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Who Are You: Episode 10
by | April 3, 2008 | 33 Comments

I don’t think I can overstate how much I LOVE JEALOUS SEUNG HYO.

I think the whole jealousy thing is one of those common female fantasies — a pain in the ass in real life, but for some reason so much fun in fiction.

And, the rules evolve yet again!


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Seung Hyo adds himself to the party without asking permission. I think he’s actually enjoying how his normally rude personality allows him to be extra-rude to Jae Ha here. Conversely, Jae Ha has the opposite problem — if he doesn’t want to ruin his nice-guy image in front of Young In, he has to keep his cool.

I love how these guys talk to each other because it’s such a macho showdown but they’re so “proper” on the outside. Seung Hyo in particular is totally rude to Jae Ha, and yet at the same time his words are so formal that it’s a funny mix.

Jae Ha asks for Seung Hyo’s destination so they can drop him off first, which traps Seung Hyo, who doesn’t know where Young In is headed. She prods, “Where do you want us to drop you off?” and Seung Hyo takes issue to the reference to herself and Jae Ha as “us.” Seung Hyo gets Jae Ha back by “politely” offering to disembark at Young In’s destination, so there’s no need for an extra stop.

Il Gun explains to the Reaper that Young Ae figured out that he’s (sometimes) Seung Hyo; plus, Seung Hyo can see him and knows the truth. Therefore, he asks, would it be okay to come clean about his situation?

The Reaper doesn’t deny him permission; he merely reminds him that Il Gun is already dead. For his forty-nine days, he’s borrowing Seung Hyo, and even when he’s in the body, he must still be Seung Hyo. Would he selfishly tell his loved ones he’s back, then hurt them when he leaves again? The Reaper advises him to entrust Seung Hyo to carry out his family-related issues, and cautions: Il Gun can do whatever he wants with his three daily hours, but it’s Seung Hyo who will decide what to do with the forty-nine days. Il Gun doesn’t understand what that means, and the Reaper doesn’t explain.

Some time later, Seung Hyo is still peeved over Young In’s use of the word “us.” Jae Ha starts to find the situation amusing, and asks Young In if the guy she was talking about earlier is who he thinks it is. (In Episode 9, he teased her about a boyfriend, and she responded that he was “just a guy.”) Jae Ha tells her that the guy’s not great boyfriend material — let him remain “just a guy” to her.

That gets Seung Hyo’s attention. Not knowing Jae Ha is referring to him, Seung Hyo tells her, “You shouldn’t have a boyfriend right now, or ‘just a guy’ either. Don’t meet anybody.”

Jae Ha suggests doing something fun tomorrow after their trip to the police station, and Seung Hyo listens in aggravation as Young In excitedly agrees. She suggests a trip to the beach.

Seung Hyo asks to bum a cigarette, to which Jae Ha responds that he doesn’t smoke. Seung Hyo answers that he doesn’t either, but the cigarettes on the dashboard look unusual. Without missing a beat, Jae Ha answers that they must have been left behind by a friend, although he starts to look nervous.

Arriving at their destination, Jae Ha surreptitiously signals to Ho Joong (Gangster #3), who’s lurking in the shadows, to stay back. It’s not clear what’s going on, but whatever it was, Seung Hyo’s unexpected presence has thrown a wrench into their plan.

Seung Hyo stays outside while the other two go in, loitering without a definite plan. Ho Joong approaches him for a light, pretending to be a random stranger. Seung Hyo doesn’t recognize him, but he does notice the black cigarette he smokes.

Young In is welcomed to her new space, which is Deok’s rented room (I think Sooki lives with her own family). They’ll be sharing the space, with Deok either sleeping on the floor or outside.

Sooki asks in a loud whisper what her relationship to Jae Ha is; Young In answers that it’s nothing. Jae Ha told her straight out that he doesn’t even see her as a woman. Jae Ha comments that he didn’t know she felt so put out by his statement, so if she wants, “I’ll start seeing you as a woman from now on.”

When Young In walks Jae Ha back to his car, they’re surprised to see Seung Hyo still there. It’s obvious he’s determined to stick around till Jae Ha leaves, and he does.

Unfortunately for him, he blurts the wrong thing, which is, “What’s your relationship with Shin Jae Ha?” Not bothering to answer, Young In tells him good night, and goes back inside to her friends, who ask if she’s all fluttery from what Jae Ha said (about seeing her as a woman). Young In answers, “I dunno. It was good to hear, but I’m not feeling butterflies over it.”

