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Won Bin and mom
by | April 9, 2008 | 34 Comments

There’s a building buzz around the upcoming film Mother, and it’s not just because of its lead actor, Won Bin. Naturally, Won Bin taking the lead role is news in itself, given that he’s spent the last four years away from the big screen (or small screen, for that matter), and fans have long awaited his comeback film, particularly since he’s stayed out of the limelight following his army discharge and knee surgery in 2006.

But this also happens to be the next project for director Bong Joon-ho, one of Korea’s more noted up-and-coming directors. He made his name with 2003’s Memories of Murder, and his last Korean production was 2006’s The Host; he since filmed the recent Korea-France-Japan joint production Tokyo — whose other two segments were filmed by Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) and Leos Carax (Paris, Je T’aime).

Cast in the titular mother role opposite Won Bin is veteran actor Kim Hye Ja — she’s had a 46-year screen career, though you may remember her recently as the granny queen from Goong, and returns to film after ten years of mostly television work. So this is really a comeback project for all three, in a sense.

In the film, Won Bin’s twenty-eight-year-old character lives with his mother (no father), and is falsely accused of committing murder. Portraying a character more pure and virtuous than his years, he finds himself caught up in a mess he can’t solve on his own; his mother throws herself wholly into proving her son’s innocence, all on her own.

Although the film is neither large-scale nor blockbuster material, the three principals involved ought to make this something to look out for. The film shoots in fall and projects an early 2009 release.

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Tei – “어머니” (Mother) [ Download ]

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34 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Bamidele

    Kim Hye Ja is beautiful!!! I first saw her in Goon,g and was like wow, I want to look that good when I am a granny. Her smile is really nice. Won Bin is ultra hot, and I look forward to his project!!

  2. EM

    im glad he’s finally making his comeback.
    i really want to see him back doing a drama tho.
    im not as big a fan of korean films as i am of kdramas.

  3. choram

    Again with the sad look. Man I need to see this guy smile.

    • 3.1 frances soares

      I admire his acting skills, emotions, for the first time in the 2000 drama “Autumn in My Heart”. I thought of how a handsome, young, charming actor didn’t appear in more dramas, movies. I loved him in that drama. Before that, I saw him in a Netflix movie “The Man from Nowhere” and was over the top with excitement, in awe of this man and how he portrayed his character that you closely observed and realized why haven’t we seen more of him Won Bin, and where has he been? I loved that movie, he handled himself really well, convinced me that he’s the actor’s actor. I wish that he would get more involved in film projects and not be a stranger to the big screen. I would love to meet him, express my adoration and appreciation of his hard work that comes through when you see him act. He’s got that special something that I believe doesn’t always come across with some actors, but he definitely holds your interest and respect. I am now a big fan of his and will be on the lookout for any film work he’s featured in. I recognize his talent, his ability to get into character and leave you there humble and feeling honored to be a witness to a rare natural human being so convincing and earnest. I love this actor, would continue to watch his many continued successes in the film world as he works his magic. Please Mr. Bin, let us see more of your work. Thank you, take care, be safe, be aware, be happy.

  4. Snapper

    Talk about getting old gracefully…she is simply beautiful!

  5. lavy

    thanks for the news!
    i SOOO look forward to this!

  6. mzpakipot

    thank you for the post! i’m glad that he’s making a comeback….

  7. Nikki

    This plot, so far, sounds similar to “Green Rose,” except it seems Kim Hye Ja’s character stays alive to help prove her son’s innocence. I’m really looking forward to seeing this. Thank you for the news. I’ve been frequenting this site for a good two months now, and today’s my first comment. 🙂

  8. enkhee

    aha, finally he’s coming back. thanks for the good news. i love you.

  9. namaste

    Kim Hye Ja’s stars as the lead actress in Mom’s dead upset or Angry Mom KBS’ weekend drama, it’s been airing for awhile now^^

  10. 10 Philippa

    awesome! I like the casting of this movie!

  11. 11 lilily2

    i love kim hye ja….
    she plays the lead character in Mom’s Got Horns/ Angry Mom 엄마가 뿔났다 which is a sweet, funny throwback to the popular early 90’s style extended family drama… you guys should check it out!! ^_^

    glad to see wonbin back in action… he hasn’t been the same since he got back from service.

  12. 12 1minutefilmreview

    This film is produced by Park Chan-Wook. Can’t wait to watch it! Bong’s also in the midst of making Host 2 and Snow Train, an adaptation of French graphic novel.

  13. 13 elle

    SOOOOOO looking forward to Won Bin’s first movie since army service!

  14. 14 unkwown

    good news!!!!!!

  15. 15 Jasmine

    “Chukanda” TO BOTH OF YOU.

