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Three Dads, One Mom: Episode 4
by | April 14, 2008 | 92 Comments

Three Dads, One Mom is… not a good show.

You know how sometimes you might be watching a drama, say, and something happens in the latter part of the drama that is exactly like what happened earlier in the drama? For instance, the mother of the rich hero tries to buy off her son’s poor girlfriend, or a misunderstanding causes a rift between two people. Or two people arrive at the same crowded venue looking for each other and just barely miss each other as they walk by, oblivious to the other. These are just examples of overused and super-trite occurrences that I may put up with once in a drama, but when they appear again later, it’s irritating because clearly they are out of ideas.

Anyway, it’s like that for Three Dads, only instead of occasionally, it’s every single episode, and the repetition is in triplicate form. It’s bad enough for a contrivance to push along your plot, but when that contrivance continually happens THREE TIMES in a row, it’s aggravating. There’s very little story going on (who needs story when you can just repeat stuff three times?).

Plus Eugene is really starting to get annoying — it’s partly her, and it’s partly her stupid character. (How they squandered such talents in their supporting cast I will never know.) So given that the two problematic roles are the lead female and the lead male…

I considered following along and recapping the series anyway just for the fun of it, but I can just see the initial humor of the situation degenerating into frustration. There’s a fine line between “so bad it’s fun(ny)” and “so bad I want to shoot something.”


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The guys rush Na Young to the hospital, who’s wailing so loudly all my sympathy for the pregnant condition goes flying out the window. Seriously, woman. Maybe Eugene’s so pretty she’s never actually had to endure pain, and this is her best approximation of a woman in suffering. It’s remarkably similar to what I’d imagine is her approximation of a squealing stuck pig.

In any case, it’s a false alarm! The doctor identifies it as false labor; she’s still a few days off. The guys try to accept this with grace, but now that the initial panic has worn off, they’re acutely aware of all the inconveniences they’ve suffered. The car battery is dead because Su Hyun accidentally left the lights on in his hurry; they have to push the car home; they’ve stayed up all night and are exhausted.

Na Young feels so bad that days later, she refrains from calling the guys when she goes into labor again, worrying that it’s false labor again. Never mind that by this time she’s five days overdue. Because I know when I’m carrying a watermelon-sized person in my body that’s trying to force its way out, the first thing I think of is the embarrassment I’d feel if all this excruciating pain were false labor. False labor = still real pain.

When the pain becomes too great to endure, does Na Young ask the guys to take her to the hospital? Of course not. She takes a taxi.

By this time she’s wailing like a stuck pig again and the taxi driver rushes her to the first hospital he comes across — which happens to be celebrating its grand opening. Na Young is its first labor patient, and the doctors are just as excited and worried as Na Young.

This time, the guys are all in the midst of Very Important Life Tasks — Su Hyun is just about to make a great impression on the rich CEO dude (with the classy art-gallery daughter); Kwang Hee is busy macking on a girl; and Kyung Tae has just captured a criminal.

They all rush to the hospital; Kyung Tae is first to arrive.

Kyung Tae calls himself Na Young’s guarantor, so he’s assumed to be the father and pushed into the delivery room. Almost immediately, he passes out at the gruesome sight.

Next is Kwang Hee, who is likewise assumed to be the father (the nurse is told belatedly that Kyung Tae isn’t the one), and he’s rushed into the room accordingly (and literally craps his pants. Lovely). Last to arrive is Su Hyun, who is once again assumed to be the father and (yep) rushed into delivery.

After more excessive wailing, baby Ha Sun is finally born, and the guys get one look at that baby face and are won over. They wonder what would happen if the baby ends up resembling one of them too closely, and that line of reasoning is hurriedly cut short when Na Young appears. They remind themselves they must take care with their words.

