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Who Are You: Episode 13
by | April 17, 2008 | 44 Comments

I’m pleased with the pacing, given that (unfortunately) many to most of other kdramas start lagging in the home stretch — even the good ones. It’s not that they get bad, but a lot of times it’s like you can feel the fatigue of the production team start setting in. (Mixed-up Investigative Agency is one of only a few other recent dramas that I feel got better with every episode.) But Who Are You? seems to be winding up for the big finish — hopefully a strong one. (Please!) *Knock on wood*


3rd Coast – “Can’t Stop Loving You.” Heh. This song was in my to-be-posted folder, and whaddaya know, they played it in one of the scenes tonight. So here it is. [ Download ]

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Ho Joong recognizes Seung Hyo as the brother he’s just been informed he has. He bitterly tells Seung Hyo to go on and greet his father, then leaves. His mother calls after him, and Seung Hyo realizes Ho Joong (whose name was on his father’s file) is his brother.

His father (Choi Chul Soo) is eager to greet Seung Hyo, offering him refreshment and welcoming him nervously, but Seung Hyo remains distant and tells him the DNA test came back positive. He keeps his purpose short and simple:

“I will recognize that you’re my blood father. But that’s the extent of our relationship. Not more, not less.”

He advises his father to desist in loitering around his workplace, shocking his father and stepmother with his cold attitude. His father says he’ll do anything to make things right with him, but Seung Hyo’s not interested:

Seung Hyo: “I’m sorry, but I haven’t paid you much thought all my life, so I have no interest in smoothing things over with you. I’m not just saying this, it’s the truth. I’ve never waited for you, so if your mind is burdened, please let it go.”

The stepmother mocks her husband for his foolishness, and asks why he yells at her and hits Ho Joong, but talks so prettily to Seung Hyo: “Is it because he’s a rich son? Is it that he’s so successful that you’re so polite, groveling pitifully even as he disregards you?” She then tells Seung Hyo he shouldn’t be so rude or think he’s so much better than them: “Are you afraid we’ll stick to you like leeches?”

Seung Hyo answers matter-of-factly:

“I can’t say I’m not. I’m warning you in advance not to cling like leeches. I hate leeches.”

That’s pretty cold, and Ho Joong in particular, who’s returned to hear it, is insulted. Even Il Gun, who knows how unfeeling Seung Hyo can be, is taken aback.


At the gallery, Young In asks Jae Ha about her father’s paintings. Without betraying what she’s recently learned, she asks if the paintings he’s looking for actually belong to U Gallery. Jae Ha breathes a sigh of relief that she’d deduced the matter before he had to break it to her — he’d been worried about how to broach the topic (because it paints her father in a negative light).

Jae Ha tells her what I think is mostly truth, although he may be tweaking the details. Ten years ago, her father made a contract with the gallery, selling his paintings for a low sum. They didn’t sell well, and sometime halfway through the contract, he’d told the gallery that he’d stopped painting. However, it seemed he held back some artwork and continued painting, and at one point was shopping them around to other galleries for a better price, even though he was contracted to U Gallery.

Young In says that’s unlike her father, and Jae Ha agrees that he’d been surprised when he met Il Gun to find him to be a decent man. He understands — Il Gun’s paintings are worth much more now than their contract price, and it’s natural he’d want the higher price. (Either Jae Ha’s embellishing the last part about Il Gun reneging on his contract, since Il Gun hadn’t known his paintings were increasing in value because U Gallery purposely kept the Sotheby’s auction news from him. Or, this is the truth and Il Gun was desperate enough to hold the paintings back for Young In’s sake.)

Jae Ha informs Young In that a documentary about her father is being made; this new interest in his work will make him posthumously famous.

Afterward, Jae Ha insists on driving Young In home — but pauses, feeling self-reproach at his duplicity. Feeling ashamed of himself, he changes his mind and tells Young In he won’t be able to take her home.

On Seung Hyo’s drive back from his father’s gym, Il Gun drops a bomb: Ho Joong is the guy who attacked Seung Hyo and stole the cigarette evidence.

Il Gun: “Then the one who killed me, Cha Seung Hyo, was your brother?”

That night, Jae Ha drinks alone gloomily, singing to himself the song he’d performed for Young In in episode 3 (video clip posted there). Ha Young comes by and offers to listen to his worries; the load will lighten. Jae Ha admits he scares himself, and dislikes himself.