Just then, Seung Hyo bangs on the door and enters. And immediately notices Deok and asks who he is. Deok answers, “I live here,” prompting Seung Hyo to jump to the conclusion that he’s the one Jae Ha was referring to. Seung Hyo scolds her for her recklessness in going from one man’s home to another. Doesn’t she have a girlfriend she can stay with? Sooki explains that Deok IS one of the girls.

Sooki and Deok leave to give the two some privacy, while Young In grows annoyed at Seung Hyo’s continued presence. He tells her he has five things to say:

Seung Hyo: “First. I wasn’t hugging her earlier. I was only holding her arm to help her up. Second. I really didn’t get you fired from your job. Third. I’m saying this again, but I think you should be careful with Shin Jae Ha. Fourth. In keeping with that, don’t go to the beach tomorrow. If you look at it for a long time it’s just half water. Why go somewhere like that anyway? Do you have that much free time? Lastly. I see your father. I’m the only one who sees him, and he follows me around.”

At that, Young In spits out her food all over Seung Hyo. Not only is she shocked, she’s offended, thinking he’s making it up. She throws food at him and orders him to leave.

Apparently, Jae Ha’s thwarted scheme was to have Ho Joong pop up when he arrived with Young In and fake-assault them so that Jae Ha could play the hero. Then, Young In would’ve been frightened enough to be persuaded to go back to Jae Ha’s place.

Jae Ha can’t believe Ho Joong was audacious enough to walk right up to Seung Hyo and show his face. Ho Joong tells him to relax; he wasn’t recognized. He asks why Seung Hyo’s always around; Jae Ha answers that he hasn’t figured out if Seung Hyo is following Young In, or him. He hands Ho Joong the address from Il Gun’s letter and tells him to find the paintings there.

Not surprisingly, Seung Hyo, washing off in the bathroom, proves to be a demanding guest. Young In instructs him in manners: He’s not in a position to demand, so he should make polite requests. Seung Hyo looks like he’s going to have an aneurysm trying to choke back a demand, and does his attempt at a polite request for a fresh shirt.

Young In picks out something he’ll hate, lying that it’s the only shirt available, and laughs to see him looking so silly. (Seung Hyo: “Tell your friend to change his fashion sense.”)

Young In teases him, saying he’s just wearing it wrong, and proceeds to pull up the hood and draw the drawstring closed. But as she ties the string, a moment of awareness springs up between them and they pause, staring at each other for an extended beat.

The next day, Seung Hyo and Il Gun discover yet another new development — now, Il Gun can talk.

Following the Reaper’s advice, Il Gun asks for Seung Hyo’s help. Seung Hyo responds: “Why me? I’m someone who can’t give or receive help from anyone. Find someone else.” Il Gun answers, “I didn’t do enough for her. I want to be a good father to Young In just once before leaving. I won’t be able to see her again after this.”

Seung Hyo seems to soften at Il Gun’s earnest plea until Il Gun brings up fatherhood as an appeal to his sympathy. Seung Hyo answers that he has no parents: “Whatever you say, I have no intention or desire to understand you.”

Looking to do anything to be rid of his ghost, Seung Hyo gets a psychiatric evaluation. But he quickly grows frustrated at the unhelpfulness and irrelevance of the session.

Il Gun follows him out to his car, telling him, “I may have grown up in an orphanage, but I’ve never thought I had no mother or father. … There’s nobody in this world who has no parents.”

Seung Hyo loses his temper, shouting for Il Gun to leave him alone. Il Gun answers matter-of-factly:

Il Gun: “You’ve never once lost anything to anyone in your life, have you? Try it now. How can a person win over a ghost? Get in the car, I’ve got to meet Young Ae. Let’s go.”

SeungHyoDad arrives at dance class to see Young Ae twist an ankle. Immediately, she can tell it’s him. Not able to deny or confirm it, SeungHyoDad changes the subject and suggests going to the hospital. She understands.

Young Ae: “I won’t ask who you are. I won’t ask anything….”
SeungHyoDad: “If you want, let’s meet ten times. Just ten times.”
Young Ae: “I should’ve asked for twenty, or thirty times. If I’d known, I’d have asked for a hundred. We can’t meet a hundred times, can we? Even twenty or thirty times would be difficult, wouldn’t it?”

Jae Ha sends the thugs to the orphanage where Il Gun’s paintings are hidden, and they proceed to ransack the entire building. The director becomes visibly nervous when they head toward the warehouse, but thankfully, the gangsters aren’t able to find any traces of the paintings. The director vows he knows nothing about it, and they leave angrily. (We see just how close they were to finding the hiding place before they stopped searching.)