The guys finish getting the nursery ready (grumbling about all the work, and suggesting that their best bet is to marry off Na Young to get rid of their obligation — an argument that angers Kyung Tae), and make a trip to Sung Min’s grave on the day Na Young is to be released from the hospital. Unfortunately, each guy happens to be conveniently (or inconveniently, I suppose) called to work, leaving Na Young waiting at the hospital for a ride that doesn’t come. Finally she makes her own way home; Kwang Hee rushes to meet her, sorry that he was so late, and tries to help around the house. But Na Young is starting to find the guys’ constant presence obtrusive, and requests some time alone.

For instance, Kyung Tae visits intending on preparing a meal for her, but takes an early leave when Na Young starts feeling breast pains and asks for privacy. At home, the guys look up cures for breast pain — but the recommended treatments are hot towels and hand massages, which they can’t exactly offer.

Kwang Hee calls his mother for advice and urges her to come to Seoul and help him; naturally she finds his questions about breast pains and babies alarming. She jumps to the conclusion that Kwang Hee knocked someone up and starts yelling at him; and rather than simply tell her the truth (that would be too easy), Kwang Hee just tells her to forget it, since they’ll ask Kyung Tae’s mom instead. So Kwang Hee’s mom assumes that Kyung Tae is the one who got someone pregnant, and smugly lets Kyung Tae’s mom freak out. Thus the two moms arrive in Seoul, agitated and jumping to conclusions.

Only when they arrive in Seoul does Kyung Tae clarify the situation, and since the two women are already there, they go to help Na Young with her problem (more stuck-pig squealing ensues).

Kwang Hee’s mom (the nicely dressed one) coos at the baby and remarks that she looks just like Kwang Hee did at that age, which unnerves both guys.

At that point, Na Young gets a visit from her troublesome dad, with whom she has a difficult (and distant) relationship. Kyung Tae’s mom (the more casually dressed one) practically has to drag Kwang Hee’s mom away, seeing that the woman is flirting with the stranger. Kwang Hee’s mom calls her son and is gratified to hear that Na Young’s father is single.

At Na Young’s continued coldness, her father asks if she’s upset about the money her husband had lent her, which grabs her attention. What money? Seeing that she’s unaware, her dad brushes it aside, and just then they’re visited by a bunch of angry people who lost money because of her father. He insists that his daughter tell them she knows nothing about it, then sneaks out from the balcony.

The angry people demand their money back and show Na Young a signed statement stamped by Sung Min ensuring that he would take over responsibility for her father’s debts. So now they’re her debts.

Unable to draw a loan, Na Young attempts to find work, but having a baby means nobody is willing to hire her. She’s resting on a bench in dejected spirits when her friend Jumi pulls up in a van, fretting that they’re going for a job interview and are missing one person. OF COURSE THEY ARE.

So Na Young leaps at the chance and drops off Ha Sun with Kwang Hee. She’s awfully unceremonious and not really that appreciative for someone who felt uncomfortable that the guys were being so helpful. And he’s awfully reluctant and whiny for someone who’d just vowed to do what he could to raise the kid right. Character inconsistency overload!

In any case, Na Young rocks her interview, although she has to pretend to be single and childless (Jumi strongly cautions her to keep her story straight, because they won’t even take married women). And because her waistline has grown recently, her jacket button, which has been forced closed, can’t take the strain and finally pops off as she’s leaving — hitting someone in the cheek and plopping into his coffee cup.

She sees this but is too embarrassed to react, so she walks away trying to pretend that nothing happened. But of course the guy looks at her with a glimmer of interest, calls her over, and hands her button back to her. Who wants to bet he’s the CEO of the company she just interviewed with? Extra points if he’s also a chaebol!


I don’t think Three Dads is ALL bad. It’s simply throwaway programming. The kind you watch, enjoying the eye candy, and forget about the minute it’s over. Half the time I find it amusing, even if it’s all very obvious humor and silly plotlines. The other half of the time, it’s mildly annoying because it’s too obvious and too silly. (And Na Young is really heading into idiotic territory.) Unfortunately, I have a feeling that half-fun-half-not ratio is going to tilt heavily in favor of the latter. I’ll see how this week’s episodes are, but if I drop the drama, I don’t think I’d miss it. I’d barely remember it as it is.


