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Hong Gil Dong: Episode 19
by | March 5, 2008 | 48 Comments

Here we are at the major turning point. Can’t say this was a surprise — the past few episodes have definitely been feeling like something was on the way — so it was more a matter of HOW things would go down. Although the conflict has been set up (and repeated, and repeated) for weeks now, I think the story does a pretty good job of keeping us on our toes. More on that below.


Hong Gil Dong OST – “연” (yeon) by Park Wan Kyu, by request. Chang Whe’s theme of doom-‘n’-gloom isn’t my favorite track, but I’m happy to be in the minority. [ zShare download ]

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The video rip wasn’t so great this week, so some of the shots are kinda meh. Hopefully this is just a temporary thing.


After the kiss, Enok becomes so flustered that she doesn’t quite know how to react. First she shuts her eyes, too embarrassed to look at Gil Dong, then she rushes out and proceeds to run into a wooden post, trip down the stairs, and fall into a well. There’s first love for ya.

The others assume the worst (although Enok giggles in glee to herself once she’s alone), and Su Geun berates Gil Dong for playing with Enok’s feelings (suggesting he doesn’t return her affection). They warn him to treat “our Enok” well, or else. Bemused, Gil Dong doesn’t even get the chance to defend himself.

Thinking that Enok is feeling down over not having her feelings returned, Gom tells Enok that Gil Dong really did think about her a lot. In fact, he kept her ragged pouch with him all the time and looked at it often. (She asks eagerly, “That pretty pouch with the flower embroidery?” Gom: “Um, I wouldn’t call it pretty…”) Enok is ridiculously pleased to hear it.

When Gil Dong is sleeping, she sneaks in on him and hilariously starts running her hands ALL OVER his body. For real. Up and down his chest, under his shirt, without shame. (I know he can’t see you, but you keep that up and he’s not going to stay asleep for long!)

But it’s not entirely random, because she’s actually looking for the pouch, which she finds, intending to mend it. After she leaves, Gil Dong opens his eyes and mutters that she sure wasn’t shy just now.

Chang Whe struggles with the dilemma of what to do with the knowledge that Enok is the long-lost daughter of the murdered Minister Ryu. Both Lady Noh and Chisu urge him to use it to his political advantage, but Chang Whe is reluctant. On one hand, it’s one way for him to win her to his side, but on the other, he doesn’t want to coerce her if she wouldn’t choose him anyway. He also doesn’t want to do anything to hurt her, which it certainly would.

He instructs Lady Noh to wait until they have proof, and turns his attention to advancing his plan. He wins more noblemen to his cause (they sign an official roster of support) with assistance from Enok’s blood grandfather.

The king reacts to Minister Hong’s suggestion — that the king kill him to bring in Gil Dong — first with confusion, then anger. Hong argues for his sacrifice as the best way to tie up loose ends; he’s more useful dead than alive at this point. The king, on the other hand, sees this as indication that his faithful servant has given up on him — and although Kwang Whe had told Minister Hong he might come to regret his actions, he cannot give up on him! (Regret < abandonment.) He refuses to kill Hong and orders him to stick with him through the end. Well, something tells me the end is well on nigh.

Hong therefore concentrates his efforts on capturing Enok. In a plot move that perplexes me, he begins exhibiting heart pains (the literal kind), clutching his chest and grimacing from time to time. And in a drama, the illnesses of this sort are NEVER introduced without serving some sort of purpose. Deux ex machina alert: threat level orange.

Enok and her grandfather discuss her relationship with Gil Dong — she’s giddy over its recent romantic turn, and he figures, “If he likes you so much that he’d treasure that rag, you’re lucky.” She wonders if she’d look prettier to Gil Dong in feminine clothing, and Grandpa Heo sighs that things worked out well. He seems to have gotten over his aversion to the pairing, saying he was just worried that she was head-over-heels in a one-sided love.

Grandpa offers to buy Enok a pretty hairpin with which he’ll send her along in marriage. (It’s not that they’ve set a date or anything, but they’re talking about the relationship in marriage terms since they’re out of hindrances — for now! — to that eventual state.) They make plans to meet the next day before Enok is found by Yongmun men; Lady Noh has requested to have her brought to them. After Enok leaves, Grandpa Heo is followed by Hong’s lackey as he shops for Enok’s hairpin.

