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Who Are You: Episode 9
by | April 2, 2008 | 31 Comments

Fun fun fun. The series is getting more interesting, I think. Or maybe that’s just because I’m a fool for romantic developments, which is a big theme in today’s episode.


G.O.D. – “모르죠” (Don’t know). Can’t have a Yoon Kye Sang drama and not post a G.O.D. song, right? This one’s from their fourth album. Danny Ahn speaks the first two lines, after which point Yoon Kye Sang speaks the next part, starting around 23 seconds in to about 0:45. (The rotation after that goes — thank god for detailed Korean GOD fans! — Sohn Ho Young, Kim Tae Woo singing, Danny, Park Joon Hyung, Kim Tae Woo, then Yoon Kye Sang again at 2:36 through 3:00.)
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Young In arrives at Young Ae’s craft shop to see SeungHyoDad there bearing flowers. It looks like an awfully cozy scene; assuming they’re dating, she accuses SeungHyoDad of liking older women and using her as bait to meet Young Ae, whom she censures: “Are you embarrassed to talk of your old boyfriend in front of your new one? My dad has only just passed away.” SeungHyoDad stands up for Young Ae against his daughter’s harsh words, which only angers Young In further. Muttering that he must be a playboy, Young In stomps away.

Young Ae follows her outside, and Young In scoffs, “Why don’t you forget about your ex’s ill-mannered daughter and go back to your new, young, good-looking boyfriend?” Immediately, Young Ae catches on, smiles, and answers, “So you like him, huh?”

Young In protests (too much), and Young Ae points out, “You said he was young and good-looking. That must be how he looks to you. To me, your father was a thousand times better-looking.”

Over breakfast, Young In sees how kind and attentive SeungHyoDad is to Young Ae and frowns some more. But Young Ae’s bothered by something else — the more she encounters SeungHyoDad, the more she’s struck by his similarities to Il Gun.

SeungHyoDad has a favor to ask the two ladies, and suggests that they live together temporarily. Just for the next two months. Young Ae is the only person he feels safe asking, despite knowing that it’s not his place to butt in.

Young Ae tells Young In (when SeungHyoDad is away) about an incident a few days before her father died. He was accosted by loan-shark gangsters who demanded Il Gun hand over his paintings. Both women start wondering — what if foul play was involved to get his paintings? After breakfast, SeungHyoDad regretfully leaves Young Ae, who’s disturbed at the growing suspicion that he’s Il Gun.

SeungHyoDad follows at a distance while Young In is preoccupied by thoughts of her father being murdered. When SeungHyoDad grabs her hand to lead her to his waiting car, she mentions his OCD; he withdraws his hand, but this time she grabs it.

Remembering that Seung Hyo had the same suspicion about her father’s death, Young In brings it up with him: “My dad wouldn’t have died in such a frightening way, right? How afraid must he have been?” SeungHyoDad comforts her in a hug, which Young In accepts for a few moments, before stepping back in alarm: “Why did you hug me, without asking?”

In the car, Young In remains embarrassed and silent, while Il Gun thinks to himself:

“Why is she blushing? Bad kid, no matter how much I tried to hug her, she wouldn’t even let me near her after she turned nine, saying she was all grown up!”

Il Gun disapproves: “Cha Seung Hyo won’t do! Definitely not him!”

SeungHyoDad follows Young In to work, refusing to leave before his full three hours are used. He tells her to quit this job, but she retorts that she needs it. Saddened to see her doing such menial work, he takes over (to the kitchen ajummas’ amusement and delight), scrubbing the grill pans for her.

And before he knows it, it’s 11 o’clock, and Il Gun’s time is up.

Seung Hyo’s first reaction is disgust at the dirty dishwater, and he demands of Il Gun, stunned and angry, “Did you do this?!… What have you done to me? Why am I here?” But of course, nobody else can see Il Gun (who’s still mute), and Young In thinks he’s back to his Jekyll-and-Hyde act.

Jae Ha receives the stolen evidence from Gangster #3, whose name is revealed to be Ho Joong. Questions of his parentage are also finally explained — he’s Seung Hyo’s half-brother, sharing the same father. Seung Hyo was born to his father’s first wife, then sent to the U.S. for adoption (presumably the mother died). The father then married his current wife, and they had Ho Joong.

In any case, Jae Ha tosses the cigarette stub into the river and warns Ho Joong not to get in any further trouble. Just because the evidence is gone doesn’t mean he’s safe, since his DNA is on file with the police station. Although the previous episode seemed to hint that Ha Joong was the guilty one, he answers that he wasn’t the one who smoked the cigarette at the accident site; he’s clean. (Although he doesn’t say it outright, he insinuates that he knows of Jae Ha’s guilt and wants something for his silence.)

