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Hong Gil Dong: Episode 11
by | February 6, 2008 | 45 Comments

Great episode.

And never let it be said I can’t give props when they’re due: Chang Whe gets quite interesting. Not only that, I actually care for once about which direction his character will choose to go.


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Gil Dong, having pulled Enok out of harm’s way, keeps his hand covering her eyes as she asks who he is and why he’s helping her. Gil Dong slips away, hiding his face; Enok chases.

Rejoining Su Geun, they run off together to hide (Su Geun identifies her using his nickname for her, “Doe Eyes”). Unfortunately, Su Geun knocks over a barrel, which starts to roll, and Gil Dong stops it in the nick of time — but in so doing he’s caught in the open just as Enok arrives.

The following is HILARIOUS. I laughed out loud like a loon.

Gil Dong keeps his back to her, unable to answer because she’d recognize his voice. Su Geun therefore speaks for him, and the language he uses is absurdly flowery:

Su Geun (as Gil Dong): “Do not come any closer, young lass. Because of my circumstances, I cannot reveal my true identity.”
Enok: “Please tell me your name.”
Su Geun/Gil Dong: “In a fate as fleeting as the passing wind, what is the use of knowing each other’s names? Let us merely think of this encounter as briefly mingling our scents underneath the moonlight sky.”
[Gil Dong shoots Su Geun a frown. Enok sniffs the air.]
Enok: “But I don’t smell anything.”
Su Geun/Gil Dong: “This is as close as we come. Do not come any nearer and alight my chest with flames.”
Enok: “But I don’t have any fire.”
Su Geun: “Your gaze is like kindling that enflames a man’s heart. The fire has gone out, so like wisps of smoke, adieu.”
Enok: “Are you telling me to get lost, like smoke? O…kay. I’ll leave.”
Su Geun: “Farewell, Doe Eyes.”

Enok alerts at the mention of Doe Eyes: “Do you know me?” Su Geun fumbles to smooth over his mistake, and stutters, “Uh, I said, ‘Make sure to buy some glasses.’ Your eyesight seemed weak.” Note: His eyeglass line (ahn-gyung kkok sa-sheo) vaguely rhymes with Farewell Doe Eyes (ahn-nyung kkot sa-seum).

Enok accepts that answer and promises to pay him back for his help, then starts to exit. Su Geun feels sorry for Gil Dong, who can’t tell Enok any of the things he wishes he could, and calls her back to say:

“I’m sorry that I must turn you away without being able to show you my face. My circumstances prevent me from being able to involve myself with you. But I know I’ll wonder over your welfare. Please keep safe.”

In his mind, Gil Dong echoes the same words, as though he were speaking them to her.

Of course, the moonlit stranger captures Enok’s fancy. She tells her grandfather he seemed like a good person, saying he had a really good scent. (Grandpa deadpans, “For you to say that, he must’ve eaten sweet bread or chicken.”) Enok clarifies, “It was an ‘I love you’ smell.” (Grandpa: “So sweet bread AND chicken?”) Grandpa coins a nickname for her tall, gallant moonlit stranger dressed in dark clothing.


Chang Whe and his entourage witness a passing funeral procession for the girl who died escaping from Choi Chul Joo’s clutches. Her bereaved parents recognize Chang Whe and curse him for being responsible for their daughter’s death (via his association with Choi). The small boy dares to throw a rock at Chang Whe’s head, and although Chang Whe tells his men to let the family go without punishment, he’s affected by the accusation, which pricks his guilt. Gil Dong witnesses the exchange as a member of the funeral party.

Gil Dong sends Shim Chung to Enok as his representative. Chung informs her that he’s the one who’s keeping Choi’s boat (and the slave girls) from leaving, which impresses Enok. She wants to meet the man, but Chung says that’s impossible, so Enok asks her to pass along a message.

When Chung reports back to Gil Dong, Enok’s message makes Gil Dong and Su Geun burst out into laughter: “My best regards, Gallant Moonlit Black-Clad Sir.”

