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Who Are You: Episodes 1 & 2
by | March 17, 2008 | 52 Comments

MBC’s new drama Who Are You? will probably not be a huge hit — On Air will easily claim that timeslot — and I doubt it carries the potential to join the ranks of the exceptional. The conceit is pretty clear — body-switching, and the hilarity that ensues — like a mix of Big, Ghost, Heart & Souls. But for some reason I really enjoy it.

It could be the amusement at seeing Yoon Kye Sang regularly transition from an irascible, bad-tempered businessman into a dorky, good-natured dolt, or it could be Go Ara‘s gorgeous doll-like features, or that all the characters, down to the most minor, are lovable in their own way (I love Young In’s friends — Lee Eon from Coffee Prince and Lee Min Jung from Kkakdugi). Or it could be that, unlike On Air, this drama’s all heart — its good humor comes through all the other stuff and makes for a surprisingly pleasant watch.


Kim Sarang – “위로” (Consolation). Kim Sarang the musician, that is, not the actress/Miss Korea.
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SOHN YOUNG IN (actress Ara) has a complicated relationship with her father SOHN IL GUN (Kang Nam Gil). While she loves him (and he quite adores her), his happy-go-lucky (read: irresponsible) behavior gets in the way of complete approval. She’s two days shy of high school graduation and newly twenty years old (the age of legal adulthood); she can’t wait to move out. He doesn’t like the idea, but she’s determined because she’s tired of being embarrassed all the time. He agrees to let her live in the dorms for her first year, but to come back after that — because as much as she thinks she can’t live with him anymore, he can’t live without her.

Her father’s a “quick service” deliveryman, in debt up to his eyeballs (surgery bills for her deceased mother), drinks soju too often for her liking, and dating a woman she hates. Although Young In inherited her artistic sensibilities from her father — her dream is to be a manhwa artist/writer — she doesn’t know that his old painting “hobby” is actually much more. He’s become a regarded artist.

Young In has solid friends in JI SOOK (Lee Min Jung) and YONG DEOK (Lee Eon). Ji Sook (whom Young In affectionately calls “Sooki”) is her classmate and wheelchair-bound, while Yong Deok (“Deoki”), who’s just back from military service, is older but treated as an equal. They’re both wonderful, devoted friends, offering support whenever Young In needs.

In contrast, CHA SEUNG HYO (Yoon Kye Sang) is a fussy, obsessive-compulsive workaholic who keeps everyone around him on edge with his constant demands and impossibly high (and fastidious) standards. He may have the bank account and tailored wardrobe of a standard kdrama hero, but there’s nothing dreamy about his awful personality. Seung Hyo can’t stand the sight of dirt or even a stray hair, he’s insanely wealthy at 31, and he’s adopted.

His hilarious anxiety-prone secretary is YEO JIWON or simply Secretary Yeo (gifted comic actress Ahn Sun Young). Whenever she’s feeling particularly degraded, she wails, “But I went to Ewha!” (a top women’s university) at the indignity. Seung Hyo’s also frequently attended by his lawyer and driver.


Episode 1 establishes the relationships, and ends with two sudden accidents, the first of which is Seung Hyo’s. Seung Hyo loses his temper with his assistants and drives off angrily, only to be hit by an oncoming truck. His body is mostly unharmed, but he’s knocked into a coma.

Secondly, Young In’s father Il Gun is in a collision while riding his motorcycle, and killed. His sudden death first leaves Young In angry at him for leaving her, then guilty for the horrible things she said before he died, such as being thrilled at the prospect of moving out so she could be apart from her father.

The crux of Episode 1 can be summed up in the following scene, when Il Gun’s spirit “comes back” after his death but remains invisible to all. And while I had my reservation’s about Ara’s acting, after this scene those were quelled long enough for me to cut her some slack for the rest of the series:

There’s something fishy about the way Il Gun’s death has been ruled suicide, and the death itself. That’s a mystery he’ll have to solve on his own.

Seung Hyo lies in a coma; the doctor informs secretary Yeo Jiwon and Lawyer Yoon that he may need a miracle to wake up. Yet just then he does awaken — and jumps out of bed, healthy and fit. And, um, a little different.

Episode 2 explains how Il Gun managed to come back, and why the body he inhabits is Seung Hyo’s.