Ho Joong arrives at his father’s boxing gym, interrupting an argument between his parents, set off when his mother discovers that Seung Hyo’s father has been looking for his first son. She shows her husband the magazine profile on Seung Hyo that she found in his pocket.

Ho Joong tells his father off — apparently the father has never exhibited fatherly concern for him — and tells his mother to prepare her passport. He’s going to take her out of the country, away from his despised father.

Seung Hyo finally figures out everything, confirming with Il Gun that he is the only one who can see his ghost, and that Il Gun takes over his body for three hours a day. His loud arguing with Il Gun draws the notice of Secretary Yeo, who jumps to perform an exorcism to drive away the ghost. It doesn’t work.

Secretary Yeo and the driver are fairly excitable, flipping out over Seung Hyo’s most recent strange behavior, in contrast to the other associate, unflappable Mr. Yoon. Seung Hyo tells Yoon of being assaulted the night before, and deduces that if he was attacked for the evidence, it supports the probability that Il Gun’s death was murder.

Seung Hyo vaguely remembers a hazelnut coffee-like smell on his attacker, and instructs Yoon to buy every kind of black cigarette sold on the market. Inspecting them, he finds the one in question, and notes that it’s not a cigarette smoked by many.

Il Gun tries to tell Seung Hyo that he can recognize the guy — he saw his face — but Seung Hyo doesn’t understand.

Young In is fired from her job with a full month’s pay; her apologetic boss tells her to take the money and find a better job. Young In refuses the extra pay (she’ll only take what she earned), but the woman tells her she can’t take the money back. It was given to her by her rich young man, who asked the woman to fire Young In and provided compensation.

Young In goes to Seung Hyo’s office that night intending on confronting him over his interference, but by the time she gets there, her reaction has cooled. Before she goes in, however, she’s preceded by Young Ae. Having spent all day thinking of SeungHyoDad’s resemblance to Il Gun, Young Ae is convinced Seung Hyo is him.

Young Ae: “It’s you, isn’t it? It is. Other people might not know, but I do. Even if it doesn’t look like you, I can tell you’ve come back to meet Young In, and me. It’s you, isn’t it?”

Seung Hyo sees Il Gun’s reaction and guesses what’s going on. Perhaps for that reason, he doesn’t immediately turn her away. She continues, reminding him of Il Gun’s promise when she was in the hospital to stay by her side till they were both old and gray.

Young Ae: “Why won’t you answer? Tell me it’s true. You’re Il Gun, aren’t you?”
Seung Hyo: “What did you say your name was? I’m Cha Seung Hyo, not Sohn Il Gun. It appears you came under a misconception, so please leave. You’ll make a scene here.”

Young Ae collapses in sobs, but Seung Hyo feels pangs of sympathy and helps her rise.

Young In arrives just in time to hear Young Ae ask Seung Hyo, “Will you meet me, just ten times? Mr. Cha Seung Hyo, please meet with me.”

Seung Hyo turns to see Young In — who promptly turns and stalks out. (I love that this time he has no excuse to chase her, but he does anyway.) He follows her to the bus stop, shouting all the while for her to stop. She pretends not to hear him.

Young In tells him to talk quickly and leave, because she hates the sight of him — to which he answers, a little self-consciously, “What’s wrong with the way I look? Do you know how much these clothes cost?” (Cute.)

Young In gets on the bus, leaving him staring after her. After a moment’s hesitation, he steps onboard.

Young In’s astonished that Seung Hyo — who can’t even figure out how to pay properly, who recoils at the dirtiness of the public bus — would come onboard. He manages a compromise by holding onto the bar after covering it with a handkerchief.

Young In’s friends (who are adorable) prepare for her arrival — Deok has been relegated to the floor or outdoors — and Sooki teases him about still having lingering feelings for his first love (Young In?) from way back in middle school. She mentions her own first love, an “unperceptive, thick-headed idiot,” which excites Deok into asking whether he knows the idiot in question. Sooki answers, “You know him well.” (And mutters to herself, “Idiot.”)

Jae Ha snoops through Young In’s things some more, and this time he finds something promising — letters to Il Gun from (orphanage?) kids with return addresses on the envelopes.

Seung Hyo follows Young In all the way home, and asks why she didn’t take his advice to move out. Annoyed, she doesn’t tell him she IS moving out; instead, she asks him to leave her alone. He responds, “Don’t be mistaken, I’m not interested in you.”

Ha. If he’s so uninterested, she asks, why did he pay her employer to fire her, or hug her in the street? Which is news to him. He tells her it wasn’t him and insists he never lies.

Young In: “Then what’s your relationship to that woman?
Seung Hyo: “That woman?”
Young In: “The woman you were holding in view of everybody in your lobby.”
Seung Hyo: “Who was holding whom?”
Young In: “You’re a total womanizer. You hold me in the street in the morning, and hold another woman at night in your office. On top of that, she’s the woman I hate the most!”