Over lunch, Young Ae sees how enthusiastically SeungHyoDad eats his jajangmyun and mentions how he must have been craving it:

Young Ae: “I guess they must not have jajangmyun in heaven.”
SeungHyoDad: “I’m not sure. I haven’t gotten that far. I suppose they’d have it, since it’s heaven. But the best jajangmyun is on this earth— uh, in Korea. What would the angels know about jajangmyun?”

It’s like they both know the truth of SeungHyoDad’s identity, but saying it aloud somehow makes it that much more painful, so they’re content to know and not talk about the elephant in the room.

SeungHyoDad: “I’m sorry.”
Young Ae: “For what?”
SeungHyoDad: “Just everything. All of it.”
Young Ae: “Thank you.”
SeungHyoDad: “For what?”
Young Ae: “Just everything. All of it.”

When Seung Hyo misses a bunch of important meetings that day, he’s not even angry anymore, just resigned. His secretary had canceled his afternoon meetings, not knowing what to expect, and he finds his office newly decorated with her tools of exorcism.

She nervously tries to explain their presence, but he’s willing to try anything, and asks if it would really help. He’s even willing to let her throw the red beans at him. Excited, she springs into action and rushes out to buy the beans.

Mr. Yoon brings something to his attention — the building’s security system has caught a suspicious figure on camera numerous times. Is this the man who assaulted him?

Seung Hyo says no — the man is too old and not strong enough — and has him brought to his office.

There, the man (Choi Chul Soo) reveals what we’ve known all along — he’s Seung Hyo’s father. He’d been jailed a couple times for violent behavior, and when he got out the second time, he’d found that his son had already been adopted by a wealthy family. He’d tried everything to beg and threaten the adoption service for information, but they wouldn’t tell him anything.

Greatly stunned, Seung Hyo retreats into silence for the rest of the day. After Choi Chul Soo leaves, he gives strands of his hair to Mr. Yoon for DNA testing. Then, with no appointments left in the day, he goes home early.

Seung Hyo wanders around his huge, empty apartment in a funk. Il Gun has learned by now to respect Seung Hyo’s privacy, and leaves him to his solitude.

Seung Hyo remembers how Young In had forced his feet to touch the floor, and tries it again, this time even going so far as to remove his socks. Tentatively, he takes his first steps around his apartment in his bare feet, and finds it’s not so bad after all. His gloomy mood lightens, and he even smiles when he sees the shirt he’d borrowed from Deok.

(Young In has also been thinking of their moment together, although her recollection came unexpectedly — she was thinking happily of Jae Ha when the memory of Seung Hyo popped up, disturbing her peace of mind.)


Young In and Jae Ha are leaving her place to embark on their day’s plans when they run into Seung Hyo, who’s just arrived. Seeing the two together, Seung Hyo takes in the scene silently. Surprised, Young In asks why he’s there; he holds out the sweater.

Jae Ha leads Young In away while Seung Hyo broods, as though he’s trying to make a decision. He’s silent for an awkwardly long spell, which strains the atmosphere, but finally, as she bids him goodbye, he speaks up:

“Hey. I’m hungry. Let’s eat. Are you deaf? I said, let’s have lunch.”

His words are as curt as always, but his tone is no longer so gruff. Young In takes a long moment to think over her answer, obviously torn….


There’s a moment at the end where Jae Ha looks at Young In sorta meaningfully — one moment he’s smiling normally, the next he’s all thoughtful and conflicted. I’m reading that as an uncomfortable realization that he’s starting to like Young In despite his ulterior motives. But whatever the state of Jae Ha’s romantic interest, his “jealousy” over Young In isn’t nearly as cute (or at all) as Seung Hyo’s, probably because Jae Ha’s annoyance toward Seung Hyo is a proprietary, smug sentiment. In contrast, Seung Hyo’s attitude toward Jae Ha is mostly related to Young In’s well-being.

I’m a little bummed that Jae Ha’s character is going down the path of overt villain, because the actor is totally capable of subtext and subtlety. But I dig everything else about the romantic triangle, because for once these guys are both evenly matched in terms of competence and smarts. So many times, the balance is really skewed, so I like seeing Seung Hyo and Jae Ha clash head-on. It’s fun.


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  1. Oh_Jo

    Thanks for the recap!!
    Because the episodes aren’t uploaded yet, all I have is your summaries, so you saved my life~~

    I so hope the triangle of love gets more intense because it’s still luke warm intensity. Hehe.

    Oh and 윤계상 오빠 is WAY too cute in the first pic of him in the hoodie….ㅋㅋㅋ.

