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Who Are You: Episode 12
by | April 16, 2008 | 40 Comments

Aww. One of my favorite shots from the episode.

Today’s episode moved a lot of plot points forward. In fact, it’s a little light on the romance angle (compared to, say, Episode 11), although there is a significant development or two on that front as well.

(And Yoon Kye Sang is adorable in this one.)


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Young In makes her confession to Seung Hyo, who’s moved by her words, but then recalls his bearings and pulls back. He says they barely have a relationship — all they’ve done is eat together. She reminds him that they held hands, and “kissed” (touched lips accidentally). At that, Il Gun starts to scold Seung Hyo for preying on his naive daughter and tells him, “Do you even know how to love anyone but yourself? Love is for people who know how to receive it.” Cold, but true! At that, Seung Hyo stiffens and asks Young In briskly, “Are you coming or not?”

In the car, Il Gun lectures Young In (who obviously can’t hear) that Seung Hyo’s not worth liking, and I honestly don’t know how the actors keep a straight face as Il Gun tells her that the only reason she likes him is because she hasn’t witnessed Seung Hyo’s horrible farts for herself. At this point, Young In tells Seung Hyo in an annoyed tone that she’s come to her senses — she won’t like someone who dislikes her back.

Il Gun then turns his warnings to Seung Hyo and appeals to his sympathy. He confides that neither he nor Young In’s IQs measure past 100 — Il Gun’s is 98 and Young In’s is 99, plus she only scored a 58 on her written driver’s test. Seung Hyo can’t tolerate dummies, right? He continues, “Just ask Young In who the last empress of the Joseon Dynasty was. She’ll tell you it was Lee Miyeon.” (Actress Lee Miyeon played the last empress in a TV drama.)

Seung Hyo can’t help it; he starts chuckling out loud. Even with Young In and Young Ae looking at him questioningly and asking what the matter is, Seung Hyo continues to laugh softly to himself. (I don’t want to clutter the post with multiple pics of the same moment, but here are a few more of Seung Hyo laughing and smiling at Young In.)

Ho Joong has arrived at the orphanage posing as a social services employee for an inspection. The lady in charge informs him that the orphanage director will be away for hours, but Ho Joong assures her all he needs to see is the kitchen and the warehouse. There, Ho Joong discovers the paintings’ hiding place — a hollow space behind a false wall.

Arriving at the orphanage, Young In and Seung Hyo gaze out at the children playing soccer. Knowing this is where her father grew up, Young In is relieved at the sight: “I feel better because they don’t look lonely.” But Seung Hyo tells her not to judge so quickly:

Seung Hyo: “You don’t know, they could be chasing that soccer ball trying hard not to be lonely.”
Young In: “Would you like me to be your soccer ball?”
Seung Hyo: “Why, so I’d kick you away? I already did that. Do I need to do it some more? Fine, whenever I see you each day I’ll kick you away.”

But that doesn’t have the intended dampening effect; instead, Young in brightens, “So you’ll meet me every day?” She takes him up on the offer. Seung Hyo asks, “What kind of woman has no pride like that?” Young In contradicts him — she has a lot of pride. But: “Rather than protecting myself, isn’t real pride when I protect what’s valuable to me?” She also asks him to repeat his question, liking the sound of the words “What kind of woman…” because it’s proof he sees her as a woman.

As Ho Joong leaves, he recognizes Seung Hyo standing by his car and becomes nervous. Seung Hyo looks over quizzically, but doesn’t immediately recognize Ho Joong, who quickly calls Jae Ha to give him both the good news (yay, paintings!) and the bad (uh-oh, Seung Hyo).

Jae Ha is elated to hear the paintings have been located, and although he’s worried about Seung Hyo and Young In’s presence there, he calms himself with the thought that they won’t be removing the paintings either, not immediately. (In the drama, it’s not yet April 15.) He instructs Ho Joong to stay nearby and keep a close eye on them, but they should be fine for now.