Meeting with Enok’s (other) grandfather, Lady Noh broaches the topic of Enok, asking if there’s a definitive way they can prove her identity. Ryu assures them that he’d know her at a glance because of her strong resemblance to her father; just at that moment, a “guest” is announced. It’s Enok, and this is an opportunity for them to reveal the truth to both Ryus, but at the last moment, Chang Whe changes his mind. He goes outside to meet Enok instead.

Enok has finally figured out Chang Whe’s feelings for her, perhaps jarred by her recent revelations about her relationship with Gil Dong.

Enok: “When you first told me not to come by, I’d thought you weren’t comfortable around me after I found out you were such a high-born person. But I think I was wrong about that.”
Chang Whe: “Have you figured it out now?”
Enok: “But… I really, really like Gil Dong a lot.”
Chang Whe: “I know that, since I’m not an unperceptive dummy like you. Enok… You’re a truly special person to me.”
Enok: “I… I know.”
Chang Whe: “No, you’re much more special to me than you know. So much that I forced myself to give up the urge to keep you with me, that I wanted to protect you. That’s how important you are to me.”

Eun Hye flirts with the idea of throwing her support behind Chang Whe. She tests Lady Noh:

Eun Hye: “If he becomes king, can Hong Gil Dong be made a nobleman?”
Lady Noh: “Is that what you hope for?”
Eun Hye: “That way, I could have him. To make that happen, I can sway my father’s power in your direction.”
Lady Noh: “If you do that, we will have to do as you wish, won’t we?”

I’d wondered at the ominous tone of Eun Hye’s previous declaration over winning Gil Dong over, and am both a little relieved and disappointed that her solution was rather decent. I mean, it’s still manipulative, but it’s not like she’s blackmailing him to stay with her or anything of that sort.

Gil Dong buys Enok a new pair of sunglasses — determined to help her get past her “embarrassment” phase so they can move their twoo wuv along — and in rapturous gratitude (it’s the first time Gil Dong’s ever paid for anything), Merchant Wang gives him a tip. He warns Gil Dong that his father’s men have been sniffing around, asking lots of questions. Curiously, most of those questions seem to be about Enok, not Gil Dong. Gil Dong warns Enok to be careful for herself and her grandfather. But she’s confident in her grandfather’s ability to protect himself, and yes, he is awfully spry, especially for one of his years.

But he’s not strong enough alone to fight off all of Minister Hong’s men, who capture him and take him to Hong to undergo questioning about Enok.

Heo begs for mercy for Enok, insisting that Enok knows nothing about her true identity, and pleads for them to leave her alone. Hong wants to find out for himself whether Enok knows, and his men plan to intercept her the next day on a medicine delivery, which throws Heo into a panic: “Leave our Enok alone!”

In ominous contrast, Enok remains blissfully unaware and thrills over her good luck in life. Oh, irony.

As for the coup — the numerous parties have simplified into essentially two sides: the government and the rebels. Gil Dong is no longer just leading a group of merry robbers, but is part of the prince’s rebel force.

To that end, he amasses backup, knowing that their rebel troops need more power. He approaches a separate band of robbers and asks them to join their efforts to replace their rotten, crazy king with the prince. The other robbers like the idea of changing their world and agree to join in the fight.

All parties prepare for battle.

Determined to kill Gil Dong and protect his father, In Hyung directs his troops for a raid on Hwal Bin Dang. He leads his men through the mountains toward Hwal Bin Dang’s base…

… but the rebels are already on alert and awaiting them. They bide their time, then ambush the soldiers, who are caught off-guard. A fight ensues, ending when the soldiers are caught up in Hwal Bin Dang’s traps: Nets fall on some, and ropes sweep others off the ground, leaving them hanging in midair.


Still bound, Grandpa Heo’s main concern is that he prevent Enok from being captured by Hong’s men. With careful maneuvering, he manages to escape from his ropes, then fights off the watchguards long enough to escape. He’s injured, but determined to get to Enok before Hong does.

In that last regard he’s unsuccessful, because Enok arrives at the apothecary as planned, and finds herself swarmed by Hong’s men.

Enok puts up a decent resistance but is outnumbered. Subdued, she looks up at Minister Hong’s approach in surprise as he demands to know, “Are you Ryu Enok? Do you really not know who your father is, who you are?” Puzzled, she answers, “I’m just Heo Enok.”