  2. nixxochick

    i think Seung Hyo looked extremely hot in this episode! 🙂

    i am starting to like this drama more and more as time passes…thanks for taking the time to post on it

  3. AudHepFan

    I’m liking the new developments

  4. E

    I’m lovingggggggg deok and ji suk! and yoon kye sang is getting more and more adorable each episode…I reallie wanted them to kiss haha when they were starring at each other for 30 seconds hehe….

  5. -sarah

    Thanks for posting the summaries! They make my day. The relationship between SeungHyoDad and Young Ae is heart wrenching. I hope what was said in the beginning, about it being Seung Hyo’s choice of what he wants to do for the 49 days, doesn’t mean he is going to go back into a coma.

    Yoon Kye Sang is great! I watched Crazy for You just to see him. Soon after I finished, you started posting Who are You and I’ve been in Yoon Kye Sang heaven. Thank You!

  6. lime9

    love SH’s character. if straight of the bat all you’ve seen is his bad side when the softer and gentler side starts popping up it’s a killer.

  7. Heena

    I wonder what will happen after 49 days. The pace of the drama (in terms of the actual day when each of the event takes place) is slow. So far, it has been about 10 days since the accident of Seung Hyo and death of the father. I wonder how the drama will finish up rest of the 49 days and then show what happends after the ghost leaves in the remaining 6 episodes. It seems like there is so much of the plot to develop in the last 6 episodes. This makes the forthcoming episodes more exciting. I can’t wait till next week.

    Thanks Javabeans for the everwonderful summaries.

  8. janet

    I think it’s been more than ten days? 49 days = 7 weeks. The drama is 8 weeks long, and they keep saying April 15 is the big day. So I think each week in real life is a week in the drama.

  9. newbie

    ” Il Gun can do whatever he wants with his three daily hours, but it’s Seung Hyo who will decide what to do with the forty-nine days. Il Gun doesn’t understand what that means, and the Reaper doesn’t explain. ”

    somehow reading this made me very uneasy, i hope it does not means that SH will have the same fate like IG after the 49days. Is it a melo or comedy drama?? I don’t think my heart can take it if this is gonna end badly just like HGD. Two dramas in a row of having main leads dead is gonna depress me a long-long time.

    Btw, Thanks always to javabeans for the wonderful summary

  10. 10 Iranian Espresso

    Thank you

  11. 11 javabeans

    newbie, i’ve been wondering the same thing. one possible way that would still be satisfying for me is, say, if Seung Hyo were given the choice at the end to remember or forget — or actually erase from existence? — everything that happened during the 49 days (since his body was essentially hijacked). and naturally, because he’s gained so much in that time, he chooses to leave things as they are 🙂

  12. 12 yeli

    what if he goes back into a coma after the 49 days???? T_T

  13. 13 Heena

    Janet – but, that doesn’t make sense since the episode for any week picks up from previous week’s cliffhanger. For example, if you consider everything that has happened from episode 7-10, it is a total of 4 days. But, i guess we can assume that between two non-connecting events there are a couple of days that pass by. But, to me, so far, all the things that have happened have been per day basis without skipping any days in-between.

  14. 14 lovin'it

    I never expected to like this series… I thought about watching it… but it didn’t appeal to me much. But now I absolutely adore it! hahaha I love Cha Seung Hyo! hahaha but Jae Ha kinda creeps me out 😛 I hope he doesn’t turn out as evil as he seems 😛 hahaha thanks for all these summaries 😀

  15. 15 anjo

    My worry is also the same, that in the end SH dies or reverts back to being a vegetable (wont that beat all. Ill probably stay off K drama for a year if that happens, with HGD and the Legend tsk tsk) However I do hold on to the fact that SH underwent check-up which showed that everything was normal ( they even scanned his brain) SO if they try to kill him in the end, it should be because of something new or drastic.
    Hmmm . . . .

  16. 16 Baobao

    I really loved todays episode. It had great developments I can’t wait to see more. Plus this is a pretty quicked pace drama. To me it doesn’t really drag. The first picture was really cute of SH and his hoodie and i want to buy it too!!! Its too cute ^^ I wonder when Young In is gonna find out that Jae Ha is being naughty behind her back =/ Its gonna make it harder for her to trust people once she finds out. The hopefully she’ll lean on SH =)

  17. 17 Archaenon

    I just cannot explain how the hoodie scene just floored me. I love the inner stuggle between JaeHa and Seung Hyo…to death. I don’t know why , but I love it when they clash more then the rest of the show , and I started to watch this show because of Kang Nam Gil ( One of my all time fav Korean actors ).

