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So Ji Sub’s U-Turn
by | April 15, 2008 | 52 Comments

So Ji Sub makes his acting comeback in writer-director Jang Jin‘s (Welcome to Dongmakgol, My Son) television debut project, U-Turn.

The four-part “special movie” aired its first episode on the 1st on cable channel OCN to favorable viewer response, and before the third episode aired on the 15th it enjoyed a sharp jump in repeat viewings. Although the Jang Jin and So Ji Sub combination could be expected to draw some amount of attention, the response has surprised even the broadcasters: “We didn’t expect the interest to be this high.”

As a result, songs from the movie are also enjoying rising popularity, such as a new track “Only You” from Go Yu Jin (of rock band Flower) and Wheesung’s “Love Seat” (posted below). The movie also integrates product-placement advertising, thus inciting further interest in commercial circles.

The plot is described as revolving around a “fateful” couple and their unfolding love story; So Ji Sub’s love interest is played by Lee Yeon Hee.

Via Joy News


Wheesung featuring Humming Urban Stereo – “Love Seat” [ Download ]

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52 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. choram

    I could’ve sworn a lot of your blog followers are SJS fans…..where are they and why aren’t they commenting? πŸ™‚

    And have you watched this javabeans? Better yet, are you even interested? I’m not going crazy that’s for sure… :/

  2. EEvEE

    man lee yeon hee is in everything now. dont get me wrong, shes great and really pretty. but i think she really need to concentrate on her acting just a tad bit more. it seems tho she is still quite stiff

    • 2.1 Joy de leon

      agree her eyes is not convincing…

  3. yeli

    sounds interesting..i wonder if someone will sub this..

    i hope it’s not another tragic story…he seems to gravitate towards those o.O

  4. Anonymous

    @ Charam

    One of those fans is here.. I can’t wait for his new drama Cain and Abel (wonder when it is going to air ??:)??

    YEah when and where can I watch this??

  5. Dahee Fanel

    yeli, Jisub Addicts is subbing this. πŸ™‚ Episodes one and two should be released with English subs soon.

  6. javabeans

    Dahee, how is it? πŸ˜‰

  7. all4movies

    I just “discovered” So Ji Sup”s work in Thousand Years of Love so I’m looking forward to checking this out.

  8. Josh

    I LOVED jisub in MISA. And I can’t wait for Cain and Abel to finally come out (or even start shooting).

    I hope I can find this in HQ with subs soon!

  9. katwoman

    JSA reporting. I LOVE So Ji Sub in MiSa . Honestly, I would rather see SJS on screen for 16 or 20 hours in a drama instead of this 12 minute teaser. But I can’t wait for Jisub Addicts Subbing Team to sub this just for a sneak peek.

  10. 10 belleza

    SJS + 2 second 2nd episode shower scene = RATINGS!!! Military has done him good BTW. He brought sexy back? Hell naw!! Sexy brought *him* back!.

    The series is really cool so far, an amnesia plot with a touch of magical realism. Watch for his reaction when they “meet” πŸ˜€

    SJS’s comic skills (coming from his considerable observational talents) are extremely underrated. WHiB is when we first see SJS meditate with the “fly on the wall” position, but it wasn’t until MiSA that he started converging his comic palette and his nose for situation irony into drama.

    In episode one, there’s this bit with him yelling tone-deaf into a phone, while his arms is doing the Robot, while not paying attention to her. It’s funny because he’s not exactly ignoring her either. It’s as if she’s become another table and he can’t be bothered to move her out of the way while yapping on the phone! LOL


    If you liked 1000 Years of Love (aka Baekche Go-Go Dancer Go!), you may want to check out What Happened in Bali. They pair well together (same writer, same lack of compassion.) No really! πŸ˜€

  11. 11 thunderbolt

    Kat, each episode is five minutes, so the whole thing is only 20 minutes. Dahee’s the main translator.

    Josh, we’re releasing this in hardsubbed HQ. Download links will be posted at jisubaddicts and soompi soon.

