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Who Are You: Episode 17 (Final)
by | May 1, 2008 | 95 Comments

Before I launch into my many-word description of the finale, I have a one-word description: catharsis.

There’s something really cathartic about the way this story resolves, and I’m so pleased to report that I found the finale to be all things a finale should be — and above all, satisfying.


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Seung Hyo has been making preparations to return to New York, but decides to submit his resignation instead. Mr. Yoon doesn’t understand, but Seung Hyo merely explains that he can’t go because of personal circumstances.

But Il Gun has seen how hard Seung Hyo has worked and can’t let him throw it down the drain because of him… so he asks the Reaper to cut his time short. He’ll give up the remainder of his time with Young In:

Il Gun: “I can’t make him into a jobless loafer, then meet my kid and happily chat with her. He’s someone who’s given up his future for me and Young In.”

The Reaper accepts his request, but gives him some advice:

“Stop thinking that Cha Seung Hyo lost everything because of you. From the start, both of you were given another chance. He was going to die initially — he would have passed after spending forty-nine days in a coma. But somehow, it seems like you and your daughter have breathed new life into his body. Life has grown stronger in him with every day. Cha Seung Hyo’s fate is out of my hands now. After you leave, nobody knows what will happen to him.”

Ho Joong’s father demands to know if Ho Joong really was responsible for Il Gun’s death. His father tells him to run away before he’s brought to justice by his own brother’s hand. (This scene felt weirdly over-dramatic, but it was the only weakness in an otherwise good finale, and it was short, so that’s all I say on that.)

Also feeling continued guilt is Jae Ha, who tries to make a feeble attempt to repair the damage. I still have no sympathy for Jae Ha, but I think Jin Yi Han does a credible job of portraying Jae Ha’s uncertainty.

Jae Ha tells Young In that she’ll get some of the money from her father’s paintings, that he’ll make sure that she has enough so she won’t have to struggle to work and put herself through school. Almost scared to hope for a good reaction, he says he’d like to go back to the start and set things right, one by one. “But I suppose that won’t work … will it?”

He’s right about that; Young In tells him she’d rather not him anymore, “and even if we met by chance on the street, please don’t acknowledge me.” Jae Ha accepts this painfully, and leaves.

Seung Hyo asks Il Gun what it’s like to be a parent, and Il Gun answers that parents are fools, only able to think of their own children, willing to do anything for them: “But if you’re curious, why don’t you become one yourself?” Il Gun gives him some practical advice:

Il Gun: “Parents create their children, but children are the ones who make people into parents.”

Then, Il Gun startles Seung Hyo by telling him he’s decided to let go of Ho Joong’s wrongs. It’s for Young In’s good — he doesn’t want to prolong things and further pain her: “So you let it go too.” Il Gun doesn’t want Seung Hyo to have to drag his brother off and cause more pain to his own father, either: “I’m fine. If my Young In is okay, and you’re okay… then I’m truly fine.”

Seung Hyo visits his father and asks him to turn himself in (rewatching this, it could also mean to have Ho Joong turn himself in; he asks for the father to bring about surrender). Seung Hyo will provide for a lawyer — this is the most he can do. He also tells his father of his intent to return to the States.

Seung Hyo: “I’ll probably think of you from time to time, since I know what you look like now. I was surprised that you were smaller than I’d expected. In my memories, you were so much larger than me. I don’t know when I’ll be able to see you again, but until then, I hope you can stay well. I’d like for you to live a long, long time.”

As Seung Hyo walks off, he says, “If you give me time, if you wait for me, I will try living as your son.”


Seung Hyo goes home and looks fondly on his turtles: “Soccer Ball, Miracle. I’ll send you to the ocean now.”

He smiles, feeling light-hearted… and then collapses.

His time has come; Reaper stands by and watches. Seung Hyo is taken to the hospital, where he’s reverted to his coma.

At the hospital, Il Gun comes and sits by his daughter as she cries, and starts singing a song that used to always make her stop crying as a baby.

It works today, too, but for a different reason — because sometime in the middle of his song, Young In has become aware of his presence. She can see him, and hear him.

She realizes, “You were always by my side. You were watching over me all this while.” Both weep happy tears at their reunion.

From a distance, the Reaper watches with satisfaction — this is what he’d intended for Il Gun to do when he granted him his 49 days.

Over the next few days, Seung Hyo remains in his coma. Young In stays by his bedside, watching him sleep and telling him of her day. Starting to worry in earnest, Il Gun pleads, then insists that Seung Hyo wake up, so that he can at least say goodbye before leaving.