Enok moons over (ha, pun) her impressive Moonlight Man and wishes she could meet him, or be as cool. Grandpa Heo suggests she call herself Moonlight Shadow, spinning her off into a fantasy of being a skilled warrior and defeating Choi herself.


Gil Dong mobilizes the parents of the enslaved girls into action. Every day that the boat remains docked, Choi must pay a high interest rate to the ginseng merchant (Gil Dong’s disguise). Let Choi feel the pinch of criminally high interest rates while they do whatever they can to sabotage the boat.

The parents take turns jumping into the freezing water, night after night, to hack the hull and create leaks. Choi becomes paranoid and irrational, knowing he’s quickly accumulating interest fees, and orders his men to catch the culprits.

Chang Whe hears of Choi’s sabotaged boat and guesses that the parents of the girls are behind it. He becomes alarmed when Chisu says Choi is planning a trap to catch them that night, just as he spies Enok in the village.

But now, Enok feels uncomfortable around him, disillusioned about his character, and tries to hide. (I could mock her for her silliness, but how many of us have also wished that “if I can’t see it, it can’t see me”?) The way this scene mirrors their previous encounter (when Chang Whe bought her the chamber pot) highlights how things have changed: this time, she’s awkward, not flattered.

Enok has quit working at the merchant company, because it seemed pointless to continue. Chang Whe asks her how she feels about the parents’ futile efforts to delay the slave ship. Hhe thinks they’re wasting their efforts, but Enok defends them: “They’re doing it to protect their daughters.”

Chang Whe scoffs — protect them? They’re the ones who gave their children up in the first place. They don’t know what it means to protect. Enok argues, impassioned, eyes filling with tears:

“It isn’t that they don’t know what it means to protect. They’re just too weak — that’s why they couldn’t protect them. I lost someone dear to me, so I know how it feels. Because I was too weak, I couldn’t protect someone I cared for. I couldn’t go with him either. Do you know how painful that is? You say that because you’re so strong — you’ve never lost anything. You’re strong yet you do nothing — that makes you worse! You’re the one who doesn’t know what it means to protect.”

Applause all around for Enok.

Her words strike a chord in Chang Whe, although he actually CAN relate. He admits to Chisu how he felt about his mother: “I was too young and too weak. I knew I’d lose her, which made me want to protect her even more. But now… I think I’ve forgotten too much.”

That night, Gil Dong finds himself in a bit of a pickle — Choi has become suspicious of him. Two girls are brought out, and Choi threatens to throw them overboard (to act as warning to stop the vandals from continuing). That puts Gil Dong at cross-purposes — if he interferes, it contradicts his cover (a merchant would want his money, therefore he should let Choi act as necessary).

The girls scream for mercy, while Gil Dong struggles with himself — and just in the nick of time, a third party arrives: Chang Whe.

Chang Whe’s reason for preventing trouble mollifies Choi: Any incident Choi causes creates problems for the merchant company. The girls are not killed, but Gil Dong is forced to show his face — and is immediately recognized by Chang Whe and Chisu. Thankfully, for whatever reason, Chang Whe doesn’t blow Gil Dong’s cover, saying merely that they had dealt with each other in the past. And how.

Minister Hong requests a meeting with Enok to discuss the merchant company, and Enok tells him of the girls being held at their warehouse. She’s reluctant to name the merchants as complicit in the crime, saying instead that Choi Chul Joo is the guilty one. Minister Hong, who seems a good judge of character and a man of honor despite the crimes he’s committed, likes Enok — but her uncommon name rouses curiosity. He asks how she writes her name, recognizing it as the same name as the daughter of the murdered minister. Eavesdropping Grandpa Heo arrives at the same conclusion; furthermore, he recognizes Hong’s voice from the night Enok’s mother was killed.

