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Hong Gil Dong: Episode 15
by | February 20, 2008 | 54 Comments

You know what we haven’t had in a while? A feel-good episode. It’s nice to have one — and a chance to breathe — in the midst of all the Sturm und Drang of the previous episodes.

Plus, I really liked Chang Whe in this one. (Shocking?) I don’t know if he’ll continue along this line of development, but I’m really digging where this is headed. Naturally, I really liked Gil Dong this episode too, but that’s hardly a surprise.


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Gil Dong arrives at the king’s secret chambers, expecting to see Mal Nyeo — the two have planned to find the sword in the short time they’re both there. Chang Whe has informed Gil Dong that the sword should be in this building because the king is too paranoid to keep it in the main palace.

After his initial shock over Enok’s presence, Enok signals her encouragement, and Gil Dong gets on with the plan. Knowing Kwang Whe’s obsession with Chang Whe, Gil Dong baits the king by saying he knows where the prince is hidden. Thus the king is distracted enough for Enok to survey the area for the sword, while Gil Dong works on cutting through his ropes with the blade slipped to him by the guard.

Kwang Whe turns it into a sort of game — he gets to ask five questions of Gil Dong. His questions give evidence to his own insecurities (“Is he like me? Has he killed people?”), which grow as Gil Dong answers favorably of Chang Whe: “He does his best not to kill but protect instead.” The king reacts to memories of his younger brother with a mix of fear, hatred, and guilt, even hallucinating that Chang Whe has come to challenge him in the flesh.

Kwang Whe’s position is actually pretty sad — he wasn’t just a power-hungry usurper, but acting in self-preservation as much as anything. Had Chang Whe lived, Kwang Whe would have been killed instead; in a matter of one of them needing to die, he took the first shot.

Gil Dong witnesses Kwang Whe’s descent into mad babbling with disgust, seeing for himself how weak his ruler is. He takes the king to task:

“If you’re the king, you shouldn’t have let your insecurity as an illegitimate son drive you to kill your brother and into insanity. You should have changed the world for the better.”

Gil Dong goads the king, telling him his brother is worthier than he is: “He hasn’t let his mind go like you have. He’s deliberating carefully over the reason he must be king.”

Enok, busily searching for the sword, startles when the king utters Chang Whe’s name, realizing the dead prince is the man she’s known all this while. Luckily, just as the king runs out of patience with Gil Dong, Enok finds the sword.

Immediately, the king calls for his guards. Enok grabs the sword and throws it to Gil Dong — who uses it on the king just as his guards rush in.

In order to secure Enok’s freedom, Gil Dong dangles a proposition in front of the king — does he want to see his long-lost brother? He’ll tell him where to meet Chang Whe if he lets Enok go. Intensely curious, Kwang Whe has Enok released.

Gil Dong tells her to run away, then angles himself toward the exit. He gives the meeting location as Chang Whe’s tomb, then escapes.

Together, Enok and Gil Dong run through the palace’s hidden tunnels and evade the guardsmen scouring the grounds for them.

Chang Whe confirms with Hwal Bin Dang that Enok was the gisaeng sent to the palace. The bandits shrewdly point out that Chang Whe had only cared about recovering the sword, at any cost; therefore he shouldn’t have a problem with Enok going in as a last-ditch replacement. Ooh, burn! Looks like he’s finally learning about the pitfalls of his Machiavellian strategizing, and not a moment too soon. He forces himself to believe that “If Enok’s with him, she’ll be safe.” He also decides to meet the king, figuring that it’ll give Gil Dong and Enok more time to escape, and heads for his tomb.

Finding temporary safety within a palace building, Gil Dong takes a moment to unleash his anger on Enok — how dare she put herself in such danger? Enok protests that everything worked out in the end, but Gil Dong can’t get over their near-miss: “What if things didn’t work out?!”

Running out of things to find fault with, Gil Dong insults her appearance, saying how silly she looks, “wearing stuff that doesn’t even suit you!” Enok bristles: “Mal Nyeo said I looked pretty!” Gil Dong, too upset to think about his answer, retorts, “It’s because you look pretty that I’m even madder!”

Gil Dong immediately catches his blunder (“I mean, the clothes are pretty”), but it’s too late, Enok’s overjoyed. He thinks she’s pretty!

The two brothers finally meet outside the tomb Kwang Whe had built after Chang Whe’s supposed death. The reunion leaves the king trembling in disbelief, and it’s interesting to note that the king views his brother with a combination of fear and affection.