The women watch as Seung Hyo plays soccer and kids around with the orphanage children (his affectionate contact with the kids indicates this is SeungHyoDad).

Young Ae: “If you want something badly enough, they say the entire universe gathers its power and helps you. Do you believe in miracles?”
Young In: “No. There are some things that will never happen no matter how much I want them to. Why do you think they’re miracles? It’s because they can’t happen. I learned that at fifteen — it seems you still believe in them.”
Young Ae: “You must mean your mother. In life, you might give up someone for dead only to have them survive, or a person might win millions in the lottery, or someone might come out unharmed after days in the rubble of a collapsed building.”

Young In: “What are you trying to say?”
Young Ae: “Cha Seung Hyo. He’s so different — but isn’t he so similar, too?”
Young In: “To whom?”
Young Ae: “Your father.”
Young In: “Let’s say he is similar. So what?”
Young Ae: “I wondered if he was a miracle, that Cha Seung Hyo. To me, he’s a miracle.”

Those words resonate with Young In, who’d felt the similarity herself. She watches SeungHyoDad bathing one of the boys, listening as he tells the boy to be a good father when he grows up, better than himself.

The statement strikes her as odd, and Young In thinks back to all the discrepancies between the real Seung Hyo and this affectionate SeungHyoDad. She also remembers how he’d told her once that he saw her father following him around.

Young In asks Young Ae what she really thinks about Seung Hyo and her father. Young Ae can tell she’s starting to believe it might be true, and answers, “I think your father came back. Because he was so worried for you, because he missed you, I think he came back through Cha Seung Hyo, through borrowing his body.” Young In argues that it makes no sense, and Young Ae agrees — but what if it’s true? She’s been in limbo, simultaneously afraid to believe he’s here and afraid that he’ll leave: “I tried to pretend I didn’t think so because it’s so ridiculous and crazy, but what if your father really did come back?”

Young In is stricken with uncertainty over who Seung Hyo really is right now: “So… he’s… my father? He might be my father?”

She finds Seung Hyo napping with the children and asks, “Is that you, Dad? Is that really you?”

Some time after she leaves, Seung Hyo awakens and finds himself in a pile of sleeping children. He tries to extricate the child from himself, but the boy clings to him in his sleep, and Seung Hyo tentatively cradles him and thinks back to his own youth.

The nun at the orphanage had routinely told the children that cleanliness was good, and that people don’t like dirty children. My first instinct was that this was a dangerous line of rationale to be imparting to orphaned children, but when I realized that Seung Hyo was one of these children, my heart just about done broke itself. And then reared up in anger at the stupid, stupid nun. I know she means well, but she responds to Seung Hyo’s dejected statement that people don’t like children without parents by saying, “If you wash up every day and pray to God, your mom and dad will come for you, Seung Hyo.”

It’s one thing for children secure in the stability of familial love to be told to keep clean — but to tell orphaned children with abandonment issues that people won’t want them if they’re dirty?? It’s no freaking wonder Seung Hyo grew up with debilitating OCD! I’m so mad at that nun — children need hope, but you shouldn’t make promises that can’t be kept, either.

Jae Ha tells Ho Joong to keep an eye on Seung Hyo, and take a look inside the car — they might find something about his reinvestigation into Il Gun’s death. Instead, Ho Joon finds Seung Hyo’s file on his father.

Seung Hyo fills in the orphanage director on his suspicions about the men looking for Il Gun’s paintings and the correlation to the accident. Seung Hyo will see into having the paintings relocated to a safer area, and asks the director to tell Young In about them (because while he can dispel her tears with anger, he’s not so good at soothing them).

Upon hearing the truth, Young In feels pangs of guilt — her father had done all this for her. She starts wondering if he’d died because of her, as well.