Jae Ha: “I thought being a bad guy was something you were born with. But it turns out you can become a bad guy in one moment. I’d thought I was a decent guy. But that’s not true.”
Ha Young: “Is this about artist Sohn?”
Jae Ha: “A painting that wouldn’t even sell for $500 — no, $50 — has become worth $500,000. In five or ten years, it’ll turn into a million… then that becomes $100 million. If it were you, could you give up that money?”
Ha Young: “What in the world are you feeling guilty about?”
Jae Ha: “I can’t look at that girl’s face. I can’t look her in the eyes. Why is that so hard?”


It’s nice to see Young In thawing toward Young Ae — reluctantly, yes, but the sting has gone out of her attitude. She asks if her father ever mentioned a contract about his art, but Young Ae doesn’t know anything about it.

Young In worries that her father’s actions weren’t right, even if he did everything in order to give her the paintings. If he acted against the law, should she return the paintings? Young Ae: “I don’t know. He must have had a reason. If I were you, I think I would respect your father’s wishes and not worry about the rest.”

Young Ae asks if she’d like to see something her father drew for her. Young In excitedly says yes, then deflates to see the subject of the drawing.

But it’s not hate for Young Ae so much as it’s disappointment, and Young Ae even smiles at Young In’s grumbling.

Young In: “Of all the things to draw in the world, why’d he draw this? I don’t know who she is, but she sure is ugly. He didn’t draw a single thing of his daughter, but he drew his girlfriend. How annoying, Dad.”

It’s a drinky kind of night all around: Seung Hyo also sits around brooding while Il Gun muses over what is to be done. He asks Seung Hyo to continue with the investigation into his death — for Young In’s sake, he has to figure out what happened.

Il Gun: “I’m sorry to ask this, knowing how hard things are for you, but think of my parental concern. If your brother is the one who killed me, Young In won’t be able to cope with it. If you’re concerned even a little over the shock and pain that will bring her, stop approaching her. If she approaches you, turn her away.”
Seung Hyo: “Aren’t you going to see your daughter today?”
Il Gun: “It’s not that I’m not going, it’s that I can’t, kiddo. I’m worried she’ll fall for you even more.”

So is it any surprise that Seung Hyo’s next move is to arrive at Young In’s place, totally drunk?

His interactions with Deok make me laugh: Deok would love to be rude to him and speak banmal (which he shouldn’t, since Seung Hyo is older) — but he just barely brings himself to tack on the polite “yo” to the end of his sentences. Deok doesn’t know where Young In is or when she’ll be back… but some time later they’re BOTH drunk and now Deok’s calling Seung Hyo “hyungnim.”

Deok offers to convey Seung Hyo’s message to Young In when she gets home, so Seung Hyo says:

Seung Hyo: “Tell her it won’t work. No matter how I think about it, it won’t work. Tell her I like turtles better than people. Say that even if I make a hundred concessions, I prefer turtles to Sohn Young In.”

Deok balks, telling him, “How can you prefer turtles? You’re not a person, you’re not a man!” Then he allows that he’s relieved, because he’d worried about their age gap and thought she was wasted on him. Seung Hyo asks why he’s talking like that (all proprietary over her).

Seung Hyo: “Why would you feel it’s unfair?”
Deok: “Young In is my first love! You might’ve fallen for her at 31, but I did in our last year of middle school.”
Seung Hyo: “Is she only your first love? She’s mine too!”

(I love how Seung Hyo stares at her in this scene.)

Young In comes home to find them both drunk, confused but amused to hear Seung Hyo called “hyungnim.” Suddenly, Seung Hyo’s mood turns serious, and he tells her not to laugh.

Seung Hyo: “Don’t laugh in front of me. Don’t cry when I’m watching, either. Don’t look at me like that. Don’t do anything. Don’t say anything.”
Young In: “Why not?”
Deok: “He says he likes turtles better than you.”
Seung Hyo: “You heard, right? I came to tell you that. Since I’ve said it, and you’ve heard, I’ll go.”

Seung Hyo stumbles to leave, but falls just in front of the door.

Young In tries to persuade him to get up and sleep in the bed, not on the floor, when Seung Hyo opens his eyes for a moment:

Seung Hyo: “Hey, Soccer Ball. Play soccer with me.”

