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The Sweet Life with Lee Dong Wook
by | April 29, 2008 | 59 Comments

Finally, Lee Dong Wook fans can see him back on television! After rising to stardom in the romantic comedy series My Girl, he’s focused mostly on films and kept a relatively low profile; this will be his first television project in more than two years — and he appears with another My Girl co-star (although probably not the one fans most would like to see him with again), Park Shi Yeon.

The upcoming weekend drama The Sweet Life takes the place of MBC’s just-wrapped Last Scandal of My Life, and held its press conference on the 29th. In the drama, Oh Yeon Soo and Jung Bo Seok are a married couple whose lives become complicated in mystery and drama with the appearance of the Lee Dong Wook–Park Shi Yeon couple. Lee Dong Wook’s character goes to Japan on a trip and chances to meet Oh Yeon Soo’s housewife character; the two “fall in passionate love.”

While filming in the snowy mountains of Hokkaido in February, he’d experienced temporary paralysis of the limbs and had difficulty breathing. “I saw white lights and thought, ‘I’m going to die like this,'” he added. It was the result of filming for eight hours in subzero temperature — 16 degrees below zero, Celsius — at an elevation of above 3,000 meters, and sent Lee Dong Wook to the hospital.

Reuniting with his My Girl onscreen girlfriend after two years, Lee Dong Wook explained that it was comfortable having a familiar face around (ooh, holding back a face joke here), particularly at first because the other two leads were older and new acquaintances.

(A note on the title: I’ve seen this translated as “Bittersweet Life,” which may be because its Korean name shares a title with the Lee Byung Heon movie which was translated as “bittersweet,” probably in an ironic twist on the literal meaning. But it actually means “sweet,” and the promo poster bears the subtitle “La Dolce Vita,” so I think “The Sweet Life” may be more appropriate. Even though they may be using irony here too. In any case, the main website uses “sweet” over “bittersweet.”)

The Sweet Life films under the direction of PD Kim Jin Min of Shin Don and writer Jung Ha Yeon of Shin Don, Wife, Queen Myeongseong. It premieres this weekend on MBC.

Official drama site: http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/sweet/index.html


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59 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Dahee Fanel

    I am SO looking forward to this show. That is an amazing PD-writer combo. It’s sure to be a fantastic drama – dark and intense and smart and wonderful. And Jung Bo Seok and Oh Yeon Soo!! What a great couple of actors.

    I can’t wait until the weekend!

  2. koalabear

    I’m anticipating the drama so much (even though I’ve had enough of the cheating theme) but this one looks different from the other ones….I wonder though how they will attack it but still Oh Yeon-soo and Jeong Bo-seok are good veteran actors (they look even good now than ever…do they age???) and a new image of Lee Dong-wook will be seen in this drama…until the first episode airs…I’m curious how the story will unfold

  3. jxbeaucp

    damn he looks good….didn’t recognize him at first thanks for the info

  4. anna

    I’m not a fan of adultery drama. It’s too sad because I was anticipating his comeback.

    “ooh, holding back a face joke here.”
    I laughed! It’s funny how her faces change every once in awhile.

  5. haha

    “Lee Dong Wook explained that it was comfortable having a familiar face around (ooh, holding back a face joke here)”

    love what you said here lol. The weird thing with her is that her nose used to be even prettier (at least to me). It seems to me that she intentionally made it ugly.

  6. ripgal

    HAHAHAHA.. the comment on Park Shi Yeon..
    Put that aside, I’m really excited that the drama’s finally premiering.. Wookie’s comeback to the small screen after his 2 years hiatus(in dramas).. can’t wait!

  7. choram

    Wrong actress Dong Wook! lol…ok sorry. My Girl fanaticism aside…

    Don’t hold back javabeans…it was beggggging for a face joke! haha. 🙂

  8. eevee

    hahah ur joke..er…non-joke….is funny!!

    heheh, but i wouldnt mind if u actually say it. cuz i really thought she was pretty way long ago before the plastics and i have no idea what the heck happened to her face now. it makes me sad that korean stars are supposed to achieve the standard of her face. i mean, whats good about it? and to make up for it, which she does, cuz at least to me she doesnt seem to have a good personality. T.T

  9. mzpakipot

    i hope u’re gonna recap this drama? (:

  10. 10 yeohweping

    Sarah, when I first got the initial synopsis of this drama before any casting was made, there was something about a youth that commits suicide in Japan. So either someone will die later in the drama or there will be acts of revenge because of the dead youth. But they could also have already the change the story structure to something different as well.

