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Who Are You: Episode 16
by | April 30, 2008 | 28 Comments

Only one more episode left. Usually by the time a finale rolls around, even if I’ve enjoyed the drama, I’m good and ready for it to finish. But I’m really going to miss this drama’s mixture of warmth and humor — and Seung Hyo! — when Who Are You? ends tomorrow.

Today’s episode wasn’t the most plot-driven we’ve had, but that’s okay with me. It was full of touching moments and bonding scenes, which is what the series has really done best, and the other stuff (the mystery, the paintings, the art gallery plot) was always secondary anyway.


Kim Sarang – “하루살이” (Live a day) [ Download ]

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SeungHyoDad fights off Young In’s advance, reeling from the kiss, also upset that she’d kiss Seung Hyo in the first place. Hilariously, his parental scolding gets hopelessly muddled as he keeps mixing pronouns when he remembers he’s supposed to be Seung Hyo:

SeungHyoDad: “Who says you can just kiss this guy — no, Cha Seung Hyo — me? Is that what I taught you?”
Young In: “What?”
SeungHyoDad: “Shinche balbu, suji bumo.” [As our bodies are given by our parents, honor them by distinguishing their names through success.] “Suji bumo! Are those lips yours? They’re mine! I gave them to you! How can you use them so carelessly?”
Young In [getting it wrong]: “Shinche balmu, Suji bumo? Who’s this Suji chick?”

Aw, she ain’t called “99” for nothing. She reads a different meaning into Il Gun’s words (about her lips belonging to him), thinking he’s getting possessive; smiling, she tells him, “Since you kissed me yesterday, you’re telling me that my lips are yours, right?” That news, of course, startles her father, who rants, “What? Cha Seung Hyo, you…! So you two have…!”

At this point, Young Ae sees things heading in the wrong direction and steps in, and tells Young In that this is her father. She calls SeungHyoDad “Il Gun” and tells him, “Young In should know. Preventing happiness now to prevent sadness later is foolish. Don’t take Young In’s happiness away.”

Young Ae tells Young In to confirm with Seung Hyo if she has a hard time believing it, because he’ll know her father’s situation best.

At Seung Hyo’s house later that night, Young In asks Seung Hyo if her father is truly here, if they’ve really shared his body. Young In tells him, as Il Gun listens, that when he first told her he was her father, she’d felt glad because she hated to think of how they ended things before his death. She asks, “Is my father really here with you, with me?” Seung Hyo nods: “He’s by you. Sitting by your side, he’s been crying for a while now.”

Young In turns to her father and raises a hand to Il Gun’s cheek. They don’t necessarily touch, but a flicker of light suggests that Il Gun can feel her hand, or at least her presence, in a tangible way.

Seung Hyo asks, “Can you feel him? Your father is holding your hand.”

Seung Hyo acts as medium between father and daughter, explaining to Young In that her father doesn’t want her drinking coffee when she should rest. Young In tells her father she wants to stay up all night talking; Il Gun responds (translated by Seung Hyo) that a sluggard like Young In won’t be able to stay up all night.

But Young In doesn’t want to waste a moment (“What if there’s no tomorrow for us?”), putting off something for later and risking not getting the chance to do it.

Young In apologizes for the way she treated her father the night before he died, for saying such horrible things .

Young In: “I want to cancel those words. Forget that I said you were tiresome, that my wish was to live apart from you. When I said you always made me unhappy, it was a lie, so forget it all. Saying that I didn’t like eating with you, that you suffocated me — they’re all lies, so forget them all, okay? I was wrong. I’ve regretted saying those things. I didn’t know you’d leave like that. My chest hurt so much to think that those were the last words I said to you, I regretted it every day. I’m sorry, Dad. I know now. When I won every time we fought, it wasn’t because you were bad, but because you loved me more than I loved you. The person who loves more is always the one who gets kicked away.”

At that, Seung Hyo looks over at Young In — it’s an indirect revelation that she loves him — as she continues, crying harder:

Young In: “In truth, I’m really happy you’re my father. I didn’t know it — stupidly, I lived not realizing — but I really love you a lot. I’ve loved you all along. You can’t forget that, Dad.”


The next day, Deok and Sook worry over Young In’s whereabouts. While Sook is willing to wait for Young In to hear her romantic stories, Deok has less patience and calls Seung Hyo directly.

Seung Hyo, meanwhile, is arriving home from running early-morning errands at Il Gun’s request. When Il Gun hears that the caller is Deok, he nods in satisfaction because Deok is a good kid, and wouldn’t be a bad boyfriend for Young In — so of course Seung Hyo’s a little curt when he answers the call.