Minister Hong: “It doesn’t matter if you know nothing. Your life is one that should’ve already ended. For the sake of the king, it cannot continue.”

He orders her to be taken to the palace, just as Grandpa Heo swoops into the fray. Together, they ward off Hong’s men and head for escape — but not before Grandpa suffers one more injury — he’s slashed across the back.

Gil Dong faces an enraged In Hyung, who’s been caught up in his trap. In Hyung demands to know:

In Hyung: “Do you plan to kill Father, too? If you’ve joined forces with the prince, you must know you’ll have to kill Father in the end!”
Gil Dong: “You know that’s not all. He’s not like you — he will not be able to remain safe.”

Gil Dong walks off, leaving In Hyung hanging (pun!), while his brother shouts from the treetops (pun!), “I’ll kill you before that happens!”

Enok assists her mortally wounded grandfather into hiding, where he tells her she’s a good, kind girl: “You’ll have to be kind and forgive everything… I was worried you’d be angry…”

But he won’t have his chance to tell her the truth now, because he dies.

Some time later, Chang Whe hears of Enok’s attack and escape. When his men find her, she’s worn out from her grief, sitting numbly by the dead body. She starts to cry, and passes out.


Back at Hwal Bin Dang’s base, the bandits also get word of the incident in the morning, and just as Gil Dong starts to race out, he’s met with Yongmun messengers, who confirm that Enok is safe and resting at Yongmun.

After a brief panic, Gil Dong is reassured, although he doesn’t know the full story or about Grandpa Heo’s death. He sets out to retrieve Enok from Yongmun headquarters in cheery spirits.

After spending the night alternately crying and sitting in blaming herself for putting her grandfather in danger, Enok is apprised of her true identity by Chang Whe, who’s figured it’s time to let her know. He outlines the details surrounding her family’s death, as well as the fact that she was captured because, as a surviving Ryu, she’s a liability to the king. Driving the point home, he confirms the identity of the one responsible:

Chang Whe: “The one who killed your parents, who killed your grandfather, and who tried to kill you is Minister Hong Seo Hyun, Gil Dong’s father.”

While a stunned Enok tries to process the facts, Lady Noh gives her an item that was found on her grandfather’s body. She opens a bloodstained cloth to reveal a hairpin, which he’d bought for her.

That triggers a tide of wildly fluctuating emotions — disbelief, grief, despair, frustration — before landing on one that gives her a rush of strength: anger. Enok: “He killed my grandfather. He killed them all.”

The anger takes over; she grabs Chang Whe’s sword and strides purposefully outside Yongmun’s headquarters toward her target. I’ll give you one guess who.

When Gil Dong comes to pick up Enok, eager to see her again, Chang Whe intercepts his arrival and informs him of the recent events — that Enok’s grandfather was killed, and that his father was behind it.

Shocked, Gil Dong’s first instinct is to go to Enok, but Chang Whe stops him: “Go back. You’ll only torment her more.” And just then, they’re alerted to the fact that Enok has disappeared.

They find her room empty — and Chang Whe’s sword gone.

Enok, meanwhile, is storming her way through town with her Terminator-esque walk of destruction, fixated completely upon one goal only, and fueled by wrath. She arrives at her quarry: Minister Hong.

(Hong is, by the way, currently taking his heart meds as Enok arrives — and how much would it suck, for everyone involved, if he were to drop dead of a heart attack rather than being killed by the numerous people with claims on vengeance? Worst revenge ever.)

In any case, Enok tells him, “I’m going to kill you,” then slashes her sword across his face. It’s not a deathblow (she’s cut his face), and she moves in for the kill —

— but her sword’s arc is intercepted. Gil Dong rushes in and deflects her blade. They engage in a short standoff while Minster Hong creeps outside, injured, with the help of a servant.

Enok throws Gil Dong aside and follows her prey outside, undeterred, intent on finishing the job she started.

Gil Dong once again intercedes, racing ahead of her to try to get her to stop. “I can’t let you kill my father,” he tells her, but Enok is too caught up in her rage and doesn’t really register the words, or care.

She kicks him out of her way, spies an opening, grabs her sword and plunges it down at Minister Hong —

— but Gil Dong steps in front of him, and receives the brunt of her blow.