  11. 11 AudHepFan

    lose the ‘tasche

  12. 12 koalabear

    Yeohweping…you are right…i saw the Synopsis at MBC’s Global Media site… it is a major spoiler before the drama starts but it makes the drama more mysterious in itself…here’s the link


  13. 13 Jo


  14. 14 Sakari

    When K-bloggers don’t have anything interesting to say, it seems they can always fall back on speculating about an actress’s plastic surgery.

  15. 15 phiphi

    “Lee Dong Wook explained that it was comfortable having a familiar face around (ooh, holding back a face joke here)”

    Lol you crack me with this comment about Park Shi Yeon! Although she looks good in this press conference.

  16. 16 icPeace62


    I’m really very HAPPY that Lee Dong Wook is finally appearing on the drama screen. It has been quite a while after MY GIRL. Has not fallen out of fascination with Wookie. Still a number 1 Korean star I really dote on.

    I thought LDW looks okay with Park Shi-yeon in MY GIRL. PSY was still with Eric then so I never think of PSY and LDW being a possibility. Well………PSY has established herself as more than a pretty MISS KOREA 2000 but an upcoming Korean actress working with big timers.


  17. 17 lovenyc52

    @AudHepFan – totally agree! don’t like the perv ‘stache…

    ..but otherwise he’s hot.

  18. 18 cherry

    i m a fan of u . I like u very much. n i like the clothes style in My Girl seires.

  19. 19 Sally

    u r the best korean male.

  20. 20 rasyidah

    how can i get dong wook email???????……..plzzzzzzzz..

  21. 21 elaine

    Yes, adultery series, not really a cool one. Lee Dong Wook (LDW) does not seems to look one of this actual character. His character in My Girl looks more “natural” to his real person.

  22. 22 Anonymous

    i think Lee Dong Wook and lee da hae is a good couple in that story



  24. 24 Late Comment!

    Oh god.This drama turned out to be so depressing.Im uploading it on youtube anyways.So sad LDW must act in this sort of adultery drama.His acting is good though.Get the moustache off pls!

  25. 25 Anonymous


  26. 26 apri;

    whats latest news about LDW right now? hes going for military service right?

  27. 27 april

    whats latest news about LDW right now? he’s going for military service right?

  28. 28 love lee dony wook

    I, m love love lee dony wook

  29. 29 ani

    annyeong!!! i would lyk to ask if lee dong wook is in his military service already?? plz…. somebody answer me cause i’m dying to know ur answer.. i don’t have any news about him and i don’t know where to find him either=<…. plz… plz… plz… SOMEONE answer me… koma woyo

  30. 30 deannadsc

    ‘la dolce vita’ for me, will forever be on top of my list for best KDrama!! not only because it stars LDW at his best, acting-wise…but more so for its storyline, the cast, the direction, etal. it’s a CLASSIC!!

  31. 31 nakamura akira

    It quite good Lee Dong Wook had came back to the film industry after his act in the My Girl drama.So, I hope that he will be success in his careers.Be tough if you get any problems and take care!BYE…don’t forget to reply….

  32. 32 lyn ree

    Hasseyoo ^^..

    I very love yoU..^^
    I come from Indonesia,

    but I very love south korea..i know that korea is beautiful country
    and i want live in korea..
    I Hope i can meet you lee dong wook..
    But when??..
    and your film is THE BEST!

  33. 33 Grah

    Thank god! I love lee dong wook so much. He is on top of my korean male actors list tht i love. I hope this story is better than my girl. Bcoz i dont like Lee Da Hae with my dear Lee Dong Wook. Hehe. Jz wnna say may god bless u with happiness. N i hope u wont join the military cuz i dont think its u f u join it. Haha. Okey, love you Lee Dong Wook ^_^ chayo!!

