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A new (but not improved) look
by | August 27, 2008 | 28 Comments

An asymmetrical shawl-cardigan to match his asymmetrical (braided) hairstyle, tight jeans, a dangly earring, a sad piece of neck bling… Erm, so maybe not So Ji-sub‘s best look.

So Ji-sub and co-star Kang Ji-hwan were on hand on August 27’s press conference and showing of the movie A Movie Is a Movie (aka Rough Cut). So Ji-sub came out sporting two different looks, one for the media confab portion, and another for the “VIP preview.” (The other look shows a normal-looking hairstyle, so he must’ve had time to nip out for a costume change.)

The film already held a press day earlier this month, but there can never be too many, right? (The prior event, I believe, was the “production briefing” conference, while this one is a “press preview” — either way, they’re both promo blitzes for the upcoming movie, which opens to non-VIPers on September 11.)

One notable VIP in attendance was the venerable Yonsama, aka Bae Yong-joon, who came with his arm in a sling from recent surgery. As a fellow client of the same management company handling So Ji-sub, Bae expressed his well-wishes for the younger star’s movie.

Other VIPs at the preview included Kwon Sang-woo, Han Ji-min, Jung Joon-ha, and Im Soo-jung, among others.


So Ji-sub gets cozy with Kang Ji-hwan (always my favorite pics of the two of them), and Yonsama pays a visit:

Via Joy News


28 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. K-lover

    I believe he is starting a new trend of a blend of Hippie+Mid-way J-Rock Hair+ 90’s style shoes=a jumbled up look of weird? (I mean no offence to So-Ji Sub’s fans, I love him too, just not these clothes)

  2. belleza

    “he is starting a new trend of a blend of Hippie+Mid-way J-Rock Hair+ 90’s style shoes”

    It’s his new hobo hip hop look, bohemia by way of cardboard box. Sure beats his unfortunate Vincent Gallo phase. Ugh.

    “So Ji-sub gets cozy with Kang Ji-hwan (always my favorite pics of the two of them),”

    Kang Ji Hwan: You complete me So Ji Sub.
    So Ji Sub: Aight.

  3. javabeans


    I’d like to argue that SJS is just being deep and making a deliberate, ironic anti-fashion statement, as to eschew the image-obsessed mentality of his celeb peers… I’d LIKE to. Unfortunately I don’t think I can. I think he’s trying to pull an Olsen twins by making the ugly chic. (It’s not working, babe.)

    Kang Ji Hwan: You complete me So Ji Sub.
    So Ji Sub: Aight.

    Sigh! Let me comfort you, my KJH. There there.

  4. crazyforasiandrama

    pardon my naughty eyes and my over imaginative mind…. but the picture sure looks very (ahem) revealing……sorry, it was the first thing that I saw….not the awful hairstyle and the fashion disaster…..

  5. javabeans

    You mean how his snug jeans, uh, so lovingly embrace Little So Ji-sub? I noticed too.

  6. belleza

    “SJS is just being deep and making a deliberate, ironic anti-fashion statement”

    So Si Sub: Here I am!! How do I look!!
    Im So Jung: Ajushi!!!
    So Ji Sub: It’s a deliberate, ironic anti-fashion statement.
    Im So Jung: Ajushi?!?
    So Ji Sub: Okay, okay. I confess, the service was hard. They . . . hurt me.
    Im So Jung: Ajushi?
    So Ji Sub: Wanna die!! Hold me.
    Im So Jung: Ajushi . . .
    Kang Ji Hwan: What the hell are they saying?
    Sung Yu Ri: Oh, they’re always like that. I don’t know, but I suddenly feel like bawling.

  7. Squirt

    ROFL he looks great…

  8. canswithnolabel

    I don’t know if it’s the sunglasses and/or the hat, but Bae Yong-joon seems to be morphing into Michael Jackson. The creepy, keep-your-kids-away-from-him, MJ.

  9. Jane

    He’s cute no matter what he wears and what his hair looks like.

  10. 10 tc

    whether u like his style or not at least the look isn’t boring as the other star….