Young In says she’s been kicked enough today — and Seung Hyo slides over and falls asleep on her shoulder.

Mr. Yoon is unhappy with Seung Hyo’s preoccupation with the dead guy and his daughter. Seung Hyo tells Mr. Yoon to prepare for the worst, because he recognizes he’s caused problems for the company. Mr. Yoon counters that he’s made the company huge amounts of money, but Seung Hyo knows that people “are more sensitive to what they’ve lost than what they’ve gained.” He’s prepared to walk away from his job, but worries more for Mr. Yoon, who may lose his job for having the bad fortune to be paired with the wrong boss.

Still, he’s more worried over Il Gun’s case (and his brother’s probable culpability) than business affairs. To that end, he arranges to have the paintings moved (which Jae Ha finds out through a bug he left in the orphanage director’s office) and gets the DNA evidence from the cigarette stub.

Ho Joong drops by Seung Hyo’s office. He saunters in with a cavalier attitude, curious to see what’s so great about Seung Hyo to have won his father’s devotion, and catches himself when Seung Hyo asks for a cigarette. He lies that he’s out of cigarettes.

Ho Joong boldly demands to be paid off. Maintaining his cool demeanor, Seung Hyo asks what Ho Joong and his father’s price is — and is his mother to be included in this? At mention of his mother, Ho Joong’s anger instantly flares: “Are you so superior? Are you so great? How dare you insult my mother. Why bring up my pitiful mother, you bastard? ‘Don’t cling like leeches,’ you said? I’ll make you pay.”

Ha Young apprises Jae Ha (playing racquetball, of course, since that’s what rich people do!) of the documentary team’s progress. She’d slyly mentioned Young In to the producers, who liked the idea of incorporating the poor daughter into the story, despite Jae Ha’s opposition. (She’d also shown Il Gun’s contract with the gallery, which is either changed from its original version or fabricated completely — it makes the gallery look generous and good.) Now, she tells Jae Ha that the producers “somehow” found out about Young In and want to include her; Jae Ha angrily puts his foot down.

The producers stake out Young In’s neighborhood and ambush her on her way to work. Bewildered, as soon as the producers tell her they’re making a documentary about her father, she politely turns them down and says she can’t help them.

They follow her, growing more persistent. Jae Ha arrives and puts a stop to it, telling the producers that the gallery made it clear the daughter was not to be bothered. The producers tell him they’d never received that notice; in fact, it was Ha Young herself who’d brought up the daughter.

Young In assures Jae Ha that she’s fine, and thanks him for helping her out. By this point, Jae Ha is filled with self-disgust at his actions, and concern over Young In’s difficult life. Although she approaches her new job like a good sport, saying she’d always wanted to work in a convenience store, that just makes him feel worse.

And now, one of my favorite scenes this episode, even though it’s not romantic and/or action-oriented. It’s a nice small moment.

At the end of the workday, an employee hesitantly bids Seung Hyo good evening, but Seung Hyo doesn’t crack his stern expression. Il Gun chides him to accept the gesture graciously; his demeanor is why his employees don’t like him. So Seung Hyo calls out to the man, “You worked hard. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Much encouraged by his boss’s comment, the man puffs up in pride, smiles and bows, “You worked hard too, sir. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Il Gun then broaches the question carefully — since Seung Hyo’s done for the day, can he use his body now? “Right now, your head’s about to burst. You’ve been agonizing all day, and your brain needs a rest too. Take a break for three hours, okay?”

We don’t see Seung Hyo’s response, but we can pretty much assume that he gave his consent, and it’s gratifying to see how far this body-possession relationship has come.

Hilariously, SeungHyoDad practices acting like the real Seung Hyo — it’s Seung Hyo’s body acting like Il Gun acting like Seung Hyo. Mind-bendy, no? But so funny. Yoon Kye Sang even manages to differentiate this Il Gun affecting a Seung Hyo impersonation from his playing of the real Seung Hyo. And his SeungHyoDad.

In any case, he calls Young In and finds out her new workplace, then berates himself for not thinking of bringing her some dinner. He purposely loosens his tie and musses his hair before going in to see her — at first I wasn’t sure what he was doing, but I’m thinking Il Gun is trying to make Seung Hyo appear less attractive to Young In. Cute.

