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Daniel Henney’s new girlfriend?
by | February 1, 2008 | 58 Comments

Shh, listen. Carefully. Do you hear those grievous wails and that gnashing of teeth? That is the sound of fangirly hearts breaking.

Read it and weep, ladies. Heartthrob Daniel Henney has been photographed with an unrecognized woman by paparazzi, and the resultant internet frenzy to identify the woman is ongoing.

For once, netizens are refraining from jumping to the conclusion that she’s the actor’s girlfriend (the force of denial, how she is strong) and are busy scouring the internet for more info. The photographs show Daniel Henney in comfortable conversation with a woman in what appears to be a cafe in what appears to be a foreign country. Way to dig up details, netizens!

Netizens speculate that she’s his girlfriend living in the States, but so far all they can say for sure is that she’s a new face they don’t recognize. (Personally, I think if he was really in the U.S. with his girlfriend, they’d be a lot cozier. And dressed a lot less like a yuppie businessman and -woman.)

Henney was last seen in the film My Father, about a Korean-American adoptee who goes to Korea in search of his birth father, only to find he’s on death row, and has been taking a break since the end of last year.

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“Kissing Me” sung by Alex of Clazziquai and Daniel Henney, from the Seducing Mr. Perfect soundtrack. [ Download ]

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58 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. bin

    hmm.. she looks a little like eunice olsen from Singapore. I did a quick search and found out that they were judges for a new reality tv program called “The Contender”. She is an ex-Miss Singapore and now also a nominated minister of parliament. haha.. was daniel in singapore last year?

  2. jaime

    oh my. i think my heart stopped. i mean i am happy for him. but my poor dreams are all shatters. craaaapppp. =(. anyway, she looks like Katherine Heigl? hehehe. but you are soo right about their get ups.. its soo businessy and if they were dating.. they will be standing closer. but then their smiles say something else.. ahhhh.
    come on NETIZENS.. we need info! keep diggin! ^^

  3. Paula

    Wow, this is news! I just finished watching My Name Is Kim Sam Soon and have now fallen deeply in love with Daniel Henney (and he’s the same age as me too) so this is disappointing news 🙁 Great photo of him at the top of your post, I absolutely LOVE his smile 🙂 I don’t really know the girl he’s with, but maybe they’re “just friends”? *crosses fingers*

  4. marcel

    “gnashing of teeth” ^_^ javabeans, you’re hilarious! although daniel henney is strikingly handsome, i’ve always found his acting to be a tad awkward… maybe i’ll change my opinion once i’ve seen his work in My Father… but all the same he is a gorgeous man… i wouldn’t be surprised at all if he were dating the lovely lady in the photo… this is the first time i’m hearing of eunice olsen… a nominated minister of parliament? she’s quite a beautiful & accomplished woman…

  5. avonmarissa

    Goodness, they say bad news comes in threes- first Song Il Gook is getting married and then Daniel Henney has a girlfriend- my poor heart may not it make past this weekend,lol.

  6. Jessica

    he’s handsome but since I only “know” him from his acting… well… meh…

  7. hellaakon

    yes, i’m bawling. go away. :/

  8. hjk

    I didn’t know Daniel Henney could sing (not too badly). Seducing Mr. Perfect was so bad, I don’t even remember if there was a scene with him singing. I was too busy cringing at his (lack of) acting skills. Is the woman in the song Uhm Jung Hwa?

    “yuppie businessman and -woman” LOL! Yeah, they’d be a lot closer in body language if they were actually dating.

  9. Sunnydayz

    Actually, the girl in the photo doesn’t look too comfortable around him, notice how she is looking at him but with her arms crossed in front of her whereas he looks more comfortable. I doubt they have a relationship, he looks like he’s acting.

  10. 10 Bérénice

    her name is solange wilvert and she’s a brazilian model.

  11. 11 hm

    oh my gosh…my heart fell when I read the title… 🙁 but but but!! look, her arms are crossed and they seem so distant body-language wise. I’m gonna say that she’s not his girlfriend, nothing’s going on… and please don’t ever post more about her ever again. 🙁 haha yes i’m a loser.

  12. 12 Carina

    Don’t really understand the excitement. They are just talking. Do you date every single person of the opposite sex you have a conversation at a coffee shop with?

    But if she’s his girlfriend, good for him. She’s pretty.

  13. 13 anonymous

    She does look like the member of parliament Eunice Olsen from Singapore.

  14. 14 uh

    look people, this looks like they are in between photoshoots for an advert. she’s a model and he’s a former model, and plus she is barely 18. if you look closing at the 3rd pic there is a lighting structure of some sort. her makeup is impeccable and if you google her up she does not look like she is even 18. she barely speaks english..

  15. 15 Gaijin

    ummm… her body language suggests otherwise. Notice her arms folded in front of her chest. Distance between them is another sign. Nope, just shooting the breeze. But then again, I really don’t care about Daniel Henney. Just another mactor cashing in on his *cough, cough* looks. *yawn*

  16. 16 Skangrrl

    I don’t think she looks like Eunice at all. And I agree with the others that it does not look very … loverly. Her crossed arms in front and distance between them looks more businesslike. It looks like an ad for some business solution.