  16. 16 jade

    I’m proud of MS.Kim Hye Ja to star in the film coz once in a while I’ve seen her in the doc. film on Arirang TV. AS A ROLE OF ADOPTING THE CHILDREN IN AFRICA, right? and I really appriciate.Her smile looks generous indeed, deserved for being a beloved mom. I also adore Won Bin of his talent and unique characteristic. HIs current hair style is ok but look similar to other Korean stars so he’s not different. Why he has to hair like others,is it the trend? I think his previous hair styles made him unique. I’m sorry to comment like this but I’M SINCERE, thank you.

  17. 17 Sawasdee

    Great to hear that both of u will appear in the film of the family. I respect Ms. Kim for her donation and her mesmerized acting in her series& films.She’s still simply beautiful regardless of the age. I also a big fan of Mr. Won Bin with respect to a modest and smart guy. Once in a while, I read his confessions, they’re funny and make sense, either.I like his writing style, it’s somewhat like an art student’s essay. i think his English is second to none and I’m also appreciated in the roles of his series and films in particular. I wish their upcoming film would be popular in my country and worldwide.

  18. 18 smile

    Hey, Mr. Won Bin
    Whenever u pose without smiling, u look immediately sad…as the pic. above, Why not smiling, u apprear absolutely different from your mom. Cheer up sweetheart, smiling fits u best.

  19. 19 puppy

    I’ ve listened to the song of the movie(mother), I think it’s pretty beautiful and I like it. I entirely don’ t understand the meaning of it but I feel from it’s melody, it’s really attractive. Many of Won Bin’s and his mom’s (in the movie) fans’d like to know the meaning of it. Could u please translate it into English?, we…Thai fans’d like to know the meaning of it, thanks!

  20. 20 Mae Ping

    It’s a beautiful news that Ms. Kim and Mr. Won Bin’re going to star together, I like you both. It takes time to see u on a big screen again, why not? However, ” Less can be More” and I hope u can gain a lot of fame again. Both of u fit as a mother and son with the attractive smile. Your smiles brighten my day, thanks!

  21. 21 ALICIA ♥

    omo i cant wait for this to be out
    imma so watch this =D

  22. 22 smooth as silk

    It’s great to have good news from Won Bin., hope u’ll be the top priority star again. I adore u not only because of your good-looking but also because of your talent ideas, they’re interesting indeed. I’ ve to apologize to tell u that your previous looks were great, they fit u and made u smart and also uniQue, different and remarkable from other Korean stars. I notice that your present look is very similar to other Korean stars, what’s it?….your hair style?….may be….. Wouldn’t u like to consider about it again?

  23. 23 Sawasdee

    It would be a precious moment to see the film”Mother” acted by the stars I appreciate, I’m looking forward to that fabulous time. Fall is coming in Korea, is it? so I wish all of you have Good start and Grow smart for the film.

  24. 24 Chao Praya River

    We’re looking forward to seeing both of you in the film “Mother”. Though it seems to be a sad story…is it?…we still like to see you. It may takes a long time that we could see your film ‘coz we’re far away from you.
    Hope both of you have a healthy life

  25. 25 Anonymous

    Won Bin,,,,,,I LovE U fOreVeR,,,,,,
    yOu are my dream boy,,,

    if you want meet me, please come to Indonesia…
    I’ll always waiting U………………………..

    your love
    ……mmmmuuuaachhh bybe………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. 26 sawasdee

    Hi, Won Bin Sshi
    I’m listening to the song “Mother” in your up coming film. I haven’t even understood the meaning, though I love its melody very much. It sounds grateful and a bit sad to the mother(I only guess…he…he…) I think your fans in my land are longing to see you in the film. Ah…you look stunning in Maxim Espresso 30″ CF, as well. Wish you have a productive life.

  27. 27 Sawasdee


  28. 28 Sawasdee

    Hi, dramabeans
    May your whole world has become…A place of wonder and delight.
    Merry Christmas!

  29. 29 Siam

    To Ms. Kim and Mr. Won Bin
    I hope my warm wishes echoed in your heart when the clock hit midnight. Wishing both of you joy and happiness.
    Happy New Year!

  30. 30 Anne

    Won Bin we want to see you in a love drama ….we all misses you ….

    Hope to see you in a drama soon .

  31. 31 kimjido

    I want to see wonbin new project in 2010.I prefer drama.Long time no see u.
    Miss u so much.

    Aye (Myanmar)

  32. 32 Kompian

    Kim Hye Ja is so beautiful. Full of grace and warm. Love her smile.

  33. 33 mary

    I saw the title and thought it’s a post about jb’s mom fangirling about Won Bin. LOL

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