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From sob princess to ab princess
by | June 22, 2008 | 34 Comments

Lee Da Hae is hitting the gym in preparation for her role in the high-budget drama East of Eden (Song Seung Heon, Yeon Jung Hoon, Lee Yeon Hee, Han Ji Hye). At 170 cm tall (about 5 foot 7), weighing a mere 47 kg (105 pounds) and known for her slim figure, she can’t possibly have any weight to lose, so she’s citing “flexibility” as her goal for embarking on her weight training regimen. (O…kay?)

She’s not focusing on aerobic workouts, but apparently is spending two to three hours a day working on strength training to build up muscle tone (earning her the nickname “ab princess”). A worthy effort, I’m sure, but that’s a bit excessive, isn’t it? Almost to Kim Haneul-esque proportions. Her management explained her need to get fit by saying she’s hasn’t taken proper care in the past; she’s even once gone to the emergency room from overwork.

Her role in East of Eden comes six months following her previous drama, the disappointing melodrama Robbers opposite Jang Hyuk. EOE, which is set to air in August, will show her as a “mature and strong” femme fatale. A bit of a departure for her, but as much as I enjoyed her liveliness in My Girl, I think the girl has an unfortunate tendency to ham it up to excess in comedies, and have always thought she was at her best when dialing it down. This might be an interesting turn for her. (Now, if only I found the drama the least bit appealing…)

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34 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Correction

    170 cm is approximately 5.577 feet.

  2. Even still..

    105 lbs for 5’5 is really really really unhealthily thin.

  3. Mel

    Good Luck is all I have to say.

  4. JiHwan

    I’m 5’1 and already 105… They need to stop over working her. health comes first.

  5. Amber

    I am actually really curious with the femme fatale role, I wish her the best. I think she has immense potential that she taps once in a while and it just has to reach full force.

    She’s ultra skinny lately, though, a lot of Korean actresses seem so underweight nowadays. Really skinny, if anything she should be eating healthy rather than doing some “flexibility training” whatever the hell that means.

    I really love her, so I’m rooting for her in this one.

  6. Jessica

    It was only in My Girl where she did a comedic role, right? All her other dramas were pretty serious. I kinda wish she would go back to doing comedies because she does them so well.

    I still can’t believe she was the mean, ex-girlfriend in Sweet 18.

  7. Pully

    Unhealthy. Unhealthy. 1m70 and 47kg ?

    Jesus, I’m 10 cm shorter and 5kg heavier than her. LOL Can’t believe I’m saying this. Anyways, I will watch out for her … “flexibility” ?

  8. gossip girl

    wow. come on she’s 5’8. wow, i didn’t kno that. maybe the actors that played her lovers r extremely tall, so they make her seem average. but that’s really skinny for a tall person like her.. 105 pounds (im 5’1 or 5’2 n is working towards 105,)… hehe.i gained the freshman 15 so im like 115 right now. my dad complains about my weight more than.. hm i do..

  9. xmerokox

    Being 105 lbs at a height over 5’0″-5’1″ is underweight! Muscle training should do her good as it will strengthen her body and increase her weight (while making her tone).

  10. 10 miso

    She’s really lean, but not fit, so what I think she’s doing is good, building muscle tone. It’s the healthy way to gain weight, since muscles weigh more than fat. Just don’t over do it. I love her and lately I’ve been a little worried for her. She’s been looking a little fragile lately.

    170 cm is 5’7”

    170 cm = 5.58 feet

    0.58 feet = 6.9 inches ~ 7 inches

    5.58 feet = 5 feet 7 inches

  11. 11 Jo

    yep. There is a difference in toning your muscles and losing weight. They can happen at the same time, but there is a diff….

  12. 12 Jo d'Maggie

    i honestly dont think she’s 5’8 coz if she’s 5’8 and wears heels of 2 inches then she’d be taller than her partner in my girl but her partner there is still taller than her- i think the other girl in the drama series of my girl- i would consider her around 5’7 or so! Lee Da Hee’s around 5’4 or 5’5 i think~

  13. 13 ok-jk

    Oh! That’s right – she was the evil ex-girlfriend in Sweet 18! Haha. From what I’ve seen of her in that role + My Girl, she isn’t exactly someone I’d rave about, but haha, like every other reader, DANG! She’s thin! But unhealthily thin! Sheesh.

  14. 14 :)


  15. 15 miso

    @ 12

    Her partner in My Girl? Lee Dong Wook or Lee Joon Ki? The former is more than 6 feet tall and the later is 5’10”. She also rarely wore heels in My Girl from what I can remember.

  16. 16 HelloLily

    Is her role even going to be physically demanding? If there are stunts involved, I figured she’d get a double for that. You know it’s not that uncommon for people to lie about their height (and/or weight), even NBA players do that too but that’s off topic. Lee Yeon Hee is extremely thin too, according to DramaWiki (and I really don’t think it’s a stretch), she’s 169 cm and weighs 46 kg. I don’t think I’ll be following East of Eden, just because it’s around 50 ep and the plot sounds recycled. However, I’ll probably read a few summaries and watch several clips here and there to get a general idea. They’re a likable cast. @13, I like LDH but I wouldn’t rave about her acting either.

