30. 30 Sevenses

    Wow, you’re so fast! They really packed everything into this episode, didn’t they? Great job as usual, and even when you’re ranting, you manage to sound rational. (I understand that JGS being so wooden is really frustrating, but I think you’re supposed to hate him after this episode. That way we can all feel better when he changes.)

    Also, I really hate Lord Hong for not standing up for his own son in favour of a psycho nutball who may just kill him on an off day. I’m so outraged that he’s willing to let soldiers shoot HGD (I thought they were going to arrange a convincing fake).

    I think we’re about to see the real alliances that shape HGD’s future: his father giving him up, Enok in love with him, CH and his tentative effort at working with him… I keep going back to the beginning of the first episode and trying to figure out what happened to Enok in between – she’s so poised and confident (not to mention better at fighting). I wonder where she learned her sword skills from.

    In any case, a big thank you for being so prompt (and now I can’t wait for episode 8)!

  31. 31 Livvie

    OMG I wasn’t at all expecting to see a review of ep 7 out so fast and so just had to stop everything and just read this through.

    HOLY CRAP that was some rant there Javabeans LMFAO but oh, what a lovely entertaining thing to read in the morning 🙂
    and yes, I have to agree with you…I can’t freakin figure out Chang Whe either and its driving me insane! Its like sometimes, you can ALMOST catch a glimpse of some sort of emotion, but its so fleeting arrrgghh >.

  32. 32 Chipmunk

    It’s definite, I have found a kindred spirit. I love you and all your rant. Hell Yeah.. F..bliipppp..k u Chang Whe…May he be burnt in hell. How could he do this to OUR Gil Dong!!!…..(Love..love your rant, keep it up!)

  33. 33 chasen8888

    Javabeans you are the best, what an unexpected surprise to read the summary of episode 7 and your rant. I totally agree with most of what was said. But I have to think that HGD and YN will be crucial in the changing of Chang Whe’s character which is somewhat emotionless in this case, because of their actions in relation to him, he may find out or gain his humanity and change him for the better I cannot believe that he is a hopeless hope. I somewhat blame Lady Noh in how she raised him which to me was unnecessary, life is hard yes but some semblance of heart, humanity and justice is essential in making it exist and live.

    As for the YN & HGD, YN & CW pairing. She is good for both of them in the sense that HGD needs someone who has total trust and belief in him and CW needs someone to make him a decent person and have a heart (she makes him laugh) so for me right now its somewhat difficult to say who she should be with in the end. Granted she may become queen in the future, but for which king? As I understand it HGD becomes a ruler in his own right with his own kingdom later on. As for HGD and EH, I am on the backburner for that because HGD is good for EH, he makes her more approachable and has somewhat helped her to grow up as a person, I don’t know what she can do for HGD and in what aspect does he need her that to me is unclear.

    Javabeans, I have to say ever since I discovered your site (which was recently) I have enjoyed every blog, summary, rant that has been posted you are now bookmarked and read just about everyday. Keep up the good work.

  34. 34 maltesers

    oohhh…i so wanted to spoil myself but i’ve only read till the part where Enok said “I love you” to Gil Dong…so sweet….
    better watch the real thing…thanks javabeans!

  35. 35 ripgal

    OMGosh.. I haven’t seen Ep 7 yet, but reading your additional thoughts Beans, just made laugh out loud. HAHHAHAHA..

    I feel bad for the actor..but it’s so cute how you defended your Gil Dong..

    Thanx for sharing. I love your snark and wits…:P

  36. 36 invisibelle

    Hehe, Sarahbeans, you totally rock.
    I love that the story was written such that all of Gil Dong’s reputation for noble actions (up until this latest one, at least) were unintentional, heh. It’s clever, it makes it seem like “the real story of Hong Gil Dong.”

    I am completely with you on hating Chang Hui; surely the writers are not expecting us to still sympathize with his plight. There’s just no way. I am scared for my OTP, though, especially after the “countenance of a queen” foreshadowing.

    I’m holding out hope that that meant the story will end how the original story does, with Gil Dong being king of some other area of Asia. heh. (A lot can happen in 17 episodes…) With Yinok as queen, of course!

    Oh, my poor, poor OTP… I have a feeling the next few episodes aren’t going to be very satisfying on that front 🙁

  37. 37 Jessica

    Wow! Thanks for the summary! And I love your commentary 🙂

    I’m afraid I might have missed something, but did Gil Dong’s dad actually/physically kill Enok’s dad? Or was he just part of the conspiracy?

  38. 38 Jo

    my new drama adicttion…Your episode summary actually help me to understand more when i watch it on youtube..I cAnnot wait till next week episode…Thanks javabeans!!!!