SeungHyoDad walks into the store and sees Jae Ha helping her stock shelves, and I believe it’s worth noting that this must be the first time in the drama that Il Gun has actually seen Jae Ha. He recognizes him right away and stiffens in outrage.

Young In brightens to see SeungHyoDad, but he ignores her and heads straight for Jae Ha — and clocks him one across the face.

Jae Ha promptly punches SeungHyoDad right back, and the two men engage in a stare-down.


Poor Ho Joong. He never had a chance with such parents, did he? Don’t get me wrong, he’s certainly an adult and responsible for his own bad decisions and criminal activity. But it must be hard growing up with a father who seemed to hate you for being you and not your brother. Plus, at least the guy loves his momma (and with her bitterness and bilious personality, she’s not an easy one to love).

Also, if Jae Ha is the one at the accident site where Il Gun died, as the last scene suggests, that means Ho Joong is not guilty of murder, which frees our couple to get together without lingering guilt issues for Seung Hyo (whereas if Seung Hyo were the brother of Il Gun’s killer, that… might get in the way).

Conversely, I don’t feel sorry for Jae Ha at all, but I do feel satisfaction at his growing self-recrimination. I don’t know if he’ll be redeemed — he probably deserves full punishment for everything — but at least he’s enduring some kind of mental anguish. If a bad guy is going to get what’s coming to him, it’s much more gratifying if he first learns to hate himself for it, isn’t it? The unrepentant bad guy getting punished is still satisfying on one level, but this, imo, is much better.


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  1. winnie

    Hi there javabeans!

    This is my first comment although I have been a fan of your site for a while now, (ever since coffee prince to be exact) and would just like to thank you for your great work and efforts in making our drama cravings all the more easier to bear by posting up these recaps and snippits of news of our various fav celebs!

    I dig your writing style and am amazed that you can even find time to do these posts – i need more hours in a day – you make it seem as though you’ve achieved that extra hour or so! You’re a hero!

    Much love!

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    Thanks for the summary, as always.

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    Kamsamida!! This was great……

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    Thanks for the summary! Every episode makes me smile from ear to ear!

  5. Babao

    I think that Jae Ha’s guilt is going to swallow him whole. It doesn’t matter if he gets a physical punishment or not hes going to be suffering emotionally and THAT tends to hurt more. There are only 3 more episodes and it seems like once they resolve the death of Il Gun then hopefully we’ll get some full on romance =) thanks for the summary again!! Always a pleasure to read your additional thoughts!

  6. haha

    I find it weird how Jae Ha is suddenly regaining his conscious and feeling sorry for what he’s done to Young In. Afterall, he did send Ho Joong to Young In’s new house and planned on getting her kidnapped, etc. before. Oh well, who doesn’t like a drama where the antagonists aren’t 100% evil 🙂

    Honestly, I was checking your site every hour around this time, because you posted yesterday’s episode summary about 24 hours ago. HAHA such a stalker…

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    I’m really missing Seung Hyo and his OCDness. Can’t they still leave a bit of that in for offbeat humor?
    Now I can go watch Episode 13. 🙂

  9. yeli

    what a great episode…i LOVE this drama 😀

    i feel as though this is the only good drama that is currently airing..
    i tried 3 Dads 1 Mom and it was so annoying..i hated all the characters except for the cop…
    i also tried Strong Opponents and i felt the first episode was so awkward and cheesy..

    I Love You seems to be the only one that has caught my attention besides Who Are You *sigh*

    anyways, thanks for the summary! since there are only 3 more episodes to go, i am going to stop spoiling it for myself and just wait for the subs lol

    *it’s so tempting to just read your summary!*

  10. 10 jennyo88

    Il Gun has seen Jae Ha before, the episode where Seung Hyo takes Young In to the gallery after going to the murder scene. I believe that what happened was that he just remembered who he was.

  11. 11 beng

    I think it was Jae Ha who caused the accident. I remember Ho Joong testing his car and dreaming of having like one someday, which means he hasn’t ridden in it. But i must be mistaken, i can’t remember what car gave chase to Il Gun that caused his death. Will check that.

    On a side note, i feel like plucking Jae Ha’s eyebrows. It’s so thick and doesn’t suit him at all.