Kwang Whe: “How did you survive? Did you work together with Hong Gil Dong? Are you a thief too?”
Chang Whe: “He’s not just any thief. He’s someone who fights all the dirty things you’ve created in this world. He may be wandering right now, but he will face you and fight your world in the end.”
Kwang Whe: “Hwal Bin Dang? How funny. A thief saves the poor?”
Chang Whe: “Brother, you have no right to sneer at one who saves the poor. You are the one who made him — because the world you made is poor. The poorer you make your people, the bigger he will become.”

I particularly love how, in a nice bit of parallelism, both Chang Whe and Gil Dong have stood up for the other. Despite the conflict inherent in their positions, they recognize the strength in the other, and have come to cultivate a grudging respect for each other.


Eun Hye tries to visit Gil Dong at the palace again, only to hear he’s escaped. The guard mentions a female accomplice, which makes Eun Hye wonder at her identity, leading her to Enok’s room at the gisaeng club. Just as she’s outside the door, she overhears Grandpa Heo in a discussion with Hae Myung, worrying over Enok. He can’t let Enok’s relationship with Gil Dong continue now that they’re enemies — he wishes he knew which family Enok belonged to.

Curiosity piqued, Eun Hye asks her father for information and fills in the blanks, learning that Enok was from a well-known noble family, having been born Ryu Enok.

Gil Dong and Enok complete their escape from the palace by dressing up in guards’ clothing. They’re met by Lady Noh and her men, who ask for the stolen sword. Playing it safe, Gil Dong tells her he’ll hand it over when they’re safe.

So, Enok and Gil Dong are taken away in a palanquin, hidden from the guards who are hunting them down. Fireworks are lit to indicate to all relevant parties that Gil Dong has made it safely out of the palace.

Enok particularly enjoys the sight — “It’s like they’re congratulating us for escaping!” While Gil Dong isn’t nearly as impressed, he takes the opportunity to put his arm around her and hold her closely, gruffly making the excuse, “It’s crowded in here.”

Chang Whe rushes from his meeting with the king to their meeting place. All are relieved that the plan succeeded, but Chang Whe’s bigger concern is for Enok’s welfare.

When he finds Enok safe and sound, it’s all he can do to contain himself. While the bandits congratulate Gil Dong, Chang Whe struggles to regain his calm. Gil Dong agrees to hand the sword over once he and his gang have made it home safely, and despite Lady Noh’s protests, Chang Whe agrees.

Enok wants to go with Gil Dong — to Chang Whe’s disappointment — but Gil Dong tells her to go back for now, with the implication that she can join them later. He praises her for doing well today, and sends her off.

In a flash of masculine possessiveness (ah, male egos), Gil Dong tells Chang Whe keep Enok safe. Chang Whe answers, “I would even if you didn’t tell me to.” Gil Dong, determined to have the last word, adds: “And don’t feed her too many crackers.”

Back at the merchant agency, Chang Whe apologizes for putting Enok in a dangerous position. Now that she knows who he is, Enok has awkwardly switched to honorific speech, calling him royal highness, but Chang Whe doesn’t want her to treat him any differently (“Because of you, I could laugh for a brief moment. Don’t take that away too”). She says she’ll try to act as she did before she knew his identity, then congratulates him for a job well done.


Gil Dong meets with Chang Whe to hand over the sword, and strangely enough, this was BY FAR my favorite scene in the episode. After some friendly pleasantries, Gil Dong tells Chang Whe, “The palace was really nice. Later when you’re king, be sure to show me around.” The implication is clear — Gil Dong now supports Chang Whe’s drive to become king.

Gil Dong: “As far as kings go, you’re better than our current one.”
Chang Whe: “You’re not so bad yourself. I could give you an official position.”
Gil Dong: “I don’t need that. Instead, make a world where it’s possible for someone like me to have a government position. Don’t become king because the sword says you’re the blood heir — but can you become a king who’d protect those like us who want you to rule?”
Chang Whe: “Can those words be the answer to your question of why I must be king?”
Gil Dong: “Like I said, you’re better than your brother.”
Chang Whe: “What will you do from now on? If you’re going to fight head-on, you can’t continue as you do now.”
Gil Dong: “If I want to avoid dying, I’ll have to grow stronger.”
Chang Whe: “I’ll help you.”
Gil Dong: “Things have changed. We’re the ones helping you now.”

Gil Dong walks off with his usual swagger, and Chang Whe notes to himself:

“Gaining him is a greater strength to me than even this sword.”