Il Gun: “Let me look you in the eye, hear your rude voice, so I can tell you thanks and that I’ve come to like you, a whole lot. Let me talk to you before I leave. What about our Young In? What are you going to do about my daughter? What happens to her if I leave and you stay like this, huh, you punk? I’ll give her to you, I’ll give you my daughter. So please just open your eyes!”

Must be the last promise that does the trick, because Seung Hyo slowly opens his eyes. At first, Young In and Il Gun react in excitement, but Young In starts to grow worried at Seung Hyo’s blank gaze, fighting back tears as she asks disappointedly if he remembers who she is, if he recognizes her.

But Seung Hyo breaks into a small smile and tells her tiredly, “Soccer Ball, you sure talk a lot. It makes my head hurt.”

They visit the orphanage, where Il Gun continues to give Seung Hyo last-minute tips about taking care of Young In in the future (“Since she’s your soccer ball, it’s up to you how to treat her, but just take care to make sure it doesn’t deflate. Renew it with new air every day…”).

As this talk reminds Young In that her father’s departure is impending, she stays silent and listens on tearfully. Seung Hyo says a quiet “Yes” after every piece of advice:

Il Gun: “If you fight, make up right away. If you make her cry, wipe her tears right away. And love her lots, enough for both of us. Take care. Because if you’re well, then my daughter is well. Thank you, Seung Hyo.”

Seung Hyo, who’s answered “Yes” to each instruction, tells Il Gun, “Thank you, too. Father.”

Under Il Gun’s direction, Seung Hyo starts digging until he uncovers something Il Gun buried ten years ago — a time capsule. All that’s inside are two slips of paper, and Young In unrolls the first, written in her own ten-year-old hand.

It reads: “Young In’s dream for ten years from now: To be Miss Korea! And fall in love with a handsome prince like my dad, marry maybe when I’m 28?”

(Seung Hyo teases about the “handsome prince like my father” part, saying Il Gun’s more like a Frog Prince. Il Gun tells him to shut up.)

Il Gun’s paper reads: “Dad’s dream for ten years from now: A healthy, kind, grown-up 20-year-old daughter Sohn Young In!”

Seung Hyo smiles and tells Il Gun, “Your dream came true.”

Seung Hyo stays behind as father and daughter walk together. The next conversation may sound flowery, but it’s expressed with such simplicity that it’s easily the most moving scene thus far in the series.

Young In: “Thank you for coming back. Thank you for giving me life. Thank you for raising me well, for loving me to overflowing. Even if I were born again, I’d want to be your daughter.”
Il Gun: “Even if I were born again, I’ll live as your father. We’ll live together for a long, long time in that life, okay?”
Young In: “Okay.”
Il Gun: “The best thing I did in this world was bringing you into it, Young In. Thank you for being born to me. I love you, my daughter. Take care, kiddo.”

Il Gun tells Young In not to come any further, bids her farewell, and walks on alone.

Seung Hyo takes his place by her side, and both watch Il Gun make his way down the road.

A ways down, Il Gun turns and gives them a final wave goodbye before fading into white light.


We get a little more closure with Jae Ha, who visits the police station — for what, it’s not explicitly clear, but we can be assured that he’s doing what he can to make things right, even if that won’t win Young In’s favor back. So maybe he had some heart left.

Young In brings Young Ae the engagement ring she’d found in her father’s desk drawer, which moves her and makes her recall her last encounter with Il Gun. It appears that just as Il Gun became visible to Young In at the end, he also became visible to Young Ae.

I’m not sure of the rules of Il Gun’s spirit life other than that they’ve always been evolving, and perhaps he’d earned this right through realizing what he was actually sent back to accomplish.

In Young Ae’s memory, Il Gun had encouraged her to live her own life after he leaves — to meet a good man, marry, become a mother.

Il Gun: “Just remember me a little. You can think back, ‘There was once a man who loved me, who followed me around,’ and remember me like that. Forget the other things.”

Some time later — not too long after — Seung Hyo waits outside Young In’s place for her to come home. His voiceover is addressed to Il Gun as he reflects on being alone again after having shared his body for months:

Seung Hyo: “Thank you for breathing fresh air into my dried-up, dying life. Thank you for leading me to realize that the pain of my hardened, always angry heart was actually a love toward the world. I will love diligently — the world, myself, your daughter. I might be old, being eleven years older than her, but I’ll do my best to love her enough for both you and me. I won’t push it aside for later, I’ll love her today. Because, of the remaining days of my life, today is the youngest.”