  34. 34 Anonymous

    i love you lee dong wook

  35. 35 angelina ria

    i love you somuch… i want tn meet you lee dong wook…

  36. 36 kevin jecy

    my favourite
    i like korea drama film, my hopboy is watching tv and learning school and i like my family

  37. 37 loonseom

    Wow amazing you that handsome, lee dong wook my mother telling me ilove you whispar me and my sister very like you so much i love you lee dong wook

  38. 38 Peggy

    This really was a fabulous drama. It just stays in your mind. Best role I have seen LDW play and he did it with such deep quality. Good cast throughout and the story was intense and never let up all the way through.
    It made me wonder how these actors felt once they had finished filming for the day. They must have been very much affected by this drama even tho they are actors playing roles.


  39. 39 Wookiefan

    MG was a very good drama which i only came across last Oct. Am now a great fan of LDW.

    Watching la dolce vita’ now and even hubby got interested in the plot…LDW did not disappoint with his acting and good looks. It’s a high quality drama, intense, dark, good cast, acting, etc.

  40. 40 Kallie

    I like Lee Dong Wook. I’m a little disappointed because I have been waiting for his collaboration with Lee Dae Hae. What happened to these two lovely people, Lee Dong Wook & Lee Dae Hae, a perfect couple. I wish they collaborate again in the near future. Ofcourse, Lee Dong Wook will be entering the military soon. Maybe, after his new drama.

  41. 41 Green Lyla

    Hi Dong Wook . . . .
    I’m so proud of you
    I love all ur drama
    I hope we can meet later
    I just wanna let u know
    that all ur dialogs in “My Girl” ,I can talk it anymore
    He .. He . . . sorry my grammar in english was not so good….
    Come on . . .
    U’re so rich . . . Amin
    So . . .
    Sent me a ticket to meet u , pleaseEe . . . . Amin anymore
    u’ll sent it ?
    thankyuuuu . . . .. Amin
    I’m in Indonesia
    live at Banjarmasin,Kalimantan Selatan at St.Rawasari 7 No.10 B
    hajimemashite Lee Dong Wook
    Gambatte nee 4 ur next film and I wish once more we can meet later . . . Amin

  42. 42 Ruthlene

    I’m waiting for the collaboration of Lee Dong Wook & Lee Da Hae in another comedy/romance drama. I think they’re the best drama couple. Both very nice looking & their chemistry in “My Girl” was sizzling on & off screen. What happened to them. Miss this couple very much.

  43. 43 bomb

    i hope ur new drama will
    appear on philipine t.v

  44. 44 monkiyE

    i miss lee da hae and lee dong wo0k theme up
    i hope both of them will create another cute and beautiful
    drama like”my girl

  45. 45 oop

    well,he will go on military service…………
    keep on waiting n seeing his comeback drama……
    i like my girl and partner……
    who is his girlfriend by the way?

  46. 46 m.h.a.n

    lee dong wook=)
    u and lee dae hee is the perfect couple..

  47. 47 Mee

    Hey. Lee dong wook and Lee da hae should get married. They look so good together. They are just perfect. There is a request from me to lee da hae and lee dong wook. You guys look perfect together and you should get married. And i think everyone wants you guys to be together unless someone is jealous of you. Havve a good life. from your supporter. Mee.

  48. 48 joan grace balderas

    ….hmmm…im so happy to see them together in one movie…..

  49. 49 Wookaddict

    2 years,, 2011,, it’s been six month since he joined the millitery service!! Uuurggghhh,, i can’t wait! I can’t wait! I wanna replay all of his drama serries,,, but how can i get doenjang?? I’m really Excited of that movie because my dear oppa wookie plays with deokman,, ha?? Really excited!!

  50. 50 chow shi

    I downloaded the first 2 episodes and immediately watched as soon as it was completed. …I’m definitely loving it! i can’t wait any longer for the other episodes. Brilliant acting. It’s not the usual chick flick, cutie acting that we see on some Korean series. Even the simplest scenes touched my heart deeply. The part where Lee Dong-Wook chased after Oh Yoon-Seo @ the terminal. He thought OYS already left . LDW was devastated then suddenly, he saw her. Their eyes met… staring at each other, no words… their eyes said it all! WOW! THAT’S WHAT YOU CALL ACTING, RIGHT THERE! THIS IS DRAMA IN ITS TRUEST SENSE.

    However, I’m getting frustrated because there are no seeders. Pls guys, seed the drama.

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