Seriously? Pretty cool, right?


Not feeling the love is In Hyung, who’s learned of Eun Hye’s feelings for Gil Dong; his ensuing hatred is almost overwhelming. He tells his mother, “I hate him so much I want to kill him,” and seems to honestly mean it. Gil Dong has stolen his place in the hearts of the two people he wanted love from most: his father and Eun Hye. He goes so far as to pledge his loyalty to the king and promise to rout out Gil Dong and kill him. The king feels an affinity with him — they’re both men threatened by their more capable younger brothers.

Kwang Whe appoints In Hyung police chief in charge of bringing down Hwal Bin Dang. Far from being proud, however, Minister Hong wisely tells In Hyung that the position is too much for him to handle. In Hyung has made his decision, though, and is determined to capture Gil Dong and show his father. Ah, give an incompetent man MORE power — smooth move, Kwang Whe.

Gil Dong prepares Hwal Bin Dang quarters for Enok’s arrival, cutely ordering changes to ensure Enok’s utmost comfort. Yeon asks what Gil Dong will do if Enok decides not to come, but Gil Dong refuses to entertain that possibility and assures him that she’ll come.

Yeon counters: “She can stay with the merchants. It’s comfortable there, and [Chang Whe] treats her well. She knows he’s a prince too.” Gil Dong insists, “There’s no way she won’t come!” — but his last-minute uncertainty is adorable.

Enok says her goodbye to Chang Whe before heading to Hwal Bin Dang’s mountain headquarters. Now that she has a purpose, she feels empowered — when she had no power to do anything, all she did was cry and feel sorry for herself.

He’s saddened and hurt by her departure, and disappointed that she still hasn’t figured out for herself how he feels about her. When Enok promises to visit him, Chang Whe tells her he’d rather she didn’t. With her customary lack of perception, Enok assumes he’s uncomfortable now that she knows his identity, and wishes him happiness. With great reluctance, he bids her goodbye, and convinces himself, “I can return to how I was before. I managed fine before she came along.” (Oh, Chang Whe, you’re not fooling anyone.)

Arriving at Hwal Bin Dang, Enok witnesses Gil Dong giving a rousing speech to his followers. He tells them their lives will change soon — their enemy has become much more powerful, and their work will become more dangerous. He gives them the chance to leave, but his closest comrades (Su Geun, Mal Nyeo, Yeon) assure him that they’re with him all the way.

Gil Dong: “We’re Hwal Bin Dang — saving others, and saving ourselves too. The name’s a little cheery, but hey, it’s cool! I don’t know how much our scope will grow, but we’re in this together — till the end!”

Mal Nyeo teases Enok about her feelings for Gil Dong, but Enok is feeling insecure. Hearing Gil Dong’s speech, she realizes how noble the others are, and in comparison, she feels embarrassed for having had such a simplistic view of things. But she assures Mal Nyeo that although she came mostly to be with Gil Dong, she also intends to become one of them — “I’ll just think of Gil Dong as the leader!”

Mal Nyeo wonders if she can, being in looove with him and all, and Enok says she decided to get over her romantic feelings. Mal Nyeo doesn’t buy it for a second. Neither do we.

And so, when Gil Dong comes to see her, she rushes to assure him that she didn’t come to be with him. She’s merely here as a Hwal Bin Dang member.

Enok: “If you want, I’ll call you leader too, like Gom does.”
Gil Dong: “Really?”
Enok: “Yeah. L-leader.”
Gil Dong: “Leader?”
Enok: “Gil Dong, I think of you as a really awesome leader. The Gallant Moonlight Black-clad Stranger was respectable, but I can respect you too.”

Amused, Gil Dong smiles and asks, “Really? You can just respect me?”

Enok steels herself and tells him, “I can do it.”

He makes a sudden swift advance — his sudden nearness catches Enok off guard — and asks her if she means it. Gil Dong swoops even closer, leaning over her and bending her backward —

“Even if I do this?”


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  1. Linda

    Hehehe. Reading your summary has made me all giddy. Thank you! :] I think my favorite part was reading the dialogue of your favorite scene, and then reading from “Seriously? Pretty cool, right?” to suddenly go into “Not feeling the love is In Hyung…” Hahaha, it caught me off-guard. :]

  2. giddygirl108

    OMG!!! What an ending to this episode!!! *furiously biting my nails* These summaries are sooo witty and entertaining! Thank you so much!!!