As Il Gun is taken across the (metaphorical) divide between life and death, led by the man I’ll call the Reaper, he begs for mercy, for a chance to help his daughter — she has nobody in the world, she’s graduating tomorrow, she has no money. The Reaper feels pity and cuts him a deal. The rules are thus: He will have a limited time, for three hours a day, to finish his business. The body he inhabits will belong to the coma victim Seung Hyo. And when he’s not inhabiting Seung Hyo’s body, he (Il Gun’s “spirit”) must remain in a 3-kilometer radius of The Body, to be monitored by an anklet.

Unfortunately, Il Gun’s first day in Seung Hyo’s body is cut drastically short. Trying to guess everyone’s relation to him, Il Gun/Seung Hyo calls his secretary “Wife” and acts like a coarse, middle-aged ajusshi (go figure!), albeit a friendly one. The staff believe him to be hysterical (he runs through the halls giggling and babbling about visiting his daughter) and administer a sedative that renders The Body useless for the duration of today’s three-hour period. Il Gun will have to plan better next time.

Alone now, Young In’s got a tough deal ahead of her. At the mortuary, she’s accosted by her father’s debt collectors, who make suggestive comments on how she can “repay” the debt with her beauty. Enter SHIN JAE HA (Jin Yi Han), who puts a stop to their threatening behavior and takes her and her friends home. Jae Ha lets Young In believe he’s a friend of her father’s, although we’re to believe he may be up to something sinister. And may possibly be involved in her father’s death or suicide ruling.

(Let me sidebar: I LOVE THIS GUY. He had a one-episode part in Mixed-Up Investigative Agency’s episode 7 and gave a spoiled rich playboy unexpected depth. He was also in Conspiracy In the Court, which I really must get back to watching soon. His character here is another spoiled playboy — smooth enough with the ladies to be unsettling to Young In’s fresh-faced naivete — and perhaps my admiration of the actor makes me like him entirely too much. But he does manage to convey layers to the character.)

Jae Ha treats Young In well and tells her to call whenever she needs help. She doesn’t know what to make of his puzzling kindness or his offer of assistance.

She does, however, know enough about her father’s girlfriend YOUNG AE to hate her and throw her offers of assistance back in her face.

The next morning, Il Gun carefully picks his three-hour window to coincide with his daughter’s graduation ceremony. In his haste to escape the hospital, he gives no thought to changing his clothes or bringing money.

Il Gun/Seung Hyo watches his daughter take photos with Ji Sook’s family, and Young In finally breaks down into sobs when she poses for a picture with her friend’s father. A few steps away, SeungHyoDad cries too, and I think it might have been this scene that convinced me to stick with Who Are You? I can understand why Yoon Kye Sang took on the role as a test of his acting range — he really traverses from extreme to extreme — and his ability to inhabit both characters (his own, and the father’s) keeps me following the storyline rather than thinking about his acting. Here, he gazes in fatherly concern at Young In as he tries to approach her.

SeungHyoDad identifies himself as her father, so she assumes he’s crazy, which isn’t hard to believe given his strange dress. He’s reduced to following her to the restaurant where Il Gun had promised to take her after graduation. She yells at him to go away (believing him to be a pervert and flasher) — and while her antagonism makes his mission difficult now, he’s also proud of his daughter for standing up for herself. Aw. At the restaurant, SeungHyoDad sits down with her despite her protests because he promised to eat those noodles with her and damned if he won’t keep that promise.

Jae Ha’s intentionally mysterious motives make him an interestingly complex character. He cares for his girlfriend, a fellow art gallerist, but she loves him a little more than he’d like her to. He’s the son of the gallery owner (a snobby society mom) and has hidden reasons for keeping tabs on Young In, though he seems to genuinely like her spunk and treats her like a doting brother. If doting brothers were also under instructions to use you to find information about your father.

Jae Ha invites Young In to observe a fancy party being held at the art gallery that night, where she recognizes one of the attendees as her pervert stalker man: Seung Hyo.


Like I said, I don’t know if Who Are You? is going to be anything more than a “pretty good” series, but it is very watchable. I like that they’ve explained away the potential problem of why a man can be allowed control over another man’s body (because, on a basic level, that feels kind of icky, right?) in that Seung Hyo was likely to be stuck as a vegetable for the rest of his life, without the doctor’s so-called miracle. Therefore Il Gun isn’t really stealing time away from his host if his host would otherwise have been stuck in a coma forever.

I think what draws me most to the drama is the dynamic they’ve set up between Young In, Seung Hyo, and her father. First off, Seung Hyo is horrid, and Yoon Kye Sang really embraces the character’s abrasiveness. He may have emotional scars (abandonment issues over his adoption?) but so far he’s got no compassion, no warmth, no appeal. Yet.