Enok, however, knows nothing of this and is merely grateful that Minister Hong promises to investigate Choi. After she leaves, Hong sadly notes her resemblance to her slain father; Enok, likewise, sadly notes Hong’s resemblance to Gil Dong.

Now that Chang Whe’s aware that Gil Dong survived, he asks if he’s the one who coordinated the boat sabotage, and stole the executed palace workers’ heads. Why is he pretending to do business with Choi? Gil Dong retorts: “Why, are you gonna help if I tell you?”

Gil Dong muses over Chang Whe’s involvement, conceding that Chang Whe helped those girls so can’t be completely on Choi’s side. What’s he up to? Chang Whe answers in kind: “Why, are you gonna help if I tell you?”

Here’s where I like Gil Dong’s approach to the problem — you may wonder, why doesn’t he just plan a physical attack and save those girls by force? Why doesn’t he do some secret-agent ninja voodoo and rescue them himself? Instead, Gil Dong is allowing the parents to do the work themselves. He’s helping, of course, but the parents will be responsible for their own actions. They’ll get their daughters back themselves.

Gil Dong doesn’t intend to ask for Chang Whe’s help, but he wants him to stand by and watch as the parents reclaim their daughters: “One who wants to become king should protect his people.”

There’s a brief interlude as Grandpa Heo wonders to Hae Myung about something he heard of in China that could induce memory loss (uh oh, foreshadowing!). He wishes he could somehow use it on Enok, because he’s uneasy having identified her mother’s killer.

And then, the water freezes, keeping the boat moored with no further chance of removal for China.

Gil Dong sets the next phase of his plan in motion, and now we can see it for its cleverness. Not only did he set the stage for rescue, he set it for a legal rescue.

Gil Dong takes back the premium ginseng from Choi, now that Choi can’t leave to sell it in China. The bandits then return the ginseng to its original owner — they never intended to steal it for good; they just needed to use it in their plan.

Then, Gil Dong gives Choi’s debt bond (for the ginseng interest) to Shim Chung’s blind father. Shim claims to have won the IOU in a gambling round, and intends to collect the debt from Choi. The parents will use Choi’s debt to pay off their own and reclaim their daughters.

Choi complains to the magistrate, claiming he was the victim of an elaborate con. The magistrate will honor Shim’s claim to the debt if he can prove he won it fairly, to which Choi taunts him — how can a man do that when he can’t even see his own daughter? That angers Shim — “I CAN see her!” — and by some force of will, he pries his eyes open, and his sight is restored.

So Choi has lost his ginseng, his claim to the daughters, and thus any future income from selling them. Enraged, he orders his men to use explosives to break up the ice so they can sail away, because remaining at port makes him a sitting duck. Driven beyond reason, he orders his men to take care of Enok, per his instructions from Lady Noh.

News travels fast, spurring several courses of action. Chang Whe’s merchant company faces exposure by association with Choi. Gil Dong and Minister Hong realize that Chang Whe’s company bought explosives, and the latter deploys royal guardsmen to the pier.

Ice now broken, Choi readies to set sail, which throws the parents into a frenzy as they haven’t been able to reclaim their daughters yet. They grab the ropes of the boat and hang on, preventing its departure. Choi’s men beat the men and women to get them to let go, which turns into a brutal mess because the desperate parents refuse to relinquish their holds on the ropes. (And nobody thought to CUT the rope from the boat? We’re working with some dim bulbs here.)

Both Gil Dong and Chang Whe find themselves in an awkward position, because while both would like to interfere with Choi’s insanity, that would expose them to danger. Neither can risk it, particularly with the authorities on their way.

So Chang Whe proposes to work together. Chang Whe will go to the dock and release the girls, if Gil Dong will hold off the guards.

Gil Dong agrees. The bandits stake out a position to intercept the authorities.

Chisu and company subdue Choi’s men at the pier, while Chang Whe takes on Choi himself. Chang Whe gains the upper hand relatively easily, and okay, he looks kinda sexy with his grim determination here. Yeah, I said it. If only we could do away with his cheesy black guyliner.