    Also, her smile as she looks at him looked friendly and nice but hardly soft and affectionate. And he, likewise, just looks polite and friendly but not fond or with the look int he eyes guys get when they wanna “get with chu”. I don’t know. I know I am going to be slaughtered by thousands of rapidly angry fangirls but … I always thought he was gay.


  17. 17 anastassia

    I feel kind of awkward of this fangirly situation. I mean i’m also so in loved with one of korean boys band members. A very talented and sentimental one with adorable and thoughtful character. I loved him dearly because of his personality and his

    talent. Sounds corny? Yah, maybe. The look? Honestly speaking an advance but not the most important score. Hey! We have a lot of hunk males celebrity out there but none of them can make me attracted this much. If he become chubbier, skinny or whatsoever I dont care I loved the way he is and just want him to be happy. If we are far can bring them true happiness i.e close friends or partner. Haha daydreaming XD, then why not let them find their own path in life. ( Frankly speaking he is the one that i really do loved right now. For the first times, this fangirly stuff hit me and get me hooked, ok, ok just skip this rants )

    As much I loved the singer, but I all I want him is to be happy and find true happiness and true love. Then with that I will be fully satisfied. Didn’t believe? That’s is what I believe true love is either in real life or fandom world.

    In my dictionary previously, there is no fangirly thinges- boys band waht so ever. To like a music is yes, but to be a fan is far than possible, that is me. After long observation I choosed them not because they are perfect. Yet I supported and loved the band strongly based on their character and personality then come the true talent. What I noticed is the fangrily stuff and all this fandom isssues is quiet somehow is a media service UNLESS when we loved and supported them dearly and sincerely. What I mean is as a humanbeing we carving and yearning for love, attention, beautiful things that can fullfilling our desire and bring us pleasure in life. That is normal and nature of life.

    Then come he/she and them, that widely promoted by the media, make a show and etc. On the other hand, we that longing for a pleasure in our soul will be attracted to whom so ever and feel devoted to them and be so in them in whatever condition is.

    The question that embarked is? Is we really need them because we truly loved them or we adored them because in any odd reoson they have fullfilling what we are longing for. Itis not a wrong thing but what I mean by MEDIA SERVICE is, when a fan become a fan she/he usually she will want to control everything and want everything runs the way that they are only feel please and satisfiy.

    That is somehow didn’t look like loved isn’t it? It is more close to obsession or soft addiction. In short, we can only be happy when they can bring us happiness and do the thing that will satisfied and please us. Yes! We say we loved them etc..etc, cry laugh etc but is it the real love is not like that.

    A true love is we are happy when they can find their true happiness, not we will only be happy if they do what can please us & what we want them to be. When we free our own desire and just loved them the way they are and want them to find the ture happiness either with us or not.

    I’m sorry for this long rants, not try to being a philosopher or whatsoever. But what the heck, I mean just let them live their life the way they are as long as it is a healthy life and didnt opposed with morality, faith and their religion.

    I think to feel depressed, dissatisfied and want them to act and conqured in our circle is it real affection? But to feel a pang of jeolousy and sad is a normal feeling to the fact that we are happy if our loved one is happy but we will feel sad if we can’t have them and make them feel our love. Gosh i sound so corny. But yes, when it comes to love I will be so passioniate about it.:D

    But not all fangirls like that, a matured one is out there a. A lot. Vice versa. Somes say things i.e I feel betrayed etc just to have fun on the other hands, some is serious. Just pick up your box.

    As for our hunk up there, it is amazing how thing turn out for the celebrity. I mean just catch a gilmpse of him or her with another human being than we can make 1000 of assumption from it. It is contradict with a normal human being in real life. Who cares whom we chat and doing business with. But it is different with them, just a some capture of pictures then you are domm into rumors word. We didn’t date/have something special with everyone that we are meeting aren’t we? Same as for them. But they choose this life as a celebrity and this is just the way it is. Live long Daniel and that woman look so sophisticated, so good luck on their life whatever it is.

  18. 18 anastassia

    btw: javabeans, sorry for bothering your cafe with my lame rants. I loved your coffee so do please keep writing. I really did like the ” grievous wails and that gnashing of teeth?”. That is witty phrase that I only found today. * Grab it and put it in my ‘online’ dictionary.

  19. 19 Alwayshungry

    To me this does not look romantic at all but who knows. Anyway, I do wish him success with his love life. It can be a hard world, if he can find someone to walk the path of life with good for him

  20. 20 avonmarissa

    Skangrrl, that’s interesting lol- the whole gay angle, never crossed my mind but hey nobody knows.

  21. 21 giddygirl108

    Oh I totally agree with you. He could be talking to just ANYONE in that position. Heck, they aren’t even that physically close. I hypothesize an upcoming commercial!