When Il Gun is inhabiting Seung Hyo’s body, however, Young In starts to see him in a different light — but since that’s really her father at work, none of that can be attributed to Seung Hyo himself. So if she eventually falls for Seung Hyo, how much of that is genuine? How can she love someone when all his kindness came from someone else? (I’m guessing that changes, but I’m curious to see how.)


52 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. fizzlex3mh

    Okay. The third paragraph drew me in. I wanna watch this.

    Thanks javabeans!

  2. kamee

    I actually really liked the start of this series. I especially loved Yoon Kyesang’s character. He definitely embraces the character completely even when he’s OCD or over the top. I also like that the character is extremely OCD it makes for exciting episodes, like in the preview for episode three! hehe.. AND Jin Yihan is sooooo cute in this series!!

  3. yeli

    Sounds good…i am definitely going to check it out…

    wouldn’t it be a little too weird if she fell for him because of who he is while her father is in his body…i mean, wouldn’t that essentially mean that she is falling for her father???? o.O

    i’m interested to see how they are going to work out the romance…it sounds so complicated lol…

  4. rach

    Yay! You like this show too!
    I love the actor who plays Seung Hyo. It was so funny watching him be so serious and disgusted by everything in the world and then watching him switch into the dorkiest 31 year old ever! It made me laugh so hard! Although his change in attitude might make him look schizophrenic to others.
    I’m interested to see how Young In will learn to like the real Seung Hyo and how Seung Hyo will actually get over his disgusted outlook.
    The age difference is quite wide as well with Young In being 18 (20?) and Seung Hyo being 31!. It’s like it’s channeling My Wife is 18!
    I personally think that Go Ara’s acting isn’t something to complain about in the episodes so far. I haven’t seen her in any other pieces but I think so far her acting is up to par. I mean her crying made me cry (and it takes a lot to make me cry).
    Can’t wait for WITHS2 subs for 3 and 4 so I can continue to love this show!

  5. invisibelle

    I really think this series, for me, anyway, is going to be worth watching just for the manic switches for Yoon Kye Sang. It’s just too fun to watch.

    I can’t help but think landing a role like this must be an actor’s dream, hehe.

  6. Masonjosh

    I totally adore this drama, its so cute. The cast is amazingly gorgeous and the plot is awesome. They’re all super duper hotttt.

  7. Jessica

    They really should do a Dead Like Me k-drama with the Reapers and all…

    Because of how interesting the Korean afterlife traditions are, I’m sure they could come up with some really fascinating storylines.

  8. akon

    Yay…I was waiting for a summary before I delved in (reading the initial plot started my interest already) and so everything looks good. I must say, besides being impressed with Go Ara on a superficial looks level (she is cute!), her acting in that clip you put up wasn’t too shabby at all!

    Too bad the series will probably just be a run-of-the-mill type in Korea but, then again, those series are usually the ones I like most………strange. :/

  9. jennyo88

    Jessica, I agree with you, Dead like me was awesome, they should do a show like that.
    Javabeans said “So if she eventually falls for Seung Hyo, how much of that is genuine? How can she love someone when all his kindness came from someone else? (I’m guessing that changes, but I’m curious to see how.)”

    That would mean she fell for her dad, that’s a little disturbing

  10. 10 minime

    oooh are you going to recap this series!!!

  11. 11 Sue

    @last paragraph: kind of a twisted Cyrano de Bergerac

    I will definitely be watching this!

  12. 12 Lenrasoon

    I’m really enjoying this show, Yoon Kye Sang character is fun to watch, but i’m still a little worried about the romance part (i mean Young In father has possessed Seung Hyo body!!) that could turn this drama into a really awkard romance *hope not*
    well lets see how they handle this anyways…

  13. 13 bree

    Yoon Kye Sang really nailed the acting here I think. He’s got the whole “father” character down. It’s as if I’m watching the actor who plays Young In’s father. Actually, all the three lead actors in this drama can act. I believe them. And yeah, there’s something fishy about Jae Ha. But this guy can sing. Also the age difference between Young In and Seung Hyo sort of bothers me. Their age is the same in real life. Now, is that even legal? lol. But I guess age doesn’t matter, YKS doesn’t even look 31. Thanks Javabeans for the summaries.