Deok’s worried that Young In’s spent the night out, guessing correctly (to Seung Hyo’s discomfiture) that they were together. He tells Seung Hyo he understands, man to man, what his body and heart must feel like. But he cautions Seung Hyo to take more care with Young In, adding that he ought to meet her in daylight hours and stop dragging her over to his place. (Il Gun fully approves of everything Deok says.)

Seung Hyo checks in on a sleeping Young In, straightening her hair and making her more comfortable as she sleeps. Having been called odd names by ll Gun, he muses, “Me, wily? Look here, my soccer ball. Because of you, I’m being made into all sorts of weird things.”

When she awakens, she finds him in the kitchen preparing breakfast, and can tell right away that this is SeungHyoDad. Among other things, he’s singing his favorite song:

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Lee Moon Sae – “나는 행복한 사람” (I’m a happy person) [ Download ]

The lyrics go:

The me that you love is a happy person,
even if I may be forgotten later
Receiving your love, I’m a happy person
even though we may part later

Sitting by the darkened window, looking outside
Thinking of you, I’m truly happy

Whom would I envy in this world?
Because I’m happy now

He tells her he’ll make her whatever food she wants, and she answers that she wants kimchee. He assures her that he’ll make it for her before he goes, and mention of his eventual departure dampens her mood, so he suggests, “Let’s just do happy things today. We can do the sad things tomorrow.”

Over breakfast, Young In tells him cheerfully, “Thanks, I’ll eat well. Dad, you eat lots too.” SeungHyoDad is particularly struck by those words, and asks her to repeat it just once. She does, voice wavering, and both surreptitiously wipe away tears as they eat — probably in peaceable companionship for the first time in years.

As for the Evil Art Gallery, each person has a different reaction to their upcoming art collection. Jae Ha’s mother is practically dancing in excitement, already picturing the headlines and attention. Ha Young wants to move the exhibition to Beijing — supposedly in conjunction with the Olympics, but she hints that she’d feel more at ease with the paintings transferred there. She can sense Jae Ha’s growing sense of conscience, and is reading between the lines, realizing that there’s a danger of Jae Ha’s guilt provoking him to do something foolishly noble (like return the paintings, perhaps).

Jae Ha’s particularly drawn to a painting of a girl, likely inspired by Young In. Ha Young notes that Il Gun’s paintings are full of warmth and feeling, and bound to be a smash success.

But at Jae Ha’s continued grim reaction, she tells him that he can’t have it both ways: “If you decided to be the bad guy, just be the bad guy.” She advises him that his feelings for Young In will change with time — and while the paintings may increase in value, “Your feelings toward her will fade, losing their brightness and color. In the end, they’ll disappear.”

Seung Hyo receives a letter in laughably mangled English from the company’s board, telling him he’s losing his CEO position in Korea but that he’ll have a new position if he returns to New York within 15 days. Although it’s pretty hard to make sense of that letter (“Preparing new divergence”… “After that, you may got other works”… all signed off with a morbidly cheery “Take Care!”).

Mr. Yoon rushes in, having just heard the news. Seung Hyo tries to accept the news calmly, knowing his options are limited — he can either return to New York, be fired, or quit.

Seung Hyo hears Secretary Yeo cursing Ho Joong for not calling back, but assumes her words of frustration are directed at him. But rather than get upset, he surprises her by acknowledging that she’s worked hard for a difficult boss. He thanks her and shakes her hand.

But later, he expresses his concern to Il Gun, who apologizes for his part in Seung Hyo’s current situation.

Seung Hyo: “Mistakes, failure and setback are things I’m unfamiliar with, so I’m unsure about what to do in situations like this. Back at the orphanage, I was told I was too old to be adopted, that I looked too gloomy, that I was too quiet, that I didn’t smile. Maybe it’s because I was always rejected and unpopular as a child, but I lived my life working hard not to make mistakes, not to fail, to avoid rejection. I tried my best to be the one who rejected instead of the one facing rejection, studying my hardest and focusing on my work. I don’t think there’s anything I can do aside from what I do now. For me to throw everything away and start over in a new place from the very bottom… I’ve grown too tired to do that arduous work again. I will return to the main office in the States. I can’t be fired like this.”

He goes home and sinks into melancholic brooding, gloomy enough to worry Il Gun, who tries to convince him to eat something. Il Gun understands Seung Hyo’s dilemma, and tells Seung Hyo, “If you have to return to the States in 15 days, go. People have to live.”

As Seung Hyo watches over his turtles, he recalls all our favorite moments between him and Young In — her assurance that she’ll live longer than his turtles… the first time he was able to put his foot on the floor comfortably… her joking around with his sweatshirt… their walk among the cherry blossoms… her wish that he would be her miracle… walking home in the rain… their kiss…

Seung Hyo makes a sudden decision and heads out to see Young In at work.

He surprises her by walking in and saying, somewhat awkwardly, “Let’s go on a date.” Right now. In the middle of the night.