  3. Me

    HAhhaa, such a nice episode….:) Like others, when Wednesday comes, I have a tendency to check your website for summary of Hong Gil Dong. I’m so glad you spend your precious time to summarize and provide screen captures for us. You rock.

  4. Angelina

    Ohmo I was refreshing the whole morning and was delighted to see the recap is finally up!! It’s a WONDERFUL episode and the summary makes it even more awesome..didn’t understand the conversation between the leading men but after reading this I gained more respect for HGD and respect (initially had none) for CW!!! Can’t stop grinning now and I am so anxious for the subbed version to be released..going to examine their facial expressions closely…some great acting there!!

  5. avonmarissa

    This episode was so cute I just could not stop giggling like a little girl.

  6. hjk

    Ahhhh….loved this episode! It left me grinning from ear to ear and feeling all giddy (even at 6am this morning! 😀 ). It was so nice to have a feel-good episode, and I’m glad GD and CH are working together. Thanks, *muah*

    ~ still grinning like an idiot…

  7. anna

    YAY thanks! was definitely a feel-good episode!! 😀

  8. Jamie



    This was actually a great episode!


  9. elisa


  10. 10 Pully

    “I really liked Chang Whe in this one. (Shocking?)”

    Compare to somewhere end of episode 9, oh yeah, I was shocked. LOL. Anyways, love your summary.

  11. 11 Livvie

    *has been giggling like a little girl since this morning* aigoo GD & YN are just perfect for each other 🙂 I have to agree..all in all, it was a wonderful feel good episode!!

    I too liked the exchange between GD & CH (even if I didn’t understand a word while watching it)..it seems like they are on the fast track to becoming not only each other’s comrades in battle but maybe even friends!

    Thanks so much for the episode recap Javabeans!! It’s always interesting (and hilarious at times- ah the CH rant brings back such memories) reading your take on episodes. I know I’m not the only one who has been refreshing your blog like mad in hopes of reading it!
    *coffee and red bean filled buns to you*

  12. 12 javabeans

    lol, I have no problem with changing my mind on a prior opinion, as long as circumstances warrant it. i find that as long as i’m honest in the moment, there’s no reason to regret a past opinion — i still think chang whe in episode 7, for instance, was an unmitigated spoiled little brat, and i have no desire to retract anything from my colossal rant. (boo, episode-7-chang-whe!) but he wasn’t an ass in episode 15, and i’ve got no qualms admitting it. 😉

  13. 13 Berz

    Haha funny how your mind can change from time to time about chang whe javabeans =P omg is he evil? no wait he’s nice and cool here… OH wait did I just say that? lol anyway I CAN’T get my mind off this cuteness!!! Omgggggg~~~~ eeeekkkk I’m so happy =) * runs up and down the streets grinning wildly* thank u again javabeans!

  14. 14 Baobao

    This episode was too CUTE I loved all the character’s interactions and i can feel the luuuuvvveee haahha i can’t wait to see more! Thanks for the recap javabeans!

  15. 15 yeli

    “In a flash of masculine possessiveness (ah, male egos), Gil Dong tells Chang Whe keep Enok safe. Chang Whe answers, “I would even if you didn’t tell me to.” Gil Dong, determined to have the last word, adds: “And don’t feed her too many crackers.””

    LMAO!! the cracker part killed me! lol..so FUNNY! XD
    I can’t wait to actually watch this with subs. I am enjoying this drama so much I can’t help but keep wondering what’s going to happen next.

    Thanks Javabeans! as always, i love reading your summaries. They bring a smile to my face ^___^

  16. 16 YM

    Love this episode although i hope Gil Dong going to KISS Enok at thev last scene but i think it’s not going to happen…I seriously want to watch the episode 13 and 14 but now i’m currently downloading the last episode of capital scandal.. My love for Kang Ji Hwan have made me dlw his capital scandal drama and i was shocked that the story line of the drama are very good..Too bad ppl didin’t notice it..
    I’m greatly disapointed that the rating of Hong Gil Dong are not that high as the other drama like New heart..I do feel that it’s a very good drama and worthy to stick in front of the tv when it aires. I love the story are heading so far..As usual thank you javabeans for enterrtaining us with your brilliant summary for episode 15…

  17. 17 alynizzle

    I’m a little late today – but OMG awesome episode! So cute; my face is stinging from all the grinning! Everyone loves a feel-good episode – but I have a feeling tomorrow’s isn’t going to be as optimistic.

  18. 18 tealeaf

    Thanks for the recap javabeans. Nice emotionally satisfying episode.