Seung Hyo finds her crying in the warehouse, staring at the paintings’ hiding place and wondering:

Young In: “Dad, I miss you. I want to see you, not your paintings. You didn’t do this because of me, did you? … to give the paintings to me… right? You can’t have done that. That’s not the way…”

Young In: “Who are you? Dad? Is it really you?”
Seung Hyo (pretending not to understand): “Sohn Young In, what are you saying? That I’m your father? Why would I be your dad, are you crazy?”
Young In: “I wanted to believe it. I wanted to believe that miracles exist, that they could happen to me. I wanted to believe it for the first time.”
Seung Hyo: “What are you talking about?”
Young In: “I hoped you were my miracle. I wanted to believe you were my miracle.”
Seung Hyo: “Then let’s say I am. I’ll be your miracle. You’re a soccer ball, I’m a miracle.”

At home, Young In loses herself in thought over all this new information, flashing back to recent events. Seung Hyo had told her about the reinvestigation, her father’s strange death, and his suspicions. He’d warned her not to breathe a word to anybody of the paintings, because as soon as she lets on that she knows about it, she puts herself in danger.

He doesn’t know Shin Jae Ha’s exact purpose, but he has a strong suspicion he’s heavily involved. He’d also told her not to blame herself: “Don’t jump to senseless conclusions. Your father didn’t die because of a person, he died because of money.”

Seung Hyo takes the orphanage director to the police station to identify the three gangsters who’d ransacked the place. He identifies the two loan sharks, but can’t find the third in the police records. Il Gun confirms it, and says he saw the third guy’s face and would recognize him if he saw him; it’s probably the same guy who stole the cigarette evidence.

With the end of their search in sight, Jae Ha takes extra precaution and hands the three accomplices a stack of money, telling them to lay low for a while. The guys don’t trust him — they think he might be trying to swindle them of their share and keep the paintings for himself — and Ho Joong in particular insists he won’t let Jae Ha off the hook until he has his money.

Seung Hyo has a frustrating meeting with his employees, discovering that a few of them haven’t bothered to show up (assuming Seung Hyo would cancel again), and the others have shown up unprepared. Angered, Seung Hyo castigates them — he knows he’s been remiss in his duties as their boss, but that’s no excuse for them to get sloppy. Even if Seung Hyo were to leave or be fired, they’d still be responsible for their work when a new chief is brought in.

Il Gun is in his office when Seung Hyo returns from the aborted meeting and receives the results of his DNA test — it’s almost 100% certain that the man who’d come to see him is his father. Stunned, Seung Hyo tells himself, “I like being alone. I like things as they are. I’ve lived too long alone to become someone’s son now..”

Young In visits U Gallery, but with her newfound suspicions about Jae Ha, she chooses not to go inside and instead lingers outside by the water’s edge. Meanwhile, inside Ha Young and Jae Ha’s mother discuss plans for the upcoming exhibition of Il Gun’s paintings. Jae Ha is mostly silent until Ha Young proposes using Young In as part of their promotion — associating the artist’s beautiful orphaned daughter is sure to incite interest. At that suggestion, Jae Ha interjects his opposition: “Don’t mess with her. Leave her alone.” He doesn’t have a strong argument, and falters a bit, telling his mother merely that she’s still young.

Jae Ha sees Young In and joins her outside. She asks if he ate her kimbap, and although the words are casual, Young In stares at Jae Ha carefully, assessing him. Jae Ha answers cheerfully, but she speaks with extra meaning: “I really hope I’ll be able to make it for you again” (as though to say, “I really hope you’re innocent and I can still be friends with you”).

Ho Joong confronts his father about his relationship with Seung Hyo, and presents him with the file from Seung Hyo’s car. Who is Seung Hyo, and why is his father so interested in him? His father answers, “He’s… your older brother.”

Seung Hyo arrives outside the building and heads up to his father’s boxing gym, but pauses in the stairwell for a while, trying to decide whether to proceed.