  12. 12 spunah

    hey javabeans! thanks so much for these summaries! i discovered your site through soompi and started reading at episode 10 of who are you? you have really great diction and your approach is simple, clean, and humorous. love the additional comments! also, i love hearing the song of the day – it’s such a bonus ^^

  13. 13 Kilo

    Thanks Javabeans!

    Jennyo, I was just about to write that. All the anger SeungHyoDad had for Jae Ha (from the contract, taking advantage of Young In, etc) just led him to punch Jae Ha. He had recognized Jae Ha from the day he went to U Gallery with Seung Hyo.

    Also, for this end scene, I like to think that along with Dad possessing Seung Hyo, there is still a little bit of Seung Hyo present in the body. With the type of expressions SeungHyoDad has, sometimes you can easily mistake SeungHyoDad for Seung Hyo. Especially the serious/anger look before and after SeungHyoDad punches Jae Ha. This ‘blending’ of two characters is emerging stronger as episodes go by, i think, because both Seung Hyo and Il Gun are starting to have the same motives and goals. They both care about Young In and are equally attached to her. They both also want to solve the mystery surrounding Il gun’s death and paintings. Hence, if SeungHyoDad wasn’t present, I still think that Seung Hyo would have reacted the same way Dad did right now with Jae Ha. Plus, when SeungHyoDad leaves Seung Hyo’s body after 3 hrs, Seung Hyo will probably be not surprised that ‘he’ got into a fight with Jae Ha.

    Also, another one of my thoughts: In the drunken scene, Seung Hyo asks Il Gun whether he is going to go see Young In today. By this question and with the expressions Seung Hyo has, it seems like Seung Hyo wants to intentionally go see Young In, but is trying to find an excuse. Both the dad and potential boyfriend cannot let a day go by without seeing Young In. Aww…

  14. 14 Lynn

    Hi Javabeans,

    I’ve been following this drama since it was aired.. and I love your sypnosis.. been following all your sypnosis very closely too.. Been doing that ever since you wrote about Coffee Prince. haha..:)

    I totally love the scene where Yoon Kye Sang was supposed to be acting like SeungHyoDad.. it actually sort of scares me how good Yoon Kye Sang is. I mean, we audience can immediately tell the difference when Il Gun is in possesion! Ok, i admit, i’ve been a Yoon Kye Sang fan since he started acting..:p But he’s great isnt he?

    Anyways, thanks for the write-up.. always love it!

  15. 15 maltesers

    Seung Hyo: “Is she only your first love? She’s mine too!”


  16. 16 lime9

    i don’t think IG was taken aback by SH’s comment refering to the leeches but more so to the fact that the half-brother might in someway be involved in his own death that IG looks so shocked.
    during the car scene in which IG takes over SH’s body and is practicing SH’s manner of speaking i just kept on thinking that it was dangerous for the driver to be staring/talking to IG/SH for as long as he did.

  17. 17 sea&SUN

    Am I the only one who sees an uncanny resemblance between Jin Yi Han and Gong Yoo? Sometimes, I think it’s the latter when I’m watching the drama!

  18. 18 Jinny

    First off, I love your site so much it hurts sometimes. =|

    Secondly, I adore how this drama is turning out. It’s the first in a long time that’s made me happy with every episode (so far…)

    But I had a question that I was wondering about, and I didn’t see the answer in the summary…in the part where JH learns about the paintings being moved, due to the bug he planted, didn’t SH and the caretaker lie to throw the bug off? They have this odd conversation of

    SH: “Yes, if I’m not mistaken, I’m sure I left it there. Please check.”
    Caretaker: “…yes, yes I think I know what you’re talking about. You’re right, it’s in my pocket (with hands no where near his pocket).”

    But then they don’t move the paintings right away anyway, so I can’t tell if they’re faking or what? What do you think? Ahhhhh. I hope they know the bug is there. Haha.

    Thanks for your hard work, and I really enjoy reading your blog. 🙂 Hope you have a good weekend.

    God, is it Wednesday yet?