  14. 14 tealeaf

    I’ve watched only the first two subbed episodes (thank you WITH S2/invisibelle!) and found it endearing and charming. I looove the sets and the camera angles. The colors are really vivid (with red being the thematic palette in a lot of scenes. Not quite sure of its significance yet. Does anyone know?). The apartments (of both male leads) and Young In’s room are just adorably quirky. The cinematography is awesome. Editing is quite effective and creative too. Overall, a very pretty drama.

    Go Ara is very photogenic, just as the two male leads (though I’m far from being enamoured with Jin Yi Han. Is there something wrong with me?). I must admit that I don’t quite feel the sparks between them yet. Perhaps ’cause of the obvious age gap between Young In and Seung Hyo/Jae Ha. Seriously, she looks very much like a teenager and the guys do look like they are rockin’ the cradle a bit. But that could change as the series progresses. For now, i’m willing to suspend my disbelief.

    I agree, this drama has heart. It has tons of personality. The humor wavers bipolar-like between sophisticated and over-the-top; effective when it needs to be. I can see the potential. The first two episodes were solid; but the plot does have its limit. I’m not sure how far they can sustain the humor and still make it fresh (for the entire 20 episodes). YKS’ character (especially his OCD-driven scenes) is something else. It’s hilarious to watch an actor working two characters at the same time. How exhausting and confusing it must be. He’s pretty good so far.

    BTW, I really like the BGM or OST or whatever that is playing along. Lovely music. Does anyone know the name of the recurrent English song in the first 2 eppies? Much appreciated.

  15. 15 yeoreum

    ill definitely watch this… thanks dramabeans….

  16. 16 Kim

    I was hoping you’d like it! Your reasons for liking it are the same as mine. 🙂

  17. 17 deeta

    I guess as I can understand more about it, I get why it would be ‘pretty good’. Plus now I realize that guy from EIA is also here, with a bigger part too. I still don’t know whether I’m gonna follow this or not because the pairing, especially when the romance is explored, is just gonna be a tad weird.

  18. 18 SOORiMEE

    thank you SOOOO much for capping this series!!! i hope this drama catches on because so far i really have enjoyed it!!! i loved your review! keep up the good work! 🙂

  19. 19 Jessica

    I find it interesting that some people think Go Ara looks young because I actually think she looks somewhat old. Like if someone told me she’s 25 I would believe them.

    But then again, it’s not so much that she looks old, but more like, perhaps I’ve seen people in their mid-20s look young (especially Asians).

    I’m also in my mid-20s, but I still get carded all the time! Very embarrassing—especially when you’re out with your co-workers and you’re the only one who gets carded!

  20. 20 E

    I’m so glad that you liked this show too ~ I’ve really fallen in love with Yoon Kye Sang over the years – and I expected less from Go Ara because of her looks but I think she’s living up to what the character needs and for this type of drama…she’s doing pretty good.

    I love the song of the day btw…i listened to this on repeat a few months ago…nonstop. Have you seen Kim sarang do a live acoustic of this? it’s on youtube..check it out!

  21. 21 teokong

    Interesting summary. Kind of remind me of the hollywood actress Lily something where her spirit entered into Steve Martin’s body. Is a comedy as well. Guess I’ll give it a short. Thanks for the summary.

  22. 22 joneh

    where do ya guys go to watch these latest aired kdramas?

  23. 23 khres

    tnx javabeans^^ i’m deff. going to watch this after HGD =D the lead actor is hottie =P

  24. 24 Marzy

    im enjoying Who are you a lot. the story especially the cast. yes, yoon kye sang and jin lyi han are just.. sooo fine. another plus.hahhaha eon’s character is so cute too. the story is touching too. 1st epi with subs had me bawling. but a lot of scenes are cute and funny too. go ara’s acting isnt that up to par yet.. but im giving it a chance. plus i cant really see the chemistry of yks and ara yet. not much sparks even with jlh. hhmmm maybe later on. ill still want to see it.
    this is an enjoyable drama to say the least.

  25. 25 lime9

    is go ara wearing those special contacts? i don’t know why but i find her eyes disturbing/distracting. whenever there’s a close up of her face i can’t focus on anything except wondering if she’s wearing special contacts. i loved the scene of when her two best friends were comforting her after her father’s death.

  26. 26 sally

    to lime9> no she does not wear contacts. That is her natural eye color ^^. It’s a pretty hazel. :d

    I am really loving this drama! I would give it 5 stars 😀

  27. 27 alynizzle

    Sounds interesting so far. Maybe after Hong Gil Dong is over, you’ll start this as your next project for summaries? That’d be nice since I don’t really have time do download the episodes, and I’m not even sure if any group is doing subs.