92 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Paula

    I watched the first two episodes of this drama, just to see what it was like. I think I may continue with it, just because its different from the typical girl meets boy type dramas that I am used to.

    And I think that with the baby, there may be more humor via Three Men & A Baby style (at least I think there may be)

    Have you seen the new drama I Love You/Saranghae? I caught the first episode of that and I really enjoyed that one a lot! You might too, it has the girl from Legend of Hyang Dan, and I remember that you liked that series 🙂

  2. Oatmeal

    0__0 Woahh, check out the pants!! Wasnt Kwang Hee’s character was some sort of a play boy? well sorry, with those pants?? i’ll pass.

    Well beside the weird pants, you are hilarious!! I can picture Eugene squealing like a pig…..haha. You are so bad dramabean…but I LIKE IT!!…haha. cracks me up
    Yea i suppose this is one of those dramas that you watch just to pass time and have some debate with. ^___^ OH well.

  3. yeli

    I love your summary…you are totally right. I am so disappointed by this drama. it could have been done much better…it’s too predictable and too silly…

    i can already see scenes of the guys taking the baby to work because they have to babysit.. especially the detective. I can totally see him taking the baby to the police station and “madness ensues!”

    this is the type of drama to watch every now and then without taking it seriously..

    Have you tried I Love You? i saw the first episode with eng subs and i have mixed feelings about it.

  4. Jo

    I already knew it…
    it seems like Eugene in every drama she’s in- she tends to either overact or always have an annoying character….
    plus…..she’s not exactly pretty (in MY eyes)
    I want to kind of like this drama—-not love it…but at least kind of like it, but every time I finish an episode I always find myself saying “Well wasn’t that a waste of time”
    sad…I kno

  5. Stawr


    heard it, saw it, read about it.

    i still don’t like it. i get this very bland feeling about it. lol

  6. zeram

    Oatmeal-LOL about the pants.

    Javabeans, You know I saw the first ep on YouTube after reading your review here. Unfortunately it was after I had seen the pic here of those pants… all during the show the image of those pants kept popping into my head. Whose idea was it to do a cast pic with those hideous pants?
    As for the show itself I’ll probably wait until its done to catch the eps this is really not one of those shows you wait with baited breath for week after week. Anyone catch 30K miles in Search of My Son, theres a show where I was always eager to see the next ep.

  7. Veronica

    I hope you will continue with this drama, Javabeans. You do very well when you write about the so-bad-it-hurts shows. Your recaps for Witch Amusement single-handedly made that terrible, terrible show lots of fun to watch! That is a very special talent, and it would be a shame to see it go to waste.

  8. thunderbolt

    I’ve not watched ep 3 or 4 but the repetition in episodes 1-2 got to me too. Like Kyung Tae falling off the bed on Kwang Hee EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. WITHOUT. FAIL. Kwang Hee yelping indignantly in response. Kyung Tae getting off Kwang Hee clumsily and knocking his head on that string across the room. Can’t they switch things around for a change? Like have Kwang Hee fall on Kyung Tae instead? Or have the two guys go up to Su Hyun’s room and together fall on him? That one should be fun, especially when Su Hyun realizes he broke two ribs and has to PAY for medical treatment.

    I don’t mind watching this just for the “park your brains outside” laughs. And I heart Shin Sung Rok. But I just hate loopy storylines where everything gets rehashed ad nauseum. The acting just isn’t stellar (except Shin Sung Rok’s and even here I admit I’m biased) and I feel like I’m being hit on the head with one plot device after another. There’s no subtlety AT ALL.

  9. all4movies

    Who’s the baby, Kwang Hee? He looks like he’s wearing diapers.

    The “fashion sense” alone turns me off this series.

  10. 10 its_trish

    the last guy’s good looking.. haha that’s about all I’m getting from this ep 😛

  11. 11 MovieWatcher

    You know I’ve been thinking that lately too many K-dramas are repeating cliches

  12. 12 Dahee Fanel

    I saw the first episode because of Shin Sung Rok, and ran away screaming. This show is just crap. And I was too annoyed by everything to find anything funny.

