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Kim Ji Hoon takes it off for Amore Pacific
by | April 30, 2008 | 28 Comments

Kim Ji Hoon, currently starring in the cute Friday drama Why Did You Come To Our House?, bares his torso for cosmetic brand Amore Pacific’s Laneige Homme line. (People really like nekkid Kim Ji Hoon, huh? No complaints.) Although I’m not sure what he’s hawking. Hair gel? Chest waxer? (Photoshop? C’mon, nobody’s six-pack is that perfectly shadowed.)

28 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. yeli


  2. jippo

    omg, what fun! And to think I was stressing about something not two seconds ago…

  3. addicted

    MeOW. I’m so jealous of the wall he’s leaning against.

  4. WTLov

    I want to… ahem…
    of course, compared to the earlier, more candid photo of him on the streets, this one does look photoshopped

  5. fogfan

    And the award for best photoshopping of stomach muscles goes to…..I agree with the photoshop comment. Especially when you compare the two photos. Still, even if it is photoshop, D-A-M-N!!

  6. memyself

    ehmmm! he has such a good built body *blush*
    sure he invested a lot to have such a “chocolate effect”
    i was, O^O ,when i saw the pictures .

  7. bebo

    damn, makes me wanna go shopping for some laneige products! uh, not really but he’s pretty hot!

  8. it's all good

    Holy cow! What are they feeding those boys in Korea? I done had a heart attack looking at Yoon Kye Sang’s abs and now this?!? I don’t think my poor heart can take anymore. But just to test it out, do you have MORE?

  9. Mel

    Wow! I want some Kim Ji Hoon! YUMMY! **Sigh**

    Who ever fixed that picture deserves a trophy!! =^_^=

  10. 10 Dele

    Photoshop does wonders….he still make me drool

  11. 11 shshro

    i didn;t know he was that built.

  12. 12 Sonam

    I don’t know……it looks like a tumor on the left side of the body.

  13. 13 pandapop


    that’s exactly what I thought, also, does it look like he has 3 nipples????? this is kind of a weird picture.(^+^)!!…………But, I still like him as an actor though.

  14. 14 Rach

    You make me such a horrible person!
    I can’t help but stare at this man’s abs!
    It’s so delicious!
    I feel like a cougar!

  15. 15 javabeans

    it’s all good, you ask, I deliver!

    Yes, i have one more:

  16. 16 okies

    drools as well
    you guys crack me up
    but the funny thing is that i agree with you all
    his so hoooooooooottttttt that we just want to be close to him
    but i think i would want to be the makeup that is all over his face and body LOL
    yeh the showdow does look like a nipple like thing LOL
    oh thankyou for the pic javabean but why isnt there more than 2? LOL

  17. 17 Sonam

    Yes, it does look like he has three nipples. LOL!

  18. 18 tooizzy

    Photoshop ROCKS!!! 🙂

  19. 19 Toya

    Yea it was photoshopped, but I don’t care, he still looks hot.

  20. 20 it's all good

    The good news: My heart is okay. A little weak, but OK.
    The bad news: I think I have asthma, now. Can’t breathe.
    Thanks. And anytime you want to put up pics like that, it’s all good w/me.
    If you dig any up for Yoon Kye Sang, I’ll worship you forever.

  21. 21 romele

    its getting hot in here…

  22. 22 H


  23. 23 jackie tan

    i prefer his clean cut formal style like the time when he get married to kim ji hoon
    on how much love drama

  24. 24 wow


  25. 25 annie

    I love him so much.
    He is so handsome.


  26. 26 SUNNY


  27. 27 §2_kim Ji Hoon_§2

    woa^^! sexy vãi chưởng :-*
    Ji Hoon hay chục ảnh kiểu sexy thế :-*

  28. 28 chibimemmm

    nawww lol! i finally thought he was good looking but that photo of him leaning against the wall makes him look gay xD

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