They walk along the street, and Young In teases that it’s hardly a date. But when he says they can go home if she’s tired, she hurriedly backtracks, saying she’s not tired and that “a date is just when people who love each other spend time together.”

Young In hesitantly links her arm through his, but at his impassive expression, she laughs nervously and withdraws her arm (cutely calling him Mr. Miracle). But at that, Seung Hyo takes her arm and re-links it through his. She ventures to rest her head on his shoulder, and they walk on, quiet.

The next day, Young Ae receives a text message from Young In, thanking her: “I believe in miracles now.”

That makes Young Ae think back to her marriage proposal from Il Gun, which she’d accepted conditionally, returning the ring until she could earn Young In’s approval. Now that she’s won over Young In, however, Young Ae ruefully wishes she’d kept the ring.

The next morning, Young In sees Seung Hyo preparing huge batches of cabbages for kimchee and automatically assumes her father’s busy at work. She thinks he’s joking when he tells her it’s not her father, but realizes it’s true when Seung Hyo recites a litany of stock-market and financial information.

Seung Hyo argues with Il Gun (over how annoying this is and how Seung Hyo will have to do all the work anyway), leading Young In to wonder if her father’s really there. She asks for a high school nickname to prove his presence, and Il Gun answers, “부릅뜨니 숲이었어!” (It’s a half-nonsensical pun on Britney Spears’ name.)

After that, Il Gun takes over, and Young In and SeungHyoDad spend some father-daughter time making kimchee.

She tells him that he went overboard with the amount of kimchee, but he answers that he’s making enough to last at least two years. He jokes that she’ll have to continue dating Seung Hyo just to take advantage of his fancy kimchee refrigerator before he cuts himself short, remembering that Seung Hyo plans to leave soon.

At the reminder of the future she’ll be living without him, Young In sobers, saying with tears forming in her eyes, “I didn’t know that all this cabbage held that kind of meaning for you, Dad.” She tells him she’ll happily eat it all, for a long time to come.


On one hand, the ending is unusual in that nothing big happens and we don’t have a huge cliffhanger for the next episode. But that could be mostly due to the fact that we had the series extension, and in any case I actually like the poignant way it goes out. It kind of reminds me of some of the more thoughtful endings of Mixed-up Investigative Agency episodes, and fits the point of this episode as being all about the father-daughter relationship. The Reaper had asked Il Gun to think of what his daughter would really want from him and steered him away from his misguided thinking that he would provide her with mere material goods. Although Il Gun will (presumably) have to leave for good in tomorrow’s episode, I feel like we’ve gotten some nice closure on this relationship in an emotionally satisfying — yet not too melodramatic or cheesy — way. Well done.


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  1. Lia

    Thanks for the summary!

    You’re early!!

  2. Iranian Espresso

    Hello Dear Javabeans, good morning, it’s 7:15 here.
    Thank you for your beautiful summaries.

  3. anner

    Oh no! It’s all gonna end soon. I’m gonna be so sad. Thanks for recapping this drama! It is certainly one of my favorites 😀

  4. hagrid

    yay first!!! *oops i guess not* thanks javabeans for the recap i’ve been waiting for this since after ive watched the episode last night on live stream…

    I’m really gonna have some serious withdrawal after this series end…

    Thanks a bunch!!!

  5. haha

    Thanks for the summary, and as Lia said, you’re early! I love how Seung Hyo is slowly becoming like Il Gun, that even Young In can’t tell the difference between the two. Judging from how the story has developed up to this point, I’m glad that there’s not going to be an overly dramatic ending, where the good guy catches the bad guy and sends him to hell, etc etc. I will truly miss your summaries on Who Are You?…

  6. AudHepFan

    Anyone know that name of the artist of Il Gun’s works?

  7. K4Ice4Thu

    Javabeans! *echos the others* You’re early!!

    Ah I’ve been waiting all day for this..
    I love all the IG-YI moments…the IG-YI-SH moments..the SH-IG moments…and of course the SH-YI moments..
    Theres nothing over dramatic about this episode..its more reflective and not something we usually see for the majority of an episode which makes it just lovely!

    Thanks as always for your awesome summaries!!
    I’m gonna be sad tomorrow watching the last episode..

  8. docmitasha

    I think we all needed to see that bonding, and the meaningful exchanges between a father getting ready for his final journey and a daughter who had so much left unsaid and so much she wanted to take back. And I think this episode did all of that excellently. Like you said, this is what the Reaper intended IG to do all along, and its like he realized that the paintings were easily lost, but this time with his loved ones can’t be lost. I like that everything else took a complete back seat, except for the key relationships. SH has a lot to contemplate, and a lot to appreciate, and I think we’re finally coming to that point where he has to learn from those 49 days and make a decision. Is he going to choose to fail this one time and start over so he can have a different kind of life, or is he going to choose to go back to how things were before: his way, but a very dry kind of life.
    Its going to be hard to say goodbye to this show!