Seeing the sword slice Gil Dong’s side, Enok seems to recover some of her senses…


I think we all saw this confrontation coming, given how it was pounded into our heads repeatedly that Gil Dong and Enok! Are! Enemies! The fact that Minister Hong was at the crux of their conflict is also no shocker, so the real question was the matter of HOW they would handle the development. I think they did a pretty good job, because while I could have predicted Gil Dong making a case for sparing his father, I didn’t expect him to actually put himself in front of him to receive his injury instead. And really, how better to doom a relationship than when one lover accidentally tries to kill the other?

Speaking of Gil Dong’s interference — I’m really kinda hoping that his reason for trying to stop Enok from killing his father has more to do with preserving HER spirit and integrity than with defending the man’s actions. Like one of those Yoda-esque “Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffferinggggg” exhortations. Because really — not that I condone vigilantism, or murder, or revenge IN THE REAL WORLD — in drama-land, I have to say the guy really had it coming. So I hold out hope that Gil Dong is motivated more out of concern (and wuv!) for Enok than filial duty. Because once your father tries to kill you (or twice, in Gil Dong’s case), I think you’ve made a fair case of breaking that whole paternal-devotion thing.


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  1. alynizzle

    Gah! I remember hearing about all the spoilers on soompi, but silly old me doubted their creditability. Little did I know …

    The angst is killing me. Man, this episode went from hilariously cute to heart-wrenchingly tragic. Quite the turning point I say. You have to admit, Sung Yuri’s acting in this episode was pretty amazing.

  2. Linda

    thanks dramabeans!

  3. hjk

    Ah, “twoo wuv!” After the previous episode with the ghost ajummas twisted by their own revenge to the point of having nothing left to save, I agree that GD interfered to save YN from herself. From the preview, it looks like tomorrow’s ep. is going to be even more heartwrenching… 🙁

  4. Anonymous

    I have to agree with you javabeans, I was also hoping the reason that Gil Dong didn’t want Enok to kill his father was because he didn’t want Enok to turn into a killer and possibly regret later on.

  5. YM

    This episode is so sad..Happy for a while then sad…..thanks javabeans..
    I do think that the reason GD block Enok from killing Minister Hong bcos he doesn’t want Enok to become a murderer…

  6. jinkzzmec

    thanks for the recap , Javabeans…Yes, i agree with you also…i think GD interfered for YN’s sake and not his father’s…ahhh… few more hours to go before episode 20.

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  8. the sp

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  9. gail

    “twoo wuv!” i like to think that deep inside behind that rage, Enok is actually saying to Gil Dong, ala Christina Aguilera, “save me from myself.”

    thanks for the summary, javabeans. i can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode.

  10. 10 Iranian Espresso

    Thank you dear Javabeans.

  11. 11 rtan

    awww!! 🙁 how could this episode started happily and ended sadly? 🙁

  12. 12 yeli

    i agree with everyone else that GD prevented Enok from killing his father so that she would not become a killer and suffer because of it…he obviously learned that from the ghost ajummas in the previous episode…

    this is so sad though…things were going too well for them that it’s obvious something had to happen to keep them apart again…

  13. 13 Kiongna

    A dear chingu actually called me as soon as you put this up! She said “Javabeans has put up Ep. 19” 2 seconds ago Pali Pali…she said she has been refreshing her screen all day..OMO LOL. ha ha ha that’s how much we love Hong Gil Dong and how much we are soooooooooo indebted to you! HUGS

    As for the story development………dang good, my toes hurt from keeping on them so much!

  14. 14 shalini

    Thank you for the song. You just don’t know how happy i am!!
    I can’t comment on this episode. have not seen it yet. have to wait for Veoh and sub. Merci for the review though. Was waiting for it impatiently. You have a good one.

  15. 15 teokong

    Sometimes good thing never last…… will it???? From the first episode I know they’ll be together so I’m comforted. Many thanks for your recap of episode 19. Awesome!,

  16. 16 Skangrrl

    Man, I dread watching this episode and yet can’t wait to watch it. I hate the thought of the loss of innocence and possibly true love (no! NO! NO! Hong sisters, NO! Do not part our Gil Dong & Enok!!!) for poor Enok. I loved her wide-eyed innocence and total acceptance. Sigh. Kill Bill Enok is hot but sad.

    Perhaps Gil Dong did it for both reasons. To save Enok from her own actions and consequences but also, no matter how much of a twat your parent is, there is always going to be that residual filial obligation. Especially when you are an honourable, hunky hero type. Hah.