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    hey dramabeans….i really love your reviews of korean drama….its so detail and well elaborated. I feels that as though im watching it on tv. Thanks for your hard work!
    I simply love yoon kye sang since “my sis 19 years old sis in law”
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    I’m surprised you have yet to comment on Epik High’s album release though, thought you were a tablo fan 😛 Or are you waiting for your pre-ordered copy like many overseas fans ? 😀

  21. 21 dariav-

    hey… I’ve swore off watching any k-dramas in view of my exams end of year so I’m currently “watching” Who Are You? by reading your summaries. Thank you so much for all the details and little comments because it adds on to the experience so much more!

    I’m surprised you have yet to comment on Epik High’s album release though, thought you were a tablo fan 😛 Or are you waiting for your pre-ordered copy like many overseas fans ? 😀

  22. 22 cartman

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  23. 23 varms

    Haha, I actually laughed out loud when I saw Seung Hyo’s mussed up hair… (CUTE!) Il Gun is so funny… GAH, I’m starting to think Ho Joong is attractive now! (Must be partly because of my pity for him growing up with such parents..) I really hope the brothers will get some bonding time, because blood is thicker than water… Is Jae Ha really that evil?? I hope he gets his dues but I’m hoping no one actually murdered Il Gun… I mean, it might all just be an accident or something… Things look like it’s going be little tense in the next episode… Thanks for the recap today, it was brilliant and pleasant reading! I always look forward to your Who Are You recaps every week! Peace, sista. 😀

  24. 24 javabeans

    Jinny, I thought they might be purposely misleading Jae Ha with the bugged conversation, too — there’s kind of a weird vibe, no? — but they haven’t shown the outcome either way so I’m being cautiously optimistic. I hope they’re on to Jae Ha.

    And jennyo88, yes, you’re right! Il Gun has seen Jae Ha before — this must be when the face connected with his memory. (I’m thinking that because Il Gun had his memory wiped by the Reaper, it’s coming back slowly because of his association with Seung Hyo, who’d been dreaming his nightmares.)

    I have heard Epik High’s latest album… still forming an opinion… I like it but don’t have the “wow” feeling I got from Remapping the Human Soul.

  25. 25 kimlam940

    I really am loving this drama. I was not so sure when I started it but I think the actors are really fit for their roles. Back to episode 13, I really do not want to sympathize with Jae Ha but at the same time I cannot help but pity him. I think that somewhere inside him there is a good person but greed is slowly suffocating all of the good that he has left.

  26. 26 annabanana

    First off thank-you very much for the summary javabean! It’s so sad but there is only 3 more episodes left…just loving this drama so much!

    Ahhh our lovers…they both miss each other so much that they can’t go a day without thinking (SI wanting to talk to SH and not knowing that he was inside her house waiting for her) or seeing each other!

    It seems that the more SH denies his feelings for YI the more he is falling for her. It’s like he is trying to convince himself that he likes turtles more than her even though he did confess she is his first love. Afterall, it was SH who went to see her and not her Dad!

    I think that SH asking YI to be his soccer ball and to play with him was his way of confessing his love…asking her to stay with him! Since this is his first love, all these emotions, never mind the love thing is new to him. He is just like a little kid who is scared and therefore doesn’t know how to express his emotions to anyone, let alone YI.

    Having him fall asleep on her shoulder was so romantic too…I had wished that they showed them waking up in the morning so that we see their reactions.

    javabean, how are the ratings for this drama? I hope that the Korean audience is catching on this fantastic drama and this series gets extended so that we may see a wedding for SH and YI…wishful thinking? I hope not! At the very least they have to end up together and share one kiss? I have seen KYS kissing in other dramas and is one good kisser!

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    I love Love LOVE your drama recaps! ^^

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    Ahhh, yes, cautiously optimistic is the right way to put it. I’m crossing my fingers!

    (3 episodes to go…)

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    I love this drama!!!!!!

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    hello this is my first post on your blog..i’ve been an avid reader of your sight for a very long time..since the days of Da Ja’s Spring..i just had to comment about ep. 13 of Who Are You? like some of your readers i have not been interested in the current dramas because it did not bring any substance but Who Are You? is different..but i have to say i don’t feel sorry for Seung Hyo biological dad at all..what he said to his dad and stepmom was not harsh at all..he doesn’t own him or his family anything..his dad was the one who abandoned him when he was younger making him an orphan…as for his half brother i’m not so sure if he is innocent in all this..there are only 3 episodes left and i can’t wait to see how it ends..

    i love your blog!! i love reading your summaries because it feels like i’m actually watching the drama even though i do end up watching the drama your summaries doesn’t spoil the drama for me if anything it enhance it more..well thanks for all your hard work..bye =)

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    I also want to leave a comment thanking you for your summaries. My Korean is extremely weak, but your summaries help me catch more and practice my listening– I think I actually pick up more by watching episodes without subtitles.