  39. 39 szai

    i am getting into this mode again…
    i am just starting to watch this after seeing the ending of this episode, well because i cried rivers of tears…
    i must catch up and perhaps cry again…

  40. 40 La Plume

    Oh my God OUT ALREADY!!!!!!

    That was a sad episode but the recap was excellent… The ending rant…
    As I was reading your summary I felt the same and I completely agree with you! I think watching this episode with subs will make me awfully mad. Still, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud reading your comment. God!!! It’s rare you express yourself “so clearly” ahem ^^

    And yes “You fucked with my Gil Dong, and for that you are dead to me. D-E-A-D.”

    Ha that’s a quote to remember !!! Now I’m gonna read other people’s reaction concerning your ahem “pêtage de plombs” ( can’t find an english expression for that one) Must be funny ^^

  41. 41 KT

    Have you ever laughed so hard and loud that the people around you thought you were crazy? Thanks for the commentary at the end, I crazy-laughed the entire time I read it.

  42. 42 jennyo88

    I agree with you 100%, Chang Whe is a freaking asshole and I hate him. Why? Why? did they had to shot him with the arrow so lose to the heart, because is broken?? or what?? And she needs to heal it or something??? Well, I loved the part when he tells her to go hunt and to go to China together, it was really cute. Also when she said “I Love You”. It was so cute. I cant wait to watch the episode itself. I bet its even better when you actually watch it. Cant wait for Episode 8. Javabeans, YOU ARE AWESOME, the BEST.

  43. 43 Miki

    I supposed you’re hooked? (Usually it takes you 4 days from the day it airs to put up a screenshot, but it merely took you a day or two this time….) XD

    What a rant! I agree with you. Chang Whe is supposed to be the rightful ruler, but is he any better than his brother if he lets an Gil Dong do this?! You know, when I think about it, I realize that Chang Whe is doing this to get revenge for his mom’s death and suffering, and that he doesn’t give a damn about the people and THEIR suffering. If he goes to the throne, he’ll probably kill people as easily as he does now.

    One minor point: Not that I don’t agree with you about Chang Whe, but is part of the rant also because Gil Dong is the one getting hurt here? XD

  44. 44 anner

    I think if Chang Whe made you feel that way, then Jang Geun SUk’s doing a pretty good job. He made all the viewers hate his guts. As for his wooden-ness, I think thats a part of his character. Obviously, the only emotion he actually knows is “revenge”, ever since he was little. But I do agree with you that Chang Whe’s character here is pretty messed up. He’s sacrificing poor Gil Dong.

  45. 45 F

    Ah, I still haven’t started Hong Gil Dong but everytime I come to your site I end up reading the episode summaries. This time I’m really mad that I read it, but I’m also excited. After reading this recap I have decided to drop the drama I’m currently watching and start Hong Gil Dong. Don’t worry, I’m sure he’s not really dead. I mean…I hope. The Hong Sisters couldn’t POSSIBLY kill someone..

    ..could they?

  46. 46 Berz

    ROFL to ur rant!!! CHANG WHE WILL REGRET THE DAY HE GAVE THAT SWORD TO GIL DONG! Omg I feel so sorry for Enok… NOOOOO why did he have to get shot! Anyhow, Thank you so much for the super duper fast review Javabeans!

  47. 47 Angel

    LOL. I love your rant, your caps, your summary, everything.

    But, omigosh, I was reading spoilers on soompi during AP Chem [hah!], while I was supposed to be studying [hah!]. And it just got so intense…. even with just reading snippets and piecing things together. And your summary and everything… LOL.

    But, DAMN, I have stupid SATs. I’ve put dramas on a restraining order. Until next week, I guess. But for now, your synopsis is enough. xD

  48. 48 Jo

    I know seriously. Chang Whe should love his people. I dont think he’s going to be a good ruler. He’s power hungry and that is why he wants his throne back. Not because he wants to help the people of chosun….korea…whatever. HIS PEOPLE. (there you go) OMG I just figured it all out. Enok….is going to be queen right? So….GIL DONG BECOMES THE KING!!! whooo……..Anyways, I think that ChangWhe needs a lesson on how to become a king from Yi San…haha

  49. 49 Archer

    I’m totally SHOCKED…. I watched this episode without knowing any words, mostly I was just guessing. I can understand it later after reading your summary. Thank you so much. This drama is awesome so far. Unpredictable. In addition, I think KJH is a great actor, because he can tell a story without any words. Can’t wait for the next episode…

  50. 50 kate

    the drama is getting better and better, i hope it will be a happy ending!!

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