    I am growing into a Yoon Kye Sang fan though. It’s funny I used to listen to Groove on Demand , vol 5 was my favorite , I didn’t recognize him at first when I was looking at the website. He’s gotten alot better looking with age.

  18. 18 Mona

    Awww! I love this drama and Seung Hyo is adorable. I can’t wait and see what happens next. I just hope that everything ends well for everyone because I really can’t take sad endings…the world is bad enough as it is so why should the dramas not have happy endings? And I think Jae Ha will confess that he had something to do with her fathers death (so that he can be a good character again).

  19. 19 ellasam81

    thank for the summary. it s v interesting. although i do find jea ha is v gorgeous, i still prefer cute guy like seong hyo he s so so so cute and handsome and his acting has improved alot. i started to like ara as she compatible with yoon kye sang but i hope to see more romantic scenes between young in and seong hyo

    this drama really rocks man!

  20. 20 vrosemarie

    My wish came true to see Seung Hyo in everyday clothes! Cute!!!
    I do hope something terrible isn’t going to happen to Seung Hyo… Maybe it’s a Scrooge-effect, like the Reaper is trying to teach Seung Hyo something or to change his ways and enjoy life before it’s too late… I like jealous Seung Hyo too! I’m a sucker for the part of k-dramas where the main guy gets adorably jealous over a girl that he likes but won’t admit it…. :DDD

  21. 21 choram

    I feel horrible saying this but this jealousy thing makes good watching. lol.

    And of course that would be the total fangirl in me wishing two hot, awesome guys would fight for me too……darn you Go Ara! Why do you have to be so amazing gorgeous?! 🙂

  22. 22 Sammi

    Thank you so much for putting the time and effort posting these episode summaries. I have a very limited understanding of the Korean language n I look forward to your posts to let me know whats going on in the shows.

  23. 23 shro

    what? Kang Ji hwan dies in hong dil dong?!

    sorry, wrong place…but i just read a comment. thats terrible. i don’t want him to die even fictionally.

  24. 24 aquagallery

    wow… must say i’m glad i stumbled upon your blog site… u are simply brilliant in the way you write things. its almost as if i’m there watching it all happening…. kudos!!!! and Thanks a ton…

  25. 25 Jess

    I admit when I first began watching this drama, I thought it would just be something to pass the time. But now I am completely hooked. I’m practically pulling my hair out waiting for subs for episode eleven. I just wanted to thank you for you wonderful recaps that allow me to relive each wonderful moment of the drama. I also wanted to thank you for the lovely screencaps. I pretty much spend my free time staring at them 🙂

  26. 26 Jess

    I have fallen in love with this drama’s soundtrack, and I was wondering if it was possible for you to post the entire OST on here? Also, I was wondering if you knew of any sites where I could find older Korean music (like the type Son Il Gun sings). I really like it but I don’t know the name of the genre or any musicians from that time.

  27. 27 Hazel

    This is totally unrelated to the article, but I was wondering where you find all the songs of “Beautiful Days”. I fell in love with their song, “Rose-Colored life” after I heard it here in dramabeans. And after that, I tried looking for it everywhere with no luck. 🙁


  28. 28 tom

    hey i was just wondering what is the brand of the hoodie? i REALLY wanna buy it lol.

  29. 29 bambooshoots

    Beautiful Days – “Boy Meets Girl”

  30. 30 sleeplessinwgtn

    JH is the most handsome villain I’ve come across in a K-drama! 🙂

  31. 31 sleeplessinwgtn

    … and SH is such a smart dresser…

    So SH and IG have a connection… they’re from the same orphanage…

    He came from a state of not having a father to having an ‘undesirable’ one.

    It’s sad…

    On a positive note…

    YI seems to be a positive influence on SH, encouraging him to get over his OCD and making him more ‘humane’. Reminds me of the movie ‘As good as it gets’ where Jack Nicholson’s character said to Helen Hunt’s character … “You bring out the best in me”.

  32. 32 shiningmoon

    My statement is way out of time, maybe no body is gonna read this but I cannot keep silent, lol… I’m in total accord with you JB about that a jelous guy is a female fantasy and is really a pain in the ass in real life, but you now why is sooo cute and funny when we watch it in a serie?? because is not happening to us… lol ^o^.
    But anyway is sooo much fun watching it, and is also funny when is happening to somebody else entirely.
    Thanks for the recap. you’re the best.

  33. 33 Molly

    I still dont get why Seung hyo hates Jae ha- even before the discovery of the ciggarettes.

    Brilliant drama. Love it!

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