  17. 17 Anonymous

    Yup! I agree with Skangrrl: HGD did it for both reasons: protecting his father and preventing Yinok from harsh consequence of revengence. After all, no matter what your dad becoming, such as a crazy , sinful person, or hate you or not, he is still your dad anyway. You cannot deny it, especially in the old traddition Asian times, the children were really attached, and obeyed to the parents, no matter what the parents were wrong. Unlike today we-the children (even the traddtional ones)have more freedom in both actions and thoughts (: Example: now I can say daddy your are wrong and bla bla .. he may accept that he is wrong and apologize; howerver, in his young times, he could nerver say that things to his parrents (:

  18. 18 Susie Q

    Wow. I am so ready for the end now . . . my heart can take all these up and downs. Btw, I am with you about the ridiculousness of Chang Whe’s theme song. Bah.

    Thanks for the gerat review.

  19. 19 cattey

    OMG!!! i almost died from apnea!!! i suspended my breathing right after reading about granda heo’s death and continued doing that until the end of the recap..dude, to tell you the truth, i was hurting so much, but i didn’t want to interrupt myself from reading..all i can really say right now is “OMG!!!!” i really don’t know what’s gonna happen next after this..although, i kinda have an idea, but i’m still not sure! daym! honestly, i haven’t even seen the episode itself..i’ve only watched 1-10 since i didn’t know where to get the episodes and i am not of korean descent, so i don’t understand what they’re saying..i just base my judgment on their actions; although, i don’t think i got all of the stuff right since i was just assuming..so, i’m really thankful to javabeans for all the recaps..after that [watching subtitle-sans episodes], i got so anxious and started reading the recaps here without watching the episodes themselves..javabeans, you do a really good job with them..thanks so much! it’s only after reading your posts/recaps here that i got interested in reading anything..i think your recaps are better than watching the drama itself..wait, i think that was an exaggeration, but it’s almost to that level..i mean, they are really impressive..once again, thanks! more power to you!!
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    I’ll be back to read your thoughts on HGD when I’m done with it 🙂

  22. 22 Skangrrl

    You know I just had a thought. Everyone over at soompi is driving themselves crazy on whether Enok will end up with Gil Dong or Chang Whe. All I can say is that it would be a pretty crappy show if the title person not only ends up without the girl but dies as speculated in the Rank Ridiculous spoiler. We might as well as name the show Gong Ja or Change Whe …

    I’ve been so dying to watch I’ve been watching it with Chinese subs. So I am totally thinking WITHS2 are gods as they came out with Ep 18 subs already. *Bows to WITHS2*

  23. 23 Anonymous

    @Skangrrl: do not worry, friend! I think the opposite: I’m afraid that The Gong Cha Chang whe may die at the end instead of HGD, because HGD in the history still alive until mid 50 as a legend, but Change whe died at young age in history! Cry, cry, I hope both of the guys HGD, CH still alive at the end though! I really love JGS and it is not fair for him to die at young age in both dramas Hwang Jin Yi and HGD! If CH died at the end, then JGS would be staged for the actor always has the stragic end at young age from now on! It is not fair. Hongs sisters, please do not let him die!!

  24. 24 shalini

    TO Susie Q, a song can be doom and gloom but never ridicule. I can understant u might not like it but do not …. on it.
    I love this song for it suits my mood. Apparently the ending is known from the first ep, ie YI Nok is with HGD. It’s just I sooooo wanted the prince to have the girl but obviously the title is HGD and not Lee CW. Plse do tell me I am not the only one. Still I will be contented being in the minority. Thanks Javabeans. I do like your witty and dry sense of humour. Keep it up. You’re doing a great job.
    Sung yuri is doing a good job in this ep I must say.

  25. 25 Jessica

    Eun Hye’s “plan” does sound a bit tame.

    I thought she was going to kill In Hyung, forcing the father to accept and acknowledge Gil Dong as his heir (since he’d be the only one left)!