    What I love about this episode is its sense of openness. In the way Gil Dong and Chang Whe bare their true feelings. In the way Gil Dong finally succumbs to his feelings for Enok. Of all the Hong sisters’ heroines, Enok is slowly becoming my favorite. I love her genuineness and honesty. Enok has always worn her emotions on her sleeve, perhaps not always proud of them, but never embarrassed by them. It’s nice to see Gil Dong reciprocates her affection with his, however superficially nonchalant they appear to be.

    I guess Chang Whe is not to be eternally damned after all? LOL. I dig how he gracefully accepts defeat to Gil Dong (though i wish that he had put up more of a fight for Enok). **Hello! Stop it with the encrypted subliminal love declaration, would ya?** Bravo to Chang Whe for be able to separate his feelings toward Enok from his respect for Gil Dong. Maybe he’s kingly material after all.

    Enemies befriended. Allies formed. Lovers united. What more can one ask in an hour plus episode? Onward with episode 16.

  19. 19 susie

    thank you! i always wait for your reviews every week.
    p.s. gil dong tells CH “dont take so much interest in dummy” the korean word for interest and cracker is similar so its hard to hear! thanks again!

  20. 20 javabeans

    susie, i’m not sure i understand your comment. Gil Dong tells Chang Whe “그리고 너. 멍청이 한테 과자 너무 주지마” which is “Don’t give the Dummy too many crackers/cookies” — given Enok’s tendency to share the yummy snacks she gets from Chang Whe. I’m pretty confident he doesn’t say 관심…

  21. 21 Marzy

    ahhhh the last scene!!! that was cute!!! it was me all giddy and nuts!! ^^ eeekkk!!
    i love love that!! that scene with CH and GD was mighty cool too!! they’d make a good team. only thing im hating now in EH. selfish girl. bad girl. she’s up to no good.

  22. 22 Lisa L.

    yeah i know what you mean by feel-good episode…the fact that gil dong and enok finally reunited and no more avoiding each other really makes us feel good. the cheerfulness is back though might be short period but i guess still enjoyable to watch.
    however, i still fear that this drama will compete with sbs soon-to-be aired drama ‘On Air’ on the same time slot for the next few weeks. another problem is soon to be aired ‘Iljimae’, people will soon compare lee jun ki and kang ji hwan and lee seung ki… *sigh* time will time. seriously, this first-half of the year looks really promising for us the viewers with so many great dramas.

  23. 23 Movall

    Awesome recap as always. Thanks so much Javabeans. At Soompi people asked each other if there was anyone refresh your site every 2 minutes. Ha ha ha, we love HGD, and we love you too, Javabeans.

    There are so many favorite scenes for me today. But my most favorite is also the dialogue bw GD and CH. Not completely understood their talk till I read your review. I’m satisfied with their working together now. Also cannot but smile when GD keeps addressing CH in “너”, not the honor way although he does admit CH a better king.

    Me too grinning the whole time recall all the sweet scenes of GD and YN. Such a feel-good episode.

    #19 and #20, very interesting comment. Thanks Susie and Javabeans. I would expect the word “cracker” more GD’s style than “interest”.

  24. 24 jinkzzmec

    Thanks for the recap, Javabeans…very cute episode…has been smiling like a fool since early morning today but i cant help it…hehehe

  25. 25 minime

    AND FEED HER CRACKERs omg so funny!

  26. 26 favegirl13

    ohh. awwww. finally they are together at last and they are going to fight side by side.
    i wonder if hong gil dong is going to kiss her in the next episode. haha lol
    i watched the episode it was even more better

  27. 27 Iranian Espresso

    thank you

  28. 28 teokong

    Am surprised to read your sentence that you really liked Chang Whe in this episode! After reading your summary, I can understand why. Totally agreed. Many thanks for your wonderful recap. Cheers!!

  29. 29 cammylim

    l dont think there will have a love happy ending for the hong gil dong n enok!! in the end they became best buddys n gil dong treat enok like brother!! doesnt have love between them !! l very sure!!

  30. 30 cammylim

    l see from the korea weekly news!! n chan become evil!!

  31. 31 kaonamp

    thanks so much for your summaries. I’ve been following them for a while now. I love how you write. Its always wonderful to read your insight of the drama as well. Thanks for doing this, you don’t know how much this means to the rest of us.

    I love this espisode as well. Yes finally GD and YN are finally accepting each other.