    If you haven’t already, Sarah, you should try “I Love You”. I’m enjoying that one so far, and I think you would, too.

  13. 13 javabeans

    I have seen “I Love You” and I thought it was cute and well-done. Acting is decent and it’s charming — but I’m not hooked. I’ll see how i like this week’s episodes.

  14. 14 Rachel

    Are you planning on watching “Why Did You Come To My House?” I’d love to read recaps about that show. I have to wait til it’s uploaded w/ English subs to see it. It looks pretty funny from the screen caps I’ve seen. Plus…”Mr. Hot Sexy Bedroom Eyes” (KJH) is in it! I can’t get that nickname you came up with out of my head,

  15. 15 wat.the

    whats a chebol ???

    Out of the whole thing that is the one thing that managed to clutch at my mind. Truth being i didnt have that great expectations for this drama but i read the past re-caps in case its one of those times when im vastly wrong and it turns out to be a wopper … sigh guess not

  16. 16 varms

    Dang, I don’t know how I’ll be able to get that image of those awful pants outta my head… *shakes head* Yes, this drama does seem to be turning out into one of those pointless wacky dramas that totally lack sublety… I don’t dig Eugene’s ahjumma perm either and I didn’t really like her in Wonderful Life. The guy at the end does look like a cutie but he appears quite late into the plot, I wonder if he’s the villainous type…

  17. 17 minjoo

    The potential that I said I was seeing before… I don’t see it so much anymore. No, let me rephrase. I don’t really see it anymore.

    I think I’ll be more interested if on the next episode it’ll be already revealed to Na-young that one of the three guys is possible the father of her child. Cause then all four of them would have to stress themselves out in finding out who is Ha-sun’s real dad. And it’ll be just so stupid if she feels that it’s strange for the guys to be helping her out so much but then lets it drag longer and she only confronts them on like what.. Episode 12-14ish. -o-…

    But I think it’d be a touching story if Ha-sun was really Sung-min’s. And the guys, despite finding that out, they’d still be like dads to Ha-sun because they’ve grown attached to her or something. lol…

  18. 18 Iranian Espresso

    Thank you dear Javabeans.

  19. 19 ss

    i actually liked ep 4 more than the previous ones.. hmm

  20. 20 estelle

    I’m getting a little bored of this drama too… Another not-so-good drama for Jae Hee… *sigh* I’ve caught the 1st ep of “I Love You”, it seemed rather interesting. Though not enough to keep me hooked…


    Morning Javabean
    I think this three dad and one mom is similary to “Three men and a baby”
    and one of the dad probably falling in love with a momy…………….
    but I like these comedy . and i also like whose are you? too.
    Please continue update these drama. thank you for your time.

  22. 22 hjk

    Kwang Hee “macking on a girl”…..LOL – haven’t heard that phrase in a long time.

  23. 23 l

    i saw ep 1 & 2, it is ok. eugene’s character is pretty annoying. jae hee’s character’s voice is annoying. most of those scenes with those guys at work can be boring/filler stuff. the best thing about this drama is the guy from thank you, i enjoy his character, maybe a bit too dumb, but his interactions on the job seem more entertaining than the jo hyun guy sitting at a desk talking to himself.

    i think i’ll quit this drama & check out Rivals/Powerful Opponents with Chae Rim, i’ve heard great things about it so far.

    javabeans, have you seen Rivals yet?

  24. 24 choram

    As much as I hate to believe it, this series is………..bad. At this point, I don’t know if I should just watch it to have something to watch or save myself from the frustration. :/

  25. 25 Song

    i want to watch it! is it good? oh well, just wondering what is wrong with Jae Hee’s pants?

  26. 26 chinadoll

    why is jae hee always stuck in these roles.. argghh.. poor him. he could do much better i presume.. while i may not always agree with the fashion sense.. lol.. well it was interesting the first two eps but now..

    im still curious on who the dad is. and i think its kh. but i think eugene will end up with jhj here. thats the most presummable thing right now.