    Anyway, I really love this drama because it’s managed to keep the romance part of the drama on the backburner. The only other drama that came out recently was Resurrection– I’m enjoying that there is an actual plot, growing characters, and a wonderful balance of mystery, romance, comedy, seriousness etc.

    By the way I really love Young Ae’s character– she is so sincere and sweet seeming. In your summary of the first episode you said that Young In had a good reason to hate her. Were you just assuming that because of how much she hated her, or was something specific said to clue the viewer in? I feel like I am missing out on that, because as far as her behavior she is so likable and I can’t figure out why Young In hates her so much (except for trying to replace her mother or something predictable like that)

  35. 35 anna

    may I please know what happened to the next episode of three dads and one mom thanx

  36. 36 fizzlex3mh

    i heard on soompi that Who Are You? is going to be extended one episode. Can anyone confirm this? Don’t they usually schedule extensions if a drama is getting high ratings? WAY’s ratings have been steadily decreasing, with it’s highest being 12.5%…I wonder why they would do that.

  37. 37 javabeans

    fizzlex3mh, I’ve been keeping an eye out for this news for the past few weeks — regardless of ratings, the series is off-schedule by one episode due to the pre-emption, which usually means an extra ep or special. But I don’t see any official news about it. There’s one post in the show message board, but it has no source. On Air, on the other hand, has just been extended 3 episodes for a total of 23.

  38. 38 joicy

    Kilo: I noticed that too, the part SH asked YI’s dad if he wanted to see YI today. Yes, he seemed not wanting to admit he really loved to see her. Furthermore, the fact about his brother just revealed, YI’s dad just convinced him to stop the relationship with YI. He does not have any good reason to see her, other than *I love her and can’t wait to see her tonight*. His pride is too big, he did not want to admit it. But the next scene when he entered Guk’s house, it’s an admit, despite of all those things, his pride, the reasoning not to see her, her dad’s not approval, it’s not as important as the fact, he needed to see her.
    Although he wanted to go there, to tell her he did not care and did not want her. At the end, just look at her eyes and everything he wanted to say was gone. Remember the line ” don’t laugh like that, and don’t look at me with those eyes, I could not stop looking at you?”. It’s so sweet and so hurtful.
    In the end, his heart speaks out. He wanted her to be by his side. I love the moment when he leaned over, his head moved on her shoulder as that’s the most comfortable place to rest. It’s so so cute.
    Go Ara’s acting in this scene is great. She definitely has beautiful eyes, which stop any denial to love her more.

  39. 39 joicy

    Javabeans: I love YKS in your new poster (or whatever) at the top of the page. Go Ara looks a little older than normal, but they are matching.

    About Jae Ha and Ho Joong: I think both of them were at the scene of accident. Maybe Ho Joong wanted to call police, but Jae Ha decided not to. That’s my guess.

  40. 40 lovin it

    yks is a cutie.

  41. 41 annabanana

    Javabeans, thanks for the great news on the one episode extension of Who Are you? All the better for us loving this drama! Hopefully this means that mabye with this extra chapter they can somehow fast forward to 5 years later and SI has graduated from university which means that she and SH can get married and live happily ever after…won’t that be nice! I hope the writers are reading this…

    I love the behind the scenes photo you posted of YKS and GA in their coats, can you post more of these types of photos or even find clips of the behind the scenes. I would love to see how the actors interact in real life. Thanks in advance!

    Can’t wait for this week’s episodes!

  42. 42 Sue

    i have to say that THIS was actually my favorite episode. i think it was jaeha’s “i hate myself” moments that i liked the best.

  43. 43 MinS8

    awwww. seung hyo’s first love.
    thats soooooo sweet.

  44. 44 it's all good

    I watched this Episode with subs last night. Awww.
    Funny thing when I was watching CSH brooding over a drink, I kept wonderin’ if it was real liquor and how many sips has he taken? keke

    CSHD acting like CSH…cute. Love the messed up hair…makes him look soooo young.

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