When Young In finally arrives, we find out Seung Hyo’s currently unemployed (but sure to bounce back!), and although he pretends to be annoyed at waiting for so long, he looks at her with patience and contentment.

Seung Hyo: “Hey, Soccer Ball. I love you. And I’ll love you even more in the future.”



It’s been a while since I’ve been so satisfied with a finale. I’m so glad they gave us a sweet, satisfying, but simple ending. It reminded me of the ending of Samsoon, but without the bittersweet touch. (I loved the realistic hint in the ending of Samsoon, but I don’t always want to have to say, “But that’s realistic!” to justify an ending that was a little less than I hoped for.) Plus — and I don’t know if this applies to you, or just to me — it was an ending that I cared about. Sometimes we get our happy ending but I really couldn’t care less about the couple winding up together. Here, I’m really happy for the characters and hope they live a long, happy life together and have lots of kids and grandkids etc. And look how far Seung Hyo and Young In have come! Not only them, but look how far Il Gun came — and frankly, everyone else, too.

I’m glad they gave us hints of closure for the rest of the characters, but didn’t dwell overly long on their futures either (unlike, say, Coffee Prince, which overdid its epilogue just to fill air time). Naturally we want our loose ends tied, but there’s no need to go into too much detail about Jae Ha (who’ll probably live the rest of his life doing his best to earn his soul back) or Seung Hyo’s father (whose relationship with Ho Joong might improve now that Ho Joong knows his father’s willing to sacrifice himself for him), or Young Ae (who may or may not go on to live a nice, normal life with a new love).

Most of all, I’m glad the parting message wasn’t a trumpets-blaring, hyped-up grand drama moment that proclaimed that Attainment of Romantic Love was the end-all of the story. Instead, it takes it one step further and says that achieving romantic love is great, but don’t forget to live that love out every day, because “of all the days in the rest of my life, today is the youngest.”

Who Are You? was a drama I had little expectation for and which caught me totally unawares, but I’m so glad I tuned in. I appreciated the way it was poignant and meaningful but not sappy, not (usually) too dramatic, and always balanced with a healthy dose of humor. It’s not perfect, but this one will go on my keeper shelf.


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  1. violetish

    Agreed, i loved all the little sweet moments in between. they just made me happy even if they weren’t Dramatic x23.

  2. Erv

    morning javabeanS! well , it’s early here.
    thanks for the recap! i didn’t expect the recap to be out this early.
    thanks again!!

  3. Erv

    so, what’s the next korean series that you gonna watch?

  4. AudHepFan

    missing word?

    He’s right about that; Young In tells him she’d rather not (see) him anymore, “and even if we met by chance on the street, please don’t acknowledge me.” Jae Ha accepts this painfully, and leaves.

  5. it's all good

    You made me cry just reading your summary. 🙁 God, I’m going to miss this series and Seung Hyo and Young In and Il Gun and Young Ae…oh, wth…everyone.

    As for the kiss at the end…if I were Young In, I would have tossed the ice cream and dropped the basket, throw my arms around Seung Hyo and kissed him back -hard.

    Thanks. I’ve enjoyed your recaps. Hopefully, I’ll be back for more.

  6. Erv

    oh yeah javabeans!

    who’s Go Ah Ra? i read from wikipedia that she’s actually from SM entertainment. is she a singer or something?

  7. Herbski

    Thank you for doing this for the entire series. Your summaries and commentaries were what made me decide to watch it and volunteer to take over seeding the remainder of the x264 versions. 🙂

  8. canyayasis

    This is more than I could have hoped for.
    Perfect, lovely and sweet and tender ending….

  9. Kaye_drama

    OMG! Thank you so much! this is the best ending ever, like what you said in your review simple and realistic. Great drama! I will really miss this and waiting for Wednesday & Thursday huh 🙁

  10. 10 it's all good

    I forgot. Shame! You didn’t do a screencap of the ONLY time YKS is half nekkid in this drama. *tsk *tsk
    Yeh, yeh, I do have a one track mind when it comes to YKS and half nekkid.

  11. 11 jennyo88

    Loved it. Obviously a fave

  12. 12 K4Ice4Thu

    This is the perfect ending to a wonderful series!!
    Simple, sweet, romantic and most of all, meaningful..

    If/when this comes out on dvd…I think I’ll buy it!
    Also…if you ever manage to dig up the script for this, would you please post it in your kdrama script section? Many thanks in advance!!