  26. 26 Jane

    I’ve just finished watching this episode – twice!!!!!!!!!! I love it…I have to admit I cried at the scene when Enok’s grandpa died…One thing that really annoyed me about the drama was Chang Whe —> i seriously have a problem with him, especially in the end when he was telling Gil Dong about how his dad Enok’s parents…it wasn’t done in a nice way…way to go in rubbing salt into Gil Dong’s bruised and mangled heart! lol

  27. 27 tealeaf

    “…no matter how much of a twat your parent is, there is always going to be that residual filial obligation. Especially when you are an honourable, hunky hero type.”
    @Skangrrl, LOL. Now i know that i’m not the only biased, shallow fangirl here.

    First off, Sung Yuri surprised me with her range. She was terrific. This was her episode (… which makes me wonder when Jang Geun Seok’s turn going to be). That descent into emotional instability and madness was nicely done. I like the hand-held camera work. I could do without the “Terminator-esque walk of destruction” though. I think it’s fair to say the Hong sisters could apply a bit more subtlety to some of their scenes. A little less in-your-face perhaps? We can connect the dot, yah? Personally, I’d love it more if the scene transitioned to show Ynok’s sudden appearance at Minister Hong’s residence (sans the walk). The effect might be more powerful.

    On a side note, the series’ strengths no doubt are its actors and storyline. The production at its best is average. Which is too bad cause a bit more creative directing would elevate this series to another level. The camera should add extra dimensions to the storytelling. So far, it has not.

  28. 28 giddygirl108

    Woo…what an exciting episode! Thanks, for the millionth time, for your synopsis ^_^

  29. 29 Jen

    So far I’m thinking that this might mean Enok and Hong Gil separate briefly, (Enok taking up her “rightful status” for a while, and being with Chang Whe maybe?) until she comes to her senses and decides to reconcile with Hong Gil Dong. And Minister Hong’s heart palpitations can only mean that he will have a massive heart attack or some other ailment and either die or realize the error of his ways and reconcile with Hong Gil Dong? And if Chang Whe really dies (hope not), then Enok would be next in line (well after crazy king dies anyway), and either forsakes the throne, or does claim it but loiters out with Hong Gil and the bandit gang at some point or another (either forever or habitually).
    Haha, let’s see what actually happens, I don’t really know the real history of Chang Whe or any of the other characters, but only 4 more eps to go! I’ll be sad when the shows over! =(

  30. 30 Eisa

    Wow, I was totally thinking the same thing about Gil Dong’s interferance. I am seriously hoping he did it to protect her from crossing that line, more than protecting his father. Seriously thanks I really can’t watch an episode without reading your recaps, thanks again.

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    We are still in chapter 13 here so I’ve been living off your recaps to sustain me. Thanks thanks!
    …. You’re doing a great job, keep it up..^^

  32. 32 bajing

    ep 19: Happiness and sadness in one episode. It broke my heart for YN x GD and becoming more and more wary toward CH. Like I have said in soompi, CH’s timing for breaking the news about YN’s birthright and Lord Hong’s involvement in the massacre of her biological family right off the bat after Grampa Heo’s death was really awful. NICE TIMING and not the smartest act of him! I just wish the separation will be as short as possible. I really want a happy ending! Just don’t pull a TWSSG ending on us! *praying wholeheartedly*

  33. 33 have2muchohomeworko

    you are a wonderful writer (;

  34. 34 me can't wait for the subbed episodes!

    OMG OMG! this is by far the WORST EPISODE EVER.. well, for me of course! but i’m not saying that it sucks, ok? it’s just that Grandpa Heo had to die!!! huhuhu.. and then, Enok’s anger might consume all the love she has for Gil Dong!!! another huhuhu.. it’s sucks because it’s depressing, i guess.. =(

    on the other hand, really really love the sweet scenes of Gil Dong and Enok!!!

  35. 35 glomp!

    What a traumatising experience to stab your beloved….gosh. Man… Yinok’s scary when she’s furious…i like her better when she’s in dummy mode.

    I managed to hold back my tears (even at the part when Yinok unwrapped the bloodied hairpin bought by Grandpa Heo..) but i failed to manage it at the last part, when Yinok stabbed Gil dong and the camera froze at that scene. After which the screen is split in to to show GD and YN kind of staring at each other. And all this was shown silently (if i remembered correctly) I was fine even then —— until the song “If” came up.

    “I know i am a fool and can only watch you from afar
    Your heart may look away from me
    And so we could even become strangers…”


    (Oh yes, i got the english translation of the song from here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ncyOCEllFjs )

  36. 36 elena salcedo

    thanks Javabeans for the episodes you’ve put up… hey, i really enjoyed every minute i spent reading your blog. i do read them in between my busy sched. this is a very sad episode… i agree with you that Gildong did protect Enok rather than protect his own father.