As she stalks off, leaving him angry and frustrated, he yells out, “So did you come to see me because of your job? You had no other reason? Why won’t you take my advice? I said move out of that place!”


Seeing her mood, Jae Ha teases Young In, guessing she’s just had a fight with her boyfriend. She overcompensates with a stuttered denial.

Jae Ha has looked into having her father’s case reopened, and will accompany her to the police tomorrow. That renews her favor (it’s almost like she forgot her crush on Jae Ha until he was standing right there — which, perhaps, is exactly the case). She thanks him, and he offers her a ride to her friends’ place.

She goes back down to the lobby with her luggage, startled that Seung Hyo is still there, brooding. He sees her bag and asks if she has a place to go. She counters, “Why, would you put me up somewhere if I didn’t?” Seung Hyo takes her comment at face value and tells her to follow him; he’ll find something.

So when he sees Jae Ha standing by his car, waiting for her, he’s not exactly thrilled. The two men have another glare-off.

Seung Hyo follows her to the car, asking where she’s going. She says it doesn’t matter, and he says grimly, “Yeah, it doesn’t matter. Get out of the car.”

She refuses, just as he glances on the dashboard to see a cigarette pack. A pack of black smokes matching the particular brand he identified earlier. Dun dun DUN!

Young In closes the car door on Seung Hyo, who steps back… and then climbs into the back seat.


Admittedly, I do wish Il Gun would take more care to remember the increasingly awkward positions he’s placing Seung Hyo in. I don’t fault him for doing his best to look after his daughter and Young Ae, but he could be more courteous to his host. To be fair, though, Il Gun has been more respectful recently of not jumping into The Body willy-nilly whenever he’s upset, because the Reaper has warned him not to abuse his opportunity.

And now that Seung Hyo is aware of everything, I’m more at ease about the ethical aspects of everything. It’s becoming clear that he and Young In like each other — and although she’s clinging to her denial more fiercely, I have the feeling that Seung Hyo is more aware of his own feelings. (Reluctant perhaps, but aware.) Plus, his relationship with Young In is serving as the catalyst for changing his obsessive-compulsive tics, which is always a meaningful development. If liking her forces him to overcome his lifelong problems/issues, it suggests that the relationship is balanced, and not just a rich guy swooping to save a poor damsel in distress.


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  1. Addict

    Thanks for the summary!! Awesome.

  2. Jo

    I love how Il Gun disapproves of Sueng Hyo and whenever he’s in his body he slaps himself etc. so funny

  3. Iranian Espresso

    Thank you dear Javabeans.

  4. AudHepFan

    Secretary Yoo is hilarious

  5. K4Ice4Thu

    IG is definitely taking more care of when he decides to jump into SH’s body..before it’d be at random times like right at the end of the meeting, etc…and SH’s work has suffered b/c of it..
    I think it’ll be easier for him to be more considerate from now on seeing as he’s able to communicate with SH to a certain extent..

    aigoo…such cute SH & YI moments…YI is DEFINITELY in denial lol..but you can’t help but see sparks flying all over the place..if I didn’t know better, I’d say SH and YI like to fight with each other XD
    and YI is changing SH slowly but surely…after all..he ran after her (even though he had no real excuse..and jumped onto a ‘dirty’ bus after her..and waited for her in the lobby..

    ROFLMAO at Secretary Yeo’s attempt at an exorcism…notice how SH doesn’t even notice that y’know..she dropped and spill coffee on his clean floor..or that she’s throwing dirt/salt at him during the ‘exorcism’

    ahh can’t wait to see how things unfold tomorrow!!

  6. KimchiMandu

    I’m all giggly with excitement for the next episode now.

  7. ayana

    i’m definitely going to watch this drama after reading your summary 🙂 thanks for the GOD song

  8. nixxochick

    i started liking this drama and then sort of fell into the whole not wanting to watch it…but now im totally addicted to it without actually understanding what they say

    when i can see it with subs ill probably enjoy it alot more….so thanks for making it easier on me!

    oh and thanks for sticking to this drama as well! 🙂

  9. jongwong

    love this drama. Go Ara doesn’t look that young to me at times; she sometimes looks like ~22-23. Keep up the good work! I can’t resist reading your summaries before I watch the episodes myself.

  10. 10 polarmi

    nice reviews.i ‘ve not watch ep.8 and 9 yet.so thank you.

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  14. 14 bree

    Cute episode. Made me smile and laugh (a lot) 🙂

  15. 15 KimchiMandu

    *PANIC!* 🙁 🙁 🙁

  16. 16 aivenor

    I highly appreciate your summaries – thanks to them i’ve got the idea, which dramas should I watch. “Who are you?” is one in my top 10 right now. Thank you very much for all that you’ve done and doing for kdrama fans :). I;m anticipating your next summary.