    It’s funny; when it comes to kdramas it usually takes a lot to make me cry and requires me to be really familiar with the characters and story – but after watching that short clip I was already pretty teary. For such a young actress I find her very good, and I also love her quaint prettiness.

    The video you posted had subs; I thought people shouldn’t be posting the hardsubs on streaming sites?

  28. 28 Philippa

    I love that actress! She acted so good in Snow Flower or Snow something.. lmao.
    well yeah…

  29. 29 koalabear

    I’ve seen the first two episodes…I was also hesitant If I’ll gonna watch this one but the drama’s plot was nice..I love the father daughter relationship between Go Ara and Kang Nam-kil…and Yoon Kye-sang is hilarious whenever Ara’s father enters his body…and also Jin Yi-han’s character is so alluring even if he’s a baddie here…really excellent acting for a newcomer like him…I think I can continue watching this drama

  30. 30 X

    Nice review, I enjoyed eps 1-2 as well (am kind of a Lee Min Jung fan myself, although whether that’s purely appreciating her acting or the quite pleasant appearance, I still don’t know. Uhm). Don’t know how it’ll turn out, but certainly more bearable than the 옆동네 쓰레기. ㅋㅋ (It’s on air alright. That is, the empty stuff flying around, prissy and lonely in the writer’s brain, if you wanna call it air. How you can turn a meta-drama subject into a collection of stereotypes spouting pseudo-insider mumbo-jumbo and get praised by so called journalists still baffles me. Oh well)

    Been lurking for a few months, first time finally posting. As always, nice job. And I like the new design.

  31. 31 vis

    I agree, it’s an interesting show so far but I dun think it’ll end up much more than “pretty good” in my book. I’m pretty sure I won’t feel the urge to rewatch it in the future, but I’ll continue watching it for now. Luckily Go Ara’s acting in this drama is pretty decent, I didn’t like her much in some previous drama.

  32. 32 vis

    i read a fanfic before that’s similar to the plot..

  33. 33 stargazer377

    thanks for your review javabeans! it def. compelled me to watch it.
    and i noticed you changed the tag of your website!

  34. 34 tooizzy

    Looks really good, and fun. I’ll try to watch it. I hope it interests you enough to do recaps. 🙂

  35. 35 thunderbolt

    “How you can turn a meta-drama subject into a collection of stereotypes spouting pseudo-insider mumbo-jumbo and get praised by so called journalists still baffles me.”

    Haha, X, you’re priceless. That about sums up why you gave On Air one star for entertainment value? ㅋㅋ Btw, I’m thrilled you’ve decided to delurk. Post more, mister!

  36. 36 javabeans

    Wow, X was here! Thanks, I feel so honored. And also glad to know I’m not alone in my thorough distaste for On Air. 옆동네 쓰레기 indeed. LOL.

    And don’t worry about the subtitles. I just threw them in there for the clip so they’re not unauthorized uses of WITHS2 subs or anything like that.

  37. 37 X

    nah, that sums the 2 stars for the writing. One for entertainment value is because even with that cast (I happen to like Song Yoon Ah and Lee Bum Soo quite a bit, and tolerate Kim Ha Neul) they manage to screw up the basics. There’s a way to make superficially bombastic (that a word?) material work, but this ain’t it. Like I said in the mini-review, it’s all smoke and mirrors and there’s no substance, just that this time instead of the President’s daughter it’s the new “in” thing even the middle school kids do nowadays… meta-drama! We’re all insiders. And stuff.

    I mean… the more you go inside the Korean Drama business the more you’ll learn an actor would Ne-ehhh-ver do something like Kim Ha Neul’s character does on stage, that there’s no need to reiterate all that “미드 (Us series) this, CF that” stuff, everyone knows it. Kim Eun Sook can only write 명대사, problem is she doesn’t know how to cook the cake around the icing. So all you get is, well. A family serving of frozen nothing.