  37. 37 Anna

    Ah, geez, all dramas have to have a depressing turning point. I just hope there will still be some sweet moments left between Gil Dong and Enok.

    I was hoping that Gil Dong was just trying to stop her to keep her from committing murder, like Chang Hwe seemed to be when he realized she was gone and had taken his sword, but why did he shout, “I cannot let you kill my father”?


    Oy. I wish I could understand Korean better.

    😀 I like your recaps. They’re very well-written. They’re far more eloquent than recaps I’ve read for American TV shows. Which I find kind of strange considering that they’re in English and require no translation.

  38. 38 Sue

    I think Sung Yuri did a fantastic job in this episode.

  39. 39 marel

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  40. 40 blake

    OMG. all i could think when i heard that sword stabbing hong gil dong was: good job enok. good job.

    i was struck by how this was a test of enok’s strength similar to hong gil dong’s temptation to kill the nobleman… and it all SUCKS CAUSE SHE GAVE IN.

  41. 41 waitingformyprince

    very very big turning point here…omg..

    im kinda happy im not as ignorant as her..she was protected from the harshness of the outside world..much like the noble ladies..

    and now she has to face reality..really sad..

  42. 42 anon

    the last scene reminds me so much of Romeo and Juliet
    so Shakespearean like
    Gil Dong and Enok’s love
    they’re enemies but they love each other (ill death)

    you guys should watch RomeoxJuliet anime. it’s actually pretty good
    you’ll notice similarities

  43. 43 Sevenses

    Yeon/Fate uploaded here.

  44. 44 MT

    Ahhh! From heart warming cuteness to heart breaking tragedy – this episode is gooood. I could so feel the embarrassment at the beginning Enok & Gil Dong scenes – sooo cute! I couldn’t help but giggle and fidget about. I really love their chemistry… and Ji Hwan’s killer smirks – so fineee.
    But OMG T.T Stupid music at the end. I wouldn’t have bawled so much if it wasn’t for the background music, though it was a :O moment. I gasped and held my breath when he stepped in the way and got stabbed.
    Oh this is tragic… can’t wait to see what happens with them, but they have to end up together! HAVE TO, even if it is a ‘Your dad killed my family’/’You stabbed me once’ relationship…


  45. 45 mariolawpanda

    i’d say that was more for the wuv! LOL. i’m actually really confused about the father-son dynamics of Gil Dong and evil dad. its like, let go already. haha. evil~~ but i did thought/hope of the same thing, more than stopping YiNok for the dad’s sake, i think Gil Dong stopped the super innocent YiNok from turning into someone tainted or someone seeking revenge. but i do like the evil transformation of the characters, breaks the monotony a little.

  46. 46 Esther

    this was a really great episode! thanks very much for the recap. made me understand things more than just watching the episode 🙂

    the flow of emotions was really done well in this episode! it’s really great to see yi nok change in character all of a sudden; before she used to be really happy, innocent, pure, but kind of dull since it was the same character through out. now we’re finally seeing some character development….she’s really become another person suddenly. the last bit was such a cliffhanger!
    now, onto the next episode…

  47. 47 Esther

    also, i forgot to put….the colours she wearing…aren’t they both royal colours? like yellow and purple 😀 it really represents a change in her…i love the hong sisters!

  48. 48 A-M

    @Esther For some reason I thought she might be wearing the Prince’s clothes…they are boyish looking afterall, which might explain the colors.

    What a book end of an episode. To go from a close eyed embrace with their kiss to ending this one with both eyes wide open and a fraggin’ sword between them.

    I do think he was motivated to stop her because it was her. I think everyone around her realises how precious her innocence is (though it clearly just took a major beating).

    I do love how her ambush of Daddy Hong paralleled her own father’s death at his hands.

    And I agree with some of the above comments, if this had the production values of say Goong (at least costume and set wise) and… camera work of say maybe Secret Garden? It would be untouchable. Not like I am staring at wires or boom mikes, but there haven’t been many eye candy moments (minus the actors 😉 ).

    Also, can I have some of Mr. Hong’s heart medicine? I think this episode put me on the soon-to-have-a-heart-attack-list.

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