  13. 13 annabanana

    What a wonderful amazing drama! I just loved every moment of it and echo what everyone is saying about truly missing all the characters! This definitely goes on my favourites list as it made me laugh, cry and fall in love with SH, YI and IG.

    Just as I wished and hoped for the ending was so appropriate and touching. I’m so glad that SH and YI have that happily ever after and hope that they grow old together with lots of children and grandchildren too!

    Thank-you Yoon Kye Sang, Go Ara and all the people who put this together for our enjoyment! I hope that KSY and GA team up again…maybe a sequel? It was just too bad that the ratings were so low but I hope that the overseas market will make up for it and appreciate it as we have. For those of you wanting a wonderful drama please watch this one, you won’t regret it.

    Lastly, I want to sincerely thank-you javabeans for your great recaps and words of drama wisdom. Thank-you for your tirelesss efforts, words can’t express my gratitude and appreciation as you continue to fuel my k-drama addiction. I’m so glad I found your site. Kampsamida!!

    What is the next drama you plan to watch? Please let me know so that I may follow your recaps.

  14. 14 docmitasha

    I agree with everything you said in your final thoughts…couldn’t have said it better. Except one part: I did feel a litte loss though, to not see them tie up the other characters’ stories, but mainly because the director had a knack of putting in little scenes for those characters all by their own which were very well done (like Ji Sook’s driving classes). So I wanted to see what happened to them, but I guess I shouldn’t complain since they weren’t the primary focus. Apart from that, the ending was wonderful, and everything you said was exactly how I felt.

    It was painful to watch YI let go of her father again, but I loved their final dialogues and the chances they had to share their final feelings. I think the last few episodes excelled in proving how important it was to communicate and share your love with the people you care about, as much as possible. SH has learned that, he was able to tell his father that he did indeed think of him, and he was able to be grateful to his father in law and he was able to share his love with YI. And he’s realized how important his life is. He’s worked so hard, but never enjoyed it, but now that he was given the opportunity, he learned to take it, to sit down and be helped up by the people who cared for him.

    I admire the process of the characters and just the uniqueness of the story, and the actors did such a fantastic job. Initially I wasn’t that interested in tuning in because I felt the story was strange, but I was so glad I did. It wasn’t strange at all. Sure, it was weird ;), but it was lovely too, and filled with lessons and the beauty of relationships with your parents and with the people you love.

    And it had Yoon Kye Sang. Enough has been said about him 🙂

    Thank you Javabeans, and congratulations on the wrap up of another series. You’ve done such an amazing job with this one! We all really appreciate it 🙂

  15. 15 jooo

    Thanks for covering this entire series~ I am in constant anticipation of your WRY reviews every thursday and friday mornings 😀 its a tad sad that it has come to an end.

    I definitely agree that this series is a keeper! Seems like this drama series went a full circle. I’m satisfied with the ending. This series has grown so much from when the first episode aired. 🙂

  16. 16 nixxochick

    when this drama first started i wasnt sure if i wanted to continue watching it
    but it slowly got my attention and won me over completely….

    i really enjoyed its humor and simplicity…and i really loved watching the characters evolve.

    for some weird reason it reminded me of Flowers For My Life…..

    so thank you for your recap’s! 🙂

  17. 17 giddygirl108

    Thank you so much for the synopsis and analysis of this series! I’m definitely going to have to actually watch it now and better yet, now I know what catharsis means ^^

  18. 18 Nanae123

    I totally agree. It takes me a while to start watching this drama because i don’t think i will like it. But when i started watching it, i fall in love with this drama.
    i love all the characters in this drama and the humors, of course. I love the actor… most because he is very cute when he turns the dad figure… smile like a baby which completely changes his look.. he is not attractive, good looking and all, but he can be very cute in some of the acting he does. it make me wonder what his real personality will be like…serious, funny or light hearted..

  19. 19 mimi

    Thank you. Thank you!! There really are no words to express the gratitude we all feel for your summaries and insights. This has been a fantastic and surprising series and a wonderful journey.
    I think this is going to be the first time I will actually miss the characters of a series.
    No more soccer ball and miracle man moments… sniff… sniff… Oh well, I’ll just have to review all the episodes…

    And hey, you gave it a 9/8! 🙂 I was so curious to see what your final rating would be!

    Stay well and I look forward to your next projects!

  20. 20 nomad

    I hate finales especially when you’ve grown to love the characters. there’s nothing to look forward to anymore 🙁 but i am happy how the drama ended and because of Who Are You? I discovered another good actor, YKS!