  27. 27 le

    the acting is really bad and I must agree, Eugene is kinda annoying…the facial expressions and all

  28. 28 maltesers

    hahaha! jae hee’s pants indeed!

    hmm..so far, i am enjoying the series…

  29. 29 Imee

    Please,please don’t stop your recapped of this series. I agree it is not the greatest but it is so entertaining and hilarious though the jokes are old. I watch 3 men with no English subs and you’re episode summary is very helpful to us who does not understand Korean. I like this series despite it’s shortcomings.THANKS !!!!!

  30. 30 hagrid0211

    hahahaha… i guess this post officially puts a stop with my downloads of this series… honestly, i found the plot interesting at first only to be left disappointed with the first 2 episodes..

    I also don’t quite know where pinpoint the blame but I’m afraid you’d already put it quite exactly and plainly by saying that there are just far too many character inconsistencies in this drama… which i guess leads to my dislike with the actors…

    i guess i’d just catch it in our cable… so no space of my harddisk would be wasted… 🙂

  31. 31 L!nda

    NO way why the hell are ppl hating on the drama..i;ve started watching it up to episode 2 and for some dumb reason it got taken down..its a really unique storyline for Korean drama and the cast it perfect..really funny too must watch..and hu said Euguene aint pretty they are dumb can they look good on t.v as her no thought not!!!!!

  32. 32 josh

    hi i enjoyed the read

  33. 33 chuppers

    well, i have to say that i actually quite enjoy this because its mindless, and i don’t think it pretends to be anything else… what’s REALLY annoying me is Eugene… she has like 3 or 4 facial expressions only and her voice is squeaky and annoying. as for the guys.. well… at least they are attempting to act? that said, at least (to me) jo hyun jae and jae hee are quite eye candy so it keeps it going. and thank goodness jae hee does not look as anorexic as he did in witch amusement.

    thanks for the recaps anyway!

  34. 34 dariav

    I’m just here to say that this episode was terrible to sub because they Never Stop Talking. But yea, I think the show is picking up… from episode 6 ? But yea, the pacing is inconsistent and there is that many times history can repeat itself. Yes, life’s like that but that’s not what dramas are for.

    Still, if you’re bored to death and thus decide watch it again, please write a recap! It’s really an enjoyable read 🙂

  35. 35 happilyinsane13

    I peronally like the drama, but the only character really keeping me going is Kyung Tae and the baby. Gotta say the baby narration is funny and cute. ^^ But Na Young can become annoying, and your right about the character incosistancy part. They really need to pick a side and stick to it.
    Hopefull there will be some good character development by the end of the drama. And we’ll find out who the father is…^^

  36. 36 fayzz


  37. 37 fayzz


  38. 38 so what

    ^^^ you don’t have to read this site either if you hate it so much. your opinion’s not any better than anyone else’s.

  39. 39 momo

    ^^ nice.

  40. 40 Fuzza

    If you see the movie Ha Seon Is so cute! When she gorws and couple months old she has those big cute sprakling eyes!!! CUTE! and it was funny when she came out of the ER room and said that it was a false labor, and also when Na Young was holding Kwang Hee around the neck really hard for mintues then “BOOM!’ Fart zzzzzzz LOL!

  41. 41 Katrina

    Comedy is arbitrary taste. The bottom line is “did you laugh?”. If so, then the comedy works regardless of how senseless the story line is. If the solicited laugh did not materialize, then the comedy failed. Most of the best comedy tv shows and movies released don’t have clever plots. The more stupid the script is the more hilarious the effect. A good example is the long running comedy show of Sienfield – with a story line about “nothing”, but it works. To me the series of 3 dads/1 mom have the same content – over exagerated events and actions that tickle your funny bones. Watching comedy is putting yourself in another zone of thought. Let it ride and have fun. I’m enjoying this series with lots of laughs along the way. It’s my end of the day stress release. I cannot hardly wait for the english subs.

    • 41.1 Ayee

      I totally, totally agree with your comment about the bottom line … Did you laugh? And, yes … Boy, did I laugh at some of the scenes (just finished Ep 4) … LOL ROF laugh. My comment? Ease up, you people … This is pure slapstick comedy … Do not write a thesis on it!