  17. 17 like

    i don’t think she’s 5-7 but 5-5. only like her on my girl, feels like she’s overacting cute on hello miss. but will watch couple of ep. to see her partnering with the 2 actors..

  18. 18 me

    agree. i also think she overacting cute in hello miss. so much unnecessary thing she did like her squeaky voice and etc.. it wasn’t funny at all.
    and yeah, she’s so skinny these days. she needs to eat more.

  19. 19 lilily2

    what happened to her? she used to be fairly attractive… but what’s with that mug?????? o.o

    what a scary old-lady sour-puss jawline.

    ppl, stars lie about their height and weight constantly. LDH may be thin, but she isn’t 170cm, 47kg thin. if she really is 170 cm (doubt it, since she was always wearing heeled boots in My Girl and her other dramas) back then she’d had to have been at least 51-52 kg. even factoring in for zero muscle….

  20. 20 miso

    I’m surprised at how mean some of these comments are. I happen to think she looks great in that picture. I like that expression on her a lot, her eyes are very penetrating here. And she has always had that jaw-line.

    The only way to prove her height and weight is if we go measure and weigh her ourselves. She’s pretty tall, friends from Thailand who got to meet and greet her in person can vouch for that. As for her being 104 lbs, 47 kg at that height, that I can’t say, but what I do know is that she has been looking really thin lately. I don’t think 47 kg is a healthy weight for someone at that height either, which is why I hope this strength training is to build muscle tone thereby increasing her weight to something more healthy. Bottom line is, you can be skinny and still be out of shape.

    I honestly don’t remember her wearing heels that often in My Girl. Around Lee Dong Wook, sure, but not often, and come on he’s so tall!
    In this clip you can see that she looks like she’s as tall as her co-star, who is supposed to be about 5’10”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhVtQADccIQ
    At 1 minute into the clip she’s walking away from him and you can see she’s wearing flat soles with either a slight bit of height (less than an inch) or none at all. You can see there is hardly a height difference between them.

  21. 21 canelle

    i didn’t think she was that tall!! and i’m not sure about the weight either, but profiles always give women weight below 50 kg, whether they’re 162 or 172, so i’d be weary of that anyway….

    i’m curious about her new drama!! i haven’t seen her in anything since my girl ^^

  22. 22 Di

    Damn her arm is so freaking THIN. It gets kinda creepy when you look at it too long, like you’re just looking at skin and bone. x.x

  23. 23 Di

    P.S. Where can I find more of bella mafia? They must be pretty obscure cuz I’m not getting any info on ’em 😡

  24. 24 Carina

    I’ve also noticed that Korean celeb profiles ALWAYS list the weight as below 50kg, no matter how tall she is. Perhaps that’s the fashionable celebrity weight?

    I do hope that she doesn’t really weigh that little.

  25. 25 fogfan

    Holy crap!! My left thigh is bigger than her waist!!!

  26. 26 jj

    i haven’t seen any of her dramas cause she mostly seems to be acting too cute, like an impersonation of other annoyingly cute characters, and it might not be all her fault but over acting is probably due to a mix of her, the writer, and pd.

    also i wonder do Korean stars deal with the same criticism that American “celebrities” deal with, either being to skinny or too big?

  27. 27 robbo4

    She’s perfect. You girls really need to get over your own selves. Do you think that the producers of these shows keep throwing their money after people who are gifted or work hard to appear that way to because you’re so perfect? This is the curse of Rikki Lake. To the lazy, become the spoils. Keep on hating her because she outworks you and you’ll end up cleaning up after overacheivers for the rest of your lives. You can always be replaced by a person who is willing to outwork you!

  28. 28 Rebeca

    She got hurt for this……..her overworking-out sent her to the hospital


  29. 29 marcel


    i find your comments rather offensive.. what’s so “gifted” about being lucky enough to have been born with good genes? regular girls also work hard at trying to look good & you don’t seem them being rewarded for it with money or public attention thrown at them.. everyone has a right to an opinion without being accused of being lazy or jealous..

  30. 30 HelloLily

    @ 27 robbo4

    I would prefer it if you had stopped at “She’s perfect,” even though I disagree. No one here hates LDH. Why are you even taking it personal? Are you even aware that you’re coming off as obnoxious and-like 29 marcel mentioned-offensive?

  31. 31 anyq

    Wow..has anyone noticed…

    her hair looks really bad…It’s probably a bad angle or a bad hair cut.

  32. 32 omg

    she’s close to looking like a starving person in africa!

  33. 33 bambooshoots

    Bella Mafia – “Without A Sound”

  34. 34 John

    shes not overly thin, thats just how a ton of korean models look like. if she gained a FEW (3-5) lbs and was an inch taller she would have a very similar physicality to Victoria’s secret models

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