    Thanks javabeans as usual for doing the summaries on this great drama. So what’s next?

  21. 21 bree

    aww…great-simple ending, I was touched by SH’s last words to YI and IG’s great advice to SH, how sweet and the kissue.hehe. I’ll miss this. Another one to put on my favorite dramas. Thanks Javabeans for doing a fun summary of Who Are You? 🙂

  22. 22 hagrid

    javabeans!!! Thanks once again… and for everything that you’ve said about the magic of this drama… i say hear here… This recap moved me to tears… Im truly gonna miss this series… and i’d surely suffer a long and sad withdrawal!!!


  23. 23 eevee

    “I won’t push it aside for later, I’ll love her today. Because, of the remaining days of my life, today is the youngest”

    my favorite!!

    i do agree that i didnt really expect much but thanks to u, i didnt miss this wonderful drama. so adorable and NOT sappy! but i did cry reading ur summary. it’s just too sweet when she saw her dad at the hospital!

    and the last kiss, WHOHOO H-O-T!

    and im also curious what drama r u waiting for now?

  24. 24 Iranian Espresso

    Thank you dear Javabeans.
    I love you and your hard efforts.
    Thank you again.
    I’ll look for another beautiful and lovely summaries.

  25. 25 I Heart You

    can’t believe this is the end…..
    so many good dramas have ended, what am i suppose to fill my saturdays with?

    any good drama suggestions, javabeans?

  26. 26 JJ

    Do you think the ice cream and the pink basket symbolize something in the very last scene? Im kinda curious since the camera zooms into both of those.

    Thank you for your synopsis. I have been an avid reader of them for quite somethime now. The whole reason I watched this drama was due to them. I really enjoyed this drama, I always felt this special warmth and serenity while watching it. This is defintely one of those drama, Im gonna keep close to my heart.

    Once again, Thank you very much. Your hardwork is definetly appreciated! =}

  27. 27 Philippa

    This was an amazing drama! From the beginning to the end. It wasn’t draggy at all! This is the first drama I’ve watched that’s not draggy. And the additional episode didn’t drag the drama at all, because usually when they extend dramas, the writers can’t think of anything good to write anymore so they end up writing more conflicts and all those other things.
    Yi San is really good if you like historical dramas. It’s amazing! I might have skipped some of the episodes in the beginning but they were so cute and the older version of Yi San is hot! lol.
    Thanks a lot for taking your time writing summaries for non-Koreans!

  28. 28 Jane Elliot

    Wow, I really really liked this series for so many reasons which you all have already articulated quite nicely. Go Ara: I actually thought she was pretty good. A very nice on-screen crier imo; she conveyed strong emotions very well. Yoon Kye Sang: what can I say about him that hasn’t already been covered extensively? I guess what it boils down to is this: his acting and his character(s) in this show made me really really happy. Thoroughly enjoyable to watch.

  29. 29 Jungwon

    Thanks for all episodes recap u had posted here, javabean.
    Also, Thanks for recommending such a gd korean drama.

    I luv tis drama v much,
    I like the ending, esp. the last part 🙂
    Also, I like SH, and YI.

    If there’s chance, I really like to kiss a gal eating ice cream,
    perhaps theres might b some choco or vanilia flavour. on her lips, 😛

  30. 30 Dele

    Does anyone else feel the same way you felt when Flower’s For My Life ended, I just feel really peaceful about this ending.

    I look forward to the next drama you blog, although right now there seems to be an influx of not so good dramas out there.

  31. 31 Paloma3001

    I just want to say, thank you, Javabeans, as always, I´ve enjoyed your summaries so much. When I watched two first episodes, I believed this would be just a comedy, but i was really great surprised, when it was turned into a little strange but lovely and touching story.

    Thanks again, take care of you.

  32. 32 Jo

    Though this drama wasnt a sad one…it makes my heart ache.

    i love this drama. It feels so real. Like life. And i think that the “villian” here (Jae ha) was just incredibly awesome. Why? Because he was truly human.
    Also, I love how the whole objective was to get the paintings, but in the end she never got them back. Its so different. Instead, she got something else.
    Also, I like how this drama makes you want to see more of Yoon Kye Sang and Go Ara instead of other character pairings. (love triangles and all that)
    I just love this drama

    But my heart is aching though

    I think the ending was perfect. It doesnt just end abrubtly or feel like an end either. Just like, “and life goes on…”

    AHH my heart hurts so much. I will never see them again!!!