  22. 22 leemi

    actually she’s not his girlfriend…she’s a model he’s working w/ for an ad

  23. 23 Amy

    Actually, that’s Solange Wilvert, a Brazillian model. Seeing as how Daniel Henney has been a model, it’s probably not strange for him to communicate with others. I’ve seen pictures of him with other pretty famous models as well 🙂 I’m sure he and Solange aren’t going out.

  24. 24 Blake

    @ skangrrl, that’s hilarious! i can see where you’re coming from tho…that’s crossed my mind once or twice because daniel henney’s so devastatingly attractive heheh

  25. 25 E

    Well good for him, but I agree ~ they would be a lot closer looking if she was his girlfriend, they look like they’re barely acquaintances…maybe business partners? lol but hey…she’s pretty gorgeous.

  26. 26 a

    i think she’s an australian model. i’ve seen her somewhere before . and the pics look like they are from a CF, so i wouldn’t worry that much abt it.

  27. 27 Miki

    I never was that fond of Daniel Henney. XD But seriously, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s got a non-Korean girlfriend. He grew up in the States. Even women who lives in Korea all their lives sometimes marry American men, I’d be surprise if he doesn’t date a non-Korean women…..

    Their clothes aren’t too business-like for me, or maybe it’s because I’m used to seeing him in dress shirts and stuff like that. but even for business clothes, it’s pretty relaxed….Both of their clothes look a little messy. Maybe they’re just friends? They look really comfortable, but not COZY with each other. Many guys are friends with girls. There’s nothing wrong with that…. Maybe they just stepped of from work? ~_~ I don’t know. I’ll let the DH’s fangirls dream up the possibilities….

  28. 28 Philippa

    Good for him. lmao.
    I hope he goes back to the film industry again… after his break…

  29. 29 SMKISS1

    OMG please never post anything about her anymore! I dont think that their going out! my heart stoped for a couple of min. there. OH PLEASE GOD, DONT LET IT BE TRUE ;( i think im gonna cry if it is

  30. 30 tooizzy

    Don’t really care….

  31. 31 jindarae

    That’s Daniel Henney’s partner in his new CF… saw it over at YTN… its the same outfit they wore at the CF.

  32. 32 jindarae

    its a new CF for Canvas of Daniel Henney… its the same outfit they wore at the CF… saw it last night at YTN. really georgeous!

  33. 33 Elaine

    Okay, I was staring a the second photo at the top right corner and I can almost confirm its Eunice Olsen (Singapore) unless she ha a identical twin somewhere

  34. 34 Jessica ^^

    Solange Wilvert is actually only 19 years old! And these are bad pictures of her. She’s GORGEOUS in her modeling pictures! (google her!) I agree with Amy, I doubt they’re going out. (She’s a Brazillian model)

  35. 35 Manda

    i heard he and maggie q are back together
    if its anyone he should be with its her, they make a f-in hot couple, even hotter than brangelina.

    … i wish i was maggie q

  36. 36 francheska

    pictures were taken from a cf they shot together.( cellfone i think).check out you tube (search solange wilvert).besides their body language don’t show they are intimate.

  37. 37 verushka

    oh no!! please dear lord ,not not maggie Q…. that girl from the edison chen scandal?? yeah,she’s beautiful but….

  38. 38 sexykient

    fuck hes ugly

  39. 39 Anonymous

    February 1st, 2008 // by javabeans

  40. 40 Anonymous

    wow looking dashing………….way to go Daniel

  41. 41 shhhhh!!!

    i dont want daniel henney to have a girlfriend!!!….

  42. 42 Anonymous

    oh my god. i think my heart is no longer beating. huhuhuhuhuhu 🙁

  43. 43 greenteacrepes

    song link
    Alex & Daniel Henney – Kissing Me

  44. 44 yupieee

    daniel is soo hot…
    i like his smile

  45. 45 anna

    um this girl was in the same movie as him as a costar..?
    from “seducing mr. robin”

  46. 46 RG

    Is only business- related:
    Her name is Solange Wilvert – Daniel Henney is the spokeperson & model along with Solange for the “LG Scarlet X-Carvas Commercial. You can go to the following address: http://solangewilvert.com/home.html & watch ….carvas 1, 2, 3.. where you can see Daniel & solange on the commercial…

  47. 47 Angie


    there you go.
    its those two in a commercial.
    they’re acquainted business-wise.
    of course, we never know, but she’s definately not his girlfriend from the states. lololol.

  48. 48 jazzz

    nooooooooooooooo!!!!ths cnt b true…………..i saw seducing mr perfect and hv bcm an instant fan………………….i jst hope tht these r rumors…………………:-(I REALLY LUV U DANIEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. 49 Dylann

    i hate when ppl get butthurt when celeb’s go out with people

    you now how hard it is on the actual GIRLFRIENDS when they go out with a star as popular as him?

    she has to worry about rabid crazy fangirls stalking her and trying to kidnapp her kill her exc,

    it goes on and on V.V

  50. 50 Yazhou

    ….yucks…you’re girlfriend is so ugly..I bet i’m beautiful than her…

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