    It’s as if someone made a film about Santa and all they had to show was little trolls shouting “Santa ain’t real,” while thinking aloud of all the things poor [insert assorted Un-PC description] like them do while the big fat grandpa gets all the credit. Uh oh, I think the remote was somewhere down there…

  38. 38 Iranian Espresso

    Thank You, Thank You, dear Javabeans. 🙂

  39. 39 breezy

    oh yes..Thank you for the summary… this is a drama i have been waiting for…
    ì like yoon kye sang better as an actor, then when he was a singer/rapper in G.O.D… but what a shame that the viewers haven`t seen his potential yet… wish the drama good luck though and can`t wait for more

  40. 40 ripgal

    I’ve watched 4 episodes of Who R U.. and surely it’s getting better and better by episode. YKS is great at his craft, as the Il Gun possessed Seung Hyo.. he just makes me laugh non-stop..

    Btw, just randomly asking, is anybody watching Last Scandal of My Life by Choi Jin Shil and Jung Joon Ho atm? Cos I find this drama equally amusing and entertainment..funny and hilarious that is.. Choi Jin Shil’s transformation into the ahjumma..lolz…

  41. 41 j

    Ahn Sun Young is so funny, she was great in whats up fox and get karl. i will check this out for the supporting cast, she and the coffee prince guy.

  42. 42 George

    “wouldn’t it be a little too weird if she fell for him because of who he is while her father is in his body…i mean, wouldn’t that essentially mean that she is falling for her father???? o.O”

    You know what they say, girls tend to fall for the guys that most resemble their fathers. It just happens to be much more literal in this case…

  43. 43 bjharm

    from reading the short summery I though Comedy , but other than a few smiles and one belly laugh it wasn’t really all that funny. I not sure about the lead girl, she looks cute enough [soso] but she quite nasty with it and she can look rather ugly when giving out the verbal abuse. Not sure if that just good acting on her part or not yet.
    The father..well I getting a bit irate over his antics and it only show two. The lead guy, well it been said nothing to like about him..not even than good looking.
    The father death…the gangsters are rather goofy to do something like that, so we have to guess it was the art guy, perhaps after him to get his paintings and when he crashed didn’t call for help. SO one he feeling guilty or Two he wants the painting and think the daughter knows where they are. either way there something very creepy about him.
    The supporting case are solid, often in Kdrama they are the better actors and work to make the main actors look good, ie the main actor a pretty face but not much acting skill. Cp guy much the same but more grown up, the strong silent type.
    I do hope it gets more funny and keeps away from the melodrama, the show certainly has plenty of room for both but not doing both well. The first two shows where of course to introduce the idea of the body switching and all the people, hopefully there will move on with the story now that all done

  44. 44 kimlam940

    I have watched the first 4 episodes I think it is and so far I am liking this series. Because of my limited comprehension I hope that someone subs it but I have the basic idea of it so far. I have a feeling that Jae Ha wants to find out about the artwork. Pure speculation.

  45. 45 haezi

    i love yoon kye sang and think he does a good job in picking up the mannerisms of the father when he switches to possessed mode.
    go ara is beautiful, as always, and though i’m not too attached to her or her character, i think it’s great that such a stunning girl can seem so grounded…a trait i’ve admired since her debut in sharp.
    i am in complete agreement with you on jin yi han…i am enamored by his looks and acting. his theatre background gives him a depth and ease that is rare in such a newbie to dramas. plus, he looks a little like kang ji hwan and they happen to be buddies!

  46. 46 lime9

    thanks sally for the reply~

  47. 47 Jo

    This series appeals to me, I love everyone in this cast and the story keeps me laughing. (and crying…surprisingly-Im usually not one to cry)

  48. 48 marcel

    ah yoon kye sang from g.o.d.! i’m interested to see how is acting is.. this drama looks fun..

  49. 49 Anonymous

    does anyone know where i can watch this kdrama w/ eng sub? i watched up to the recent episode w/out sub n it’s pretty good. when i saw the 1st 2 episodes i was balling my eyes out. it’s not one of those typical kdrama and that’s what i like about it. anyways, if anyone can please tell me where to watch w/ eng sub that would be great. thanks a lot!!

  50. 50 Kai

    Hello, I’ve been reading your blog for awhile and this is my first post. First of all, I love your stylish, funny, and intelligent way of summarizing dramas. whenever I want somethign new to watch I look to your site for advice because I you make dramas I never even hear about sound amazing. Sometimes I find myself reading your summaries instead of watching the actual drama. ‘Who are you’ looks like another great choice. I watched the clip above and was moved to tears without even seeing any thing else. I can’t wait to watch this drama (i’m loading it now) and I look forward to using your summaries as a fun companion (since I don’t really have friends who watch dramas, reading what you thought about them is like having someone to watch them with). thanks again for your great site!

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