  12. 12 katwoman

    Oops! Kat is a BAD JSA! Haven’t been keeping up…must be a certain Seung Hyo? πŸ™‚

  13. 13 Luv

    I must leave a comment about this “ad movie”…hehe…
    I LOVE IT. The only bad thing about it is…it’s too short…
    I hate the wait the most…we have to wait for so long…just to get another 5 minutes…sigh…but it’s worth the wait.

  14. 14 belleza

    The clips are all over Youtube right now, and it’s pretty easy to follow without subs. Summaries are available over at SJA and the SJS Soompi thread.

  15. 15 katie

    i am looking sooo forward to this. i love So Ji Sub……adore him….so thanks Javabean….i can watch it on YOUTUBE right???

  16. 16 jojo

    wooh.. i so love the photo you uploaded. i am so looking forward to this… java beans please do a review on this! πŸ™‚

  17. 17 ami

    Haha, my roommate was like… are you playing tell me?

  18. 18 Ter

    Sounds like basically a elaborate commercial =/

  19. 19 Ter

    Sounds like basically a elaborate commercial =/

  20. 20 Jo

    I watched first two episodes on YouTube. I really enjoyed, the whole plot has the mysterious feeling to it. Very cool!

  21. 21 Dahee Fanel

    Sarah, do you want my honest opinion? πŸ˜›

    I…am not a big fan of it. Mostly because I am not a big fan of Jisub’s character here. He yells a lot. A LOT. The comedic scenes don’t work so well because he seems to be so nervous about his Korean acting debut post-military that he’s overcompensating for things. He does much better in the quiet, understated moments. And I don’t like the fact that it’s basically a car commercial in disguise.

    Still, there are some nice hints of magic realism, like belleza said, and things improve a bit after episode one, which was just Shouting Overload. Just saw episode three, and it was the best episode so far, so…who knows?

  22. 22 belleza

    See, I love all that yelling and fidgeting he does in episode 1. (SJS stresses off different syllables than other actors. I’ve only seen Kang Ji Hwan do that to separate being truly angry from being just plain rude! πŸ˜€ )

    He’s a world class bastard (poor girl, she looks so . . . amnesia-ish), but he’s a funny bastard. No honour from this guy, no!

  23. 23 stercus accidit

    I’m gonna go check it out. It’s so true, Lee Yeon Hee gets to work with all the hot male actors. I’m so envious of her but I also like her. Darn lucky gal. I agree that her acting still requires much growth but she is really good when it comes to subtleties.

  24. 24 Le

    Can’t wait…I miss SJS!!

  25. 25 Gaijin

    Liked SJS’s work in “Something Happened in Bali”. Looking forward to his future efforts.

  26. 26 haha

    Just his eyes alone have narrowed down the genre of films/dramas he can lead in. I would find it weird seeing him in a comedy; he’d probably look like crying while he laughs!

  27. 27 bebolic

    i don’t know why but SJS just rubs me the wrong way. i’m interested to see this not b/c of him but b/c of Lee Yeon Hee. her acting isn’t all that great but i like her and she does seem to be in EVERYTHING! and always the main girl in a love triangle between two HOT guys!

  28. 28 belleza

    Everybody’s favorite ingenue Lee Yun Hee has the one thing that’s more important than raw acting talent — a really, really intimate relationship with the camera. Her moods comes through the lens almost telepathically. By he time she’s 23, she’ll be cast against 35-40 year old actors. Yay!!!

  29. 29 jv

    i wished this 4 part mini series was made into an actual drama! I love Lee Yeon Hee! She’s gorgeous!

  30. 30 Dahee Fanel

    belleza, I have to agree: The camera just loooooves Lee Yeon Hee. Watching “U-Turn” is like watching a love affair between her and the camera. Every little moment of purity or beauty is caught instantly. And so many close-ups! Maybe the cameraman or the director is a fan of hers? Hehe.

  31. 31 thunderbolt

    Episodes 1 & 2 (hardsubbed) released. Download links posted at jisubaddicts and soompi (SJS thread).