  17. 17 choram

    YKS was in G.O.D. ?!? Wow…am I clueless or what? I just recently found out what G.O.D. stood for and bursted out laughing….who the heck came up with that name? :/

    But besides all of that, “Who Are You” is turning out to be a mini-gem for me. I’m a sucker for this romance crap….(yeah, yeah)… 😀

  18. 18 Baobao

    Re: #15 KimchiMandu i can’t believe u actually said that on Javabean’s blog… WS2 is kind enough to sub this wonderful series for us and you ask someone to upload it on mysoju.com?!?! The rules that WS2 gave to us is that NO uploading on streaming sites are allowed please do not ask and if they ARE uploading subs online they are not respecting the subber’s wishes. Subs are available for downloading on d-addicts please get them there.

    Anyway Thanks for the summaries again javabeans, they give a lot of insight for those of us who cannot speak korean. Thanks for your hard work!! I also agree that this episodes “love developements” were really cute. Hope to see more SH and YI moments!

  19. 19 KimchiMandu

    RE: #18 Baobao: I didn’t ask anybody to upload Who Are You? to mysoju, I’m saying that SOMEBODY DID! And I’m panicking because of it! I DO download the subs and the raws off of d addicts and I DON’T want to see them go away.

  20. 20 stella

    hey thanks for all your efforts in putting up summaries of this drama. I really like it. I also read your summaries of bad couple and are saving all the episodes on my tivo to watch it. it is currently playing on directv w. the added korean channel lineup. thanks!

  21. 21 Baobao

    Re: KimchiMandu my sincerest apologies. I totally misread your message and I’m really sorry for accusing you. I just saw that too and I also realized that mysoju’s videos come from other streaming sites which means there are other people uploading them. Although Mysoju should not be uploading them either. The worst part is that the uploaders take the beginning part of the WS2 message “please do not upload or stream” from the videos. Wonder if WS2 has a copyright on their subs… =/ maybe they can sue the pants off the uploaders….

  22. 22 gail

    thanks for the summary, javabeans. i am not watching this drama because i’m very lazy in downloading the raws and subs. so, i am really enjoying being able to read your summaries and get “caught up”. one thing i like about “who are you” is how it doesn’t feel manufactured. i mean, we’re on ep9 already, and i didn’t notice. there seems to be no lag in plot development. it’s like someone’s telling me this story, and i’m like, “and then? what happened?” …. ahh, i hope i’m still making sense. long story short: thanks.

  23. 23 con

    I wasn’t into this drama at first, but now i’m liking every moment of it. I’m thankful that you’re recapping it, waiting for subs can be extremely painful. I like the actor Yoon Kye Sang, he has a certain charm to him. As for the actress its my first time watching her, but she’s not bad either. I love her eyes. Anyway just wanted to let you know that whenever i go online its a ritual to check your site. Keep up the good work.

  24. 24 =]

    can’t wait for episode 10! yay!

  25. 25 Kirby

    I wonder what will happen next?
    Thanks so much for your really great summary!!

  26. 26 bell

    seung hyo(the real one) is turning really cute I think.. Even if he´s soo amusingly clean and coldhearted he´s starting to become softer and more down to earth..

  27. 27 Jessica

    Thanks for the summary!

    This is one of those shows (like Coffee Prince) where I avoid reading your recaps first so that I can enjoy the show unspoiled 🙂


    Also, I love [b]Secretary Yeo’s[/b] character.

    I wish they would do a spin-off series with her!

  28. 28 soursauce

    Does anyone know who sing “Who are you”?

  29. 29 anastassia

    I really loved this episode and the previous one. It’s been long time I’m addicted to romance comedy. I can’t swallow MNIKSS, My Girl, Dal Ja Spring, etc except of course Coffee Prince, Capital Scandal, Mixed Up etc, but Who Are You are very refreshing, extremly funny (its very hard to make me laugh since I’m getting bored with all the slapstick humor that sooo koreanish (which full of cliche).

    This show really human, heart-wrenching, refreshing and unpredictable.

    This episode, really made me laugh hard. Indeed, every episode are. When CYS took the earphone and said:-

    ” See, there is no even music here”

    and when he entered the car. Haha.

  30. 30 Rachel

    Still REALLY wishing Jae Ha wasn’t a bad guy. The moment he made his appearance on the show I thought, “Whoah, who’s that handsome guy with the sensitive eyes?”
    I’m surprised that Seung Hyo is honestly growing on me. When I first saw HIM, I thought, “Aw crap, please don’t let him be the romantic interest.” He still has a ways to go to completely win me over, though~

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