  42. 42 another addict dramma

    I really enjoy it. I though its very funny. I think people should watch it. Sometime its silly but I laugh so much.

  43. 43 lishuys

    I must be really weird coz I really like this drama – it is hilarious! Love the cast esp the baby. Fighting! lol.

  44. 44 Ness

    I have to say I disagree with the critic in this case. I found this drama pretty refreshing compared to the same ole-same ole dramas I kept running into. I just finished another great drama (Thank You) and wanted something upbeat and funny to watch next. I tried One Percent of Anything (boring), Succesful Story of a Bright Girl (booring), Hello God (boooring), and Que Sera Sera (which is getting booooring). Then came ~ Appaset, Ommahana ~ and now I cant stop watching. I’m on episode 10 and now I’m just waiting for the romantic parts. Kajaaaaa > off for more now. ;D

    (but i DO agree on the fact that eugene is annoying.)
    (but Sin Seong Rok is hilarious!! [unlike his role in thank you] I

  45. 45 vivien

    I personally thinks that this drama is one of the most interesting one I’ve ever watched. This is not the normal kind of drama,rich guy wooing poor girl type. I like it as it talks about how 3 immature guys start to become more and more responsible and slowly starts to think. I like how they slowly let the characters wanna be the dad of the baby.

    I like how they portrayed the characters with different jobs.Although Nayoung’s character is not really appealing at times but without her stupidity at times, the show may not be as interesting.

    What I like most is Jae Hee’s ( Guang Hee ) character. Really cute with his accent when he speaks~ And I like how the way he pamper the baby and gets all frustrated. He’s really a cute character inside, and it brightens up the whole drama =) One scene that I’ll always remember is in episode 5, he cleans up haseon’s poo in the females toilet!

    Also,the baby ha seon~ Really cute baby who really can act!She’s really cute with her big watery eyes! I enjoy watching this drama as I can see 3 guys growing together with the baby. And the drama also portrays three guys with different character,jobs,living together,and its really cool.

    The OST of this drama is also nice too~ especially the ending song! The climax comes after ep 6 or 7. Continue to watch!

  46. 46 yasi

    hi ,i ha ve been waiting for episode 5 ,
    when will u post the fifth episode?
    Thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  47. 47 bishbash

    javabeans, i think u’re too quick to judge a show. i used to find your reviews a good gauge, but for this drama i think you’d disappointed me.

  48. 48 microworm

    I was a bit worried about watching this drama after watching the 1st episodes and having read your comments, I was wondering if it is worth going on. The frist 2 episodes were dry, after that, it got better and I finished watching it. I must admit the acting was not great although it has a star stubbed cast. Some dramas you would want to watch it again, not this one for me. It wasn’t a top notch must watch drama, it is ok, light hearted and entertaining.

  49. 49 christy

    I find that this drama is rather interesting because the plot and story line is different from the rest of any others. Whats interesting is the story depicts love from a far approach: the love between chid and parent to the strong feelings that we may have established for a person at one time. I am sure we have that moments when we think theres feelings for someone but then know we cannot pass the boundry, this drama is sort of like that. I am 100% satisfied with the ending and outcome, although it was quicker than expected, but hence, I am glad it didn’t lag. There are somethings in life we can’t alway have or expect, but learning to accept it is what we ought to do. This drama may not have the most impact but it sure did created a lot of memories of laughter throughout.

  50. 50 christy

    I find that this drama is rather interesting because the plot and story line is different from the rest of any others. Whats interesting is the story depicts love from a far approach: the love between child and parent to the strong feelings that we may have established for a person at one time. I am sure we have that moments when we think theres feelings for someone but then know we cannot pass the boundry, this drama is sort of like that. I am 100% satisfied with the ending and outcome, although it was quicker than expected, but hence, I am glad it didn’t lag. There are somethings in life we can’t alway have or expect, but learning to accept it is what we ought to do. This drama may not have the most impact but it sure did created a lot of memories of laughter throughout.

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