  32. 32 bethany

    ahaaaaaaaaaaaa happy happy happy happy happy.

    all very happy feelings in here 🙂

    thank you again! 🙂

  33. 33 Anonymous

    Your recaps are going to be my saving grace when I’ll feel my longing for HGD! This one was wonderful!! 🙂 I love how you know exactly what juicy bits and dialogues to leave in!
    Both the heroes in this show are going through the traditional journey of change, and I like the way its been shown. Its gradual, and it has a lot to do with their own personalities, which are flawed but essentially good to begin with. Definitely had great respect for both in the last couple eps.

  34. 34 nk

    Hee hee… Last night’s ep was so great! Aww, the fluffy fun stuff. I love how GD says, “Don’t give her too many cookies.” And in the next scene there are 2 bowls of cookies. Hee hee… A little passive-aggressive, eh? Can’t wait for tonight’s ep. As always thanks for the recap!

  35. 35 michca

    Woo, thanks for the episode summary (and what a good episode it was!!!!). You really made my morning. Now I can bear the wait for the subtitles.

  36. 36 Jenny

    Soooooooo cuuuuuuutttteeeee!!!
    I loved it ,Gil Dong finds Enok pretty lalalalala, yay! Javabeans you really are such a great writer. I really enjoy reading your recaps. Gild Dong had to have the last word, “don’t feed her to many crackers” lol

  37. 37 jennyo

    I cant wait for episode 16

  38. 38 jennyo

    I bet he is not going to kiss her. They are playing with us.

  39. 39 Alyssa

    I love your episode re-caps so much! Especially since I can only understand a fraction of what’s being said >..>

  40. 40 nileey

    my heart was beating so fast when I saw the final photos….can’t wait for more!

  41. 41 n.a

    You have really good summaries over here. I enjoy reading this almost as much as watching the movies itself. Keep up the good work!

  42. 42 rtan

    waahhh!!! what an ending again!?! i hope they’ll kiss! :p

  43. 43 junie

    i looooooove this episode! it was sooooo cute! sung yuri was adorable! thanks again for the summary!

  44. 44 Miki

    I’m glad Chang Whe’s going in the right direction.

    But I don’t think he’s going to be KEPT that way for long….Sad, but true. I think he’ll get corrupted sooner or later, but I do hope he keeps some of the promises he makes to Hong Gil Dong and be a good king at least for a certain amount of time. But I’m still desperately wishing the Gil Dong and Chang Whe can be friends. They are just two rocking heroes!!! 😛 (though Gil Dong has that “hero” thing through his talent and Chang Whe has the “hero” thing through birth…)

    Mm…Ending looks yummy. Can’t wait for next episode.

  45. 45 cesothao

    I so cant wait for the next eppys.. loving it all. This eppy sounds good cant wait for the eng sub…. hehe !

  46. 46 Kura

    I won’t sleep or eat till the next episode recaps. I really mean it!
    I still keep thinking about Yi Nok having a countenance of a queen. I mean obviously if she marries Gil Dong, she won’t be a queen. Why did the priest (forgot his name) say so then? He could have just said that she’s got noble bloodline or whatever.
    Anyway, thank you, Javabeans. Can’t imagine my life without your summaries!!!

  47. 47 Kiongna

    Oh I love the pace of this drama, it’s never boring and yeah….I so can never resist male bonding which Chang Whe & Gil Dong are undergoing, how come male bonding always so much more intriguing than female bonding hoh? Javabeans…I loved the parallelism so much too. (both of them recognising each other’s strengths, admiring and respecting one another….and edifying one another…unbeknownst to them both, warms my heart….. …AJA

  48. 48 jiwonee

    thanks for the summary 🙂 i feel so bad for changeui though. he finally finds some laughter in his dark world, but he knows well that enok has feelings for gil dong. and, i love the vocabulary you use in your summaries. thanks again!

  49. 49 nadseventh

    *heading to to the next review*

  50. 50 Nonbirira

    I loved this episode – lots of “Oh, no!”, “HA! HA! HA!”, and “Aww…” while watching. (My poor hubby finally asked me what on earth I was watching and if I could tone it down a little.) Yep, got to agree with you about Chang Whe – he’s looking more attractive and manly by the moment! (Boy, has he got a beautiful voice…) And have you noticed we actually get to see both of his eyes once in a while? That has been driving me crazy but since ep. 14 there seems to be a bit of a change in the hairstyle department. Not quite so many cyclopes scenes of HGD, Enok or Chang Whe in the past 2 episodes. Quite a relief, actually!

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