Choi threatens, “You shouldn’t kill me if you want ‘that girl’ to live.” Alarmed, Chang Whe demands to know what he means, just as Chisu deals the deathblow to Choi. Dying, Choi says, “Ask Lady Noh” before Chang Whe lets him fall overboard. Yay for eliminations of one-dimensional stock villains!

To her credit, Lady Noh tells the truth and admits that she did order Choi to do away with Enok (“for his own good” — it’s always for someone’s own good), and Chang Whe dashes off to find her.

Eun Hye hears of the dock explosions instigated by Choi, and worries for Gil Dong’s safety. Her nanny holds her back: “It’s dangerous! What can you do if you go out there?” Eun Hye answers, “I don’t know! But what if he’s hurt?” and rushes out. Say what you will about the girl, her immediate and sole concern is for Gil Dong’s safety, and that makes her all right in my book.

The bandits are vastly outnumbered by the guardsmen, but they do a decent job holding them off, employing some kind of smoke bombs to obscure sight and keep the authorities at bay. In Hyung, being the coward that he is, he keeps himself well out of the fray.

Minister Hong arrives at the scene and looks through the haze and smoke at the skirmish — and he spies Gil Dong when his hood briefly falls down and exposes his face. Then the bandits retreat to the village, where they hide and drop their smoke bombs to keep the guards confused.

That same haze interferes with Chang Whe’s search for Enok. He scans the smoky surroundings, reminded of the burning palace in which his mother died. His desperate worry grows and he tells himself, “I can’t lose her again…” (um, does that hint at Freudian issues?). Just then, Enok appears from out of the fog, oblivious to Chang Whe’s panic — and he grabs her in a sudden hug.

He’s overcome with relief; she’s startled. He says, “I thought I’d lost you,” and as he regains his composure, he spies Gil Dong over her shoulder. Gil Dong hasn’t seen either of them, but Chang Whe is taking no chances — when Enok tries to turn, he purposely grabs her back in a hug to keep her from seeing Gil Dong.

Unaware, Gil Dong walks away, and Chang Whe tells Enok, “I don’t want to lose you.”


Yeah, Chang Whe sucks for his last move, but at least I can understand it. I hope they don’t make him EEEEVIL — because I’d like to see a love rivalry occur on a level playing field. Chang Whe should be strong enough (based on his own integrity) to fight for her legitimately, and if he can only win her over using underhanded techniques, then they are doomed to fail anyway.

Something tells me Episode 12 should be interesting!


45 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. elisa

    kept refreshing 😀
    oh wow i read this thing in like two minutes? time to edit!
    HEHEHEHE IT WAS SO AWESOME. i like changhwe’s last move though :(! cept i agree with you with the eyeliner, wth is up with that. why do they always make him wear so much makeup? :S
    hopefully enok relaizes gil dong’s alive soon, cause its weird not having them argue with each other.

  2. godzillaicecream

    Thank you so much! It’s exciting again!

  3. E

    sigh ~ i am falling more in love with gil dong every episode ~~ can’t wait for the next one! I agree though – that movie chang hwe pulled at the end was a bit low but I understood him – I was so excited when Hong finally saw Gil Dong – let the drama begin!!

  4. Jo

    Chang Whe’s last move wasn’t out of evilness or something, it was because he wanted to respect Gil Dong’s wishes…to keep hidden I mean. I dont hate him anymore…haha—even though I see him as a kinda corny character….now about Eun Hye….

  5. Baobao

    Excellent episode i should say too!!! Thanks for the summary and thoughts!! I can’t wait for ep 12 and the love rectangle is starting to shape!!! Thanks javabeans for that quick recap!

  6. Berz

    OMG Once again u did javabeans caught my eye in anticipation and… I really appreciate it! Thank you soo much this ep shakes me inside and out T_T so sad I can totally understand that Chang Whe did it purposely for 2 reasons… 1. Because Gil Dong is there 2. Because Chang Whe obviously likes her LOL!