  33. 33 Movall

    Thank you Javabeans for introducing us a wonderful drama.
    One of the best ending ever, simple, romantic and meaningful.
    “I’ll love her today. Because, of the remaining days of my life, today is the youngest” How sweet.

    Do you know how much I like the meaningful answer from the Reaper ““Stop thinking that Cha Seung Hyo lost everything because of you. From the start, both of you were given another chance. He was going to die initially — he would have passed after spending forty-nine days in a coma. But somehow, it seems like you and your daughter have breathed new life into his body. Life has grown stronger in him with every day. Cha Seung Hyo’s fate is out of my hands now.”

    I really like the aspect of dead soul SH was rescued and grown stronger because of love.

    This drama is just amazing, everything, plot, dialogue and of course, acting. Enough said to YKS acting, and KNG, but I really appreciate GoAhRa, she’s young and though she’s done an excellent job in emotional Young In.

    I always put my faith in your recaps, follow you every drama, Javabeans 🙂 Thank you.

  34. 34 ames4eva

    thanks so much, it was a beautiful series and i loved your summaries… i had to look up catharsis though 😛 but i agree it does finish so well~

  35. 35 yumei

    thank you so much javabeans!!!I really love this drama!!!
    The ending is so prefect and beautifully done!!!!!

  36. 36 debbie

    hey! ur synopses bring the drama to life!! without even watching the drama, i can imagine almost everything just by ur synopses! its been great reading ur stuff, thanks for follow this series all the way! will be waiting for more entries from you! arigatoo XD

  37. 37 polarmi

    thank you from the bottom of my heart…

  38. 38 yaap

    I greatly appreciate all your effort. Thank you for the recap. As always it is well written. You’re the best!

  39. 39 tooizzy

    I loved that ending and “today is the youngest” I’m going to start to use it heheheh. 🙂

  40. 40 Kiongna

    Thanks javabeans 🙂 Loved the ending – yeahhhhh satisfying closure..chutha Until we meet again..! AJA

  41. 41 LynnLT

    OMG… it’s the end!! I’m really going to miss it!! Especially Yoon Kye Sang!! ^_^ I wished it could be longer!!… Thnkx for the recap!!

  42. 42 Sherrie

    Great review Javabeans. Now I can’t wait to watch the whole Kdrama with Eng Sub of course. I love happy ending and this is surely a “girlie” movie. As previously asked by others, what will you be watching next?

  43. 43 Fifi

    I’m going to miss this drama….and Yoon Kye Sang…hope he comes out in something REALLY soon! 🙂

  44. 44 katwoman

    What a beautiful way to end a beautiful drama. I’m going to be so lost without Who Are You? and Yoon Kye Sang.

    I’m thrilled to death at your rating for this drama. Hopefully this will encourage late comers to watch it.

    Thanks for your recap. As usual, you’ve done a wonderful job.

  45. 45 wandergirl

    I was worried Seung Hyo was going to NY and the drama would take the “after two years…” route. The ending is satisfying for me. *sigh*

  46. 46 ...

    yay! a good ending. it really was nice to read a good ending. thank you soooo much again for doing the summary! keep up the amazing work that you do!

  47. 47 feifei

    Thank you very much for another lovely recap. Can’t wait for the english subtitles.

  48. 48 def201

    Hey Javabeans,

    Thank you for bringing this wonderful drama to my attention, and for providing us with such wonderful episode recaps. Am looking forward to seeing which Kdrama you recap next (perhaps the Korean version of Hana Yori dango? 😉 ) .

    Anyhow, I love your blog in general.

  49. 49 annabanana

    Javabeans, I came across Yoon Kye Sang’s official website (which you probably already know) but unfortunately it’s all in Korean.


    The point is that I’m asking for a huge favour since you know Korean, to please leave a message there for him to say thank-you for his wonderful and amazing acting in Who Are you?. As you already stated he carried the show and the main reason we fell in love with the drama and especially his character SH. This is all due to his strong convincing performance.

    Please also tell him how much we appreciate his efforts and will support his future projects. ‘Aja/Fighting!’

    I think that I also saw that he was having a second fan meeting on May 5 but of course I couldn’t read anything else. I wish I could go see him but am in North America so those going please give him a huge hug for me. I really like how he has ‘grown up’ in every way – physically and emotionally in his acting. Very impressive and congratulations KSY!!!! The last thing is that he has a great fan appreciating him halfway around the world Canada!

    Thank-you so very much!

  50. 50 cartman

    wow..I can’t believe that it’s over..I’ll miss this drama..The ending was definitely satisfying..thanks for all the recaps dramabeans! 🙂

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