It’s then that Ho Joong rushes out of the gym, blowing past Seung Hyo in a rush — but then turns back, recognizing the man he’s just passed. This time, Seung Hyo does remember Ho Joong — lurking outside Young In’s place and asking him for a light for his black cigarette.


Now that Seung Hyo has gotten used to having Il Gun around, I like that he’s gotten past the frustration and anger phase and has struck a middle ground (when Il Gun isn’t busy warning him to stay away from Young In, that is). You might argue that the two men have a relationship now, however reluctantly begun, and see each other with sympathy. Truth be told, despite Seung Hyo wanting to get rid of the spirit hovering around him, he doesn’t have to work so hard to solve the mystery of Il Gun’s death or to rescue the paintings. But he does. And as a result, Il Gun’s body possessions are becoming less disruptive — he didn’t force Seung Hyo to go to the orphanage, for instance.

When Seung Hyo returns from his unsuccessful business meeting, you can’t say he has NO bitterness toward Il Gun for having caused his work situation to get to this point, but he’s accepted the reality of the circumstances and doesn’t dwell on it. And although he does yell at his business associates, I thought his response was actually quite fair.

Lastly, there’s that scene in the car just before Seung Hyo works up the nerve to see his father. Il Gun sits beside him and prods him along, saying, “If you run away today, you’ll run tomorrow too. Whether it’s pain you feel, or hate, or resentment… in any case you came this far. Since you’ve come, don’t run away.” Despite being forced into this unwanted relationship with Il Gun, the fact is, now Seung Hyo has somebody in his life who understands his fears and to whom he can relate.


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  1. Marian

    super super super! I can’t waitt to actually watch it!!!!

  2. canyayasis

    Thank you seems so inadequate, but thank you nonetheless.

  3. anna

    thank you! and that top pic is one of my fave shots too 😀

  4. K4Ice4Thu

    ahhh the plot thickens….

    I loved that first cap you had up…so cute..
    and I just about died laughing when SH just burst out into laughter out in the car….he’s slowly opening up emotionally…he couldn’t even crack a smile before..

    Thanks so much for your recap dear!!! *hugs and supplies with brownies*

  5. saraho

    this drama is so sweet : ) i love it. thanks for posting the recaps. you are so fast!!!

  6. csapri

    oh thank you so much for the summary! outstanding!!
    love this series..can’t wait to watch it myself 🙂

  7. Luv

    Wow…I can’t thank you enough.
    I love watching Who Are You and love reading your summaries.
    Episode 12 has so many beautiful moments…
    I like the part when he remembers his childhood…those tears…it’s so sad.
    One other special scene I love is when the little boy waved goodbye…and he paused…then waved back…he said he’s not good at saying goodbye…or having attachments…we can see that he’s changing.
    One other thing I like is the way they use the stairs in this drama…walking up & down…just a few steps but always left the deepest impression.

    And your favorite shot up there…it’s warm and sad at the same time.
    It’s warm because we can feel the love…but it’s sad because it’s doesn’t last.

    Even though this episode does not focus on the romance part…but it’s still one of my most favorite episodes. Somehow I just feel a strong connection to the characters in here.

    Thank you so much for the wonderful summary. Luv you.

  8. cartman

    oh my god!thank you so so much! I’ve been checking your site for like every hour..and here it is! 🙂

  9. jennyo88

    I love your recaps. I always look forward to reading them

  10. 10 kyelin

    aw, it’s so very sweet knowing the relationship between il gun and seng hyo become better and better
    really hope they both don’t die and they both could live once again
    thanks for the summaries ^___^

  11. 11 troubledmoi

    yayyy! i’m absolutely loving this! thank u thank u v much for posting the summaries! kye sang with children is cute!!yayyy!

  12. 12 Anonymous

    Thanks for recapping this ep and this whole series! I have to wait for subs, but your recaps are making it worth it…

    and OT, I just saw the 30 sec preview for Epik High’s new album and single [released today in Korea time] and I love it! Plus, the single One features Jisun, whom I love even though she left Loveholic.

