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Chasing the success of The Chaser
by | August 29, 2008 | 13 Comments

Park Yong-ha returns to the big screen after six years away, following up his comeback in the recent drama success On Air with a film role. Prior to that, his last kdrama was 2002′s Loving You, while his last film was 2002′s Love Me Once Again (he had worked on his singing career in Japan in the intervening years).

Now he’s set to star in the film Scam [작전; the eventual English title may differ] opposite Kim Min-jung, which plans to start shooting in September and recently begun test shoots. The title refers to financial parlance, as the crime thriller revolves around a stock scam plot.

Although rumors in Chungmuro say the script is strong, production company Silk Road has kept relatively mum about the plot, casting, and other details. But given the success of Silk Road’s previous film, hit thriller The Chaser, focus has heightened on this project as well.

Park Yong-ha plays a man whose fearless trading on the stock market led him to complete ruin, who spends the next five years studying the stock charts. After becoming a day trader, he is scouted and unwittingly becomes embroiled in crime. Sounds like just the type of dark thriller to follow in The Chaser‘s footsteps, but we’ll have to see if it can fill those (rather large) shoes.

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13 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. belleza

    Wait, didn’t Ben Affleck do something like this before? Similar concept?

    Not sure if Park Yong-ha is necessarily the right bloke for the role. But I wish him well the same. think Kim Min-jung did a thriller type movie pre-Flying Boys. Hope she does more than play a damsel in distress.


  2. javabeans

    Is THAT what Paycheck’s about? (Although i bet nobody’s actually seen that one, so no help there. heh.)

    Or do you mean a different movie. Wasn’t there some Ed Norton, Boiler Room movie, now that you mention it?

    Edit: Ah, Giovanni Ribisi, not Ed Norton.


  3. belleza

    “Is THAT what Paycheck’s about? ”

    Wait, isn’t Paycheck that film where Ben Affleck saves Pearl Harbor from an asteroid? Am I off here?


  4. javabeans

    No, no, it’s got something to do with a math genius lesbian he’s in love with. Who’s fucking Matt Damon. Or something.


  5. belleza

    “No, no, it’s got something to do with a math genius lesbian he’s in love with”

    That’s the one! Gigli!!!

    “Who’s fucking Matt Damon. Or something.”

    I think Sarah Silverman and I both agree. Ben is one cute slut!!


  6. Sonam

    He was the reason I liked On Air and I am not surprised to hear that he is working with the The Chaser people. He may not be the greatest actor but he has quite a screen presence. With the right set up he can be magnetic. I wish he would focus on acting instead of being a pop star/pinup boy of menopause ladies.


  7. belleza

    “I wish he would focus on acting instead of being a pop star/pinup boy of menopause ladies”

    Psha! He’s so good he can reverse menopause. His voice is okasan viagra ;)


  8. ed

    i nearly fell outta my chair, during his song & dance bit in ON AIR…truckload of charisma! it’s funny to see the Chaser people sign him tho (as in, he beat out “full time actors” for the role! not that he can’t do the job if he tries :P) Gory thriller people also eye the hallyu market!!


  9. Maricon

    I was scrolling down reading new posts when bam! a cute picture of Park Yong Ha. My heart skipped a beat…He’s so cute…I like him as a singer but like him more as an actor…very sexy ^_^.


  10. 10 Angela

    Blah, I just watched The Chaser because of all the hype, and honestly, I’ve seen better. And I really didn’t understand what set it apart from the rest. Hmm… maybe I missed something. This movie sounds interesting though.


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