  7. Auntie Mame

    Hi JavaBean,
    Thanks for the recaps. The first scene that you described, in this episode, is so cute. Shades of Cyrano, perhaps? I’m enjoying this drama very much. And, having your recaps and comments really double the pleasure. As always, thanks.

  8. alynizzle

    AWESOME SUMMARY! Thanks for having this up so quickly, once again. Yeah Chang Whe’s character pretty much blows, but at least his development keeps the story interesting.

  9. yeli

    oh dear, i was laughing like an idiot at your translation of the part when Su Geun was speaking for Gil Dong. So funny!

    I am glad that chang whe’s character is becoming more interesting, i just wish, like you already mentioned, that they do not make him into the evil guy because it would be too cliche…i find a drama more interesting when the “other guy” is as good as the male lead…

    anyways, thank you so much for your recap!
    i should go study for my midterm now ^_^;

  10. 10 Stawr

    The only word I managed to say at the end of this episode was, “Daaaamn.”

    And that’s all I can still really say…

  11. 11 Nicole

    ohhh…i’m intrigued already. Thank you for having this out so fast. =]] I can’t wait for tomorrow.

  12. 12 jinkzzmec

    thanks for another wonderful recap Javabeans…love this episode..anticipating GD-YN reunion in the coming episode…Yay!!!

  13. 13 hjk

    Super-speedy Sarah – again! Thank you!! Finally, we see some emotions, other than the wooden block and goofy grin, from Chang Whe – but if he turns into another single-minded, EEvil caricature, then he doesn’t deserve the girl OR the throne.

    I was also laughing like a loon at the moonlight scene. Su Geun, don’t quit your day job! You may be lopsided, but theatre just ain’t your thang (or, is it?).

    Now, all we need is the moonlight warrior Enok and sleek-haired Gil Dong to mingle their scents under the moonlit sky. 😉

  14. 14 YM


  15. 15 canyayasis

    Is there a growing consenus on whether the story line for this series will strongly follow the original book?
    With disco dancing and kite flying through the air (opening ep. 1) do you think there’s a chance they will just give in and give us the love story that most seem to want – myself included –
    Robin Hood and maid marion…..
    King Arther and lancelot loving Guenivere –
    those stories have all been retold in ways that make the viewers satisfied –
    any ideas? conclusions? objections?
    i want HGD and Enok together – what are the odds in Vegas ???

  16. 16 smiley6yrl

    aww javabeans, I envy you along with the rest of the gang that understands korean.. Since you don’t gotta wait and rely on the subs like some of us.. haha but im glad that this drama is still going strong…

  17. 17 Bobbie

    I’m not sure whether you’ve seen the preview for Ep 12, all I can say is ‘Yay!!’. Just finished watching this episode, and I agree, I hope they let Chang Whe fight for Enok (minus all the underhandedness). I kind of like him, a suppose in the same way you like Eun Hye.

  18. 18 bethany

    very exciting. however… only episode 12. i’m expecting many many twists and turns. if this was only 16 episodes, i think we could all guess how it would go, but with TWELVE MORE~~~ dang, i wonder which new villain will appear! what twists! what turns! what crazy korean dramaaaa?!

  19. 19 haezi

    i loved this episode, the humor, chang whe’s first steps at a transformation…
    Plus, the preview for the next epi looks interesting, although (SPOILER ALERT!) the possible reunion that’s hinted at the end is definitely faster than i anticipated… maybe it’s a dream or the amnesia foreshadowing you pointed out will push them apart once again until Enok recovers her royal heritage? i know, i’m an annoying sucker for reunions.