  13. 13 javabeans

    thanks for all the love and brownies!

    Luv, the childhood memory totally made me cry. (Stupid nun.)

    K4Ice4Thu, yeah the image of Seung Hyo cracking up in the car makes me smile every time i see it. you’re right about his progression — especially since it took him something like eight episodes to even crack his first SMILE, and now he’s practically giggling and cuddling children and voluntarily touching Young In (to help her up) when he could barely stand to THINK of human touch before.

    I know when I’m done with this drama and go back to the early episodes, I’m going to be amazed at the transformation and how far his character came.

  14. 14 sf

    ahhh…the nun :(!
    I love the sleeping kiddie shot…just adorable!

  15. 15 beng

    Thanks for the summary Dramabeans. They are very complete and comprehensive. When i was watching episode no. 11, i kept getting this dejavu feeling that i’ve seen it already, just because of your summary =).

    Anyway, i’m totally loving Seung Hyo and Young In, both are good actors. Seung Hyo is quite adorable when he laugh and smiles. He’s like a kid. Seung Hyo’s brother has good looks too. Another lead star in the making.

  16. 16 Stawr

    I’m so shocked.

    And so interested.

    I think i’ll start DLing this drama and start watching it.

  17. 17 drizy

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    i’ve been waiting for this since yesterday :D:D:D

    now since i already read it, it’s fantastic review u wrote there ^^

  18. 18 docmitasha

    Wow another amazing episode! I totally enjoyed reading this and I am going to LOVE watching this! I need to say a couple things:
    1. Completely off WAY but don’t you love Seperation Anxiety? I was so excited that a new Nell album was out! I think my favorite is The Time Memories Walk. That has some great beats and is overall just wonderful.

    2. When Yoon Kye Sang laughs, he looks like a little boy. Like his face transforms into what he must have looked like when he was 7-8. I LOVE THAT. He is adorable laughing in this episode, I think the most he’s laughed so far as himself 😉 Thanks for the extra pics!

    3. Young Ae: “If you want something badly enough, they say the entire universe gathers its power and helps you. Do you believe in miracles?”
    It was eerie reading that because a very popular recent bollywood movie had the same exact line, except in Hindi. But it was the same, i.e., even the english subs read the same. Neat that the same thought is going around the world :). Now lets all wish really hard 🙂 (Random piece of trivia)

    4. What a horrible nun, but what a great way to throw light onto his life-long scar and lingering psychological issues. Someone at soompi was wondering what exactly triggered his OCD, and its touching to see that scene and realize where it all must have started at some small level (know too much abt OCD to blame it all on the nun, but what terrible, terrible advice). Poor children.

    5. You’re right about how SH is handling stuff, and how he’s slowly just getting used to Il Gun, more accepting it, and somewhat even getting comfortable with it. I like your interpretation of what the 49 days will mean for him.

    Thanks! 🙂

  19. 19 sf

    “If you want something badly enough, they say the entire universe gathers its power and helps you. Do you believe in miracles?” — docmitasha

    It sounds like a variation of this quotation from The Alchemist -“When you want something, all the world conspires in helping you to achieve it.” The Alchemist is one of THE books of our century already being hailed as a classic in literature so I wouldn’t surprised if this little book is making waves in Asian countries too. Btw, it’s a gorgeous book, inspiring, uplifting, and one of the most well-written fables of our time.

    Also, I feel like this quote could be a reference to the R.Brynes book “The Secret,” another controversial but famous book. The philosophy behind the book is the Theory of Attraction, which says if you think/dream/hope for something enough the Universe itself will shape those dreams and send them to you – the secret to success and making all your dreams come true – literally by wishing for it. A lot of people are saying this kind of independent (and inhernetly selfish) mode of thinking and fulfilling your life through “stuff” is undermining God and working for love of the work itself. Nonetheless, I feel like this book would especially appeal to Asian cultures in how it gives hope to people living in societies where how you are treated could depend heavily on your material success. Anyway, this book made huge waves in America and for some reason this book popped into my mind when you mentioned that quote.