    PS: I keep feeling like I’ve seen that painting of the young girl before. The one thats presumably YI? Anyone else feel that way, or have any idea abt AudHepFan’s question?

  9. canyayasis

    I was curious too, about who actually did the paintings for the series.

    I liked today’s episode – it was like spendnng a nice day with a friend who’s about to get on a plane the next day and leave…..

  10. 10 Beng

    I can’t thank you enough for this. God Bless!

  11. 11 nixxochick

    i was expecting a little bit more from this episode, but i liked that they focused on the whole father-daughter relationship….this just means that tomorrows focus will be the Seung Hyo-Young In relationship 🙂

    cant wait for tomorrow!

  12. 12 JO

    I loved this episode, so heart wrenching yet heart warming as well, and I love their sound track!! LOVE.
    I want to cry, DONT END YET!!!
    The acting was specatular in this drama and the storyline itself was SO engaging!!
    THe SOundtrack esp. makes me cry

    OH and another thing!! Do you know what makes me happy about this drama? There are no fancy parties etc. (cliches in every drama) or like makeovers etc. It seems so real yet at the same time not…get it????

  13. 13 kimlam940

    I think that the Seung Hyo becomes more and more handsome as he starts to become a real human with real emotions instead of the shell that he was in the beginning of the drama. I am going to miss this one. Every episode was enjoyable.

  14. 14 annie

    I love this drama, just by reading this fabulous summary , I already cry a river , I don’t think that I can’t pull my self to watch the end, knowing that the dad will have to say bye for good. T_T

    thank’s JAVABEANS

  15. 15 Annie

    I’m not that far on this drama yet, but I decided I’ll comment anyways. At first I was really doubtful about this drama. when I read the synpopsis, I thought it was very silly and childish, but it wasn’t until I actually started to watch it did I change my mind. Yoon Kye Sang is a very good actor. It really FEELS like he’s two different people. From his expression, to this hand gestures to the way he talks, is exactly like the Son Il Gun. I am really impressed. “Who are you” is filled with laugh out loud moments and well as heart warming moments.

  16. 16 annabanana

    As alwasys thank-you javabeans!

    I’m really going to miss this drama when it ends tomorrow as well…it’s such a wonderful heartfelt series. The two good things are that YI had spent the time and reversed the words and feelings she shared with IG during his last day alive. Again very well done! The second thing is that from the preview it looks like that our lovers will have that happy ending that they both want and deserve to have…at least I do hope so! And yes, will definitely miss SH the most!!!

  17. 17 it's all good

    No!!! Please don’t let it end. I want more YKS/CSH.

  18. 18 Kaye_drama

    Thank you so much! can’t wait for the next episode.

  19. 19 katwoman

    I don’t want it to end either. I’m not ready for it to end.

  20. 20 giddygirl108

    Aw…love the ending to this episode 🙂

  21. 21 Anonymous

    Hi Javabeans……it’s been long time since coffee prince
    but I watch this series coz you said it’s good (and it is….)

    kind of worried about the ending, would they be able to squeeze all the answer in one episode. But also glad because its been good so far. Hate to see good series drags to much.

    last, thank you for your wonderful summaries. always looking forward to your next recommendation.


    Dear Drama Bean
    Do you have any idea when Eune Hye Yoon will be on next Drama
    and Joon, Ji Hoon too.
    thank you.

  23. 23 Cathy

    thank u for recap………n eng subz….one episode left but wat nest new drama after thea Who Are You????

  24. 24 Anonymous

    oh yeah, i’ve seen it. its good. and the actor’s cute^^.

  25. 25 Jessica

    @ docmitasha

    > PS: I keep feeling like I’ve seen that painting
    > of the young girl before. The one thats presumably YI?
    > Anyone else feel that way

    It kinda reminds me of the Old Lady/Young Lady illusion

  26. 26 Sue

    ahh i cried a ton in this episode… and i’m not usually the crying type T_T

    my favorite shot was when they were walking, arms linked, but after they reached the car and turned around to make another round. i don’t know why, just thought they looked super cute from the back.

    that english letter…. omg >_>

  27. 27 janni

    hello there! anyone know the song played when they were making the kimchi??

  28. 28 sleeplessinwgtn

    I can emphatise with YI when she wanted to touch her dad. When my father died, I always pray that I will have a dream where I’m hugging him and I did.

    I cried buckets in the father-daughter scene. That 18-year old actress is good.

    I’ll look forward to her future dramas.

    And of course, the actor who played IG is tops! He makes you laugh, but boy… he makes me cry as much.

    I love this drama and your recaps are the icing on the cake.


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