  11. 11 belleza

    “, but Bae Yong-joon seems to be morphing into Michael Jackson. ”

    Well in the Philosopher King’s defense, there’s been an overall shift toward longer hair among Korean male stars in the past year. He does wear too much makeup though. It’s getting close to Andre Kim levels of mancake.

    So Ji Sub has kept his hair unusually long, which makes him look ratty. At the same time, women are revisiting the 80s with big, curly hair that uncomfortable flirts with semi-ajuhmma hood.

  12. 12 ed

    there’s BYJ in his mom jeans…(whistle)

  13. 13 lina

    Kang Ji Hwan is so freakin’ HOT! Heard that Yinok(Sung Yuri) was there to support her oppa too! So cute!

  14. 14 asianromance

    So Ji Sub should just pick something random out of his closet. That would have left him with a much better outfit than this creation. And his hair- that 90s throwback look reminds me a bit of HK actor’s Bosco Wang’s look in War of In-laws w2- the whole let’s shove as much of your hair as possible to be the bangs. Guys should just stick with simple cuts. If you’re not stylish, at least be classy.

  15. 15 TC

    “So Ji-sub gets cozy with Kang Ji-hwan (always my favorite pics of the two of them)…”

    I am glad that they seemed to have formed a friendship. I am reminded of one of the interviews with the MiSa cast, the one in which Jung Kyung Ho, who played Yoon, said that after the drama ended, Jisub said they’d continue to be brothers.

    belleza, I love that dialogue about the anti-fashion statement (as a fan of the Moo-Chae couple who wasn’t too impressed with Sung Yu Ri in Thousand Years of Love).

  16. 16 Sonam

    I love love love So Ji Sub’s style. He rocks both the skinny jeans and the suit! Only he could make a suit look so edgy! He makes the other guy look like an accountant. Love his hair. Love his posture. It’s always cool to see a star with his very own personal style.
    As a fashionista I love to look what the Japanese stars wear because they are very conceptual and are very particular about personal style. The Korean stars seems more into the latest trendiest designer looks.
    I like the Olsens. You may not like what they wear but they do their own thing….they don’t follow trends. So tired of vanilla designer looks.
    What’s with this Yonsama? He is so struck in the eighties…..Sometimes he looks like a college professor and sometimes like Michael Jackson.

  17. 17 cookie

    javabeans: lol. yes, the snug jeans. i could not help my eyes from looking at that direction. quite distracting, considering the whole ugly chic look was already bothersome. and i thought i was so over the michael jackson look… poor BYJ seems to be out of styles to try (i believe he could have looked far hotter than this, with or without the sling)

  18. 18 Marzy

    this look reminds me of Big Bang for some reason..
    their new comeback this look is what they are trying..
    i love ur comments with dialogue..
    i find it funny…
    esp the KJH one..
    BYJ broke his arm?
    ahhh miss the SYR and KJH pairing ^^
    glad to hear KJH’s costars are still close..
    han ji min too..

  19. 19 orangemania

    i think it looks pretty cool. a nice punk..hehe

  20. 20 bird

    love how BYJ’s dressing like it’s HIS movie premiere hahaha

  21. 21 Rebeca

    Could his pants be ANY tighter………..

    its almost indecent!

  22. 22 Tippy

    waaaaaa…what was he thinking?!? Man, those are some t-i-g-h-t jeans!


  23. 23 alyson

    The secret man-love that they have going on is totally KILLING me inside.

  24. 24 snoopy

    ooh Kang Ji Hwan is much yummier, my opinions 😛

  25. 25 marcel

    oh ho ho this article & comments made me chuckle…

    SJS needs to shave…get rid of the granny cardigan & Mr. T-esque accessories…update his jeans with a looser fitting version…straighten out his hair…find a cooler t-shirt & throw on a pair of converse…

    he’s such a good-looking man…i don’t know why he did that to himself…

  26. 26 it's all good

    I heart SJS, but this is one of his more unflattering outfits.
    Hey…I was in Soompi and saw the outfit that KJH was wearing. WTH! You should give equal time to KJH’s inside out suit jacket w/holey pants.

    It’s only fair.

  27. 27 angie

    he’s turning into odagiri joe,
    somebody, slap him!

  28. 28 Joy de leon

    anyway I stll look at you n ur eyes….

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