  20. 20 annabanana

    THANK-YOU javabeans! Your recaps are priceless! Can’t wait to see the whole thing with subs.

    Agree with you all that when YKS smiles he looks so adorable…his sweet smile just brightens everything. Love those extra captures!

    This drama is written so effectively taking you through the evolution of SH from understanding how and why he is/was and how/what he is becoming…kudos to the writers! Of course you have summarized it all so eloquently javabeans.

    I really really really hope that this has a happily ever after ending. It would be such a disappointment if it doesn’t have a happy ending. Please make this so!!! I want to be able to rewatch it many more times to come as one of my fav k-dramas.

  21. 21 joicy

    Thanks javabeans for great captions. I love to read your analysis and comments, it lighted up many things that I may have thought of but could not speak out.
    I admit, I hate the nun too. The adults always think they may put their thoughts in the kids, and that’s good for the kids. But the matter is kids do not think like us. They will come up with something else, which may affect their lifelong habit. Look at Seung Hyo’s OCD and his fear of being alone (the reason he raises the turtles is so pity), but not daring to let anyone near by.
    This maybe something everyone knows but I want to repeat that I LOVE THE MUSIC. It’s so touching, and everytime the music is on, my heart is just like “stop for a second”.

  22. 22 Lovely

    Docmitasha, I know which bollywood film you are talking about. Om Shanti Om. I agree how there is a similarity between the two. The themes are even same. cool!

    Thanks, Javabeans for the wonderful, amazing summaries.

    I wonder what will happen in the next episode? Hopefully, the paintings will be safe. Also, it is about time that Seung Hyo chases after Young In. In this episode, we already see that he is starting to care for Young In. He sees her as his ‘soccer ball’. Aww.. but, hasn’t expressed how he feels. I wonder when the first kiss will be…..hehehe

    Yoon Kye Sang and Ara were amazing today. It seems like Ara is improving day by day. I’m liking her more and more. She needs to gain some weight, though. She’s so skinny! Yoon Kye Sang is a great actor. I heard that a new movie is coming out with him in it. His character in the film is a lot different from how he is in this drama. Wow, with two movies and one drama, he is on a roll! Hopefully, Ara will do some other projects, besides the international film. I want to see her some other dramas. Sorry for my rambling……

    Thanks once again Javabeans!

  23. 23 Iranian Espresso

    Thank You Dear Javabeans.

  24. 24 Jenni

    Really sweet episode. =)

  25. 25 nixxochick

    first off…thank you for posting this up!

    okay…i really liked this episode but the truth is i was expecting a little bit more romance then was shown…but nonetheless it was an awesome episode! cant wait for tomorrow

  26. 26 bree

    SH: “you’re a soccer ball, I’m a miracle” lol. But such simple words mean a lot. SH’s smile makes me smile too. Another sweet episode and an awesome recap. Thanks javabeans! Can’t wait for 2morrow! There’d better be some more romantic developments.

  27. 27 katwoman

    Thank you! As usual, you are thorough. This is the first drama that has me watching the episode w/o subs and checking soompi every couple of hours to see summaries and screencaps. Now with your summary, I can go watch the episode w/ some understanding.
    I saw Luv’s screencaps in soompi and am anxiously waiting to hear Dad’s rant that made Seung Hyo break into a smile and giggle.
    I want to thank all the people in soompi who posted summaries and screencaps, they are so awesome and funny with their comments. You guys Rock!

  28. 28 filo

    “Rather than protecting myself, isn’t real pride when I protect what’s valuable to me?”

    man, that’s a smart lady!

    THANK YOU, SARAH!!!!!!!!!