    as stated before, i HEART gil dong, chang whe, and enok!!! although i’m a gil dong/enok shipper all the way, i also sympathize with chang whe’s attachment to enok and completely understand his last not-so-honorable desperation to keep enok’s eyes from alighting on her true love. how can you dislike a guy who loves a girl for her honorable heart and innocence? she lacks affectation and secrecy and is a 180′ from chang whe’s darker self. i especially love the double entendre in enok’s metal pot scene when chang whe states, rather forlornly, “is she assuming that because she doesn’t see me in her eyes, that i can’t see her?” ah, the plight of the one-sided crush…

  20. 20 Sarang

    Thanks for all your efforts javabeans! I wonder if Gil Dong knows that Chang Whe likes Enok.. I’m kinda feel sorry for Chang Whe though.. I agree with you..i hope they don’t make him EEEEVIL..

  21. 21 teokong

    Very interesting episode. Thanks for your awesome recap. After this episode, I kinda of like Chang Why for coming out of the cold and dark side slowly. Looking forward to another interesting chapter.

  22. 22 Anonymous

    Thanks for being so fast!
    Well spotted on the Freudian issue! Enok is even named after the queen, isn’t she? If they make Chang Whe evil just because of YN, I’ll hit something.

  23. 23 gail

    thanks for the recap, javabeans. i wanted to get mad at having the enok-gil dong reunion postponed, but how can i get mad at that hilarious moonlit back-clad scene? hilarious. props to the hong sisters.

  24. 24 mel

    everytime i read one of these entries I wish i knew korean so i could watch!

    although your summaries are much more entertaining than anything i would get out of it 🙂

    does anybody know anyplace where i can find subbed versions of this online?

  25. 25 jules

    thanks! this episode was awesome!

  26. 26 jennyo

    OMG, I cant wait to see the episode. I love this drama. Its AWESOME. And thanks you Javabeans for the wonderful summaries of the episodes.

  27. 27 docmitasha

    I’m slow in catching up with HGD, but I love it! Its probably one of the most exciting (as in, plot-based and event-based thrilling) series I’ve seen in a long time. Stories focusing a lot on action don’t appeal to me much, but in this series its done so finely and always with such an interesting and intriguing storyline that I’m sold! Love the acting all around, except for the occasional-‘woodiness’ (ooh, caught up on your rant, Javabeans, totally commiserate. Frustrating episode!), and the series definitely has the right mixture of the elements to make for the perfect entertainer. Find myself wishing why more things weren’t like this 🙂

  28. 28 twreckx

    I’ve got a quick, sort of random question. The merchant that sells all those brass pots that HGD crashes into a lot, his sign is written in an unfamiliar script (looks akin to Hangul, but I don’t think it is or Chinese characters either, but correct me if I’m wrong). Do you, Javabeans, or anyone else happen to know what it is?

  29. 29 giddygirl108

    Haha I laughed out loud at the “fake” dialogue between Enok and Gil Dong ^_^ Ooo…this episode’s good!!!!

  30. 30 Guest

    This episode was great. ^^

    I honestly don’t see what’s wrong with Chang Whe and Enok.

    In a previous episode, the monk guy said, watching Enok and Gil Dong walking together, “Oh Gil Dong. You have many things to give up.”

    Which may be a foreshadowing sentence of Enok eventually marrying Chang Whe or something. She might not love him as much, but who knows? And the monk dude said she had the facial features of a queen or something. XD

    Gil Dong x Enok is more of a sweet love based on friendship. Enok isn’t exactly feminine, but she could still be taken care of and protected and that’s what Gil Dong does. Even if he has to do it from the sidelines.

    Chang Whe x Enok is a very common kind of relationship shown in a lot of dramas and even in comics. The bright, optimistic girl thawing out the cold, reserved guy… Something along those lines.

  31. 31 Bamidele

    “cheesy black guyliner.” I was at work reading your blog andI totally cracked up at this line. I hate it when guys wear makeup !!!

    Chang We was a loser for that last stunt. I hope Enok doesn’t reciprocate even the slightest of feelings for him.