  32. 32 bebolic

    ^^^ thank youuuuu!!!

  33. 33 Luv

    I watched all 4 episodes now…and I felt different about this ad-movie…
    It was really interesting until the last episode…I was somewhat disappointed at the “storyline”. Oh well…it ended…JS & LYH were cute together.

  34. 34 kimJJ

    Ji sub cooll…it’s a nice mini drama….
    i really like it…wish can have another story….

    ji sub Oppa figthing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. 35 mikaney

    mmm, u-turn. i was hoping for a bit more substance, but then again, it was only twenty minutes. can’t wait for his next project. ^^

  36. 36 bhou_rroa

    hi lab u

  37. 37 anny

    The beginning of this ad movie was so cute and funny but it got sad at the end. I loved it though! I wished it could be made into a drama series but with a different ending though LOL. I love Lee Yeon Hee! I can’t wait to see her in upcoming movie and drama series! She hasn’t been casted as the main lead actress in a drama series before so I’m hoping that she gets a lead actress role soon!

  38. 38 Charlene

    Loved it!. too bad, it was just a mini-drama-series.

    Even so, i’m excited to see more of SJS works. To be paired with actors/actresses that i’m familiar with, is a plus!

  39. 39 Charlene

    oops, BTW: Thanks Jisub addicts for subbing it.

    Good job guys!

  40. 40 usally

    Δ± love you so jΔ± sub I mΔ±ss You Δ± Wait for you I love YOU I LOVE YOU COME TURKEY IN BURSA PLEASE please please

  41. 41 abrar

    hi so ji sub
    i am abrar from k s a
    you really amazing actor i watching you in film ,i am sorrey i love you,
    i wait you new movie 2008 i watching you new movie in net i thank berfect
    so ji you have heart good because help pepole and kids
    i wich see you soon
    i love you really

  42. 42 alex

    Hi… sonick

    I’m happy to see you every time. I really want to see you in person, but I know it’s impossilble. we are in different country. You know..I’m looking forward to seeing your film. you inspired me, you know…whenever i’m tried or weak…your smile will cheer me up…Thank you so much….you never know that you always light me and being my lucky sign… I just make a wish that I will have a chance to see you in person once…

  43. 43 binh toong

    hip hop la phong cach cua toi . dien vien than tuong cua toi la SO JI SUB . toi la mot rapper thu thiet do . ban than cua toi la kang . thanh kang .

  44. 44 najoua

    hi so ji sub i love you so much please coll me in my phone 0021278183412

  45. 45 Elone

    I like his haircut in this movie..^w^..and..i like his yell!!yayaya!!..he looks comfort with his character..

    he looks greet and funny!!..
    Ummm..pray ..pray heaven for him!!always be a nice guy!ok god!^^b

  46. 46 Sarangsjs

    So ji sub is the best k actor…he’s awesomely hot too..saranghae oppa..

  47. 47 danah

    since im not ..inerested at korean movie or drama,,
    ,,,im beggining to like this,,,,
    specially,,when i saw,,so jisub,,
    ,,,,his got a charisma,,,,for me,,his soo real actor,,,
    his a good actor,,
    and also nice wearin some other clothes,,,
    his got a big impact,,
    to the waycher,,,
    so pls,,
    some of his movie/drama are no data,,,,
    can put it?????

  48. 48 V

    They really need to make a soundtrack!!! <3 i absolutely love this short drama and SJS's acting is still beyond amazing!

  49. 49 chibie

    i like sjs…of course lee yeon hee too. she is the natural korean girl. sometimes in her photos, she looks same with song hye gyo. i love it. i need watch it too

  50. 50 μΈμ•„

    LOL I found out “U-Turn” Because of 2012 “Ghost” in which So Ji Sub is starring in with Lee Yeon Hee..

    U-turn was very cute, and it was very interesting to see the cold, gruff, emotionless, Kim Woo Hyun/Park Ki Young to the yelling, out-of-control Ji Sub in U-turn!!
    Loved itt!! xD

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