  29. 29 docmitasha

    @sf : I should definitely get around to reading that…its been on my list forever! But thanks for bringing that up, it makes it even more interesting.
    @Lovely: Yes, I was talking abt that movie, and yes, its funny that the themes clash a little, though OSO was all parody and fun 🙂

    And like filo, I think YI’s quote regarding pride was right on and strong. She could come off as not upholding her pride, but she’s right, and more importantly she’s got guts. And I think that now she knows him well enough to realize that his brusqueness isn’t valid, that actually beneath that he does care for her, thats why she’s willing to put herself out there.

  30. 30 mimi

    Thanks for the summary! It’s a wonderful read, as always!! I agree with what everyone has said so far. I remember when SH said to YI that he couldn’t cope with her, and she couldn’t cope with him. But actually, what I think makes it work is that although he can’t handle her, she can definitely handle him (I think someone already mentioned this at soompi, but I can’t remember who it was)!! YI is bold, straightforward and honest with her feelings, I think that scares SH. It’s like she knows him in her heart. YKS is great, but I think Ara has also done a really great job, considering how young she is – but she does have the luck of having a great character! It’s really both their merits that the chemistry works so well and is so believable!

  31. 31 MovieWatcher

    That picture up top is too adorable

  32. 32 choram

    More love and brownies!

    I had to try really hard to restrain myself from reading this until I watched Episode 11 and so now I’m all fulfilled lol.

    YKS character has really gone a long way…….I can’t remember the last character I’ve watched that has grown so much. Yay for character development!

  33. 33 haha

    Totally agree with choram; Seung Hyo is such a dynamic character in this series.

  34. 34 Lily

    Thanks for the great summary! Am a complete fan of this drama….I love the character development and the semi-seriousness of the drama. It’s not too dark, but at the same time deals with issues such as abandonment, death, and deceit. Can’t wait to find out how it will end. I wonder what twists the scriptwriter and PD will introduce for the remaining episodes.

  35. 35 audrrey

    i really love korean drama! this drama is soo amazing. I really wanted to watch this drama with subtitles, but it’s hard to find one.. can you tell me which websites that publish korean drama with subtitles? especially Who Are You episodes.. because i’m so curious with the story.. your recaps are so helpful, but it’s better to watch it! thanks

  36. 36 Lenrasoon

    i love this episode, it just getting better and better^^
    my favorite scene was when Seung Hyo laughs in the car, his smile is cute!

  37. 37 kaonamp

    I finally got around to watching this episode with subs last night and I just about fell more in love with CSH and YI’s character. I love all the little moments that they shared together, even though it wasn’t anything romantic it was still nice to see them slowly leaning on each other more and slowly trusting the other person more and showing them their weak side.

    I agree the saddest part of this episode is when SH thinks back to him living at the orphange and having be told to keep clean. I couldn’t help but cry with him. No wonder he’s the way he is. Anyhow the little boy that plays him is adorable. I know he only had a very short screen time but I was wondering if its the same boy who had appear on Star King. The one that did the “Tell Me” dance. I’m just curious because they look too much alike.

    But thanks for continuing to keep us entertain!!

  38. 38 debbie

    hey… i couldnt understand the episodes in youtube cos it was in korean…. thanks for the synopsis… i like the fact that it was VERY detailed. THANKS!

  39. 39 jil

    It’s a lovely novela. I like to thank everyone who take the time to post all the dramas.

    (There has to be a better way to watch asia soaps.Since I was 14, I been seeing them on and off. But this time around going to have to take the time and really learn korean)

  40. 40 Gasenadi

    Thanks for the summary. Noticed there were no JH the Hottie defenders this time. Poor sweetie can’t bear to use YI in the promotional documentary they’re planning. How about some REAL feelings for her, as in monetary justice? Instead of bugging the orphanage in preparation for STEALING Dad’s paintings and making oodles of profits behind her back? Also makes me suspicious of his motives for wanting the Secretary be in charge of the exhibit, instead of accepting her resignation. Have her take the blame, just in case their slave contract is exposed?

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