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Fashionista rock stars on the go(-go)
by | August 28, 2008 | 11 Comments

Jo Seung-woo and Shin Mina, stars of upcoming period flick Go Go 70, style themselves in ’70s-era rock fashions (Shin Mina previously showed her stuff as sexy dancer Mimi).

Jo: “As I worked on this film, I started dreaming of having my own real band.” Shin: “At first, I don’t think the director had much faith I could pull off this passionate Mimi character, so I studied ’70s singers like Kim Chu-ja and Kim Jung-mi a lot.”

11 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Sonam

    The talented Mr Cho Seung Woo! He’s not bad looking either.

  2. jj

    the SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOTTA HAVE …they both look great, retro in a modern fitting ! FABulous

  3. nileey

    i love the black & white photo!

  4. enkhee

    i want the shoes, and the legs.

    those legs are loong.

  5. Sonam

    Love her pants and the David Bowie tee. I don’t know about the shoes. I don’t like his boots and the socks….Are those wedge heeled boots?!!! Eww!

  6. kamee

    jo seungwoo is one of my fave korean actors….and it doesn’t hurt that he is dang gorgeous!!!

  7. Philippa

    He looks good in those pictures!!!

  8. kirara43

    Wow. I totally could not tell that it was Shin Mina in the black and white photo. I thought it was someone else. She’s got such long legs though in both pictures.

  9. Felicity

    Shin Mina tries very hard, but she’s just lacking the X-factor.

  10. 10 anna

    That shoes is ..scary!
    It’s so pointy and I would probably fall on my bum the minute I start walking.

  11. 11 anastassia

    Shin Min A is one of few great actress out there. Once i didn’t like her acting at first. I thought she trying to hard, but once I going with the flow she is just super!

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