  32. 32 Guest

    I love the Sailor Moon parody.

  33. 33 Skangrrl

    I think making Chang We evil so that we will cheer for the Gil Dong-Enok pairing later is way too easy for the Hong sisters. Like Sarah says, it should be on a level playing field so we will experience heartache, shifting of loyalties and sympathy between the two as much as Enok.

    The last move by Chang We does not seen “evil” per say to me but smacks more of desperation and opportunism. He just thought he’d lost her, found her and oh great, his arch rival shows up. OK, gonna hold on for dear life and hope they don’t see each other.

    Eh, what Sailor Moon parody?

  34. 34 Rong

    it was the one where enok tried to be the “moonlight shadow”…

  35. 35 javabeans

    Hm, was that supposed to be a Sailor Moon parody? I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve seen some SM in my day and I didn’t cotton on to that connection. I think it’s the Hong sisters just being goofy. Their manhwa references tend to be more old-school, too (Mazinger Z and Taekwon), although I guess it’s not impossible…

  36. 36 Vivianna

    Thanks for the summary. I just finished watching both ep-11 and 12. But I still want to read your articles for your review. You are GREAT !

  37. 37 Sue

    well if they cut the ropes then the parents would have had no chance! it was for the sake of the story, and that’s why in this case i think the dim bulbs are the writers, not the characters.

    when enok’s grandfather was talking about amnesia, i thought that it was poking fun at amnesia being such a common motif in kdramas. idk, but i appreciate the hong sisters’ (intended?) humor.

  38. 38 Anna

    I loved it when Su Geun spoke for Gil Dong. I laughed so hard. Ah, my mum thought I was loony. And when she said that he smelled like “I love you.”

  39. 39 Anna

    I thought this episode seemed to highlight how much JGS needs to work on his acting.

  40. 40 Blake

    i’m a latecomer to Hong Gil Dong as well. I’ve been catching up on episodes 1-11 so far during this Easter break. SOOO FREAKING FUNNY. i love that “moonlight stranger” scene.

  41. 41 NTKH

    I love the scene that Su Geun talked to YN, it was awesome T_T.

    I think CH and YN were so adorable together. And there is nothing wrong with the last move of CH, he was just too desperate with the thinking of losing her.

  42. 42 azerjaban

    And nobody thought to CUT the rope from the boat? We’re working with some dim bulbs here.

    True, but neither did the audience.

  43. 43 MJ

    The first part when Gil Dong had to be narrated by Su Geun has to be the funniest thing I’ve seen through out this drama so far! Oh my days, it had me laughing so much too. Su Geun was proper getting into it with the whole ‘passing winds’ and ‘scent in the moonlight’ shizz and Gil Dong’s face was like ‘What the hell are you doing?!?! Shuttt uppp’ …haaa.

    But, the later part of the scene where Su Geun began to get serious and called Enok back to say things that Gil Dong had been longing to say for the past year was so sweet and sad :[


  44. 44 meixin

    you’ve posted this recap awhile ago but…
    OMFG i LOVE the beginning of this episode when su geun speaks for gil dong HAHAHAHAHA i was literally rolling on the floor laughing so hard that tears came out for like 5 minutes. lol omg i haven’t laughed like that in such a long time!

    yes, the humor may not be so sophistacated, but i’m loving every moment of it!

    and… i have found a new love… kang ji hwan!!! he is such a great actor!!! and so handsome!!! <333!!!

  45. 45 A-M

    Hard for me to tell if JGS’s acting is improving because he has more to do or he is getting more comfortable with the character.

    Also. I like the guyliner. (I might be alone in this). Reading thru other comments, someone said something abt him wearing too much makeup. I’m thinking part of that can be attributed to JGS having a bit of a breakout going on, if no one else has noticed that. Totally can empathize with that. You start with a little here and to make yourself anywhere near normal looking you end up with cake face.

    This was a good episode. Stakes are getting higher on all levels.

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